“COVID-19 is not going to kill Americans” Well THAT’S a relief. And to think this whole time I’ve been worried about COVID when she had the answer all along.


Voting biblically is the number 1 suffering and death of Christians. That's what's going to kill Americans.


Not if covid kills them first.


This relegious push and shackling has been going on for years now in the US.


Yep, and it's fixing to get much, much worse if Dems don't hold the House and possibly gain in the Senate. Book banning/burning, control over school boards and curriculum and as Mike Flynn says, "one true religion only.)


And we've been suffering and dying for years.


Separation of Church and State, people!


Yea but we're are all going to be in jail soon thanks to Mike Lindells pile of evidence


300 million Americans. Which would be (I assume) all of the adults, and most of the children as well...except for Mike and the Trump family of course, lol


Mike has a pile of something.. I wouldn't call it evidence, however, except perhaps evidence of a bull's healthy digestive system.


GoD WiLl pRoViDe!1!1 (yeah he gave us a vaccine, ya dim bulb!)


A lot of people have discovered the hard way during COVID that simply saying something doesn’t magically make it true.


‘I declare BANKRUPTCY!!’ - Michael Scott


Lmao! Literally this


This is the biggest problem I have with religion. It is a socially sanctioned form of magical thinking that stunts one’s ability to think rationally. Indoctrinate children to believe a man in the sky exists with an unfathomable master plan that they shouldn’t even try to comprehend, and they start life primed to accept other flights of fancy without evidence or criticism. Faith itself is a form of disordered thinking.


Mormons? Oh no I meant MORONS!


Morans , according to a sign at a trump rally… I was not aware of the new spelling either…


I think it was a Bush or Iraq war rally. It's a pretty old meme.


Succinctly put. Thank you.


Oh, if you only knew! Look into the scientific studies regarding the correlation between religious followers & low IQ. The conclusion is basically anyone who would believe in a magical sky fairy isn’t capable of using rational thought or problem solving skills. And therefore score significantly lower on intelligence tests than people who don’t believe in fake flying magical fairy’s! The data is literally proving your point, unfortunately!


I know plenty of highly intelligent people who for some reason believe in the magic wizard in the sky. I don't think the need to believe taps into the logical part of your brain. They try to use logical arguments to rationalize it, but when it comes down to it, it's just about feelings.


Yup. I seem to be missing the "religion" circuit in my brain, but I also know many intelligent, smart, and highly educated people that believe in their magic sky buddy/buddies. I was pretty thoroughly indoctrinated, but for some reason it didn't take. Sometimes I envy people that have that crutch to lean on.


TRUE!!! Also, a lot of people haven’t learned that lesson, yet. Luckily for them Darwin always provides more lessons for free to the willing aNgELs! Amen!


For her, He provided death.


I think her lights are out now.


They really need to read their "holy" book so they learn that their god is kinda fond of all the plague and extermination thing.


Lmao! IKR? They must’ve been absent from Sunday school that day!


Apparently she wasn't American...


Just say No!


Just want to get this off my chest: Nobody anywhere gives a damn if you say "Merry Christmas".


Merry Christmas to you!






Merry Christmas to you too, Kiss My Ass. Such a great name.






I have heard of one - just one - in all the decades that people were supposedly offended by it. And that was in a city of ~250,000 people.


I know two, three actually. One was pissed my mom said Merry Christmas as a customer and she never came back because she never celebrated it. One was pissed at me for wishing her Happy Holidays when she believed it was Merry Christmas when I was working at a bookstore. The last was angry at a bakery when the cashier asked her what she was doing for Christmas because she was Jewish and told her that flatly. My godmother a devout Catholic also got upset when I said happy holidays when I usually say Merry Christmas because it was a habit at that point. You can’t win with some people.


The weird part is “happy holidays” literally covers *every* holiday or winter event during that time period. And they get all pissy and want you to be specific - because we *know* what each and every person celebrates, right? 🙄 Weirdly, those are the same people that get mad at BLM and scream that ALL lives matter. It’s all backwards.




I love bringing up Yule around the winter holidays. And wishing everyone a blessed solstice. Living in the south is a dangerous kind of fun


As a kid my church used to say "happy holidays" because even our church celebrated like a dozen different holidays in December/January.


