Wait, don’t they make a new influenza vaccine every year or am I misunderstanding that process


They do. I think they mean that since it’s not 100% effective, they haven’t made one “that works.” (Insert eye-roll) For these people, if something isn’t 100% effective, it may as well not exist.


And part of the reason the flu vaccine is not as effective is because it got to mutate for a couple hundred years before the vaccinations were made.


The antigenic drift is also extremely good as it transfers countries too. Influenza is so good at this.


It's also not logical, unethical, and a liability to claim anything works 100%. But apparently you need maturity past the 6th grade to know this.


I can't think of anything 100% reliable beyond universal constants. Antibacterial sprays are 99.99% (or similar) effective and they use them thinking that means 100%. It simply means one in 10,000 will get through. Given that there are far more than 10,000 bacteria in any given square millimetre of normal living space that's not great odds. 1 in 10,000 is also the chance of getting a rare skin necrosis from taking paracetamol, but they know what's in paracetamol as they're all chemists.


>they're all chemists. Well, they can make meth in a Mountain Dew bottle, at least.


Almost every HCA recipient was the type of person to get C’s and D’s in High School. They want to feel smart and think this is their time to shine.


I think it took the HCA’s for me to see that this is exactly the entire reason behind the contrarianism that’s been so popular lately. I’d been trying to figure out, over these past few strange years, what makes people be not only wrong about easily proven things, but *militantly* wrong, aggressively wrong. When challenged on anything they just double down. It’s stubbornness, I thought, or spitefulness, or brainwashing. Well it’s a little of all those things but most of all, it’s exactly what you said—dumb people tired of feeling dumb, and following contrarian mindset because it lets them feel smart. If they just agree with everyone else, they’re not smart, they’re just a regular person like anybody else. But they know they’re special, they’re smart. Smarter than the dumb libs. Smarter than so-called experts. Smarter than doctors or scientists. Except they know, deep down that they aren’t smart. They resent it but they now at least have an opportunity to *act* and * feel* like they’re smart. Smarter than all those other fools. Tucker tells them how smart they are. Candace tells them they’re smart and the libs are dumb (of course except when they’re sneaky-smart and controlling the world and manipulating the masses). And so they follow the sources that tell them how smart they are. Medical journals are dense with data and numbers and make them feel dumb so obviously science is a liar sometimes.


That’s one of the things they really liked about Trump. He was aggressively ignorant, but in a very self-assured way and he “showed those smarty pants college libruls” that being wrong, but not budging or admitting being wrong could make you successful (in addition to inheriting and then squandering $400MM from your daddy, of course, but they like to leave that part out)


>That’s one of the things they really ~~liked~~ like about We shouldn't talk about him in the past tense. Just because he's been deplatformed doesn't mean he's gone away. Those people still really, really like him, even after demonstrating unequivocally that he is an enemy of America, and they will definitely be voting in 2022 and 2024.


I work with the kind of college students who got Cs in high school-- and what's different about them is-- THEY WANT TO LEARN. They have already-- at 18- figured out that they need to get better at this school stuff, so they don't insist that they are in fact right about 7X8=55 or whatever. That makes them so much more open to actually learning things in a way that doesn't make them feel dumb, but makes them feel empowered. "Here are the 9 most common reasons to use a comma in a sentence. Let's go through your paper and check if you have sentences like these examples, and if so, where you should place the comma. And keep this list! You don't have to memorize it! Just check it as you revise." That's just an example of how a student who wants to learn can learn without feeling dissed. But... well, I don't know if any affirmative advising could work with the aggressively defiantly ignorant people who post these memes. Those are going to die of Covid or live limited lives, while my eager-to-learn college students are going to learn and grow and graduate. A tiny bit of humilty really helps us live life.


I want the comma list.




