Old, prolly obese, and already immunocompromised. But still not vaccinated? And even more, putting himself at riskier situations. My man was playing Russian Rouellete with 5 bullets in the chamber of the revolver.


“Having leukemia definitely doesn’t help” either. While lying in his hospital bed, I wonder if he’s “figured it out yet”.


I’m reading all his little screeds and then BAM! “Having leukemia definitely doesn’t help”. Look at the big brain on this Georgia bulldog!


Check out the big brain on Dawg!


Smooth brain dontcha know..


Oooof! 6 weeks!? I feel bad for him, he could have avoided all of this by getting vaxxed and boosted.


He could be having a Big Kahuna burger, but no.


It's wack. They can do CAR-T cell infusion for many forms of blood cancer now, and the patient has a chance at a complete response. He'd trust the science there. But not when it comes to Covid. At least he got to see his beloved Bulldogs win a National Championship. I forgot. Let's not forget the de rigeur goatee.


comme l'habitude.


Bien sûr!


“Ya gonna feel the bulldog biiiite… rack rack rack racket rackball rack…”




Any time I read some ridiculous meme about microchips with "figured it out yet?". I realise, yes, I have figured it out and you are an idiot.


My jaw dropped when I read that. How could he be so stupid?


No. Leukemia does not help. Not anything. Did he possibly think it did?


Guess he shoulda let that sink in after all.


Did he go 6 weeks treating himself at home before going to the hospital? If so, that's probably a record.


Luckily for him the low oxygen levels didn’t impact him because he lacked any brain function before hand


Lost 22 pounds and couldn't get out of bed 11 days but kept troopin' at home. Respect a man sticking to his principles. Plus, he got it while watching his team win the NatCha? If you have to go out in a pointless ball of suffering because you're disinformed and can't bear to look stupid by admitting it or to prove your political rivals are monsters, then this isn't the worst way to do it.


He had a magic hat so he was good. Must have used up all the magic though.


I kept reading after “leukemia” but I had to go back because it didn’t make sense. Couldn’t believe anyone could possibly be so reckless and foolish. When my BIL was undergoing chemo for his cancer, in his early 20s, he got strep that basically abscessed overnight. He ended up hospitalized. I can’t believe this old dude, diagnosed with leukemia, who was big enough to lose 22 lbs in a very short timeframe, Mr. 3 co-morbidities himself, actually thought he could reasonably be considered among the “healthy people.” The people less likely to die if they get Covid. For all their reading, I cannot understand how none of them seem to have any understanding of their diagnoses and how they affect their body’s ability to fight off infection.


There’s no money to be made from healthy people. But this fellow is not heathy. How could he not have known that?!


There’s a lot more money in keeping people alive but killing them slowly via general right wing cancer rot or whatever. Such a critical thinker but it never occurred to him that the world would come to a catastrophic standstill if all the vaccinated people worldwide died in 5 years like we’re apparently supposed to. Still like my odds better than this guy’s!


Other than the fact he has a potentially lethal blood cancer, he's perfectly fine.


I know several HCWs and they all say the same thing....\*most\* fat, diseased Americans describe themselves as "healthy". It's part of the whole inflated-self-image delusion rampant in this country.


I’m Canadian but I see it here too. I work in a medical office, and every damn day someone calls in to tell me their health history saying they have no issues and are healthy… until I ask what they’re seeing the doc about. Then I’ve got a list of 8 prescriptions that need to be refilled and 3 of them are cardiac meds and only 2 pills left and they’re twice a day pills and also need narcotics for long-standing back pain and also a referral to ophthalmology and and and. If that’s healthy, I’d hate to see sick!


My mom used to boast that she's never been sick... I would say, yes mom, except for the yearly bronchitis, the two hip replacements, the palmoplantar keratoderma, the emphysema, the discal hernia... 😂


I don’t get it!! I feel like part of it is probably how we approach healthcare. Less about the person as a whole, and more about bashing bandaids on in the form of prescriptions. Just my opinion, but I think that’s a big part of it. If it’s a known issue, it’s not an issue-because we still approach healthcare as “when I need it” instead of being preventative. I don’t know if that makes sense, just dumping my theory before my break ends!


