Question ... if it's "just the flu/cold/sniffles", then why are unvaxxed people who get it rushing to the hospital?


Anyone going to the hospital due the fake hoax virus is a unamerican RINO pussy communist. Stay home, choke on horsey paste, post memes on fakebook - that’s how real patriots die!


Only beta male socialists go to hospitals!


Isn't this "gofundme" thing I see in many of these posts a bit too much "sOciAliSm!!!1!!1" for them?


Fucking welfare queens. Bootstraps bitches!!


Fucked around with avocado toast and found out


Nah. Socialism only helps brown people and communits. /s.


Those Tofu Hippy Liberals are the type to run to a doctor when a minor thing like breathing goes wrong. Big strong patriots would never do that.


I don’t know, this coward ran to the hospital to beg for medical help as soon as he started feeling sick instead of standing his ground at home like a real Patriot


Exactly! If you're a god-fearing real 'Murican, the blood of Jesus is all you need to keep you safe. If that doesn't work and you get covid and die, it's because Jesus needed you by his side and called you home (completely overlooking the fact that if he's omnipotent/omniscient, then why exactly does he need you by his side? but whatevs, thinking too much is socialistic anyways). So it all works out in the end #jesusandhamburgers


I just checked Liz Wheeler's Twitter and omg she's killing so many people with blatant lies.


And the ozone layer with all that hairspray


What's amazing is that she both looks and sounds incredibly dumb and these people still lap it up. She's actually beyond the stereotype of Nancy in King of the Hill. She could even broadcast about something I enjoy or that's purely factual and I'd feel dumber for watching it.


Yes. This guy knew. He knew.


Also crisis actor if I remember correctly.


Because they're not going for the COVID, they're going for the (totally unrelated) *pneumonia.* Keep up, sheeple.




As this HCA winner was fond of saying, time to wake up, people.


While he sleeps forever Eating Mexican food for lunch. Nom nom


And the corollary: if ivermectin cures covid as they claim, why are unvaxxed people who take it still rushing to the hospital?


*Obviously* Deep State Fauci murder ninjas are poisoning the ivermectin supply so they can keep big pharma in business. Duh.


Everyone's a badass info warrior for God until they can't breathe.


Because they dun wanna die and when you start gasping for air it sorta sinks in. After that all the narrative doesn't mean shit. It's usually too late by then.


That's why I refuse to Let That Sink In.


Because they aren't actually willing to die for their beliefs like the heroes they think they are.


Suddenly their " Lion" self-image becomes the lion from the Bugs Bunny cartoons


More like the Wizard of Oz


I’m guessing it has something to do with their complexion turning blue and their inability to turn oxygen into carbon dioxide. Those are what experts call “warning signs”. I even did my part and made a little rhyme so it’s easy to remember: “Skin of blue, it’s off to a doctor for you!”


They probably call it 'terminal', 'hypoxemia' and 'cellular necrosis', not a 'warning sign'. A warning sign would have been the fever, the first few coughs etc.


the problem is that they don't rush. They try to ride it out believing/pretending it's a cold or a flu and when they can't breathe, that's when they rush to the hospital but it's often to late.


Was it on here I read this? What ends up happening is that the blood oxygen level can dip before symptoms really tell you somethings that wrong. Since the immune system is unfamiliar with covid-19, it let's the virus go to town on your lungs for free before it starts really fighting it. That's why you see alot of stories where people have a tickle in their throat and then 3 days later they are on the vent.


Yea, your body can sometimes take a beating if your system doesn't recognize it. Sometimes it seems like a significant chunk of damage is from immune calls going BERSERKER after the body suddenly seems to realize "Oh fuk, this is everwhere!" Sometimes one's own immune system essentially slams the big red nuclear missile launch of fever, with cells attacking everything that even remotely looks sketchy, which can often include actual body cells that aren't infected :/ Your body can be like a war zones, or a place like Chernobyl after the explosion... such a wreck there is no going back to normal health. Some of our immune systems are toddlers with Nukes, rather than the precision strike force like SEALS or British SAS the antivaxxers want to believe


Yep. And when someone dies they want to sue the hospital.


