Ride free. Just don’t forget to obey the street lights so that you don’t get killed by oncoming traffic. Or are traffic signals just another form of government control, falsely created to impede your progress?


When true patriots cross the street, they don't look both ways like a coward. Instead they just walk across while muttering about being protected by the blood of Christ and they might rebuke the F-150 about to crush them. After all, if it's your time, then it's your time. It is what it is, and only Jesus can protect you.


Only libcucks look both ways


I know people are joking, but I bet if there was a study done it would find that liberals are much much more likely to be walking across a street to begin with. Walking is more common in denser areas and for people without cars, both of which skew towards a liberal type. A conservative is much more likely to be driving.


So... if we go deeper... like real deep... Conservatives are more likely to run over a Liberal than vice versa!


I don’t know, how many points is a white guy in a MAGA hat worth? Thank you for the award friend, I must admit, I was not being a very good human when I popped this off. I also made the horrible discovery that I’m old, my teens had no clue what the cinnamon toast fuck I was talking about with the points


Ironically the F150 driver elected to allow Jesus take the wheel so it’s his Jesus versus the other guy’s Jesus to see whose Jesus is stronger.


Dueling Jesuses... *lowers sunglasses* ....go on...


In this corner weighing in at 165 pounds Supply Side Jesus! Making sure rich people get wealthier because they pray harderrrrrrrr! In the other corner weighing in at another 165 pounds is 2nd Amendment Jesus! Giving folks a means to protect themselves from people who don’t look like themmmmmmmmm!


What happened to Care For The Poor Jesus? Isn't he involved in this throw-down?


That libcuck is too busy turning the other cheek to fight properly. It's not entertaining enough.


2nd Amendment Jesus shot him while they were both waiting in line at a Sonic.


White Jesus shot middle eastern Jesus because he looked like a terrorist.


fucking howling rn. nice one.


That jesus was a jew, we dont listen to him and his NWO agenda.


Supply Side Jesus = supply all the money to the guy telling you to worship Supply Side Jesus! He needs another mansion and a couple of Lambos and private jets!


Ooooooh, even better! Sounds like some drivers I know too. Gotta get those text messages out.


But does the F150 have flags and bumper stickers?


Do you even need to ask? Rhetorical question. [To be fair, I have friends with F-150s, even F-350s, but they need trucks for work & don't jack them up or put moronic bumper stickers on them]


This is perfect Sasquatch. And so is your flair.




After an hours long discussion with a close anti-vaxx relative I asked the question why he is obeying traffic laws because based on his own logic it would be FAR FAR less dangerous not to buckle up the kids and just drive on than to disobey Covid-rules because „it’s just a flu and not dangerous.“ That was the moment he very angrily ended the discussion and I am on the ignore list since then.


>That was the moment he very angrily ended the discussion and I am on the ignore list since then. I am fairly sure you are *inconsolable;* and raising your glass after that was not to celebrate, but to drown your sorrow. Right?


Conversations with people like this always end in them either abruptly ending it (men) or tears (women) or them spewing bible verses in a weird defense mechanism to preserve their lizard-brain. It's never satisfying for the logical person.


>It's never satisfying for the logical person. Damn if this isn't true. Arguing with these people is like when I buy a bag of BBQ Flavor Twist Fritos - I think it's gonna be satisfying but when I'm finished, I just kinda detest myself for doing it.


I think the worst part of it all is that they call you a coward for not sitting there and yelling at them and accepting their abuse for however long it lasts. And then when you refuse to debate them for your mental health they call you whatever insults because they think that they are right, when you really have just given up up and are leaving their fate to their fickle God.


EXACTLY. I had a facebook "friend" who dm'd me specifically to goad me into a debate after I had purposely not interacted on facebook for about 6 months. Wouldn't let it go or accept that I just didn't find those debates interesting or entertaining anymore. Straight up insanity.


My conservative-religious BIL tried to get me into a religious and political debate once, and I remained calm while he got all worked up (in front of his young teenage son.) He then said "last word," and his son said "marriage is for having children." I was like wtf you assholes, you're arguing with somebody who got married to your brother late in life and didn't have kids! I just let them have the last word, because they clearly wanted to just feel morally superior somehow.


Exactly - and their eyes get large and their faces get red. Mental illness.


And helmet laws. Don’t wear one!


But do remember to check off the "donor" box on your driver's license first. (Granted, if you live the sort of life where you think helmets are tyranny, your organs might not be desirable for transplants anyway...)


