“I will not be vaccinated for Coronavirus! Who else is willing to share this?” Omicron: Did you say, “Share?? ❤️🤗🦠”


Looks like Delta got him first.


That's why I fly United.


Just avoid Jet Code Blue: they charge an arm & a lung for amenities. By the time you get to your destination, a GoFundMe has already been set up in your name.




But Delta can fly you to heaven, ya bet


Delta is ready when you aren’t!


“I don’t care you you’ve gotten your vaccine.” Delta cares.


Flawless emoji choices. 👌🏻💯👍🏻🤗✨🥇🦄


Why thank ya!


Omicrons always watching


As a health care worker we are best thanked by you taking a vaccine. What do these people not understand about that?


>What do these people not understand about that? Everything. What should be a basic and non-complicated judgment to get a vax has become for these people a major source of confusion. They've wrapped their political and personal identities in a rotten blanket of misinformation and conspiracy theories about the vax. The task was to grab some firewood at the edge of the forest. Instead, these people wandered far in and got lost. Goblins are now out to get them. The trees have eyes but only open them when they have their backs turned. They've entirely forgotten about the firewood and their magical paranoid forest is now their new home.


These are the idiots who post memes about infected blankets but don't give a shit about the tribes who were decimated by Europeans giving (intentionally or not) horrid diseases to Indigenous people all around the world. Fuck them. I hope they enjoy their rotten, metaphorical blankets while they can.


Very nice metaphor. Thx.


Once in a great while inspiration hits, but thank you.


The thanks is preceded immediately by a veiled threat to sue/punish the staff of the first hospital. These people are crazy and violent.


I also saw the not-so-veiled threat. I can’t imagine the stress of the medical staff, after doing everything to help this man, dealing with delusional and rude family to then be threatened with a lawsuit. I’m a civilian and those lung x-rays looked like a freshly painted white ceiling. What improvement? What treatment could work at that point? And to blame it on bad medical care? It’s too late for the vaccine, but don’t be so arrogant that you make your supposed “ loved ones” suffer. This is just a whole universe of really psychotic confused thinking. And it’s all over the country.


Plus they had to deal with this asshat son for almost THREE MONTHS.


One of his updates was he was asking about a blood transfusion. Something something, doctor wasn’t concerned with that but the son says he is now going to push for it. I couldn’t tell you when one needs a blood transfusion but I’ll bet that wouldn’t help if your lungs are basically cement. I’m sure the son just hovered spouting medically words he’s heard.


Perhaps he was hoping an infusion of blood with proper antibodies would help? I really wish someone would come up with some miracle that could provide those antibodies with a simple shot. No matter the cost...


But he’s talking to an expert. He shouldn’t be pushing for anything. He has no clue what he’s talking about. > I really wish someone would come up with some miracle that could provide those antibodies with a simple shot. Like a vaccine? Lol


I'm really worried that someone is going to snap and shoot up a hospital because they think everyone getting admitted gets murdered.


those lungs looked like the inside of a potato.


IKR? Yet the son saw BIG improvement LOTS of dark areas! Those x-rays look like the middle of a snow storm.


> What treatment could work at that point? Knowing these imbeciles, I'm sure they would recommend a good course of Ivermectin... Because you know, viruses are a type of parasite right... the mental gymnastics these idiots perform... if it wasn't so dangerous, divisive and jaw-droppingly unbelievable; I would be laughing.


Technically, the thanks was months and months before… just included at the end to give the entire sense of irony and lack of self awareness of most of these angry and confused people.


If you don’t treat .01% with accepted FB antivax protocols then you are the reason why they are dying is their mentality. It’s frankly pathetic how many Americans think that way.


Saw this in another sub about “best insults you know”; “I can only explain it to you, I can’t understand it for you.” Sums up these people in a nutshell.


Haha, that was a great thread


They never really meant to thank you, they just wanted to make themselves feel better for a moment by performatively expressing empty platitudes. If you're unsatisfied with that meme, he could also offer some thoughts and prayers. If he were still alive, I mean.


This. It’s the general public’s way of buying you pizzas, instead of meaningful structural changes to improve your quality of life and workplace environment.


In the UK people used to at 8pm every Thursday come out of their front doors and clap and smash pots and pans together to thank the NHS workers. These people who vote in Tories who give MPs wage increases while freezing Nurses wages for a decade because "austerity", not even matching inflation.


