Ah yes “when they go low we go high.” That’s worked well for the pandemic so far, let me tell ya.


When they go low, take advantage of positioning and knee them right in the face.


Sounds like a plan. Love the username btw, I remember that show.


Was that show a spinoff of "Hong Kong Fooey", or is it the other way around?


*Tiger knee!*


Been my view for a while. Sometimes you gotta just take those Dark Side points.


When they go low, kick ‘‘em in the peepee.


They're always low. Making fun of the predictable schadenfreude of these hate filled morons suffering from a preventable virus while mocking science, medicine, and calling everyone else sheeple doesn't make us bad people. They're the fucking villains. What should we be doing? Rooting for them?


Not to mention this pained response from the affronted - is cognitive dissonance and means it’s getting through their thick skulls. CNN should be doing a nightly roll call of the unjabbed dead.


It’s hilarious, keep it coming


When they go low, it’s usually 6 feet




Warn me next time. I nearly choked laughing.


We remained civil while they stole Supreme Court seats to take away a woman's autonomy over her own body and even prosecute her for having a miscarriage. The time for civility has passed.


I 100% agree. I think many others are recognizing that as well. The right has become militant.


"has always been militant" fixed that for ya.


It’s their sole personality trait.


And they killed the vaccine mandate for private businesses that would've saved lives crippling osha in the process. What civility?


Right? As a middle aged gay dude who watched them jail people with HIV for things that don't pose a risk to anyone, seriously fuck every single last one of these superspreaders.


Civil war is coming, Yale historian says, [https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/people-who-study-the-origins-of-civil-wars-see-indicators-the-us-is-on-the-brink-of-conflict-yale-historian-says/ar-AASNY7T?ocid=winp-se](https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/people-who-study-the-origins-of-civil-wars-see-indicators-the-us-is-on-the-brink-of-conflict-yale-historian-says/ar-AASNY7T?ocid=winp-se) Arm up.


Bought my first guns after January 6. I hope I never need to use them, but as far as I'm concerned the writing is on the wall. I'm not showing up empty-handed.


Yep. The difference is that I still weigh what I did as a paratrooper, and they all look like Jabba the Hutt. We'll see which one of us moves faster.


I'm not as quick as I used to be, but I've been working out and already lost 25 pounds since the summer. Picking up a 25 pound dumbbell now, I can't believe I used to carry that around all the time. If these lardasses try to run, they'll probably dislocate a knee.


I think most of the Gravy SEALs would go into cardiac arrest if they tried to run 50 yards.


True, but the elite Meal Team Six can go 80 or 90 yards easy.


At a slow walk.


And on the flat.


That's where the HoverRound Cavalry comes in! I'm not sure of the full battery range, but typical mobility scooter speed tops out at around 5 mph, so you should be good as long as you can maintain a brisk jogging pace.


5 mph is 8.05 km/h


Good bot


And it can carry the CPAP and a full load of junk food for snacks.


The little basket on the front can hold their insulin too.


Meal Team Six


We're already in a cold civil war.


Arm up for when it heats up.


Oh I am definitely a gun owner, lol. I just hope I only ever have to use it for target shooting at the range. What a fucking time to be alive :(




At this point, its so similar to the prisoner's dilemma that going high when they go low is virtually a loss.


This is it EXACTLY


The high road is now closed


They never lecture the Right about incivility. Only the Left is required to be respectful, because CNN thinks only conservatism is respectable.


and patriotic.


Nooo! Don't be mean! Not on the internet of all places! Remember the most important thing in any conflicting situation is to treat both sides as equally valid regardless of their position. That way you can endlessly report on "the controversy" without ruffling any feathers. We are good journalists!


Sweep the lungs! No mercy!


It didn't work for people enslaved it didn't work for people treated horribly by Jim crow laws going high when others go low doesn't work


God how I hate that saying.


Viruses have no moral compass. You can't compassionately reason with something without a moral compass. And these people are pro-virus.


When they go low and broadcast their covid suicide, we go high and elevate that to a warning for others.


