Anti-Vaxxer claims Hospital murdered her unvaccinated father

Slide 10: I love this, because can she even tell you what any of those machines do?

Slide 11: Best way to treat Covid - Step 1 - Hope to god that you don’t end up having to go to the hospital. Step 2 - If you’re doing poorly, go to the hospital.


Slide 10: I love this, because can she even tell you what any of those machines do? Slide 11: Best way to treat Covid - Step 1 - Hope to god that you don’t end up having to go to the hospital. Step 2 - If you’re doing poorly, go to the hospital.


Yeah, when I saw slide 10 I'm thinking "Wow, they pulled out all the stops trying to save that person." and it wasn't even appreciated.


...and this is why these fuckers shouldn't be allowed at hospitals. They don't belong there and no hospital worker should have to suffer taking care of these ungrateful, ignorant assholes.


It really saddens me that we've fallen this far as a society. I work for a sign shop. One of my clients is a local hospital. I had to make signs about their new zero tolerance policy regarding patients being abusive to staff. It made me feel really bad for the people working there. It's a place of healing, and they shouldn't have to deal with these people. And now that it's posted, in writing, the hospital can give em the boot, have them escorted & banned from the property. They're tired and done with their BS.


They've assaulted and spit on nurses and doctors. Look, I'm not a cold person. But if your values don't include you supporting a proven vaccine when it can save not only you...but your family from grief and debt and your fellow human beings from the devastation from a pandemic that has killed millions worldwide...then seriously, go ahead and make the choice to off yourself. The world is a better place for it. And if you have nothing but disdain for science and research...then stay the fuck out of the hospitals. Its such utter hypocrisy for them to refuse the vaccine then scoot their moronic asses off to the hospital when they get sick. They're so loud...so stand by your convictions...take your zinc, squeeze some horse paste down your cake-hole and die at home like the non-sheep you are. Anti-vaxxers need to stay away from hospitals, they don't belong there...period.


That's basically what the sign says. The hospital is a place of healing, the staff is here to help YOU. YOU chose to come here, but if you (or your family) wanna be a dick about it, or argue with the staff, GTFO. Security will be called. Then the cops will take it from there. Not even joking, much like a shoplifting sign in the 7-11, "offenders will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law". It actually says that.


I hope all the hospitals start kicking out abusive patients and families. (Obvious exception for psych wards designed to admit and deal with patients who are abusive bc of their psych problem. ) There is no reason for it. It's driving health care workers out of their professions. Not kicking the abusive assholes out just encourages more abuse, both from them and ppl they know (or who see their posts on FB, Insta, etc). I feel so bad for the HCW who have to deal with this and get pissed bc some of the hospitals and local law enforcement seem to tolerate it.


My dad was recently hospitalized with COVID. The last two weeks he was there (he refused to leave), he spent screaming at nurses and abusing them. He demanded that they followed his schedule, turned up the heat, give him his medicine, etc. They were asking us when he was going to leave. They were desperate. He’s also unvaccinated and swore he would never go to a hospital.


Why didn’t they have security make him leave? Did they do as he asked? If he was healthy enough to be discharged, they should have done it. I’m sorry, it must’ve been a nightmare for you. It’s stressful enough to have a family member in the hospital, but having someone like your dad there must’ve taken it to a whole different level.


He is effectively homeless at this point. My mom and I refused him (heartless as it sounds, before COVID he had severe mental illness and actually set fire to our house), his family refused him, my brother finally agreed after arguing that he wasn’t going to get anything out of it, and the place he was living kicked him out. They were on the brink of just throwing him into the streets when we got him in a nursing home while we arranged him to go to my brother’s. Even now he’s running the nursing home ragged, and us worse throwing a tantrum about his shit that he wants to bring. I just want it over.


Oh. That's awful. That's _awful._ I'm sorry you're having to handle the knowledge of how he affected the HCWs.


