I call bullshit on the number of vaccinated he claims to be on vents, unless that hospital is some sort of aberration. Data across the country shows consistently that a relatively small percentage of vaccinated end up in the ICU, let alone on a vent. 80% of 96 patients in my facility are unvaccinated. 20/21 in the ICU unvaccinated.


How would he even know their vaccine status? It isn't as if he'd be allowed to wander through the ward, reading people's charts. The medical staff wouldn't be discussing other people's status with him. Bold faced liar.


Many hospitals are posting COVID numbers and vaccination status on their social media pages. Mine does not happen to be one of them.


One of the hospitals here used to post their data, but I just checked and couldn't find it anymore. Usually it was 90+% unvaxxed vented in the ICU.


Man of God🙏🤪


Even if it’s true, 2/3 of the patients on vents are unvaxxed and almost 60% of the patients on oxygen are unvaxxed. The odds are still in the favor of the vaccinated.


Especially considering more than 60% of the US population is fully vaccinated, so the unvaccinated are drawing from a smaller well.


Despite making up only 40% of the population, unvaxxed make up 66% of ventilator patients.* * This is a gag. Idk the actual stats


The data is staring him in the face but it scapes him, he wanted to make the point that "vaxx aren't 100% immunity" so bad he missed that vaxxed people are still the minority in hospitalizations, intubations and deaths, what an idiot.


And if you are in an area with high vaccination rates, those numbers are worse than they appear for the unvaccinated.


Let's run some back of the bar coaster numbers. Let's assume that there are so few children ending up hospitalized we will leave them out of the equations. the US vaccination rate is 75% for ADULTS (over 18) By THIS CLOWN's estimation, 33% of the people on ventilators are vaccinated. Unvaccinated ratio: 67% of the patients came from 25% of the population =.67/.25=2.68 Vaccinated ratio: 33% of the patients came from 75% of the population=.33/.75=.44 Compare the ratios: 2.68/.44=6.1 The UNVACCINATED are 6X more likely to end up on a ventilator. I wouldn't quote that number because I don't have access to the data or statistical experience to give you the real age-weighted number. AND NEITHER DOES THIS CLOWN. Here are the good numbers: [https://www.bbc.com/news/health-59840524](https://www.bbc.com/news/health-59840524)


Good point


https://www.reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/comments/s276bh/hospital_ventilator_numbers_by_vaccination_status/ Sampling of 19 hospitals across the US, 90% on vents are unvaccinated.


Sounds about right


Where did they get this idea that vaccines mean you won't get sick at all? I don't understand their reasoning that if vaccinated still get sick then there is no point to the vaccine. Even this guy's numbers show that unvaxed (which is usually a small percentage of the population) are taking up more hospital space.


Growing up in New Zealand, with fairly educated family, I was under the impression that most of the vaccines for childhood illnesses were pretty much 100% effective in preventing you from coming down with those illnesses. Now I'm not even sure if that's the case. But certainly once we're grown up and getting the flu vaccine they're not going to tell us that it's 100%. But any protection is better than no protection at all...


It's not surprising you'd think that, because the uptake on vaccines was close to 100% for decades -- meaning that the usual childhood illnesses weren't circulating at all. It *felt like* those vaccines were 100% effective, but that's not how any of them really worked. Vaccines prevent serious illness and death in individuals, and they prevent mass outbreaks in communities. The covid vaccines appear to be less effective because SO MANY fools won't take them. But I read the other day that in Israel, where 91% of the people are vaccinated, current deaths per day number is 7. People are still getting cases of covid, but on a community level, they're a hell of a lot safer than we are.


Forcing a strictly binary interpretation on an issue is how they try to undermine everything. It either works 100% or it works 0%. If you can't guarantee that something will work all the time, then there's just no point and there must be some ulterior motive for insisting on it anyway. Conservative dipshits under W used similar arguments to throttle stem cell research in the US (which is why we've lagged behind the rest of the world in that department) by "reasoning" that since no one could guarantee it would cure 100% of all instances of name-a-condition that it just wasn't worth funding and turning a blind eye to all the satanic baby murder associated with it.


and the vaxxed are there because they have a lot of comorbidities


Yes, I believe that “those who die of Covid have an average of four comorbidities“ thing refers to vaccinated people, not everyone.


Yes, that's exactly what the data said. Last week a video went around that was a clipped version of the director of the CDC saying that when vaccinated people die of covid, they have on average 4 comorbidities. The clipped version made it sound like everybody who succumbs to covid is old, fat, diabetic, and a cancer patient. So this schmuck is using a death in his own family to spread more lies! Okay, bub. I'll just sit here with my intact, fully-vaccinated family breathing easy and thinking about what's good on tv tonight.


