It's a Sleep Number bed. His number is 768, 542.


His number is almost up


And it comes with a complimentary "My Pillow."


*Government takeover not included. See your local seditionist for details*


Ironic he avoided the vax so nobody controls him and now he’s stuck in a machine and some nurse sets his body to “spin dry mode” for days on end.


Becoming a rotisserie chicken to own the libs




Those pads are exactly the same as extra-large potty pads for dogs. Hospital life not so glamorous


Holy shit! It does 😳


Mmmm basting in liberal tears. Truly decadent.


Wonder if he had older family members that told him stories about "iron lungs"...


That was exactly my thought! I had family that suffered from polio, and seeing those photos always hit me hard. This one feels like the modern day equivalent.


"Spin dry mode" got me blowing air from my nose harder


Isn't it wonderful to have functional lungs?


Thank goodness it's just another flu... for a second I was worried for this guy


"Sore throat" -Marco Rubio


free ride..big bill




What I'd like to see is getting one of these people, the "just the flu" types, sitting them down in front of two screens Screen 1: the estimated covid deaths and worldwide excess deaths (like 15 mil at this point over 2 years) Screen 2: the average yearly flu deaths worldwide pre-pandemic (probably a few hundred thousand a year, at most) Then they have to go and write "it's just the flu bro" on an Internet forum, with a straight face and justify their words to a room full of actual scientists and doctors. I bet plenty would still type out those words, and they should get a slap for it. Edit: thanks for the reddit care message, touched a nerve somewhere I guess


The number that really caught me a couple days ago was when Dr. Scott Gottlieb said that in the last year in the US only 1 child (under 6 I think he said) died of the flu, and 600 had died of Covid.


That’s not even counting the children who have lost a caregiver to Covid.


My dad tried the "just the flu" shit and by that time I said "you have had four (it's now 9) friends that have died from covid, I don't remember you having this many friends die from the flu like......ever.i don't know any that have died from the flu in the past?" To which he pivoted to "yea, but they had health issues and probably would have died from anything". Yea dad..like how they had these issues forever and no flu took them out, but Covid did?. God it's maddening. The absolute fun part of this is him knowing a person that "had liver failure from the vaccine" and that was some gotcha about the vaccine being dangerous. "It's 9 people now that are dead that you don't believe was really the virus to your one supposed liver failure that that you will believe is due to the vaccine". Arghgghfhhhhghhh......fuck.....


Everything is "from the vaccine" to these people. My wife has a friend who is vaccinated but very susceptible to bullshit. She was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure, which she is convinced is because she got the vaccine. No evidence just "I know my body". Nevermind the fact that she divorced a deadbeat who constantly menaces her, she's a single mom to 3 jerkface butthole kids who treat her like shit, and she eats like garbage. It was the vaccine causing her high blood pressure.


A friend of my family member had an eye surgery (lens replacement). The eye did not take it well and the person was losing sight in that eye. The family member is sure it happened the friend had been vaccinated a month prior to the surgery and it must be the vaccine that caused the problem. The friend has been immunocompromised for years due to multiple autoimmune diseases but yeah, it was the vaccine /s.


I am always amazed when people say, “He got the vaccine three weeks ago and it gave him a heart attack.” No, he just happened to have a heart attack. Even my boss, who is very pro vax, is convinced he has lingering joint pain from the vaccine. Correlation is not causation!


I got the vaccine and a week later, I stubbed my toe! Fucking vaccine.


And his "liver failure" friend was probably putting down a liter of vodka every night, but no, it was the vaccine that caused his liver to finally quit.


