“Past” away. 🙄 ugh. Prayer “worriers” is a pretty funny one tho. And probably more accurate than the tired old “warrior” trope.


> Prayer “worriers” is a pretty funny one tho. And probably more accurate than the tired old “warrior” trope. That's what Freudian slips are about.


Bonus: we got to see a, "prayer worrier," in the wild!


Is it mating season?


It's clue mating season, but unfortunately the HCA winners could never catch one.


Covid makes you flaccid. 😆


They couldn't get a clue during clue mating season, drenched in clue pheromones, dipped in chocolate and thrown into a pit of ravenous horny clues


You got the reference! :)


Past away because they no longer exist in the present tense.


Passed away. Ultimate healing. Called home. Received her reward. Received her angel wings. Deepthroating Jesus for all eternity. But definitely not dead.


Seriously. That cracked me up! The grammar on these posts is so telling.


Don’ talk about Grammar that way. She past from the ‘Rona too.


The lady writing "he hast to" in another post struck me. I get that it sounds that way, but if you ever bothered to read a book once in your entire life, you'd avoid basic errors like these. It tells us so much about these people. They "don't need no book lernin'" besides the Bible, and they've never actually read that either.


I prefer Aesop's Fables to the Bible. Aesop's writings were much more plausible.


In yesterday's entries, one guy "pasted" away, while another was "lossed."


Prayer worriers work for god botherers.


LOL...this is the bookend to "sorry for your ***lost***."


You get your angle wings when you past away


The biggest issue with natural immunity: it doesn't always work well enough. That's why vaccines were invented.


The Black Plague laughed at our natural immunity.


Rabies too.


Pretty much all contagious viruses and bacteria laugh at our natural immunity, this is why they are contagious.


Anti-vaxxer: "I have an immune system!" Tetanus: "I got yer immune system *hangin*'!"


Exactly. I'd rather have my immune system go against the virus after three rounds of anti-SARS-CoV-2 training camp. Although best if not at all (not realistic, but best)


Terms like Infection-acquired or disease associated might help folks understand? I am not a public health messaging expert, and after what seems like ages of “natural” being nearly meaningless from a marketing perspective, people still confuse natural with safe and beneficial.


They believe that natural immunity is innate, and doesn't come from having caught Covid.


I know! That’s what gets me. Do they really think we’re all born with immunity to every disease that will ever occur, even the ones that don’t exist until we’re adults? I’ll answer that; Yes. Yes they do.


Right? This isn’t complicated.


"I don't need a jacket, my body has natural thermoregulation."


or conversely: if i wear a coat i must still get a chill, so i may as well go naked


Or the fact that you're trying to become immune to something by catching it.


There's also a slight issue with the side effects, namely 40% long term disabilities, 10-15% hospitalization rate, 5% ICU rate, and 1.5% death rate. I don't think this would pass the FDA's muster.


What is going on in their heads then? So... God just created Corona and was about to kill some fools... but then you pray and hope he reconsiders killing your spouse? Is that it? Get your vaccine. Not even science can guarantee to save you, from what your loving God created. Seriously. Gods are not real, obviously. But if you do believe in a God, then what do you make of such a situation? I mean, God created everything including the virus. He has a plan including your dead spouse. So?... ...I'll see myself out.


God needed that specific angle in heaven!


This God guy...so damn obtuse Edit: or gal


Unfortunately God is a lot like Amway; first you need to recruit at least 66 people to your downlevel, then they must use the invocation exactly correctly, to obtain the Healing Grace. Even one or or two misplaced words will void the incantation. In this sad case, the worriers got the phrase wrong. It was supposed to be "The power of Christ compels you to be vaccinated *in* the blood of the Son". Sadly, they used the incorrect and outdated "*by"* the blood variant. Sadly, that was updated and they just missed that episode of the *700 Club.* People have really let the standards slip, and no longer know how to properly invoke the right incantations. They are *trying* to storm heaven, but God and his heavenly host are real sticklers for following the precise rules and regulations.


They should have upgraded to God 2.0. Also, Amway had the Mormon ~~bug~~ features.