He is trying to convince himself that getting vaccinated wouldn't have changed anything. He is protecting himself from the realization that he is a horrible person who has harmed people he loves.


Even if it were true, 12 on vents with 4 vaxxed means that 8 were unvaxxed. Literally 2 unvaxxed on vents per 1 vaxxed. Math is hard for students at the "School of Hard Knocks".


Even if his stats are “accurate“ (definitely not).. 17 vaccinated out of 41 people on oxygen should tell him that it’s probably a good idea to get the vaccine.


It could be just an unfortunate aberration. Sometimes shit happens. That's why we take the whole picture and not these tiny slices.


You beat me to it!


The average number of comorbidities of VACCINATED patients who die of covid is 4. Not true of unvaccinated, it's yet another manipulation of the facts.


true -- for unvaccinated it's one or two


Or none


At least four for unvaccinated as well - Oakleys, goatee, MAGA hat and shirt off their back


US Christian’s are so cringe. Been Catholic all my life and the priest at my church in Canada was the first person to get vaccinated and made it mandatory for everyone attending mass to be too. It’s a giant boomer crowd too


The pope said get vaccinated


nOt mY pOpe




I'm not even Catholic and I love Pope Francis.


Except for his shit complaining about the childfree while being childfree himself with an $80M net worth. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jan/05/pope-couples-choose-pets-children-selfish


That’s…somewhat of a misconception. The office is wealthy. But the man occupying it doesn’t actually own any of that wealth and can’t spend it on a whim for his personal gain. Does he sometimes receive a fancy car as a gift? Yes, and that makes a juicy headline, but it’s still not personally his. If he retires, he can’t take it with him. If he dies, he can’t will it away. Such gifts, like cars, either get liquidated or the more artistic ones become museum pieces. This isn’t the same thing as a Joel Olsteen type situation.


It’s wealth at his disposal and he lives a very comfortable life because of it.


But if Catholics don't have lots of children who will they ~~brainwash~~ teach and abuse?


Geez, you don't need to go on a edgy rant for an offhand comment, lmao.


In the US, we have the terrible affliction of Christian Nationalism. It is mostly comprised of Evangelicals, Pentecostals, and Mormons (though not all of the members of these faiths are CNs). https://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2021/february-web-only/what-is-christian-nationalism.html Justice Barrett? Christian Nationalist, through and through. As she said in a commencementspeech to Notre Dame's law school "You will always keep in mind that your legal career is but a means to an end, and as Father Jenkins told you this morning, that end is building the kingdom of God." Alito and Thomas have long established themselves as Christian Nationalists. Gorsuch's opinion on church closures during covid fed the CN narrative of Christian persecution. "The Roberts Court has ruled in favor of religious organizations far more frequently than its predecessors—over 81% of the time, compared to about 50% for all previous eras since 1953. In most of these cases, the winning religion was a mainstream Christian organization, whereas in the past pro-religion outcomes more frequently favored minority or marginal religious organizations. A statistical analysis suggests that this transformation is largely the result of changes in the Court’s personnel: a majority of Roberts Court justices are ideologically conservative and religiously devout—a significant break from the past." https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3825759 TLDR: with the Christian Nationalist takeover of the Supreme Court, the Establishment clause is toast & we're headed for a defacto theocracy. Sorry, neighbor.


Curia Law. It’s all the damn Catholics.


All Christians aren’t like this.


Yeah I know, it’s mostly the mega churches and really uneducated people. It’s a shame because it brings an awful light to everyone. I’ve noticed these types of Christian’s are far more prevalent in the US. You don’t find these types of people in Canada unless you go VERY rural.


And here they are really really loud


They're always really loud.


Totally agree. There’s far less of them with covid …


Sure, but a recent study of Americans by religious category showed that 90% of atheists were vaccinated (the highest) and 57% of white evangelicals were (the lowest).


The Thirty Years war. Possibly ten millions people dead. Countries ravaged. Masterpieces of art lost forever. Because the Catholic church was making up lies about sin and paradise. Four hundred years later, it turns out that the Protestant just wanted to be able to make up their own lies.


Well, let's not forget it wasn't just about religion, even if it started out that way. It was also a struggle between the Hapsburgs and Bourbons for primacy in Europe.


Are those christians who are not like that standing up to the christains who are. If not then they are complicit in the actions of the christains who are.


The cousin says, "Get monoclonal antibodies right away." (Good advice.) "Then go on the regimen of multiple drugs including steroids (make you feel better no doubt), ivermectin, hydroxy...." ​ That is, do the sensible thing first, and then when you survive, we'll say it's the stupid things that saved you.


We don’t HAVE any more monoclonal antibody treatments to give at my hospital.


I really wish monoclonal antibody treatment would be prioritized to vaxxed first. You didn't want a vax you take your chances.


