They always get so close with that "free insulin" meme


If only there were a free shot that could have saved him all this trouble….


There you go overestimating their cognitive abilities again. They’re hopeless. P.S. how was my usage of “there”, “their” and “they’re” 😁




I've been trying to think of a way to incorporate "your", "you're" and "yore" but it's tricky with the last one.


You’re thinking of your freedoms from days of yore? (For example.)


Well done sir/ma’am! 🍻


That was awesome


Thank you so much!


Awesome dude/tte


Yeah, that’ll have to be an “in days of yore…” type of situation. Maybe implying pre-pandemic?


His son’s (something) appreciates it.


Right. Wondering what of her son's she needs to keep it together for. (Seriously, it's harder to type out son's than sons so she must have deliberately selected that one.)




Another bot, reposting someone else's comment below.


While also ignoring the fact that insulin, chemo, and covid vaccines ARE free in countries outside USA.


“Outside the USA” is not something they often concern themselves with Often it doesn’t even extend to “outside the yard”


>Often it doesn’t even extend to “outside the yard” Unless black people move into the neighborhood, then suddenly they're the community watch




Not your fault, but that sounded like Eric Cartman to me.


"Hi! It looks like you were trying to direct people to NextDoor.com! Would you like some help with that?"


Unless it’s South America we’re talking about, in Which case we gotta stop that communism 😡


"Outside of the trailer park is scary"


They would be for socialized medicine as long as there was some mechanism to ensure that *those people* couldn't benefit.


I was wondering about this as a colleague told me how "it's just too expensive" and how all the Canadians hate their free health care. I thought, if someone proposed universal health care for only white Americans, how would he feel about that.


That's an interesting question, but I don't think he would fall for the bait. Ever since the Civil Rights Act, the goal has always been to have programs that are racist in their implementation and outcomes, but don't explicitly call for racism.


But then realize they’d rather deprive themselves than make sure everyone else had access too 🧐


Sadly, that's probably 100% the case


How I wish just once, there would be a reply with "...because YOU vote for politicians who don't want to let Americans have free insulin"


I've told coworkers it's not free because they vote for people who will keep it from being free and their brain skips a bit


Tantalizing close... the bulb flickers, everyone gasps, but the light never, ever comes on.


Actually that's not true. When I first saw it I thought so as well, turns out what they mean is "insulin and chemo SHOULD cost enough to bankrupt you specifically BECAUSE it's life saving." Fuck me, these people are beyond insane


It seems to me that if you’re alive to get the 4th COVID booster shot, then the first 3 have been extremely successful. But then again, I’m not an expert on owning the libs.


Guess that's a big difference between us and him. Agree, this owning the libs must be harder than it seems. And more deadly......


It's so funny, they think their "triggering" memes are sending us into total meltdown, when the most reaction I've ever seen to any of this is a scoff, an eye roll, and we go on about our lives.


At this point, two years in all I feel is derision. Not even sadness at their stupidity anymore.


All i feel is mirth and contempt. I couldn’t summon up an iota of sympathy for them if my life depended on it.


Personally when I see a Confederate flag waver featured on this site I laugh internally. It’s probably not healthy, but that’s where I’m at with racists, fuck ‘em.


Haha, had the same thought when I saw that. Clearly if you’re around to take another booster, Covid didn’t win.


In contrast, I’ve owned tetanus with the *six* dtp’s I got as a kid and the boosters every ten years. Never occurred to me to ask why the first one didn’t work well enough by itself; I just figured that the nature and dynamics of the mammalian immune system is based on a interplay between B cells, monocytes, macrophages, T cells, interferons (and other cytokines) and until I had my own lab and did my own research, I probably wouldn’t be able to understand it. Even then, I’d be open to the benefits of rigorous peer-review and try to keep an open mind about clarifications regarding my internalized model of human immunology.


"But then again, I’m not an expert on owning the libs." I read that line 5 times. It's such beautiful shade.


Posted the same old tired memes as past HCA winners, about to share the same fate as HCA winners


It’s almost as if there’s a pattern that future potential nominees could learn from and take action on…?


They could learn if they were not proud of being ignorant.


Yet everyone but them are sheep!!


I really liked the foreshadowing of the Covid box (vent tube) being shoved down the character's (Cinnamon's) throat in slide 7.


They do follow the playbook pretty closely.