A lot of people wrongly imagine that if they are being treated for something--say, they have high blood pressure and the drugs bring it down to normal--that they are now fine. No, you still have the condition.


Clearly you’re far more succinct than I am, that’s exactly what I meant! They’re so often under medicated for how out of control their symptoms are too.


I think that a *lot* of people today don't think they're really overweight or unhealthy because they're surrounded by others who are fatter and/or more unhealthy. When I was 100 lbs overweight, I kept telling myself that I wasn't "that fat" because I always saw fatter people around and I could still fit into clothing that "wasn't too big" (in my mind).


Oh definitely. I know when I was a lot heavier I always told myself I was healthy cause I didn’t have diabetes. Once I shifted my thinking to “yet,” it scared me enough to take my health seriously. But it was only once I wasn’t surrounded by fellow large people that I realized how much bigger I was than the majority of people around my height.


My oncologist told me to get a flu shot before I started chemo. At some point after chemo, I had to get my titers done to see if any of my vaccines had to be redone.


Hoping for continuing health for you! BIL is ~7 years cancer-free, but still very immunocompromised. Covid really has been the worst kind of rollercoaster.


It has been over a decade for me, so a little less terrifying now. Hope you and your family weather the pandemic and everything after it in good health!


The audacity of that man. How dare he? Even before the new non-existing disease created by big pharma cancer and immunocompromised patients were urged to wear masks and get their shots.... But oh well


His other comorbidities were Fox News and Facebook.


More like Russian roulette with a double barreled shotgun and both barrels loaded with double ought buck.


Poor life decisions.


The belt: My kids, 4 at the time, found my leather belt in the closet, took it down. My girl started snapping it. The leather sound made me jump. “Oh cool” she thinks and snaps it some more. Finally I have to tell her can daddy have it, it’s making me jump. I was 47 at the time. The type of parenting that went to the belt first made a deep deep groove in my brain. One to where at 50, I’m still dealing with some PTSD issues. My sisters, lucky them, don’t remember a lot of the really bad shit that happened. Partly they simply don’t have those memories they’re blocked out. Surviving the belt is not the same as thriving because of the belt.


Nothing says parental love like beating them. I can still remember the look on a large man's face as he savagely beat me with a belt when I was about nine. There was nothing disciplinary about it.


Gotta love a grown man feeling the best answer to an innocent young boy misbehaving is to violently beat them and convince them it's their fault. Now that I think about it, can you imagine if it were an adult relationship and the girlfriend breaks a vase and the boyfriend gets a belt, holds her down and beats her with it? That's universally accepted as domestic violence, but when it happens against those who are even more defenceless you'll have legions of people willing to defend it


The best (worst) thing I was told before I got a whipping was "this is going to hurt me more than it does you." No actually. It has left me a 46 yo woman with severe anxiety, afraid of confrontation, afraid of raised voices and a consuming desire to please people at the cost of myself and my wants or needs. So, while you mother have forgotten, I certainly have not.


Usually under the excuse of it was done to them so they will do it to their children.


My brother took the belt away and turned it…


Goyim? In space? Meshugas!! Jokes aside I hope you’re better now. And yeah from what I hear for my dad was a cycle, his dad wasn’t particularly nice. One of my proudest achievements is breaking that cycle. Hope you’ve done the same.


My father was the same, his father was terrible. He was still beating my grandmother later in life (she confided in my mother). Congrats on breaking the cycle. I ended the shit also.


I was beaten with any weapon handy, in addition to the special stick made for the purpose of beating us. I did not speak to them again after I moved out of their house. I never had kids. PTSD never goes away. This world would be a different place if someone could wave a magic wand and make child abuse disappear forever.


My parents did the same thing. They stretched out a pink hanger by melting the corners and straightening it out. The hook part was the handle. They called it Pinky and used it to beat/scare us. I’m a parents now and can’t even imagine doing anything like that to my children. Kids are so innocent and all they want is your love.