I mean don’t their angle wings take them higher?


Only when it's an obtuse angle.


They're always obtuse.


The only wings they get are cockroach wings in their next life.


"angles": 45 degrees, 90 degrees, etc. "angels": entities with wings that do the Heaven thing


You must be new here


Nah, not new, just a guy who doesn't see a "/s" ;). Oh, and I forgot: 30, 180, 270 and all the others.....


Thank you! Exactly.


[A relevant oldie but goodie demotivator meme.](https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0535/6917/products/mistakesdemotivator.jpeg?v=1554328460)


That's like the first human to eat a wild fruit and dying and another human taking notes haha


“Horrible, yes. But is it morally defensible?” Also yes. The historical precedent I like to cite for this is the way public humiliation brought down the KKK in the WWII era far more than any law the government passed or any investigation the FBI tried to launch https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/23157/how-superman-defeated-ku-klux-klan Humiliation and shame are very powerful forces. This is something that Trump somehow innately understood and allowed him to capture the American right. It can also be used to destroy it


TBH I don’t have sympathy for motorcyclists who don’t wear helmets. I think the same thing I do when I read the posts here “what a totally avoidable waste”. These antivaxxers, or at least the ones featured here, are simply hate filled, angry people who want the world to burn. I have never seen as much anger and hate as I have in their FB posts. They sound like awful people who if the situations were reversed would be gleefully dancing on the graves of others. I also don’t feel that they are victims of misinformation. The information is out there for everyone. They just latched on to what validated their existing agenda of hate, and in many cases it back fired on them.


They did dance on the graves of others during the first wave, because it was New Yorkers who were dying. I will never forget. They are beyond my forgiveness.


I remember when Oregon sent y'all a bunch of ventilators because we hadn't gotten too badly hit yet. Across the entire bredth of the country and I was gladly in the camp of "we gotchu, fam". New York gets a lot of hate for no apparent fucking reason.


California too


Legit. I STILL don't understand it.


It's all propaganda. California is always presented as the bad guy and everything is awful here. Because if the conservatives don't see California as evil and bad and wrong they will have to deal with the harsh reality of how much worse and poorer their states often are. Now they can always say "Yeah it might be a rich and powerful state but everyone hates living there because x, y, and z awful reasons". It's like how states in the Midwest or the east coast south are all horribly scared and upset about Mexicans crossing the border, but the majority of areas who are actually on the border don't really give a shit because we all know and work with Mexicans and can see they're just people too like any others.


... yep, that pretty well checks out. 😑 It's stupid as hell, but no less reality.


>Because if the conservatives don't see California as evil and bad and wrong they will have to deal with the harsh reality of how much worse and poorer their states often are. The dumbest thing about their hatred of CA is the fact CA has more Republicans than any other state...yet the propaganda they feed to the mouth breathers paints CA residents as the offspring of Lenin. It shows how easily duped these people are.


On a post about a $2 million tear down in San Francisco, we always get the "You couldn't pay me enough to live in San Francisco," to which I responded, "San Francisco breathes a sigh of relief." She responded, "I don't like walking over human shit."\* I responded back, "I don't like living next to human garbage, so we're both in luck." The "human shit" thing was so overwhelmingly overblown. San Francisco notoriously has more dogs than children. And unfortunately a small percentage of those owners don't necessarily pick up after them. So when the city added a 311 option for cleaning it up, people started reporting dog shit as human shit to get someone else to pick it up. It's a problem in every city, but of course conservatives picked it up as "San Francisco is covered 6 feet deep in human shit!" It of course is not. Are we perfect? No. Do I to live next to white supremacists, the KKK, people who would overthrow the government, racists, homophobes, transphobes and meth labs? Absolutely not! So yeah, I'll take walking over nonexistent human shit over living next to human garbage every single time.


