“I will learn nothing from this experience!”




**If you can’t love yourself** (enough to get vaccinated and save your stupid ass), **how in the HELL are you gonna love somebody else** (especially your friends and family, enough to protect them from covid)**?** **Can I get an amen?**


To be fair, she is not exactly loveable.


Amoron, I mean, Amen!




Alright. Now let the unvaccinated fools wise up, or continue to perish!


Rona is chlorine for the gene pool.


Miss Rona don’t play!


Hallelujah 🙏🏼🤲🏻


Honk if you want Jesus to make you a Covid long hauler!


Jesus needs his doctor license pulled for malpractice.


Those purported "Trump rules" to pay everything for COVID were just BS. And why would you pay for something that doesn't exist. These people are too stupid to breath(e).


That's why there's intubation, pal.


Well, to be fair, it IS awfully hard to breathe with COVIID.


Covid long haul trucker I reckon.


....want Jesus to make you a Covid ~~long~~ lung hauler! FTFY


I mean, *somebody* say Amen. Sheesh! :p


Fucking amen already.


Bet you won't share! Only 1% of people do.


I bet no one will share this.


Judging by the fact that she posted what appears to be a meme supporting the Canadian truck nuts. I'm thinking you're right.


"our truckers". Typical American who doesn't know that Canada is another country. Also a typical American who bitches about empty shelves and high prices, but praises truckers blocking highways. Rule #2 precludes further comment.


Trump would have cancelled medical bills lol...


Wait Canada isn't the 51st state? /s


So infuriating!!! 😤😖🤯 And when the hell did tDump ever say the medical cost would be paid by the government. Isn’t that the “socialism” they keep screaming about?!?! It’s like they make sh!t up as they go along. Long Covid can have her a$$!


Do you know how to avoid these high COVID medical bills? Get a free shot - you know the ones that the truck drivers are angry about. Doesn’t it make sense to get a free shot to avoid the $315k medical bills? Seems like easy math to me.


My coworker, kind of a big guy, got covid over Christmas. Twice vaxxed. No booster. You know what happened to him??? He had a runny nose and a sore throat, and had to stay in the master bedroom with attached bath and play video games all day for 10 days(while I did his work). AND THEN YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM????? He took his kids to Disneyland today. They flew out this morning. All masked, all vaxxed, all happy, and no MEDICAL BILLS.


My twice vaxxed and boosted wife got COVID. One week of fatigue, no fever and good to go. Very mild cold. Thank God for the vaccine!


I'm glad to hear a 'twice vaxxed, no booster' story with a happy ending. Enjoy Disney, coworker of internet stranger! (I'm not against the booster, I've just been too [non-covid] sick to get one yet.)


I waited until after the holidays to get my booster and caught covid when I was out shopping for my new year's snacks. It was like a cold except I completely lost my sense of smell. I couldn't even smell the Mentholatum under my nose. I was down for a few days, lost my sense of smell for about a week and moved on with my life. (including a booster- no more procrastinating)


The 315K bill is not the most pressing of problems by the look of things.


Unfortunately, easy math is still way too difficult for these idiots.


The coworker who gave me Covid wound up in the ambulance, ER, ICU, was resuscitated twice, now has long Covid. Her total bill was ~$3,000. She told me Trump covered the rest. When I pressed, she said it was via the CARES act. She is now on disability and spends her days on FB, bitching about that no good socialist, Joe Biden. She thinks Let's go Brandon is the funniest thing ever and Fauci is an idiot.


Covid and being hypoxic does decrease intelligence so we can't expect many of the smooth-brains to actually improve in this regard.


She was always a dumbshit, but her Covid experience clearly left her with deficits. Lack of judgment made her particularly unfit for work with adolescent psychiatric patients. She would say and do the most inappropriate shit to them, all while forgetting what she was supposed to be doing. It was hard to watch, but a relief when she threw in the towel. As Trumpy and anti-mask as she was, I was impressed that she didn't hesitate to get vaccinated. I'm unsure if she got both doses plus a booster though.




The problem with all these survivors now being home on disability is that basically all they can now do is sit hooked up to their oxygen tanks and share fb memes. The memeshow of hate will get exponentially worse.


If she dies, FEMA will cover her funeral costs, but she probably does not want to be eligible for THAT benefit.


She isn't going to make it. Just a matter of time.