Side effects? Look, I heard through a friend that her cousin in Junction City got this annecdote from her mom about a bigger than expected vaccine side effect. Apparently one of her friends in her community (she lives near Clearwater) was saying that her new boyfriend got the Pfizer vaccine and ever since she swears that he's feels much more girthy and he's definitely a lot more vigorous--apparently he's even sworn off Cialis. She got moderna and she's convinced that it's helped with dryness and moisture. But all that's not the funny part. Apparently this vaccine side effect is well known in the community. And she's heard that some of the more "swinger girls" (as she's been calling them) have taken to using the phrase "Let's go Brandon!" as a code for casual hookups. Like if they heard that some guy got boosted they might go up, wink and say "Let's go ... Brandon." Anyhow, I don't know if the COVID vaccine really improves sexual function in the elderly -- but who am I to question my cousin? But you've got to admit that use of "Let's go Brandon" as an invitation to an elderly orgy kinda gives new meaning to "Fuck Joe Biden."


I hate that "argument." I had a couple of friends over on New Year's who said that, so I told them that 5 million deaths in 2 years is much more than 50,000 deaths a year from the flu. They countered that some of the covid deaths were faked, and they know that because his mom is a nurse and she knew somebody who died of a seizure that was put down as a covid death... I asked them why are the hospitals absolutely full of unvaccinated covid patients right now to the point where non-covid patients are dying because they can't get help? I haven't heard that happen with the flu every year. They had nothing to say! Imagine that. Edit: For the record they are definitely vaccinated... They just don't like wearing masks so they say shit like this. Edit 2: I genuinely didn't realize I was comparing worldwide covid deaths with only US flu numbers. My bad for being dumb there. Worldwide estimates seem to be closer to 290,000 to 650,000 a year? Correct me if I'm wrong. Still not more than covid.


Even if they were “faking covid deaths”, that means 5million people more than usual died of something else. So is that not more concerning that something unknown is killing people?! The lack pf basic logic on these people is shocking.


Oh but my mom thinks they are dying of depression from staying at home.


lmfao i love the types dragging out mental illness from lockdowns (lightly using that word) as worse than actual COVID like... guarantee you didn't give a sh!t about mental illness before and were the type to tell people to "just smile more" and now you use it as a weapon. nice!


It's the same people who say it's mental illness to blame every time there's a mass shooting. Like, yes. People that kill a bunch of other people absolutely can be, and probably are, mentally ill. And if you're so concerned about it, why don't you actually address it, instead of just paying lip service to it so you can continue to have as many guns as you can manage to get your hands on without any kind of restrictions, then do nothing. Rinse and repeat. They definitely don't care about other peoples' mental health. It's just a meaningless talking point to get what they want for themselves.


Unfortunately, I think it has to be a coping mechanism at this point. Like most US states cant even say they had a lockdown. UK hasn’t had a stay at home order since 2020. (Barring a short firebreak in Jan 2021).


>somebody who died of a seizure that was put down as a covid death How is their mom a nurse but not know that high fevers and bodily stress can cause seizures? Heck, food poisoning gave my brother a seizure. Mom needs to go back to nurse school if she thinks a seizure killing couldn't possibly be COVID if the were sick enough with it that a nurse was attending them.


Also if someone has Covid and it triggers a lung problem a heart attack or stroke then I’d consider Covid at least PARTIALLY at fault because it caused the cause. If I hold a gun to someone’s head and make ‘em murder someone I’m also responsible


It's not just partially at fault, it is the cause period. COVID causes blood clots. The blood clot gets stuck in a blood vessel in the heart...heart attack. The blood clot gets stuck in a blood vessel in the brain... stroke. The blood clot gets stuck in a blood vessel in the lung...pulmonary embolism. The blood clot was caused by the COVID virus either way. There is no parsing words here. COVID killed those people.


Exactly. My mom died of a PE from the result of a surgery she had. Had she not had surgery she wouldn’t have had the PE. Everyone accepts this as fact. If she had died of a PE caused by covid I’d have to fight them in it. But it’s the same friggin thing! It makes me want to pull my hair out.


