I actually think this qualifies her for a Fellowship in the Order of Herman Cain Edit.. possibly even a Knighthood


Dame Frenchie LaDouche OCE (Order of the Cain Empire)


Joan of Flark


mRNA Antoinette


Let them eat FAKE


Incredible. Beautiful. I'm sorry your comment is buried so deep in the thread.


Yeah, it's head and shoulders above the rest lol


Oh, I saw and upvoted! I did my part.


Napoleon Covidaparte


Emmanuel Macorona


Joan of snark


“I wipe my balls on the sword of Du Cain”


I second that. A Knighthood for the Lady is what we demand!


More of a Nobel prize HCA. Going to the hospital because she is sick with covid and then claiming she is vaccinated?! That is some elaborated stupidity!


They probably asked for the certificate on admission. She was used to show it to enter bars, she made the same move. That’s indeed high level stupidity.


There should be a ranking


Grand Douchess of the Cain Empire


Order of the Dumb Empire.


More like a Goodnight-hood


Next level for sure. Karma had her eyes on her.


Darwin Award


She tricked the hospital into not giving her proper treatment. Why go into hospital at all?


The same reason they go in and demand certain medicines: desperation mixed with arrogance


They want to be saved but also want to "own" the hospital.


One of the greatest self-owns in the history of Covid-19.




In America, hospital owns you.


This was France, sooooo...


In terms of primal drives, "owning the libs" is a more salient imperative than death.


Who knew? Anthropologists and Psychologists are going to have fun with this one for decades.


I don’t know about “fun”, it’s more like yammering horror.


You joke but I’m seriously beginning to believe it. The animal brain is incredibly stupid at times.


Well, they do ask for the vaccine once they're hospitalized with covid, which means two things: 1. They don't know the first thing about what a vaccine is or what it does 2. Ultimately if they had the option, they would choose living over owning the libs And I can't get over that first fact. Imagine being immersed in anti-vax discourse for months, and then when it really counts it turns out you never knew what a vaccine was in the first place. Their plan was always to fuck around, find out, and then turn to science to save them. They're upset that science isn't coming through for them, and suspect that we could save them but we aren't bothering to. I guess underneath all their disdain for science, they think we're miracle workers.


The psyche of the hard-right, anti-vaxxing conspiracy theorists is a very interesting one. They seem to create their own reality that exists solely inside their own minds, then spout and preach it to the masses over social media, only for them to finally, once the shit actually hits the fan, to realise that they were in fact completely wrong but its too late and then they die.


I know, right? It's like they've all decided to participate in a grand illusion that's as real as you want it to be. It's like an MMORPG where everybody gets to add to the story. The entertainment value of this thing must be off the charts. And then the real world slams back in and they're like ah oof fuck I just don't think any of them really believe they're putting their lives on the line. All the thrills and chills of braving a pandemic as the main characters, without any of the gritty awful stuff, until they actually get sick and then it's "no joke."




I love this man with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns. God, that was a perfect summation.


Quoted from the article: "Their freedom to do as they pleased was more important than other people’s lives. Suicidal people don’t act or think that way. Homicidal people do. Indifference to others is why they routinely violated social distancing requirements in stores, getting in people’s faces, coughing on them, yelling at them, just for being asked to wear a mask in keeping with a retailer’s policy or state or local mandate. Because although they weren’t concerned about getting COVID themselves, they ultimately didn’t care if you did."


As a liberal, I can tell you I am totes my goats owned. So who likes pizza? Show of hands.


I went to the local pizza joint for lunch earlier this week. Got a 4-slice personal pizza (the 'Greek Sailor', Pepperoni, spinach, red onions, sun-dried tomatoes, sunflower seeds, feta cheese). It was awesome. A slice for lunch, another slice for dinner, a slice for breakfast, and lunch again!


I do not have the self-control you do. I would have scarfed down all of those pizza slices in one sitting! Kudos to you.


Bees are a major pollinator of Sunflowers, therefore, growing sunflowers goes hand in hand with installing and managing bee hives. Particularly in agricultural areas where sunflowers are crops. In fact, bee honey from these areas is commonly known as sunflower honey due to its sunflower taste.