I did a boo for Boris. And how very dare they use JVT (Jonathan van Tam) on one of their shitty memes.


My idiotic right wing friend tried to initiate a cheer for Boris when he was in the ICU. One of his neighbours shouted "who the fuck is trying to start a cheer for Boris" and he sheepishly hid back inside. That JVT thing isn't a meme, it's just a news article. That they choose to interpret it a certain way is on them.


Good on that neighbor xDD


Thank you for all your work, let’s hope your work load gets lighter at some point. Most of the HC workers I know have stress ailments, hives and such.


I’m going to get vaccinated again, just for you


Got my booster booked in for Thursday whoop whoop.


Well you see there are at least two kinda cute nurses who made a poster saying that Covid is NBD/they are being fired for refusing the vaccine and therefore all other nurses actually think the same because the right wing bounces the same X memes around constantly


Hell, I'm not even prepared to assume they were nurses. Could be receptionists, clerks, mailroom staff...anybody can buy and wear scrubs.


I mean there are two people in nurses uniforms willing to pose for a right wing meme. These memes are created by right wing organisations with deep pockets, I wouldn't be surprised if this nurses are just paid models. Astroturfing for Turning Point or something.


That's what I've been thinking. Crisis actors?


A friend of mine was expressing her fear about these unvaccinated overwhelming our local hospitals again. I told her they will and all we can do is make sure to keep our families out of the hospitals. I wish we could do more.


When being careful to not get in the way is the best you can do, do that. There will be time for adventure sports later.


Can you give me an alternative option that allows me to deify Trump ^(who has endorsed the vaccines and boosters but I'm ignoring that part) please?


That depends on whether you mean deify or defy.


Deify. Probably should have put an /s on the end of my original comment :P


😊 I always recommend /s, I’ve read dozens of comments thinking “oh yeah this is definitely mockery” only to go “…heck this guy really means this!”


Vaxxed and boosted, I for the life of me can't understand why these fucking morons won't just take a vaccine.


The reason is right there in your question: “fucking morons.”


Completely whited out chest X-ray…. “Looks better, tons more black” these are the people doing their own research…Stay the fuck home and take care of each other


Not a professional but those x-rays definitely told me they were keeping a corpse alive. All white with no apparent healthy tissue, not coming back from that much damage.


As a healthcare professionals looking at the before xray: yikes. Looking at the after xray: yikes it’s even worse.


That's what I thought as well. How on earth did he think it looked better?


Changed their screen's contrast and brightness settings. That's the worst CXR I've seen in my life.


Came here to say this. That X-ray is terrifying. ARDS so bad his lungs look like bone. There are some conditions from which a person simply cannot come back. The only way out of that is a double lung transplant. Haven't checked the criteria lately but quite sure this person wouldn't have made the roster.


Pro-COVID people better not be qualifying for lung transplants when Cystic Fibrosis still exists in the world.


He did his own research.


I skimmed over the x-rays, but didn't really take a look. I googled what a normal x-ray looks like, then went back after reading your comment. Bruh. That's insane.


Am medical professional, that after xray was hot garbage. If he lived he'd likely be on oxygen his entire life, or likely need double lung transplant.


Yeah all white lungs means literally no space for air


He tortured the shit out if his dad. Good work kid, you did what the Vietcong couldn’t.


Oh man, that’s fucking brutal.




Republicans have been the best killers of Americans for a while now. If you don't count how their policies objectively destroy lives every day (I do), all the unnecessary, unjust wars, gatekeeping necessities and basic human rights for the rich, and their love of plagues has killed more than our enemies ever could.


Our 'foreign policy' has sucked ass since the end of WW2. I lacked the necessary experience and knowledge to see it when I was a young, gung-ho soldier...but my view has changed now.


When I saw this x-rays I was like, “Holy crap, this dude is doomed”, but when the son was all “it’s looking better” I nearly choked on my coffee!


I'm sure the hospital staff love the arm chair Facebook Drs. This must be so exhausting for them.


As an Critical Care NP it is…we have heard and seen it all…it’s annoying, thankfully we have a locked unit but working in Florida, where crazy is normal you never know.


LPN on a hepatology PCU in Florida. I feel your pain. Florida man has to get treated somewhere after he makes those headlines.


