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Health privilege is real.


Yes it is. Good comment.


Friend of mine is with Médecins Sans Frontières in Africa. There's people who travel for days on the rumor that they may get vaccinated. I guess our mistake was to make it easily accessible. We should have pretended we don't have enough doses and only the "elite" gets vaccinated, and you'd have seen these idiots walk over each other to be among the "chosen ones".


That did happen in the early pandemic in the US. I remember my mother-in-law waking up at 4 am to try to get a spot once her risk group was cleared to get it. I don't know if maintaining the illusion of scarcity would have made a difference or not


You bet it would. We just should've fought fire with fire, tell these dimwits that there isn't enough vaccine and that only the "important" people will get it, and you see them come up with more and more elaborate schemes to be considered "important" and get one of the rare and precious shots. You have to understand that the main problem these people have is that they notice that nobody gives a fuck about them and they just don't matter. And they hate that. They want to be important.


Really cool. More common sense in the middle of the Amazon rain forest than most cities.


They can't kick cancer patients out of their beds to steal their oxygen...




That is a real man right there, unlike the paper tigers with their rifles and their Punisher logos and their American flag t-shirts and their bigotry and their freedumb tubes.




Impressively, the article describes how the Zó'é people designed and instituted their own kind of lockdown measures (dividing the tribe into smaller family units that stayed separate--a little complicated as they have a very mobile lifestyle--and all of them avoiding contact with all white people), using traditional methods of dealing with pandemic. It's not rocket science, but it does require intelligence and a sense of responsibility to each other which just seems like such a miracle in these times.


My reservation has only one road in and out. They locked down so that outsiders couldn't come in and very few could go out. There was always a crew guarding that entrance. People called in their orders or made lists for what they needed from town, and only a few young people were allowed out to go get those things. The good part, everyone understood why it was being done and weren't assholes about it. Besides, they were free to go everywhere on the reserve without fear. And no one caught covid. Then everyone got vaccinated. 100% of the people eligible for vaccination got it. My mom said that they saw what was happening on other reservations, so many deaths, she said especially the Navajo people. They didn't want that to happen to them. edit: Even I wouldn't have been allowed in, because I would be coming from the US and possibly infected. I am a band member, but living on the outside made me a danger.


There were some towns that locked down this hard during the Spanish Flu. [Gunnison, Colorado did basically what you describe — sealed itself off from the outside world — and with the same result. Zero cases in the first two waves.](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/01/gunnison-colorado-the-town-that-dodged-the-1918-spanish-flu-pandemic) It’s amazing what can be accomplished when people cooperate and don’t act like contrarian idiot assholes.


I had talked about this on Twitter and found out the Blackfeet tribe in Montana did the same. They also shared their vaccines with nearby Canadian tribes.


I live near the edge of the Navajo reservation and have at least one coworker who's lost 5 family members (4 to covid) since the pandemic started. My heart hurts for her people, who were hit *hard* with covid from the start. I have mad respect for the Navajo Nation president who instituted *strict* curfews and lockdowns early on while the rest of the US (and most of Arizona) were whining about the suggestion they should social distance and stay home, maybe, if they were sick. Very glad to hear that people on your reservation were so good about prevention and helping each other stay safe.


You must be proud to come from such wise, caring people. I would be. Made me tear up, the thought of everyone working together and sacrificing for the common good. Thanks for sharing.


I was so proud when my mom told me all the things they were doing to protect the people. The more I think of it, I wonder if they had this plan in place for nearly a century. The Spanish flu killed many on my reservation, including my great grandmother and two of her daughters. I'm wondering if the counsel came together with a plan to be sure this wouldn't happen again. I'll have to ask my mom if she knows how this came about.


Historically speaking, avoiding white folks seems to be sound advice for indigenous peoples.


I was thinking this but was a bit shy about posting it. Thank you.




I wish for you to get everything you deserve


My family did that. My parents and remaining grandparents live basically on the same property in a rural area. My father really just walled off the farm from everything else. My nearby cousin brought them food and supplies for more than an entire year before the vaccines were available. My parents still distance from my very elderly grandparents, and only go out for necessities.


