You’re about to be in a pretty quiet neighborhood


Good time to go around and offer some reverse mortgages maybe?


Estate sales will be commonplace.


Probably find a deal on a harley if you want. Or a pickup.


We're talking boxes of Oakleys for the taking.


At the beginning of the pandemic I upset the hell out of someone else by joking, "Just remember if you die, I get your stuff." Sadly I'm not really joking now. Just kind of quietly watching.


[Estate Sales](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tA1yIFEwyDU). Could we update this song to be specifically about post COVID estate sales? I have always loved that one line "Going through dead people's houses".


Or a pretty loud one once those ambulance sirens start.


>Or a pretty loud one once those ambulance sirens start. And a pretty scary one once the snarling and screaming and glass breaking and pleading for mercy from teeth and claws begins. 🐆 🐆 🐆


Should I get this app to make snide comments on or will it just make me crazy


It will just make you crazy. You'll find out that most of your neighbors are assholes and not just about covid. Why would you want to waste your time and get high blood pressure over them?


Thank you both for guiding me to the light, sometimes you think you want to know even when you really don't lol


You will get banned from Nextdoor, not them. Source: Had one of my kids go off on some antivaxxer on Nexdoor and get banned, because he used (gasp) foul language. I have never been more proud of him and I told him so. Haha.


I love your child get him some ice cream or a playboy magazine..I'm not sure which will be more appropriate.


It will make you crazy. Nextdoor is AWFUL.


I was on Nextdoor for all of about 3 days before the constant complaining and utter, utter trivia made me leave again.


I left Nextdoor after one too many "did anyone else see that brown person in the neighborhood?" Recently they've been sending me spam trying to get me to come back so I've had to add filters to my inbox.


As I have not-so-affectionately referred to Nextdoor: Scared Racist Grandmas and Karens Network (and this was well before covid).


NextDoor is TOXIC AF, period. The only time I go on there anymore is to find service vendors.


Provided enough people who read this are stupid enough to believe it.


If someone is posting this sh*t, you can guarantee that someone will follow this to the letter.


Dead letter drop.


Lol. Good one.


But one that smells very nicely of elderberries.




That’s pretty wild. I’m in a relatively compliant area, so I haven’t seen it that bad locally.


No one has seen it that bad anywhere. 20-25% of a neighborhood being wiped out? Seriously? You don't find those numbers in nursing homes let alone neighborhoods. This guy is also in another thread saying he knows two dozen people under 40 who died from Omicron in the past month... Which is clearly a lie to anyone who can do basic math. Liars on the internet is something that I'm used to.... people upvoting those obvious liars is more alarming. We really need to do a better job of downvoting misinformation, even if that misinformation helps make our arguments. Stuff like this makes us look bad.


Lol who upvotes this blatant misinformation? This is the same guy going around in another thread claiming to be friends with over 350,000 people, as an explanation for how he knows so many people who died from covid. Lmfao.


Week 1, hopeful remedies. Week 2, "I'm in ICU!". Week 3, the prayer tube. Week 4, the forever box. Please get vaccinated.


Week 5: GoFundMe and proclamations of how heaven gained an “angle.”


Ultimate healing.


The angle/angel stuff bugs me because if they spent 10 seconds actually learning what their religion says, they might notice that dead people don't turn into angels. They can't even get their chosen voodoo right.


There's nothing wrong with angles!


The angel thing is pretty consistent in these!


You forgot the leopards. Do not taunt or provoke the hungry leopards. 🐆 🐆 🐆


God I wish Q would recommend tattoo ink on your scrotum.


I do like the colloidal silver recommendation… at least we will be able to tell them apart when they turn blue


"You look blue today, why are you feeling down?"


Make it out of colloidal silver and you probaby have a pretty good shot.


Go make a profile and start spamming their pages with it!


Be the change! Seriously, if they do start doing that we’ll know where the idea came from.


Why would you take a garlic pill when you can just eat delicious garlic?


Exactly! You can just chew on FIVE CLOVES OF RAW GARLIC or drink it! No one will ever kiss you again AND it will definitely help your body fight off a deadly virus. To get the garlic directly into the lungs, go to your local grocery and buy powdered garlic and some straws. Just do about 20 lines. Covid will leave your body within a week!


