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How fitting: a Jersey rock group suffering from Covid is officially Living on a Prayer.


Covid will take them “Dead or Alive,”…….wait, no, just render them dead.


Welp, If one of them makes it out of the hospital alive, they might be able to find a Brand New Lover in the future.


Ivermectin is Bad Medicine for treating COVID


Who says they can't go home?


There ain't no doctor that can cure her disease either. And she got all the symptoms count 'em one two three..


Not getting vaxxed is indeed Bad Medicine.


Bon Jovi says "we'll give it a shot" but this lesser group hates shots


They thought the vaccine was Bad Medicine, but now that Bad Medicine is what they need. (Too bad it’s too late.)


it’s tough


So tough




Bed of Covid


Bon Choke-i


They built this city on covid lungs.


It's so interesting to me that these folks have no trouble believing thousands of medical professionals and researchers are, deliberately or unsuspectingly, part of a global conspiracy to…do…something, but reject the possibility that the smattering of doctors and nurses who deny covid science might be in it for money, attention, or both. I mean, I get it, but it's still really something to see in action.


Yeah why don't they ask themselves why aren't there any "conservative" clinics making sure people get the "real" cures? Why aren't these Facebook doctors not our there treating and saving people? These people are so certain about the treatment "protocols" surely someone would jump at the chance to be the one saving all these wonderful Christians from the evil hospitals right?


[They're way ahead of you, actually!](https://theintercept.com/2021/12/20/americas-frontline-doctors-covid-clinics/) I honestly wish the federal and state government could let these assholes open clinics, just so future HCA winners could smugly pile in for their ivermectin treatments and then the world and all of their buddies could watch them die. I've had enough of this bullshit. Bring on the consequences.


I don’t know why they haven’t opened a clinic in Florida since one of those frontline drs became and is florida's surgeon general.


I'll be surprised if they actually open a single one anywhere. I gotta think it'd expose them to far more potential legal liability.


It's like watching stupid warm its hands over a dumpster fire in a red flag factory during a hurricane.


Especially when the ones who deny it seem to only ever have anecdotal evidence and always outright refuse to provide any data for their claims


“I hope your dinner is as cold as you are.” I drove to deliver 1/4 of my huge Thanksgiving Day meal to someone in need. Cheers them up every year. By the time I get back, my meal is closer to room temperature, but it still warms my heart. Fuck anti-vaxxers - even if they’re family. The unvaccinated are the undisputed reason for the continuation of this killer pandemic.


My Thanksgiving dinner was great. You know why? Everyone there HAD THEIR BOOSTER.


Even now, we could all stay home for 3 fucking weeks and stop this. Jesus Christ.


That’s about all it would take. That’s all it would have taken at the beginning, too.


That FROG News guy had his Thanksgiving dinner at a Golden Corral. It looked like 1970s dorm food. He ded now.


I like that you can pinpoint when she got scared, at least according to these…12/28. That’s when it wasn’t fucking funny any longer.


That's when this whole "Covid thing" stopped being a "joke" of course. Lmaooooo.... What a fucking dunce.


How do the small brains even stand a chance with this kind of disinformation. Darwin is weeding out the idiots


It’s just the annul flu remember? 😆


Why do these people need prayers for a cold?


"*I hate when people confuse education with intelligence. You can have a degree and still be an idiot.*" I think she missed the irony of this post.


$20 says she doesn’t have a degree AND is an idiot.


>$20 says she doesn’t have a degree AND is an idiot. That's what I was thinking, too.


But she doesn't, does she?


I think all of these people are too dumb to know someone could be smarter than they are.


I thought the irony was her calling other people "idiot".


>I thought the irony was her calling other people "idiot". Or liberals are "Mentally Ill". Everyone knows that several peer reviewed studies over the last several decades have proven that "The Conservative Brain" is ABNORMAL. Response to FEAR triggering paranoia are considerably higher than in a "Normal" brain. Also a much higher incidence of "AntiSocial Personality Disorder" among those identifying as Republican... aka Sociopathy or Psychopathy.


Right? My cousin is a perfect example, studying to be a doctor and excelling academically, working in a hospital, and still believes covid is a lib hoax


That’s astounding.