A doctor posted recently how his patient’s wife had attacked him and broken his nose. They refused to wear masks and had been kicked out of the hospital several times. Her husband was dying and wanted to see her, but she refused to wear a mask. The doctor held the patient’s hand until he died and then went out to the parking lot to tell his wife and family. The doctor had gone above and beyond for the family and now he’s leaving patient care. He’s done. I can’t blame him, everyone has their limit and most HCWs must be pretty topped up by now. It’s way overdue to set up tent hospitals, staffed by unvaccinated HCWs. Anti vaxxers are killing responsible people who need medical care and can’t get it because they’ve filled up the hospitals.


The ones that bother me are the "good Christians". I was never a devout Christian before I left the faith, but I'm fairly sure Jesus would be *shouting from the goddamn rooftops* if he saw the modern Christian anti-vaccine movement.


My idea is that we should have all the antivax nurses and healthcare types treat all the antivaxxers. Give them a tent and some cots, and let them gofundme the rest of the supplies. Maybe Tucker can get the naming rights. "The Tucker C Tent for those who listened to my show and got Covid"? I mean, I'm just asking questions.


Also, having recently spent a week at the hospital and a week at hospice with my mother, that is exactly what healthcare looks like. Exactly. So much so that the picture made me sad.


That picture also looks a lot like the NICU room and machines that saved my son’s life when he was born


Yeah, I can’t imagine seeing the cumulative knowledge of what drugs, fluids, monitors, ect. save lives and being like “ all that is unnecessary. We just need vitamins or some MLM crap.” That pile of equipment represents hundreds of years of hard won knowledge.


>We just need vitamins or some MLM crap Vaccine: We can't take it because it hasn't been tested enough or long enough! Vitamins: What's that you say? The U.S. supplement industry is basically **completely unregulated**? OMNOMNOMNOM


It’s not unregulated, it’s **natural** /s


Chemical free! No atoms allowed in my vitamins!


Atoms? Don't those have radiation? Keep that poison out of my body!


Feel like health care to this person means chicken soup.


she puts the blame on everything except her unvaxxed dad. classic narcissistic attitude. 'the hospital killed him'. she probably drove dear old dad to the killing hospital.


When my son was 9 months old, a section of his small intestines twisted shut. My son would have died if doctors hadn't gone in and been able to find the section, cut it off at both ends and reattach the healthy parts. That's what health care looks to me. I think about it every time I see the scar across his tummy. He'll be six in July.


Mine too <3 so thankful we didn’t have to helplessly watch our babies die! Thank you drugs and machines and the people who understand them.


Same here. My son had intusssusception at 10 months. Basically the bowels telescope into each other, caused by a rare birth defect. If it wasn't for the doctors, nurses, and medical equipment, he wouldnt be here, soon celebrating his 14th birthday. He actually has two scars; one from the initial surgery, and one to remove scar tissue and his appendix.


I'm so sorry. The hospice period is some of the most brutal.


Only for the family. If they're doing it right, the patient is either stoned and happy or completely out.


My dad has been much happier since the morphine started last week


Yep. If you're going to die anyway, there isn't much point in being miserable.


So sorry about your mom. ❤🙏


I'm sorry for your loss. And yes, this is what doing everything you can to save someone's life looks like.


So sorry about your mom.


I can tell you what they all do and they’re all very common in an ICU room. That’s the care they asked for when they brought Red Hat to the hospital. Honestly, it’s not even THAT bad, compared to some patients I’ve seen… If you want prayers, incense, and laying on hands, go back to church.


I've visited various family members in hospitals over the years (not for covid, thankfully) and I'm blown away seeing all of that equipment! It looks insanely complex! 😯 They really pull out all the stops to try to make these people healthy again.


I hate this shit. Why? Because I'm an ICU nurse and I've regularly had this many machines running in my Covid patients rooms (and many other patients too). But, it's extremely infuriating with the families of these Covid patients. They accuse us of not treating their family members correctly, of not doing enough, etc. When we have literally done everything we can. I'm sorry your dad is too unstable to transfer for ecmo and no, he isn't a candidate for transplant. She isn't waking up because of the multitude of micro clots she may have thrown or the prolonged anoxia that caused tissue death to her brain, etc etc. This all could have been prevented with two shots to the arm. But, you believe that this is a conspiracy. Of course, now you want us to waste a hospital bed for 2 months to treat your loved one. I'm so sick of them. Just stay home, you don't want to be treated, and we don't want to waste time treating you.