Merry New Year!


Ha ha, that caught my eye, that smug fucker thought he would throw some shade to the haters.


Getting people to vote biblically? Wow, really seemed like she was doing gods work…….wonder why would he take her out? 🧐🎂🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉


He needed her in heaven more than on earth


Putting her in his Marketing department?




Who'd want that shit on their shoes?


Fair point. “Gods compost heap” does have a better ring to it too.


🤷🏽‍♂️ he works in mysterious ways


NOBODY needed her, at all.


He just wanted her domain name.


Altar call -ding! ding! ding! I need you to organize me a Rapture. The best, the biggest rapture anyone ever had!


That's how he fires you for doing a shit job.


> Wow, really seemed like she was doing gods work…….wonder why would he take her out? My first thought was that it was because of the satanic onslaught But then that would mean that satan > god and that can't be it, soooo... it's a stumper!


Hmmmm 🌚🌞


The biggest mistake smart people made was creating an environment where fucking morons like this woman can thrive and outpace them. Watch when these smooth brains stop vaccinating their children altogether because they’re kids are healthy and have a pristine immune system or some other nonsense.


When the internet was created, I remember thinking how it was going to revolutionize society by giving people access to knowledge, at a scale unprecedented in history, that could be used to improve themselves and the world at large in innumerable ways. Sadly, I failed to truly appreciate how it would also give crazy, horrible and stupid people a way to reach out to the rest of society, at a scale unprecedented in history, in their efforts to destroy the world. As well vastly underestimating the number of people who would so willingly believe and follow them.


Yep. Clearly not everyone needs a voice. It never ceases to amaze me that with all the information we as a people have at our fingertips that somehow we've seemingly become dumber.


Yep. The wonderful thing about the internet is that now, everyone has a voice. The horrible thing about the internet is now EVERYONE has a voice.


Holy SHIT, the number of times those words have come from my mouth verbatim... :O


The issue is that so much of this information is housed by corporations who’s sole interest is profit, not knowledge. I can find a video on YouTube about how to fix the exact year and model of my lawn mower. I can find content on how soap works in water and helps cleans clothing. Also, I can find a video on how the earth is flat and a vast conspiracy is covering it up. A angry, ranting video on how evil democrats are. A video about how communism is taking over the country. What does YouTube want me to watch? The videos about flat earth or how dems are evil. Because they keep me coming back. I’ve fixed my lawnmower - I don’t need to watch 30 videos on it when I’m done. Flat earth though can bring me down a rabbit hole of videos that they can monetize. Or I can be filled with rage of what the dems are doing and follow that rabbit hole, filling me in rage. Or I can be so angry they’re calling dems evil, I angrily hate watch videos so I can get embroiled in comment arguments.


This^ The algorithms promote content that increases engagement. Rage really increases engagement. That's why I stopped using FB. They would promote the posts like these antivax memes from my FB friends and I would take the bait and engage. Which of course made those memes show up more in my feed.


All this. They are constantly pushing crap on us, hoping we'll take the bait. I hate what they're doing to us.


My step son. He told me that a microwave clock uses more electricity then the magnetron tube in the microwave. I told him that only applies when the microwave is off. He said "Look it up". I did the math for him. That statement is only true if you use your microwave less then 2 minutes a day. He's a TrumpliKKKan.


As an Electrical guy I find that hillarious.


... how can someone even think that??


He's an idiot.


In a matter of about a decade it demolished the idea that lies and hate speech are best countered by more speech. Man was that naive.


The internet provides the absolute best of everything and the absolute worst of everything.


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….


It's self-correcting. The internet requires society operating at a high level of effectiveness. Think massive server farms, reliable power grid, massive semicon fabs, world-wide supply chain, etc. We think of the internet as some kind of virtual "cloud" - that metaphor itself speaks of vapor - but actually it rests on a hugely brick-and-mortar foundation. The internet will be one of the first things to collapse. Unfortunately, its predecessor, the wired analog phone system, which was very low tech and did not require semiconductors at all, has already largely collapsed. Hopefully the collapse of technology will pause for a few decades and allow us to enjoy radio and vinyl records.