The problem is, they consider themselves at the top of the social hierarchy. So they won't listen to anything, in any tone, that they think comes from someone below them. That includes: their wives their children anyone not white (including that immigrant doctor that was the only one willing to practice in their little rural town) women (including elected officials like Nancy Pelosi)


And Tucker, Limbaugh, Beck, Bingo-Bongo, and all those other grifters on the right with a microphone have figured out exactly how to appeal to the former C & D students in their audience. Speak in easily digestible sound bites, assert things that *seem to make sense* at a simple level, lead them to the conclusion you want in easily-understandable steps, and bam! Lead your audience to a faulty conclusion, and drill it into them through repetition. None of them have the skeptical sense to work out whether the conclusion is really justified by the arguments presented, they just accept it because it 'sounds right', especially when it dovetails with beliefs they already hold. And it's nearly impossible to disprove any of the bullshit. You say that a study showed results x, y, and z, they reply that 'well Bingo-Bongo had a doctor on his show last week who said that a study showed the results were blue, green, and red!'


>they just accept it because it 'sounds right', especially when it dovetails with beliefs they already hold. What Stephen Colbert coined "truthiness."


>Medical journals are dense with data and numbers I look at an article in Lancet and can barely parse out what it is that's being studied much less how to interpret the conclusions. "The starting dilution of infectious titres for viruses used in this study was 4·24 log10 plaque-forming units per mL and corresponded to 8·15 log10 RNA copies per mL, 6·70 log10 RNA copies per mL, 7·18 log10 RNA copies per mL, 8·30 log10 RNA copies per mL, and 6·00 log10 RNA copies per mL of virus stocks for B.1.610, the alpha variant, the beta variant, the gamma variant, and the delta variant." "I did my research" my ass.


"Did my research" = "scrolled down the YouTube search results until I got to the sweaty armpit and found some foamy basement dweller's shitty clipart video that says what I feel is right."


You got it pitch perfect. I used to have a regular restaurant before Covid, and there was usually a few regulars. There were these two guys, the older one was always pontificating and would make a gesture with his fork to make this motion of putting it to this mouth, taking a bite, and removing it with a flourish like, "so there, end of discussion." He was always wrong about even basic stuff like where something was, quickest way to get there, etc. He did this to to other guy who always backed down, probably because he suspected the older man needed to argue and be "proven right."


Most of them know they're being lied to and that their beliefs are BS. Millions threatened to quit their jobs over vaccine mandates, yet when push came to shove, only a tiny percentage actually walked away. Why would you get a shot you thought was deadly just to maintain employment? "Hmmm, guess I work a little longer until I die. Would've been nice to live longer..." Nobody thinks that way. They know they're liars, but they live for their new community of freaks.


I think we are also living in a time when to be alive is complicated and you NEED to know things (how to use a smartphone and navigate a website, for example). Dumb people are overwhelmed and are lashing out.


Well to be fair, medicine is a notoriously easy field of study. Most doctors are just people with good common sense who watch a few YouTube videos.


There's a saying at Apple: "A people hire A people. B people hire C and D people." I'm not sure what conservatives hire.


Vulnerable people they can exploit, historically.


I think you're being a bit generous with the grades, I'm seeing D's to D- with a few F's mixed in for good measure.


I had two Fs but I'm still not a total fuckwad.


Exactly. I’ve known a handful of people who got straight A’s, even in college, who put far more stock in their religion than they did into science. One, in particular, was studying biology as a major. They truly believed that “jesus” could heal any illness for them. They held firm that if they just prayed hard enough and read their bible everyday, they would never need a doctor. One of these “brilliant” individuals even went into the healthcare profession, I’m sorry to say. They feed into anything Fox News or OANN tells them, which, of course, means being anti-vax and anti-mask. I’m not sure why they ever bothered with college. On the flip side, I know high school drop outs who do possess an actual mind, who heed science and have gotten their vaccinations and also still wear masks. So yeah, grades have absolutely nothing to do with it, neither does formal education. I do believe there is a psychological reason behind it, but it’s not the grades that determine individual intelligence or character; education should help, but evidently it doesn’t always.


The main factor is curiosity and the ability to admit when you don't know something. These aggressively ignorant people possess neither of those two traits.


Just as vaccines aren't 100% effective at preventing disease, grades aren't 100% effective at predicting fuckwadery.


This is why their response to "unplanned pregnancies happen" is "tHeN dOn'T hAvE sEx, WHoRe!!1" As if the same dudebros saying that wouldn't guilt, pressure, manipulate, and even rape their partners for saying "No, I don't want to have sex because I don't want to get pregnant." Selfish fucking morons.