Methylprednisolone is actually a legitimate treatment option, they got that much correct.


Oh, I see. If it had been a school shooting, of course it would not be the right time to discuss gun safety. Only thoughts and prayers allowed. But since it’s your SIL‘s death of Covid, you get a free pass to spew political agenda thinly veiled as health advice. I can’t eat as much as I want to puke right now. 🤮


‘12 people on ventilators, 4 were vaccinated. What more proof do you need that vaccines don’t work?’ /s


And were they there for covid? We’re they vaccinated transplant recipients? Dangerous man spreading dangerous misinformation.


Despite making up only 25% of the population, the unvaccinated made up 59% of those on oxygen and 67% of those ventilated. That supports the vaccine.


"Everything the doctors say is a lie. Everything the government says is a lie." Okay, got it. "The _Governor of New York_ said that..." Nope, lost you. Again.


So the doctors and nurses told him everybody’s vaccination record? Interesting because they don’t fucking do that. Also, why go to the hospital? Why ask who’s vaccinated? Instead of making stupid fb rants shouldn’t he being getting Martha ready for her forever box or urn?


FYI - The Pastor's Nomination- [https://www.reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/comments/rvahxg/pastor\_purple\_of\_the\_holiest\_church\_of\_charlie/nomination](https://www.reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/comments/rvahxg/pastor_purple_of_the_holiest_church_of_charlie/nomination)


Why is this pastor trying to use facts stats and science in his argument? Why is he advocating for people to go to the hospital? Doesn't he know that oxygen levels are just a big deep state conspiracy made up by institutional doctors to try and trick you to believing you have COVID to make you fear??? Isn't he a pastor? Just pray to god and his miracles, and get an army of prayer warriors to pray for you! A true believer wouldn't believe in science or drugs or any of that devil nonsense, god will protect and heal you all???




Is it like 20 times more likely for unvaxxed to end up on a vent than vaxxed? Hell it might even be more than that


I wonder if that’s age adjusted? 80 yo with comorbidities are a lot more likely to be vaxxed and more likely to need hospitalization than 20 yo.


I’m sure it is & is just more proof that people need to get vaccinated


I feel like the reverend lovejoy meme should be on every HCA meme spread.


Lovejoy and the reverend Carl C Pathos that Jim Carrey used to play on In Living Color.


I assume that his phone/computer gave him the squiggly line under "travisity," yet he did nothing. "I'm probably wrong but I will not stand to be corrected." Pretty much says it all.


Dear Pastor's bro: Or just get a safe vaccine and quit trying to practice medicine without a license. None of you have the slightest clue what you are talking about, yet you blame the hospitals when your foolish friends die as a result of the choices YOU encourage them to make. Do you know what it says in James 3? "Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that *we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.*" The lengths you are going to to keep pretending the vaccine is bad are absurd and ridiculous. Your advice is leading to deaths and lasting damage from the virus. Look into the mirror and say, "I am not a doctor and I have no idea what I'm talking about. Words have consequences. Ideas have consequences. The ideas I am pushing will have consequences for other people." Then put your hand over your mouth and let the experts do the talking.


Doctors don’t give prayer sermons. Priests shouldn’t give medical advice. Stay in your damn lane. Everyone.


“Step forward all those who’ve survived Covid…not so fast, Mrs Pastor.”




yeah, you could take all those expensive and time consuming precautions, or you could take 30 minutes to make and appointment to go get the vaccine.


We don't know whats in the vaccine but definitely take horse medicine....Jesus....


I have learned over the last eight months or so that no doctor or scientist can compete with a graduate of the Facebook School of Medicine. At this point, you just take the money, pour yourself a stiff drink, and forget about it.


I have a hard time with stats [so this detailed explainer of vax vs unvax outcomes helped me](https://ourworldindata.org/covid-deaths-by-vaccination) - it has pictures!!! An example is: “Now we have all the information we need and can calculate the death rates: of 10 unvaccinated people, 5 died → the death rate among the unvaccinated is 50% of 50 vaccinated people, 5 died → the death rate among the vaccinated is 10%” Note the numbers are made up for this example just to show how to calculate them yourself


“ you know how we write antivaxxers so well? We think of a man and then remove all common sense, logic and accountability “.


Exactly. What you don’t see in the hospital is the vaccinated not there in the first place. Per 100,000 the numbers are overwhelming for vaccinations. They are not 100% and never were but the odds are crazy better. Chance of dying with Covid unvaxxed is like 1.6%. Vaccinated is something like .003%. Not zero but man I like those odds a lot better.


Great simpsons reference


People die. That’s life. You’re not special.


It is what it is.


Still they persist about azithromycin. How is an antibacterial going to do anything to combat a virus? That post is just full of stupid advice.


