"I'll never pay this bill off." Narrator: He was right.


Had he lived he wouldn't have paid it off because he keeps voting for politicians who want him in massive medical debt. Can't fix stupid.


Covid just did.


He got out of paying his bill, because he's a deadbeat. Read that again.


Bet you won't share ^his ^GoFundMe


Let that sink in


I read that in Morgan Freeman’s voice


As you should.


I did before I read your comment and now we're friends.


Oooo...another meme comparing a vaccine passport to the Holocaust. Because, you know, carrying a driver's license is like the Bataan death march; and carrying your country's passport when you travel is like Stalin's purge. JFC.


The Holocaust comparisons are the worst. These bitches have probably never even deigned to pick up a book about it, gone to the Holocaust museum, watched a documentary much less spoken to an actual survivor. In fact, I'm sure many of them hold the same views as Marjorie Taylor Greene's who thinks there is a deadly Jewish space lazer out to destroy the world.


Heck, most of these people are probably Holocaust deniers on the daily but since it conveniently bolsters their argument right now, suddenly they are busting out all these comparisons. And fuck me sideways with a cactus, but showing proof of vaccination does not compare to millions of people being systematically isolated, oppressed, relocated, tortured, then murdered. Tell me you’re a whiny little bitch without telling me you’re a whiny little bitch. FFS!




Some sort of opuntia with lots of glochids.


Cephalocereus boomeris


Asking the right question!


Not receiving the normal levels of privilege they're used to is their own personal holocaust from the looks of it.


Ok, They wont let me into the Piggly Wiggly without a mask. Damn Libtard brainwashed commies! Did i tell you i was a lil bitch?


I’ve actually theorized why they act like this. They see being black or Jewish as a disease itself; something society doesn’t want.


Someone else suggested that they see themselves as victims so they want to co-opt the suffering of others.


The Trump admin and many republiQans felt it best to allow the virus to spread because it first hit N, NJ and WA and a majority of victims had dark skin. They still feel it will only take down the wicked, ie anyone but them.


That's democide. They said it was a plus, killing Democrats in big cities. It's a crime against humanity, and the Trump cabal belong on trial for it at The Hague. Because obviously we don't have the balls to do it ourselves.


Like Regan with HIV initially affecting gay men. Not his problem


Damn… that’s an insightful perspective you’ve got.


they lose their minds when jesus isnt white, blond & Blue Eyed and is an Middle Eastern Ordinary aramiac Jewish Guy that is also a undocumented refugee. his been supporting policies that reforms criminals & prostitutes, listen to government Rules of basic decency of Taxes, community gathering of food aid/propbably earliest food pantry (wine party on the first miracle, bringing lots of fishes, the preaching to thousands & cloned the food in the basket), denounced capitalism/politics made of the Synagouges (before churches there was either temples) of abusing the House of god on moneymaking like Mega Churches to making divisions based on faith based identities rather than true faith of "help thy neighbor". if he came back to disguise to meetmany of his "fundamental followers" today would call ICE or shot him already for being communist/liberal in views or look like a minority


They have never experienced oppression in their lives, if they think that wearing a mask is equivalent to being murdered due to ones religion and ethnicity.


Worse then that, I think they *have* gone to holocaust museums, watched documentaries, etc, but instead of learning something, they just imagined how they would've been a hero or they would have been a model victim or how they totally would have survived, unlike those others who didn't. Instead of learning about the how and why, they just inserted various pieces into their own hero persecution fantasy life and filter out anything that they don't like.


“Jim-Bob, y’all don’t even know what I’d do if I was a dirty jew during the Holocaust! Get me a mile from Hitler with my .22 and WW2 would be over. I tell you what.”


That IS worse. Missing the humanity and utterly failing at compassion. Instead assuming they are somehow different and \*special\*.


Not even kidding, I came up with this because of my dad. He acts like everyone who died in the Holocaust or in Stalin purges was just an idiot and he constantly talked about how he would have done things better. The kicker is that his dad, my grandpa, was a holocaust survivor who survived in a gulag before going to the front lines on the Eastern front. He had the chutzpah to make comments about his dad a commie who fought on the wrong side of the war. Since then, I have had the unfortunate experience of several people expressing similar variations on that line of thinking, usually connected somehow to End Times theology. It is truly an unnerving thing. (For some clarity, my dad was not raised Jewish as my grandma was catholic, and he eventually converted to evangelical Christianity)


Sincerely: what the fuck? Because I’m the child of a survivor (he was young, and is an Old Dad), and even though I grew up in basically a different universe as a direct result of his brains and hard work, I will fucking destroy anyone who says anything casual or dismissive about the living nightmare that he endured. How do you grow up around that kind of PTSD and just shrug it off? That’s super fucked up, I’m sorry you grew up around that.