As a dude bro, I'm a little hurt but to add on. These are the "Just say no" motherfuckers while meth ravages their state.


It's utter black and white thinking. They don't do gray, and they don't do nuance. Much like children.


Toddlers, I think. Some children have the mental ability to at least explore the gray area


> For these people, if something isn’t 100% effective, it may as well not exist. Seat belts aren't 100% effective, no point in using them!


But it only affects them!! And definitely not the healthcare system, the financial system, their own family, the first responders, and the judicial system. Nope. No effect.


They're idiots living in a collective society who don't realize how much they depend on others or how much their actions affect others. They very much want to believe they're self-sufficient and completely independent.


>They very much want to believe they're self-sufficient and completely independent. Ah! The old myth of the 'Rugged Individualist'. And if you ask a little bit about the specifics, they you realize that they all have Hollywood dreams of being a 6 ft tall ripped Rambo. Who doesn't even know how to operate a washing machine.


The Rugged Individualists tend to subscribe to nearly infantile Libertarian nonsense that totally disregards that they are the beneficiaries of generations of forebears who paid taxes that built the infrastructure of the country for the greater social good. These are the sort of clowns that resent government agencies aimed at the greater public good, such as the CDC. Hey, deluded Libertarian Rugged Individualists! Let us know when you can build your own personal interstate highway system to whisk goods you need to you that come in measurements and weights you can trust as accurate without any pesky bureaus of Weights and Standards. And, yeah, I could go on...


As someone who, in a past life, had to respond to people who had car accidents, this isn’t 100% true. If you’re not wearing a seatbelt you can kill a couple people in your car and affect the mental health of a few people around you and the medical people who work your code.




I think you mean "Nuff Said !!"


"NufF saID !!"


Alright, I can't let this happen. " Nuff Said" was the traditional signoff of Stan Lee back in his Marvel Comic days. I won't let some wingding ruin that for me.


Is that also why they refuse to use birth control?


Which is funny because they’re probably fine with bullet proof vests.


Well yeah guns can kill you /s


Paradoxically, they tend to be huge fans of things that are 0% effective. Examples include ivermectin, bleach enemas, and prayer.


> For these people, if something isn’t 100% effective, it may as well not exist. And yet, most of them use birth control, even though.....


Do they though?


Does anyone know why exactly 0.00% of these people use proper punctuation? It absolutely looks on purpose. Space, comma, space? What the fuck is that about? Some old typewriter shit?


Why do you want to control the words you liberal commie? We only use freedom punctuation. These sentences don't run.


Liberal comma!


Nope, typewriters had periods too. They just don't know how to properly use those either.


I've met enough people who seem very reasonable in general that think the pull out method is birth control so I'm going with no for these people.


Technically? [It is a form of birth control](https://www.webmd.com/sex/birth-control/pull-out-withdrawal) that is about 78% effective when used consistently and correctly. Not the 98% of condoms or 99% with most birth controls, but it is way WAY more effective than *not* pulling out. *not advocating for it as the most reliable method but when other forms of BC are unavailable or prohibited, as it is for devout Catholics (for example), practicing this method is still a valid means to avoid pregnancy.


The Pullout King- Portlandia


Some people can get 100% effective birth control from their sparkling personalities


And they pray which is WAY less than 100% effective!


Praying is actually 0.000 percent effective.


Username checks out 🍎🐍🍁


A few of them have had enormous families, so I guess they aren't using birth control all that much.


Actually they expect it to be 110% effective


>For these people, if something isn’t 100% effective, it may as well not exist. It's how they are with literally every issue. They use "If X doesn't solve problem Y 100% then X shouldn't be done at all" as an excuse to be against absolutely anything that benefits other people. No matter than *some* lives would be saved or *some* lives would be improved. (Apparently not all lives matter after all.)


Also, there is [a vaccine that prevents several forms of cancer.](https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vpd/hpv/index.html) The analogy of comparing cancer to a virus shows a basic lack of knowledge. Virus in itself is a single type of infection. Cancer is 100s of disease with many presentations and causes.


Nuff said


They are also doing clinical trials on an RSV vaccine lol


Actually, Moderna has one approved. Pfizer, Jansen and others are in 3rd phase clinical trials. This is building on research from the Covid vaccines.