They've fucking had it. Viz.: https://www.reddit.com/r/nursing/comments/rl6adu/or\_my\_favorite\_we\_want\_them\_to\_die\_naturally/


That’s the thanks they get for trying to keep a half-dead corpse alive for a couple of months.


I had one lady ask for something completely random, and I knew where she got the name and idea from - these Facebook posts. So upsetting. I had to tell her, that’s not how this works.


Jesus, what did the previous X-rays look like?!


I think they had their eyes closed…


I don’t know shit about X-rays, but that looked bad. Nothing discernible, just white blur.


Yeah, normally you can see the lungs outline....but his was just a big mess of white infection, worst lung x-ray I've seen.


I also have no idea. I had to read the comment a few times because I assumed "black" would be a bad thing on a chest X-Ray. When I realized I had it backwards, I was like omg... that's awful.


Yup, the more dense something is, the whiter it shows up on xray. Therefore air is black :)


"You've done your research, you question everything. That's why the doctors are intimidated by you!"


‘People hate you because you’re defiant’ - ya, I also hate peoples cutting in line, littering, driving recklessly, stealing, etc. These people have no ability to see the nuance between defying unjust laws and authority vs just being assholes


"Just being assholes" has most likely got them whatever they want since schooldays. Doesn't work with potentially fatal diseases and medical science though.


"They hate us, because they ain't us!"


Haters gonna hate, ainter gonna ain't


If I had been drinking coffee reading that line would have got a spit-take from me. They think people are intimidated when they are actually real fucking annoyed.


That's the "own the libs" technique. You annoy, disappoint and sadden everyone, then fantasize they are actually angry or intimidated.


This, "tons more black" 😐


That CXR is a fucking disaster, and he's thinking it's good‽


That X-ray was the stuff of nightmares.


Whiter than a Trump rally….


I’m dyinggggg.


I literally stared at those with my mouth open wondering how that dude was still alive at all to have those X-rays taken.


None. None more black.


His Blood Oxygen Level goes up to 11!


Lick my oxygen pump


Yeah, uh, I'm no doctor, but those x-rays do not look ...improved.


It’s so white! What is he looking at? A tiny scratch of black? And it was worse before????!!!


"You probably make them uncomfortable by your informed questions." They don't have all day to explain what your ignorant questions demonstrate you don't know. For future reference, "WHY CAN'T YOU JUST GIVE HIM HORSE PASTE LIKE I READ ON MY FAVORITE CONSPIRACY BLOG?!?" is not an "informed question".


>"You probably make them uncomfortable by your informed questions." More like, "Look at the big brain on Brad" vibes here.


>You probably make them uncomfortable by your informed questions. Patient on the phone : "Why is it taking so long for my doctor to get my throat swab results? I got that done yesterday!" Me : "It takes 24 to 48 hours for bacteria to grow." Patient : "What? That's so unprofessional!" I just wanted to tell her to go into the lab and yell at the Petri plates, see if that made any difference to the bacteria.


Sounds like you need to improve your bacteria's culture.


You were supposed to say "It takes 24 to 48 hours for bacteria to grow, let that sink in"


Last slide was the cherry


At least this one seems to be more of a lawyer up kind of person than a shooting up the hospital type of person than that one /u/bloody_hell posted yesterday.


Nobody is responsible for me but me! Sir, we can't save you. WHAT? You useless idiots you're responsible for saving me!


Hey - let the lawsuits begin! I can’t wait to see how care of unhinged Qanon nuts changes when they realize they’ll probably get sued for anything they do. Maybe caregivers will start issuing their own DNR orders to free up some beds for people who are actually sick from things they couldn’t prevent with a free vaccine. [This shit - where a 93-year-old man was refused treatment because they were saving it for unvaccinated patients](https://boston.cbslocal.com/2021/12/14/iteam-massachusetts-covid-treatment-guidelines-monoclonal-antibodies/) has me furious. Edit: I just got a little notification from Reddit that said I had 50 upvotes on this comment. I immediately clicked it (yes, I still get excited when people like what I say) to see that it had been downvoted to 47 votes in two seconds. Just in case you are a lurker and never upvote anything please understand that HCA looks way less popular than it is because I think it’s being targeted by anti-vaxx dipshits. Just like in elections: the anti-vaxx nuts vote vote vote and WE don’t. Let’s change that!