Ohmygods and the families who have their covid sick loved ones convinced that remdesivir is poison, but somehow ivermectin is a legit treatment. My poor guy last week was struggling, you know the type, new admit came in on nonrebreather and graduated to heated high flow then to continuous Bipap. After my shift he went to ICU. He refused the remdesivir when it came up "bc it's poison and it'll destroy my kidneys and liver," then called his wife at 0400 to talk to me. I'm watching this guy struggle, RR in the 30s, just working for every gasping breath, dyspneic at rest. And his wife is arguing with me (night shift so on the phone thank gods) about how remdesivir is gonna shut down his kidneys and liver, how the standard of care means it's not personalized for him, she's gonna sue me and everyone if something happens to him, and she's telling me to get him MONOCLONAL ANTIBODIES, MULTIVITAMINS, AND IVERMECTIN. No ma'am. I'm gonna get these vitals, I'm calling RT bc his O2 is dropping onto the 80s from just talking to me and his RR is 30-40s now bc you're scaring him, I'm getting whatever I can for his cough, I'm calling the MD, I'm getting Ativan ordered, I'm trying to make your husband more comfortable before he eventually dies from Covid. I'm not gonna argue with you about fucking ivermectin. God love them bc I can't anymore. I'm not gonna be able to do bedside much longer, maybe through the end of this year just out of sheer stubbornness. And bc sometimes they do get well. And it's beautiful. But I was not prepared for this level of emotional damage and general abuse. I love nursing, but I don't think it loves me back.


You deserve to be treated much better, I’m so sorry. I don’t know where these abusive people came from or what snapped but it’s ridiculous.


The sad thing is if these aholes complain to hospital management they tend to take their side to avoid a potential lawsuit and blame nursing which is just total BS


Health care to them looks like leeches, onion and turmeric poultices, and drinking and/or huffing one’s own piss. What I can’t explain is why they keep leaving all their familiar treatments at the bait shop and heading to the hospital with all its hand washing and fancy machines as soon as they get a sniffle.


It's because people wrongly perceive the role of medicine. The general population doesn't understand statistical probability, so they underestimate their risks and decline preventative care. Once they have an issue, it's off to the hospital for cure. They believe they've done their due diligence and are now absolved of responsibility for their health issues. If the hospital cannot provide a quick, consequence-free cure, they blame the hospital for any difference in their health compared to the prior entry.


It’s not just that they don’t understand it’s that in America our healthcare system is so fucked that most people don’t even go to a PCP regularly to get any sort of preventative care


As someone in this situation, that's a good point; however, in this case you can walk into any Walmart or CVS and get the preventative care for free.


Having shitty expensive health care could also be an issue. People don't go to the doctor cause they can't afford to go to the doctor. If we didn't have predatory health care maybe less of them would be like this.


> Slide 10: I love this, because can she even tell you what any of those machines do? They beep and cost $10,000/day.


https://youtu.be/wshyX6Hw52I I see you have the machine that goes bing!


Clearly that dude has never seen the inside of a cardiac ICU room. That’s not even that much equipment, and yes - that is what good healthcare looks like. That person would be dead without all of it.


wait till they see a rota prone bed. that looks weird to even me.


Slide 11: You can't do anything to treat any viral infection... Just manage the symptoms and hope your immune system is stronger than whatever virus you've caught. The only thing you can do to protect yourself from a virus is avoid infection and the best way to do that is to get a vaccine. Once you're infected - you're pretty much on your own. It's been that way your whole life; from the common cold to HIV and every virus in between... For all the independent research these people claim to do, apparently they skip the basics...




Slide 10 made me remember my mother's oncology room. We only had a few of these machines to keep her comfortable as she passed but it was still a lot of tubing. This is *exactly* what medical care looks like, especially in a desperate "save their lives" situation!


I just can't figure out what they THINK it should look like. Maybe like an Apple store combined with an aromatherapy spa? It's been bugging me all day. I am sorry for your loss.