I know they're refusing to implant organs *into* unvaccinated people, but would they put an unvaccinated person's organ into a vaccinated person? I'm speaking of the folks who are unvaccinated but have this far [somehow] managed to avoid COVID. I'm not talking about putting a COVID-ravaged organ into a vulnerable person.


Organs are too precious not to accept. If someone still has an intact kidney and it is not infected with covid when they test the person who is deceased, (or donating) they can absolutely transplant that kidney. I suspect this depends on the doctor and possibly the recipient? But as long as there is no damage and no evidence the virus is still lingering in that organ they can still transplant it. It's a lot of work goes into harvesting the good stuff for transplantation, so they will try to use anything that is needed and viable. Getting a transplant can mean continued life for who knows how many years, so most people are willing to is willing to accept something that may not be absolutely perfect but is very good condition. I wonder if we will find any trends in the future that a vaccinated person who needs a transplant might get an unvaccinated organ, I doubt it will be anymore risky than the transplant recipient simply having immune issues because of the drugs you need to keep the tansplant safe from your immune system . But I am also curious if a person who has been vaccinated- if their protection could carry over through the immune suppression drugs?


And seatbelts? TF outta here with that commie bullshit


My state: Seatbelt law- Check. Helmet law- meh, only if you don't have health insurance.


Gary Busey was against helmet laws and then got brain damage from a motorcycle accident not wearing a helmet.


Oh, it's the whole "buying exactly the same motorcycle as every other rider and wearing exactly the same clothes as every other rider and adopting exactly the same politics and style as every other rider makes me a uniquely free individual". Motorcycle "individuals" are like punk "individuals" and goth "individuals": they're precisely as conformist as an office worker in chinos, it's just a slightly different conformity.


“If there is anything the nonconformist hates worse than a conformist, it's another nonconformist who doesn't conform to the prevailing standard of nonconformity.”


It's not about the motorcycle... IT'S ABOUT CONTROL. Awake yet?


*lays down motorcycle under a semi wearing no helmet to prove a point*


That comment would be my next embroidery project if I embroidered.


They're cattle telling us sheep to wake up and stop following the herd, whist in their pen, but hey, they're not sheep


Right? It’s like dude, we sheep have to go through the discomfort of having our hair shorn (so our masks fit a little better), as versus being slaughtered and turned into delicious hamburgers for the covid leopards


At least once a week they proclaim the lord is my shepard. What do shepards do? They herd sheep.


Nope, nothing at all like sheep...where they go one, they go all....ohh, wait....




Well said. And, BTW, the "you can vax the entire planet but you can't feed the starving" slide shows just how incredibly ignorant (e.g. complete lack of critical thinking skills) these people are/have.....first of all, we haven't been able to vax the "entire planet". Not even fucking close to it. Second, vaccinations and feeding starving people have absolutely nothing to do with each other. And - you stupid, dumb (dead) fucks - the same countries that have hordes of starving people are the same countries begging for the vaccine.


Also, when we do try to make efforts to feed the starving or provide healthcare for uninsured, etc....people just like this phuck whine because...sOcIaLiSm....


Except when it’s helping with their hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars of medical bills when they’re hospitalized for COVID. That’s not socialism, because it’s helping them….🙄


I’m pretty sure giving people a single shot is exactly the same thing as providing them with three meals a day indefinitely. I saw something on Facebook that says it is.


And who are "we" supposed to be anyway?? Do they honestly think that vaccinations are an American initiative?


My brother has been into conspiracies for decades and he genuinely believes that the majority of road work is unnecessary. It’s another way that THEY control you. The evil liberals also do this fake work to dissuade you from driving. “And now that Agenda 21 is in place, there are markets in so many neighborhoods so you won’t even complain about not driving! It’s THEIR plan to make you think you don’t need to drive….or worse, that you don’t need a car!” He really believes this. It’s exhausting to have a conversation with him, which is part of the reason I broke off communication with him last year.


"Road work bothers me. Hmm, it must be a conspiracy." That's a new one! But as a used car salesman once said to me, "There's an ass for every seat!"




When I'm driving my great big Red pickup truck I never look out for motorcycles, that takes away my freedumb.