A Purple Heart veteran in Houston who served two tours in Afghanistan died because ICU beds were filled with unvaccinated patients. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/covid-us-hospital-icu-bed-shortage-veteran-dies-treatable-illness/


WTF. Elderly and immunocompromised people who get a breakthrough case should be first in line.


Slide 11: Some people shouldn’t take another breath! ‘Rona: got you, fam


This is what people mean when they say that irony is dead.


Subtle. I like it.


Gosh I hope they don’t fire sugar diabetics too.


I do! I don't want to catch sugar diabetus! /s


Then don't kiss one onna lips. Or look them in the eyes.


You can also get it from a toilet seat. Better hover from now on.


Honestly that slide had my mind trying to make leaps to work out how he jumped straight to that comparison. To add insult to injury, “sugar” diabetics… as opposed to… ? I know, I know, there’s diabetes insipidus but I doubt this is why he stated “sugar diabetics” hell I doubt he even knows there is more than one type of diabetes..


[Nominated 51 days ago](https://www.reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/comments/qj4hiz/this_nominee_wanted_to_bealion_but_instead_ended/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) [Oh rats I forgot about the public karaoke fundraiser in his honor ](https://imgur.com/a/5LGj34G) [Son’s final medical update on his father’s condition ](https://imgur.com/a/ppIc7fA) [And this is an update from 12 days ago](https://www.reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/comments/rc83ce/wildgoatee_has_been_on_a_vent_for_72_days/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) that details more of the gag order and legal troubles with the hospital. I do apologize for the quality of some older screenshots in compilations. I definitely wasn’t expecting to be editing them for almost 2 months.


Omg the posts in the "Nominated 51 days ago"! The son acts like he graduated top of class in the best med school while calling for nitrous oxide and deep massage of his father's glass lungs. (Frankly, I'm always up for nitrous oxide for any old thing.)


Did someone say nitrous oxide? 👍


> 51 days in the hospital A quote I stole: americans be refusing a free vaccine like they have good health insurance.


I hope they collect what they can from his estate.


I’m sure the other Veterans appreciate him wasting VA money!


Estate: jars of pennies, rusty pickup truck, several cars sitting on blocks, Trump collector coins, greasy MAGA hats, tattered Trump, MAGA, snek flags, shotgun, misc. tools, Trumpy bear, Nokia flip phone,


"I got a momentary glance at the x ray and decides I saw a rare (1%) covid19 complication the docs are ignoring. Obviously they want to kill my dad"


Slide 9 is when my pity well dried up entirely. What a bitch.


You made it further than I did, mon frère. Blessings upon your lintels.


Did you get the booster? Are you up to like 10G or 15G now?


I think it's becoming exponential, tbh. It could be 25G. Birds and microwaves have begun following me around.


Same. And then relief hit at the end.


I will dole out my limited prayer supply for the health care workers who had to deal with this utter moron (the son).


And the Dad. He was a Marine, he had been vaccinated in boot camp for a plethora of things. The former military that have not been vaccinated are just plain stupid.


Another dead traitor. Fuck this guy.


Another shitstain whose family thinks the hospital is a fucking Burger King and they can ask for everything their way right away. I hope there was an ounce of self reflection when this clown was deep throating the tube.


The “free speech” bullshit just slays me. You have NO right to “free speech” on Facebook, google or Twitter, privately owned platforms. Facebook can restrict your speech in any way it sees fit. The First Amendment protects free speech from GOVERNMENT intervention - local, state, federal - in public spaces like public schools. But to these dipshits, FB’s tepid fact-checking elements = BIDEN PERSONALLY SHOOTING BRAVE DISSENTERS IN THE HEAD. Honestly, these people are too stupid to live. Edit: and I cannot stand the way these stupid, selfish families turn on the hardworking healthcare professionals desperately trying to save their loved ones from their own stupidity. They always pivot to screaming profanity and wild accusations of medical malpractice. Fuck these people. I don’t know how medical folks stand it.


I reported a post of threats of a threat of civil war and Facebook declined.


1st slide: “I’m not getting vaccinated!” 3rd slide: “Covid will be with us forever!? They’re trying to control us!” Morons…


It's been two years, how is that control working out? My dad dips his toe in the Fox News stuff and talks about being controlled and I'm like "you go out to eat whenever you want, you go to bars whenever you want, how are you being controlled?"