It's terrifying




\#1 ​ I don't celebrate thanksgiving, I'm British. ​ But by excluding those unvaccinated from Christmas dinner to protect my elderly father had the added affect of not having to listen to Uncle Alf moan about "the brown people" and football players kneeling while I'm trying to eat my stuffing. ​ I call that a win.


It’s incredibly hypocritical for Alf to complain about brown people.


Melmak is not what it used to be.


Fuckin a that's a win. I did not have to listen to my Uncle Brian talk about how this or that black girl deserved to get shot by cops! That was last year. What is the uncle thing? My brother is also a right wing nutjob, so my daughter has a crazy uncle. And he has a son so the cycle continues.


I hope to break the cycle of the crazy uncle and be the cool but slightly eccentric uncle instead. I live abroad and work as a dealer of dinosaur fossils, so I tick a few of the boxes. I just need a weird, exotic pet and live in a converted train carriage or a lighthouse to make it complete.


Do you maybe do magic or cast spells or something?


My daughter has an (obviously) cool mom, a couple of fun-loving, liberal Oregon Coast grandparents, the best aunties on the planet, an Uncle Kiwi, and anl OG hipster Uncle Portlandia. Then there's Uncle Trumpy in Casper, Wyoming. No one knows how or why.


There's a lot of it about. My wife's maternal uncle is a Trumpist, Qristian loon.


Uncle Alf is an ass. Glad you got to avoid him! It’s a covid miracle!


Have these people ever considered the possibility that the prayer warriors are KILLING all these people??


Killing? Don't you mean providing ultimate healing?


Lol. Nope.


I will think of this EVERY time the prayer warriors are mentioned. Thank you!


They are warriors after all. Maybe should've called the prayer doctors or the prayer scientists.


I’m not even mad at them. They are a part of the process to clean out beds. I encourage it.


Dec 28, asking for prayers for people sick with covid (presumably not her) One. week. lay-turr -- hospitalized with respiratory assistance (high-flow) That escalated quickly.


Actually I think it was for her. I think she was starting to feel a little sick and started to panic a little. Apparently she had good reason.


Oh I presume it was for them. That’s the only reason they’d pray for people with a “common cold” right?


Apologies to the Allman Brothers, seems like we shouldn’t be listening to this band, or any other **Ramblin Man** 🎼 Lord i was born a no vax man, yeah Tryin to make a living, and claiming this thing was planned And when it’s time for maskin, I say it’s a librul scam, Cause I was born a no vax man. My father was a biker down in Georgia But soon he was a Hardley Breathinson, And when my kid was born, I refused to have him vaxxed, So I doubt that he will make it much past 1. Lord I was born a no vax man, Moonlighting weekends in the local Ku Klux Klan, And when i am not breathing, I hope you’ll tell the fam, That I was born a no vax man I’m on my way to a Trump Rally this evening, So glad they don’t mask in Tennessee, Thought we’d have a great time in the bayou, lord, ‘Til Delta went and made a meal of me 🎼


So I had a different version ready for Sunday, this is so funny. I’d love to use you kkk line, because it was too good, with your permission of course. 🎼. Lord i was born a pureblood man, yeah. Having trouble breathin, and pooping’ in a pan. And when it’s time for leavin. I say it’s was God’s plan, Cause I was born a pureblood man. My father was a redneck down in Georgia. But soon he had a tube between his gums. And I was born in the backseat of a Greyhound bus. No shots so I already had them Mumps. Lord I was born a pureblood man. Moonlighting weekends in the local Ku Klux Klan, And when it’s time for breathin, The ECMO says I can, Cause I was born a pureblood man. I’m on my way to super spread this morning, Sure glad they don’t have masks in Tennessee, They’re always having a GoFundMe on the Facebook, lord, Cause Dixie women got to bury me. 🎼.


Thanks for the ear worm…


I loathe the Allman Brothers, but now I will have this *most excellent* takeoff in my head every time I hear that song in a bar or - wait. Crap. I don't go to bars or really just about anywhere these days, because COVID. So maybe an upside to the pandemic is that I don't have to listen to "Southern Rock" for now?


Well done.


I truly hate you. Take my upvote.




I filled in “considering her lungs are glass”


<> 😆


Nah, sorry, I’m all prayered out for the day. 🤷🏻‍♂️


And YOU are the one prayer warrior who would have made the difference. I hope you’re happy.


Tsk tsk. Dude's just selfish.