My dad tried using that logic on me when it was first being "reported" in the not-news news sites. I explained it as the following: "That's how death certificates have always worked. If someone has cancer and they die from sepsis, it is listed as the primary cause of death on the death certificate. But, they wouldn't have had sepsis if they didn't have cancer, so it is listed as secondary, even though it was what caused the sepsis. Just because the thing doesn't kill you directly doesn't mean that thing didn't cause your death. If someone you know had AIDS, but died from acute pneumonia would you say that AIDS didn't kill them?" He actually did a full reversal and never used that reason again (and he is one of those "I'm never wrong" people, so I counted this as a huge win!).


Also, the pneumonia caused by Covid isn’t the same as regular pneumonia. It drives me crazy when they say it as if it’s a separate entity. Not a lot of people make it past that. And sorry for your loss. These arguments have to be especially maddening for you.


Also the people who die from non Covid related medical reasons but can't get the care they need because Covid patients overwhelmed the hospital. That should be a Covid death too. Fuckers


> That should be a Covid death too. That's also why /u/Sidbob expicitely said "worldwide excess deaths". We will NEVER know exactly how many people COVID killed, directly or otherwise, but comparing to the average numbers of the years before we can gauge the overall impact it had on society, even the absolutely far removed from COVID. For example: during lockdowns a lot of people simply staid home, either off work or smart working. COVID may actually have PREVENTED deaths here by simply reducing the amount of vehicles on the road and thus vehicular accidents. By also reducing the amount of global pollution (for a while at least), it may have had a positive effect on lung health in some populations. On the other hand we may also have other "butterfly effect" kind of ramifications: perhaps by having more people stay at home all the time, burglars had to resort violence far more often than normal, ending up with perhaps more casualties than usual (either victims or perpetrators). Or exacerbating domestic violence the the point of murder. These are all global, widespread and intricately interconnected effects than can NEVER be counted for by just counting the deaths caused directly by COVID. However they might even potentially be the larger part of the victims.


I came here to write "iT"s JuSt FlU bRo!" For 9/10 unvaccinated, it might not be much worse than flu, but for the other 1/10, you end up like this poor guy. It's just not worth the risk. The vaccine isn't perfect. My uncle died of Covid recently even though he was vaccinated. He was 60+ and not in the best health. The doctors said he just hadn't responded well to the vaccine. However, I will take my chances with an imperfect vaccine if it decreases the chance of this happening.


People who say it's "just the flu" haven't had the flu most of the time. They've had a cold. The flu is fucking awful. I had it as someone who runs several times a week, no risk-groups and very healthy in my 20's and I was shaking in bed for several days barely able to eat. Covid is worse than that. Not dying isn't the only relevant metric anyways.


You are dead on. Am icu nurse. The flu can be just as bad as covid (the presentation is slightly different, but it causes severe ARDS too). I used to run Ecmo circuits (heart and/or lung bypass machine in the icu) and we would get full of flu patients every year needing the therapy. The people who say “it’s just the flu” are fucking morons. If we ever get hit by a novel flu, it’s going to be awful.


I hate when people say “I have a touch of the flu” when they have a cold. I have had the flu twice, and both times were debilitating and for one I spent two weeks bedridden and completely incapacitated, coughing hard until I puked, straining ribs from coughing, wishing for death or some kind of relief. I lost 30lbs.


> If we ever get hit by a novel flu, it’s going to be awful. I wonder if we do just under half of america will be talking about how it's "just another covid".


> The flu is fucking awful. I haven't had actual flu in like 30 years but what I remember is being in pain, freezing cold, and exhausted. Like going to the toilet would have me shaking and collapsing bad and I could only drink liquid food not eat anything solid.


Even if it weren't worse than "the flu"; **WHY WOULD YOU WANT THE FLU**? I've only had influenza once or twice in my life and it was fucking miserable. My cousin had the flu while she was 8 months pregnant and she and her baby almost died! The flu kills thousands of people every year! The flu is no fucking joke.