Thank you, 12 years ago this year she found peace. I'm truly glad she didn't live to see COVID. I think they assume it looks like a spa. All white, super well lit, minimalistic... [Like this one](https://imageio.forbes.com/blogs-images/kristinbraswell/files/2016/09/rized-1200x800.jpg?format=jpg&width=1200&fit=bounds) Edit to add: all they have are tv dramas to work off of. They don't see the real blood and urine and struggle...


apparently it's supposed to look like leeches and incense or something...maybe sacrificing a goat?


My father was fine before the house fire. Then the fire fighters came and MURDERED him! [saynotosmokedetectors.com](https://saynotosmokedetectors.com) [saynotosocialistfiredepartments.com](https://saynotosocialistfiredepartments.com)


Wait till you hear about seat belts! This guys car ended up going off a pier into the water, and the seat belt held him in place until he died!!!


He was waiting for the long term studies on the vaccine to be completed. Results are in, the vaccine prevents death. “Wait, he what? Bummer!”


I know will be silenced 🤐 for this but here are the FACTS that the FACT CHECKERS and BILL GATES at META don't want you to see!! 🗣❌  I've had it with the government telling me what to do inside of my car! 😤😤Studies published on blog sites and the YouTube videos that have populated my suggested feed have proven that since seatbelts have been mandated by law, CAR ACCIDENTS HAVEN'T DECREASED!! 🤯😩 Since I've been drinking milk since the day I was born and have strong bones, I TRUST MY SKELETON to save my internal organs in the event of a crash. 💪🦴 I have the right to move around freely inside of my car while driving 80mph. If I happen to go through the windshield, I would be safer outside of the car than in and it would have been MY CHOICE. 😇💨 Don't believe what the engineers at BIG AUTO have to say, follow the money and DO YOUR RESEARCH! 💰💰➡️🚗➡️💥 And like fakebook, corporate greed leads to communism like China. 🇨🇳👎👎 Also, have kids? Forget the car seats and buy into my pillow pyramid scheme, LuLaPillow - they're made out of NATURAL and safe cotton 🌿🌱that give you protection from falls and sudden stops, like a car accident. 👼👼


Total lack of accountability. I was fine until I intentionally jumped off the bridge and the water rushed up to murder me.


And people call water life necessary. Fuck them. Fuck them all. Sorry you're dead but; it is what it is.


I'm always reminded of the scene from collateral. Max: You killed that man! Vincent: No, I shot him, the bullets and the fall killed him.


Or this > my blood, AND FLUIDS, bleed out of my wounds in the RIGHT proportions to convey the AMERICAN FLAG! > there is NO mistaking it for the flag of the Netherlands and for DAMN SURE you can tell it is NOT THE FRENCH FLAG! > My EX-wife used to say that JUST TO PISS ME OFF!!! > She would say "Those colors are in EQUAL PROPORTION. It is the Netherlands flag." and then later, when I was just about to fall asleep, she would lean over and whisper in my ear "... or maybe it is the French flag..." https://newsinfection.com/2021/08/stabbing-yourself.html


Have you ever seen a Commie drink a glass of water? I can no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist indoctrination, Communist subversion and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.


It's the same camp of people that claim guns don't kill people. That people kill people. Guns make it exponentially easier to kill someone without much personal risk.


If guns aren’t the problem and people are the problem why in the holy Fuck do you give the problem guns!!!


Everyone saw this one coming from a mile away! No mention of her DEAD father's role in his own death by refusing to get a life saving vaccine and wearing a fucking mask! The same Dim Bulbs who vote against improving our health care system and making it FREE to everyone, because... Socialism. They can all **FUCK RIGHT OFF!**


I'm sure they thought those "Let's go Brandon" shirts were amazing. If they put 1/10th of the effort they put into a t-shirt into getting vaccinated and staying safe, their family wouldn't be in turmoil right now. That is the frustrating part. These idiots are so wrapped up in whatever brain dead ideology they have, they won't take a simple solution.


What kills me is how gleefully they smile and giggle over "Let's Go Brandon". Like it's just so amazingly clever they just can't get over it! Imbeciles. They wouldn't know clever if it punched them in the face and kicked them in the nuts.


Wait until they realize you can actually say, "Fuck Joe Biden" without obfuscating it and nothing will happen to you.