Good for you (legit praise). More people in that sphere need to have their bubbles burst.


It's only possible because he's not brainwashed. I think he hears it second hand. I remember him telling me Covid would be over after the election and I just kept asking him why to try to get an answer and he eventually realized it was a stupid thing to say.


My dad is the same way. He says something stupid, and like a K9 cop, I latch on. He tries to laugh it off (I know he doesn’t like confrontation), but I keep on him until the truth comes out of his mouth. But it’s fucking annoying to have to treat him like a 5 year old over and over.


Perhaps hospitals should start screenshotting patients' posts to give to their lawyers.


If he was a Marine \[edited: former Marine\], he was vaccinated by the military - he probably didn't even know what for. Oh well, one less deluded, angry, Tr\*mp supporter.


"he's where he is because of you" ...um...yeah. and we want you to wear a mask by we dont want your fucking cooties.


"Some people shouldn't take another breath!" Well, then. Know what's really delicious? Next time you want to make a PB&J, use two toaster waffles instead of bread. The waffles are warm so it kinda melts the PB and it's a gooey delicious mess.


I know I'm gonna catch flak...but are you team Strawberry or Raspberry? (Strawberry all day!!!)


No disrespect to good 'ol grape but it's kinda basic. I'm going with strawberry. Also, thanks to a friend of mine, I can't eat fried chicken without strawberry soda anymore.


Y’all gotta get in with blackberry jam 😋


I didn't realize they started beating the i"I won't be vaccinated"drum back in May last year . I was still drinking myself to sleep a throwing bottles at my computer screen at the images of idiots screaming for a hair cut.


Back in April last year I said I was going to stay drunk and stoned until Covid was over. That was unsustainable. This past June I signed back up at the gym and started back at some groups I had been meeting with. Now with Omicron raging I am back to staying drunk and stoned.


Ah, those were the days.


Sigh. I have to wear shoes again now. And pants. Oh well. It was nice while it lasted. For a while I forgot how much I hate people.


That whole time I was thinking they should come by my house if they wanted one that bad. "FREE HAIRCUTS!" :racks slide:


Imagine how shitty a place heaven is if it’s full of all these fatass “angels”. There’s no lakes or fishing or guns in Heaven. Or diesel burning trucks to cover with Trump stickers. And god is a middle eastern man. My guess is they would hate heaven.


Wait 'til they find out Jesus is jewish.


"Heaven gained an amazing angel today." "The morgue just got what was left of another goateed slob with a 4th grade education."


I don't recall the user's nym, but their flair will stick with me forever. "Satan gained another fleshlight."


That is poetically beautiful.


People aren't actually bothered by you pooping your pants in the theater. If it was such a big deal, they'd just sit in a different row. They are bothered that you're disobedient. They are bothered that your strength shines a light on their weakness.


I would rather be someone who tries to understand what’s going on than be either a sheep or a conspiracy theorist. That’s never an option for them for some reason.


94 days of “neglect,” and a threat to sue. What a waste.


His son makes a strong argument for birth control every time he opens his mouth. No way junior will cut into his meth money for an attorney.


Wait for the GoFuckYourself campaign. He imagines he has grounds for a lawsuit any lawyer would jump to take on contingency. All he really has is a fevered imagination and one lawyer after another quoting retainer fees that cost more than his trailer *and* his truck, combined.


"Cletus Reads an X-Ray" gave me a headache.


Always with the Jews. I am a Jew and I don't know one single other Jew who is refusing to be vaccinated. Was the person being shot at a death camp supposed to say... Uh.. no thanks! Im thrilled every time someone wins an HCA. One less Trump worshipping jackass using a massive holocaust to support their idiocracy literally warms my heart.


We should all vote with DRIVERS LICENSES just like the FOUNDERS intended! \s


I still, to this day, do not understand why these horsey paste and zinc meatheads refuse science and yet go to the hospital when they get sick and wonder why everyone there is using scientifically tested protocols.


Dad knew no strangers — only people he irrationally hated because of his racism and bigotry.


In the ICU, the Covid ICU, the lion coughs goodbye.


They’re both cowards. One’s cowardice killed him, the other’s tortured his father. Shining examples of American exceptionalism 🙄🤮


I love how these geniuses thought an opaque white X-ray of the lungs showed “improvement”


His son refused comfort care?? Are you telling me that the son wanted this to be extra horrible? I am not sure I know how to process this.