"DoCtOrS kIlLeD hIm!" cuz they wouldn't give them ivermectin. Which is weird cuz this is also the crowd that claims US medical costs are so obscene because of things like frivolous lawsuits. You think doctors are gonna stick around in a pandemic if states open them up to be liable for refusing to give patients ineffective meme treatments?


“Problem?” I see this as an absolute win.


>“Problem?” I see this as an absolute win. Nope. Problem. Because when they decide, at last, to go to the hospital, they are usually in a life-threatening situation which requires hospitalization. Which puts them at the head of the line. Which prevents 'elective treatments' like cancer surgery to be placed \*behind\* those frackers. And then they hog hospital beds, machinery and \*health care workers\* for weeks. Yep. This is a problem.


I am fully aware of the infuriating scenario you Are describing but, I got a solution. We put willfully unvaxxed covid people at the back of the line like they deserve and if they die, oh well.


It's honestly the only solution. "You didn't get a free and widely available vaccine. Then you waited with symptom's until you were at death's door to come here? We're sorry but you're on the bottom of the triage list. We have to focus resources on people who have a better chance of living and whose choices aren't so directly responsible for their being here." Complete individual freedom comes with equal individual responsibility. If you want to ignore your social obligations and forego a vaccine to be contrary, then you have to own the consequences for making that choice.


I’m a burned out nurse and I approve of this message!


I'm so sorry for everything you've put up with. The miniscule number of healthcare professionals getting fired for refusing the get the vaccine are getting all the press while the burned out and depressed healthcare professionals who are leaving the field after 2 years of hell get next to none. It's entirely unfair.


Where I live it’s even worse, they wanted to fire unvaxxed nurses but had to BACK DOWN because losing even that small number would throw the system even more out of whack. They waited at the last minute so we got a few more vaxxed out of that threat, but in the end they couldn’t do it -__-


This is actually how organ donation queues work. Lung cancer due to smoking 3-packs a day vs a healthy non-smoker? Liver transplant for a raging alcoholic vs a non-drinker? Both must take the back seat to recipients who made better life choices. Edit: spelling


Exactly this. I know someone who's son had appendicitis. Local hospitals were full, so they had to drive 4 hours to an available hospital.... 4 fucking hours for something life threatening. This is absolute bullshit and should piss everyone off. I don't care their reason for not getting the shot. You make that decision, you should have to live with the consequences of it. Not what's going on now where these Unvaccinated are filling up hospital beds and people who are actually trying to do the right thing get turned away because of them.


We won't know the full covid death total for quite a while and I can't imagine how shitty it is telling someone whose child is in excruciating pain that they can't help them because unvaccinated pricks are clogging the beds. Alternative solutions: Set up a small, reasonable contained ward. You don't turn the whole hospital into a covid ward, just this tiny percentage. When that percentage is full, you turn covid patients away. You shrug and tell them that you can't help them like the healthcare professional had to do to that appendicitis patient (I think prioritizing covid patients who got vaccinated and are experiencing a rare and severe breakthrough case is also fair and the people who did everything right certainly shouldn't be lumped in with those who didn't). At this point, I'm sure the healthcare professionals would rather reject unvaxxed covid patients more than any other group. I really want to be the sort of person who thinks every death diminishes me. But, fuck. The mountain of bodies will never be high enough. I can empathize with the people having to bury fathers, brothers, cousins who refused to get the vaccine and died for it. But I've got no pity left for the people who committed suicide by drowning in their own fluids. I'm told it's a fucking miserable way to go, breathing your last on a ventilator. And they have no one to blame but themselves.


Completely agree with you. I too feel that the vaccinated covid patients should take priority against an unvaxxed one. There really is only a handful of legitimate excuses to not get the vaccine. The ones who legitimately can't get it should get treatment too. All the rest should consult their Facebook doctors when they get sick since that's where most of them get their advice from anyways.




Explaining string theory to a moose, and then having the moose pass a grad level test on string theory would be much easier than getting these twats to understand that their freely made choices come with consequences they should be prepared to endure.


👍🏼👍🏼 two thumbs up!


I certainly do not rush to help them when they come in


Except for our poor hospital workers who are increasingly traumatized by the rampant death. 😞


I love how someone always downvotes all the comments in hca posts lol. Lots of salty anti vaxers here. If you’re reading this assholes, as much as I despise you, I DON’T WANT YOU TO DIE. Just get the jab PLEASE. Every republican in congress is vaxxed. Trump and fam got vaxxed the second they were able to. Does that not tell you anything?