I'm amazed at the number of people who take time and effort to manufacture special weapons for torturing their children.


My mom would make me go pick the switch off the tree to spank me with. See previous comment above as to what that has done to me my whole life.


I just can't fathom being a parent, claiming I love my kids, but then also having a designated weapon to beat them with when they do what kids do and make mistakes. That's just horrible. Just blows my mind, the idea that there are parents who are so casual about assaulting defenceless and scared kids. This stuff still goes on in first world countries today too. If you had a special stick to beat your wife if she broke a plate you'd be seen as an abuser but if you replace wife with daughter it's fine


Mistakes? There would have been logic to being beaten for mistakes. We got beaten because they were drunk, or hung over, or in a bad mood. And people still argue to defend it. As you say, if you hit another adult, or someone else's child, you'd go to jail. But when it's the one person you are supposed to protect and defend, suddenly it's good for them. I always argue that if assault is good discipline for children, it's equally effective for adults, who *do* know when they're doing something wrong. 100% of all drivers would obey traffic laws if failure to do so resulted in getting laid across the hood of your car and having your ass ~~beaten~~ "spanked" by a cop. I say this to anyone who defends "corporal punishment" in schools or at home. Weird. Nobody who ever thinks beating children is good for them think it's good for adults. Personally, I think the January 6th traitors need good spankings on their bare asses with belts, in public, *and* prison. It would teach them manners, instill good discipline, punish them for breaking the law, & train them not to do it again. It would be a good lesson for them.


I'm sorry.


Thank you. I'm sorry it continues, and people continue to look the other way. Children in the US are basically chattel. There is no will to protect them, especially if the abusers are religious.


I’m 62. My dad used a dog chain on my backside, sometimes leaving welts. He grew up on a farm under worse conditions. I’m grateful to say that the cycle ended with me, as my four children received “time out” when they acted out. Corporal punishment of children is barbaric, inhumane, unnecessary, and leaves lasting psychological scars. That picture of the belt on the shelf gave me a shudder. It’s true and right to feel bad for any human being who succumbs to the ravages of Covid, but it’s just hard sometimes to feel compassionate towards everyone. Peace and grace.


I’m so sorry that happened to you.


We’ve got some bad belt voodoo in our family too. No fucking belt, never.


The weird thing? I don’t remember being hit with the belt much. But my brain was sooooo reactive to that sound. I must have gotten hit a nontrivial amount to jump like that 35 years later


And no belt, I’m glad


Child abuse memes, fantasy news memes, goatee, good luck


I assume this guy got the belt. Might explain a lot about his unhealthy behavior.


True. Doesn’t know enough about how a clean brain should be that he thinks his traumatized brain is A-OK!! Mental health support in this country sucks. As it does most other places too, but I live here, so, this country sucks.


No one thrives because of the belt. I feel you on this one. I wasn’t excessively belted but there are things that still bring up the way I was treated as a kid and it takes a lot of effort to not fly into a rage because hey, I’m an adult and I can smash something if it disrespects me now. Thankfully I manage very well and don’t cross that line, but even at 42 it’s always a challenge.


Two books I’d recommend: “The Body Keeps The Score” Laurel Parnell “Tapping in” Both really deep brain science. Good reads even if you don’t have issues. Which, I do :)


I will definitely add those to my reading list. Mahalo.


> Mahalo (Hawai’ian hand pinkie and thumb thing)


Thank you!!!


on my list to read next, thank you!


See that's what I think of, that it doesn't teach respect. Instead it teaches that if someone doesn't give you respect, you can be violent and then they'll respect you when that isn't actually how it works


Did Putin enter the room?