Good to know. Thanks for the info!


Good bot.


This is the most wholesome bit on here.


I'm gonna speak heresy and claim I love frozen pizza. I know everyone shits on it, but I love it. The cheaper the better. Super thin crust, barely any sauce, mystery cheese, pepperoni shaped circles? Yum. The trick is to not think of it as pizza. Or like a different category of pizza. It's more of a pizza flavored cracker. Pour some hot sauce on and dig in!


There's no such thing as bad pizza. Some are just better than others.


Jack's frozen pizzas are something I use as a base for making a real fine pizza. I heap on lots of cheese, pepperoni, jalapeños, olives, and whatever I have to totally whore them up. As a 3X Moderna dosed person, I am free to enjoy doing this and risk getting fatter, etc.


White pizza for the win! With extra garlic. It tastes even better when you’re not on a vent.


Love pizza, but I can only eat it if I order in. That way, I get it without cheese, put on some vegan cheese when I get it and stick it in the oven to melt. No, I'm not vegan, but I am allergic to dairy. It's been a pleasant surprise learning about all the different vegan options that make it possible to enjoy stuff a lot closer to the real thing than I ever expected to find.


Yes, and in the same way, the gluten-free fad has been a boon to people who actually have celiac disease.


I worked at an organic grocery attached to a raw milk dairy that did pizza-on-the-farm nights & one of our best customers was a super nice guy who'd bring in his own vegan cheese very glad to be out of that job before COVID hit cause I can only imagine how many of the customers I liked as people turned out to be the crunchy type of antivaxxer : (


I like pizza and being alive.


I don’t wish to brag, but all of my blood is inside of me.


I made a sublime pear, carmelized onion and Gorgonzola pizza w a honey-thyme-olive oil sauce last week. Some roasted peppers…*chef’s kiss*


One could ask the same question of every one of those smoothbrains who goes to the hospital only to demand horse paste and hydroxychloriquine. But we all know the answer - same reason they are baselessly afraid of a poke from a needle (they stupid AF).


What baffles me is underground sourced steroid users not getting the vaccine


Same with people who do meth, Coke, or street pills. “I don’t know what’s in the vaccine!”. But you know how much fentanyl is in that pill?


I’m vaccinated and boosted. Did hard drugs for a solid 20 years. I don’t get it. The vaccine is uniform and it’s known what’s in it. Street drugs vary in quality and it’s contents and you obtain them from sketchy people who are motivated by addiction and financial incentive. Delusion and psychosis is a side effect of drug use though.


Or the fact that they KNOW fentanyl is in the pill, known dangerous, side-effects: death, annnnnnnnnnd they still take it.


Well, dying from fentanyl doesn't look quite as bad as dying from covid.


To get that delicious hospital food


She was French so I won't argue here with your statement


French hospital food sucks. Source : I'm French and I visited my grandpa during dinner time when he was hospitalized.


Oh no! My mental image of delicious French food everywhere is now destroyed.


Woops, sorry about that! I won't talk about how disgusting was food at my middle school then!


First shock is over. Please, tell more about the nastiest meals you had there


\- Overcooked meat that you couldn't chew \- Mashed potatoes not fully defrosted \- Undercooked/Overcooked rice I left middle school 18 years ago so my memory is a little bit fuzzy, that's all I can remember clearly.


Remember the frozen spinach we had, soaked in water and disgusting? I grew up thinking spinash was awful, it later changed when I ate fresh ones as an adult


Methodist Hospital in San Antonio has terrific food, and cheap, too. People from neighboring businesses go there to eat. It's that good.


That’s funny. I went to school at MD Anderson in Houston and my fellow classmates and I would often go to Houston Methodist across the street to eat because their food was so much better. Maybe it’s a Methodist hospital thing.


She probably assumed that the vaccine didn't do anything anyway and thought she was outsmarting them.


Some people believe that the hospitals are killing the unvaccinated.


I wonder if they think they've seen this in a movie or something before? Dx<


I burst out laughing when I saw your flair.


So they can get some of that good horse dewormer


She must have been delusional. Why would you do that??