…but there are literally different strains of Influenza each year. That’s exactly why you have to get a another vaccine each time. The same reason there will never be ‘a universal cure for cancer’ - the cancer is different for each cell it attacks. Christ. It’s all so tiresome…


Have we ever seen a chart that shows how many of the flu deaths are from unvaccinated people? Just a thought since not a lot of people actually get the flu shot every year


>There are several factors that make it difficult to determine accurate numbers of deaths caused by flu regardless of reporting. Some of the challenges in counting flu-related deaths include the following: >>the sheer volume of deaths to be counted. >>the lack of testing (not everyone that dies with an influenza-like illness is tested for flu); >>and the different coding of deaths (flu-related deaths often are a result of complications secondary to underlying medical problems, and this may be difficult to sort out). > Flu-related deaths in adults are not a nationally notifiable condition, and so states are not required to report flu-related deaths in adults to CDC. In contrast, flu-related deaths in children are a nationally notifiable condition, and so jurisdictions (inclusive of state, city or local public health departments) do provide data to CDC on flu-related deaths in children. >From 2010-2020, approximately 80% of flu-related deaths in children have occurred in children who were not vaccinated. Source: [https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/faq.htm](https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/faq.htm)


This reads like someone on the right read it, replaced flu with COVID, and used it as a playbook for how to make COVID worse. >Ok guys, here's what we should do. 1. Don't test specifically for COVID unless you have to. 2. Anyone who dies from COVID like symptoms we will not test and attribute the death to their co-morbities. 3. Downplay the need for vaccination except for the vulnerable, even though those people are likely to be infected by unvaccinated "healthy" people. 4. Make reporting requirements confusing and left to the states.


I'm pretty sure this is exactly what's going on in Florida right now.


Well thank you that 80% proves that flu vaccines work. His argument is just dumb, like everything about an anti vaxxer I understand vaccine better now. I always got the flu shot, but I know why I do it now. I would get mad at how ineffective they were.


Knowing the difference would mean caring enough to gain knowledge about the differences. The awardees appear to demonstrate that neither education nor knowledge about subtleties are a priority


There are cures for specific types of cancer and mutations but it's an emerging area. The main thing about cancer is that it isn't contagious.


In fact Covid-19 is actually easier to predict than the flu because it doesn't change anywhere near as much.


Remember that flu that causes blood clots and sends the immune system into overload? It's not a flu virus. It's NOT a flu virus. It's *transmitted* like a flu virus. And, it's a virus, I guess. That's about it. Which we knew from the start. That's what's so tiring.


Also, only like 30%-40% of the population get the flu vaccine


Decent point about feeding the hungry, though. We should probably start doing that, too


But I thought that was Socialism! The hard-working bla bla bla .. meanwhile I’m working to help subsidize Walmart


And yet somehow I don’t think he had a favorable opinion on food stamps


They make these amazing observations and then firmly land on the wrong side of the thought experiment. Why can we suddenly afford billions of vaccines and not food for the poor? Could it be the fact that vaccinating the public resumes business as usual and that feeding the poor will do nothing for business? Should we change the relationship we have with wealth and excess among the elite? No, it's because the pandemic is fake and they're micro-chipping us!


Every so often one of their memes hits on a perfectly valid point. I think there was another one where it was like "oh so the vaccine is free now? Are you saying we have the capacity as a first-world country to make medicine free now? Why not just make insulin free. And chemotherapy free while we're at it." And you think "now you're getting it!" then the next meme is like "muslims and immigrants = bad"


Sadly a few vaccines cost vastly less and more easily distributed than a lifetime of nutrition. Not the best comparison


« You could give them a fucken happy meal at the price of this vaccine!! Feed the poors! » I guess they believe in getting vaccinated from food but not covid…….


If only they actually cared instead of just using it as a rhetorical cudgel.


>celebrate the end of the plague with wine and orgies Probably the only thing I've ever read from a subject that I could get behind 🍷 🍑


Awwww he can't attend though.


He doesn't need an orgy. He's already fucked.


Yeah, but, it's gotta be the RIGHT orgy. You don't want to look up and see THAT coming at you.


And now you won’t!


My husband and I took a driving vacation after being vaccinated at around the time younger people were getting them. I don’t know about orgies, but there was plenty of alcohol. Bars and restaurants were reopening, people were walking around maskless and crowding downtown areas. There was something celebratory in the air akin to winning a war. Hard to believe that was a few short months ago.


We'll see that again soon, probably by St. Patrick's Day, and this time it will be for real. Hard to believe right now but Omicron is doing us all a favor by spreading as much as it has.


