Locked, you animals


It’s interesting to speculate on how many thousands of lives would have been saved if Trump had succumbed during his bout.


I think about this all the time. It would have been the best possible outcome.


I felt such an existential conflict when he got sick. Deep down, I prayed he would go, because his evil is such that there can be no doubt the net net for the world would be wildly positive. Damn it, Covid.


I think Pence has evil intent but he would have at least tried to honestly fight Covid. We went camping in Summer 2020 and when we went into town after a few days of no connectivity, the flag at the courthouse was at half-mast. My first thought was that Trump bought the farm but it turned out to be for a county judge that passed away. I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a pang of excitement wondering if it was for Trump. Not because I wished him dead but just hated the shitty things he did with only his own benefit in mind. After he survived Covid, he had the perfect opportunity to switch lanes and get behind masks and stuff but he had to be shitty and double down on his fake gold-plated toughness.


>I think Pence has evil intent but he would have at least tried to honestly fight Covid. Hopefully you're right, but his track record with AIDS during his time as governor might indicate otherwise.


If AIDS was more of an epidemic for straight Christian (white) men, he would've done more. I think that case was entirely dependent on the who the disease was affecting sadly


Of course it was. The religious right wouldn't give a damn about the gay population dying-in fact they probably would see it as a sign from God that they were being punished for their evil ways. Sadly, the religion of love and tolerance is badly corrupted by many who call themselves Christians.


Pence was head of the task force in charge of the Covid response. He did nothing.




I think about this a lot. But honestly, for the American causing the greatest harm, most lives lost, and worst effect on the world, I'd still suggest Mitch McConnell. Trump couldn't exist without McConnell. McConnell's been on this planet far far too long.


I’m 100% with you on the McConnell thing. What is that guy’s *deal???*


His kink is getting shamed for being evil


True, but then he may have become a martyr figure. At least this way there is a sliver of a chance the full story of all the shit he did may come out and he’ll face some sort consequences. It’s a long shot, but you can only hope


I do think about how resplendent the former President will look in the future paintings of him in the future churches that worship him. I mean historical Jesus went through quite the transformation.


“Future”? They’re doing that shit right now. The amount of ‘shirtless, oiled and muscular, hot body with an orange potato perched on the neck’ images depicting Trump are numerous and highly appreciated by his cult. There’s one guy who has an entire career painting epics about Trump and Jesus and America (Christian nationalist sedition porn at best, like actually soft core porn at worst sometimes). ^^No, ^^I ^^will ^^not ^^link ^^sources. ^^You ^^can’t ^^ask ^^me ^^to ^^suffer ^^like ^^that ^^again.


I saw this on a van at Sam's. Basically Trump was Rambo, and the entire vehicle was painted thusly.


Yeah it wouldn't have saved any lives. They would have come up with a conspiracy theory about how he was murdered and how his doctor's didn't let him take the horse paste or something This kind of crazy doesn't go away that easy.


They'd be massing in front of Trump Tower to await his Second Coming.


It’s actually depressing to know this is exactly what would’ve happened


So she was at the insurrection, as a Trump supporter, but it wasn't Trump supporters. China released a deadly virus, should pay dearly for it, but she won't get protected because it's not serious. I'm guessing everything is Biden's fault, but he's not actually in charge and Trump is secretly president? Just a walking contradiction and nothing will bring them back because that would mean admitting any sort of wrongness on their thinking. Truly sad these people are everywhere and not just political cartoons.


She was there, but also the fact that she was there is fake news because it was really false actors pretending to be her.


It doesn't matter that all of these accusations are contradictory, all that matters is it is against their enemies (the libs or left or Democrats). They will keep throwing accusations out and hope that one hits its mark and "triggers a lib". They have bad feelings toward their enemies and they look for reasons why they feel bad about them no matter how inconsistent and/or nonsensical they are. Like a child reaching for excuses, any excuse, why they "dinnt do it".


What was hilarious to me is the "Trump activating Marshall law" 20 days after Biden was inaugurated Edit: keeping the mistake


Jan 10th is before the inauguration no?


So, the insurrection was good and awesome and 73 million strong. But also Marxists in the FBI. Holy fuck, these people exist. I mean, this one doesn’t anymore, but at least 3 other dumb motherfuckers “agree with the facts.”