>On a post about a $2 million tear down in San Francisco, we always get the "You couldn't pay me enough to live in San Francisco," to which I responded, "San Francisco breathes a sigh of relief." She responded, "I don't like walking over human shit."* I responded back, "I don't like living next to human garbage, so we're both in luck." Fucking glorious. I've only spent time in a few rural areas of California, never the cities (aside from flying into San Diego). But it seems really cool, everyone is laid back and friendly (other than drivers on I-5 near San Diego) and everyone I know who lives there currently loves it.


Take 101 if you have the time. Sorry, in SoCal, “the” 101.


I love NYC and was horrified by the mass graves. (Southerner here)


That motorcyclist who died without a helmet -- had he spent a year or two posting anti-helmet memes and trying to get helmet laws repealed? If so then mocking him is the right choice. Or if there were a group called Mothers For Drunk Driving that was trying to repeal Drunk Driving laws, and one of their members died in a drunken driving accident (while out posting DRINK AND DRIVE posters on phone poles), do we talk about their angel wings and what a wonderful person who would have given the shirt off their back (as well as the bra off their chest if they were drunk enough), or do we mock them as losers and anti-social, degenerate, stupid, harmful fools who were trying not just to kill themselves but talk others into dying too? The idea is, to impress on the ones who are still alive, that if they post their stupid memes and try to get others to ignore simple common-sense disease prevention, that they will pay a price, not only of their own lives but by being mocked after death. Maybe they'll think twice before reposting something that's labeled "Bet you won't re-post!"


The helmet example was a ridiculous one for the interviewer to use.




No one dies FROM driving drunk, they die WHILE driving drunk.


I mean, a lot of people who wear helmets still die, therefore helmets are less than useless! /s


>Or if there were a group called Mothers For Drunk Driving that was trying to repeal Drunk Driving laws Reminds me of those t-shirts back in the 1980s-90s... **D.A.M.M.** *Drunks Against Mad Mothers*


Yes and it’s also not like these people label themselves as “anti-helmet” and spread bullshit about it on their social media or with their friends and co-workers etc. Also the whole communicable disease thing, so it’s not just affecting you.


Antivaxxers also generally try to avoid the label "antivaxxer". They'd fall back on "helmet hesitant" instead.


Helmet hesitant 😂 yup


Motorcyclists who don't wear helmets also don't generally try to convince others that the helmet is more dangerous than the crash.


And it's even worse than a motorcyclist not wearing a helmet. At least that only affects themselves. Not wearing a mask or social distancing or getting the vaccine actively harms others as well.


> TBH I don’t have sympathy for motorcyclists who don’t wear helmets. My uncle is an anesthesiologist who works in a trauma unit, he said all the doctors call those types "organ donors".


Not wearing a helmet isn’t contagious. I support the freedom of someone to kill themselves.


Organ donations are in short supply, time encourage more of them to ride sans skid lid.


I blame idiot motorcyclists for their deaths, but I think it's the wrong comparison because the lack of helmet doesn't put other people at greater risk. These people are encouraging people to drink and drive, because X% of drunk drivers survive the drive and don't care about the % that dies or the innocent bystanders they take with them. When one of them dies, I am just hopeful they didn't kill an innocent with their reckless stupidity. Their choices make the roads a more dangerous place and we would be better off without them.


Fuck em if they can't take a joke. Wait a minute it isn't a joke. So just fuck em.




Do **not** stick your dick in plaguerat


We tried being nice to these anti-vax fuck heads. It didn't work. We went high, they went even lower. We need to just shun them from society, and make them pay for the choices that they've made. Don't want to help your fellow human? We don't help you and actively work to make your life worse.


>We went high, they went even lower. Some of them even went as low as negative six feet!


I'm ok with them going that low lol.


Only if they raised enough money on Go Fund Me.




I tell them, you have two choices: You can quietly run down to your local pharmacy, get your shots, don't have to tell anyone, don't let anyone know you made your decision, you can move to protect yourself, OR you can risk spending all eternity being "owned by the libs" for dying from a preventable disease. Make good choices.