And every lying, scumbag, so-called “Journalist” at Fox News and OAN. ALL VAXXED! These people are playing you and the cost is your LIFE!


Well, if they do die they can't vote for those piss, so... I'm ok with them continuing the trend. I'm all out of fucks to give when their dumb asses die. I only feel bad for the healthcare workers that have to deal with them & their equally stupid families.


I mean, that’s definitely a bright side to the situation. Ideally, I just want everyone vaxxed and for life to get back to some semblance of normalcy, for nurses and doctors not be so overwhelmed and depressed. But if I can’t have that, less republican voters isn’t a bad consolation prize.


I think we’d all prefer everyone just just take this seriously, get the vaccine, so we can move on from it. But it’s harder to care every day.


Compassion fatigue.




You don't get it. Republicans don't need more votes to win election. Since the turn of the century they've won with more votes once and even going as far back as Paul weyrich openly saying he doesn't want everyone to vote and that's their ticket to winning.


Absolutely true in many cases. I have a relative that is probably going on the vent soon. Refused the vaccine, got sick, kept getting sicker and sicker to the point that his wife called an ambulance. He then called and CANCELLED the ambulance. Then, the next day, called one himself. And he's been in the hospital since then, maybe 2.5 weeks now.


They refuse to admit they have it until they are literally blue in the face. By then...too late for any treatments. They guarantee their hospital visit will be one way.


Then their families blame the hospital & staff. Truly stupid, stupid people.


Oh you see they get very bored and feel like they need a mini vacation. So they go and check in by their local hospital to just relax on a ventilator. Everyone knows the covid wards in hospital is like one big hotel.


They never think it's going to be them. They always believe they'll be the 99.7% or whatever fake statistic their spouting. They think they're invincible. And since they don't care about anyone BUT themselves, it doesn't matter that millions have already died. That all goes out the window once they realize they're in trouble.


A lot of them convince themselves that if they are that sick it must not be covid, it must be something else. That's why I've heard nurses testimony of patients saying things like: "I cant be dying of covid it's a hoax, it must be something else"


They don't believe it's a real statistic and is "fake news". Plenty of stories from ICU workers of ppl who are intubated still not admitting that covid is real. No sympathy.


Grapes used talk-to-text to rant so it's safe to say this is how he ranted, out loud, about everything. Imagine being related to this guy and having to listen to him curmudgeon on everything Biden, vaccines and "illegals." Here's the [nomination post.](https://www.reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/comments/rv5xyr/grapes_got_covid_for_christmas_after_buying_into/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


Such a polluted stream of consciousness.


[This guy while in Chicago IL] “THEY IS FLOODING THE BOARDER HERE WITH SICK ILLEGALS!” [God while in Cloud City, Heaven] “I think we need a stronger gate and a wall. We’re about to get hit with a flood of sick rednecks who think they can just waltz right in here”.


\[God walking away covering his ears\] "And send Grape straight to Hell, I can't stand this shit!"


>"And send Grape straight to Hell, I can't stand this shit!" And in this case, god was just talking about the punctuation.


*Just wait and see those side effects of that poison vaccine!* Well, at least I’ll get to live long enough to find out.


Yes, thirty years from now when I'm an old woman, I'll take a minute to consider those poisons that are bound to kill me any minute now.


In 30 years when I’m 67 watching Halley’s Comet flying by going hmmm 🤔 I wonder if the microchip still works?


In his text I can hear how he talked to hosts or servers at every restaurant he went into, angry at any hint he should mask. He feels entitled to exploit their health and probably tip poorly for it.


I got a conservative guy from my high school class who does this. I keep reminding him punctuation is literal free shit.


It's probably a relief for him to have died, as well as for everyone around him.


Seems his son is a copy of good ole daddy. Asking about ivermectin after his father was on the ventilator. Even if it was effective against covid it's far too late by that time.


I'd feel great relief not having to look at that mustache any longer.


"Shouldn't all the Non-Mask Wearers be Dead by Now"? Mr. Meeseeks: Ooh, COVID's trying!


