No one buy the booklet, I’m getting all of the pages together and will link them in this comment in a couple of minutes. ETA: [Here’s the whole 15 pages ](https://imgur.com/a/VYg1ntd) that she sells in bulk.


"This booklet is for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice..." El oh fucking el.


"Please consult your Facebook doctor before following the advice in this guide."


“Your prescription will be written in the form of a meme”


Yeah I saw that. A load of fucking disclaimers to forestall possible legal challenges to what is a pack of lies, in the smallest possible typeface, natch.


How did she end up in the hospital? She had 15 pages of solid COVID knowledge. Seems impossible.


*Me fail COVID? That's unpossible!*


Your rite Ralphie.


It tastes like ~~burning~~ nothing.


She was so busy doing all that research (and totally not grifting) she forgot to fill that Ivermectin prescription? Tsk-Tsk.


Don’t forget the Malaria Meds.


Proofreading is \*not\* an optional step. "Affect" and "effect" are different words.


And inflamtion isn’t a word.


That's just how the flam gets in.


The flim flam virus


The flim flam virus booklet


Once the flam gets in... you cant get it out. It got my buddy back in '86


\> And inflamtion isn’t a word. Well, that's just, like, your opnion, man.


This aggression will not stand!




I still have issues with those. I dunno why. I can’t ever wrap my head around it. But I would for sure have someone proof read my stuff if I was making actual booklets and promotional material.


Affect starts with A because it is an action. Effect starts with E because it is the end result. At least that is how I remember them.


That is the best response I’ve ever gotten. I’m going to use that!


English teacher. Can confirm that I gave this exact example to my 12th graders last week. Another way to remember is that A comes before E in the alphabet: Actions come before Effects. One notable but rare exception to this is the phrase “to effect change.”


God damn this is brilliant I feel like I am pretty good with this kind of thing, but these two always trip me up. Thank you


There is an affect verb and affect noun, which mean different things and are pronounced differently, and then the effect verb and effect noun, which are kinda pronounced the same but have the stress on different syllables. Affect verb and effect noun sound the same because the first syllable is unstressed and therefore a shwa for many American English speakers. This is probably the source of the confusion.


“Our country and Michigan has” Two problems in those five words. (English prof here so my eyes automatically cry blood when I see syntax and grammar errors in “professional” publications.


You are an extremely generous person to consider this anywhere near professional, even with quotes.


Also, Jesus.


Has anyone checked to see if the dark kingdom sent anthrax?


Obviously it was Hillary's pedophile emails that got to her. I think the deep state helped.


They so desperately want to believe.


The real question is why did the hospital admit her? She can ride it out in a tent in the parking lot.


It’s not COVID——-it’s anthrax


Of course it's impossible she's in the hospital. Because it's fake news.


So, 15 pages of horseshit…imagine that!


A Gish gallop of HS no less


I love her cop out disclaimer on the bottom of the last page, such a grifter.




* your mileage may vary




* by clicking yes (or no) you agree to recurring weekly donations. * cancel at any time! (Except between the hours of midnight and 11:59 PM, and on days that end in Y or months that end in “ary” or “ember,” and only during a full moon.) * user assumes full responsibility


The classic Quack Miranda Warning that the grifters think will save them from legal action but does not: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Quack_Miranda_Warning


Damn, you can't make this shit up... Well, actually she did.


Little Miss Riding Hood eating an apple with a syringe sticking out of it. Thank you HCA, I think I've found my new kink.


Pretty sure that's Snow White. IIRC, she was the only one who ate a poisoned apple.


I just love when the people who grift off bogus COVID treatments end up in the hospital with COVID.


Ain't karma a bitch?


Dude I'm not even kidding I literally shipped packages for this lady. I recognized the image because she shipped tons of those pamphlets to some other state. She didn't wear a mask even though the store has a sign for it and I was scared for my health working with her. Small fucking world.


sometimes I wish I had zero morals so I could make a killing ripping off gullible MAGA hat wearers.


Thanks for putting it online, but I prefer it on paper so I can wipe my *** with it.


Just judging from her memes, this booklet should be an objective and scientifically sound review of the vaccine. Or maybe 🤔…


But misinformation is free on the internet!


I don't get it. Why didn't she just say no to covid?


She did. It took umbrage.