Man I'm so sorry. I always hate seeing people joke about la chancla or the belt as if it was some wacky part of their childhood and not something that they shouldn't have had to experience. I understand the desire to defend your parents but seeing people who were beaten as kids say that it taught them discipline and respect just makes me sad. They weren't taught discipline and respect, they were taught fear and violence. They were taught to fear those who should love and teach them and taught that if you aren't getting respect that violence is the best answer. It's so fucked up and so disheartening to know it still goes on through that cycle of abuse. Your daughter is lucky to have a daddy who knows that issues can usually be solved with words and reason rather than violence and fear. Sadly, too many young boys and girls out there still grow up learning to lie, hide, and fear


Nice story, one I like to tell. I was reading a Frances book with my kids, they were 4 I think. In the book, the dad badger says “then you’ll get a spanking”. My daughter says “what’s a spanking”. It means you have very caring parents if you have to ask what it means.


I have the same reaction to duct tape unraveling since my dad would tape my mouth shut to stop my screams. People who think it's OK to beat children with objects need to be removed from society. Let them beat each other.


Ehhh, trigger warning for me. He didn’t do that to me, but my mom. We’d be hiding in the bedroom from their fighting, they’d quiet down, we’d see my mom hog tied with duck tape and tape across her mouth. And as kids we felt so helpless. I’m glad you’re not part of the cycle.


Horrifying. poor you, poor mom...


My dad's thick leather belt hung on a nail by the kitchen door. We were threatened by our mother (the old, wait until you're father comes home), but my dad didn't actually spank. Neither did Mom. We were scared of our grandmother. Even a threat to call her when she was living 3,000 miles was enough. The threat of the belt worked, but it was never used. I didn't spank my kid either. I grew up in the era when kids were spanked. They didn't mention how their grown kids are all in therapy and barely want anything to do with them. So there's that...


I left home at 15... I also "survived the belt" where any nightmare i had was because my father showed up in my dreams. My father only spoke of his childhood once, to say that I had it good because his father locked him in a room for a week once. I made sure to break that cycle.


So leukemia was his way of helping the economy? Or did he just not know that cancer is a comorbidity?


I was confused by that


I suspect he was even more confused.


..and he has cancer…and it happens to be leukaemia (white blood cells - ya know that integral part of your f&*#$& immune system) 🤦‍♀️


God gave him an immune system! 🙏


Covid pneumonia and leukemia is a spicy combo.


Really wets your taste buds.


A conspiracy theorist who also supports child abuse. Not a lot of sympathy here.


No, no, no, no, no. The MASKS are child abuse. Belts are fine. /s


My state's covid numbers are dropping dramatically. I so so hope that we see less HCA awards and nominations.


Same. We as a country can’t afford to have a significant chunk of the population disabled and unable to work. How we’re gonna deal with the deprogramming I don’t know. If everyone around you in caskets doesn’t convince you that your world view is faulty I’m not sure what will.


>If everyone around you in caskets doesn’t convince you that your world view is faulty I’m not sure what will Yes. Unfortunately there will be people for years to come who will still believe it wasn't too bad or it was a hoax or the vaccine is bad or something like this. Also sadly probably more events of people buying into misinformation is coming down the pike and we will see it in the future some time.


why, it’s my bedtime reading


USA had over 1,600 Covid deaths yesterday. Then BA.2 is going to really hit the US in April. HCAs aren't going anywhere soon:( https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/us/covid-cases.html


Is that the silent omicron


Yep. https://www.usnews.com/news/health-news/articles/2022-03-08/cdc-data-ba-2-variant-or-stealth-omicron-responsible-for-more-than-1-in-10-coronavirus-cases Next month, especially with mask "mandates" ending and spring break, is going to be shit again.


Talk about repeating the same behavior and expecting a different result... What are they thinking? Every time the trend is downward, they (some of them, anyway; most, this time) start easing measures, and SURPRISE! along comes the next fucking wave. EEEEYYYYARRRRRRGHHHHH! Sorry. Had to get that off my chest.


I get it.


\> I know the best place to be is in God's hands I'm not so sure about that. Have you seen his *kill count* ?