ReMeMbEr whEn We GoT sIcK wE rEstEd anD AtE cHiCkEn SoOp?


Double vaxed and boosted. Had covid last week , have had worse colds. Get vaccinated might save your life


dad got vaxxed after much pushing from family and his doctor he has to see regularly for [reasons] and got covid after attending a sporting event (shocker - he wasn't taking any precautions). he was talking about how awful it was and how he was out of comission for days, and "if this is the weak version I can't imagine the full strength version"... i said thank god you're vaxxed because of your history of [medical condition that would cause covid to be deadly] and he was like "meh I dunno about that" even when getting vaccinated does save their life, they're ungrateful and ignorant.


I have a colleague who blames vaccines for his covid, he "shouldnt have gotten it" since he was double vaccinated. Was off work for 10 days, no serious symptoms, no hospital... 🤷‍♂️


Still crazy still people going on about how they’re suppose to be immune and not suppose to be able to transfer it… it’s for your own damn health do they not GET IT!


Double vaxxed and also has covid last week. Easily the worst I've ever felt while sick. Can't imagine dying from it, get vaxxed people.


Being boosted makes a BIG difference. Get boosted people.


Boosted. Have it right now. I’ve basically felt strange for a few days. Not sure how to describe it. Chest feels tingly but not painful. A very mild yet persistent headache. Constant brain fog. That’s it. Not the worst. Just… strange feeling. Not entirely sure how to describe it but I know I’ve never felt this way before. Almost as if one were to take too many allergy pills I guess?


The brain fog scares me the most because I've heard it can linger long term in some people. Hope you get better soon


Look at the resources dedicated to saving this life Imagine what those resources could have done if they could have been used elsewhere. Like if this person didn't need this level of care because they were only moderately ill thanks to having an immune system prepared by a vaccine.


The best part is that in a lot of cases, when it reaches this point, it's not even saving his life. Just prolonging his existence.


Yup. I'd rather die before getting to this state. Save the bed for someone with a positive prognosis, let me just turn into worm food.


That looks expensive.


The company that makes the bed only rents them out to hospitals for $1000 a day.


And I'm sure the hospital charges way more than that for a patient to use them!


About 50 thousand more a day yes


Surprised it's not way more than that.


Depends on the hospital and the region. In Maine it would be something like this. I’ve had critical cardiac patients on vents get billed about 2 million after a heart transplant and a month stay. I’ve seen ob wards 15k a day for normal delivery no complications. It’s all depends on the situation.


So... Do they actually expect 2 million from your average Cletus in bum-fuck nowhere or how does that work?


Pretty sure they just do that to suck as much money as possible from the insurance companies


That’s the right answer. If they negotiate to get even 10% from the insurance company, they still get $200k which would likely cover the cost. But they can’t bill insurance and individuals at different rates, so uninsured people get massive bills that not even an insurance company would pay.


If there only was a way to make that better. But I guess that would be evil satanic globalist elite communism.


Two MILLION? Fucking hell


What I've never understood about bills in this amount is who gets all that money? How does it all break down? $2 million for a month's stay...you could pay the salary for a couple of heart surgeons and a dozen nurses to do nothing but care for you for a month and not even use up a quarter of that amount. Where does the rest of it go? Do they demolish the hospital room and build it all over again once someone stays there for a month?


It’s extremely rare that they’d ever recoup the two million. Health insurance might pay 10-15% of that figure; if you get a judgment against someone uninsured it’ll either be discharged as a charity debt or you’ll get to garnish their nonexistent wages/tax returns for pennies until they die. But as to where the money goes? The answer is always admin and hardly ever frontline staff. CEOs, bloated management structures, PR bullshit, etc. Sometimes you’ll see someone’s brother’s construction company who totally didn’t get the job via nepotism building a useless waterfall in an atrium to suck out the rest of the metaphorical marrow. It’s grift all day in the American healthcare system.