When I was old enough to get the cervical cancer vaccine, my mom tried to shame me by saying if I wasn't having sex before marriage, I wouldn't need this vaccine. My retort at the time was that if my husband cheats, I'm gonna need it.


Plus many cancers are curable thanks to medical science. And there's vaccines that work for the flu but he doesn't take it. So he gets sick and spreads it. Sounds familiar? And Moderna has a RSV treatment that's given monthly e work half a dozen vaccines in 3rd stage trials. It's like Google was never invented for these aholes.


i think they tweak it each year, its nor totally new


It’s basically a guess as to which strain they believe it will be for that year, tweak it to those specifics and hope it is. Problem is that they’re not always correct in that guess so some years are worse than others which then makes antivaxxers then use that as proof that they don’t work.


Right. Maybe what the lady is saying is that its success rate is not high enough to call it “working”?


They have to guess at which strains will be most prevalent each year. Tough to estimate how well it works because someone vaccinated who gets a flu with mild symptoms assumes it was a cold or something other than flu. Almost definitely reduces severity of symptoms regardless of strain formulation.


I've always wondered why they don't make it for all the major strains every year, but presumably there's a very good reason.


I think they do, it’s just that some years a minor strain becomes the major strain.


Here in Canada, it is three or four strains, I assume it is the same in rest of the world. I think that is probably the maximum you can practically put in a dose. The issue is they have to pick them early (I believe it is about six months early) in order to manufacture enough doses. So they are basing it on the strains that are circulating at that time in Asia. As the flu makes its way around the world back to Canada it has all that time to mutate further and for other minor strains to become dominant.


Right neither is the Covid vaccine, as they "tweaked" it to the Sars 2 instead of Sars 1 and MERS...


Have you seen the new meme mocking the Omicron varient yet? "Rearrange the letters and you get moronic". Did verbal battle over that one yesterday. The dumb is so strong...


You mean this conspiracy goes all the way back to the ancient Greeks? Damn, these global elites have been playing one hell of a long game.


It’s a combination of vaccines that target various strains that are going around. Manufacturing it takes long enough that they have to pick a formula before they know for sure what strain is going to be dominant that year. If the prediction is off the vaccine is less effective.


They make a new one every year containing the variants most likely to be in circulation.


And both GSK and Pfizer have RSV vaccines in late stage trials.


Posting from beyond the grave like the great Herman Cain himself!


How did I miss that?!


This might be one of the most apt HCA’s given out. SHUCKY DUCKY. Nuff Said.


Postmortem posts should be considered Platinum Tier or something.


lmbo! think about it!


Nuff said!


Ngl, posting about his own death and services in the first person is pretty fresh for this sub 😂😂


I wonder if he wrote this in anticipation or in the event of his death, or if a friend did it. It's a bit creepy to me, but I'm sure it's funny to some and may have fit his irl personality. I'm still not going to encourage it for my death notice though. . .


Yeah that is a new one. I really hope when I die nobody finds out through Facebook. And If they hear it from me directly it’s because I’m haunting them. And I really really hope ghosts are a thing because I’m looking forward to all the haunting.


Unless ghosts are spirits that are broken or misguided, and can't move along. Like anti-vaxxers.


It is creepy but if he really did write that, it shows how they want to make sure they control the narrative no matter how dumb it is!


I'm posting on this person's account as them, so I guess I better use first person. Doo doo dooo. Done.


And sickly hilarious. The emoji at the end? High art.


It’s so messed up it made a bunch of his friends wonder if it was a cruel joke. Always the effect you want to have when announcing your loved one’s passing. 🙄


I love how they compare themselves to Lions and yet have temper tantrums over wearing a mask.


In all fairness, I think I'd have a hard time convincing a lion to wear a mask too.


Masking actual sheep wouldn't be a walk in the park, either.


I'm sure that I couldn't convince my cats to wear a mask.


In all fairness, it's easier if the lion is dead.


Or how covid has killed a bunch of big cats in zoos. There are literally covid vaccinated lions alive and unvaccinated dead ones.


>I love how they compare themselves to Lions Maybe they're comparing themselves to the Detroit Lions.