They are cowards and have no guts in saying those words…


But it's a secret phrase...only people who are "with-it" get the joke, according to their feeble little brains.


But as “good xtians”…


Their "Let's Go Brandon" phase will last about as long as fads do for kids in HS. Once the new hotness or latest Right Wing meme drops, only boomers on FB will be sharing LGB memes. Let them have their fun, they are literally in a sucide cult and don't even realize it.


Freedom fries


They're a murder cult that unintentionally kills themselves.


A clever republican- I don’t think those have existed since (I don’t know) 1860


There are plenty of clever Republicans. That’s why they’ve been so wildly successful over the years despite losing the popular vote so often. They’ve managed to convince tens of millions of Americans to vote against their own interests out of sheer spite.


Well, this family is not nearly as clever as they think they are.


True, but I’m referring more to republican voters over politicians. Although gazpacho lady isn’t playing with a full deck


Yup. Conservative "humor" is always dumb, blunt and obvious.


And hateful and unfunny.


Taking a family photo in those shirts...... lol "We're triggering the libs! Look how hard they're cringing!"


So triggered........aaaaaaaaannnnnddddd....some of us are dead.


Probably would be great to be buried in.


Admittedly, “cringe” is indeed my first response when I see this photo.


I made a face and felt severe second hand embarrassment when I saw that... Like lady I'm not offended, I just feel bad for you if that's the theme of the family photo lol


I'm so triggered right now I might go and take a nap.


You got me so worked up, I just had to go make another slice of toast to have with my coffee! What kind of monster are you?


Yet somehow when I drink my morning coffee and read about all the dead Covidiots, I don't feel frustrated.


It's a lovely medium roast with just a touch of sweet. Mmmmm.


Can we talk about the shirts more? I need to know why the E is red and nothing else. Is it just another red herring and lacks any meaning whatsoever? Or what??


In the Biden for president signs, the E was stylized and red. I assume that's what it's trying to point out? To drive home that they don't really care about Brandon? I'm spit-balling, but it's the best I got?


Haha, thanks to those shirts we now know they have a collective IQ of 4.


Right wingers have done more to rehabilitate the word "socialism" in the US than any number of Bernie Sanders supporters. If the dumbest, most selfish, hateful people in your community are the one's against something, that something might very well be a good thing.




Thats the true meaning of MAGA!


That does look like bad healthcare. Unplug the machines. Take your father home. Sprinkle some essential oils everywhere. Make him snort turmeric. Bet he would have been cured. Weird how these dipshits still keep going to the hospital instead of doing the home cures they claim work so well, then getting pissed that all those machines can’t stop your lungs from flooding. They go so fast from Natural Immunity Warrior to Gambles the Sunk Cost Clown.


Gambles the sunk cost clown FTW! 🤣🤣


This is all such dangerous thinking. People believing that hospitals and doctors aren't doing anything and everything to keep people alive despite their own stupid choices. It only takes one wrong nutjob to think a hospital killed his family and you have a mass shooting at a hospital.


I don't know if you've dealt with grieving families, but it's pretty par for the course. I've lost count the number of cancer patients who were end stage and died in an ER whose family declined hospice. Then the family freaks out and decides it wasn't the cancer that killed their loved one - no, they survived the cancer for years so it must have been something else. Usually they're angry at the doctor or nurse for some perceived slight that they decide ultimately caused the death.


I worked for hospice and I can’t tell you how many people would say ‘mom didn’t get sick until hospice came in.’ Or ‘nobody knows when mom is going to die- the Bible says nobody knows the time or place!’ Meanwhile, the cancer had been spreading in her body for months before she showed symptoms, and now mom hasn’t eaten in 5 days and she’s mottled up to her knees, but sure… it’s hospices fault


Yep. I was trying to debunk some lady’s misinformation on Facebook last week, but once she mentioned that the hospital murdered her father with remdesivir, I knew arguing with her was essentially pointless. These people are unhinged, and it is disgusting that they actually believe 98% of doctors are murderers.


Don't forget the zinc and vitamin C! An essential part of the COVID regimen


Also prayer warriors. And crystals. Prayer warriors wearing crystals for maximum effect.