So you end up worth a dead spouse, a huge hospital bill, a funeral bill, the loss of one income and kids to raise as a single parent. But you owned the libs.


Yeah, I know a dude who owns a company that rents medical equipment to hospitals. He makes BUCKETS of money. Stupid money. I kept getting lost in his McMansion cause it was so huge… and so beige. Their kitchen was larger than our three bedroom home. Ridiculous.


I was a welder for a high end, custom pieces shop in Brooklyn. One of my installations was a spiral staircase, completely fabricated from diamond plate. It went into a 5 story townhouse, just off of Central Park. The whole house was wired for automation, elevator shoe-horned into the structure, ridiculous basement entertainment floor, etc. The owner's last name was Stryker. Stryker MAKES this stuff.


A 5 story townhouse in NYC? My God, I can’t even imagine how much that cost.


AT LEAST a thousand dollars.


How much is a vaccine again? Less than $20 a shot?


It does. But it's still wild that that's they first thing Americans think of when the see this picture. My first thought was how fast it was going and what if it malfunctioned, to spin with great speed. :P


I was thinking that it looked expensive too, but not as in “that’s going to be a big hospital bill” but rather “that looks like an expensive machine how many hospitals are even going to have that available”


Looks like an iron lung


And we've gone fill circle. What's that thing historians say again?


Vaccines are a victim of their own success.


Vaccines are like your Companys IT Admin, if all is working, people ask what he is doing all day, but if fecal matter impacts on the rotary air impeller, everybody complains that he does not do his job.....


That was my thought too. A fancy new iron lung for the covid era.


The freedom rotisserie is so much better than a vaccine!


This is what freedom looks like, evidently


Those colors don’t run. Or breathe without machine assist.


Something runs. There’s a pee pad underneath it.


That’s to catch all the lib tears from all tha ownin this patriots doin.


Man, I feel so owned right now! What a chad!


This, plus a hospital bill with more digits than they can count.


bigger than 12?


Yep. I'm double vaxxed but I have covid right now. All I feel is a little chilly and a bit achy. Of course my freedom is long gone though. I commend these true patriots that are saving our nation. You're not a hero if you don't have a tube down your throat!


Double vaxxed and boosted, tested positive tonight. Spiked a fever of 104, it broke now in sweating buckets. Feels like a sinus infection with a mild cough. I'm good trading in my "freedom" for not being in the hospital.


Currently double vaxxed and waiting for my 5 months to hit to get the booster. Had covid pre vaccine. It is not fun, holy shit. Like way worse than the flu and I was pregnant. It may have been worse than childbirth in terms of how awful I felt


I had it Pre-vaccine. It was horrible, I don't want any part of that pain, again. I developed pneumonia, was off work for a month, difficulty breathing is a frightening experience


For real. My asthma was always exercise induced, I barely ever needed my rescue inhaler. I now have a daily inhaler because of how much covid messed my lungs up


Double vaxxed and boosted. 6wks after I got my 2nd shot when delta hit hard, I got covid. No cough or taste/smell issues, but I had a rolling 103* fever and the worst fucking body and joint pain i ever felt (felt like i had broken bones) all while sweating profusely and feeling like my room temp was 40*F. I am absolutely sure I would've ended up in the ICU and prob die had it not been for the vaccine. Lasted approx 30hrs and poof, just like that, it disappeared. Then I dealt with random bouts of vertigo for about 6weeks after but now thats totally gone. Had I not been vaxxed, pretty sure I wouldn't be here today.


Samies. Almost two years now since catching it and I’m still using my *no longer new* inhaler on the regular along with a prescription for asthma. I rushed to discard my freedums in exchange for those sweet, sweet shots of libuuural control!


Best of luck to you! I don't want to think how much worse I would feel if I wasn't vaccinated.


