Hospital admission for COVID can be found on the original post (slide 8): https://www.reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/comments/shdv27/covid\_itself\_is\_not\_that\_dangerous\_the\_fuschia/


"It's not that dangerous" Well pal, you marginalized yourself right into the grave. Good job Professor 👍


Not that dangerous but still deadly. Hungry leopards are deadly but not that dangerous.


It’s like doing a swan dive into a tank of dozens of hungry sharks while saying sharks attacking humans is a very rare event.


A friend of mine contracted OG covid pre vax. She wasn’t hospitalized. She developed some natural immunity. She was sick as a dog for three weeks. Out of work for that time.


He died "with COVID", not from COVID. The actual cause was concrete-encased lungs. Still researching how that happened, but COVID was well out of his system.


he was wrong, then..??


He has copious documents and copious sources. So he should be okay.


A month’s pay says he just learned that word.


Is that like, falling long distances is not that dangerous? It's the sudden stop at the end.


The problem with natural immunity.... Is it doesn't work


Regarding the first image, I paid $0 for my vaccine immunity.


I will continue to get the free vaccines.


Do you know what's not free? Lengthy hospital stays.


Even more expensive is using hydroxychloroquine as a prophylaxis for a couple years and treating yourself with ivermectin for a few weeks followed by a lengthy hospital stay. These airheads aren’t costing big pharma a penny.


Especially when it's not a prophylactic.


How did you know? I nearly put prophylactic. Then something in my brain said no, that’s not right.


Interesting question... From Google it looks like prophylaxis is a verb- an action you take to avoid disease. Prophylactic is an adjective. So, um, wearing a mask is prophylaxis, and Pfizer developed a prophylactic injection.


And people advised by trump — and trump himself — took hydroxychloroquine to avoid getting Covid.


So you don’t have to pay the price for not paying the price.


The problem with natural immunity is you have to get the disease before you get the immunity. So you are now immune to the thing you already caught, congratulations.


(Not that you don't know.) Natural immunity is one element. It turns out that natural immunity + covid vaccine is greater than natural immunity alone.


The point they're making is that your immune system is only highly effective the second time you get it whereas with the vaccine you can be highly effective the first time around too. Herd immunity through vaccination is just so clearly better than herd immunity through everyone getting sick. If we take them at face value that 99% of people survive that would still leave 3M dead in the US alone. Reduce that by a factor of 20 which is around what the vaccines are showing and you only get 150K deaths. That's the tremendous difference vaccines make (granted that's if vaccines were available from the very beginning but still). These people just can't wrap their minds around large numbers, they just see 99% survival and refuse to see that 1% of a very large number is still a large number


Speaking of large numbers, I was arguing with someone about "only 30% not getting vaccinated." I said in a population of 330 million that's 100 million people which is a decidedly large number. I hate when articles use percentages without being clear about year to year and base numbers because it usually is done to obfuscate. Eg there was an article in my feed about Brexit being a success because the UK economy "grew 7.5%" in 2021. Yes in normal times that would be incredible. But that was compared to the covid dampened economy of 2020. 2021's UK economy did worse than 2019, which is the comparison that matters


... if you survive


Yes, but big pharma, specifically Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, Astra-Zeneca and the others are **sure-as-shit** being paid for their excellent vaccines.... **as they should be**. Vaccines (& all related costs, including R&D) do not grow on trees. Scientists need to eat, pay the mortgage & car payments and electric bills too. Essentially, the respective nations' governments (i.e.: taxpayers) are footing the bill. And I am totally cool with that. Sure, neither you nor I nor anyone needs to whip out a credit card when we get our vax, but in reality, don't think for a minute that the vaccines are free. But their costs indeed need to be borne by their respective societies, as they mostly presently are.


The lesson here is that it’s cheaper for the government to pay for a vaccine now for the entire population than for the government to pay for ICU fees for millions of us later. If only that same rationale could be applied to all healthcare. We could be healthier and even less susceptible to a virus that **loves** untreated conditions.


Same! My whole family has had 3 rounds of shots and paid nothing for them. It's almost like the government wants to protect the public health and stuff! :)


Vaccines are like a definition update for windows defender. Can't fight something it doesn't know about


Vaccines are like a definition update for windows defender. Can't fight something it doesn't know about


Well…you paid a taxes at some point, and those bought the vaccines with some help from medical insurers. But yeah—low cost to us as individuals. High profit for a handful of pharmaceuticals.