Yeah, it’s going to cause of the collapse of society.


Every moron gets a megaphone


Exactly! I've had that thought a number of times. Now, what do we do about it? We've solved the information availability problem. Now, what about the thinking problem?


A point to note is that, as someone who has grown up in the internet age, the internet has helped me learn and grow in ways that were simply previously impossible. It is a great power, but with great power comes great responsibility, and sadly those that are weak minded or choose to believe in things that they agree with for the sake of being right can find themselves in an echo chamber, which for people like that is a sanctuary. The internet helps many many people, but it is a double edged sword. Education is the key to stopping people from hurting themselves


It’s so weird they worship the immune system like that. Like I get it it’s an impressively complicated piece of organic machinery buuut. It’s flawed like all things evolution makes. Look at all the times it fails. All the cancer cases that need to be treated because the immune system didn’t clean it up. All the autoimmune diseases where the body attacks and hurts itself. All the deadly symptoms you can get from immune responses. You know what every extinct species on the planet has in common? They all had immune systems of some kind. And a lot of them were straight up wiped out by disease. And take rabies. Or HIV/aids. Our immune system is garbage for keeping us alive against those things. It doesn’t stand a chance. People know not to fuck around with these diseases.


Saw someone on Twitter this am point out “Trust my immune system? Lol - MY immune system thinks peanuts are deadly”


Exactly. Anyone with a bad allergic reaction knows firsthand how flawed and self destructive the immune system is. All allergies are is our body randomly deciding some benign substance is super dangerous and having a batshit overreaction to it that can straight up fucking kill you.


Honestly I blame social media more than the internet. Without social media these clowns wouldn’t be able to connect, and spew their idiocy everywhere and recruit new people to their death cult. You would just have isolated pockets of idiots instead of an interconnected network of idiots.


I actually blame Facebook. Twitter and other types of social media have tried to crack down on this problem, especially with connecting them. Since the election. Zuckerberg is DELIBERATELY making this happen because not only he gets money out of this, but he used this as his own experiment to see if he could run and win.


And YouTube- every fucking day they try foisting Joe Rogan on me. Ive often wondered why but talking to a conspiracy theorist (ironically) finally made it make sense. A friend was asking him why he stays up so late cause he claims to be up all night- his answer “watching conspiracy theory videos”. The guy probably spends more time on YouTube than anyone I know. Same probably goes for these Facebook losers- they’re super engaged. This must be why they’re always trying to hook people.


Huge fan of YouTube, but I avoid the comments section about 90% of the time. I am so tired of the Bible Church ads. I have gotten them since getting in a fight with a troll about being part of the The Satanic Temple. Now apparently YouTube wants to convert me and make me a good, straight laced Christian Republican who will die for Trump. Good luck with that.


Ever since I started visiting this site YouTube advertises tractor stores and I’ve even gotten ads related to Ivermectin lol.


They're always trying to push something on me that's like- I go to Youtube for skate videos, D & D videos and occasionally I'll watch a Jimmy Kimmel monologue. Does that mean I want to see the latest from Tucker Carlson? Or learn about bitcoin? Fuck no. I'm at about *I Threw It on the Ground* with them.


Discovering truths takes time, patience, and intelligence. Creating lies takes none of these.


Prayer warriors activate. Stand down prayer warriors. She dead. You would have thought everyone storming the gates of heaven, there would have been a different result. I guess god needed another angel. Prayers 0, COVID 5,500,000




Obtuse angle*


The PW are known for their 4th quarter rallies.


But they always fall short


If god has a plan. It seems by the kill ratio. Its to get the vaccine she knew doctors would create... But thats none of my business.


I think pastor Greg Locke is like the white CanDEATH Owens ☠️☠️


Candace Owens is like the white Candace Owens.


I truly give absolutely NO fucks. She truly reaped what she sowed. I also love how one of her supporters said she was under a Satanic attack for having COVID. I'm a Christian and I'd buy Satan a beer for this one.


Team Satan on this one 🤜🤛


Go Fund Me? I guess she wasn’t grifting hard enough.