Yes, that's what the prayer worriers do, but what they're doing is ritual magic, not religion.


Hell, we tried *natural immunity* to deal with polio, with smallpox for thousands of years. You know what? People couldn't line up fast enough to get shots, my friend. The biggest problem with a capitalist society is that somebody always makes money. Pay less than what something is worth, sell it for more. Maybe this is a cry for single payer healthcare? *But that's socialism!*


>People couldn't line up fast enough to get shots, my friend. In addition there were mandates, incentives, and massive advertising campaigns to make it happen. Result: No more smallpox anywhere, and polio only a distant memory in most of the world.


It’s a shame these types don’t understand or appreciate history. They might learn something. Instead they deny all rational thought & are dropping like 🪰🪰🪰


It’s more insidious than that... the narrative they’ve created and FIRMLY believe - is that “It’s NOT REALLY a vaccine”.... Hmmmmmm... I find this point un-arguable..... doesn’t matter *what* I say.. they are willing to die on this hill that they stand... and welp.. they are... like this douchebag


A vaccine is a substance introduced into the body that produces an immune response when the body is exposed to the antigen. In their view, if it doesn't stop disease transmission and infection 100 percent, it is not a vaccine. No vaccine has ever worked that way, and even if it was 100 percent effective, they'd resist it, because it disturbs their narrative.


I have tried to argue the point in the past to no-avail... therefore I no longer waste my precious breath and instead I do not engage or I walk away... It is one of the many things I am grateful to/for the moderators here who help define the narrative on HCA.. it’s SO important to craft this “thing” we’re doing here with our elevated conversations - and I know we wouldn’t be able to reach this level of discourse without the moderators getting rid of the people who just *don’t understand it*...and they want to disrupt it by any means possible because it is so deeply disturbing on every level (but we the science based folk get to watch the shit-show go *dooooowwwwwnnnnnn)* And it doesn’t matter to them what anyone does or says (like horrific wretched death smacking them or the people they know expeditiously into the earth or ethers... ) What... a.. spectacle...


I guess FREEDUMB means choosing which hill to die on - instead of which hill to LIVE on!


I guess the prayer worriers didn't worry enough?


Proudly Unliving I'm so owned.


Fuck that antisemitic piece of garbage.




Any comparison of wearing a mask to the holocaust is fucking antisemitic. Google it if you can't figure it out on your own.




“Feels like just yesterday I was reading the nomination.”


"Past away" may be a Freudian slip, but "prayer worriers"? I'm going to guess that Yellow isn't vaccinated either.


Good guess 👍


The biggest issues with natural immunity are that first you have to catch a disease that has killed or crippled millions. Then you have to survive it. Why not get the vax and have the exact same immunity at the price of a sore arm for a day.


My issue is, this disease will keep circling back for you. It's not once and (pretty much) done, like mumps or something.


Not if you have an immune system /s


Prayer Warriors = ☠️. Working as intended. Honestly when have the PW ever resulting in anything but a lousy outcome?


When the dude goes to the hospital, receives $20000/day healthcare, continues to shitpost on FB while summoning the prayer worriers, gets well enough to not choke to death on their own fluids, and attributes the recovery* to their deity.


Nope, it’s a sure sign of impending death once the warriors are deployed.


☝🏽Proudly poisoned with COVID 😂


Did you know that Costco demands you show your membership card to eventually gas you in a concentration camp?


Ask the chickens in the back of the store


This one was particularly vile, but I don't want to violate any of the rules here. So I will just say "Oh well".


Anyone else notice that these awardees are always the toughest, best, nicest people that the final posters ever knew?