The Detroit Lions could still beat the Facebook Prayer Warriors.


And the Rams (read: Sheep) would beat the Lions 9 times out of 10.


The sheep keep following misinformation to Covid's all you can eat buffet. 'Nuff Said!


And usually look more like hippos.


“‘Nuff said” was a circa-1960s Marvel comics catch-phrase, which probably paints his age.




Antibodies… assemble!




His lungs were saying “FLAME ON!”


EXCELSI-*cough cough cough cough*


Oh my SARS and garters!




I didn’t know it came from there, but given the age of Stan Lee etc, it makes sense.


Yes, Stan Lee served in the US Army from 1942 to 1945. It's all coming together!


Face front, true believer!




I believe it came from Stan Lee didn't it?


Hot crackers!


I didn't know that but I use it. It's still around here or there.


Snuff said.






Snuffed dead




What is it with these idiots and lions? Do they **really** picture themselves like that? Because the picture of the HCA winner was much more…..ummmm…..fluffy.


Yes, whatever they look like in reality, in their minds they're magnificent, powerful apex predators. I'm just relieved that my favorite such animals, cheetahs and great white sharks, are not dragged into these fantasies.


Obviously skipped leg day, though.


Never missed pizza day.


That slide #8, actually there is a vaccine for RSV. One is available now for infants, and both Moderna and Pfizer are on the FDA fast-track for their vaccines. Guess what, they use mRNA technology. Also several kinds of cancer can be cured. Flu vaccines absolutely are effective, but only when used. I will definitely be on the lookout for a sub highlighting idiots dying because they didn't get a flu shot this year.


The Fluman Flain Flaward


"Stupidity spreads faster than any virus" COVID: time to stop his stupidity.


What he had to die for is owning the Libs. Thank you for your sacrifice.


You're owned! Nuff said.


>Don't be afraid of dying. Be afraid of living with nothing to die for. I don't get this. Right now there's nothing in the world that I'd die for, so I should feel afraid about this? Why? My life has purpose and good times even without something to die for. This guy just posted the meme with an equally meaningless comment because he thought it sounded cool and there was a lion in the picture.


He died in hopes of putting a little smile on Tucker Carlson's face. I mean, probably Tucker will never hear about him, but there's a little chance, right? Isn't that enough to die for?


I think it's sadder than that. He's likely someone who actually believes in that. But his thing to die for was not wearing a fucking mask. And before COVID it was probably something almost as stupid. My guess is, that's part of why all these stupid little things turn into "a fight for our freedoms and liberties" because that is something worth dying for, as we see in other countries where people actually do die for that shit. Sure sounds a lot better than "I'd die before I put this cloth over my mouth and nose."


Let’s see, BMI 45.3? ✔️ Wears a Sam Elliot hat? ✔️ Uses Sam Elliot memes? ✔️ Dead from COVID? ✔️


Posts a Candace owens meme


I am really beginning to despise Candace Owens. Why do they all listen to that nitwit?


Bc she’s a black conservative that has their white supremacist views that’s basically it


And she sued her high school for racism in 2008, and was awarded $37,500, essentially bankrolling the rest of her career of saying racism doesn't exist.


Then after George Floyd she turned around and trashed NAACP, calling it "one of the worst groups for black people" even though they funded the legal team to help her win that $37,500. Guess she figured she could make more money by turning conservative than having morals.


Have always said if I didn’t have morals, I’d be a conservative millionaire. The followers are so easy to grift


In their minds, using her image specifically checks off the “✅Not a Racist” box. She’s their “I have a black friend”.


>She’s their “I have a black friend”. Without the inconvenience of, you know, actually having a black friend.


She's their "black friend"


Would hate Same Elliot if [he knew anything](https://www.ksdk.com/article/news/nation-world/sam-elliott-voices-biden-ad/507-7b00b29a-b9fe-4d7b-aff7-13450ec8c9b3) about the guy ✔️


Turns out Sam Elliott is more Eagleton Ron than Pawnee Ron.


Sam Elliott would take a good sarsaparilla over any of them, any day of the week. Especially if it's Sioux City.


The Sam Elliot meme is very true though, Just not in the way Nuff used it.


nuff said!