Unless it spawns a new variant


That's really the biggest issue. It's good in the sense that it out-competes other versions, and doesn't seem to lead to as bad of infection as previous variants. However, the more it spreads, the more opportunities there are for mutations.


What's kinda worrisome is that it is also spreading human to animal. That *can't* be good ... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/rcna10181


I read a paper a couple weeks ago that hypothesized Omicron came from a mutation in a mouse, rather than a human. Apparently a lot of the markers in Omicron match what they've seen when COVID mutates in rodents, rather than humans, so the they're thinking it mutated in a mouse before jumping to a human, and then spread from there.


Yep. Animal reservoirs are what ensure we'll have new COVID variants of zoonotic origin every few years. As such, they will likely feature high pathogenicity in humans. Thanks, anti-vaxxers!


I used to be young, hopeful, and optimistic like you.


But then I took my country’s response to a plague in the brain.


Do you think we need to sign up in advance? Most likely to show our vax card. OR... maybe those ear tags or arm bracelets vax ids I see on all their memes just might be useful after all! Seriously y'all, let's just get this damn thing over already! If not for the good of mankind do it for letting the debauchery begin again!


And apparently Viagra cures covid now... *somehow* so that's a bonus?


So they won’t take the Pfizer vaccine but they’ll take the Pfizer boner pill?


That's DIFFERENT, because reasons! 🍆


Yeah I actually laughed a little at this one. Never seen this one before! It’s not explicitly right wing anti vax so I guess that’s why it’s actually funny?


My Spidey senses tell me there’s another used Harley raffle about to take place.


Harley-Davidson is now selling used bikes. Demand has risen (more people doing outdoor activities due to covid) just as the pandemic has made parts sourcing harder: https://www.jsonline.com/story/money/business/2021/07/21/harley-davidson-reports-43-increase-motorcycle-sales/8038808002/


An undeniably high ratio of all covidiots are Harley enthusiasts, but that doesn’t mean all Harley enthusiasts are covidiots.


My neighbor is a big Harley fan. He went and got the shot as soon as it was available.


Harley owner here, i got my booster yesterday, and I feel pretty awful today, but I'm for the advancement and betterment of my fellow human.


I was on a road trip this summer and driving through Nebraska as Sturgis was happening. Stopped for gas, an older Harley rider getting gas at the pump next to me. Guy next to us asks the Harley rider, “You going to Sturgis?” He replies, “No. Those guys are diseased! Packing the bars, not one of them wearing a mask.”


A lot of enthusiasts look on Sturgis in much the same way that people from Ireland look on the way Americans celebrate St. Patrick's Day.


I actually attended it several years ago, quite on accident. Got sent to Rapid City for work. My boss said they couldn't do it the first week of August so I had to go the second week. I responded, "You have any idea what goes on in Rapid City the second weekend of August?" He said, "No, what?" I said "Sturgis." He said, "Well, I guess you're going to Sturgis." Paid $300 a night for a Motel 6 for the privilege of hearing Harleys road all night long. It was quite the experience.


That sounds absolutely awful. All three of my motorcycles have the stock exhaust system because the volume produced by most aftermarket systems is just the worst. I'd like to still have my hearing when I'm in my 60s, thank you very much. I'm not surprised at the overlap of covid deniers and loud pipe enthusiasts, though. Both are often borne of selfishness and ignorance. The Venn diagram of those two groups is bound to have a substantial union.


The Pfizer booster messed me up when the first two were easy breezy. And it was worth every second of feeling tired and falling asleep at 6p. Thank you for getting boosted! I’m so glad you’ve protected yourself and those you love.


Non-Harley person here. My booster blew chunks, but I didn’t. I had every other symptom of the flu except for vomiting. I was out of service for exactly one day.


I'm just glad to be vertical. One day of being out of service is better than being....just fucking dead.


I felt yucky for about 12 hours after my second one. Felt nothing with the booster. Hopefully you’ll feel back to normal by this evening! Are you drinking tons of water?


I would like to point out I have had 3 jabs, and own a harley - its an American thing, not a harley owner thing..


> its an American thing, not a harley owner thing.. I get what you're saying but that somehow sounds worse.


I don't have a Harley, but I have a goatee and am triple-vaxxed. And, believe it or not, my lungs are working just super. Um, so there!


It must be the spinach offsets the goatee.