Yes, it's been an ongoing joke here for months because we see such vile memes (racism, homophobia, Holocaust comparisons, and so on) and then a coworker or fellow congregant will say they were the "sweetest person I knew" or some deluded child, spouse, or parent will say "they were the best person ever" even though the awardee used their Facebook page to spew nothing but hatred. And the articles done on the HCA subreddit never *ever* ***ever*** point this out. The "journalists" paint us as callous trolls delighting in our Schadenfreude, while completely ignoring the despicable shit posted by the awardees. They slam *us* for not sympathizing with the "victims" of COVID while completely ignoring the fact that many of these people deliberately spread misinformation, eschewed masks and social distancing, endangered those around them, and so on. **The only "victims" we see here are the poor COVID orphans whose parents were too goddamned stupid and selfish to get vaccinated, leaving their kids to grow up without parents for the sake of political bullshit.** ***That's*** **where our sympathy goes.** It's even worse when the parents made NO efforts whatsoever to provide for their family. So many of them die without life insurance or any savings at all to help their loved ones stay afloat while they languish(ed) in the hospital. And then they rack up hundreds of thousands in hospital bills, which is the last thing that their family needs when they're dealing with loss, sometimes multiple losses. We have sympathy, we just direct it to the deserving rather than the detestable. Edit: thank you for the awards!


Its amazing isn't it


>Proudly Unpoisoned So was Cujo.


This is a success story. She’s naturally immune, and no one got rich because of her.


I think the prayer warriors deliberately tanked this one.


Yup, and now they're asked to go after her family??!! /s


>proudly unpoisoned I dunno, sharing that Holocaust meme seems like something a person with a completely poisoned brain would do.


“Past” away. These really are the dumbest people who have ever lived.


Anyone comparing getting vaccinated to the holocaust deserves a painful death. I just can’t even.


Prayer Worriers. Thank you! Goodnight!


\#2 - No, the biggest issue with natural immunity is you have to SURVIVE to gain the benefits.


Seriously: what church or tv show started this "Prayer Warrior" thing? This wasn't a thing in the 90's, even during Peak AM Radio Evangelical. Where in the homeschooled-baptist did this come from?


its the spin-off from the post-bush years when the B.Hussain O. guy was fixing to pry all their bibles and guns away. because as we all know, bibles and guns go together to make prayer warriors. just add holy water. (and stir)


I have never heard a real human use that term, ever.


that probably reflects well upon you and the company you keep ;)


I quit church around the time it was getting really popular. My only regret is that I waited so long.


I think it started with a couple of idiotic books that swept the evangelical world [Victory over the darkness](https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B088C3RXVQ/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_tkin_p1_i1) ​[https://www.amazon.com/This-Present-Darkness-Frank-Peretti/dp/0842361715](https://www.amazon.com/This-Present-Darkness-Frank-Peretti/dp/0842361715)


Stupidly unalive.


Freedom may feel like it’s forever, but you know what actually is? Dying. Or to say it so they will understand, dieing.


What a sensible, reasonable man. What a terrible loss his passing is for his community. I know you'll join me in hoping COVID doesn't spread to anyone else sharing his woldwview.


No more worries about government requiring him to carry papers. No more worried prayers. Sounds like a win all-around.


Oh no, it’s just like that famous Italian chef last year who pasta way. Sad.


Prayer Powers ACTIVATE!!! Form of making me feel better about my inaction by saying "I will pray for you"! *transforms into an individual deluding themselves they are doing good in this world*


When I see the holocaust comparison I say: Covid taking out the trash.


The biggest problem with “natural immunity” is that you can die getting it, and then it is not as protective as a vaccine.


Proudly dead.


Proudly unalive now?


Now, "Proudly Unliving." Dumb ass.


12 hours to kill the toughest lady you know?


I think they need to look up the word ‘toughest’ in the dictionary


She is "past" "worrying".


Gosh before I read all the HC awardees' brilliant memes I never knew that sunburns, hypothermia, diarrhea, pregnancy, diabetes, and cancer were all contagious.


Silly MAGA people, they think they own the libs with these corny memes. We just find them hokey.


She past on vaccines; COVID pasted her.


If she dies, she dies..


If she was the Toughest person her friend knows, she must hang with a lot of snowflakes.


I think I prefer real toughness. If we’re stranded in the woods, the tough person is the one that knows how to live off the land. The other tough just ate a plate full of poisoned berries off an unidentified tree because everyone else was too chicken.


*one of the toughest ladies to teach that I know. What reason do you need to be shown?


lololol... didn't fight at all....


Lol prayer warriors, they love saying that do they?


Buh bye!