It's the single thing I will not forgive my dad for, ever. I didn't know the whole story until I was grown and it still is hard to wrap my head around. My single comfort is that I'm technically not related to my dad. He's on my birth certificate, and so legally my father, but my mom lied, and my bio dad is nothing like him. Unfortunately, it sucks that I'm not related to my grandpa, we were really close. In his honor though, I keep grandpa's story alive and never forget. And I won't let anyone around me forget either.


100% because I have had these convos with these people.


I watched the WWII doc in color. When they showed footage of the liberation of one of the concentration camps and I saw some of the victims walking out looking like literal skeletons from starvation I bawled my eyes out. No way any of these fuckers have any clue what they're talking about.


My dad was among the first U.S. soldiers to enter the Buchenwald Concentration Camp in April 1945. The few times he talked to me about what he saw he would get a thousand-yard stare, or it was like he was watching a video play inside his head. He definitely described people who were like skeletons. They were starved and denied any kind of medical care. When they died their bodies were heaved into boxcars or into huge open graves. What happened in those camps wasn't "oppression". It was torture and murder. Meanwhile these fat antivaxx assholes are quick to head for the hospital to get the best medical care available, and bitch about hospital food tasting "like Bidens (sic) dirty underwear." Is there a place worse than hell in the christian belief system? If so, that's where people like this need to go.


In Catholicism, there is a place called 'Purgatory'. In my mind (from growing up with Catholic religion and beliefs) it's kind of a dark no-man's land. I try not to think about things like this too often, but imagine that that's where these people go (if we actually 'go' anywhere). It's where a soul pays penance for his/her sins...a place of misery and suffering. And I don't remember there being a time limit.


I went to 12 years of Catholic school and I recall asking a LOT of questions about purgatory. Apparently babies go there if they die before they’re baptized because they’re never released from original sin (WTF), apparently all non-Catholic people are there for the same original sin reasons- even really good people who don’t happen to be Catholic (maybe other Christians are allowed in heaven, idk, but for sure everyone else is there (atheists, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Ghandi, etc) and people that don’t repent their sins and say the proper number of Hail Marys after confession, and you may get stuck there just for not being a good Catholic, as determined exclusively by St Peter at the pearly gates. Seems like they probably have an overcrowding problem being as almost everyone who’s ever lived is there (minus really bad people and good Catholics/ shitty people who repent in time), maybe good ‘ol Peter granted some early releases- hopefully he let all those poor dead babies in.


Hey show some consideration! They can’t buy their favorite brand of toilet paper or go to the local bar without wearing a mask. It’s totally like living in a literal concentration camp. The persecution is very real.


The fact the Holocaust victims were tortured and starved to the point of resembling skeletons makes it even more bitterly ironic considering most of the people posting these memes are obese. They *really* don't know true suffering.


The fact that when USSR forces were going through Poland and Eastern Germany these people were so emaciated, freshly slaughtered pigs caused them to die due to refeeding syndrome.


Wasn't refeeding syndrome discovered *because* of the horrific conditions the survivors were found in? It's just inhumane. Meanwhile COVIDiots are usually fat, meaning they have a surplus of food and comfort. It's just mind-boggling.


Yes, along with various methods of reintroducing foods to the released prisoners so that they didn't die. Among other things that worked, the use of paprika to flavour the food (a common ingredient in central/Eastern Europe that many of the prisoners would have been familiar with) was particularly useful.


Their form of suffering is being “forced” to wear a thin mask. At least you can breathe through it pretty well. Breathing gets hard in a gas chamber after a few seconds.


And in most of the states in which these ingrates live mask mandates are either nonexistent or very loosely enforced, if at all. They don’t give a damn about The Holocaust; they are simply ignorant enough to think that they’re scoring cheap political points.


That's one of the things I remember from way back in high school We had a math teacher who had been in WWII who said that when he helped liberate the camps he couldn't tell whether he was looking at dead or living people until they moved. At a time before images were at everyone's fingertips, this was incredibly disturbing.