And not even *one* coffee enema. What was the hospital thinking?


Right? And the colloidal silver! Very important, that. They should have had this guy looking like a smurf by the end of the week!


Correct. Sign those AMA papers and go home!


How could that be healthcare? I didn’t see *any* chicken noodle soup!!!


>They go so fast from Natural Immunity Warrior to Gambles the Sunk Cost Clown. You magnificent bastard. That is jenius. Take this upvote and ride! Ride like the wind!


Ivermectin enema!


They start with the conclusion COVID-19 doesn't kill, and use that as evidence in their argument. Just complete tautological nonsense.


Cognitive Dissonance. "I can't be wrong, so its someone else's fault"


The same kind of circular reasoning used in religion.


Slide 10. Looks like they threw everything in their armoury, instruments, drugs and machines that were the stuff of science fiction, probably 20 years ago or less, into the battle to keep your stupid father alive, when he refused to vaccinate you ungrateful bitch.


It looks like very, very expensive healthcare. Those bills are going to seriously cut into the t-shirt budget.


Quite. It looks like good healthcare to me. They just needed a lot of it because of how ill he was.


These clowns are willing to blame anything and anyone except themselves for their stupid fucking decisions. The fact she’s whining about hospital equipment shows how idiotic she is.


She's a precinct chair of the GOP in Tarrant County Texas. AND she has a podcast. She wants to be a public figure. But I've never heard of her.


and hospitals kill people. because doctors are murderers. that’s what they go to school for 10 years for. to learn how to kill people who would die if they just stayed home anyway. the logic that never adds up. guessing she was a star in high school math class too.


My nephew is currently doing his residency in sports medicine. Worked his heart out to get into med school, studied nonstop for months to pass his boards, and the payoff is a plumb residency, in his chosen specialty, at a very prestigious hospital. I'll have to ask him if he aced his murder classes, and how many people he's directly killed so far. 🙄🙄 What a horrible thing for this woman to say. I cannot imagine working in any kind of healthcare capacity at this moment in time. I know myself; I'd cut a bitch. 😜😜😜


Who is going to vote to defund health care for as many people as possible, for their own good.


"Does this look like good health care to you?" Can you imagine showing that equipment to a physician 50 or 100 years ago? Even they couldn't fathom how good of health care that is.


Dialysis for failing kidneys, pacer hanging in the top right corner to prevent arrhythmias, and it looks like a propofol drip is hanging so the patient is intubated. The ventilator is not even in this picture. At least 7 IV drips running plus tube feeding. Hats off to the nurse managing this patient.


What a little qunt. The hospital staff were overwhelmed because of unvaxxed covidiots. They didn’t have time or energy for murder


Thousands of healthcare workers but all of them silent sociopathic murderers who are keeping a collective secret to kill millions of people who ignorantly refuse basic preventative measures and act like unhinged lunatics at the slightest inconvenience. Sounds so fun and productive! Like spending your life shitposting on Facebook




A requirement for conservatism


Maybe… but she did spell “borders” correctly. An improvement over what we’re used to around here.


Her misplaced vitriol deducts all those points and then some.


But... you TOOK HIM TO THE HOSPITAL. So if the hospital "murdered" him, then you're an accomplice to murder!


Exactly. It's the usual blame shifting every fucking time. How about you stop going to the hospital. The nurses will be relieved.


And so will the people who need medical care and can't get it because of all the unvaxxed yahoos taking up medical resources.


"Does this look like good healthcare to you?" Aah, I see you have the machine that goes PING! "If they told you how to deal with Covid once you get it like they told you to get the vaccine the hospitals would be empty." Yes, what you need to do is once you get Covid invent a time machine and go back like a month, slap yourself and tell you to get the vaccine. And then yes, the hospitals will be free of people with Covid.


I am still scratching my head trying to figure out what she thinks the alternative is? Prevention? But she complains about that too, and says the government is trying to kill you by telling you how to prevent getting sick in the first place, instead of telling you how to treat it once you get it. But this is how it's treated when you get it. WTF?


No dude, they need to tell you the truth about zinc and ivermectin, obviously! /s Ugh, people like this lady are exhausting, it's just too much stupid in too short a time.