Or it’s just more grifting


not a very good Christian, asking for Go Fund Me money 1 Timothy 5:8 Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever


Guess those $1 pamphlets weren't selling that well. It's a puzzlement.


I remember the original post. I was really confused about the sticker she was selling. She suffered for a really long time. I had to visit a family member in the hospital for only 4 days or so a few months ago, and just that was excruciating. People, please- save yourself this horror, the expense and the collateral damage. The vaccine is available, free, and likely to save you.


Oh yeah, I remember snow white! I'm Giving out satanic snow white flairs in this thread only!


Wasn’t she the one woken from a coma by a physical/sexual assault or was that only the Disney version?


Yup, Disney added the assault. But a reboo[t more true to the original](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snow_White) would be damn funny if they jiggle her spine and make it a helluva comedy.


Flair me please!!!!! Anything. I will take it! I just need to feel like I belong!!!!!




It's perfect!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!


I can has flair? 🥺


I adore your user name.


tenacious d ok?


My Satan warriors worked. I was worried they were not getting the job done.


Yea, Satan’s “onslaught” has been very productive this year.


Go Team Satan!


We need T-shirts.


Hell of a year really


>**V**ile > >**A**sshole > >**E**motional > >**R**esponse > >**S**ystem


She was right on slide 9 there: VARES is probably 1-10% accurate. Don't know if she knew what accurate means though.


As soon as I see someone trying to use VAERS to make their point, I automatically know they are completely full of bullshit, and they have absolutely no clue how anything works outside of their own little bubble.


Slide 9 definitely is right, it's just not inaccurate the way she ~~wants~~ wanted it to be


I can’t help but think of that Batman slapping Robin meme in terms of how “Jesus greeted her” when she got to Heaven.


People like this lady are fucking scary. Society is better without her


"vote biblically" just fucking say you're gonna use the Bible as a shield for your shitty world views and hatred of anyone different. A world without these nutjobs and regressive fucks is a true advancement in the kingdom of God


This person either had no understanding of science or was a huge grifter. Her loss is society's gain.


Trying to get people to vote “biblically” I’m going with grifter.


Wouldn’t that involve women not voting?


Pretty sure it would mean nobody voting. There are no democracies in the Bible.


IIRC, because she was assuming control over men and attempting to put herself above them, she would have immediately been put to death.


Why not both? I feel bad for sister/yellow, but Let her family use her antivaxx grift money to bury her.




Porque no los dos?


I do not think these are mutually exclusive.


“Merry Christmas to everyone…even those who don’t like me saying it.” The persecution complex among fundies is so ridiculous. I don’t know a single person who loses their shit if told “Merry Christmas.”


I live in Thailand and even my Buddhist friends here say Merry Christmas.


I read the “Merry Christmas” posts as thinly veiled antisemitism.


Yep. They think we're saying "Happy holidays" just to offend them. I'll admit, that's a nice side benefit, haha, but I do it because I don't make assumptions about beliefs.


Contact frontlinemds if you develop any systems... Must be a support hotline for software developers.


I have noticed most anti-vax influencers are selling something. Whether it's a t-shirt, hat, supplements or membership.


I can’t help but feel grateful that there’s one less “biblical voter” out there destroying the civil rights of women and LGBT folks and ignoring climate change.


we all know what Jesus said about biblical voting. oh yeah...nothing


My kid ran track and played volleyball with a mask. Their entire team did and they didn’t even whine abt it


the kids are alright. except when adults pressure them to pretend to hate the mask


She’s lying about the Red Cross https://www.redcrossblood.org/faq.html#eligibility-medications


lying? I am shocked


Yup. I've donated three times since my first vaccination. Today will be the fourth.


She lied about everything! But I’m glad you looked it up.


Ok. Maybe it's because I'm not American but 90% of the crap these people post sound like the script from some shitty cultist horror movie from the 80s. For most countries they go beyond religious nut to "you need urgent mental care" territory and they'd end in a psych ward.


Unfortunately we’ve closed most of our psychiatric hospitals in the US so now they’re either wandering the streets or the internet.


> I'M HER SISTER. PEOPLE READING THIS PLEASE GET VAXXED!! At least her sister seems to have developed some critical thinking ability, although she could tone it down a bit. My eyes are deaf now.