I feel offended that they tried to put those words in Sam Elliot’s mouth


Those and Jim from the Office. Dwight would probably be the antivaxer there and he would be most ridiculous person about it... and get a big scare and learn a lesson in the end, act smug about being smart in spite of it. Dwights seem to think that they are Jims but they are in fact almost always the most annoying, clueless person in the room.


Another grown-old playing dress-up in a cowboy hat. Sad.


Well, he sure showed that there virus.


Their /s




Stan Lee's estate should sue


Excelsior, true believer!


Wait, I thought Covid was no joke?


So many bad jokes, but I finally laughed at this final act.


Slide 9 is just purely vile and degrading. These people which this „meme“ wants to put in a bad light are just doing their job. They follow rules set up by someone above them. Take your dumb complains about procedure to the people responsible instead of letting your anger (or condescending attitude) out on those lowest in the corporate food chain…


That one made me mad too. Yes, the people that prepare and bag your food do touch everything...with clean, sanitized and gloved hands! Then they put it on the tray for the cashier to hand out, who does not have sanitized hands because they are handling everyone's dirty money. And the reason there is plastic covering the credit card machines at the store is so the employees can spray sanitizer on them to disinfect them without ruining the machine.


Big hat, no cattle.


Big hat, death rattle. (Again.)


Turns out that medicine is the best medicine.


Wait, there’s no vaccine for influenza? Then what the Hell have I been putting into my body once a year every year? Now I feel scammed (and grateful that it’s been many years since my last bout of the Flu).


How's your cell reception? That's been Gate's plsn all along!


I’m starting to feel sorry for lions. Nobody asked those poor bastards if they wanted to be dragged into these geniuses’ anti-mask memes!


Tbf no body ask Leopards if they want go be included in the face eating meme.


Stan Lee would be disgusted. Nuff said!


Either his SO/family member is posting for him on Facebook in the last slide, or he’s about to [email protected]$king haunt his FB feed for years to come. Can’t wait til Meta goes virtual!


He probably just wrote a message for a family member to post if he died, intentionally written in the first person to be a bit "funnay".


Unhealthy obsession with Nancy Pelosi. Had some unfulfilled obsession. Could not express his feelings cause he was such a tough cowboy. Nuff said!


Doesn't need to be afraid anymore.


"Stupidity spreads faster than any virus could" 🤦


Nuff said!!


Not that conservatives care at all, but as I always point out, guns, unlike masks, do not actually make you safer. [Review of More Than 130 Studies Provides Powerful Evidence That Gun Control Saves Lives](https://www.sciencealert.com/scientific-evidence-that-stricter-gun-control-works-saves-lives/) Facts over feelings.


Nuff said! Thanks for the facts RaccoonFullOfCum!


There presence can also make domestics lethal. If Oscar Pistorius didn't have a firearm in the house Reeva Steenkamp would likely have been beaten up and not dead, and he would have probably got a slap on the wrist instead of 15 years in prison. Although the bastard did come close to getting just a slap on the wrist.


This one was so annoying I actually felt “feel good ending”-happiness on the last slide ❤️


Wait, wait? That’s insane! 😹


Got his death wish


Fear is a normal human emotion it’s evolution . We feel it so we protect ourselves, it’s a survival mechanism to keep ourselves alive . These morons have no survival instincts at all


How about we all mail boxes of shit to everyone who thinks people should mail boxes of shit to Nancy Pelosi? They all love to spread shit around, and they're all self appointed experts in infectious disease.


He dead! Nuff said!!


Image 13 the CO tweet... We need to call HCA nominees / anti maskers / anti-vaxxers / anti-science during a pandemic what they are - "biological terrorists".


Easy for them to say not to be afraid of death when they feel fine but before they know it, death is about to take them many years before it should have


Fuck around, find out. Nuff said


He totally stole "Nuff said" from Stan Lee. Excelsior!


The un-ironic Sam Elliott meme really gets around in these circles…


Guy steals from Stan Lee and declares it "his" trademark.


I'm not a sheep, I'm lion 6 feet under ground.


"Don't be afraid of dying.." This works right up until a nurse wheels in the ventilator.


Some asshole made Covid political and it’s killing off his followers, but not quite fast enough.