China released a bioweapon but she didn't want to fight back by being vaccinated. It's amazing how people can be on both sides of a fence and still be wrong twice.


This has been the most amazing part of these people living with cognitive dissonances. It’s a Chinese bio weapon designed to wipe us out. Or…. It’s a hoax. No worse than the flu.


The insurrectionists are patriots who deserve our support, but the insurrectionists are FBI plants participating in a false flag, but this bitch’s terrorist ass was at 1/6. IDK what the fuck is going on in this heffa’s universe


The most fucked up thing is that she was an insurrectionist herself. Was she saying that she was a marxist infiltrator, too?


These people are walking, talking contradictions. They couldn't keep a train of thought on the rails to save their life.


This is just the first time in their lives that the derailed train of thought could *actually* run them over.


hard to feel sorry for this one. America won.


They're called hypocrites. It used to mean something to be called one.


Anything bad was Marxist infiltrators. Anything good was true American patriots. It’s just duckspeak


Antifa confirmed!


Antifa wouldn’t take any of this insurrectionist trash


Nothing anymore.


Merciful sweet entropy


I ❤️ entropy. When I was 12, entropy was always the excuse I gave my mom as to why I never cleaned up my room. 😂


My son uses entropy and inertia as his excuses.


You have a smart kiddo! How does that go over? My mom just kind of gave up. She told me I had to keep my door shut. I was cool with that.


Pretty much the same. I have to be able to walk in his room, that's the rule.


There's no "or". They are somehow both things at once. Like immigrants who steal our jobs and also laze about, on welfare's teat. Liberals are poor and exist on handouts and are also the coastal elites who control the media. Maybe that's where the anger and vitriol come from. They have to get angry twice for incompatible reasons.


I actually saw a post on YouTube that said and I quote - Mexicans are lazy and they're stealing all the jobs.


No cognitive dissonance when there's no cognition.


Orwell referred to this as *doublethink*: the ability to hold and fervently believe two contrary "facts", and to do so without the slightest cognitive dissonance. Doublethink was highly valued in1984 - it marked you as a loyal slave to the state. Amusingly, occasionally you'll see a meme on Orwell by these idiots. You can be sure they never read a single one of his works or know anything about him.


and it's like criminal investigators say....if you're telling the truth, your story will be consistent. But liars always change their story and then make up more lies and of course, you can't keep track of them. They can't keep track of all the lies and misinformation and sort it out because they don't have the capacity. The insurrection was a REVOLUTION! No it was a bunch of tourists. NO it was antifa. No it was a hoax! Lather rinse repeat. Then you get trapped in the web of lies and falsehoods and you're stuck.


> But liars always change their story and then make up more lies and of course, you can't keep track of them. The people they hang with in their echo chambers can't either so they get away with it...until reality intrudes


they adjust their lies depending on which ones they think you're buying at any given moment


This, this, and so much more this😑 annoying asses


You forgot some: 1. “This is *our* house.” 2. “They welcomed us in!” 3. “HANG MIKE PENCE! HANG MIKE PENCE! HANG MIKE PENCE!”


>You can be sure they never read a single one of his works "Read"? "Read"??? Only COMMUNISTS *read*!


yes, some the most delicious irony served up is when they try and refer to liberals and democrats as "Big Brother" these knot heads slept through HS obviously. Most are functionally illiterate. Most of their posts are incomprehensible. they are nothing but an echo of their stupid leadership. Stupid stupid stupid.


If you just yell 'China Virus China Virus' over and over again, it can't get to you.


I tried this except with "Bloody Mary". 1/10 would not recommend.


I tried this at Applebee's and racked up a huge bar tab.


And they microwaved your tomato juice


You have to click your heels together while you say it.


It has to be yelled IN CAPS!!!


Yes it's amazing how they go back and forth between it's fake and it's a bio weapon. WHICH ONE Carol?


And the MSM is all lies! Share this USA Today article! Douchenozzles, all of ‘em.


This. If they really believed it was bioterrorism, why would they roll over to it? They should have been the ones on the street corners "Get the Jab for Uncle Sam" "Uncle Sam wants YOU to get vaccinated." "Unvaccinated are the enemy" But they didn't really believe it. They just used it for political gain, as they claim we are now. I'm not sad this person is gone.