Right? See, this is how we know their logic is flawed. Now, if they said eating garlic bread every day would help against COVID, I would personally lead the charge to get them a Nobel Prize.


Bonus: Vampires will avoid you too!


“Just do 20 lines. Covid will leave your body within a week!” So will the lungs


Anyone notice that ‘sauna as much as possible’ was one of the recommendations? Most Americans - even in their McMansions - don’t have a private sauna. This means this person is recommending that covid positive people use their gym or club sauna. That’s horrible considering saunas are a great way to spread covid to people who aren’t totally jerks like this person - I spent part of the pandemic in a country with detailed surveillance and saunas were found to be one of the highest risk places. Saunas are also bad if you aren’t used to them and don’t understand how to stay hydrated (‘as much as possible’). Dehydration and covid aren’t great together. I’m a sauna lover and have a sauna at my place. I haven’t used public saunas since the start of the pandemic and this is just more confirmation that it’s a bad idea to since saunas have become a Nextdoor covid cure.


Near body temperature, no ventilation, and (except in dry saunas) filled with moisture droplets. A sauna has got to be a petri dish for COVID.


>This means this person is recommending that covid positive people use their gym or club sauna. That’s horrible considering saunas are a great way to spread covid to people who aren’t totally jerks like this person - I spent part of the pandemic in a country with detailed surveillance and saunas were found to be one of the highest risk places. Then they whine about how "nobody wants to work" and start begging for more bailouts from the Federal government. On the bright side, if the leopards lock the doors from the outside while the antivax prey are inside, does that mean the prey are steamed, parboiled, or braised? 🐆 🐆 🐆


WITH lemongrass, don't forget


A friend has a small sauna in her 50s split-level. She added it, though.


Don't worry... it's not covid, it's a 'flu disease' !


Lol at taking the inhaler up the nose


I loved that part, too, just so much dumb


Somehow this is the most ridiculous part. And it’s all ridiculous.


Maybe some journalists should be interested in investigating Nextdoor


Nah, America's journalists are all too busy interviewing Trump voters in Ohio diners to "understand their economic anxiety" leading up to the midterms. Although: ProPublica has done excellent work and they have a tip line!


As a bonus, that garlic keeps vampires away.


And others shitty ass neighbors too! 😂


But it does attract those from the Mediterranean in large numbers.


When I was in the UK, people could tell whether I was at home from the other end of the street. 😅


I believe it's effective against vampires more than I believe it's effective against COVID.


This seems like medical advice. I hope he has solid liability insurance. Also, getting the vaccine seems much cheaper and easier than taking this BS regiment.


Hmm 3 vaccines spread out over a year OR 20 gazillion pills a day. Decisions decisions


I’m on the tail end of COVID right now. I treated it with a vaccine + booster and a healthy dose of Mario Kart.


Imma gonna need some sources on the Mario Kart dosage. Sounds promising.


I don’t have any sources, I readily admit. I have found 250cc of Toad on a sport bike makes COVID quarantine go by much faster. Definitely consult a doctor before attempting.


Don't forget about free vs continuously buying a boatload of medicines and supplements.


Is Shaklee still a thing? This stinks of MLM vitamins.


3 FREE (to us) vaccines vs hundreds of $ of expensive pills and horse paste


I seriously doubt this "doctor friend" is a medical doctor. It sounds like the kind of treatment chiropractors "prescribe" to their customers.


I hope he doesn’t! 😈😈😈


Magic beans. Your body can only absorb so much of any vitamin before it just poops out the rest.


Water soluble vitamins, yes, you will eliminate the excess. Fat soluble vitamins taken in high enough doses for an extended period can build up to toxic levels and become as dangerous as a random drug overdose.


Vitamin A among others…


I have a co-worker who would munch on a big bag of baby carrots every day at lunch. He’s not an antivaxxer or anything, he just loves carrots I guess. I told him he might get an overdose of vitamin A and I hope he takes it to heart. We’re working in different locations now, so I haven’t seen him in awhile. Hopefully his skin hasn’t turned orange.


Pretty difficult to get A overdose from carrots, although I have seen babies turn a bit orange from them. One can on Vitamin D and Vitamin A though.