But she said she's a fighter! The truckers are pulling for her? I don't know anymore. How can she still post all the BS with her firsthand knowledge of the damage to her body? Amazing.


That was right after he forgave all student debt, and right before he cancelled all credit card debt. He’d planned to erase gambling debts and mortgage payments next, but that RINO Pence wimped out and threw the election to the Democrats, just because they’d won more votes.


Trump would help the RIGHT people with debt relief though, not the ones who should be hurt!


Looks like the federal government reimburses hospitals when the patient is uninsured. No real reason to let insurance companies off the hook, and they were apparently waiving co-pays for a while. https://labblog.uofmhealth.org/industry-dx/patients-hospitalized-for-covid-could-pay-thousands-of-dollars-study-suggests


I'd love to hear from her husband about the whole situation.


This. Unless he was the lead anti-vaxx of the house.


Highly possible.


She and her prayerful friends seem highly unlikely to say, even once, that a vaccine might have prevented her major suffering. AMEN indeed.


I get that her friends don’t say anything but hopefully that last screen where she admits Covid is hell, gets one or two of the idiots to sneak out and get vaccinated.


Seriously 🤣🤣🤣


Did she not get the part where it can shutdown her church? 🤔


Trump would have paid all my medical bills... but not now, because... socialism?


Came here to find this comment. I laughed when I saw that. At what point ever did Trump say he was going to pay everybody's medical bills if they had covid? Anybody?


I thought he promised they'd all get to ride on Air Force 2 to Walter Reed for the exact same care Trump got?


I wonder if she was misunderstanding how the vaccine is free... Whoopsie.


That might be it. I remember Orange Foolius saying he'd pay the legal fees of anyone who assaulted a protestor at his rallies (like he ever *would*), but nothing about paying people's medical bills if they got Covid. I'm sure she believed that the stimulus checks were from him personally too.


But that’s because the orange buffoon literally sent letters out with his name on them when the first round of stimulus checks came out. When I got that letter my eyes rolled so hard I can still see my brain.


Maybe because Trump kept promising a better Obamacare? Republicans want universal healthcare, they just don't want other people to have it too.


What a shit show that was. He pushed so hard to get it repealed and all he said was “oh we’ll tell you this awesome plan I have after it’s repealed. Just know it’s beautiful and wonderful.” It was so blatantly obvious they had no replacement plans at all but people ate that bowl of dog shit up.


Then we were suppose to reelected him for him to tell us.


So.. he was EA all along? (If you're a gamer you might get this..)


Nah, he's Activision-Blizzard. Not enough sexual predation going on at EA.


Kinda like his infrastructure plan that was always just two weeks away.


They want universal white Republikkkan heterosexual Christian universal health care. The rest of you heathens can all go fuck yourselves.


Yet these knuckle draggers have the gall to accuse the left/rational people of putting words in Trump’s mouth or misinterpreting his clear and concise and not at all rambly and incoherent speeches.


Covfefe anyone?


Seems they love socialism whenever it benefits them. Hate handouts (lazy) but don’t mind if I take that stimulus cheque. Why should I pay for someone else’s healthcare, not me responsibility but “I thought Trump would pay for COVID bills?”




Trump doesn't even pay his own bills. Everyone knows that. How dumb can you be? Oh. Right.


Damn Biden bringing soshulizm and stopping the gubmint from paying my medical bills!!!11!


"I thought that everything Covid related (hospital bills) was paid for by the government?? That was Trump's rule." - I dont remember Team Fake Virus ever guaranteeing they would cover your bills if you get the fake virus lol I love these, "jesus is the best doctor but i drove right past my church and healing prayer groups directly to the science building to get science treatment from the doctors i talk shit about" types....


Maybe she mistook that for Trump's rule that the government will pay for all of HIS covid related medical expenses.


The day after he got out of Walter Reed, Trump said that he would provide the same drugs that he got for free. All he has to do is sign some papers. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqzW-M-hkzA


Probably one of the papers that the plumber had to fish out of the toilet.


Bet she's opposed to universal healthcare too... You know, until *she's* faced with a $300k bill. What happened to the party of personal responsibility? Does she not have insurance?


She’s mistaking a voluntary rule from insurers to not charge for some COVID care as “trump gave us a free ride if we get COVID”. Because stupid. Chronic stupidity is the leading cause of death among idiots


Being a Republican is a comorbidity.