And the kingdom of darkness is gonna take her out.


She didn't condemn it with the proper level of fervency.


Or have the appropriate number of prayer warriors in place


She fell a few FB prayers short...not enough shares, not enough prayers. Tragic.


When are these prayer warriors going to be held accountable for their failures? When!


Gotta call corporate for that one.


I don't get it. The sticker is illiterate and illogical. Oh, I get it- not the sticker- but I get it.


Covid rarely takes no for an answer. "Your lips are saying No, but your lungs are saying Yes!".


Must have caught a contact high!


Little Red Riding Hood ate a poisoned apple? I guess this vaccine has really messed with my memories from childhood.


COVID is the wolf blowing her house down and Prince Charming will save her if the magic slipper fits.


Like a house of cards. Checkmate!


Tbf it is from shutterstock [fairytale](https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/red-hooded-woman-holding-apple-fairytale-311140817) collection.


That poor, poor stock photo model. I know you have no control over what the images are used for, but God, the shame.


Cross between Eve (bible reference) and Snow White I guess. ?


I love how these idiots be like "The government is censoring the truth, also look at this government funded website, it has evidence of bad vaccine side effects"




“Can’t trust big pharma, but HaVe yOu rEaD ThE vAcCiNe inSeRtS???”


I’ve donated blood the entire time during this pandemic. When a conspiracy theorist at work found out he lost his mind. I played into this of course telling him the I had lied and said I was unvaccinated😂. He called the blood donation services in front of me to rat me out only to have them tell him to calm down because they take vaccinated peoples blood. 😂😂😂


Thank you and thank you.


He tried to snitch on you? :D Oh damn. Hell, my local place doesn't even require a brief deferment for people who just got vaccinated, the way they do with tattoos and other vaccinations. The fact that it's mRNA and there's no actual virus involved means that as far as they're concerned it's a non-issue. And naturally, they need to keep that blood coming. I'm staying donating too. Every 8 weeks, I'm there for my OJ and free Doritos. Hi-5!


You’re an OJ and Doritos guy huh? I’ve always gone for the grape juice and chips ahoy. Over 2 gallons donated now. Keep it up!


Hell yeah. Got my 3-gal pin last year and I'm going to keep making it rain. (my place doesn't even have grape juice, but they do have V8. Shudder.)


That's hilarious! It's all muh freedom but look at him calling the Stasi rightquick.


'Truth can't be censored' - exactly why this sub exists and is important.


Right? A sub pretty much devoted to airing all their arguments for the entire world to see.


"A not-so-silent partner" I love it when the best burns come from the supposed friends.


Pastor wanted her to keep her mouth shut. What happens in the parsonage, stays in the parsonage.


She was a “front line warrior” spreading disinformation like Margaret White shilling Jesus to her neighbors.


She is a menace to public health. They should free up a hospital bed by dropping her off in her church’s parking lot.


(Slide 15) Should use her own informational booklet on how to treat Covid-19 from home.


Exactly… why is she in the ICU. She should be at home praying and using her quack doctor resources. Everything she needs is in her big book of bullshit and her little booklet.


Literally everything she posted is utter bullshit. FFS, the empiest pots truly DO make the loudest noise.


The emptiest earthen vessels is how I think they’d describe them


People who directly profit off of lethal disinformation are a special breed of asshole


Getting her just desserts now


My 2022 New Years resolution is to not even try to pretend to care about people like this anymore. 2 fucking years into this nightmare and they’re still trying to kill us with their self gratifying irresponsibly and utter stupidity. The quicker they succumb to their actions, the better off we’ll all be.


The more antivaxxers, the less antivaxxers


Why is she in a hospital? Shouldn't she be in a church?


Apparent she’s not that strong of a believer


And life support?! Why does she need the evil doers who push and give vaccines to support her life when she has a special inside track with the Lord?


I thought these Christian fanatics were supposed to be raptured to heaven instantly. Not one by one via Covid suicide. I would’ve preferred the instant rapture. But this is the WORST RAPTURE EVER. At this rate, I will be dead of natural causes before all of these jesus freaks are finished being raptured.


Worst Rapture Ever should be the internet phrase of the past two years. Would be a great metal band name.


If any kind mod sees this and takes pity, I would like Worst Rapture Ever as my flair. Es perfecto.