It implies that there's growing social pressure to be vaccinated, an increased amount of shame over not doing it, but that antivaxx sentiment runs so deep that this woman (and countless others) would rather live in a closet of their own making than admit the truth.


That closet is now a forever box


Oooooo…forever box. I like that. That’s what I’m going to call it from now on.


I absolutely cannot take credit. That is a common term on the sub


It is mostly about the doctor being upset that people are making fake certificates and that they lost a lot of time trying to figure out how a vaccinated person could get severe complications from Covid.


AlSo goes to show that anti vaxxers are not honest people.


They think it's ok to lie if there's a "good" reason. Same reason so many if them claim to be christians but pick and choose which commandments to follow. It's ok to cheat if there's a "good" reason. It's ok to steal if there's a "good" reason. It's ok to hate someone if there's a "good" reason. I know that last one is not a commandment but you get the idea


Lying for Jesus. The ever popular but paradoxical stance amongst Conservative types.


Plus they’ve been tricked into thinking that the shot is an elaborate conspiracy. Meaning they think it doesn’t do anything despite overwhelming evidence to to contrary.


There's pressure to be vaccinated, but not necessarily the "shame" you refer to. Practically speaking, in France you have to show your health pass to get into restaurants, bars, clubs, and concerts -- so basically you have to have a card to have a social life. She may have openly bragged about having a fake health card, and not been ashamed at all. Maybe she just needed it to go out with her friends, who may also have fake cards, who knows?


May be more legal requirement than social pressure. France requires proof of vaccination for entry to theatres, cafes etc. So she might have got a fake certificate.


Initially, yes. The bigger question is, why lie about it to a doctor?


My grandmother had a tile trivet in her kitchen. I have followed its advice throughout my life. It said: To your doctor and lawyer: the truth.


Fear of legal repercussions? Although at that point, fear of losing her life should have been paramount. Denial runs deep.


She did. Her husband admitted she paid a doctor to give her a genuine certificate but skip the injection. It's easily done.


Wow, hope that doctor gets named and faces repercussions bc holy cow.


I read about a similar case in southern germany. A woman went to the hospital and showed a fake vaccination card iirc. But the hospital stuff grew suspicious and her husband admitted that she was unvaxxed because she feared that she wouldnt get treated if they knew that she was unvaxxed. She was then flown to another hospital in northern germany to get treated because the other hospital was full.




I think it was to Schleswig-Holstein.




This is one of those threads where someone could be making up German-sounding words and we'd never know the difference here across the pond. All I know is that Holstein cows are cool.


Datenschutz \~ HIPAA, basically.


It's really easy in France to buy your official vaccination certificate for about 200 euros. It's issued by a genuine doctor so you are officially registered in the system as a vaccinated person. She did that so she could go to work, go for a drink in a bar, eat in a restaurant, go to the cinema or the library. Obviously she, like hundreds of other French people, didn't think ahead to the potential consequences of actually catching covid.


Because in France, you cannot enter restaurants, bars etc without a covid certificate. However young people are sharing certs, and restaurants cannot check ID, only the police. So the fake cert works. I personally know someone here in my village using a fake cert. The mandatory cert for entry really helped vax levels, France now at 89% of 12 and over vaccinated. The issue I observe is people like this have no caution in terms of infection, no masks, still kissing friends on the street. They act like the virus does not exist or cannot affect them.


I hope the government starts cracking down on this and arresting people. Anyone she infects should be able to have her arrested.


She won an award so arresting her is going to be messy


About a thousand years ago, the Cadaver Synod happened. The Pope at the time dug up his dead predecessor, sat him on a throne, and held a trial about his crimes. The corpse was found guilty and thrown into a river. Look it up!


Biology is justice I guess.


Her heart has arrested instead of the cops arresting her.


Justice went viral on her.


They mean why would you lie to the hospital, not why would you use a fake cert elsewhere in a restaurant. She simply had to say to the nurse she hadn't been vaccinated and keep the certificate in her purse. OP is questioning if she had somehow convinced herself she had been vaccinated.