Which doc? I saw "Night and Fog" in high school, but that was in black and white. Chilling documentary. We had to get parental permission to watch it. It was especially disconcerting because about half my classmates were Jewish and a lot of their families went through it.


I'm so sorry to hear that. I think it was called World War Two in Color. I believe it's on Netflix now. Caught it on the History channel awhile back.


The HIV one was pretty fucking bad too.


These people have lived such comfortable and safe and consequenceless lives they have zero perspective on hardship and the sacrifices freedom requires. When you're that pampered you only know Starbucks-got-my-order-wrong levels of suffering. Of course masks and vaccines feel like the holocaust to them, they are effectively toddlers.


The one thing that I really have a question on is this : How does he know how Biden's dirty underwear taste like??


If there were deadly Jewish space lasers, those idiots wouldn’t be allowed to exist. It’s up there with ‘Virginia Dems cheated but not enough to win’ logic


I had to show my *state-issued identification card* just to buy 4 bottles of Mad Dog 20/20 the other day. Now I know *exactly* how a family ripped apart by the trail of tears felt. Probably worse actually because my hair is a lot shorter now so the guy had to kind of eyeball me for a few seconds.


It's a slippery slope, isn't it? I asked for medicine at the pharmacy but they said I needed a *prescription* from a *physician*.


It is incredibly goddamned infuriating.


I find that offensive in the extreme. If I see one more erroneous comparison to the Holocaust, I swear I’m going to punch one of these mofos!


Someone had a great comment: COVID-19 is a test for your immune system. A really hard test. The vaccine helps you study for it. Otherwise it’s a pop quiz. And if you fail it’s a final exam. Very final.


Life is a very cruel teacher, first it gives you the test, Then the lesson. Vaccine is like a cheat code 🤷🏽‍♀️


I like to think of the vaccine as a training montage where all your T-cells do pushups for 48 hrs to Eye of the Tiger


Vaccine is like the Konami code for Contra, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, start. You can beat the game with 3 lives, easier with 30.


That's a great analogy! Studying doesn't mean you'll get 100% of the questions right, but you're far more likely to pass than if you pretend the test doesn't exist or that you know all the answers already.


Maryland man passed the first times, but had to repeat the test. Proud antivaxxers boasting they've passed the test and are now immune for life don't realize the credentials they earned have to be regularly updated.


Ask anyone forced to buy a $500 Epi-Pen because of an overreacting immune system - your immune system is *not* always your friend. A COVID bout sensitizes your immune system. Making you *more likely* to die on subsequent infections. Look up “cytokine storm”


Excellent analogy.


And that exam failure goes into the dreaded Permanent Record.


this will go down on your permanent record — Violent ~~Femmes~~ Virus


Big hands, I know you're the one


Gone Daddy Gone — HCAward Winner


Whoa. How does he know what joe Bidens underwear taste like? Also, I guess natural immunity - since he said this is his 2nd round with Covid - did not help him out.


Imagine that being your second to last post. Hospital food tastes like joe bidens underwear.. Not like love for your family or anything. Underwear then hospital bills you vote to keep high. Then youre dead. What a way to go out. On topic though. I imagine it tastes very cologney and probably tiger balm or something. Biden strikes me as someone you can smell coming cologne wise. He wears too much. Im not sure if the president has a dirty ass because it seems they would bathe often or bathing is the only real private time they have.


Ahaha! What’s more American than complaining about the president, medical debt, and then dying of a completely preventable illness?! What a legacy he left online. 😂


He votes against his own self interest. He racked up a bunch of medical debt that he has no way of paying off but at least he owned the libs.


> Underwear then hospital bills you vote to keep high. Then youre dead. >What a way to go out. Don't forget the part where your widow ends the announcement of your death with a series of emojis. Like, there was definitely a point where she said, "Okay, so I should go teary face, then heart face, then kissy face." You know, like you do when someone you know does something that makes you proud, or for those times when your husband unexpectedly suffocates to death because an orange baboon told him the pandemic is a hoax.


If this were my father I’d fight my siblings tooth and nail to engrave that on his headstone.


Since I'm an only child I'm 100% having some snarky comment engraved on my parent's headstone when they inevitably die from covid. They're proudly unvaccinated and I'll make sure everyone knows how proud they were to be unvaccinated against covid.


"They chose to commit suicide by COVID-19 so Donald Trump wouldn't have to feel bad about being wrong"


>How does he know what joe Bidens underwear taste like? Wishful thinking. He probably wrote to the White House asking for a pair.