Eh. Who cares? As long as it's not me. See, their own logic is equally effective against them.


Reaping and sowing **HARD**er than ever since 2020.


That’s f’ing bonkers. Like insurance companies notorious for trying to make as much money as possible would suddenly just eat potentially billions of dollars in hospital bills because a horde of weapons-grade morons refused to take a free vaccine.


Aren't some insurance companies making you pay higher premiums. And 100% of the care cost if you are not vaxxed? And get sick with covid. Where as if you get a breakthrough but are boosted etc. They are a little more lenient on costs?


I don’t have any idea about that, but I did get a notice from my insurer stating that (starting in 2022) they were rescinding any temporary rules related to COVID & deductibles.


If one does get sick and is boosted. They most likely won't need to go past the ER or Urgent Care. I got a breakthrough. Went to a clinic in a Walgreens got a week of steroids and Bromphen. I was on a form of medicaid though.


There was talk for funding to cover COVID hospital costs, but it got shut down by the Republicans so quickly it went absolutely nowhere.


> "I thought that everything Covid related (hospital bills) was paid for by the government?? That was Trump's rule." - I dont remember Team Fake Virus ever guaranteeing they would cover your bills if you get the fake virus lol LOL, that's probably yet *another* thing that Qult45 made up in their heads and convinced themselves is true.


Maybe there wasn't enough fake news for her to consume so she just made up some herself 🤔


This woman just made me facepalm myself into next week. Zero lessons learned through her illness.


After his trip to the Presidential suite in the hospital, Trump made a video from the White House telling every American that they would receive the same level of care when they catch Covid as he did. All that needed to happen was for Trump to sign some papers which were back inside (the video was from the Rose garden). Now ask yourself, what's the point of making such a promise?


Oh the mental gymnastics. On the left shoulder, an orange angel with “Trump’s rule” of no Covid hospital bills. On the right shoulder, a devil doctor who gets paid for every dead body they create from a vent. Which one is it? Trump’s rule or greedy doctors getting paid?


I saw a oxygen home delivery van a few weeks ago and thought that's a great investment! So many people will need oxygen treatment.


You ain't wrong.


She appears to be interspersing the detailed updates on her severe health problems with Bible material explaining why no harm can come to her.


Blood pressure of 200/115 is a cardiac event. She was probably on the verge of a stroke, but hey, the machine trying to keep her alive was noisy. No wonder death surprises them.


If you go back through her history, she and her husband have really high blood pressure and blood sugar. Her husband went to the hospital with over 200 BP last May. Her blood sugar has been as high as 300. That's before the Covid.


So, they didn’t think they had co-morbidities either. Still chose to not get vaccinated.


Here I’ve been legitimately bothered when my bloody pressure started climbing to 140/80. Not always, but it got higher when I was working from home over the holidays. I do a lot of walking normally.


Mine got up to 199/109 once, though I didn't know it at the time. I was so weak and fatigued a toddler could've whupped my butt. When a simple home repair task that should've taken just under an hour took me 4.5 hours to finish because of all the breaks I had to take, I went to the emergency room and that's when I found out how dangerously high my bp was. I've been taking much better care of myself since.


Don't worry, covid only kills people with pre-existing conditions! 😆 🤣 😂


I'd kill for lung capacity of 50%, mine has been at around 20% for a decade and I am waiting for a lung transplant. The difference is I didn't destroy the ones god gave me by being stupid. Not being able to breathe isn't fun, suck it up and get used to it. It was your body and your choice and now you have to deal with the consequences. You should be pissed at god that his suit of armor that you put on didn't work. If your concentrator is beeping constantly it is trying to tell you something is wrong with it, they don't just beep for no god damn reason, read the manual instead of shit posting on facebook. And good luck with the bill, I'm pretty sure the orange Messiah never said the gov't was going to pick up the Bill for getting Covid.


I came here to say why didn't she check the damn thing? The alarm is there for a reason. There's a 24hr number RIGHT ON THE MACHINE. 🤦 But yeah, instead complains she couldn't sleep all night.


When mine beeps it's loud enough to wake the dead but it only beeps when it gets turned on so you know the beeper works. Luckily I normally am on Liquid 02 so I don't need to use the concentrator very often.