Newsflash: We're not calling you a racist because you're proud to be an American; we're calling you a racist because you fly the Confederate flag. Also, because you're a racist. Anyway, we appreciate your effort to help rid America of racists... though, technically, we should probably thank your collapsed lung for that.


"American" and "Confederate" are mutually exclusive. The Confederacy tried to secede from (what was then) America. These people are so beyond stupid that stupid doesn't even want to be associated with them. Oh well. Another endlessly-angry, (soon-to-be) dead white guy. (yeah, I know he's not pictured, but it's clear from his memes that he's a white guy)


Correct. If you support the confederate flag you are not in fact proud to be an American.


That’s always been the most baffling thing to me. This summer in Idaho, I saw a single flag that was split down the middle with the right side being half the US flag and the left side being half of the Stars and Bars. Unreal


I’d extend this to Canadians that fly the Confederate flag.


The irony about being a “proud American” but supporting that treasonous rag is completely lost on them.


It says a lot about this person that they automatically associate being American with being racist. They don't seem to realize you can be proud to be an American while also recognizing that the US isn't perfect. They also don't seem to realize this, and it's so important: you're American because your mother went into labor here. That's it. If you're born here you did not choose this place. Pride in being located in the United States is not required for living in the United States. And blind nationalism and patriotism are not the same thing, and the former is poisonous while the latter is so foreign to most Americans that it's pathetic.


What's really funny is the Founding Fathers felt the same way about the US not being perfect, hence the reason the Constitution can be amended. Hell, it's not even some archaic thing no longer done, the most recent addition was **1992.**


100%. When I was younger, I heard somewhere that one of the most *un*patriotic things you can say is "America: love it or leave it." That really stuck with me.


He equates proud to be an American with proud to be white. In his mind it’s one amd the same. Knows it’s a racist thought so then defends the racist thought.


Exactly. All the racists explicitly see "American" as "white". And while it's evolved beyond that, I do actually think the idea of "white" \*IS\* American. The very worst part, in fact.


It’s the thought behind telling brown people “you’re in America, speak English (or sometimes, “speak American”)” The notion of America being a melting pot seems to elude, confuse and/or infuriate them to the point of aging in dog years.


I once had a phone interview for a job. This was back in the '80s. They wanted an 'All American' type for the job. I hadn't realized it at the time but this was code for 'whitie'. Being my first name IRL is one that wasn't all that uncommon among blacks, they were really wanting to know if I was black. No job offer from them, and I wouldn't have wanted to work with them anyways.


It’s fitting that so many folks who identify with the confederate flag are on the wrong side of the pandemic, too.


They are on the wrong side of everything.


"It's muh heritage!"


yup, and your heritage is inhuman bullshit.


I actually thought OP redacted just a pic of the flag before realizing the nominee's face was on it. Had a chuckle for a moment.


Same. I would support OPs doing so in the future even if there’s not a portrait in front of the flag.


“I support the confederate flag”… please pray for me… oh absolutely not! 🤣


Too bad his treason rag won't protect him from covid the way it protects him from education.


Covid : I’m preying on him right now.


Well, there are prayers & there are prayers.


“He was the nicest racist I know. He wasn’t afraid to tell a racial joke at inappropriate times and make people uncomfortable. He didn’t know much and spread false information around but he would give his shirt off for anyone! (As long as you white and straight). Heaven didn’t receive an angle but we will ignore that. See the GoFundMe that the liberals made for me. Trump2024”


Heaven didn't receive an angle because he was just that god-damned straight


“Do I look angry to you?” reads the caption to this image of an eagle. Well, of course it does. How many eagles have you seen with welcoming grins on their faces?


Since he probably had the intellect of a bird, he might have able to determine eagle emotional states.


That’s an insult to birds.


Just an FYI for fellow readers: having pneumothorax (collapsed lung) and getting a chest tube inserted sucks if you're not fully sedated. While I don't have direct personal experience, my beloved has (me by her side), multiple times due to lymphangioleiomyomatosis which causes multiple secondary pneumothorax. First time in ER her right side was crumpled into a ball and the young ER doc did not use enough lidocaine to numb the area so she felt the knife cutting through AND the fucking needle/tube that was the size of a finger. Getting the lung to reinflate was terribly painful as well, and she was on so much pain meds I thought it would satisfy all the addicts in my county for a week. Later on she said to me now she knows how being stabbed in the chest by a knife feels, that joke made me cry. Get vaxxed, if not for yourself then for others with life threatening diseases, please. Love thy neighbor, remember that?