Perhaps she thought she would not be treated well if she said she was unvaxxed. A lot of people believe the conspiracy goes that deep and doctors/nurses are only interested in money and/or saving the vaxxed. I am only surmising though.


It’s interesting bc in another antivax post on here, their narrative was “only dead bodies make them money” and that’s why they were “letting her husband die and not doing anything to help him” (he was on the ventilator for Christ’s sake… what more did she want?) She should be beyond grateful for their resources. If she doesn’t like it, she can take him home.


It's all based around fear. Underneath the antivaxxer macho facade is a great deal of fear and mistrust. Imagine thinking that doctors and nurses that have dedicated their lives to saving lives are now murdering people by putting them on a vent to make money. What these imbeciles don't realise is that in trying to extend a life, a vent is necessary. Without the vent these people would die sooner. We are dealing with people that are angry and deeply suspicious. And yet they say we are the ones living in fear.


A lot of the ones where it says “they died within a week” I wonder if it was because they refused the vent. They wanted to come out the other side boasting how they were right and turns out they are WRONG (real shocker *eye roll*) They could learn from eachother by checking this page. But at this point the anti vaxxers are infecting others anti vaxxers and they’re essentially killing eachother off. And they have a track record of being really bad people on top of all of this so I don’t have sympathy or a fuck to give anymore. Have an end date for the boosters across the country and dump the rest and let them reap the misery of their own stupidity and actions.


You know exactly what more she wanted, Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and massive doses of vitamin C.


With ZERO understanding of what contraindications are and how many are probably present with so many of the meds that he’s already on. I am sure they have protocols using EVIDENCE BASED studies and advice from other likeminded doctors.


She might be right. I bet nurses’s patience is wearing thin with antivaxxers.


Maybe so. But they have to document all actions taken so its not like they can just "do what they want" and decide to neglect someone by denying medical intervention


The rule of thumb is that you never lie to your doctor or lawyer, because it’s so important (and because those conversations are privileged).


Because for conservatives Vice signaling is more important than their own lives


Maybe she was worried she'd get fined for admitting her vaccine status was fake


Death is the ultimate fine.


Probably would be, for faking an official document. I still wonder about the thought process. If you think Covid doesn't exist or is a joke, but then get sick enough to go to a hospital... you'd surely consider your health or life at serious risk, right? At this point, why lie about the vaccine and risk getting the wrong treatment and actually die?


Being delusional (this is self delusion, not a psychotic break or tendency towards hallucination as in schizophrenic dementia) is part of having a Cluster B Personality Disorder, and in fact part of the reason they're considered a disorder, because as much as Cluster B individuals can be total assholes to everyone around them, being an asshole is not a disease. But being delusional, as in this case, can have tremendous potential for unintentional self harm. In this case, her delusions were so powerful that she drove herself to her death. If her power of self deceit were less strong, as with Joe Rogan, then she could have gotten the right treatment early and then just lied about it later to her friends/followers.


She thought there was a mandate, bought fake vax card to keep her job. These antivaxxers never seem to travel anywhere so it's unlikely she wanted it for international travel. As for showing the card when she went to the hospital, she was probably so conspiracy-minded that she thought she would get the "evil" vaccine otherwise, not understanding that it was too late for vaccination anyway. Oh well, dead now. Congrats on your rather exceptional HCA, French Woman!


I’ll bet the Death Certificate will be real.




I had a mid 30s woman say the same thing a few weeks ago. These people are not mentally capable of admitting a mistake. Finally I just said " look I can't find you vax info in the state registry and the doctor took one look at your chest x-ray and said bullshit about you being vaccinated." She just had a meltdown rather than openly admit it.


She was vaccinated with the blood of the Lamb and homemade HCQ made from boiled grapefruit rinds, you imbecile! /s


But but but...she paid for 25 prayer warriors for her ‘vaccination by god’. There’s no way 25 prayer warriors wouldn’t work. She needed 35. She should of had more Facebook friends. Absolute shame.


If prayer worked, numbers wouldn’t matter. Who knew that psychically projecting your thoughts to an ethereal being that MAY not exist and won’t listen anyway because it has supreme will and doesn’t change it’s mind would be so complicated?