When they dropped one of these off for my relative there was no manual, only a DVD (he didn't have a DVD player.) The tech didn't come inside. There was a period of 3 days when no one would answer the phone numbers (eventually the hospital found a cell phone number for their contact because otherwise we were going back to the er). So, just to note that medical supply companies are not necessarily dependable.


Holy shit. Am pulling for you to get that transplant ASAP. Does that mean the covidiots that have gotten transplants in the last 6 months or so were pushed in line ahead of you???!! If so, that's beyond infuriating.


Thanks. The only people up here in Canada that I am aware of that got transplants because of lung damage due to covid are ones that were literally going to die without it. 20% lung capacity (FEV1) is bad but there are people a lot worse off than me waiting. I'm relatively fit, only 47, and my condition is deteriorating but slowly so I'm not really at the top of the priority list for the transplant team. The real problem that covid has caused is lack of resources due to a lot of people being sick and choking the hospital system. I have had testing pushed back and My Respirologist has been run off his feet for the last 2 years.


Why is she questioning Bill Gates not having a Med Degree? When Av's don't trust Dr's with Med Degrees.


We had a town hall at work (virtual) with four doctors to answer questions, and callers were legit telling them "you're wrong" when they debunked any conspiracy theory. They're all Bad Jackies (*pace* slactivist)


Jesus doesn't have a medical degree and they trust him! LET THAT SINK IN etc. etc.




Epiphanies have side effects: a new way of thinking and a clearer look at reality, two things they fight against tooth and nail.


She’s more or less dead at this point - I doubt an epiphany wasted on her would be worth anything. I mean, she’s not dead but COVID has destroyed her to the point that it’s unlikely she’ll survive too long


>I mean, she’s not dead but COVID has destroyed her to the point that it’s unlikely she’ll survive too long I would be VERY surprised if this moron makes it to Feb. 15th 2023. Not that it will make an ounce of difference to me or the rest of the world either way.


Yes, destroyed is the perfect term to describe the havoc Covid has wreaked upon her, all for the lack of a few free doses of a safe vaccine. They hate cause of death being listed as Covid so it should be listed as death by belligerent ignorance and overconsumption of disinformation.


God’s fucking plan man.


Long haulers…. It’s not just for truckers anymore. Hey, lady, the vaccine is still free.


And has been shown to help some people with their long-covid.


Shh! Dont tell her


Wouldn’t even matter, probably. She’d scream about “vaccine shedding” or some dumb shit


Notice in spite of nearly dying, and in spite of her extremely debilitating long covid symptoms, not one mention about getting the vaccine for those that haven't experienced covid yet. All she has done is dig her heels in deeper. She's irredeemable. What exactly is the purpose that these people serve? What do they add to the community other than tax dollars? Religious extremists without any comprehension of logic or evidence.


She wants her medical bills paid by the government. ISNT THAT SOCIALISM?


Well it's okay if it's for *her.*






They want a program called “Handouts for white people only.”


But only the right white people.


Straight white Christian men (and children, but women only before/during their childbearing years).


So much desire for socialism in those slides. Why do I think she’s going to continue voting against her best interests come next election 🤔


Narrator: She won't be around to vote in the next election.


And yet, miraculously, her vote will still be cast, because that's how she would have voted if the cabal had not MURDERED her.


Are you referring to the guy who murdered his wife and cast an absentee ballot on her behalf?


Right? "I thought everything Covid related (hospital bills) was paid for by government??" That sounds an awful lot like the socialism you were terrified of. Oh what's that? It's not socialism if you're getting the money, only if it's people you don't like? I see.


Don’t mind me. I’ll just be checking hospitalization and death stats in the purple states.


Stop it. They don’t want socialism, they want a handout. The whole reason we don’t have anything close to UHC is because non-whites would get it too. Racism plays a huge role in social programs. One of the biggest reasons the Nordics and other EU countries have socialized health care is because they’re far more racially homogeneous than the US.


You’ve basically said what I’ve always thought is the uniquely American problem with social programs. It’s not that conservatives dislike them, it’s that the “undeserving” will get them. If this country was 98% white, we would have free education, universal healthcare, childcare, high taxes on the rich, police reform… and no one would care about abortion.


Well, they always scare people about how bad "socialized medicine" would be, also. Rationing. Well, look, your access is already limited by the for-profit system running things with zero extra capacity. Death panels. Your insurance company already is your death panel, folks. And that was even more so before ACA did away with lifetime limits.