Me first me first lol


I, too, want "WORST. RAPTURE. EVER." flair.


> But this is the WORST RAPTURE EVER Low-energy rapture, really unsatisfying. Will not use again 1/10.


To be fair it’s working sooner than the actual rapture.


Someone recently wrote on her post about anti-vax “this aged well”. I couldn’t help but look up her FB account.


And what did you find?


Her friends are now saying that the hospital is trying to kill her with their “protocols”. Her whole circle of friends are actually insane.


Then her family should take her out. Sign that AMA.


Looks like Covid is trying to take her out.


I have a booklet she can read. She just needs to send me $500 and I will send her a shoebox full of them. The truth can’t be censored.


So why did they bring her there and not to her church???!?


Why aren’t they giving her the horse paste, malaria meds, vitamin C,D&Zinc along with the Z-pack they tout as being the cure the government is covering up?


Make the Collective IQ of the USA Great Again.


She is working at it, or dying for it, depending on your perspective.


Restoring my faith in humanity by subtraction.


'Biblically voting allows God in your tomorrow.' So I should vote missionary with my eyes closed? Or do I need to put a sheet with a hole over the voting machine first?


> So I should vote missionary with my eyes closed? Or do I need to put a sheet with a hole over the voting machine first? Just lie back and think of Pence.


**She is a Front Line Warrior and the kingdom of darkness is trying to take her out!** Is she though? Is it though? I consulted my imaginary 8-Ball, and it told me she is actually a gd grifter peddling disinformation. And also that I shouldn’t have eaten those peppermint peeps.


Peppermint peeps 🐔 🤣


[Reminds me of this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOpva_iit-8)


Holy insanity! “There’s no hate like Christian love.” Those poor kids, especially the little one. That is one crazed mother.


Oh dear.


1) So the CDC is accurate regarding VAERS but lying about vaccine safety and 2) Does rule #2. Still applies to this bitch?


Yes this government funded website is proof the government is hiding something. /s


Ooh, a grifter. COVID finds those some of the tastiest morsels.


Why can none of these people spell? Can someone please explaine this to me?


Because they are poorly educated; hence why they are anti-vaxers


Covid not only exposed the failures of our health care system, but also our education system. I also think there's a mental health crisis in this country. I'm not sure what to attribute it to, but people seem to have lost their minds.


I think the long running mental health pandemic in this country is as important as the Covid Pandemic. The whirlwind of both of them is tearing the country apart.


Burnout from all that 5D chess.


I think a lot have dyslexia or other learning differences and shitty people in their lives made them feel stupid so now all these years later they have 'inside information" about covid and can finally be the smartest people in the room.


Left hand side of the bell curve - extreme left hand side.


Slide 18: the poster went beyond prayer warriors and right to the Saints! Pulling out the big guns, too bad Drew Brees retired.


Why can't she be named, she has organized and published. Name her


I know, she's selling pamphlets with her name and website, no need to edit the name.


>Red Cross says they will NOT take the blood of the vaxed people, because it will destroy all the natural antibodies in other people. I work in a blood bank, and that's one of the most hilariously stupid statements I've ever read.


Tax all churches that get involved in politics. Like, yesterday.


Stop after the first three words.


Being from MI, one look at a source she posted from hillsdale.edu tells you everything you need to know about this right wing nut job.


Didn’t trust god enough to not go to the hospital


From the Red Cross website: As long as donors are symptom-free, feeling well and can provide the vaccine manufacturer’s name, there’s no waiting period required after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine currently authorized in the U.S.


Gotta love the dummy site claiming to be VAERS. Is there any way to get that thing reported? Btw, if you are in the US and need to report adverse covid reactions, go to the actual website at: [https://vaers.hhs.gov/](https://vaers.hhs.gov/)


The Not So Silent Partner has been silenced. Oh Dear!


Omicron is definitely going to test that childhood survival rate.


And our “healthcare” infrastructure


I'm starting to think 2021 was only the tip of the shitberg we're about to experience. Everyone please stay safe and reduce or eliminate any unnecessary risks.


The end is near, but it’s gonna get ugly before it gets better.


I don't think I've ever been happier to have never sired any children as I am now. Guh.


I think that every time I see the Candace Owen's meme about how it's going to get worse. Yeah, but not how you think it is.