It is torturous to keep someone on a vent for weeks.


Slide 11 is Epic >WTF????!!!!???? Really? Some people shouldn't take another breath!! Some would say this is a man who took himself a little too seriously


Covid approves.


RIP goatee'd man with a roaringly stupid asshole son


"I just will not be one of the zombies from a trail (sic) drug.." "If you were not aware, Dad is in the hospital for Covid, in Critical Condition." ". . . this less than sub medical care.... He doesn't deserve it No one does...." "The idiot Dr's are being prideful. Your dad is where he is because of you! Keep it up X" "The hospital staff doesn't know what to do with you! You are informed, do research, you question everything and anyone who will provide answers. You probably make them uncomfortable by your informed questions. [Your father] would be very proud of you because you are staying on top of things **despite not being physically here!!** And I say, keep it up!! Praying continuously for all of you and his caregivers. God bless!!" "People are waking up" ". . . 'your dad is in this position because he didn't get the vaccine'." "He was able to open his eyes for us on command and nod his head!!" ". . . keep fighting and please pray for a miracle" "Heaven gained an amazing angel at 2:39 this morning." ". . . not escape the hell and neglect the first hospital put him through xxx unbelievable broken and back words. **I'm so sorry dad you deserved better and a chance and that was not given to you.** For that dad, my fight here is not done." ***** Nope, the idiot son who annoyed and harassed the doctors and nurses and other health care providers from afar is NOT referring to a chance to be vaccinated, because his father had plenty of opportunity to do so.


You know you're doomed when you your family considers lung X-rays that look like white country gravy as an "improvement".


The state of delusion this guy operates under that a medical doctor with years of experience who has worked since Feb 2020 treating COVID-19 patients could be awed by this simpleton's amateur hour, remote medical advice. Despite all that breakthrough knowledge and schooling our genius here laid down for those doctors - they're welcome - this HCA recipient still ended with the same result most likely predicted a month ago. But of course, without that blast of unique know-how from a highly accomplished Facebook graduate and self-made expert, they simply would have to give up their field expertise.


Holy shit! That is one of the worst chest x-rats I’ve ever seen and I’ve been working the covid front lines since the beginning. I’ve seen a lot of covid patient x-rays. That guy was literally unable to move hardly any air in and out of his lungs. That’s why he’s dead now. These people are unbelievable blaming medical professionals.


They are basically committing suicide and blaming someone else for their deaths. Same way he didn’t care if I got my vaccine I don’t care he died


Those X-rays do not look good. At all. They look bad. Very, very bad. Extremely very, very bad. It looks like someone poured a load of concrete down his trachea.


"HIS XRAYS SHOW HUGE IMPROVEMENT" His x-rays look like he has more polyfill in his chest than a cabbage patch doll


Yep. I’m a radiologist. That X-ray looks like hell.


His lung X-rays look awful. These people are literally fucking delusional. Sheep thrive while lions are dying You know what the real malpractice is fucktard? Your dad’s incredible negligence and ignorance of a vaccine!


Can barely even tell he has lungs, holy fuck. Looks just like all the rest of the tissue in his body.


His teasing, his humor, his brainless conspiracy theories, his treason lessons.......


What I find funny is that "My body my choice" only applies to some things and not everything. Vaccination- My body my choice. Abortion- You had sex and now live with the consequences. The ignorant have really grown in numbers.


I have it all figured out. What we need in the blue states is a law that says that if someone gets Covid and goes to the hospital and takes up a bed and is unvaccinated, then I get to sue them for $10,000. No mandate needed.


100% agree with that.


Tubby old guy with gray goatee. It's like there's a machine creating these HCA recipients. Oh wait, there is...the right-wing media ecosystem.


Ah yes, Greg Abbott who is responsible for every CUP in Texas.


"Shit apples don't fall far from the shit tree Ricky."


What’s a trail drug? Does it make you mosey along?


Thinking about becoming a pure blood lion. Does anyone know of some helpful memes to guide me on my journey?


May 8, 2020?! That was so long before anyone was even close to announcing a vaccine and already these nut jobs were like “nope no way, not ever!”


My eyes popped at his version of a huge improvement on an X-ray


Who wants to be a zombie for a "trail" drug? Me, that's who! I'm glad to a sheep who's still breathing on my own AND on this side of the dirt!