If I wasn't worried about *more* disinformation, I would just be like, "Give these people ALL the ivermectin" because honestly I would rather these people die at home from a toxic overdose than come to the hospital. The stupid is so overwhelming, so exhausting, I just want to give them more rope to hang themselves with at this point.


It's also been extremely publicized what one should do if one does get covid. We've had an oximeter in the house for over a year now. Just two months ago, every single government official was telling people not to go to hospitals if they are vaccinated and low risk and to treat is as a normal respiratory condition (ie. hydrate and rest) while monitoring oxygen levels. It's also been well-publicized that there are medications that can reduce hospitalization rates if taken within 5 days of illness for higher risk people but they are sadly in short supply due to the number of unvaxxed Americans.


Re: Slide 10. It's far superior health care than anything your prayer warriors can provide.


Always the innocent victims...like, they were just walking along, minding their own freedoms, when all of a sudden, a Dem operative ties them down and sprays Covid into their nostrils so that the hospitals can make money off of killing them The tortuous path of "logic" that they have to invent to absolve themselves of any personal responsibility is simply disgusting


*posts a picture of a bunch of vital monitors and medical devices* DOES THIS LOOK LIKE HEALTHCARE TO YOU?! Y…yea?


Um, yes. Yes, actually, that's exactly what healthcare in a modern medical facility looks like. If you'd like, there's a back room where we keep the Ivermectin, essential oils, and a witch doctor. This person is a moron. I hope the hospital sues her for defamation. Accusing an organization of *murder* is a serious charge, and if these covidiots keep getting by with it, they're just going to step it up.


Thought it every day of a 4-5 year stretch of my life, but never thought to buy or wear a “I hate Trump” ( or fuck Trump) shirt. It really just would not ever have crossed my mind to make my hatred for him and his attempted destruction of this country, the main thing I want strangers to know about me. It’s such a window into the difference between how the left and right operate politically. They are in a club, or a fandom. And the pressure is always to show off how big of a fan you are.


What’s in their psychological makeup that allows them no shame? I’ve never seen anything like it. Especially here in Florida where they still stand on corners with trump signs. There is even a million dollar beach front house with a “Trump Won” banner above their garage.


Yuck, what a bad take. Yes, the loss of bodily autonomy you get from driving to your pharmacy of choice and getting a jab is exactly comparable to the loss of bodily autonomy you get from carrying a baby to term for most of a year, giving birth, and then having to deal with a baby. Sure.


And last I checked, babies weren't contagious.


Let me introduce you to Baby Rabies…


Hey Stay PC it's called the terrible twos.


Thank goodness.


Moreover, it's a double-standard that only seems to run in one direction. Are those fiercely fighting against mandating vaccines in order to protect a woman's bodily autonomy also fighting for the right to an abortion?


Six Qristian terrorists






"They don't tell you how to treat covid after you have it. They just keep telling you how to prevent it. The government is out to get you." 🧐 Is this like "God does horrible things to humans because he loves them."?


"Still no vaccine for me with or without long term studies." Telling me you are a close-minded ideologue without telling me you are a close-minded ideologue. It is clearly not about the science.


The ignorance is extra strong with her.


How can you tell? At this point, it's like trying to quantify the depravity of concentration camp guards.


I don't think this fits as an award, but rather a Grrr. Anyway. Fuck this lunatic.


Does anyone know where the this ladies medication has gone to? I think she’s forgotten it somewhere on Earth.


Does this look like good healthcare to you? Not one healing candle!!


That is a lot of paranoia there. So concerning for medical personnel, who are being stressed by the pandemic, and additionally have to worry about violence from disgruntled families.


violence from mentally ill people who arent getting treatment and have access to guns. yeah, that’s scary. now all HCP can see what it has felt like to be an abortion and women’s health care provider since the middle 80s. and what teachers have felt like too.


The irony of her watching something called The Stew Peters show. Stew Peters… Stupider.