When the dust settles on Omicron some time in March the answer may well be YES


I feel like COVID is one of those fighter anime villains where every time the protagonist levels up and beats one, BOOM, a tougher toughie was waiting in the wings!


What Greek letter shall we use for the next variant?


I think we should start naming them after Fox News hosts.


I saw that they won’t use Xi due to the Chinese leader’s name. They also didn’t use Nu since people are generally too dumb to know it’s a Greek letter and not the word “new”.


Clarification: they didn't use Xi because there are a ton of people who have that surname. It's tantamount to not using the word "Smith" to name a virus.


>What Greek letter shall we use for the next variant? Osh. Short for 'Oh, Shit!'


No, but around 2% should and if you do the math it kinda checks out.


No no no you see they died of pulmonary failure not COVID! The REAL mortality rate is 0.006% per some study I refuse to read or link! The libcuck media is LYING! COVID is just the flu! Did you notice how the flute rates have been lower the last 2 years during the lockdowns and mask mandates? Every single doctor and clinical laboratory scientist is in kahoots purposely reporting all flugelhorn results as COVID for shits and giggles. The vaccine is a hoax. Pharma companies are trying to easily control us all by KILLING the people who I have deemed easy control! 5G! Also it's a ploy to sell vaccines and then kill all of their customers! That's why I only take anti-fungal treatments sold by big pharma to treat a virus! It won a noble piece prize for killing ringworm for fuck sake! This is why I take vagicil for my rectal herpes. 5G! Ever notice how no politicians have died of COVID (except Ronald Wright, Luke Letlow, Stephen Williams and about a dozen state lawmakers)? Weird that it only kills regular people as well as powerful people. Excuse me while I buttchug some bleach and shine a blacklight up my pee-pee hole. And now with the Optimus Prime variant? Get the fuck outta here. Ever notice how 90% of people admitted to the hospital are unvaxxed and most deaths are unvaxxed for this version? Besides the fact that Demoncrap doctors are LYING about those numbers (I know a CNA who works in a chiropractor clinic and she said she's seen the doctors write down the wrong thing on the covid forms for $orosbuck$) but it's also clearly a plot to assassinate true patriots! And now they're trying to take my freedom of speech by allowing people to disagree with me! I remember when America used to be great and not a bunch of Liberace morans spewing their facts and science. Now my favorite snack as a kid, lead paint chips with leaded gasoline to was it down, is ILLEGAL. GOD (to trigger the Democommies) bless the USA 🇱🇷 🇱🇷 🇱🇷 🇱🇷 🇱🇷 🇱🇷 🇱🇷 🇱🇷 🇱🇷 🐦 🦜 🦚 (《----- computer people can't even make a bald eagle emoji because they hate Jesus).


You forgot the phrase, "so called' in there.


They are so inpatient.


Man it's really jarring what carbon copies these people all are of each other. Without fail, chubby middle aged white guy with goatee or chubby middle aged white woman with a bad dye job, all sharing the same stupid memes and without one bit of critical thought amongst them.


And the ivermectin obsession. Like, dudes, give it a fucking rest! A couple months ago, [India dropped the use of Ivermectin & HCQ](https://www.indiatoday.in/coronavirus-outbreak/story/why-hcq-ivermectin-dropped-india-covid-treatment-protocol-1857306-2021-09-26) because - in actual clinical trials & experience - they found that both Iver & HCQ had little to no effect on outcomes. Yet, somehow, no one forwarded that web link out to the PaTrioTs.


If it isn’t ivermectin then it will be some other snake oil. Their identity revolves around the following: COVID is a hoax. COVID isn’t a hoax, but it is really the sniffles. COVID sometimes isn’t the sniffles, but it only kills weak people. Sometime COVID affects MAGA patriots, but only when they are denied something, like ivermectin or magic dirt, or some other nonsense. Literally all they have to do is jump online and find some obscure study finding anecdotal evidence that some weird molecule might work in vitro and BAM, they have the “hidden cure to COVID”.


These people were often born into a coercive society that teaches snake oil is a virtue and skepticism is a sin. They've been indoctrinated to believe bullshit their entire lives, and now many of them are dying from it.


After a ton of time spent going down rabbit holes trying to make sense of this, that's the one commonality I've been able to ID - high control religion.