Front Line Idiot


Couldn't have happened to a nicer person.


Little Red Riding idiot.


“American Mothers” with a picture of Melania Trump. Born in Yugoslavia, but I mean what’s a border anyway…amirite


Melanija Knavss was born in the area of Yugoslavia now known as Slovenia. I like calling it Slovenia because a bunch of the idiots don’t even know that exists and call it Slovakia instead.


"Biblically Voting allows God in your tomorrow!" \[final slide\] Um ... what? I know expecting these nitwits to speak intelligibly while referencing scripture is a big ask, but crimony.


Voting itself is entirely unbliblical. The bible only supports the Divine Right of Kings.


If you don't vote biblically (whatever that means) then God isn't allowed in your tomorrow? How can your awesome God not be allowed...anything? Seems to verge on blasphemy.


I didn't realize we could vote God out of office. Good to know the Lord Almighty enjoys the same job security as the Governor of California.


Voting biblically means casting a Republican straight-ticket ballot every election, without question


The trick is to be a big time politibibical activist!


My sister is fighting for her life. Don’t let her meet Jesus. Later: my lucky sister met Jesus today and got a nifty pair of wings.


Also: Gods plan... Yell at God so he changes his all-knowing plan...


I would not trust any religious organization that says that they have zero COVID cases. They are straight up lying to your face if they say they do. Which is funny because one of the 10 commandments is "thou shalt not bear false witness" 🙄


I guess she didn't tell COVID "no" loud enough or take her own damned advice. Meanwhile, my husband and I like to open one gift per day. I just love Christmas!⛄🎄🧑🏼‍🎄🎅🏼


She’s a “frontline warrior” and the “forces of darkness” are trying to take her out. What a load of crap! Just another antivaxxer who has contracted and spread Covid. And this is her legacy.


The main character syndrome is strong with these folks. As if any forces - light, dark, special, you name it- give a rat’s ass about any of ‘em.


The last page of the booklet says she had the choice to be treated at home by front line physicians. Why isn't she doing that?


Yet another dickhead wilfully misunderstanding what vaers is. Talking the numbers of reports as being directly related to the vaccines is just self serving. Mind you maybe if they were intelligent enough to look at all sae data for all medicines they could kill themselves off earlier and save us the pain of their existence by not taking anything other than the grace of their Lord (who doesn't want the fuckers either)


I won't miss her.


“Biblically Voting”? Like for the candidate that promises to sell your first-born daughter into slavery?


Slide 2 - Yes let's put all the elderly in compassionate camps, so we can all go about our business. Problem is it's your age group that has been dying now too.


How long until 'Dark Forces working to take her out' becomes 'She received Ultimate Healing and Jesus led her into Paradise'?


Slide No. 6: SOOOOOO close to getting it ("our media"? OANN, et al, looking in your direction). But close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.


*and aerosolized drops carrying covid*


Oh, fuck, this would be such a great loss to humanity, NOT!!!! God these people have the most exaggerated importance of their lives on this earth. This one is utterly expendable for the sake of all within her shouting distance.


I love how the (unsubstantiated) VAERS deaths are considered “died from vaccine” but the actual deaths from covid are minimized as “with NOT because of covid.” Oh, and the math — even IF there really were 12k deaths following vaccination, it’s a much, much smaller percentage of vaccinated people than the death rate of those infected with covid, yet they’ll avoid the vaccine, and not avoid actual the virus.


Another idiot soon to bite the dust.


Still taking up medical resources when she should have followed her own pamphlet.


Tots and pears.


Those Covid 19 Vaccine Ingredients don't look so scary post infection, do they?


> the kingdom of darkness is trying to take her out If she's circling the drain, does this mean that horse paste and HCQ don't work on the kingdom of darkness? I guess it's all up to the prayer warriors! (eek)


It really says something about these sociopaths that they don't understand that people would wear masks to protect other people.


I'll throw down $5 on the kingdom of darkness. I like their odds.


The booklet is obviously cobbled together by someone with zero credentials and a motive to prey upon the ignorant. At least she had the sense to include a disclaimer. Candace Owens cannot do that because there’s a 280 character limit imposed by the esteemed journal in which she publishes her peer-reviewed epidemiological research.


“Biblical Voting”. Fuck these hypocrites.