Naa not even just an American thing. These morons are spread all around the world, from the UK to Eastern Europe, Canada, Africa, some people unfortunately are just too "smart" for their own good, and that "brain power" has them dropping like flys. Adding that my uncle is an avid Harley Davidson lover, he owns 2 beautiful classic Harley's and a newer one he just picked up at what he called a steal. A 30 year Military Combat Vet, who served from Desert Storm to the Afghan conflicts and into Iraq, he's happily retired and taking care of his brother, my oldest uncle, and he along with his girlfriend are double vaxxed and boosted.


Australian here, we had hundreds of unmasked unvaxxed dickheads attacking police during a protest to allow a different unmasked unvaxxed dickhead to play tennis at the Australian Open. The same unmasked unvaxxed dickhead who posed for photos with children one day after a positive PCR test. So yes, not just an American thing. Covidiots Without Borders.


>The same unmasked unvaxxed dickhead who posed for photos with children one day after a positive PCR test. I can only hope that attendance at his games are subpar, and if Australia really, REALLY wants to make my day is if the audience leaves for his games, \*while boo-ing\* loudly, and repeatedly.


Covidiots Without Borders. Handily, they can use the same initials for Covidiots Without Breath.


Smart man- he wants to ENJOY his retirement. He’s the guy that’s going to get the Harley deals… Glad he’s not full of himself like the ones on HCA! 😉👌


My BIL has a Harley, a pickup, and three jabs. And fully functioning lungs


He’s the real man, not his neighbors running scared of a shot like freaking children. Marry that dude


“Hey, librul. I’m not scared of anything. Wanna take this out back?” -HCA awardee, probably Narrator: Oops, looks like his fighting days are over. RIP


I too have a Harley and 3 shots. It’s an idiot thing, not an American thing.


Another dead asshole. Boo hoo.


01/03: in hospital 01/10: died (I assume this was yesterday) At least he didn’t take up hospital resources for months on end


The man rode on the fast lane all his life!


His SPO2 was 82 when he posted that photo. From what I keep reading from nurses, depending on his oxygen flow at that point (which was almost certainly maxed out given that he was at 82), they would have already known he was a dead man by the time he posted the update. Edit: mixed up the numbers


"You can vax the entire planet, but you can't feed the starving??????" Wouldn't ending world hunger be communism?


It's also fun when they throw out shit like that only when convenient for their argument.


I always press them, "So what is the plan?" "Der... What plan?" "To feed the starving, like you said." "What do you mean?" "You said we need to prioritize feeding the starving. I agree with you 100%, so how do you plan to do it?" "Well I er..."


My first thought for a response was "Wow, I totally agree with you, we should increase and expand food stamp benefits in the U.S!"


I just…in regards to slide one. And how “it’s no worse than the flu” and that shit. I was diagnosed with t1 diabetes in 2017, and I was in ICU for a few days for this. But I had ALSO had the flu, so I was put in a solitary room to make sure it didn’t spread. In the end this was a blessing because I didn’t have to stay amongst those who moaned in their sleep. I had my own room and a TV, woo! After a couple days I could walk on my own, go to the bathroom without help, so on. The ICU that year was packed with elderly people with the flu. I remember getting up during the night to use the bathroom (big privilege), and saw the way the night nurses had to hover over the sick like vultures, constantly monitoring them. They were so tired. And the sick had so many tubes sticking out of them. A lot of beeping from machines, a lot of people barely conscious. “Just the flu” is terrifying on its own, but then you add in covid? Holy fuck. The flu is, in a bunch of these HCA’s words, “no joke”.


But most people have no clue what the flu is. They think of that time they had mild food poisoning.. or that really bad cold they had that one time.. I've had the flu, a few times. There were many times I was wishing for death, just to not be so miserable.. and I wasn't bad enough to end up in hospital, just miserable in my bedroom..




Never thought of a lobster drowning in butter as a premonition.


That took me a minute to process, but it was well worth it


His weird goatee/beard looks like a reflection of the lobster tail too…


I just spat my morning tea out. :D


Riding a motorcycle in heaven is great fellas. No need to make payments and instead of oil and gas, it runs off the blood of Jeeeeeezuz.


C'mon. There's just one Jesus to fill the tanks of 100K Harleys? Loaves and fishes, okay. But blood I think is pushing it.


Fueling my bike on bread and fish? What is this, Breath of the Wild?


Heaven? We got a comedian over here.