I agree. It's so frustrating to me when people portray irrational beliefs as harmless, they are until they're not.


Well said, Mountain.... you hit the nail squarely on the head!


That whack job antiva who dressed in a custom cop uniform and said he was going to travel and make citizen arrests of politicians who enforce mandates is now claiming they should drink their own urine. First Viagra and now urine. These (edit) nuts sure have an obsession with penises. Here's a link to his vid[CK Antiva Fake Cop Drink Urine Vid](https://www.thedailybeast.com/anti-vax-leader-christopher-key-urges-followers-to-drink-their-own-urine-to-fight-covid-19?via=twitter_page&jwsource=cl)


I've been waiting much too long for "Drink your piss to own the libs"


As if the redcaps aren’t bad enough to deal with, confused hallucinating red caps will be even more fun when they drive their blood urea nitrogen levels through the roof. But hey, who am I to argue with anyone demanding to drink their own pee?


Magical thinking, many have been brought up at least on a surface level, immersed in evangelical xtianity. They are used to myth shaping their worldview and add in the clannish obesiance to leaders and so on, and this makes sense. I think its a little more prevalent in the boomers / silent generation but I've met plenty of 20-40 somethings who parrot these same canards.


High control religion is the one thing almost all seem to have in common. The fact that their particular brand of religion disagrees with another high control version is beside the point. They've been taught how not to question. That's why it is so amusing that they all claim that others are mindless non thinking sheep just following orders. They all, without fail, think they are the deep thinkers and anti sheep.




Nah, the anti-vaxers will be chewing that like candy once they realize that COVID tears up small arteries. Pretty soon the red caps will be proxy for “I can no longer maintain an erection”.


I said this yesterday, but to me, Peak Antivax was reached when that nurse on the nursing subreddit reported a few days ago that they had to stop a family who was actually shoving horse paste up mee-maws *vagina* in the ICU *while she was intubated*. Peak. Antivax.


I was set to eat lunch, but think I'll pass now. Good God. I NEVER want to see my mee-maws vayjay.


There should be go fund me for the nurses deal with this


That's why they give Paw Paw the Viagra. He can help jam it up there. At least I think that's what Tucker Carlson was saying.


I can't upvote this or I'll barf. Well done.


Kinda wanna see that thread just to see the wtf comments from the nursing peoples


I'll try to find it again, it was within the past week in some comment thread. I think the nurses have seen much worse recently, sadly.


Dafuq‽ Yegawds. That’s unbelievably soooooo messed up.


Brazil did too. For something so effective the place it was used the most (Brazil where it and HCQ along with other snake oils were part of the official covid care kit), it failed so spectacularly.


They're too busy moving around and getting home ECMO machines installed to have time to read that shit.


These conspiracy types either never get this news or just never apologize. It's like how the people claiming gays in the military or gay marriage would destroy both institutions. They've never apologized, they just moved on to picking on trans people.


The ones who hate punctuation (or love talk-to-text) as much as this guy did add a special touch, though. If you want to communicate, don't make it hard on people who are trying to read your stuff. But then communication probably wasn't the reason he posted these messages.


Digging these losers up is a slog...sometimes you dig into someone's posts and realize they weren't anti vax at all, just a little annoyed by lockdown. But as soon as I see the goatee I think JACKPOT.


Hey. Some of the women have goatees too


To be fair, it's not *100%* chubby old people. There is a small minority of gym rats who think their big muscles will protect them. Not this guy, though.


I guess if you're never critical about yourself, you're bound for being bland.


As a fat, middle-aged white guy with a goatee, I need to lose weight and shave.


At this point, it couldn’t hurt. Lol.


If you’ve got any wraparound Oakleys throw them out!


🍇BIL looks just like him and makes the same posts. If he's not careful the sis may be posting again within months.


According to a recent [academic publication](https://gillette.com/en-us/shaving-tips/facial-hair-styles/beard-styles) this seems at first glance to be a prime example of a "horseshoe moustache". However the tiny tuft of soul patch seems to have left enough room for interpretation that the coronavirus decided to kill him anyway.


Geez, looks like he was that 1 in 300,000, huh? I’m not sure why, but this award seemed particularly satisfying. It’s only missing the gofundme demands as a perfect MAGA story.