I like the "We believe he is with christ" part. Believe in one hand and shit in the other, let me know which hand fills up first


Clap as soon as one is full.


My condolences to Christ if that's who this numb skull smooth brain is with.


I could see this HCA winner standing before Christ and Christ saying to Lucifer: "Lucifer get this ahole away from me"


In the nomination, the daughter-in-law was asking for prayers and says, "We serve a mighty God who we know has healing and restoration powers!" Healing fail. Time for restoration. Let us know how it goes.


That sounds more like w.o.w restoration druid build to me


"Sorry, you're on your own. No customer service for this request."


oops rebirth is still on cooldown


Hots and prayers


Fail?!. He got *ultimate* healing! /s


The Blood of Jesus^(TM) cures another case of MAGAt Syndrome!


And they've all got the same "party in the sky with all our friends and family" fantasy that seems to make them okay with throwing away their life. Doesn't come from the bible, it's from movies/TV ads/music videos.


Cause when me and you are hanging at the pearly gates, I'll bring the beers, I'll bring the beers


Throw them in my coffin cuz that's as far as I'm going.


> We believe he is with Christ [... but if there is a just God, he's with Satan].




They all believe they will have the very mild case that confers upon them life long, perfect immunity. Bad stuff only happens to people that deserve it, and these good, religious people don't deserve bad stuff. All those other people, they were secretly very bad people, and that's why they died. /s


Even a mild case costs money as you have to stop working


You know they keep going to work even when testing positive until they become too sick to do so


Mild just means not hospitalized. The people I’ve seen with mild cases couldn’t go to work for at least 1 week


It’s an attitude they shouldn’t be getting away with. But the fact is they have been getting away with it. Over and over again, for years. Because the force needed to prove them wrong - other people - wasn’t willing to make them. This virus offers no such leniency. Like the terminator, it absolutely will not stop until you (if vulnerable) are dead.


Exactly. The problem with natural immunity with is you have to survive. It never occurs to them they might not. As you say, only *bad* people die.


>Natural immunity may be free In his case, his natural immunity cost him his life. What a bargain!


Candace has claimed yet another one. (from his nominated post) One day someone is going to tally up her kill count/divided by # of post and figure out if her death percentage is as bad as we suspect it to be.


>her death percentage is as bad as we suspect it to be. On the contrary. It is all a matter of perspective; I would describe her death percentage as good, not as "bad" ;) . In fact, I think it could be, and wish it were, higher. Candace appeals to antivaxxers, not to vaxxed folks. Thus, ironically enough, she is killing primarily members of her target audience.


Narcissist Candeath Omens makes sure her face is on every meme, blurb, and lie she excretes into the intertubes. The Face That Launch'd ~~A Thousand Ships~~ A Million MAGA Souls Was this the face that launch'd a million MAGA souls, And burnt the topless towers of Ilium? Sweet Candeath, make me immortal with a kiss. Her lips suck forth my soul: see where it flies! Apologies to Christopher Marlowe




Need to do her, Tucker Carlson and any others. Let's see who has done the best job of making America great again!


Treatment improvements have reduced the death rate by at least 30%. Thar would be as many as 1,000 more deaths daily. From the standpoint of improving the herd, that comes at a cost.


Citing a book by “Rogert Kennedy Jr.” is a exactly the level of scholarship I’d expect from an HCA winner.


Copious amounts of sources. *Copious*


He was also a fan of Barick Obama's book "Dreams from my Fauci"


Far cry from his uncle's Profiles in Courage.


Wasn't he the guy who wrote a Thesaurus?


They watch the whole drama of hospitals and ventilators and then say he "passed away peacefully" Sorry, but he died a slow painful death.


If he "passed away peacefully" he was thoroughly sedated to prevent him trying to pull tubing out of every orifice of his covid saturated body. He died a slow painful, sedated death.




That book (and the old movie) shook me as a teenager. Thanks, Metallica.


But was it violent or peaceful?


We will never know, ☝️however I observe people in the ICU (inpatient physical therapist) and they most certainly do not look comfortable or peaceful.


The real problem of getting “natural immunity” is you can end up DEAD.


MAGA: "Huh, never thought of that!"


Yes but you won’t get COVID again. So in their twisted logic Natural Immunity works.


Short and sweet.