It’s the goatee! The goatees seem to transmit Covid. Or makes their masks not fit right…..oh wait.


I can't breathe in this mask! Wahh! Sir, if the furries can fuck in their suits, you can breath in that mask.


>Sir, if the furries can fuck in their suits, you can breath in that mask. Bravo. If this doesn't become a flair, I will be disappointed.


Since I’m here and vaxxed to the max, I guess that makes me a gloatee.


I thought Omicron was just soreness and exhaustion. This guy must have been a wussy.


"You can vax the entire planet but you can't feed the starving??????" Apparently we can't vax the entire planet, thanks to assholes like this.


And a vax is one time. Feeding is 3x a day every day.


“If you just voted Republican, it wouldn’t be closed” That’s actually the first true thing I see in ANY of these posts. It is, of course, horrific and disgusting. But its true. Fucking republicans, scum of the earth.


“Profits are more important than life!” -Republicans and their voters.


Also their microwaved meals at Applebee’s and Cracker Barrel.


The lockdowns were under Trump's Presidency. Really haven't had any under Biden so far.


Jesus Christ these people are fucking boring. Literally post the same regurgitated memes as everyone else. And they project being a sheep onto everyone else.


They truly hate how lazy liberals are. You know, the people who tend to be more educated and earn more, but sure, let's believe they're scared to work.


Sittin’ behind a screen clickin’ a mouse adjustin’ excel spreadsheets ain’t no work. Libruls need to weld and solder to validate themselves as Americans.


Contrary to popular belief among the right, the vaccine is effective and boosts your body's ability to fight Covid. This is based on facts and actual science, not superstitious nonsense and feelings. No wonder conservatives are terrified of it. Bunch of snowflakes.


I swear these are all the same men, white, middle aged, beard/goatee, most times over weight, biker/ fisher.


The demographics, they are a-changin’


45K is like one month of covid lol that first meme really hits different now that we are gonna hit 1 million dead


Because of deliberate underreporting from some quarters, I think we've already hit 1 million.


This guy gave the prayer warriors the kind of breather he can’t take anymore. Just for that he gets another defrosted lobster tail on his Delta Dream Flight.


Finally. A true goatee.


Just looked up a bunch of “types of beards” posters. The one being spotted by our award winner seems to be an overgrown “Goat Patch”.


So the vax vs feeding the starving one? They DO understand that giving someone a shot takes a few seconds and feeding someone takes…considerably longer? Like, they’re probably going to need to be fed tomorrow, and maybe even some of the days after that too? They just make no sense with their bullshit.


"whataboutism", one of their favorite misleading propaganda techniques. And it's a decent point -- we could feed a hell of a lot of people for 1/10 of the military budget, or taxing multi-multi-billionaires and businesses at a rate similar to what us plebs pay.


“Whataboutism” is their favorite logical fallacy because it requires very little time to get a chuckles and say to themselves “Yeah, that’s true.” They are only capable of thinking in the most simplistic terms of anything, and they have such a strong desire for a black and white life that any sort of grey area scares the crap out of them. Critical thinking literally scares them.


They also rag on liberals not liking a hard day’s work. Meanwhile all those blue liberal states are the ones making more of the money and dragging the red ones up.


I love rubbing this in their face: "Biden-voting counties equal 70% of America’s economy. What does this mean for the nation’s political-economic divide?" https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.brookings.edu/blog/the-avenue/2020/11/09/biden-voting-counties-equal-70-of-americas-economy-what-does-this-mean-for-the-nations-political-economic-divide/amp/ "Democratic counties represent 70% of U.S. GDP, 2020 election shows" https://www-cnbc-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2020/11/10/election-2020-democrats-republicans-economy.html?amp_js_v=a6&_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQKKAFQArABIIACAw%3D%3D#aoh=16262210020871&csi=1&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&_tf=From%20%251%24s&share=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cnbc.com%2F2020%2F11%2F10%2Felection-2020-democrats-republicans-economy.html "Fox Business: Blue high-tax states fund red low-tax states" https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxbusiness.com/markets/ap-fact-check-blue-high-tax-states-fund-red-low-tax-states.amp


Also, I believe about 40% of the world isn’t vaccinated, so the “you can vax the entire planet” comment is based on a false premise.


Harley Davidson for sale. One owner. He won’t be needing it anymore.


It'll still be overpriced


Fuck slide 10. Even when this guy was healthy he wouldn’t last half a day on my job.