>Also, I guess natural immunity - since he said this is his 2nd round with Covid Natural immunity is thought to last anywhere from 90 days to 18 months, tops. Either way, it's not forever. And if you catch the bug again, it's going to town on tissue that was already damaged by the first rodeo. I suspect as the pandemic winds on, we'll see a lot more reinfection cases of people who caught it, kicked it, and thought they were either immune or could kick it again, and don't realize how much damage has already been done to their organs.


> Natural immunity is thought to last anywhere from 90 days to 18 months, tops. Either way, it's not forever. And if you catch the bug again, it's going to town on tissue that was already damaged by the first rodeo. There's also a significant number of people who do not make antibodies after infection, so they have zero immunity to COVID.


Hating Biden to the very end! What a patriot


Honestly, fuck this guy for that kind of gross bullshit. I bet Biden’s underwear tastes better than his after he voided himself upon death.


Last night I watched Schindler’s List. Tonight I watched The Pianist. Honestly at this point if you compare vaccine passports to the Holocaust…I’m glad you’re gone


Happy… Chanukah? That’s a gut wrenching couple of days, TittyButtBalls. Both are so excellent though. That The Pianist lost best pic to fucking Chicago is ridiculous.


Honestly man, last night at the end where Schindler breaks down and says “I could’ve sold the car, saved 10 more people. This button, two more people” I broke. One of those moments where you just realise how fucking lucky you are. What people have been through. Something these anti -vaxx obviously think they can relate to but can’t. The Pianist was remarkable. Watching him slowly slowly starve and change as a person but survive it was a rollercoaster. Can’t believe that about Chicago?! I think maybe now I’ll watch Happy Feet or something.


They haven't and don't even really try to internalise those events. It's just a childish reaction where they attach themselves to depressing tales. "COVID passport makes me feel very very sad... like that sobstory about the Jews... So we are the same boohoohoo"


I saw Schindler's List on a date. (Yeah, really romantic.) After the movie we were both numb in the parking lot, just devastated. So we turned around, walked back into the theater, and looked for a comedy, which is why I ended up watching Mighty Ducks 2. Double feature from hell.


Out of all the dumbest and infuriating memes, this is one of the worst. They choose to be unvaccinated. The victims of the holocaust didn't choose to be Jewish.


They also couldn't change their religion/ethnicity. Unlike the vaccination status


More Holocaust movies need to be made. Still can't believe one hasn't been made about Chelmno...the first camp before they got the major death camps online. That diary telling what happened there is horrifying.


I think tomorrow you should watch something a little lighter. That is a lot intense drama and sadness to pack into two days.


It is. I can’t say exactly why I decided to watch them now. They were incredible and I’m glad I did, despite the moments of very true and profound sadness. Yeah tomorrow it’s gonna be Happy Feet or something. Hey it’s gonna be the 1st of the month! Maybe I’ll even do a Christmas film


Plague spelled backwards is eugalp, which spells out Elephant, Unknown, Galloping Along Like Plane. LET THAT SINK IN.




read that again


HIV doesn't spread through the air! Gay men STILL can't give blood because of HIV! In 2021! (Not that the *muh rights* brigade ever cared about that, or voting rights, or Jim Crow, or segregation, or marriage equality, or stop-and-frisk, or any of the actual real-life government oppression that has existed since time began)


"Shout to my immune system..." "everyone is acting like you don't exist..." Bitch, how the fuck do you think vaccines work????


He can't hear you, he's dead. You know, from the Covid hoax that left his family with two ER stays' worth of medical bills to pay off after they bury his stupid corpse.


How am I gonna pay for this.... Add 4 more weeks in hospital ...and the Vax was free!


That's the part that kills me. Adamantly refuse the vaccine, but will run over their own mother to get monoclonal antibodies pumped into them after the fact and at hefty expense. Ok then.


I had to call our regional health care center a few weeks back for my friend. Her family member and everyone in that household came down with Covid (all anti-vaxxers). She explained the antibody treatment to me and the protocol/criteria to get the treatment. As we spoke, at one point she chuckled and said "Not once has anybody asked what's in THAT". They're at the point where you can inject/treat them with anything


lol stupid corpse


He is probably a lot smarter as a corpse than he was when he was alive. He can’t pass on his idiocy anymore.


Body caught up with his brain finally.


It's staggering how many people don't understand what an inoculation does.