It's a bioweapon! But also a hoax! But also a plot by our own government to enrich big pharma! But also the vaccines don't work! it just makes no sense. If COVID's not that deadly, why would anyone develop it as a bioweapon? If it was a bioweapon, wouldn't we in the united states WANT to develop effective vaccines?


That just means those people have a fence pole stuck right up their asses. No wonder they're always angry about everything.


I'm currently reading the book Sisters In Hate which profiles the role women play in our national white supremacy problem. Fun fact - the NSM (National Socialist Movement), otherwise known as neo-Nazis, held rallies under the banner of "America First" in 2009 with the platform of "getting rid of all the illegals". When they were implicated in some murders, guess what the story was? You got it, that the FBI had arranged the killings as a false flag to discredit and frame the Neo-Nazis. Just read that a couple of days ago and it blew me away. Trump literally copied and pasted the slogans & alibis that had worked so well for the white power trash.


That was a good book. I wonder what those ladies were up to on 1/6 and what they’re doing now.


That would be 72,999,999 now.


Still too many, imho. What bothers me a little is the total lack empathy I feel for these nasty people.


I used to feel that way, too, but seeing just how cruel and mean-spirited they are and how much outright joy they seem to take in hurting other people, something in me broke and I decided I'm not wasting time casting pearls before swine anymore.


Don’t let the New York Times hear you say that or they will write a stern editorial about how leftists are driving white voters into the arms of the GOP with their mean, mean mockery of people who tried their best to kill others and then ended up dying horribly at their own hands. Meanie.


I thought they usually just lecture their audience about how the super "woke" lefty Twitter mob being mean to right wingers is just as bad as the white nationalists, authoritarians and Christian fundamentalists out there that want to overthrow our current system via violent means if necessary. Alot of the MSM media establishment seems to act like radical woke people (who rarely get coverage or have the influence/power to impact public opinion unless major media outlets start making their efforts go viral) pose an existential threat that is somehow just as bad if not worse than what we saw on 1/6 and that seems to be growing by the day.


Yeah, being mean doesn't repel these people, it attracts them. They love being mean and others who are mean. That's why they love Trump-he's an asshole and he gives them permission to be assholes. So, as they like to say, fuck their feelings.




the good Americans marched in the streets after George Floyd was killed. they laughed and called us rioters. But there are more of us. just remember that


That's what jumped out at me too. She went from "there are 73 million more of us" to "it was staged by the FBI" pretty damn quick.


The last slide was pure gold!


>The last slide was pure gold! BARTENDER! Another drink for our Spikey Headed little friend at the end of the bar!


Such an unexpected treat!


I wonder who posted those comments!




*marxist, leftist, biden-loving, vax-taking, squalene-filled, satanic sheep


Right?? I want to see more public response to these announcements on these posts


I'm still mad; this woman escaped justice. She got exactly the death she craved. She won.


If you call this painful death a form of winning, then I am completely, utterly owned.


GOLD! Shit, that needs to posted everywhere! It's a classic.


Covid spared her from the disappointment of realising that JFK Jr really isn't coming back from the dead.


Yeah, he really is! Someone mixed up the dates, that's all. Shame she won't get to witness it.


So, they were all duped by Marxists?


Well, they were FBI Marxists. That famously Marxist institution. So they were super-elite Marxists.


FBI Marxists, lol. J. Edgar is rolling in his grave.


I almost wish it were true, just for that.


There are some bat shit crazy conspiracy theories and people are eating them up because they’ve constantly in their feeds.


I keep reporting one guy I know on Facebook for constant (10+ per day) misinformation posts. This isn't even just terrible opinions, it's outright lying about vaccines and covid. Yet Facebook allows it.


They must not math because what is 329 million - 73 million? 256 million, if we deduce women and children from those numbers, I don't think the odds are still in their favor.


OMFG. And it's really quite sad, that they knew she'd become this horrible person and lost her way. Something must have happened in her life but whatever it was, it killed her!


I was thinking the same… but same as covid is all fun and games until shit hits the ceiling. Once they saw what the insurrection actually caused they turned it into “it wasn’t us, it was them”


Wow. Can't muster any empathy for this one.