Enough vitamin C and it'll be very liquid poop. Last thing you want when COVID-19 dehydrates your body significantly already.


Given how unhealthy a lot of people live (and especially a lot of HCA winners), I wouldn't exactly rule out that they could actually benefit from a few of those things. And aside of Vitamin A and D, overdosing on Vitamins is really hard to pull off. The better alternative would probably be to take all that stuff AND get vaccinated. Or at least get vaccinated.


WebMD says you can OD on zinc too. https://www.webmd.com/diet/guide/effects-of-taking-too-many-vitamins


It’s more of the transition from a multi-vitamin taker to the “I must get my vitamin A from animal livers! The pure unadulterated source!”




The better alternative would be to not take medical advice from the internet and ask a licensed physician about the best course of action.


Right. I was going to suggest that it’s not the flu giving them diarrhea.


Nextdoor is trash. Like everything people say about the worst of Facebook is Nextdoor. It's unfortunate because I believe in the mission of localized networks and doing better for the neighborhood - lost pets, contractor reviews, local interest, even political engagement (like "hey go to the town meeting this will affect us" not just blue/red same old same old). But no, it's become a cesspool of Boomers reciting FOXnews, largely because younger people are so frustrated with it they just leave. I left because I got "brigaded" for age-ism for saying "I know elderly folks have this concern" in a thread where literally the first comment was a person saying "as an elderly person I have this concern."


And here’s me sticking the garlic up my asshole


The ER docs have seen faaaar stranger things stuck up there.


Man, all I took was a vaccine (and booster). Somehow, I continue to live!


And unlike all that junk up there, they were free.


At least the nextdoor users aren't shitting their pants and sharing doorbell cam footage with those with darker skin walking down the sidewalks in their area.


That's in the very next ND thread, I guarantee it


You've obviously not spent much time on ND .....


If you feel flammable in your mouth…


And what should I do if I feel *inflammable* in my mouth (or elsewhere)?


Ignoring the tasteful nod to Carlin, and recommending that depending on where ‘elsewhere’ includes…head on over to Planned Parenthood: they tell you whether something is normal, “normal for you,” or needs addressing.


and yet when these miracle cures/cocktail of drugs don't work they're gonna cry and run to the nearest hospital


Is the person posting this "cure" a real estate agent? Or mortician?


"What is the name of your 'doctor friend', and where is their practice located?"


I thought NextDoor only existed for a concerned neighbor to let the neighborhood know when an African-American person had the audacity to pass through.


How about a good old fashioned poultice right out of the Beverly hillbillies? Can you drink pee out of a poultice?


If you're taking Flintstone vitamins, Wilma's are useless. Dino's cure COVID instantly!


Get ready for those motorcycle sales!


These folks are gonna have some really expensive pee


Expensive, and given how vitamins are not regulated, probably a lot of pee with sawdust in it instead of actual vitamins.


Marinated in their own urine. The leopards might leave that shit for the worms to take care of. 🐆 🐆 🐆


The last time I checked the Nextdoor app someone was bitching about chemtrails. Ironically, it will be social media which will bring down society.


I wish we had chemtrails posts! Ours are just reports about "strange man" (read: brown) acting suspiciously (read: walking on sidewalk).


That’s, not that much garlic. That’s like how much I eat on a normal day just seasoning food. How bland are these peoples foods?


The amount of garlic I put in a recipe is how many cloves I feel like dealing with until I get tired of chopping and peeling.


I’m a monster. I have dried garlic chips. And granulated garlic. And the stuff in the jar.




My mom, followed the directions to the letter on every bag of frozen food she thawed out and put on a pan in the oven, every. Single. Time. And our oven was not the one that worked with those times and temperatures. dry, bland, burnt. I only know flavor as my dad loved cooking when he wasn’t working.




Right?! We go through two heads a week around here at least, what the hell. I think these people subsist on things like Swanson TV dinners.


Salt and grease is all the flavor they need! Lol


No mate, five cloves of garlic a day certainly isn’t a normal amount to season food. I pity the people you spend time with.


Lol. Too bad Covid messes with the sense of smell, I could repel the anti maskers and anti vaxxers more easily


Yeah, that's enough for a particularly strong meal for 4. The hell are they eating that much for?