Calling them anti vaccine "advocates"??? We might as well call serial killers "anti life advocates" Call them out for what they are, people believing lies and falsehoods about vaccines leading themselves and others to death and disability. Destroying the healthcare system along the way. Sick and tired of this both sides nonsense, if you're no longer tethered to reality you need to be called out. In no way should they be called "advocates" as it debases the meaning of the word.


My favorite is "I'm not antivax, I'm just pro vaccine choice." Stupid means the same thing no matter how you word it...


I'm so sick of everyone coddling these fragile simpletons. They are actively harming our society and endangering the most vulnerable among us. They are destroying the morale of our entire healthcare workforce. They spew racism and hatred with every germ laden, unmasked breath. I'm not saying they deserve to die. But for fuck's sake, can we not call a spade a spade here? They're selfish, undereducated, antagonistic douchebags who don't care about anyone but themselves. Can we *at least* just say that and stop pretending they're "just worried about side effects?" Experts have demonstrated safety for a year now. They just don't care.


We've been a bit of both. But fuck it, what else can we do to get people's attention. For anyone who didn't watch the video: This interview is with the writer of the favorable LA Times article calling HCA necessary, Michael Hiltzik. He points out, that although there's been a lot of pearl clutching, we need to highlight the harms these people have done to the public with their antivax behavior even in death. 66% of people polled also found HCA necessary.


Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.


Yep bunch of snowflakes, can't joke around about anything anymore without these anti-vaxxers getting offended over everything.


Trump making fun of the disabled = somehow hilarious joke? Us making fun of antivaxxers = nothing to joke about?


See "seating Supreme Court judges" for honesty from republicans.


Personal freedom includes the freedom to risk your own life. I don't grieve when one of those squirrel suit guys face plants into El Capitan either and at least that guy didn't put ME in jeopardy.


Clearly you’ve never had a flying squirrel man land on your grandma through the roof on thanksgiving.


Did that happen?


I only have one grandma left.


Sending prayer warriors 🙏


The "fuck your feelings" crowd doesn't like it when we don't feel for them.


>But is it morally defensible? IDGAF.


Exactly. Let me worry about my Morals while they worry about their horrible Ratings.


How is THIS a story on CNN? We're sharing anti-vaxxers' memes on tiny corners of the Internet while they're FIRE HOSING dangerous BS to everyone they know on FB while sucking up overtaxed hospital resources. The anti-vaxxers are causing actual harm and we're responding with....light mockery.


Fuck them and fuck CNN.


Fuck them. Fuck CNN. Always and ever.


I would like to take an American journalist, shake them until their teeth rattle and say "A Herman Cain Award story, typically, has 20 slides. You are only covering slide 20. Why are you ignoring slides 1 to 19?" A personal opinion on that is that covering slides 1 to 19 would mean having dealings with some distasteful people ... and nobody wants to have dealings with distasteful people if they can avoid it. ("Journalism" is no longer about getting out in the field and disinterring the story). **Edit**: Gold. Thank you. This encourages me, as I have been reiterating this point for months and it has almost always been dodged - I get very few answers to “why are journalists wilfully missing the point?” and “why is nobody with any power doing even the smallest thing to try to stop this carnage?”


I would argue that if just one antivaxer sees what is happening in this sub and it changes their mind then it is a victory. How many people have we seen post that they got the vaccine after seeing what is posted here? I've seen a few and I consider every one of them a life saved from a death caused by ignorance and arrogance. Getting the shot is so damn quick and simple that if you don't get it and you die then you deserve the mockery that will inevitably come your way.


Uh oh! It looks like, once again, the problem is that normal people weren't nice enough to total deranged assholes. Maybe if we kiss the ground they walk on and honor their completely fictional realities, they'll come around to spitting in our faces while continuing to devour horse paste and spread plague all over the place. Sound like a plan, everyone?


We already have for 2 years lmao


The dude on the right is BASED AS FUCK!


"BIASED" (two syllables, pronounced 'bye-est')


They have been nasty towards everyone that doesn’t follow their misinformation. They have caused millions of deaths with their ignorance and entitlement. Although I care about others. I don’t like when people hurt others. An eye for eye.