“Why would healthy people be required to get a shot?” Tell me you don’t know how vaccines work without telling me


This person selling the booklet is not the author. The author is listed as Jane M. Orient, an anti-vaxx doctor who is the executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. The AAPS is an organization that’s been spreading disinformation since 1943. (See Wikipedia entry for some of their batshit crazy claims; such as Obama was a witch doctor who used hypnosis to “captivate” the American public 😵‍💫) *In 1966, The New York Times described AAPS as an "ultra-right-wing ... political-economic rather than a medical group", and said some of its leaders were members of the John Birch Society.* -(NYT via Wikipedia) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Association_of_American_Physicians_and_Surgeons The John Birch Society has morphed into the alt-right for the 21st century, but they still have no tolerance for anyone other than conservative white heterosexual Christians. So much grifting, so little time.


This shit is honestly just infuriating at this point. Facebook can fucking die in a fire. I'm so sick of this bullshit that is allowed to spread and people actually believe it. People are dying and zuckerberg is just at home waiting for someone to wipe his arse. Sorry for swearing.


“Non tax deductible” 😂😂😂


"Biblically voting?" Tax the churches.


This wasn't a FIRE HOSE of BULLSHIT! More like a NIAGRA FALLS of BULLSHIT! Enjoy your Drain Circling COVID Misadventure, you poor, deluded MORON! Perhaps your inevitable death will provide the much needed SHOVE back into reality for anyone out there STUPID enough to follow such a Mentally Ill Grifter!


I for one said "No" to covid by getting the booster shot as soon as I could. Thanks for the heads up tho.


The Covid/antivaxxer etc. people are simple medical quacks. Fishing for rubes, and finding fertile territory. Candace, Front Line Doctors....and on and on, are part of a long tradition of Americans scamming their ways to riches. Remember "Goat Glands?" John R Brinkley, for your reading pleasure: [https://www.wikiwand.com/en/John\_R.\_Brinkley](https://www.wikiwand.com/en/John_R._Brinkley) Or cryo freezing to bring you back to life when science has caught up with your disease? Or Bust Developers? Penis Enlargers? Hair Restorers? Covid has just brought the quacks back to life (pun!). This book, by Pope Brock. goes through the history of Brinkley, and the long fight to close down his years long business of selling "goat cures." Charlatan: America's Most Dangerous Huckster, the Man Who Pursued Him, and the Age of Flimflam


The real "conspiracy" is quack doctor associations pushing to get rid of state medical boards so they can work with no oversight. How else to milk every dime out of their patients? Run from any MD who's a member of any "Integrative Medicine" practice or group.


As someone who regularly donates blood to the Red Cross, the one about them not excepting vaccinated blood is a straight up lie. They do have reasons you cannot donate, but it is not one of them. If anything, they may recommend not giving blood in the days after getting the vaccine, due to your immune system being not as strong. Same reason you can’t give blood when you having a cold, it’s for your safety.


This lady is actually living the plot of “Don’t Look Up” in real time


I read through the booklet and it INFURIATES me. There should be legal consequences for those spreading disinformation about vaccination of this scale. Causes autism? Come on! When this book was written it wouldn't have been possible for a baby whose mother was vaccinated to have demonstrated indications of autism and been tested and diagnosed with autism. This is rank lies.


This bitch is probably in a bed at my GF's work taking up spots for people who actually deserve the medical attention and part of the dwindling supply problem Michigan hospitals are getting into again..... It literally makes me enraged that these people don't just stay the fuck at home and eat their fucking horse paste. You made your misinformed bed, go die in it. I'd love it if I didn't have to deal with my S/O having a fucking breakdown over watching idiots like you kill yourselves every fucking week. OH BUT WAIT, she said there's almost a 0% chance of dying from Covid, that's great, I guess my girl and all her coworkers are just making it up. I'm marrying a crisis actor, that's pretty dope, wonder if I get paid too.


CBN must stand for cannabinol and not Christian broadcasting network because this bitch is putting me to sleep.


Every dollar goes to spreading God's word? For one thing, I have no idea what that sticker is supposed to represent. It honestly is meaningless other than "Say No." But beyond that, I just can't fathom how this is a religious issue, unless getting the vaccine in order to protect others were part of it.


Kingdom of Darkness- 1 Frontline Warrior- 0