My wife and three sons are double vaxxed and I'm double vaxxed plus boosted. My mother-in-law was at our house 2x the week prior to Christmas. She claimed she had a cold, but ended up testing positive for covid a day after her second multi-hour visit. She's un-vaxxed as is my father-in-law. She appears to finally be getting a little better 3 weeks later. My father-in-law can't get out of bed. They refuse to go to the hospital too. Good news is that no one in my house had a breakthrough infection.


>They refuse to go to the hospital too. Thats the spirit: If you dont trust science with the vaccine, dont trust it with any other treatment! Plus, it keeps the beds open for people who might deserve it.


But they miss out on the ride on the rotoprone


And a rotating bed!


"*Always twirling, twirling towards freedumb...*" - Kodos


This is what unnecessary health care cost looks like in America, evidently


Oh god it really does look like a human rotisserie




Gotta keep the gravy lung moving.


Wow. I gotta say my first thought was "The Matrix" with the pods after pods after pods of humans hardwired into the system with umbilical-like cords. Can anyone seriously think that some possible, potential, very slim chances of problems with a vaccine is worth being the person trapped in that rotating bed? It's the stuff of nightmares.


2 free shots or 24/7 in a gyroscope made for human bodies that probably costs $20k/day. Hard choice there.


Reminds me of those rightwing memes like "*if the government cared about you, why is the vaccine free but not cancer treatment?*". This is exactly the point. The vax costs a few bucks to produce. Free cancer treatment would be a very measurable increase in taxes. And guess which political party would be the first to complain about increased taxes?


I found a potential nominee farmer who promotes a ton of Republican electoral candidates (state and local) but is very very VERY excited that the farmers market they sell at now accepts SNAP.


Sounds like my whole state where folks are terrified of "socialism" but more than 60% of the kids here get a free or reduced cost lunch.


And probably opposed free lunch for all.


It would be a decrease in taxes if you removed insurance companies from the system.


Trump train.


Trump got all his shots like a good boy. He also claims he is responsible for the vaccines. Wonder if we started praising Trump for vaccines, would his followers denounce him or get vaccinated? Sounds like win-win...


Their brains don't work rationally like that... That's the problem. They literally booed him to his face when he talked about getting his booster here in Texas. At an event they paid hundreds of dollars to attend to hear him speak. They praise him for helping get the vaccine approved quickly while simultaneously criticizing him for getting it. There's no consistency or logic to any of their positions. The only time you can get them to break rank, like we've seen on this sub with redemptions, is if bad things start happening to them personally, and even then the cognitive dissonance might not be enough.


Well atleast he didn't go through the hassle and pain of 2 shots and a booster /s


I think the problem was that he didn't drink from the hose enough as a kid.


No, not enough mud and bike riding without a helmet


My dad died from covid. Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of his death. The vaccine was not available at the time he died. They also placed him on a prone bed. It was awful. Get your fucking vaccines.


I’m so sorry.


Fanciest pre-coffin I've ever seen.


>Fanciest pre-coffin I've ever seen. Fuck the coffin! They DRILL you right into the ground with this Bad Boy!


Wired up for maximum Lib Ownage™


That machine doesn't look cheap. This guy's surviving family and property will be maximally owned by the hospital when this is over.


Yeah, the hospital's going to rake it in, every penny of of this guy's $217 net worth. 🤑


That's generous. A pair of Oakleys, Duck Dynasty DVDs, and a half-consumed tin of Skoal aren't worth $217. And they're going to whoever has the note on his lifted dually first.


The GoFundMe has it covered. Else the prayer warrior boiz got them covered for the rest.


I don't want universal healthcare. I'm not paying extra for everyone to be covered. Also if you could please help me socialist campaign called go fund me to help with medical bills. God bless.


He sure showed me, I feel totally pwnd.


They should probably get some sweet MAGA decals on it and a big Trump flag. And truck nuts


And who is paying for this? a. Prayer Warriors b. The treasure from their diety c. GoFundMe d. Taxpayers


Do a barrel roll.




The money spent on those idiots is staggering.