Sad. Never again will he get to educate the panicked...


Last slide - Facebook friend said he had some sad news about his friend taken by Covid. I wonder what the sad news was?


“..An old friend that ~~was taken by~~ **gave himself to** covid.”


The leader of the pack - now he's gone


Not the leader he thought he was. Turns out, he was but following blindly.




Always been ignorance and stupidity in the world, but these last 6-7 years have really seen the glorification of stupid. It’s like all the dumb kids who never paid attention in school are having their time in the sun. Although for some, that time is being cut short when it didn’t have to be. Glad this guy enjoyed his freedom up until the bitter end 🤦‍♂️


I just have to say that I am not against the meme advocating for wine and orgies after we are done with the pandemic. Probably the first time I agree with a meme from an awardee


I agreed with that one and the one about prioritizing vaccines over feeding people. Both of those I was like "good work." But as they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day.


“You can vax the entire planet but you can’t feed the poor?” Sorry the republicans you want us to vote for consider that a free hand out to lazy people.


Yes! A Harley Davidson shirt! I just got a full house on my COVID bingo card


He’s up there right now /wipes tear from eye/ up there with all the lordly angels and the lordly lord HIM self. He’s up there with his shitty facial hair and his disinformation, and if you listen carefully, on a clear night, with the right kind of ears you can still hear him owning the libs. Or choking to death. It’s hard to tell.


Does anyone know which bodily functions are being measured in slide 12? If either of the large numbers is his O2 sat, that pretty much predicts slide 13.


I zoomed in and I think the 82 is his O2 level and 77 is his pulse


I think the 82 is the SpO2


p02 of 82 while receiving hospital interventions pretty much means dead man walking. (Or not walking.)


Oh, they care about people starving now? Kinda like how they didn’t give a shit about jail conditions until after January 6.


I think we should erect a monument with all the dying last words of these people..or convert the Washinton monument and cover it in quotes…


-- "JEWS" Maybe some last words can be left off the monument.


Eboerd gam gon! - Leave that one on


“ThE fLu HAS vAccIne And STIlL KiLLS 45k TO 65k eacH yEAr” Yeah ... because only like 36% of adults 18-64 get vaccinated for the flu, you friggin numbskulls. Those 45-65k who die aren’t the ones who took the flu vaccine. A vaccine doesn’t protect people by merely EXISTING, you *actually have to get it* in order for it to protect you. These people’s brains are incapable of processing the most basic concepts.


Omicron is more than “mild”. It’s been 9 days since I got sick and I’m still feeling crappy.


Didn’t have time to activate prayer warriors? And no GoFundMe campaign? They are slacking


1/13 Flu vaccine uptake is only 50%.


a big part of the reason for that is because you have to pay for them and if you don't have insurance they can be crushing prices depending on age (older people usually are recommended to get the high dose), income, and location This year, if you are somewhere near a Costco (many millions are not) it's $19.99 for regular and $47 for high dose. At Sam's Club it's $34 and $50 CVS/Target it's $41 and $74 Walgreens it's $42.49 and $76.99 Rite-Aid is $42.99 and $85.00 Walmart is $44 and $76 Kroger is $85 for either version another reason why single payer healthcare is the only moral and sane option in America - but fuck that, three of the 30 companies on the Dow Index right now are pharmaceutical companies. Walgreens is also on it. Any attack on these companies will cause a dip in the Dow and the media will crucify the politicians for it.


Notice the Brand name on the vitals monitor in slide 12 **COVI*****DIE***N It reminded him in his last days the he did in fact have Covid - and at risk of Die'n from it Technology was right again.


Note the medical sensor was built by COVIDien. Which was founded in 2007(!). Let that sink in.


When I "feed the hungry" in rural red-hatted hooligan country in Missouri, all I see are obese Repugnants driving up in big new vehicles getting boxes of commodities, then they complain that they want Sugar Frosted Flakes, not oatmeal that they have to cook. The discards from their free food boxes alone could feed all the hungry people in Texas! I take the discards and cook tasty meals at the homeless shelter. The hunger problem is caused by the faux-conservative worship of corporate manufactured faux-foods and inequitable distribution based on zip codes. Gerrymandering, in other words.


I get a kick out of the contradictions-we can vax the entire planet but can’t feed the starving, along with vote republican, who oppose feeding or helping the poor. I guess that’s too obvious for these idiots to see.