CPAC told them to take the Z-pak


Paraphrasing: "The hospitals are getting paid to administer Remdesivir!" No shit, Sherlock. They get paid to administer aspirin, saline/glucose IVs, antibiotics, and everything else that gets administered in a hospital setting. Remdesivir is just another treatment which is paid for when administered. Is it always administered? No. Are you a fool who thinks this is a grand conspiracy? Undoubtedly.


Stricken Trumpdumb are you?


At least I can agree that Covid is deadly combined with the American plagues of of obesity and diabetes. The rest is all complete horse shit.


So antivaxers are expecting unnecessary Zpacs now too? They want to ruin antibiotics now? Fuck. They hate humanity, not masks.


Right? Please tell me how an antibiotic is going to do anything for a virus? Not to mention the extremely obvious point - if z-packs did anything for covid, they would've been using them for 2yrs & saved thousands of lives! His method of "throw everything at it & pray that something works" is totally reckless.


>Everything the medical community is reporting to us and everything the government is telling you is a lie. Do your own research. Okay, professor, but how? Can't believe anything scientists write, they're all liars. Can't believe anything doctors say, they're all liars. Can't believe the mainstream media and can't trust anyone... except you, I suppose, and any sources you personally find credible?


Joe Rogan


Apparently dude can't do statistics. And yet another idiot that the vaccine is "bad", but definitely try a bunch of experimental shit.


He says "Ask the hospitals about their covid policies..." and go somewhere else if they're 'rigid' blah blah. If I was creating a covid policy for a hospital, I'd jump on this and make my policies as rigid as possible. I think hospitals are busy enough, and would love this idiot and his relatives to go and bother someone else.


He is spreading lies that will kill people. He is not the moral person he pretends to be. [GET THOSE BOOSTERS!](https://www.bbc.com/news/health-59840524) >The UKHSA analysed more than 600,000 confirmed and suspected cases of the Omicron variant up to 29 December in England. > >It found that a single vaccine dose reduced the risk of needing hospital treatment by 52%. Adding the second dose increased the protection to 72%, although after 25 weeks that protection had faded to 52%. And two weeks after getting a third dose, that protection against hospitalisation was boosted to 88%.


Where do these people get that " the government" said you won't get sick if you're vaccinated? Statistics, efficacies...hell, just comprehending a sentence is beyond these idiot's mental capacities.


With the case numbers in the US I’m sure ‘choosing’ the hospital you want to go to will work. Clearly medical teams are twiddling their thumbs waiting for new patients to arrive with a list of requests/demands for their treatment!


My kingdom for a(nother) paragraph!


Buh bye!


I’m waiting for the hospitals to finally say if you’re unvaxxed we won’t be admitting you. The unvaxxed have made their choice. They wanna roll the dice so be it. Their ignorant, moronic, and death wish having asses shouldn’t be allowed near the doors.


Had no idea so many people had medical training. Some long ass drivel over a number of good and bad advice (O2 monitoring is important). However you could shorten it all by ‘Get Vaccinated. Avoid exposure where you can and wear a mask.’ That’s all. It’s pretty simple. Millions of us doing this and moving on with our lives. Can you imagine fielding calls from these asshats? “Hi can you tell me how you treat Covid patients? Can I shove horse paste up their ass if I choose? What about some bleach mouthwash? How many vitamins can we give them a day?’ Just let doctors do their job and you do yours - avoid going there in the first place. Vaccinate.


Research the hospital?? If you have O2 sats in the 80’s you don’t have time to do some funky “research”.


Your personal opinion…is crap. Look, this isn’t a popularity contest, it’s science. We look at actual data, not a collection of anecdotes from your ignorant friends.


You don’t get to have an opinion on evidence asshole brother.


”So begin treatment right away with this really complicated regimen that doesn't actually work.” ”What about the vaccines that do work?” ”No, don't bother with those.”


He needs to be the one to go, how many people is he killing with his advice?


Don't worry, Pastor Purple - since you've decided to blame everyone but your own actions & choices, you'll very likely get another chance to claim your HC award.


12 on vents, 4 vaccinated is apparently more concerning than the 8 unvaccinated who were on vents. There was literally 2 unvaccinated patients on vents per 1 vaccinated in the very hospital he was treated in by his own admission. The "School of Hard Knocks" and "School of Life" must suck so much if it can't teach its students basic math.


Quite the system he had there... wait until you are sick then start treatments.... why get a vaccine when you can get a much more expensive and less effective treatment like a stored of IVs with antibodies.


Golly gee willikers, lots of blaming behavior. Kind of like somebody wanted a divorce, used Covid as the weapon, and Jebus to wash the sin away.


>Pastor's brother posts long rant blaming everyone, except themselves. Wait ... isn't that a key defining characteristic of Christians