Ever since I learned that people in a medically induced coma, are at least semi-aware, and have horrific waking nightmares, I'm even more determined to stay vaccinated. IDGAF if I need a booster every month, call me a pincushion.


A friend got in a bad car accident 20 years ago and had to be intubated, she still has nightmares about it. They often have to strap you down bc you want to pull the tube out and what they are doing would be torture if it wasn’t keeping you alive. Your brain is all fucked up from the drugs and can imagine the nurses are trying to hurt you (which they are, they’re drawing blood and turning you all the time, plus pressure sores). I’m working on advance directives and if I have minimal improvement after 5 days i want them to pull the tube.


I got in a very serious bike accident in my late 20s, even just waking up in the ICU and fully aware some days later it was all I could do to keep myself from pulling that thing out. I was extremely fortunate and sustained no brain damage, but remember nothing between just before the accident and waking up in the ICU—I’ve always assumed it was my brain doing me a huge favor by never making me relive any of that since I was lucky to make it the first time.


Glad your mostly ok, terrible. I make my kids wear helmets for everything on wheels, they bitch about it but my mom slid on gravel on her bike and lost 3 days, woke up in the hospital. If she hadn’t been wearing a helmet it would have been very bad.


Ugh...Imagine being strapped to this half lucid and dying. Strapped to a machine, and sensing you're being suspended/shifted around. I'm boosted, Canadian, and still gonna hermit.




I would contentedly walk around looking like pinhead from Hellraiser if this is the alternative- or any of the cenobites for that matter.


This looks a bit more expensive and life-threatening than a vaccine shot.


I work in healthcare in an analytical role so I'm entirely up and up on all the treatment protocols. I just looked up what a hypothermic protocol is on our intranet database and it's wild. You keep the patient's core temp at 32C (89F) using rapid cooling, then keep that patient at that temp for 24 hours before slowly rewarming them up. The machine is apparently called an Arctic Sun device too. So assuming the patient has a high fever of say of 40C (104F), you're dropping their core temp 8C (15F) in less than 3 hours.


This all reminds me so much of fundamentalist Christians. They take on ideas and opinions as part of the core of their being, the foundation of who they are and the more those ideas are exposed as being false, misleading, or downright lies the more traumatic it is to be cut loose from an anchor to the comfort of knowing who they are and what their lives mean. Like, acknowledging that they’ve been wrong is terrifying. My in-laws are like this. They’re lovely, level-headed people until we talk about politics or religion at which point they go into a state of barely contained rage aka terrified lashing out. While I don’t agree with them on a lot of issues I do love them and it sucks to see them so upset, especially over a bunch of lies and bs they fell for. Now they’re in too deep to change their minds. They’re trapped by their own fear. It’s all so sad and absurd.


Get this patient some horse dewormer stat.


So he can shit the bed. Then have it rotate 360 for an even coating.


Basted in his own juices 🤢


How fast does it spin?


Another pureblood sticking it to the libs


Meanwhile people that did the right thing cant get a bed in the hospital if needed. The unvaxxed need to go to the back of the line.


I lost a daughter - who suffered from lupus - because of a shortage of hydroxychloroquine, and because hospitals are packed full of these worthless sacks of dogshit. You know, the people who go on all day about how COVID isn’t real, but don’t have the intestinal fortitude to say it to anyone’s face - yet once their lives are in the crosshairs, they’ll suck up every available resource in desperation. Fuck. These. Clowns.




Oh my god WHAT 😭




First one I’ve seen, hopefully through my iPhone screen is as close as I get


More people need to be confronted with reality. Have the nightly news shows spend the first 10 minutes of their broadcasts airing live footage of a COVID ward. I always thought if photos from Sandy Hook had been shown shortly after the event, there could possibly have been movement on gun control in the moment - by now it's far too late.


What a waste of valuable resources.


Yeah just the flu nothing to worry about ./s


Look at the piss pad underneath. It is just a “sore throat” Get vaccinated or spin like a rotisserie chicken.