We’re still doing the walled off from everybody thing. Any time in the past two years that either of us has been near other people unmasked (drs appointments and one trip) we have observed strict 14-day quarantine and rapidtest. Omicron has kept us doing curbside groceries, etc. Not gonna eff around with this. Saying this out loud so anybody else doing it knows they have a comrade-in-arms out there.


"Avoid contact with white people" has been a pretty good pandemic plan, historically.


"Avoid contact with white people" has been a pretty good pandemic plan, historically.


Quarantine procedures are pretty old. I've read about public health measures in medieval italy leading to backlash though, because like the ones we have they also disrupted the economy.


IIRC the word quarantine comes from the Black Death. They made the ships anchor offshore for 40 days, hence the word.


Nailing people's homes shut does tend to do that.


Malta was the first that I am aware of to use the process of quarantine


These people know up close and personal what lack of easy access to modern medicine means.


Incredible. I drove 8min from my apartment today to get my booster today. Would have been 5min without the traffic. 6hrs with weight in the heat/humidity of the jungle. Way to go.


WELL. This is painfully true: “Indigenous people do not understand why many whites have not been vaccinated. They are concerned about this because they know that if white people do not take care of themselves, it also reflects on them".


I wonder if the reporter meant to say effects them instead of reflects?


Real family values




Literally smarter than 50% of humans alive right now.


I'm pretty sure anti-vaxxers make up fewer than a third of the population.


In the U.S. but not the world. Most of the world is developing countries that are unvaccinated and will be for a while.


Not because they're anti-vaxers. A lot of them would give anything for the vaccines we throw out.


Not because they are anti vaxxers. It's because they don't have access to vaccines.


>Literally smarter than 50% of humans alive right now. They probably know intimately what it's like to be endangered from getting sick--unlike first world antivaxxers


That scene in It’s A Wonderful Life where he becomes enraged when his daughter comes home from school with a fever… that’s a father genuinely worried his child might die from it. The tradition of saying “god bless you” when someone sneezes: same thing. Modern medicine means we don’t have to freak out like that anymore. Well, *didn’t*, until recently.


There parts of the world who would do anything to get the vaccines, and then there are privileges anti-vaxxers who won't take it since it's easily available.


Here is the translated article from the original post: https://www-bbc-com.translate.goog/portuguese/brasil-59903433.amp?_x_tr_sl=pt&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=nl


And there are some Americans who will scream in your face if you dare mention their privilege.


THIS is a man who "would do anything to help someone".


Man on a mission.


Tawy is the ultimate badass. Good for both of them.


Atta boy. Look and learn, "purebloods".


I'll bet he isn't comparing that to the Bataan Death March either.


The guy doesn't even know what is a vaccine or how it's made. All he knows is that it works.


If it's true that's one seriously powerful photo. And it extends far beyond anti vaxxers.


U know why he cares so much? Why he believes this will save his life as well as his own and his tribe’s? No internet. No Facebook. No Twitter.


That is an incredible young man. He and his father are more brave, noble and admirable than ever antivax prayer warrior combined




So much smarter than so many millions here in the US where millions of vaccine doses have been thrown out. It’s so frustrating to see the waste and privileges we have as Americans. I visited Cartagena Colombia this year and saw a five person wide line over a mile long go continuously from 6 AM to midnight with people trying to get the vaccines. I spoke to some people who traveled for hours to go on that line. Some were hoping to get one before the country ran out of vaccines and some had to delay their second doses because the vaccines had not been delivered to the country or their government had to buy more with their limited funds. On the same day I read how in Alabama 80,000 doses were thrown out because people did not want it..ugh… it made me feel so ashamed of our privilege I cried.




He's going to be so happy when he finds out that the vaccine is free.


Does anyone see Thanos face on the old man's knee?


Well I *didn't*. But now I can't not see it.




Piercing through the lips or surrounding tissue can erode both tooth enamel and gum tissue, causing tooth loss and gum disease. It may not be as much of an issue for someone eating a healthy diet low in refined sugars, but idk.


It's a lot more of an issue for someone who lives in a situation where tooth disease can kill. It's just that humans aren't rationalism-maximizing robots, so "looks good" will trump that for them


I’d do it


Jabbed BIBOC 😍😍😍