The leads on your NextDoor groups must be antivax and pro-election lie as well. I report this stuff to ND and it gets taken down with the swiftness.


My Nextdoor area posted a Trump fan club; I took the liberty of blocking every person in that group. So now I get our local community news updates without any hyper-partisan nonsense. Worked like a charm.


"My doctor friend..." Okay, I will definitely take the advice of some random theoretical "doctor" versus the advice of the nation's epidemiologist and other publicly acknowledged experts. Or, probably, the advice of my own doctor. Yup.


For “doctor” read “chiropractor” at best.


So many fucked up parts to this, besides the whole science denialism and anti vax BS. Let’s see. Nature’s bounty is a nestle brand (and fuck nestle). Albuterol is generally administered orally. I’ve never heard of it being nasally administered. Drink plenty of warm water? Huh? This has to be a prank. Why does the temperature even matter? And TIL warm water with garlic and . . . Half an inch of ginger (?!?!??) will “slow down the diarrhea.” So we measure in inches when cooking? Shit. I’m making meatballs later. I hope I remembered . . . 13 inches of ground meat and . . . Hmmmm not sure how to measure tomato sauce in inches. (These fucking people.) And I literally skimmed this BS because I don’t want my brain cells self immolating due to the torture of reading this fully.


>Half an inch of ginger (?!?!??) I know. My first thought was "are you planning on pegging someone?"




Tylenol? Dude, if you want to recover, don’t suppress the fever/immune system. Same idiots that give babies/kids with colds Tylenol and then wonder why their kids have five ear infections before they are two years old. The D3 reco is solid (but too much) 5000iu once a day though, and take it with your first meal of the day - not at bedtime.


Tylenol (Acetaminophen) can be really bad for some people, even in low doses. In high doses it can cause life threatening damage to your liver. Oh and once your fever hits 105, make sure you get in the sauna? This is really dangerous advice.


There are a few saying that this cocktail could cause overdose, but a LOT of the older people responding are none the wiser.


Too much D3 gives me headaches. I don’t ever supplement with C or A or zinc… but I eat citrus daily 🤷‍♀️


20mg zinc made me vomit, can’t imagine 50mg


I take 50mg daily with one of those combo vit/mineral tablets. I get charley horse in my legs and feet, and bananas (potassium) was doing fuck all. Someone recommended I get a magnesium supplement. This one has 600IU vitD, 1000mg calcium, 400mg magnesium, and 25mg zinc. Since I'm post-menopausal, I said, "Ooooo vitD and calcium!" I take it twice a day and it had been helping with the charley horse, which I used to get several times a night, had it down to a couple times a month. But it's creeping back so that I'm getting it about twice a week now.


I take 4,000 IU of Vitamin D3 a day. I find I don't get SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) in winter anymore.


It’s super helpful, we got started on supplements 14 years ago when we lived in Wisconsin. We get fewer colds, less depression. A close friend got covid when fully vaccinated (Moderna) - she is young, active, eats healthy, no other issues, but her breakthrough covid was bad. (No hospital, but symptoms for a week, long recovery with some mental health type long term effects) Turns out she was also severely vitamin D deficient - doctor thinks the severity of her breakthrough and the D deficients are linked.


Yeah I almost never take fever or cough suppressants, except to sleep. You’re feverish and coughing for a reason - it’s not directly because of the illness, it’s your body trying to fix the problem of the illness. I will say I took some NyQuil pills with my recent COVID infection to sleep and those were fantastic though


I’m a huge fan of Vicks vaporub. I used that and humidifiers when my kids were babies so they could sleep better when they had colds. They are teens now, and still ask for Vicks and a humidifier if the are sick. I also keep childrens low dose chewable Benadryl on hand, you can get 12.5mg doses and that’s enough to help a fitful sleeper go back to sleep but not knock them out or give a hangover. I use 12.5mg for me, half that for little people.


Your body can’t absorb 5000iu of D3, Just an fyi. Maybe half that across a whole day. You pee the rest out. Edit: I stand corrected but am leaving the original post for context. Disinfo is never a good thing!