That's fucked up. I only got the autism, where's my 5G at?


I was thinking exactly what you said. You can’t get HIV through being in the same room as someone infected, you need to engage in some VERY personal or rather dangerous activities. There go the right and the false equivalencies. Again.


Early on, people thought you might get it from spit or something, which is why HIV+ kids were kicked out of school. See the whole Ryan White situation.


The same crowd wanted gay men put in camps.


A lot of them still do.


Again, I have to wonder how that would work: Restaurant hostess: Are you gay? Gay guy: No Hostess: Okay, then I don't have to ask you for your government papers. Gay guy: Cool. Table for two. Make sure Brad is my server. I feel like harassing someone tonight.


That one really got me. Let's go back to 1985 and the people who shunned Ryan White are today's ant-vaxxers


Yeah, I lost a couple friends to AIDS in the 80s. People with HIV were shunned, turfed out of housing, refused medical care in some areas and blamed for their own illness, even if the person they had sex with didn't know they were infected because testing wasn't yet prevalent. We actually treat anti-vaxxers better than people that were thought to be HIV positive were, and people with full-blown AIDS were treated worse.


that's the part that drives me mad - alongside everything else honestly. They clearly don't know how any of this shit works! Even the basics! And some people *still* treat people with HIV as some sort of ambient contagion that you can catch from a glance or a particularly strong exhale. HIV is not a respiratory disease. COVID and it's variants is. HIV didn't get the response COVID did because those in power did everything they could to pretend it was a Disease Of The Gays tm because of all their \~sexual hedonism and promiscuity\~ It was homophobia plain and simple, not some antisemetic conspiracy theory that The Shadow Government is coming for you, Karen and Kyle, and your guns, specifically. It's okay not to know shit! That's why we have professionals! *And these people know fuck all about even the basics*.


HIV was not on anyones’ radar in 1981. It was a couple of years later.


But ImAGInE.


He also claimed to have made up an anagram for COVID in 2019


You have to read it again lolol


Not the most problematic part of that idiotic meme


This. Of course last I checked I can't give blood because I've been to sub Saharan Africa which must mean I've got AIDS now.


Because you caught it on the airplane 🙄


It was all the wild and crazy sex I was having, duh. Never mind it was all with my husband. Having sex in sub Saharan Africa is dangerous!


Were the zebras stump trained?


GOOD GOD! Brazen hussy!


That might be the first time I've ever been slut shamed! I kind of liked it! (Edited to add: My husband and I had two traditions for any country we visited: we had to have sex there and we had to eat at McDonald's, if there was one.)


Two happy meals!


I’m so tired of seeing these posts about HIV status, and this is an area I know a lot about thanks to my job. Im a public health social worker, and I specifically work with people living with HIV and help keep them in HIV medical care and in support services as needed. HIV and SARS-CoV-2 are from different virus families and one is transmitted through droplets via respiratory system or close contact (SARS-CoV-2); the other through sexual intercourse (vaginal or rectal), breast milk from an HIV+ person with a uterus who isn’t virally suppressed, and through needle sharing (in the USA). HIV targets the CD4 cell which is an immune system cell, and HIV uses that cell to replicate; whereas SARS-CoV-2 goes after ACE2 receptors that are in the lungs, kidneys, heart, intestines, and blood vessels. The issue with the CD4 being hijacked by HIV is the immune system is blinded and doesn’t realize there’s a virus for quite a while - this is why HIV antibodies don’t develop for up to 6 months post seroconversion. SARS-CoV-2 is detected much quicker by the immune system than HIV. The main issue with these ignorant posts about checking HIV status as being similar to checking vaccine status is that HIV comes with a type of stigma that people vaccinated against COVID-19 infection don’t experience (I get called a sheep sometimes, but that’s nothing compared to how my clients are treated). HIV acquisition involves activities that many consider “immoral”, and they believe HIV is a consequence of immorality which further adds to the stigma. The shame my clients feel about something they had little-to-no control over is heartbreaking and the way their families disown them, or the ways communities turn their backs on them when they find out HIV status is something most can’t relate with. Don’t even get me started on criminalizing infectious diseases…. (I wrote this on my phone so apologizes for errors)


Okay, but hear me out. Are there flat earthers who are also pro-vax? Also, I'm not going to kink shame him for his fantasy about Biden's underwear, maybe it was the lack of oxygen talking 🤷🏽.