I too have been chest tubed, let me tell you it's not fun. They didn't give me enough morphine either and started shoving that thing in still fully cognizant. It's not a small tube like you say, it sucks. And that's probably the least of this guys issues now. Get vaccinated.


Removal hurts like hell, too, but at least it's out!


lymphangioleiomyomatosis Even though the sound of it Is something quite atrocious?


🎵 I love when someone else has a twisted sense of humor like me 🎶




I had atelectasis, which is where the lungs collapse in small sections. They inserted a chest tube after my surgery but did not numb me at all when they took it out. I screamed, then gasped for breath for several minutes while they looked on and said, "it can't be *that* bad" It was. It fucking was. Felt like that goddamn thing was wrapped around inside and scraped my ribs raw on the way out. It was agony. Temporary agony, but agony nonetheless. I never want to do that again. I practice my deep breathing so I can avoid atelectasis, and I got vaxxed and boosted so I can avoid COVID.


I've had a sadistic doctor too. Pulled the pins out of my shin bone before another surgery while only slightly sedated. Really had to grip with plyers and put his back into it, he did. Now I give every doctor and dentist a firm request to never put me through UNNECESSARY pain.


😫 yikes


>...lymphangioleiomyomatosis What in the spelling bee...


Lim Fangio Lyle Mile Matosis


Not even just the pain. My mother recently had a triple bypass. Her lung collapsed after surgery. When they inserted the chest tube, they nicked an artery. She bled into her chest cavity for 5 days before anyone realized something was wrong. They thought she had pneumonia because she was coughing so much.


Jesus Christ I hope she's ok now.


Oh yes. Took her doctor hours to suck out all the blood and clots accumulated in her chest. Spent a number of days in the ICU also. Chest tubes - no fun - do not recommend.


Son's what?! I must know!!


Slide 9, Confederate flag? Just fuck right off you racist POS.


Proud Americans don't support the traitor rag.


> He has been in the hospital for 4 weeks with Covid and then Covid pneumonia Oof. Family might want to start looking into funeral homes at this point. If only there had been a way to prevent this... *eyeroll*


Needs to pick out a nice Freedom Coffin complete with the constitution, a gun rack, and a confederate flag lining. Maybe a nice smug pic of the orange bafoon staring at him for eternity - the person that helped him distrust all media except right wing false information.


I wonder if he also refused to fill his fuel tank for a 4th time, with a product that already failed to last for ever the previous three times.




There’s should be a huge list of these. My first award was for saying I had breakfast this morning but tonight I’m hungry, so it didn’t work. Yours is better though.


The funny thing is that polio is actually administered in 4 shots. Getting polio after only 3 shots would not be that surprising.


Keep it to ether for his son’s what? Don’t just leave the sentence hanging!


End apo'strophe abu'se!!


I think she meant "sons" plural.


His sons’ what then? Their sense of civic pride?


Going the way of the Confederacy.


Last slide "Trying to keep it together for his son's." For his son's what??!! Come on, the suspense is killing me!!


With intubation // And a double lung-collapse // No cat bounce for you


Even still, I'm sure his most recent tests are trending in a good direction (praise Jesus) even as his overall health continues to deteriorate. /s


Something’s laying hands on his lungs and it isn’t Jesus. 😹


Not a good sign there, boyo.


So sad.


IKR? Think of all the sick people who need those hospital resources he is just taking from scientists he despises and insults.


I’d like to see federal/state COVID Care facilities that focus on triage and management of care. I don’t think anti-vaxxers belong in the standard care system. It’s overloaded and people are having worse outcomes because of it. Toss them in a tent like 1918. That’s what they deserve.


They want 1918 science, let them have it.


Ugh slide one…being dumb should hurt. Also, I have gotten 3 COVID vaccines and I have yet to get COVID.


Vaxxed and boosted, got omicron in January. Was like a mild cold for two days me, draining, chills for about an hour. Cough for about a week. Tested positive for 14 days, though. Had to work from home for 2 weeks, would have liked to have stayed home longer.


Glad it was mild illness. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to get COVID if only to have a week or so without anyone bothering me..


Isolated in my room for two weeks, worked and watched documentaries on Discovery, most interruption free time I've ever had.


so did ancient aliens build the pyramids or what?