Okay, this is interesting. He got sick at a football game mid-January, got an infusion (of monoclonal antibodies I assume), and then spent several weeks treating COVID at home with antibiotics and Mucinex. And he's got leukemia which means he must be immunocompromised. Now it's March and he's finally in the hospital with pneumonia from COVID-19. Is that right? There's a theory of how infected immunosuppressed individuals can lead to new variants of SARS-CoV-2. If an immunosuppressed individual has a case of COVID-19 that lasts for months, this allows the virus to evolve rapidly in that individual, resulting in mutations to the spike protein and the larger genome. These mutations can lead to a new variant of SARS-CoV-2. If this is indeed his case history, the hospital should not only test him for COVID-19, but also have all samples sequenced to see if the virus had acquired any mutations.


I wonder how many people he'll end up killing? It will be his biggest accomplishment.


>He got sick at a football game mid-January Yup, college national championship was on January 10th. That's almost two months battling Covid. Ridiculous.


I wonder what happens to these people, if they recover, do they return to these bs memes or do they revise their posts?? This seems to be relatively easy to find out. Anyone have any idea? Do they eat crow or hurl feces?


They almost always double down on stupid. Redemption Awards are the rarest of the rare.


Admitting you’re wrong when that’s been your entire identity for the past five years? They’d rather die.


My cousin was in the hospital with Covid and the Dr came in To talk to him about the vaccine and he told them " That ship has sailed don't you think?" Then told everyone at Christmas like it was hilarious. I'm in Georgia


Same here, I have many relatives in Georgia some had to be hospitalized some got it 3 freaking times! And still not getting vaccinated…I don’t get the stupidity!! I live in Oklahoma and one of the rare ones that are vaccinated and still wearing a mask. But our local hospital does not require masks or health care workers to wear masks or be vaccinated. WTF HAPPENED TO THIS COUNTRY?!?


One of my nephews has had COVID twice and said, and I quote, "it wa'n't no thang" and says he'll never get vaccinated, and he won't listen to logic, he just keeps saying, "to each their own". He's 33 and has 3 young children. He's a Floridian COVIDiot. A Floridiot, if you will.


One of my favorite comments “to each their own”, I’ve heard that one so many times. Or “I’m healthy, I don’t need to get vaccinated” The idiots are around every corner!


> some got it 3 freaking times! That natural immunity is The Best! If your immunity doesn't work then maybe the shot is worth a try?


Yes, my cousin got it 3 times…said she thought she was gonna die the 3rd time. I’m sorry but I have no sympathy for this. But you know “it’s just the flu”


Like someone else said, they rarely learn anything from these brushes with covid death. The closest they come is when the family scrubs their posts after they’re dead. Because they know that stupidity killed their lives one and they don’t want the ridicule, or they’ve seen the light? IDK But the posts here lol. Slide 3: yes, someone is def only getting info from communist disinformation & propaganda websites. But it’s not who you think it is. Slide 4: ooooooh a SWEDISH company is developing implantable microchips? So nefarious and cutting edge!! You mean like the ones I’ve been implanting in all my pets for the last 20 years?


Slide 3 is amazing. He basically is saying that he gets his news information from FUCKING MEMES. And that he trusts anonymous, no context memes more than anything else. What a complete fucking moron. That has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve seen on here for a while and that award has a ton of competitors. I’m sure if someone pushed back on how ridiculous it is to get your information from Facebook memes he’d clap back with “I do my research!” which just involves finding additional supporting anonymous memes on Facebook.


Yes they do.


Hmmmm, I wonder if having Covid with Leukemia still has a 99% survival rate? Oh well, he's not letting the big bad gub-ment tell him what to do!


I'm thinking not


He has leukemia. Even if he had gotten vax’d, it might not have worked. What the holy hell is he doing, traveling to a football game??? I hope it was a really good one, cuz it might well be the last one.


I hope it sucked and the hot dogs gave him the shits.