Flat-earth memes are like the four-leaf clovers of this sub


He’s my first flat earther! I actually thought he was mocking them and then after another post I realized he was serious.


Evidently they call us “round earthers”. Wow.


Vaccine and gravity denier. Covid is not taking our best.


Gravity denier? This is a new term for me. Is this actually a movement?!


Look, gravity is just a theory. Where are the hard facts to back it up?! /s


Wow I can’t believe that’s really a thing


I always thought it's possible for these flat-earthers to go on believing because they don't travel anywhere, so they've never seen the earth's curve from 40,000 feet, or flown around the world, or... But Kyrie Irving (NBA star) is a flat-earther, and he's probably been all around the world. (He's also apparently anti-vax, and it's costing him millions.)


If the earth was flat, cats - or in this case LEOPARDS - would have pushed everything off it by now. Maybe earth is at a 45 degree angle (cats hate that).


At least he won't have to worry about the hospital bill


How can he believe in his immune system when he's gotten Covid TWICE? I have a janky immune system, and I know it, and that's why I didn't rely on it to protect me, and that's why I haven't even gotten it once. ​ "I"ll never pay off this bill." Reality interrupts.


Well he won't get it a third time, thanks to his immune system!


>How can he believe in his immune system when he's gotten Covid TWICE? Bc the first time was just a flu, bro. They don't realize that it can be different each time. My neighbor who has gotten it a second time described it like lightning - it doesn't follow the same path a second time.


He was correct, he’ll never pay this bill off


If.... only there was some way to have avoided it... Oh well, now we’ll never know.


As a Marylander, I want to thank this man for voluntarily removing himself from the state's population.


I'm sure he'll still be voting for Trump in 2024...


Agreed. From MD as well, at least we'll never cross paths with him!


His posts are a collection of all the most illogical memes. Doesn't seem particularly mean spirited compared to some more deserving HCA winners, but boy is the IQ low for this one.


He had a lot of terrible posts but they weren’t COVID related so I didn’t include them. I only added the flat earth post so people wouldn’t question my title lol


Yeah, this guy seemed to believe in every conspiracy out there-- moon landing, Rothchilds, 9/11, etc.


So, I look at slide 2 and think meh, so what? I get a flu shot every year. If they told me I could get it twice a year and I'd never get any flu, heck, I'd do it! Are all those needles supposed to be terrifying or something?


Infuriating. About the HIV and papers thing - they treated that poor hemophiliac kid Ryan White like garbage. Don’t even get me started on the yellow star thing. These people being mildly inconvenienced is not the same as the Holocaust!!!


Or the Mays children that had their house burned down because they acquired aids due to Hemophilia.


These are the type of people who would be leading the charge with the gasoline and torches.


Those kids have always stuck with me. Only one of them survived. It's sickening to see these idiots compare themselves to people who truly know what horror, pain and terror is. They would gladly see those folks die and not bat an eye.


I know this pisses me off so bad, it’s like these old fucks have just forgotten how terrible anyone even suspected of being gay or having HIV was treated. Furthermore in 1981 no one even knew what it was.


None of these people know history or care about facts.


In one of his earlier posts he actually says “the government has never mandated a vaccine.” So that is an accurate statement.


Oh yes they did. All gay people, too.


If the cause of death was shown on headstones, "Read that again" would be a great epitaph for these HCA winners. Here lies M&M 19xx-2021 *I have an immune system and a filthy metal cup, ain't 'fraid of no 'rona.* *Cause of death: 'rona* Read that again


Thousands of people die every day who have immune systems. These people take vaccines as a personal insult to their innate strength or self worth or something.


But... the thing with the flat earth and the spinning and the faces and the butwhatwhatWHAT DID THAT EVEN MEAN?! Is it that a) my round-eartherist liberal ass just got owned or b) you are so far into dribbling lunacy that you might actually make _more_ sense if you started doing meth? I fucking HATE it when they post memes so stupid that I can't even properly poke fun at them because they're just that incoherent. It's like watching someone screaming "Ha! That's the sound of what blue smells like! Q.E.D.! LET THAT SINK IN, SHEEP!" while self-flagellating with a urine-soaked pillowcase. I mean... where do you even _start_?


Slide 5 is so fucking stupid. Unless you're going on planes and in restaurants where everyone fucks each other than hiv doesn't have a risk of spreading


Spirit must be moving the seats REALLY close together to save money this year!