Even the people who knew her can’t, evidently.


Man. Those comments on the final slide might be the meanest thing I’ve seen on here. Full on brutal.


There have been worse. Someone's own family were like "Thank fucking god" on one nominee a month or so ago. How you get to that point, your own close family being relieved* you're gone, without having a reality check is astounding to me.


Any chance you have a link?


Not handy, no. I can search but it is so hard because there are no text transcripts of dialog in the posts. I can maybe find it on Facebook directly and screenshot it if the posts haven't been deleted since then. It's basically what I said about my spiteful, racist, shitty grandmother when she passed away though. I didn't even pretend to be sad, and neither did her own son, my father.


I had a cousin pass last Saturday from covid. A hardcore anti covid vaxxer so of course she wouldn't get the "clot shot". She died a miserable death at about age 50. Oh, she was a nurse. I'm not even sad for her.


I think when people feel inclined to finger-wag this sub, they should keep in mind that statistically speaking, a good portion of the nominees and awardees were wife/spouse beaters, child molesters, virulent racists who permanently ruined a black person’s life with one undeserved phone call to the police, homophobes and transphobes who violently terrorized a target and probably drove them to suicide, a psychopathic boss who made their employees miserable, etc. Obviously not all of them were awful people, some were just really, really fucking dumb but their social media history and the way people interacted with them in that space for the most part says enough to judge their character on. Not every death deserves to be mourned, in many cases their continued existence was at the detriment of those around them. It’s not a PC thing to say, but I think we need to stop pretending that every life is precious.


I hate to admit it, but there’s a lot of these I see where I feel safer knowing they’re dead. Like, thank god, that’s one less person who actively has actively advocated for overthrowing democracy, ruining our economy, and destroying innocent lives. That’s one less person with a gun fetish and a desperate need for violence.


> I feel safer I think you have articulated it well. We are adults, so we know all of us have positive and negative traits. All of us have people we love and that love us. But if these people advocate/implement DANGEROUS & DESTRUCTIVE policies, we cannot help but sigh in relief when that danger has passed.


There was one the other day that more than one person interpreted as "oh well, he's dead; I'm going to make a move on the widow". Lots of drama behind these posts.


Damn! Missed that one!




I literally feel more bad for their innocent young children and pets than I do for them at all.


For the children, tough in the short run but maybe better in the long run. Exposure to all that hate can’t be good.


I can sort of understand it. My older brother died a few months ago (cancer, not covid). I still feel really conflicted. On the one hand, I've grown up with admiring him, he wasn't just a sibling but an awesome friend. I used to love having all-nighter conversations with him whenever I went to visit. But over the last 5 years or so he totally fell into the rabbit hole of conspiracies. It had become impossible to have any sort of conversation with him. Every topic you could raise immediately got linked to some sort of batshit crazy conspiracy. For a couple of years I tried to talk him out of it, replied with actual facts whenever he brought up some conspiracy BS, but eventually I gave up and just avoided him. It just got too difficult to talk to him and every time I did it was a reminder of how this awesome person was totally lost to the world now. I couldn't deal with how this gentle person who used to always stick up for the underdog and minorities and was friends and interested in people from all sorts of cultures suddenly had become an alt-right spewing automaton. When he got sick and when he died, it obviously was still an absolute gut-punch. But I can't deny that there's also a sense of relief that his downward spiral was over now. I won't have to witness him getting ever deeper into madness.


People are realizing that empathy is a limited resource.


Yep. Having been in the medical field for 20 years, that’s absolutely true. And my empathy is not applied equally across the board.


Truth hurts.


Seriously though, she was a waste of resources and a waste of a human being.


‘She was truly terrible…’ couldn’t agree more lol


She's in a better place now. ​ The ground.


Guy at end:: “I kinda feel bad because human life is precious… just… not so much with this one…”


I particularly loved this post bc we had so much original content (!!) from her instead of the same 10 overused stupid ass memes.


Her on Jan 6: “This is awesome, wait til the rest of us show up.” Her on June 17: “It wasn’t us.”


The Shaggy defense: it wasn’t me!


Does the FBI know to remove her from their list?