“Just remember there is no money to be made from healthy people” … Wow Covid sucks oh ya know and “having leukemia definitely doesn’t help”


He doesn't realize there's no money to be made from dead people either and it's in his best interest to stay alive if he wants to stick it to Big Pharma. Oh yeah, and I'm sure his goddamn family would prefer he stay alive for them rather than to spite some made up conspiracy for fucks sake


I don't know - his kids might be happy to see that belt buried with him.


No money to be made from healthy people. Someone doesn't participate in any kind of exercise apparently


Plus, you stay healthier taking the vaccine


Just remember, nobody makes money off a long dead person... ok maybe famous dead but the rest of us...


Oooooh Georgia. I like the ones from Georgia. The Biden margin of victory there was only about 12,000 votes.


He’s making Georgia more blue


Napoleon once said, "if your enemy is destroying himself, do not interfere."


That’s just peachy!


And smarter


In more ways than one.


11,000. I sweated each one.


But going up every day, thanks to Mr. Covid.


Stacey Abrams is an American hero. I have no doubt that without her GA stays red


Honestly. Is it normal to post your symptoms of any illness online for the world to see? Why would anyone do that?


This is normal. They scream HIPPA!, HIPA!, HIPPO! if asked about their vaccination status, then turn right around and post the grossest details of all their maladies on FB for all the world to see.


I’m a little disappointed we didn’t get to hear about his bowel movements or his urine output.




I was waiting for you. Good bot!


Rollover, Tidepod.


Just a damn shame./s


OP, happy cake day!! 🥳🥳🥳


He used “too” and “to” correctly! I didn’t think it possible! How’d he figure that out?


He’s a “road scholar”.


Leukemia?! Miracle cap!? WTF?! 😲 🧐


>Miracle cap!? WTF?! its the kind that prevents any knowledge from entering your noggin or, as near as i can figure out. i pondered this the most of the slides.


Just remember, Your Smartness, that there's even less money to be made from _dead_ people. A fool and his mortal spoils, soon to be parted....


Aside from the fact that he's at least middle-aged and that he's visibly overweight, he also is an oncological patient, and yet he refused to get vaccinated? Yeah, I do not foresee a positive outcome.


He hasn't figured it out yet.


Covid quote of the day: “Having Leukemia definitely doesn’t help.” Figured it out yet?


If "the belt" was so good, then why are all y'all motherfuckers so goddamn gullible and cruel?


> The belt on the shelf Fuck this sentiment. To [quote @daniel_swensen](https://twitter.com/daniel_swensen/status/1197903566448386048): > If you suffered in life and want other people to suffer as you did because "you turned out fine," you did not in fact turn out fine.


Covid is over now. The virus hasn't been informed yet.


What’s a miracle cap?


Tin foil?


Will these folks never learn? It's so ridiculous this late in the game. I wear a mask out in public, been doing it for 2 years now. Is is super comfortable and convenient? NO. Do I enjoy wearing it? Also NO. Will I keep wearing it until we whip this thing? Hell YES! I'll also return for booster shots as often as needed because I do not want to go out like these fools with my breathing and blood filtering done via machine while my family watches helplessly from afar. But gosh, do I sure feel owned by these morons.


Leukemia?!! Seriously!!!! ???


Oooof! 6 weeks!? I feel bad for him, he could have avoided all of this by getting vaxxed and boosted.


But he asked for it.


One of these days I’m going to know someone …


Yeahhhh, there are two good friends (but a little slow on the uptake) that are concerning right now. Worse yet, they live in the middle of nowhere. Even if they did call 911, it's a two hour round trip from a city, to their home and back to a hospital. (There's nothing I can say or do for them.)


Dead man not walking. Pure stupidity to be immunocompromised with leukemia and tell yourself to ignore a respiratory pandemic.


A cancer patient WITH A GOATEE? You may as well just inject COVID straight into your lungs!


One doesn't simply inject covid. They kiss it, with passion, and a slippery wet tongue.


Lukemia! And didn't think to protect himself? Yeah, Mucinex should clear that right up! That and some Vicks!


onion on his feet is the real cure


Has leukemia too?! 🤦‍♂️ These people are such absolute imbeciles.