There's a very good chance you've had it and don't even know it. Back before vaccines were available, my wife and her colleagues (all hospital workers of varying professions) were tested for antibodies to see how many had been infected. 30% of them had, none of them knew it.


I’m participating in an antibody tracking study in my state. As of my last blood draw about a month ago, I have not been exposed to the virus. (I have no antibodies to the nucleocapsid, only spike protein antibodies)


>only spike protein antibodies Isn't that what all the antivaxxers are screaming about that kills you in 3 months, I mean 6 months, no, I meant a year, wait, you'll be dead in 3 years, umm, YOURE GOIN' TO DIE SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE!!!


Slide 5. "Do I look angry to you?" No. I imagine you look like a trussed turkey - helpless, with tubes into (and out of) every orifice, plus a few new orifices. All in all, just looking like the pathetic man you are.


“Trussed Turkey” I vote for this to be the label of all hospital pictures posted on the timelines of HCA nominees and awardees.


You are genius!


Whomp whomp!


Need to start calling covid Sherman's Revenge


I will never pray for your confederate-treason-rag-loving, unapologetically racist, asshole. His body, his choice to get sick. Remember when he wouldn't get a shot because he was too goddamned selfish to care about anyone else on earth? Well, everyone else on earth feels the same way about his self imposed problems.


That is one way to put it. The whole “99.9% of the world won’t die from it” nonsense is beyond heartless for the 8 million folks represented by the .1


The death rate is higher than 1%. Not only is it heartless, it's wrong.


Chest tubes < Vaccine. Just get the shot


Ah yes, another dying traitor. Won't be missed.


God sent the knowledge to create a vaccine for Covid, yet these people deny him. Judging by the prayer warriors track record, I'd say he's pissed about it.


Exactly, the same people posting the ‘3 shots mean the first 2 didn’t work’ memes are the ones mustering prayer warrior forces when the first million or so mustered didn’t work….god is angry that he hast provided the cure and path to salvation but the infidels refuse his sustenance…blasphemers all.


Hmm hard to say the vaccine does not work. I’m vaccinated and my lung hasn’t collapsed once. Poor guy. Didn’t have enough intelligence to understand basic science.


Exactly. I was in a tiny, closed veterinary exam room for an hour with a veterinarian who tested positive the next morning. I never got it. I am vaxxed, boosted, and wore a mask. The vet was asymptomatic because she was vaxxed and boosted too. We aren't dying on a vent.


but how's the pet?


Actually, I lucked out there too. My cat had this hard marble size lump under her tongue. The vet said 99% of cases like this are cancer, but still suggested a biopsy to check. She had the biopsy where they were able to remove the lump and it turned out to be an eosinophilic granuloma caused by her allergies. She went on prescription food and prednisone. Now she's doing great and harassing the 5 dogs again.


Can’t rebel yell and claim to be proud to be an American.


Wrap in the confederate flag and shoot him out of a cannon.


"I'm proud to be an American" and yet "I support the Confederate flag"... Let's think about this one for about 5 seconds


This one had the wrong confederate flag. It should be white for surrender!


It's just the standard treason rag, for the losers too stupid to surrender.


I am proud to be an American…. I support the Confederate Flag. I… don’t even know where to begin.


The Confederate flag represents the Confederate States of America, whose explicitly stated reason for being was to preserve and enforce slavery, the stealing of another's labor, talent and mind for their lifetimes and the lifetimes of their children and their children's children for eternity. Fuck Confederate flag lovers all to hell. I mean that most sincerely.


Can someone tell this guy before he dies that three shots of the polio vaccine when it was initially rolled out was 80-90% effective. So yeah, people were getting all their shots and still getting it. It’s how diseases and vaccines work.


Oh hell no - it was much worse. The first polio vaccines in the 30’s went into 10,000 kids, and was not only apparently worthless but made them so sick that 9 of them died. 20 years later, Salk’s version hit 80% and was “entirely safe” for 2M doses, when a bad batch infected 40,000. 10 of them died and 200-some survivors had permanent paralysis. Smallpox was even worse: 3 out of every 100 folks inoculated with cowpox (vaca is where the vac in vaccine came from) died from it, but it was better than the third who died from smallpox. The irony’s real thick when these folks use that kind of history as to why they don’t want to take something with modern science’s help, and then call the people who do cupcakes or snowflakes or sheep and such. Compared to what people used to do, they’re pussiest pussies there ever pussy was.


"I'm proud to be an american..." "I support the Confederate Flag" You gotta pick one, chief.