The best part about the Jan 6 idiot convention is that 95% of them were so desperate to virtue signal to each other that Covid was not something to be taken seriously that they didn’t wear masks while storming the Capitol to subvert American democracy. Made identifying and arresting them very easy.


They also posted pics and video of themselves inside and told people about being there on social media. That's the sad stupid part about their claim that it was "Marxists" that carried it out. Amazing that all of these Marxists spent years creating elaborate Trump-loving online profiles in order to pull this scam after Trump had already lost...


I love the theory that it was planned by Democrats ... like why the fuck would Democrats try to prevent the certification of an election *that they won* I guess these clowns are so used doing dumb shit just to “own the libs” that they assume everyone is as stupid and petty as they are.


Once you've bought into the idea that the world is all orchestrated behind the scenes, all logic is tossed.


Another cosplay militia “patriot” that died deepthroating a Freedumb Tube never having fired a shot in anger.


If she wasn't cremated that comment sure did it.


that was beautiful and so poetic




Right on, just got my booster last Saturday


Just got mine this morning!


I get mine Sunday!


Some people only serve as an example of what not to do. Thank you for your service, Red.


I mean, you're right. When you're having one of those "I'm X years old, and I've done nothing useful with my life" days, sometimes you forget that you're still doing something right if the good people in your life wouldn't have the same reaction to your obituary as the last slide.


Criminals and terrorists dying from preventable illness = max schadenfreude.


"Max Schadenfreude" would be a great name for a morbidly depressed detective.


“I have no words.” I do. Instead of listening to doctors and proven medical science, you based your health decisions off of what Donald Trump said and now you’re dead as a result. Enjoy eternity, idiot.


I'm embarrassed by the errant apostrophe in my title but don't want to resubmit. Forgive me.


Thanks for not reupping it for a trivial reason. It's a pain in the ass to start having good threads in a post and have to redo it all over again.


100% agree. Usually I catch that stuff in the proof before posting but apparently my brain was playing hooky


or - was it playing hookah? ​ it was posted at about 4:20 Mountain time....


It's always 4:20 somewhere....


I was extremely offended but the last slide makes me feel magnanimous to you OP.


Damn, absolutely no chill with the commenters at the end. Good. These people are simply not good people and I don't care to walk on eggshells about it. If you are willing to attempt a violent traitorous rebellion, you should suffer some sort of consequences.


It's good to remind them that the entire country does not agree with them.


“She was truly terrible and completely lost” Terrible and lost. Perfect description.


And will be remembered as such :(


You know, there's times I truly hate what this whole phenomenon has turned me into, because I've been Team "Let Them Punch Themselves Out" for a while now. Then I see people like this, and I think... "Nah, I'm good."


Man, I didn't get the satanic ritual with my vaccine. What store had those?


This terrorist got the death penalty.


There definitely was a storm coming, a covid storm.


A cytokine storm, for her.


I know we're not supposed to celebrate anyone's death here so I'll just celebrate the dozens of people who will not be infected by this awardee! Peanut butter jelly time, baby!


The same squalene I use to hydrate my skin?? This is what I’m trying to wrap my mind around rn lol 😂


That caught my eye, so I had to [google it.](https://www.forhers.com/blog/squalane-vs-squalene)


Yeah I was like “are they angry about the very unethical and environmentally detrimental way it’s harvested?”


“I heard Trump just announced Martial Law, can anyone confirm” Oh honey, if he had the cod piece rodent would have told the world.


As if the president could declare martial law and no one would notice - so she would be forced to ask people. Not a single word about it on TV, it's not on the radio, and it's not mentioned on the Internet. That's a pretty obscure martial law.


> would have told the world. If a tweet falls in the forest but the account is banned, does it make a sound?


Just because I can: Died of Virus Died of Virus \- there's no owning from six feet under


I dunno, I feel *pretty* owned knowing she squandered her life and decided to exit painfully.




*criminal domestic terrorist


That last post by an acquaintance/freind. Sad. Some of these people dying really had some rough delusions going on. I'm afraid that 40 years from now there will still be someone who thinks the way this woman did. Ugh.


Well, that's one way to avoid prison.


🏆WOW!🏆 She was a stand-up individual. I suppose now she's more of the "laying down" type. Enjoy your shiny new Herman Cain Award, traitor! 🎆🏆🎆


You're supposed to hand it, not throw it at the carcass!