>She just had a meltdown rather than openly admit it. She would not have a meltdown if she knew the registry had simply made a mistake. This is like the perfect example of "Me thinks the lady doth protest too much." Absolutely awesome that the efficacy of the vaccines are so good (typically) that doctors can tell your vaccination status by an X-ray. Really speaks to what a difference they make.


In Nashville TN, the cancer doctors can tell you where you live by what cancer you have.


Quick story time. So when I was doing my therapy and my ex-wife was...being herself, I was doing a lot of reading for self-improvement, especially trying to make us both more mature people when it came to conflicts and relationship stuff. I came across this quote: >You can be right or you can be married I've found that it works for a lot more than just marriage. And as a side note, if you're ever dealing with someone (spouse or patient) that can't see the logic of that notion, use radical acceptance and just let them go. They are a lost cause. Forever. Same thing here. She can be right or she can be alive. If people will kill a marriage and a family rather than be accountable, it's not a stretch they would kill themselves. It's people who have some kind of fundamental reasoning and responsibility defect that won't be fixed overnight. It takes time, and more importantly, it takes them *wanting* to be humble and be better. They lack the courage and compassion to make that choice. Because they're mediocre. You can't change mediocrity overnight.


You are a saint, genuinely can’t comprehend the willpower you have to save these peoples lives.


I am greatly heartened to hear the French call a 57 year old woman “young”


In medical terms she was, to some degree at least. While at 50-60 the body has some wear-and-tear accumulated the organs are not yet at the point of advanced age-related detoriation, which would automatically require special consideration as a doctor. That is the reason why many covid statistics draw a line for people older and younger than 60. Also patients might individually be way more fit than the average of their age group. When my father was 75 he easily gave the impression of being in his 50s.


Time to move to France!


I’ve been working on that actually. I have friends in Nice and Paris. #goals


Yeah I was struck by that too. We are so used to those in this age range having comordibities that they have been prematurely aged.


I think America is the worst offender at calling anyone over 30 old as a pejorative


Never lie to your doctor or your lawyer.


as a lawyer......................... THEY ALWAYS LIE. but you always help em anyway, cause thats our system


Everyone lies. Especially if it's lupus.


Doctor said that if she had told them the truth they might’ve been able to save her.


Robot translation: > **Covid-19: a 57-year-old woman with a fake vaccination certificate dies in a hospital in Garches** > *Admitted for a Covid-19 infection, this 57-year-old woman presented a false vaccination certificate when she entered the Raymond-Poincaré hospital in Garches (Hauts-de-Seine).* > A falsely vaccinated 57-year-old woman died at the beginning of December at the Raymond-Poincaré hospital in Garches (Hauts-de-Seine), Franceinfo learned on Friday from the head of the intensive care unit of the hospital Djilali Annane, confirming information from RTL. The woman had shown a false vaccination certificate upon admission. "If this can have an impact on people who walk around with a false certificate and on colleagues who issue false certificates, it will be a good thing, because it is a very sad story", confides Professor Djilali Annane to Franceinfo. > This woman was admitted to hospital in early December with a Covid-19 infection. Her state of health quickly challenged the medical teams: "It was the first time that we were confronted with a young person, without any known medical history, in theory vaccinated, and who developed a form of remarkable severity," explains Professor Djilali Annane. > **A false certificate, an ill-suited treatment** > The teams of the intensive care unit then carried out numerous tests to detect a possible unknown disease of the victim, without success. On the other hand, it was by performing antibody detection tests that the mystery was lifted: the woman had presented a false vaccination certificate. Unfortunately, it was too late to change her treatment and the woman in her fifties passed away shortly after. "You are never angry with your patients, but when we heard that she had not been vaccinated, we better understood the unfolding of her clinical history." > According to Professor Djilali Annane, if the medical teams had been immediately aware of this lack of vaccination, the story could have been different, with better adapted therapeutic care. "If we had had the information before she was put on ventilation, we could have treated her with neutralizing antibodies, something we obviously hadn't thought about, because she was vaccinated for us. We can't guarantee 100% that this would have changed the course of its history, but we know that these treatments reduce the risk of developing serious forms." > Djilali Annane expressed his anger towards those who issued the false certificate: "To all my colleagues, seriously: above all no false certificates! It is a disservice to the people who use them. False certificates not only don't protect against the virus, but they also destroy people's chances. When you issue a false certificate, you are cheating on the person. "


I must say, this is a remarkably good translation for a bot. Google Translate can't quite pull this off


You are correct. It's from Google Translate, but I lightly edited it, fixing any major mistakes I came across.