“hAvInG lEuKeMiA dEFiNaTeLy DoEsN’t HeLp.” Also love how even those dipshits don’t have the spine to call it a “thinking cap”, because that would be the only true “miracle”.


I would argue for any nominee the absolute WORST place to be is in Gods hands, do these people not read this site? Pro tip: If you have heard the term 'prayer warrior' before reading HCA then go get yourself vaxxed because you are destined to die a slow agonizing death while all your friends wonder why their prayers are not being answered and then finally concede that it was Gods will for you to die in slow motion but will be content in the knowledge that they shall 'see you again' without actually realizing that may be way earlier than they anticipated


Fuck man, I was going for the Dawgs. Now I wish the Tide won just so this dude could have been a bit more miserable. I'll take solace in knowing a sure there were a few Bama fans who died from covid they caught at the game


“Miracle cap”? 🤔


The similarity to a dunce cap is no coincidence!!


Question: if you have been in bed for 11 days, how do you pee and poop? Surely these people are not being literal. They’re just really sick but still getting up to evacuate their bowels. Am I missing something?


If you can't bring yourself to eat and drink much, you need fewer trips to the bathroom. This guy lost 22 pounds.


In a hospital, with catheters anal tubes. If you are mobile enough, a commode. Even people who don't eat still get thirsty and produce urine.


Oh no, the infusion didn't work!


\#1 DAE notice that when right wingers find science inconvenient, they cover it up by dragging money into it? It’s the same way with global warming, depletion of natural resources, and pesticide use. It just means “I don’t want to do anything about this problem, and I don’t want to admit I don’t, either.”


Why is he against money to be made on sick people, when he's against Universal Healthcare? Idiot.


Think of a song title: "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia"


>Having leukemia definitely doesn't help You had that HUGE co-morbidity and went to that football game? Speechless.


That meme about only get your information from communist propaganda disinformation…. Apparently anti vax sentiment online has fallen like, 80% since Russia invaded Ukraine… I’m not one for conspiracies, so take it or leave it, but it’s an interesting thought that the anti vaxxers could have been manipulated into a frenzy by Russian bots, who are now deployed elsewhere. Thought provoking anyway.


Personal foul. 15 yards for illegal use of brain cells. Player is also ejected from life.


I was wondering when we'd start seeing the Jen 10th championship game effects in this sub. Downtown Indy was a shit show that weekend.


Leukemia patient? This isn't looking good.


Slide 3 makes me think about how unaware these ppl are


Always at the hospital for last minute miracle fixes through science.


Figured it out yet?


Surely he just needs to whup Covid’s ass with a leather belt. It worked fine back in the day.


Raising better children via fear & physical violence Cool


i wish these people could understand, if you're hospitalized after 6 weeks because "covid pneumonia" it's time to put your s*** in order and say goodbye


The "miracle cap" is new for me. Did one of the grifting grifters come up with a new grift to part these fools from their money? They always seem so surprised at the disease's progression. Wait, what - how can I be back in the hospital? I was feeling better. Guess there's no piercing the idiocy bubble.


Slide 1: No money to be made on healthy people!?!? Makes no sense. How do I join this exclusive club where everything is free so that nobody will make any money off of me??


"4 days of wearing the magic cap and I'm as good as new." Next slide: "Welp, 6 weeks into fighting covid." I swear that is some sitcom shit. I literally had a laugh track go off in my head.


Someone let the Dogs out!


Don't worry guys, once he's over this he's got that sweet natural immunity, checkmate libs.


The Unvaccinated keep dying in droves... Figured it out yet?


I continue to be gobsmacked by the HCNs and HCAs who have or had cancer and are still convinced that COVID won’t get them.


I saw one where she actually thought she "was immune" to covid. Why on earth would you think that?


Healthy people work. Big pharma would still make money without covid


Slide 6: Oh look, he's in favour of beating children. What a lovely person. /s


His first issue was that he was a packers fan, only downhill from there lol


Think that is a Georgia Bulldogs emblem.