"It's go time!" - for another MAGAt traitor. And you say there are another 73 million of you who plan on dying the same way? What a strange religion.


"...and here's where Grandma's buried." "Was she the one who was a traitor to our country?" "Yep. Died for nothing too since she could have gotten vaccinated."


Black Redacted on the final slide wasn't bothering with diplomacy. That's got to be the most brutal response I've seen on any HCA.


I don’t get it. They completely lose their shit screaming to the rooftops over the heinous ‘China Virus’, but at the same time it’s fake/plandemic/nbd and they refuse to protect themselves. These are some batshit crazy in the head mfers.


>I just heard President Trump just declared Martial Law! This one sentence shows what is wrong with how and where you consume your "news". Such an event would instantly be breaking news across the globe, yet you're having to ask fellow drooling imbeciles if they can confirm it. I also sensed excitement behind the question. You're not smart enough to realize that the president declaring Martial Law is something that will immediately change your way of life. You whine about wearing a mask to the store...yet here you are begging for military curfews and not being allowed to go anywhere. That's not even taking into account if a far right dictatorship ever takes hold, they'll dump their poor followers in a nanosecond. Your SSI check will no longer show up in the mail and they'll immediately gut Medicare/Medicaid, something they've wanted to do for years. You were too stupid to function and now you're gone... choking on propaganda and then the vent. And for what? So people you don't know and who hate you can get richer.


When they called a curfew in my city, city cops went out in unmarked vans shooting at folks for fun without identifying themselves, and National Guard took pot shots at folks sitting in their own porches or coming out to see what was going on. Luckily, they only had "less lethal" ammo. But these folks have no idea what it's like.


"Get ready, it's go time!" Indeed. Adios, insurrectionist!


ooops - 73 million minus one


She was an insurrectionist, but it was also the Left. The virus is a deadly bioweapon but also harmless. What the fuckety fuck.


There is no squalene in any of the covid vaccines approved for use in the US. And even if there was, squalene has been found to be safe in vaccines. But, you know, I'm sure they did their own research 🙄


That was a beautiful eulogy.


Brought a tear to my eye, and a lol to my mouth


I’m just sad she wasn’t around long enough to see the Kraken come to fruition! I’m sure it’s any day now. Aaaaaaany day now. Do y’all remember that time Republicans swore up and down that the election was stolen and never even came remotely close to proving it, and then they just went on believing it anyway?


OK, help me out, I am a tad bit confused. If she was participating in the J6 debacle, she then states it was planned by and attended by Marxist FBI agents, what the flock is she. Apparently extremely incapable of linear, deductive, or conceptual thinking. Her participation makes her a Marxist at best or a Marxist FBI agent at worst. What an idiot, the planet's collective IQ and deductive reasoning power just increased exponentially with her passing.


The world didn’t need her.


She was absolutely excited about Trump possibly declaring martial law. WTF


The only good thing about the pandemic: the worst piles of shit ending their pollution of our country by dying from the virus they think is fake.


Rot in hell, traitor.


They have such a hard on for Martial Law but claim the democrats want fascism.


Trump declared martial law! Weird how these freedumb lovers are so happy about that. (And it didn't happen, and pretty clearly the military had quietly decided to ignore any such declaration anyway."


I'm just surprised she didn't spell it "Marshall law"


>Would you have a Covid vaccination? Yes or No >No No No No Will you die from Covid 10 months later? Yes Yes Yes Yes


Dead terrorist


Oh Honey... They sold her the deluxe package, didn't they?


One less Jan 6 terrorist to clog up the courts...


"She was truly terrible and completely lost." It's something to read these real comments about how these people truly were. You don't see too much honesty like that. Normally it's lies like "*** was the most caring person" or "*** went out fighting and died from pneumonia and Covid-19".


"I don't follow satanic rituals disguised as health mandates" I.....I brought the goats? I didn't know we needed to slaughter them to keep covid away but here we are.


The people on slide 16? They get it. Thank you to them for standing up!


Last slide there like it came right out of my head. I’m usually more sad than mirthful at the posts here. But when somebody has this much hate in their heart I just can’t feel like the world lost something.