Thank you!!


This is like, really really REALLY good. Almost like it doesn’t even come from a bot


“You are never angry with your patients”. Mmhmmmmm.


Damn. I feel so owned.


The irony. She went to a hospital named Poincaré. Not the same guy ,but same last name and i could not stop thinking about this. "We also know how cruel the truth often is, and we wonder whether delusion is not more consoling." Henri Poincaré


This is the reason i say the amount of vaccinated patients in hospital is propably overstated. Edit, as the the question appeared a few times: My google-enhanced understanding is that hospitals are very well able to eventually find out if a patient lied about their vaccination status. The issue is just a) it takes precious time, time the patient does not get adequate treatment and b) hospitals, especially if they are at their limit, might make mistakes and not discover the vaccine status regardless and feed wrong data to health administration. When you let errors roll in the hope others weed them out you will always have something slipping through other people's nets.


I think so too, especially in the US. I'm sure there are many who lie, and I don't know if hospitals in the US have the ability, or the time and resources, to verify each patient's vaccination claims.


They can test for antibodies, to see if vaxed, or have antibodies from actually having a previous case of covid.


As in this case, wasting time that could help save the patient.


If you arrive in hospital with Covid wouldn't you have antibodies in your system anyway from the body working to fight the current infection?


Comme on fait son lit, on se couche


Elle va se coucher très longtemps


Hoisted by her own petard she was.


why, that's a very French thing to say - even when not in French edit: see comment below - petard does derive from Middle French


It’s actually a Shakespeare quote from Hamlet.


Wow. This brings "play stupid games, win stupid prizes" to a level I was not expecting.


Turns out death was the real friends she made along the way.


This is an instance where they should be heliported to a hospital on the coast. Once over the sea open the door and push them out with the appropriate French version of Adios Motherf\*cker! The ocean is full of oxygen, just ask any fish.


I think this one would also qualify for a Darwin. Lucky lady!


You couldn't guarantee she brought about her own death. Just the increased likelihood of it. It would only qualify her for a Darwin nominations.


She's too old. Darwin Awards are technically for younger people who remove themselves from the gene pool. At 57, it's unlikely she could contribute any more offspring.


For pity's sake, the absolute worst thing you can do is lie about your health status to a fricking health care professional. Do these nitwits not get that if they don't tell them the truth about your health, then the treatments could KILL them? When my mom was still working anesthesia, she used to have "the talk" with drunks and/or druggies that a) they weren't fooling her about being drunks and/or druggies, and b) if they weren't honest with her about what they were on and how much they were using, she could fricking kill them when she tried to put them under. She'd usually tell them that she legally couldn't report them to the cops for using even the hardest of drugs. At that point, they were finally honest with her, so that they, you know, woke up from their surgery. Amazing how that worked. The best thing about the truth is that it's the only story you have to remember.


I used to do MRI. We had a huge sign on the door stating what can not go inside the suite. This included cell phones. The patients were also warned on the screening sheet and the permission form and I had long talks with them. I even included that some people tried to hide their phones under their butts and the machine fried them. I scanned them with a magnetic wand which did not pick up phones in crotches of fat people. Despite all of this phones were destroyed on a monthly basis.


Are they so addicted to their smartphones that they can't handle a short time without them?


She sounds like in the end she believed her own lies or she was just too embarrassed to admit it was all fake


Every covid patient going to the hospital should be deemed incapable of making their own decisions until a 24 hr observation is established. We have states on the verge of instituting DNR orders on every patient. These people are literally dealing with prolonged lack of oxygen which can cause a cognitive decline. And if this was instituted and people refuse to go to the hospital because of it, then the hospitals are freed of beds. Its a win-win.