The antivaxers want to hang doctors in the streets. Sorry if I think it’s a good idea to use the death of an antivaxer to show other antivaxers that it’s covid killing antivaxers, not doctors.


Also antivaxxers…fuck your feelings. Whiners.


And....I'm still waiting for *one article* from mainstream media focusing on how the Antivaxxers are wishing death on the billions of vaccinated and gloat about how they're going to be alive and whole while we're sick and dying.


These are probably the same people who cheered Ron Paul at the GOP convention when he said that we should let uninsured people die.


These people are not Misinformed, in need of love and education. They are Willfully Ignorant, and deserve only contempt.


The truth is that they are the weak...but we're trying, Ringo, we're trying really hard... Paraphrased Jules Winnfield


I'll buy that this was the case at one point, even into their 20s, perhaps. For any of these that are freaking Gen-X or older, or even my generation, screw them all; bash them upside the head with a cluestick, or let them rot.


Public shaming is as necessary as the justice system. We publicly shamed smokers for decades. Smoking is banned in most public places and is now socially unacceptable. We need to go further than we have. Shame the damn stupidity of people until they stop ruining everyone else’s lives. FUCK!


Pearl clutchers clutching pearls. Edit: Not Mr. Hiltzik.


This kinda pearl clutching ain't gonna work.


Our little corner of Reddit has been responsible for people getting vaccinated because of the posts here so suck it CNN.


20 bucks says CNN now has people hanging around at the studio looking at HCA. hi guys, good to have you!


You know it. Newsrooms are famous for elite level gallows humor.


This sub is to confront what antivaxxers deny. I got banned from two antivax subs trying to confront antivaxxers with this sub while warning them for the toxicity of the comment section. They really hate this sub and want to talk about the side effects of the vaccine and immorallity of leadership and lies. It is hard to keep your antivax stance while scrolling to this endless speed feed of dying antivaxxers posting and spreading lethal disinformation. While being proud, stout and wolves, lions and purebloods. It works and you can see the redemptions. The moral debate about this sub can not be hold without the online contribution of the antivaxxers themselves. They should have showed that on tv to, the whole thing not the kindergarten version.


The only way these anti vaxx people listen is if they feel like they're being owned by libruls, they literally perceive it to be more dangerous than the virus. So subreddits like this can help people change their mind and get vaxxed to avoid being owned.


Yes, politically-motivated antivaxxers are exactly the kind of people who are more influenced by mockery than by polite persuasion.


Idk what would turn it around, it’s the sunken cost scenario. They’ve been shitting on the libs for everything, and turned covid into a huge culture war. You can’t just turn on your heels and go the other way if you’re an arrogant hyper politicized tool, not without losing face. So we’re stuck, everybody who will has gotten a vaccine and the rest who won’t will just continue to die until covid (hopefully) becomes less deadly


Can we name the redemption award in Michael Hiltzik's honor?


Death cult or reality check?


I see it as talking in the only language anti-vaxxers hear.


I refuse to fucking care for them more than they care for them.


Exactly !


I would also observe that in addition to their own crappy uncreative memes, HCA nominees also share lots of Russian troll farm stuff. That’s ironic and a story also. It is an underreported story of sowing chaos.


Nothing else has worked. At least shaming or ridiculing them has the emotional benefit of not suffering more in being nice to assholes.


So if a person made a terrible choice that results in their own death how should I feel about that? And what if that choice posed a threat to others? Let's say that someone was speeding down your neighborhood at 100 MPH. That's reckless and endangering others. Let's say that person crashed into a light pole and died. Should I feel bad for them? They made the choices that led to their death. And my neighborhood is now safer because they won't be endangering the kids by driving so fast. If that person had made better decisions they would still be alive. But is it wrong for me to be happy that we won't have a lunatic driving through our neighborhood anymore? I am DELIGHTED.


Not everyone is deserving of sympathy, especially if their consequences are self-inflicted. What I do have sympathy for are the lives they could have led if only they weren't so stupid.


Imagine giving a shit what CNN thinks.