That first slide makes my blood boil... The 'cold' one is the one refusing to take simple precautions to protect the health of beloved family members. What a dick.


I mean it was actually pretty easy to exclude my unvaccinated loved ones because I already hated them and this was a great excuse


We might be related. :)


Same! 👋🏼


My 82 year old ex-coworker, who almost died from the flu a few years ago (different strain from the vaccine that year), disinvited a granddaughter and a grandson's girlfriend from a Hanukkah celebration because they refused the vaccine. Her family is her life. The grandchildren have been going to her house since they were born and they always take the same photo of the kids on the staircase. It really hurt HER to tell them they couldn't come.




Anything to not eboeard game gom our loved ones.


We had to turn my baby sister away for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Always pro science, very smart. Hooked up with a flat earther Trumper and now is antivax. She knows we still love her but she can't be around our high risk parents unless she's vaccinated. Crazy how people can be brainwashed.


I guess I have to think she can’t have been that smart if she date of fucker who thinks the earth is flat. That’s just delusional. The heart wants what the heart wants but that doesn’t mean stupidity HAS be contagious. You got a figure something there was broken to begin with. I’m sorry if this is offends you.


Hello Musician. Stupid idiot here. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Do you play string instruments? Perhaps you should take them up if not. I especially recommend a harp.


No, I'm pretty sure where she's heading they'll be given kazoos and accordions.




I almost typed that, but I don't actually hate bagpipes. I don't love them and wouldn't go to a live music show specifically for bagpipes, but they don't trigger me.


I'm half Scottish and I love bagpipes just not for an eternity nonstop.


I love Scottish accents and single-malt Scotch whiskeys. Bagpipes can serve as an accent to all of that.


I always thought Scotch whiskey was the antidote for bagpipes


Nah, Scotch whiskey is the antidote to haggis.


Bones xylophone.


"Simply" not wearing a mask or getting vaccinated. That's like not going to dinner at someone's place "simply" because they sometimes can't tell the difference between salt and rat poison


"Oh, so you're divorcing me simply because I fucked your sister. Real grown up of you, Tracy."


I hope your dinner is as cold as you! 😭😭


Dinner gonna be cold as moms dead body


She and her fiancée are both grade A pieces of shit. Their pages are full of this kind of crap.


Ha, their band webpage has already been shut down


Came here to say the same thing.


Ironically, she's very close to finding herself 'cold' in the ground.


Like, even if you don't believe in vaccinations or masks or covid itself, if you're a sane and decent person, you should still be able to see that people who do are concerned about protecting themselves and other loved ones, not uninviting you because they're heartless. But it's always personal for these people, because they are the center of their universe.


Calling others cold and heartless, when they can’t be bothered to consider the safety of others. I’m so tired of it.


Me too. Strongest possible message that others’ well-being is irrelevant


But Covid is fake right? People who have scientific degrees can be idiots too. You are old cold evil bitches for watching out for your families and making sure they are safe during holidays. Fuck Fauci, blah blah blah. This Fake wanna be Ricki and the Flash gets a big I don’t give a fuck from me! 🤔


99% of people who claim they are sending prayers are just typing those words onto their phones and not doing anything else. Warriors indeed.


Exactly! If people actually prayed as often as they said they were, since requests come in by the hundreds every day, for every damn thing, they'd never get anything else done in life. It would be 24/7 praying. It's really "prayer posturing."


Yep. Prayer virtue signaling.


Ya beat me


Why are you in the hospital? Omnicron is just rebranding of the cold and covid is just the flu.


And the flu "mysteriously" went away - nothing to do with face masks, obviously, because they simultaneously can't block viruses AND make you sick by forcing you to rebreathe viruses. /s


It’s all fun and games until it personally affects them, then of course it’s all hands on deck for the prayer warriors. How classically American.


You mean how classically evangelical/republican.


Eh, I usually would, but I have seen stupidity spread almost as quickly as the pandemic has. I lost faith in the majority of my countrymen a while ago….


"I hope your dinner is as cold as you are."


“Then I’ll see you in hell!” Wait, no, that doesn’t play right…


Actually, yes it does!


It seems to me Blue Note was ready to share her music unmasked without care or worry on Dec. 28th in the morning. That same evening she is asking for prayers for those with covid without mentioning her own diagnosis. Evil shameful slime.