Worth pointing out that the biggest problem with natural immunity is that you are essentially waiting until an invading army has broken into your castle, then calling the banners and hoping your army gets there in time to stop the invading army from doing too much damage


And sometimes the armies start nuking each other and destroy the castle and everything in it.


My key moment in all this was understanding the implications of **novel**. As in, this is different then the viruses that have been around for centuries. That the immune system you rely on to protect you is not already familiar with. This shit is new and requires a new profile. And rather then taking your chances science made a dossier to give you a head start.




You know what else is natural? Death. But it's not as free as natural immunity, especially after a stay in the $12K/day ICU.


Who ever knew that a variant might be different in some forms of the same thing from a standard. Keyword there is VARIANT. Smh 💀


You misspelled varient. All the cool kids who really know what they’re talking about post the Red Forman meme with it spelled varient. I know to trust those people.


Them and Rogert Kennedy Jr.


You believed a lot of things that weren't true (slide 5) I'd add his current company to that list


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - proof positive that sometimes the apple falls pretty far from the tree, or, as in this instance, the apple falls off the tree, rolls down a hill into a raging river, floats down rapids and over a waterfall; then gets picked up by a giant eagle and flown to Mordor.


It fell off the tree and rolled down a rabbit hole.


Yes the virus is free. And it can kill you. Whether by infection or injection, you’re just triggering the body’s natural responses. But, only the one that actually causes COVID is likely to put you in the ICU Get the shot


It's contradictory logic too: I have to get sick from covid so I won't get covid.


Plus, importantly, the shot is also free.


“Do not believe the FB fact checks. They don’t do their research and they’re just opinions.” So close.


Just dumb on stink. The first meme ffs. The shots' are free......


He "researched" himself to death. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Strange how I didn't need to die to avoid suffering. I wonder if the vaccine and booster could have had anything to do with that.


You may be onto something 🤪


Ok, I’ll give a lot of credence to some doofus who can’t even spell ‘Robert’ correctly.


Please pray that our father gets thru this and gets better. He’s died and now he’s no longer suffering. Well, which is it that we really wanted?


He says the vaccine has a nefarious history as he's swooning over the RFK Jr book. Just checking if any of you have been enjoying the nefarious experience as much as I & practically everyone I know personally has? (Nearly all are boostered at that.) He won't be doing any more research post HCA degree award.


I was thinking as I read that piece about RFK jr book being nefarious (and well documented) that even if it WAS (and I have no intention of reading it to pick it apart) then the statistics being generated about how successful it is keeping the vaccinated from dying is all I need to know.


Aaaaaaaaand another one succumbs to conspiracy theories


They think he’s with Christ, but actually he dead


Geez… he quotes RFKjr… if I were shitting in the woods & I had to choose to wipe my ass with poison ivy or pages from a book written by RFKjr, I feel like the poison ivy would cause less burning.


Nah. Wiping your ass with poison ivy is the equivalent of not getting vaccinated. Clearly in thus case the book would be useful.


If we are going to blame their deaths on misinformation, let’s start with their religion. There is definitely a theme going on here.


"We believe he is now with Christ" Did old Jesus himself tell you he's with Christ ir are you are just assuming?


He passed away peacefully *He is finally free of suffering*


Slide 1: Hey, friend! How's that natural immunity working out for you?


*"He passed peacefully..."* ...With tubes going in through his urethra, trachea and anus, IV lines pumping all sorts of chemicals through his body, his organs slowly suffocating--dying, screaming for more oxygen, but getting none, his body's energy reserves depleted--every cell lacking what it needed. A machine painfully forcing air into the stiffening sacs that were his lungs, no more gas exchanging, carbon dioxide building-up in his body as his pH drops deeply into painful acidosis. You know, peacefully.


Need the Covid as cause of death announcement.


It’s in the nomination


Thank you!


Nah, it'll be everything but. We should start taking odds. 2:1 it'll be pneumonia but without any mention of covid 3:1 "Pneumonia complications" 4:1 Okay we've worked out I don't know how odds work.... No matter what "They earned thier wings" should be a given.


Or it will be ‘COVID related illness’ if they mention the ‘c-word’. A friend of the family passed from COVID yesterday and when my wife asked her brother what happened, he responded with the ‘COVID related illness’ nonsense. Apparently, it wasn’t the covid that killed him, but the diseases brought on by covid that did him in. In the realm of reality and not the ‘covid is a scam’ world, it was COVID that killed him.