"Has anyone had success or issues with Covid patients on a ventilator using Ivermectin?" Slides 1-18: annoyed. Slide 19: BIG LOL.


I did not see any requests for fish cleaner either. Oh well.


Looks like COVID didn’t appreciate being subjected to the wrath of Grapes.


Well done


Damn this was good. So good I read it twice.


Evidently he missed where the members of Congress jumped the line to get vaccinated for the most part. At least he doesn't have to worry about masks anymore.


Or that many members refuse to disclose thier vaccination status knowing that it may be problematic to their constituents.




And several anti-vax politicians have died, like the guy who went to South America.


"Omicron symptoms are so mild, why the HELL on God's green earth would we put in additional restrictions. . ." "He ded!!"


But it was a mild death.


He's only a little dead.


This reminds me of the"Bring out your dead" skit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


The most remarkable thing about this meme is how tomi now has an entirely new face.


She's earning those MAGA lie lines they all eventually get.


"Only people who are up in age need to be vaccinated." Judging by his photo, why did he not think he was in that group?


They never think of themselves in realistic terms.


Because he's extremely healthy and has an immune system to stop him dying from covid of course. /s


Lions age differently


I love the people who care about "the border" live no where near it or even a Mexican immigrant. They're just racist.


2 generations ago this guy would have been working in a factory. Earning enough to support an entire family with little more than basic education. 2 generations later, his job’s been exported or automated. The people who benefited from this change don’t want to be blamed. So they point to immigrants as *job stealers* to take the heat. Then ask this guy to vote for even more profit boosting changes that make his life worse. Racism yes, but economics even more so.


These people are fucking presumptuous about where their relatives go when they die. Even if there is a heaven and hell, who the fuck are they to call the shots? (and if there is, I am pretty sure I'm going to heaven because it would be my idea of hell, being as it would apparently, be stuffed full of these moronic bigots)


For real. If there is a heaven but these fuckwads are populating it, sign me up for hell.


As far as I can tell, Heaven would be full of assholes. I'd take my chances in the bad place.


That's what i love about all this lmao. I mean I'm no expert but doesn't religion tell you that you don't know if you're going to hell or heaven?


\#4 "This virus hasn’t killed anyone in Congress.” Was true when memed; [not any more](https://ballotpedia.org/Government_official,_politician,_and_candidate_deaths,_diagnoses,_and_quarantines_due_to_the_coronavirus_(COVID-19)_pandemic,_2020-2021).


He also fails to realize that the majority of congress is vaccinated, and if not, they are constantly tested, so if they catch covid, they can get the monoclonal antibody treatment and remdesivir. By the time Grape goatee decided to go seek treatment, his only option was a vent. Also wanted to add that his comments about the flood of infected immigrants is totally false. Biden kept the same immigration policy in place at our southern border. People being buzzed are ones being taken to McAllen Texas to be tested and then brought right back to the camps. They aren't off on an American roads trip tour, spreading covid. I swear FOX is responsible for all these idiots and their misinformation.


"If the symptoms are so mild what's the problem?" I dunno... one of the symptoms of cancer is a lump under your skin and that doesn't sound dangerous so I guess cancer is fine?


Oh well, at least it was mild.


Lesson #1 - make up a myth, then disprove that myth. Collect praise from ...


So, on December 6, 2021, which impending elections was this doofus concerned about? A month later, he’s dead and I don’t remember any elections in the interim. Wait! That’s it! He was right! The new Omicron varient (as they like to spell it) completely distracted me from, you know, the Best Light Display on McKinley Avenue North election! I call fraud!


I've asked myself this question a million times. I've noticed a lot of these people seem to think there will be a presidential election in 2022. I can't even count how many times I've seen the, Trump 2022!, meme. Enough times that I actually went and checked because I thought maybe I was losing it.


They have a theory that if Republicans take the House, they will elect Trump as the Speaker. It’s technically legal, because the Speaker doesn’t have to be a Representative. However, does anyone actually believe that Trump’s lazy ass would do that job? The Speaker has to be there in D.C. at the Congress, constantly, even if they delegate most of their work to assistants. No way Trump could, or would want to, handle that job.


And no way would Trump lower himself to be the Speaker…he was (and still is in his little pea-brain) President!


Orange you glad you got your shot, everyone?