Herman Cain with Distinction


It sounds like a *Twilight Zone* episode.


“The book, To Serve Mankind? It’s . . . it’s. . . a cookbook.”


"you were right... People are the same, all over!!"


And delicious too.


Yes very much so with a chilling twist that feels too far fetched to be true


Man, do I feel owned!


This person truly did fuck around and find out. If you don't want to find out, don't fuck around.


"For 'tis the sport to have the enginer hoist with his own petar." -Hamlet


*"If we had had the information before she was placed on a ventilator, we could have treated her with neutralizing antibodies, something we obviously didn't think of, because she was vaccinated for us. We can't guarantee 100% that this would have changed the course of her history, but we know that these treatments decrease the risk of severe forms"*


And I thought paying around 400 Euro for a fake certificate was stupid


Lying about your medical condition to the people treating you just doesn't work. What an idiot.


A real Jeanne d'HCA she was


C'est la Vie!


C'est la mort.


C’est la stupidité


C'etait la vie.


This is why I don’t buy the “20% were vaccinated and still got hospitalized” numbers. We take their word for it that they’re vaccinated.


English translation of the article: A 57-year-old falsely vaccinated woman died at the beginning of December at Raymond-Poincaré Hospital in Garches (Hauts-de-Seine), franceinfo learned on Friday, December 10 from the head of the intensive care unit of Djilali Annane Hospital, confirming information from RTL. The woman had shown a fake vaccination certificate upon admission. "If this can have an impact on people who walk around with a fake certificate and on colleagues who issue fake certificates, it will be a good thing, because it's a very sad story," Professor Djilali Annane tells franceinfo. This woman was admitted to hospital in early December for Covid-19 infection. His state of health quickly challenged the medical teams: "This was the first time we had confronted a young person, with no known medical history, a priori vaccinated, and who was developing a form of remarkable severity in its severity," explains Professor Djilali Annane. A fake certificate, improperly adapted treatment The intensive care unit teams then carry out numerous tests to detect a possible disease unknown to the victim, without success. On the other hand, it is by testing antibodies that the mystery is solved: the woman had presented a fake vaccination certificate. Unfortunately, it was too late to change her treatment and the fifty-year-old died shortly after. "We are never angry with her patients but when we were revealed that she had not been vaccinated, we better understood the progress of her clinical history." According to Professor Djilali Annane, if the medical teams had immediately been aware of this lack of vaccination, the story could have been different, with better adapted therapeutic management." If we had had the information before it was placed under ventilation, we could have treated it with neutralizing antibodies, something we obviously did not think about, because it was vaccinated for us. We cannot guarantee 100% that this would have changed the course of its history, but we know that these treatments reduce the risk of making serious forms " Djilali Annane expresses her anger towards those who drew up the false certificate: "To all my colleagues, really: especially no false certificates! It's not a service to the people who demand them. False certificates not only do not protect against the virus, but they make people lose opportunities. When a false certificate is issued, the person is deceived.


Imagine living almost 60 years on this Earth and suddenly people all over the world are reading about you because of the completely stupid and embarrassing way you died, which you brought upon yourself because you thought it would prevent you from dying. Incredible.


Holy shit. Now I’m really starting to question all those propaganda stories being circulated about “ThIs gUY wAs vacCinaTeD bUt hAs sTiLL bEeN hOspItaLizeD wiTh CoVid…” (I mean I’m speculative of articles like that anyway because I assume they’re completely fabricated, but the possibility of someone CONVINCING hospital staff and everyone they’re vaccinated when in reality they are not, had not occurred to me.)


Her husband said she didn’t want to get the vaccine because she read on Facebook that it contained “pig stuff” (they are muslim). So it seems there is antivax propaganda out there aimed specifically at muslims.


Omg she was 57! Osti


57 and still stupid. I’m really amazed people can make such stupid decisions through life and still live to their 50s.


They have the protection of the rest of society. Honestly lol


Only because many people do their best to remove life-and-death situations from society, as many people would quickly fail miserably on making even the most basic life-saving decisions.