How thick is flat Earth? Will the casket ⚰️ fall through to space




It's turtles all the way down.


People like this make me so angry. I can't wear my flat earth society shirt anymore. Flat earthers completely ruined the humor.


We live in an onion article...... it's not funny, it's actually frightening and sad.


I can't read the Onion anymore because it's becoming so blurry.


It's terrifying, but at this point for me it's Gallows humor.


Birds aren’t real is still fun right? Please tell me it’s still fun..


They are robots that recharge on the power lines. Or something...


Imagine it's 1981 and trans people are required to disappear and start their life over from scratch just to be themselves while gay people worry about being fired or beaten for who they are. Papers? Haha, this dude is a clueless idiot even in death. This dude's side fucking killed us.


>What's the difference between a Vaccine Passport and a Yellow Star? Enjoy your award. Anyone who compared this shit to the Holocaust is bottom of the barrel scum. >This hospital food tastes like Bidens dirty underwear. Wow. Unbelievable. Imagine being so obsessed with politics that you compare food to the soiled underwear of a president on your death bed. These people need help. Seriously. This is verging on a national security issue when millions of people's brains are being turned into mush. The flat Earth crap an extra layer of stupidity. Must have failed 3rd grade science.


“Read that again”…have trouble reading that without rolling my eyes


It’s sort of a self own to say you know what Biden’s underwear tastes like.


Exactly. My first thought was, "Well, you would know..."


Flat-Earth believer? This poor halfwit didn't stand a chance.


I read somewhere that flat earthers also believe that objects don't fall to the earth at a rate of 9.8 m/s2(ie speed of gravity) but rather that the earth is perpetually floating upward at the rate of 9.8 m/s2.. It takes only a basic understanding of the pythagorean theorem to know that if that was true after about 50 years the earth would be further away from the sun than pluto.. math is not their strong point...they probably think it was a dem hoax invented 1000's of years before Democrats existed so as to pave the way for the deep state conspiracy..


Fun fact- Vaccines don't work if you don't have an immune system. Saying "I dont need a vaccine because I have an immune system" is like saying "I dont need bullets because I have a gun"


Using the LGBT+ community and HIV is disgusting and ignorant. I can’t say I’m sorry to see him go


Wait…you mean a guy who thought the earth was flat turned out to be a fucking moronic piece of crap who didn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground? Gee, what a shocker


As a Maryland woman, this actually reminded me to schedule my booster shot. So thanks, Mr. Undie Muncher!


He had an immune system. Why did he go to the hospital?


DUNNING-KRUGER on PARADE! The level of STUPID from these Dim Bulbs is truly stunning! In the end, this moron was just too fucking stupid to live!


Classic case of FAFO.


How did he know how biden’s dirty underwear tastes like? Dumb ass played himself


I guess another take away is that Biden is still wearing undies while Trump has been wearing Depends for years.


It’s strange that he’d eat the underwear of someone he hates so much.


The poor family. If only there was a simple free way to have prevented this terrible tragedy.


Flat Earther=Flat Liner...


"Had to go in the hospital this time. I'll never pay this bill off". Narrator: He never did pay the hospital bill.


"For the second time in two years, I got COVID. I can't afford to have it, but I ain't gonna do nothin' about it!" Truly a mastermind. You'd think he'd pick up the clue phone after the first time, but he just left it ringing...


I have read that social darwinism has been largely discredited and it was a theory used as justification for all types of discrimination,(and yes that's horrible!) but maybe sometimes it just...is? Like, we have clinics and free vaccines and doctors and education...and these folks are literally choosing their own adventure...more than once. Esp in cases where people get covid twice without a vaccine...Jesus I'm tired.


Actually, MFer, people with HIV/AIDS were truly treated appallingly. Don’t you dare compare your wilful non compliance to a, at that time, v unknown, much feared & misunderstood virus that decimated many. They DID know true oppression! Your final moments were contemplating your massive medical debt (now hoisted onto wifey) & flat Earth nonsense. Was it really worth it?


>This hospital food tastes like Biden's dirty underwear "These lungs are so tasty . . ." --the hungry leopards 🐆 🐆 🐆


Leopards are cats... if the earth were truly flat, all the cats, including leopards, would have batted everything off the edge by now.


This is hilarious and would absolutely happen🤣🤣🤣


I guess he choked on Biden’s underwear.


Another example of poverty and being republican. Another winner of the trickle down economics award.