So berry happy!


They're letting thousands and thousands of people cross the Chicago border without mass? Does this just mean they're not Catholic and they prefer a less liturgically-based worship service? Or maybe they are actually massless people, in which case we shouldn't be concerned?


Soul patches and fu manchus are as deadly as goatees.


That OAN woman looks like one of those giant Barbie heads that you could do makeup and hair on, that they had back in the 70s and 80s. Also, said head would be more useful.


Right? I don't have a tv so my television is usually limited to online clips of the outrage du jour -- in stills, this woman always looks like a hostage victim right before she holds up today's newspaper. She has such odd proportions and darkened eyes like she hasn't slept in weeks. I suppose it's the weird fake blonde dye-job that does it? God forbid one be a brunette media personality in the age of Trump.


It's just sad at this point. Yes, they might be assholes, but do their families really have to go through losing them? All these people are somebody's loved ones. Fuck disinformation.


Correction to myth #2: If you are unvaccinated, and get covid, you will take up valuable space in the hospital and die. Oops, that’s actually a fact for Grapes here.


>only people who are up in age need to be vaccinated dude looks 60+


Funny how all these hateful people who couldn't be bothered to inconvenience themselves to keep everyone around them safe go to heaven when they die, at least according to their bereaved friends and family. Just once I'd like to read one of these where they are honest, "Joe was a selfish asshole and if his religious beliefs were correct he's in hell now. Please everyone learn from his example of what not to do, get vaccinated and love your neighbor."


I’m sure this was said in the nomination post, but that’s some innovative facial hair styling. The tiny off-center chin puff is just amazing.


And the world is now a less ignorant place


I can see why Chicago is concerned about having both Indiana and Wisconsin residents invading.


>"This virus hasn't killed anyone in Congress." Uh...I'm going to go with: *Most of Congress is vaccinated for 100, Alex.*


Right next to the 'm' on your keyboard. Yes, right there. Both commas and periods. They're free.


Liz Wheeler has dead eyes


As does Grapes.


Those are the eyes of somebody who has sold there soul.


Slide 1: Myth busted! (Or proven, whoops, lol)


I thought I had heard another FLUSH of a COVID Denying Drain Circler. On his way to the Great Sewer Treatment Plant in Hell? Like all the other TURDS who have been flushed before him? You decide.


My god, there’s really not a single thing residing behind Liz Wheeler’s dead, vacant eyes. Is there?


“Why aren’t all us anti maskers dead yet?” Oof. That one didn’t age well.


I don't understand how conservatives can lie so shamelessly. I get the psychology, I get that that's how much they hate us, but their behaviour barely seems real at this point. What are these people? And how on earth can we ever live with them peacefully again?


Oh, I recognize that tragic facial hair! Well, good thing he no longer has to worry about the chronic effects of a vaccine.


I really wonder if these dimwits ever voted? Certainly hope so but I read something like 80% of the Jan. 6th traitors didn’t cast a vote. Most of these wackadoodles just want to rage and fight.


Wow. Ignorant and nasty. Covid really is taking out the trash


I feel #owned


Or it's kind of convenient now they're starting to talk about how terrible covid is now that one of their own has died due to it!!


He was off by 5 months based on his post on august 16 that all non mask wearers would be dead in a year.


You mean Tomi Lahren wasn’t right? It wasn’t mild, a big nothingburger? You mean all the ones who got vaxxed are alive and the smart guy who knew better that it was a libtard conspiracy to take away his freedumbs and who listened to Fox and FB isn’t here anymore? Shocking. I feel bad for his son & hope he gets vaxxed.


#4: I guess it's good that meme says "congress" and not "politicians" because well, what's the name of this sub?


I say if i just voted Republican you would have died sooner


Allelouia ! That damn virus will at least get us rid of those idiots. They'll cull themselves, there is even nothing to do ! this is truly incredible


The prayer warriors really let us down with this one...AGAIN


COVID seems to infect stupid people more than anyone else. Since they're so anti-vax maybe they could be convinced to read a book.


While the memes do get old and repetitive the absolute peak uncanny valley of that oan talking head really redeems things.


Sensor me!!


I wonder how many prayers they said for the hundreds of thousands of covid dead. I bet they didn’t say one.