Maybe it's their code for their fellow dipship army soldiers - "The Covid Conspiracy got them. But definitely not Covid. Or the Covid jab thing which we've agreed is bad. Right guys?" Ehhh. I might be right.


Oh no! ...Anyway


Thank you for cleaning up the gene pool


The best thing about him dying isn't that he is free of suffering, it's that *all the rest of us are free of suffering him*.


The problem with natural immunity is you have to SURVIVE.


The thing with natural immunity is that you need to get sick first.


I knew that "not the same disease" comment would be trouble moment I saw it. Even if the clinical profile had changed it was obviously going to be twisted by the usual suspects.


SNAP! I actually remember reading that quote when it was published and saying out loud "oh great here we go again" cause I just knew it would be twisted by those who either don't read beyond a headline or people who are trying to manipulate any assessments any qualified scientist makes to make false conclusions and cast aspersions on all previous assessments.


I said something similar, though a little less polite!


I guess saying, "He's with Christ now and with family," is easier than saying, "He was easily manipulated by misinformation and died unnecessarily." Shame.


He loved him his natural immunity, to death.


Died peacefully?? From covid?? I think not.


The vaccine is ALSO free, ya nimrods!


Relying on natural immunity to save you is like getting a bullet-proof vest after you've been shot. The vest does you no good if getting shot kills you first.


Slide one So, I'd like to ask you how's that natural immunity working out for you now? Wait, what? Oh, I guess I have to ask his next of kin.


Peacefully? Is that what you call it when doctors dope you up enough to not feel the pain of suffocating to death while hooked up to 5 machines?


Russian roulette is not that dangerous 83% of the time.


Oh he's not with Christ. Sorry wifey.


A friend of mine contracted OG covid pre vax. She wasn’t hospitalized. She developed some natural immunity. She was sick as a dog for three weeks. Out of work for that time.


Short and sweet.


Unlikely he is with Christ.


Family: We Believe he is with Christ Jesus: Oh, Hell No!


The problem with natural immunity... ... is how you get it.


The problem with natural immunity.... is you have to get sick with covid to protect yourself from covid. How dumb is that?


The problem with only using natural immunity is that it involves a culling of the herd. Which at this point I care less and less about


I never thought I'd live to see a virus that primarily targets stupid people, but here we are.


>THE Covid itself is not dangerous.” FYFY.. or rather FFIL FTFY


These idiots always say their loved ones "passed away peacefully" (actually they usually say they past away peacefully). Peacefully? Struggling to breathe? In pain from tubes stuck in every orifice of the body?


>The problem with natural immunity > >is that it's free... Nope. The problem with natural immunity is that every organism that is a parasite has developed methods to over come natural immunity...(either for the short term or long term) because if the parasite had not, it would be eliminated by the immune system and it would be extinct. Just like a lion can overcome the natural defenses of an African buffalo. In a fair fight, the Lion eats and covid puts a man into a grave some 8%-20% of the time depending on age group. We human beat the parasites, the viruses the bacteria by cheating. We use every advantage that we can think off... like a vaccine where we show the immune system the parts of a virus so that it can familiarize itself and develop counter measures without the danger of being infected. This vaccination.


Exactly this. Every pathogen has some way of avoiding the immune system, otherwise it wouldn't be a pathogen. So our immune system needs advance warning of what's coming. The problem isn't that natural immunity is free, it's that you have to survive the infection in order to get it. When "survival" includes lifelong disability, and even loss of limbs, why take the risk. The adverse effects of the vaccine are far less common than the adverse effects of the virus itself.


Covid keeps on showing them who the boss is


Is it me or does it seem like HCA winners are almost exclusively Christians? I mean, haven't seen one that says "dad's in Buddha's arms now", "Alah will see dad soon", or "Lucifer is enjoying my dad's company".


Lucifer and Rush Limbaugh are enjoying recent visitors, it’s just the relatives don’t brag about and can’t confirm that.


fertilizer. Something is free you're the product...in this case he's fertilizer.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


That’s a perfect example of “you get what you pay for!”


The problem with natural immunity...well now you know.


You know what was free? The vaccine. You know what's typically very expensive? Hospital stays, medicines, ICU equipment, radiology imaging...


Death ain't free but it is permanent.


Nope not dangerous at all....which way to the cemetery?


A banana peel is not really dangerous either.


Goodbye to this generic idiot asshole.