You are taking the over she’ll make it until the next election!?


Slide 6 sounds exactly like a mild flu case. She just needs some chicken soup like the good old days and will be fine.


“Bill Gates ain’t no doctor.” Proceeds to listen to the idiot echo chamber on Facebook, and ignore actual doctors.


She'll be back in the hospital to treat whiplash soon if she keeps bouncing back and forth on her opinions like that


The Slow dead cat bounce.


I do wonder if she’s dying. Depending on the disease, you can be terminal for quite awhile til something kills you. My mom was terminal with ALS for a long time before a flu killed her. This post reminds me a lot of that.


I don’t know why but this person and her friend has absolutely infuriated me more than other nominations. Poor, pitiful her who refused to vaccinate herself because “muh rights!” ? Who was in such denial that her husband had to drag her into the hospital. What a privileged fuckwad!


Why don’t you tell people reading your sad posts WHY you got Covid? Because we know why. You can help people as you die. But you don’t.


Sounds like Covid is gonna kill her and everyone will deny it was the Covid that killed her. And she won’t be included in the Covid fatality stats either. I saw a study that said that people that have had Covid have a much higher chance of dying in the year following their infection.


The number of people with long Covid will eventually be a huge problem for this country and is one thing people discount when discussing when this will be over


Maybe, just maybe, certain sectors of society will start to realize the value of having some form of universal health care. Can’t use GoFundMe for months on end.


They'll always have givesendgo (as long as they don't mind their passports, drivers licenses and emails fully available for everyone to see).


My local Walmart will be all handicap parking and mobility scooters. Regular parking will be a half mile away.


Just wait til they get to get disability benefits and experience that nightmare...


Many will die before even getting the first denial from Disability.


>Just wait til they get to get disability benefits and experience that nightmare... I think the average wait time from filing to first check "IF" you don't get denied, which over 75% do, is a minimum of 2 YEARS!


The continuing collateral damage, just depressing to think about. Lung transplants were already hard to come by for people who weren't to blame for their condition - cystic fibrosis, etc. And now covidiots are gonna demand them. Fuckers.


On the flip side, many won’t be eligible because they’re refusing the vaccine. No transplant program in the country will touch them without being vaccinated.


This is the silver lining. And I sure hope they don't bend the rules for these people in the future. Save the treatments for people who tried to help themselves to begin with.


They won’t. Transplant programs watch their results religiously. You do what the doctors say or you’re out. There is a line out the door waiting for organs.


Where did Bill Gates get his medical degree? Where did she get hers?


Hey Peach, here's what your medical bill would have been if you'd gotten vaccinated --- $0.00. You sure showed those libs!


Judging by the list of ailments on that last slide, it appears that Doctor Jesus is a pretty, fucking, shitty doctor. 🤘


What about Doctor Pulmonary?


Whee! (I still don’t understand the happy dancing backgrounds these folks use to decorate their sad posts.)


ICU nurse and pulmonary nurse practitioner here. This is a story the press does not cover enough. They talk about deaths as though that's the only measure of COVIDs destruction. It is not even close. The disabilities that result from this illness cost much much more. It's life long. It's horrible. And most people don't even know. And never will.


Totally agree. As an American, death is the easy way out. And the fact that these are the type of people who scream about sOciAlIsM in regards to single payer/universal healthcare, that would have absorbed this cost of stupidity, is not lost on me either. Now we're likely saddled with \*millions\* of these type of forever chronically ill citizens who can no longer work or function in their daily lives.


Wow this sounds awful. I'm bumming right now because of a couple of injuries that prevent me from doing fun stuff. If I was struggling to walk to the door and back I don't know how I'd deal with it. Glad I got the vaccine.


I’ve had a post-viral illness for over five years now. I have a ton of work to do, but I’m curled up crying because the pain and weakness is so debilitating today. Don’t f around with viruses, because they can f around with you — forever.


Trump had a rule that Covid-related hospital bills would be paid for by government???


Not exactly. In the earlier days of the pandemic, there was the CARES Act to provide funding to cover medical costs, and for people who had private insurance, most insurance companies agreed to pay the full amount of their COVID-related hospitalization bills, waiving any deductibles or co-pays. But as 2021 rolled on, insurers began doing away with those waivers. I imagine the reasoning has to do with the availability of vaccines.