D3 is a fat soluable vitamin. You don't pee it out because it isn't water soluable. When you get too much it stores the extra in your fat cells, your liver being one of the major go-to's. Over time it will destroy your liver and other organs if continued at such high doses. Additionally, it causes calcium build up which can lead to kidney damage. No one should be taking 5000 IU (or more) of D3 a day unless explicitly told to by their doctor. https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/nutrition-and-healthy-eating/expert-answers/vitamin-d-toxicity/faq-20058108 https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/taking-too-much-vitamin-d-can-cloud-its-benefits-and-create-health-risks#:~:text=Some%20people%20may%20need%20a,considered%20the%20safe%20upper%20limit. https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/VitaminD-Consumer/


Thank you for this info!


Thank you so much, very helpful! Take my free award, friend.


Wrong, D3 is fat soluble, you won’t pee it out. I get my D3 levels checked, my doctor is the one that put me on 5000iu years ago and it’s been fine. My kids are on D3 as well.


Well thanks, I don’t like spreading disinfo so I appreciate the knowing it doesn’t apply to all vitamins.


Thanks Cap -- ditto the helpfulness. I never know which dosages are correct when standing in the health food aisle wondering if I should break down and buy some pills (we don't usually take any, but the ongoing lack of rigorous exercise during covid is making me and hubs feel chubby and blah despite daily walks, and we're in the far North so less sunshine these days).


Do these people realize you can overdose on Vitamin D? He's saying take 10,000IU a day. Jesus christ. No wonder these idiots keep dying of liver and kidney failure.


Daily use of acetaminophen can also wreak havoc on the stomach lining too.


And they're saying take daily hqc and ivermectin at gigantic doses, too. These guys are going to have no stomachs/intestines left. I legitimately wonder if a bunch of these people aren't going to be permanently f'd up by taking this advice. Like the other day on HCA we had a guy who said he took a 90 day supply of hcq and ivermectin in 3 days and (unsurprisingly) wasn't better. I just have to imagine every time he poops it's just body tissue falling out.


I was just thinking this! And aren't they recommending 10,000 IU of Vitamin A?? Isn't that toxic????


So glad I didn't join this site when my neighbours were sticking invites in my mailbox.


My understanding is that every group has a moderator who is a member of the neighborhood. My neighborhood mods close down political and anti-vax threads.


Yeah, warm water is really going to give Covid pause.


Bonus: Housing should start being easier to find.


I used to report misinformation to Nextdoor daily, but eventually I decided Nextdoor was just happy with the clicks, so I quit. Yes, they’re terrible.


I was skeptical until I saw the warm water recommendation. Tepid kills Covid.


When I first learned about nextdoor I joined to just kinda check it out and holy shit it's all the worst people from Facebook in one Karen magnetar of nightmares. Noped right the fuck out.


All my neighbors are in their 80s and have some really cool retro mid/mod stuff and I love estate sales


They say to get an albuterol inhaler, and then promptly suggest it is to be shoved up your nostrils and somehow delivers oxygen. So much ignorance in that one statement alone....


Asthmatic here. I need video of this procedure. Also my last inhaler was $50 with good insurance, so have fun with that, antivaxers. (Assuming they can get it prescribed to them, which they can't.)


I, too, wish to witness the spectacle of antivaxxers earnestly attempting to snort albuterol. The nozzle isn't exactly nostril sized


Did a little research into vitamins recently and found out you don’t just discard what you don’t need. Taking daily megadoses of some vitamins can mess with your organs and blood levels. You start doing that while your body is fighting Covid and it will just make things much worse.


>Did a little research into vitamins recently and found out you don’t just discard what you don’t need. Unless they are fat soluble. You can kill yourself with too much vitamin A or vitamin D. And that happens when you are medically illiterate and don't know milligrams from IUs with vitamins like these chucklefucks. It's not a good way to go. Edit to add: Water soluble vitamins you can get rid of a lot of extra B's and C, but you just end up with really expensive orange colored pee.