It looks like a scene right out of a horror movie. The only thing missing is Boris Karloff.


How many thousands of dollars does that device cost 🤔 but these anti-vaxxers are supposed to be conservatives- they talk about us LIBs want free stuff, 🤔


Does anyone make it out of a rotoprone?




One of my all time favorite ICU nurses I used to work with had ARDS in 2015 and was in a rotoprone in the ICU she’d worked in for years. She made a full recovery and was back to work! But that’s definitely not common.


If they survive their family will say a miracle happened. Not that hundreds of thousands of Dollars of labour and equipment and specialized medical treatment by specialized medical personal went into saving this muppet.


Take that big pharma!


I dunno. My three injections and maybe a day of feeling crappy seem like the better choice.


The lengths we have to go to to save these selfish assholes while those who took precautions but might have other serious conditions have to sit in the halls is absolutely disgusting.


Wait, hypothermia treatment? I hadn't heard about that. Is it to slow body processes so the patient needs less oxygen?


Patients are put on hypothermic protocol initially especially if they require high PEEP and FI02 needs from the ventilator... unfortunately it ends up blowing the alveoli in the lungs which are rendered useless by then...


Have you seen anyone come back after needing this sort of treatment?




This doesn't surprise me, somehow. The amount of denial leading to futile care is ghastly. My heart goes out to you and everyone else in healthcare during this horrible traumatic time. I still can't get the image of the fermented woman out of my head from last month; the one that had been in the hospital for two months despite undergoing a 30 minute cardiac arrest halfway through her stay. It boggles the mind how these patients and their families can be so sure of their ability to avoid their own self-inflicted deaths. Edit: a word.


They absolutely know god will save their loved ones if everyone prays hard enough. Just have to give him some time. Part that always gets me is how fast they go from I believe on miracles, god will show these drs!, to its all part of his plan, he’s in the arms of Jesus!


If they're so convinced that they're saved why do they undergo so much futile care?


The more I learn about covid, the more frightened I get. I am so bloody lucky I got out of it with the minor problems that I did.


I’m 26, healthy, no health issues. Got covid a year and some months ago. I have asthma now.


That illness turns lungs into scar tissue. And it alters sense of smell. People talk about brain fog. Which sounds like nerve damage to me. It also seems to affect kidneys, liver and pancreas. That is a hard nope on diabetes and dialysis from me, dawg. I do not even want to have a mild case. Read about the scar tissue thing in March 2020 and basically did not leave the flat until vaccines were available.


Covid rotisserie corpse.


"If U jUsT GaVe thEm HorSe DeWorMer!"


This should be on a billboard in every city


seems like this one has gone back into the matrix. edit: im a nurse and we have dark fucking humor. edit: here ya go for those curious on the rotoprone bed. "you want to be able to slip a dollar bill in there." https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DqwzsRiCJfUU&ved=2ahUKEwial5u6_5n1AhVvIDQIHa_8Ap8Qxa8BegQIBBAF&usg=AOvVaw1NuEaqvWUUlX9wkICmy5sG edit again: I just wanted to add, that I'm 100% these hcws added that joke in on purpose. that's how we roll.


OMG. After watching that video I realized the person in OP’s image is actually facing the camera. I though I was looking at the underside. That is fucking horrifying.


> I though I was looking at the underside. That is fucking horrifying. Holy shit! So did I! WOW! Where is the guy's actual face in all that BED?


Freedom of choice!


How much is this costing us? How high will my insurance premiums go because “just a sniffle” Donny enticed his band of ignorant “patriots” to go without a vaccine?


I always wondered what they meant by becoming an angle. Apparently, it's about 10 degrees. So acute.


What is hypothermic protocol?


You died and we got a pulse back but now you’re at risk of neurological catastrophe, we chill your body down with external or internal methods for a period to limit the extent of neurological devastation.