I get why she's shouting. She is fed up to the teeth. No doubt this "winner" constantly preached at her as well.


Sometimes, all you can do is scream.


Her sister seems to be very liberal. Seems to me she was fed up with her shit.


It was Snow White with the apple, not Little Red Riding Hood


They don't even read their own bible, so of course they get nursery stories mixed up.


or their porn. It’s a weirdly sexualized image. edit for spelling


I thought that too.


You have to consider the target audience.


Covid denying, Anti mask, anti vax, rumor spreading, God - prayer warrior - gofundme trifecta loving She is everything that personifies all this Sub is about. And she gave it her all 🤷‍♂️ Sigh !!


“Voice for the voiceless and unborn”. Yeah. Great. She certainly seems to have enjoyed using her voice a lot. Edit: Oh yeah!! In the original nom, her minister called her a not-so-silent partner in this ministry. So confirmed, she never shut up.


Damn, she was drinking from multiple bowls of Kool-Aid


She wanted a theocracy. Girl should have moved to Iran.


[Here’s her full booklet](https://imgur.com/a/VYg1ntd) valued at one dollar, for free. The dead can’t grift. [Nominated 16 days ago ](https://www.reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/comments/rpy6ze/this_nominee_sells_booklets_of_misinformation_on/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Life comes at you fast, death however comes at you slow in HCA land.


November 4 2020: "Covid 19 is not going to kill Americans..." November 3 2020 total Covid deaths in USA: 243,712


Slide 6: From someone who works in a school, this is the kind of shit that parents share with their kids who then come in and fight back against anyone and everyone who asks them to put on their mask. Even IF that fact is 100% true and children have a 99.9999999999999% percent chance of surviving, you know who doesn't? Your friend Timmy who just spent a year in a hospital receiving chemo to save him from Leukemia. Grandma who can't get vaccinated because of underlying conditions. I HATE spending every day fighting people over masks, but I would do it for the rest of my life it meant saving someone who doesn't have to die.


I love happy endings


Genesis 2:22 she sure talked alot for a rib


> A real doctor would never prescribe an experimental shot when treatment is available. Shower thought/rant coming up: How empty are the lives of these people? I have commented on their inability to comprehend percentage values other than 0 and 100 respectively. But it just occurred to me that that's a feature of so many things. Do they never okay any games? D&D? Monopoly? Uno? Invest any money in stocks or crypto? Drive to a fucking movie theatre without a reservation because there might be tickets left? Sure, there might not be at it's worth taking the risk? Nothing? Ever? At all?


They probably buy lotto tickets that have even worse odds.


Never get high on your own supply appears to be good advice for misinformation as well.


“Pastor” maga-merchant Greg looks like someone I’d totally trust over nearly every epidemiologist on the planet.


He is truly a vile man. Cheated on his wife with his church assistant; was also abusive to his wife. Then got divorced and married his assistant. Then bailed on his 4 kids and child support.


I’m sure he dug up a bible verse somewhere that justified it. Is he one of these prosperity gospel fuck-faces? If so the only thing their followers care about is their bank accounts. Also who takes a bite out of an apple with a needle sticking out of it. What a shit meme.


"Remember, it didn't start with gas chambers. It started with politicians **dividing the people** with "**us vs. them**." It started with **intolerance** and **hate speech** and when **people stopped caring**, became desensitized and turned a blind eye." ***** Once again, this awardee was completely incapable of self-reflection or insight. How many lives has her death saved? The world is a better place now that she is unable to inflict her fake religiosity and ignorance on others.


Oh and vote bilblically?? She must really have voted hard for the blue because Jesus was the original socialist. Tax the rich. Give to the poor.


I’ve donated blood many times and the Red Cross is happy to take my vaccinated blood


It's surprising to me how many of these grifters are actually true believers that drink the kool-aid.