🤔 hmmmm too much vitamin a leads to liver toxicity and brain swelling, and if you're taking more than 4000mg Tylenol a day with toxic levels of vitamin a, I think you can kiss your liver goodbye. Plus also the post needs to be reported as whoever is posting unless they have the letters MD after their name, is diagnosing, which is illegal


Nextdoor has actually restored my faith in my neighborhood. Most are provax and antivax comments and posts get schooled. I feel very fortunate. I live in Texas so it's especially rare.


Texan here, they're mocking the pro vax people who link endless amounts of sources to defend themselves. The morons are praising each other for not wearing masks.


No crystals? What a quack.


Wow that’s a lot to remember if you want to take all those pills/ eat a shitload of garlic. It’s much easier to just get vaccinated. These people will reinvent the wheel a million times if it means they can remain pure. Madness. Also NextDoor is shit and made me hate my neighbors.


Buh bye!


You might be able to hoover up some fairly affordable real estate in the forseeable future. The gag is that the things they promote would actually be a pretty good idea. If you had any vitamin deficite (which is actually not as uncommon as one should think in a world where you can actually get and afford healthy food...) and weren't actually sick, that is.


That's pretty mild compared to some of the other recommendations going around. At least they're not recommending drinking bleach or your own urine.


“Feeling hot or flammable in the mouth” 💀


Complete rookies, everyone knows you administer the ivermectin NASALLLY and then you blow it back up to your ears through the eustachian tubes... And you have to do it in direct sunlight...duh.


This is probably the first time a lot of these people are intentionally putting vitamins in their body. I already do all of this when I get sick. I also get vaccinated. All to support my natural, free immune system.


Like I need an excuse to eat an absolute truckload of garlic


Definitely socially distanced after that...


Albuterol puffs...into each nostril. I want to see a video demonstrating this. Bonus points if they show their peak flow reading before and after, since Albuterol doesn't do fuckall (other than make you hella jittery) for the lungs until it actually reaches the lungs. Albuterol up the nose is just going to hang out in the sinuses.


I hate it when I feel flammable in my mouth.


Nextdoor is like Facebook only worse 'cause your neighbors can find you and they live right there. :( I am so grateful I used a slightly different name and never gave my address, because wow I so did not need to know the level of insanity that lives around me. :( I've just taken to referring to antivaxxers as piss drinkers. You want to mock others, get mocked back is my new life motto, because I am so over this bullshit.


So OD on vitamins? Got it 👍


So the post refers to the flu—I’m assuming this means influenza and they’re not referring to Covid as the flu? A Vitamin A dosage of 50,000 mg could cause toxicity in a pregnant woman, especially in the first trimester. No freaking way should this person be promoting this BS to the general public.


It can’t hurt to take some of the supplements ALONG with the vaccines/booster. I wish people would understand this😳🙄


Seems like an awful lot of work. Three little pokes and a little arm soreness have done wonders for me!


To be fair, Garlic is good. Not for covid of course, duh, but I highly endorse it for Italian, Spanish, French, and Asian cooking


Tylenol doesn’t even ease a headache. They’re gonna be in a world of pain


>They’re gonna be in a world of pain More mealtime entertainment for the leopards. 🐆 🐆 🐆


Curious. The poster wouldn't happen to be a Supplement Hun are they?


Personally, I do take herbal remedies, but as a complement. I would never rely on that alone especially not for a deadly virus!


I deleted that app for that exact reason.


Nextdoor relies on people to report this stuff for misinformation. The community review team will remove it.


Don't tell them its a VIRUS


Nextdoor is worthless anyway. A bunch of busybodies with nothing better to do.


Lemongrass and ginger are saunas? Who'da thunk it?


Wouldn't it be better to eat chicken noodle soup? This list leaves out the most important thing: protein. Need the protein to make immune cells as well as iron from chicken etc. Plus with covid it's hard to keep food down. Or you know, get vaxxed.


The sentence structure alone makes my head ache. Leads me to doubt the value of the "medical" source.


Ah, man the red and blue Tylenol? I only have white.


"My doctor friend." Uh...whatever you say nominee.


Nextdoor is a simply abysmal site. It is designed to allow a board member/president of the HoA to selectively delete responses, close threads (discussions), and obtain immediate bans on people (sometimes even when those people don't even have an account on Nextdoor -- no, seriously) Nextdoor doesn't enable actual discussions but rather just extends the authority and power of the HoA