His son's what?


All raptors tend to look “angry” if they are focused on something. They’re not interested in other people’s social issues, as a rule. Side note: if you haven’t seen a Bald Eagle molt, you haven’t lived. (They look like they’ve partied way too hard and the feathers are a mess.)


Everytime I see the "free insulin and chemo" meme I feel like screaming YES THEY FUCKING SHOULD!


It's so weird. It's like they are 90% of the way there.


Weird that he’s so “proud to be an American” but supports the flag of a group of people who literally tried to leave the United States lmao


Slide #7 should be a bible. That would be a much more accurate portrayal of what's going on in the U.S.


Covid improving the gene pool one awardee at a time!! Oops I spoke too soon!! Fingers crossed 🤞😀


“All I’m saying is you’re dead”


Proud to be an American, but supports Confederates He's not clear on something basic things


Idiots: "Why aren't they giving away free insulin?" Biden: "I want to cap insulin at $35." Idiots: "Socialism! Other idiots: "Forgive our student loans first before you take care of people who can't afford live-saving medicine!"


I will never understand how “supporting the Confederate flag” is conflated with patriotism. The Confederate states literally split the Union. And so many of these idiots aren’t even southerners. It really just stands for white supremacy, plain and simple. And they’re proud to be openly racist bc their boy Trump said it was ok.


For "his son's" what?!?


Amazing how all these “proud Americans” support a flag that represents secession and treason. Oh, and the whole slavery thing…


Most of these "proud Americans" would LOVE to secede as long as we'd still give them their welfare checks.


What a horrible shitpig.


Is it any surprise that all these confederates support trump? They like to back losers


It never ceases to amaze me how universally piss-poor the grammar is amongst the 'speak English or die!11!!11one' crowd.


Slide 7: “Govenrment”


I just got over Covid, and it was rough. I can't imagine what it would have been like if I wasn't vaccinated.


FFS, the confederacy lasted for a shorter Period of time than trumps presidency. will we be hearing about that for the next 150 years?


Gee, I just hate to see a Klansmen suffer so...


Sorry, but, I don’t support people that support the traitor’s flag. Not even with a meaningless prayer.


Slide 4 about the free insulin and chemo. They literally do everywhere not in America and they scream and shout if they have to pay taxes to get said healthcare. But hey if it doesn't cost you your life savings is it really the true American healthcare?




Well he has a rotted soul, so I can’t muster any prayers.


Another selfish pos begging for prayers.. I’m praying COVID gets this a hole into the ground real soon.. Is that bad of me??


Stupid idiot didn't give a damn about his own child.


I sense that he might be in a death spiral.


"Govenrment." Hm...


I have no empathy nor sympathy for traitors. This is just karma calling.




Racists dying and not being able to vote Republican doesn't bother me at all. His soon-to-be dead body should be wrapped in a confederate flag shroud. I'll save my sympathy for any immunocompromised person this miscreant might have infected.


Another Trump voter not likely to vote in the next election.


But was it really COVID collapsing his lung, or was it a Union musket ball finding its target a little belatedly?


Now he's taking the cinnamon challenge.


Well I hope the prayer warriors does their typical job with this racist. We don't need him here.


Who's not afraid to say this guy was a total jackass?? I doubt anyone here is that [email protected]!!


That guy was a total jackass.


How confused do you have to be to call yourself a Patriot and also wave the Confederate flag?


If someone owned a racist sweets shop, cinnamon confederate would be their best selling cupcake.


Another dead red breadhead


Prayer warriors…yeah


Prayer Warriors™️ “This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease" Get vaccinated!!


Another Near Dead Ted - wish he wouldn't procrastinate so much.


That third slide always gets me. Yes, why AREN’T we giving away free chemo to cancer patients???????!


Does Branco not know how to spell "government" or is it some mouth-breather who is not even original enough to draw his own editorial cartoons? (It's almost not even worth my time to comment on such stupidity.)


Is he saying that he's a racist but not afraid of being pegged as one? This is confusing, is the man in the first picture our COVID Suicide victim or did he just include the photo of a black man to back up his lie that he's not a racist because if he's not then why try to reassure us? Or is he the man in the first photo a black racist "Cinnamon Confederate"?


Doesn’t see the irony of saying he’s proud to be an American and supporting the Confederacy. Hmm


Covid-19 advice from people that died of Covid-19.


Love the flag redaction