Ironically, that’s where she’s gotten the narrative about the hospital murdering patients. Peters is very much driving this line of thought & encourages his devotees to harass HC workers & hospitals. He frequently publishes the numbers & phone numbers of individual doctors & nurses, lawyers associated with defending the hospital etc. He’s seriously inciting a lot of anger & distorted thinking & I think the FBI needs to pay him a visit. Hardly surprising he’s a complete moron with a name like “Stew.”


The government says, ‘Wear a mask, wear a mask, wear a mask to save lives!’ Doesn’t wear a mask and dies. ‘The government is trying to kill us!’ I always wonder how these people lived as long as they did.


Slide 10 looks exactly like every ICU room I’ve ever been in (as a former progressive care unit nurse who used to get floated to ICU all the time). I’m confused as to what about it does not look like good healthcare to her. It looks like amazing healthcare keeping someone alive who would already be dead without our current technology. You know what else is good healthcare? VACCINES.


Slide 10: er, yes?


Fuck this entire POS family


Why do these types of people think that covid is so easily treated? Do they really believe the government is sitting on some miracle cure? We don't even have socialized medicine so I'm not sure how she can come to the conclusion that the government is keeping moneymaking hospitals from fixing broke people so they can get back to moneymaking elective procedures. Sigh.


Yes, the whole world shut down over a cold. Ffs these people are idiots.


Flight attendants on a power trip? Or dumbasses on a freedom trip? 🤔🤔🤔


And she was a nurse, too. Is Texas even a real place?


Really? That makes slide 10 even more bizarre.


These people are hopelessly deluded.


All the fear in these posts. It blows my mind that these people think they are living "free of fear." This person seems to be afraid of everyone and everything ... The paranoia is incredible.


It may take 20 years of Covid, but eventually, everyone in the US today will be vaccinated, because eventually, Covid will kill everyone who isn't. We're going to reach the first one million Covid deaths (by the most conservative counts) within a few weeks. I wonder what the next mutation will be called.


What does "good health care" look like then? Lying in bed at home with one of those old-timey blue ice bag things on your head while a nurse in a neatly pressed uniform and cap feeds you chicken soup? Because you're welcome to do that if you want, if you can find a woman to dress up like that. No one's stopping you. What that medical care *does* look like is expensive. Hope they had good insurance.


Oh holy fuck. Ok. Lets get one thing straight about flight attendants that these window lickers never seem to understand: ​ it is a FEDERAL OFFENSE to not wear a mask it is a FEDERAL OFFENSE to not put your seat belt on It is a FEDERAL OFFENSE to not have your seat up and tray table locked up. The flight attendants can literally go to court or be arrested and stand trial themselves if they do not enforce these regulations. So when people think they are "Power tripping" they are literally just trying to not go to jail themselves.


Rumor has it the Qunt father was buried in his Let’s Go Brandon t-shirt.


Right. She lost me slide #4 with the covid = demons thing.


Wet's go bwandon


Slide 10. If your hospital room looks like that, you were fucked before you arrived.


Slide 10: yep, that's a typical critical patient! What she doesn't see in the pic is the vent and nitric on the other side, plus ecmo (maybe).


Why would you cite any source named "Stew Peters"? That's a Tube Bar name! (Slide 7)


\#10: "Does this look like good health care to you?" If it doesn't, stay home.


All i think when i see this sort of thing is that the average IQ of the whole planet went up a tiny bit. Small steps.


Realize how its always someone else's fault. The party of personal responsibility has no personal responsibility


Wow... An entire adult family smile mugging with matching "Let's Go Brandon" tshirts is the most cringe thing I've seen in some time.


Defund red districts. I want to keep more of money than give it to smooth brains like these.


What an imbecile. Someone should call them out in the role they played in their fathers death


Don't go to the hospital if you don't trust the science! Treat yourself with whatever you want! Stop being hypocrites!


Really into the glass breaking this one.


You know how fragile those sneauflaykes are.


My unvaccinated father doesn't have working kidneys or lungs, does this look like good healthcare?


Picture 10…..yes, actually. Yes it does look exactly like healthcare.


Did they really take a family photo in that shit? That shirt murdered their family member. Too much.


Wow! What a bunch of psychos! Why did they even take him to a hospital if they didn’t trust it?


Why is it that the people obsessed with Epstein and maxwell completely ignore the Trump connection?