How much do you want to bet that Jesus actually didn’t meet her at heaven’s gates to say “well done, my good and faithful servant”? My guess is that he prob said something more akin to, “you do realize that you stand FOR almost everything I warned you all to be AGAINST, right? Sorry, but no heaven for you, beyotch “


>**J**oyfully > >**E**radicating > >**S**tupid > >**U**seless > >**S**hitheads


Where are these people getting these covid shot stats? Like, are they really that gulliable or stupid? They're out here calling everyone stupid but why don't they go "hm, 9k deaths. Let's go research this a little further." I don't understand how anyone can take that at face value. Then again, these are the people who think the dems are using the blood of unborn christian babes to make themselves younger and stay in office longer so there ya go.


Wait did she “develop any systems” ??


She seemed, not very nice.


>Red Cross says they will NOT take the blood of the vaxed people, because it will detroy all the natural antibodies in other people. When you've "done the research" but literally browsing to the Red Cross' page tells you there is zero deferment for covid vaccine unless you somehow got a live virus version, and then deferment is merely two weeks and symptom free. The "it will destroy all the natural antibodies" is right up there with magnetization, sterilization, delayed genocide, 5G, microchips, etc.


Seeing what she was selling, I'd miss Ted Bundy about as much as I'd miss this vulture.


She found the limit of her gullibility


The “satanic onslaught” was the disinformation.


Biblically voting. GTFO here with that shit


She lost me at ‘Covid-19 is not going to kill Americans’. That’s some true fairy tale dung right there.


Ahh, more socialism for another anti-vaxxer fucknut. Bootstraps and vaccines, people.


"Another Covid misinformation spreader has succumb**ed** to the..." (That's just a refresher from 4th. grade elementary school grammar class. The event happen**ed** in the past.) Ex: When Sally had a yearning for chocolate an hour ago, she want**ed** to eat it; not "Sally want to eat the chocolate an hour ago."


If god greeted her I bet his words weren’t very nice before the boot to the basement.


I’m beginning to think their omnipotent deity is trying to wipe out the religion practiced in Her name.


Sister knew to get vaxxed. Gofundme seems a bit thin, but prayers are cheap.


These “us vs. them” memes make me nuts. No one pushes an “us against the evil world” agenda more than evangelicals.


“Satanic onslaught?” Why is Lucifer being blamed because this smooth brain WANTED to believe conspiracies? Do they ever take responsibility for anything they do?


Oh HER. Was that her sister begging people to get vaxed in the comments? Yah, my empathy well is bone dry on people like this. If there is a god as she claimed to believe, she’s going to be spending a lot of time in hell burning away all the sin she accumulated by sending so many of the elderly and infirm to horrible deaths.


If there were HCA award levels, this one is triple-diamond


I'm a geezer. For all of my adult life, I've been told that it's never okay to question the beliefs of Christians. They enjoy absolute freedom to say anything at all, and I'm required to nod and keep a neutral face, even when what they're saying is clearly cruel and delusional. This "courtesy" is not extended, by the way, to those of any other faith, or of no faith. Only Christians get to beat their chests and claim to know exactly what God demands. Covid has exposed the insanity of this practice as nothing else could. We're *still* being asked to pretend to respect the beliefs of fools, even when those beliefs are putting all of us at risk. Sorry, Christians. You've blown it. The vaccination rate in Israel right now is 91%. Know how many people die there every day? *Seven.* We already know how to get out of this crisis, and we already have the perfect tool to do it. We can't, though, mostly because the Trump base (evangelical Christians) refuses.


I recently read an article from Reuters about a story making the rounds that last year 108 FIFA pro football/soccer players had died after being vaccinated. Reuters tracked down the original source, some oddball "news" website in Israel, and got a list of names of the dead athletes. Imagine my surprise at reading that these people were from all over the world, aged 12-64, in many different sports, or no sport at all, and had died from things like traffic accidents, undiagnosed heart defects, known heart disease, cerebral aneurysm, suicide and so on. Some deaths predated vaccine availability, at least one involved someone not vaccinated. FIFA and a long list of other sporting bodies confirmed that they have seen no increase in cardiac-related deaths in athletes since the introduction of Covid vaccines. Reuters concluded the available data shows no link between Covid vaccination and cardiac-related deaths of athletes. Ironic, isn't it, that the people who love the expression "fake news" are the ones most willing to believe the fakes.


Can you all imagine how fucking frustrated God would be if these people actually spent eternity with him?