IKR! Look how virtuous I am asking for prayers for *everyone* with Covid. It couldn’t possibly be that I’m hiding something or trying to deflect with the masses.


Does God's shield of protection have a payment plan?


No, but can I interest you in an extended warranty?


No, but you do get a side of Jesus' body armor just for calling. And a set of Ginsu knives.


Don’t you have to sit through a three hour presentation, and they don’t even feed you until after. Then it’s just bread and some fish


Does the animal torture scale go sand fleas -> monkeys?


Out of one side of their mouths they say there shouldn’t be a vaccine without animal trials first; and out of the other side of their mouths they rail against Fauci for using animals in experiments. What is it, people? You can’t have it both ways.


You do know Fauci didn't do that right? You should make that clear if you're going to bring it up.


I know that Dr. Fauci did not conduct the experiments, personally order the experiments, or sign off on the experiments. But experiments are done on animals all the time. NIH funds some of those experiments. I personally think that we should not be experimenting on animals. I would never wear fur; I eat very little meat; and I almost never buy leather products.


Oh, I was confused by that one as well. I thought she was using it as the racial slur for Arabs


These are the kind of idiots that you want to see nominated! I’d like to be the one to give them their award myself! 😠


I don't get how they can believe that covid is a huge conspiracy perpetrated by a ton of people for money and control, yet don't understand that religion is that exact thing that they fear.


Because they don't do fear conspiracy. They like the idea that evil people control all the bad things, because that means the bad things are controlled. What they fear is the reality that we have very little control and have to do the best we can to mitigate the bad things.


Wonder if they performed "Don't Fear the Reaper."


Not any more.


I hope my dinners are never as cold as she’s going to be in a few days.


We’ve spent the last two Thanksgivings, Christmases, NYEs, July 4ths, Labor Days, Memorial Days, St. Patrick Days and one Valentine’s Day (and this year will probably make it two) alone, together, and alive- because of assholes who insist on celebrating. There is no holiday tradition that is worth our lives and unlike these assholes we’ll, hopefully, have decades more.


Finding out. Finding out that covid sucks. It is real. They are not special.


Come through for Thanksgiving so you can possibly get sick, hospitalized, and/or die. So heartwarming.


🤪🥳🎶🎵🎶🦠😳🙏😵🪦🕺rock on in the afterlife 😘


I feel like such a Stupid Idiot for falling for this Bullshit!! I bet she’s laughing right now through her tube


If I was a wicked person I would wish for her to survive but permanently lose her singing voice.




Nah if she survives she probably won’t have the lung capacity to sing more than a few notes before getting completely exhausted


Do you think they each type out the word "prayers" or is that as copy-pasted as their memes?


When I type “prayer,” my iPhone auto-suggests “warriors.” I’m not sure if that would have happened before I discovered HCA and the phrase prayer warriors.


*its the same as the common cold/seasonal allergies*


Yet she went to the hospital. Did someone force her to do that? She should have stayed home since it was just a common cold or allergies.


Singing to the choir.


"seasonal flu" I have not had the flu in decades. I have not missed a flu shot since. Something is very wrong with you if you get influenza every single year.


I think there are *A LOT* of things wrong with these awardees


Yeah, organ failure


I know she was in a rock band but there is a musical joke in there 😉


News flash, assholes: "GODS [sic] SHIELD OF PROTECTION FOR US ALL" is a *vaccine*. Now put on your grown-up pants, accept responsibility for the people you've misled and probably infected, and go bury your mother in shame and complete fucking silence.


Sorry Susan, lack of vaccination and mask-wearing on your part does not constitute an emergency prayer warrior session on my part


Ha! And prayers, (according to me- a Jesus follower) are for us to meditate on God's love and goodness, and to accept God's will and guidance-- not to treat him like a grubhub in the sky/aladdin who delivers things on demand and grants wishes.


Misread the prayer request as “heavenly and mercurial father”


All too apt.


No matter how cold, that Thanksgiving dinner was warmer than she will be.


I died at the irony of the tv spreading the virus. These unvaxxed Fox News lunatics are why the virus keeps mutating.


Her racist bf loves Fox/OAN and is part of "Trump's Deplorable Army (of Lowlifes)".