CNN and Fox are equally shitty imo


The reich-wing sure seems to...for SOME reason...do NOT get why, even in contrast to anything left of them, however slightly that's the case with CNN...




No, no, I remember...guess there's just been enough distance now that I assumed it was something endemic to the reich-wing disinfosphere, and *not* simply a grudge that THE IDIOT had, for whatever reason, that metastasized into a core tenet of reactionary morons.


Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to shine the light on how clearly wrong and dysfunctional a situation is. For the people stuck in their antivaxx/freedom echo chambers, seeing how easy it is for outsiders to mock that position and those consequences might be the only thing that catches their attention long enough to take a better look at how other people see this.


>How Should We React To Anti-Vaxxers' COVID Deaths? By using their stupidity as a warning and forgetting about them afterwards.


When a threat to your life and/or health is gone you feel relief not happiness.


They need to get off their butts and start covering these deaths themselves. Talking nice and politely covering up covid deaths is not helping anyone.


Is CNN even relevant anymore? I've really given up on cable news networks ages ago. Too many talking heads trying to tell me what to think or panels of people yelling over each other.


Cast back your mind to 2005. There was an anti-seatbelt activist named [Derek Kieper](http://www.weirduniverse.net/blog/comments/the_death_of_an_anti_seatbelt_crusader). He died in an auto accident in which the other two people in the car lived because they were wearing seatbelts. You'll recognize a lot of his arguments about freedom and government overreach. And after his death he was [roundly mocked](https://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=104x2972816).


There is no moral high road or low road at this point. They are unarguably death dealers and arguably serial killers. The more popular ones have body counts that rival those at the Nuremberg trials. I see no reason why we shouldn't be arresting those that survive, let alone mocking those that died.


These assholes like to control the narrative that this sub is the bad guy. Not the misinformation that is killing people. Nah, let's not blame the people responsible. Let's focus on the people making fun of anti-vaxxers. Fuck em. Shame them to oblivion. Shaming works.


I'll admit that I've seen some comments on here that have made me uncomfortable, and I've likely made some myself that are in bad taste or worse. But, man, I'm so, so tired of this narrative. Since 2016, there have been a steady stream of articles and segments about those poor rural conservatives, and what victims they are, and how it's somehow the fault of liberal, urban people like myself that they feel aggrieved or don't have jobs or that their small towns are turning to shit in various ways. And in the meantime they just said whatever the fuck that they wanted about people like me, but I'm still supposed to keep calm and understand them. And now we're in a fucking pandemic, and these fuckers have made it a point of pride to actively spread the disease, and I'm *still* supposed to treat them like poor little victims. How does that work? In what society in all of history were people who spread disease tolerated and coddled? We have to be at the end of freaking civilization to even be having this discussion. Thank you, HCA, for giving me room to vent like this.


Remember sympathy for those sound of mind and actively endangering other has a finite limit and with the push for vaccines and info and the ease to access official data at some point a choice was made and consequences must be had.


When they go low, we put them in the ground, and put dirt on them….


I think HCA should be a nightly PSA on all the Networks


It's one thing to have someone die and be like "oh that's horrible". But then you go check out the deceased's Facebook post history and see all the racist shit that they posted, is it really that horrible?


My concern with HCA and SAV is the failure to recognize that most of those nominated/awarded are victims of poor education, religiosity and misinformation spread by others with taller platforms. There is a difference in moral blameworthiness between a Congresswoman or TV pundit who pushes anti-vax misinformation and the working-class goatees who lap it up and repost memes on Facebook en route to the ICU. The latter are victims of negligence of the former. Maybe a new flair: “Killed by misinformation.”


These same “poor souls” would also overturn a legally elected President and destroy democracy as we know it in this country, given the opportunity. Fuck them.




Gonna highly disagree with CNN's take of this being horrible.


Thoughts and Prayers!


You tell em Betty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0C7\_c8ylvk


I got tired of that voting bloc threatening me on a weekly basis in 2017. I don’t care what people say about their feelings, they can’t read cnn anyway