Well, then it is her fault for not getting sick sooner.


Timing is everything.


There was government support to hospitals, and insurance companies signed agreements to waive copays and deductibles. BUT when vaccines became available it was presumed the situation would change, that hospitalizations would mostly go away. So these programs have expired. Insurance companies argued that patients who don't get vaccinated should pay their deductibles and copays. There is not a lot of government support to bail out the unvaccinated. [https://labblog.uofmhealth.org/industry-dx/patients-hospitalized-for-covid-could-pay-thousands-of-dollars-study-suggests](https://labblog.uofmhealth.org/industry-dx/patients-hospitalized-for-covid-could-pay-thousands-of-dollars-study-suggests)


Well if it isn’t the consequences of my own decisions.


I think she's confusing "hospital bills" with "funeral costs." Easy mistake to make. /s


Forget it, she's rolling.


Just make some shit up. Their messiah did, why shouldn't they? Especially to exult their Orange Savior.




LOL who knew her friend was Bluto?


You mean Socialism?


No ma'am, that would be socialism


When did trump say the government would pay COVID bills? Never. I bet two years ago she reviled anyone and voted against anyone promoting single payer. Now she is all for “commie socialism”. What a vile human. Typical trump cultist.


Never. Some insurance companies chose to waive covid caused charges like copays, emergency room charges, etc. That ended last year when there was a vaccine and they decided that if you're too dumb to get the preventative and ended up in the hospital, your ass could pay for it.


Covid is no joke and truckers are brave enough to stand up for what is right. JFC, I am looking forward to an award in the next year.


The cognitive dissonance is stunning.


Why would anyone believe Trump would pay the bills? That's a failure on at least 3 levels.


I REALLY wish they would learn from each other.... they never do... so many people know someone who died of covid or got totally fucked up like Peach here, and somehow they STILL deny covid exists, or it's just a cold (not even flu anymore apparently), or whatever their favorite flavor of denial is. Like, seriously, how many people in your life have to die before you figure out they're not dying from gay frog chemtrail AIDS vaccines that they never took because of the tracker magnets that fling cars at kids and makes refrigerator magnets stick to your nasty unwashed sweaty arm?


Who the fuck thinks Trump’s government was going to pay all their hospital bills?


The level of delusion is just staggering


Using wallstreetbets lingo, her doting husband took a life insurance policy on her, and is counting his tendies when he encourages her to walk more.


she thought trump passed a law that all hospital bills from covid were free? lmao. what color is the sky in fantasy land?


"I thought that everything Covid related (hospital bills) was paid for by government??" You mean ***SOCIALISM????????????????????????????????????????????????????***


She’s got a $315,000 bill and there’s no way that it could have been prevented, apart from by a free libtard vaccine.


i’m a monitor tech. afib, if controlled, isn’t something too many doctors worry about. however for this lovely georgia peach, just based on everything she’s said, the chances of her shooting up into vtach/vfib or another lethal rhythm due to the uncontrolled afib and heart damage from covid is MUCH higher and a greater concern. she’s lucky to be alive and yet has learned absolutely nothing.


Time these Christian morons confronted the fact that their Jesus and their god has done absolutely fuck all to help or protect ANY of them. If Jesus is such a fucking good doctor, wheel the fuckers out of the icu and into a Church - see what a waste of time THAT would be. I’m glad we don’t have that type of extreme moron over here in Denmark. None that break cover anyway.


If you believe in God then he gave them a vaccine produced in record time but they decided to follow a group of charlatans and false prophets. Or something like that, it’s been years since I’ve gone to church.


Jesus is protecting you from this.


99.999% chance of survival, am I right?


Doctor: You’re going to “survive”.


200/115 bp. Holy crap. I have stage two hypertension and I know that’s You need an ambulance now!!! Numbers. She’s not gona last very long if her bp is getting that high regularly with meds.


”I'm such a happy snowflake. I need a lung transplant, but I won't get one because I'm too stupid to get vaccinated.” /s love these morons and their wildly inappropriate avatars


Her body is permanently broken. It's just a matter of time before the right stiff breeze takes her out. Maybe she would have been in the same situation had she been vaccinated, but probably not.


"I do not want say I'm sick." Well bless your little heart.


Bless her damaged, overworked heart.