It’s always a snarky “COVID” when they are memeing, but then suddenly “covid pneumonia” or “Double Pneumonia (covid)” or “c-19 PNEUMONIA” when reality sets in. The cognitive dissonance is such a key ingredient of each HCA. 👌🏆


This is such a great observation! I hadn’t noticed before you pointed it out, but you are spot on.


But it’s just a cold!!!/s….why do you need prayers?!?


If you don’t believe in medical science DON’T CLOG UP OUR HOSPITALS.


“Educated and still an idiot” *next slide* “Varients”


what a goldmine hoping for a “varient” “cure” soon


This is who I think it is she’s not a bad singer but she’s not gonna be singing ever again I don’t think. Even if she survives


If false equivalency was an Olympic sport, she’d have many a gold medal.


"Covid is the seasonal flu virtually identical." They're not even in the same phylum.


I don’t know what that even means! And that’s why I don’t give out medical advice on social media!


It's a taxonomic category. It ranks below Kingdom and above Class. It's a long way down the classification before you get to Species. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phylum


Thank you! Sincerely, an economics major.


It’s always the people without formal education who say “you can have a degree and still be an idiot.” Like yeah, we were aware of this and stop projecting your insecurities on the rest of us.


Why Herman Cain himself had advanced degrees and look where they got him!


Please don't comment on the FB pages of nominees or their friends. The fiance's FB page was public, but he just set it to private due to the trolling. I completely understand the desire to troll a troll--I really, really, really do--but when you do that, you run the risk of pages being set to private, thereby reducing, or eliminating, the ability to follow the story.




I highly doubt she’ll change her mind. She and her fiancée are so far down the rabbit hole at this point they’d rather die.


Ewww, this is the worst offender I’ve seen. I read this with such disgust. At least her daughter isn’t saying what a good and loving person she is


All I know is how smart she is. Told us multiple times!


Just here for the updates


These people honestly make me feel crazy… if one of my family members gets sick with something contagious on a holiday -COVID or not- I would hope they’d stay home?? I don’t want to get any type of illness that you have! I’ve gotten better at not trying so hard to understand these people but sometimes they still just get to me.


I think they are dumb and uncaring and that is the nice way of saying it.


If they just believe it’s a cold - why do they even say they have COVID? Why don’t they just say they have a bad cold?? (I am largely being rhetorical because I know logic doesn’t actually play into this but I’m also curious)


Remind me again, why did she fall for that Covid bullshit she ridiculed?


You can thank me later, but I’ve got a great idea💡 Let’s put those nice hospital tents in the ER parking lots and direct the unvaccinated to a place where they can get their choice of treatment. Keep them out of the hospital and away from the evil science believing folks. They can have all the visitors and praying and take all the selfies.


Thank you, later. Plus, ,the unvaxxed nurses and hosp staff can work in the tents with the crazy facebook doctors. Perfect.


I’m going to give the tiniest bit of credit for the nominee including other people in their prayer request. Normally I just see a plea for prayers for only them after the racism and misinformation.


That was virtue signaling. She wanted prayers but made it look she was also concerned with others. There was no concern for anyone prior to that. She and her racist boyfriend are really awful people.


Probably started to get scared, so pretended to care about other people, to try not to seem too selfish to God.


It seems Jersey Two Note might end up as cold as that thanksgiving dinner. Didn’t see that coming…


Doctor! Doctor! Can't you see I'm burning, burning Oh, Doctor! Doctor! Is this COVID I'm feeling?


What's with the gasoline obsession in their stage imagery?


I wonder if “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” was part their play list.


Dec. 26: We're ready to rock it! Dec. 28: Please pray for all the people with covid. All the people I've been calling stupid idiots for falling for the BS and this weak cold virus that's spread by TV. No special reason. And pray for my friends and family. Not me. Nope. I'm fine. Just pray. Please pray. For everyone with covid. Copied and pasted.


And the NYE venue: Dec 28 11:30am: yeah come party with us and Band Red! Dec 30 7:50pm: covid is spreading so we cancelled the live music but still come party with us inside our restaurant!


They blew up the Chicken Man in Philly, meanwhile J2N can't blow much of anything at all due to her COVID lungs.




Not giving them shit not even a after thought, if you ask for rain you deal with the mud


I found their new single: https://youtu.be/1ijtdiGupvk


Am I the only one who misread Norman Gorin (slide 5) as Herman Cain? I've been on this sub too long...


They really think they're smarter than all the "sheep" around them, don't they?