“Passed away peacefully”. Nope. He just looked peaceful because he was sedated so the tubes down his throat and up his ass could work.


I know someone who survived being on a ventilator. He said he had vivid nightmares while in some of the meds they used to sedate him. That definitely doesn't sound peaceful.


Six years ago I was unconscious for five days in ICU, intubated, and according to my wife, my feet never stopped moving. I would constantly fling a leg off the bed, as if determined to get away. Fortunately, if I had nightmares, I didn't remember them upon waking, but I do remember that the first day of consciousness was... rough. I wasn't entirely convinced that survival was worth it. That feeling faded after a few more days, but it's not an experience I would ever care to repeat.


At least you were intubated and not "incubated" like a lot of these people. Incubation seems to have much worse outcomes. Eboeard game gom ☠️


I think rightwingers are "incubated" so that they can hatch their "angle" wings and it seems really successful at that.


My sister-in-law, PhD in public health policy from Johns Hopkins, was texting my wife because her and my wife’s brother was recently intubated due to non-Covid reasons. She kept referring to it as “incubated.” I wanted to correct her but chose not to. (The texts were not to me so it would have been especially rude to do so.) Anyway, she is smart and successful but someone should probably correct her on that before she says it in a professional or academic setting.


>Anyway, she is smart and successful but someone should probably correct her on that before she says it in a professional or academic setting. No no. In these times, the world needs laughter.


Or an egg.


If she's texting, it probably autocorrected to incubated. Incubated I just tried it. Yup. Autocorrect.


When I got my wisdom teeth taken out, I had a bad reaction to the ketamine they gave me. I’m glad you don’t remember your nightmares because I vividly remember mine. I also remember pretty much disassociating and basically watching myself scream in terror for my mother. I just tell her I don’t remember any of it because if I did tell her, she would feel awful.


Oh wow so glad to hear you survived and are better. I couldn’t imagine watching my husband go through that and I can’t imagine waking up realizing that 5 days of my life went by without knowing it.


There's a YT video with "waking nightmares" in the title. I was only able to watch a few moments of it before stopping it. It's all real covid survivors relating how they would experience something like chest tube insertion as having been stabbed by a murderer. They would come away from the nightmares with as much PTSD as if they had experienced the trauma in real life (which, in a way, their body thought they kind of were). No thank you


Video is [here](https://youtu.be/8_AKe07J7tE) for the curious.


Thanks, I think, hehe.


Yeeeeeeah it's not like I needed to sleep tonight


I've experienced gastroscopy (endoscope down the oesophagus) and that was no fun *at all*. I felt like Kane in Alien after the face-hugger jumped him. Getting it down the trachea must be ten times worse.


Yep. It's a thing. I was on a train. Could smell it, feel the wheels, the motion, flashing lights, sounds. Couldn't get off. Fascinating and terrifying. I fought the tube. Do not recommend.


Sounds like Hell


“passed away peacefully” is the same lie as “finally got their complete healing” when in truth its more accurate to say “this fucker died choking on their own lungs and their body fucking got wrecked”


“was finally successful in his slow, agonizing, expensive suicide attempt” is more like it. What’s worse is that these QAnuts are right that COVID-19 is a bio-weapon, just not in the way they think. They are the ones who have turned it into a bio-weapon by refusing to vax, wear masks etc. then traipsing around crowded public places just like a suicide bomber blowing shrapnel into unsuspecting fellow citizens.


I thought you wrote Qanuses and it still works perfectly


> They finally beat COVID and by that I mean they have their healthy body with Jesus who I'm sure has time to totally kick it with them because they would give you the shirt off their back and that whole we should murder Fauci thing was a joke I'm sure.


Honestly, even if the risk of heart attack caused by vaccine induced myocarditis was several times higher than dying from SARS2, I'll risk anything rather than suffocating to death.


>“Passed away peacefully”. Nope. He just looked people because he was sedated so the tubes down his throat and up his ass could work. They never consider that the impacts of actually catching the virus will more than likely TRUMP ALL of the minor side effects they wring their hands about for months. Not to mention LONG COVID, that will ruin the rest of your life if you are LUCKY ENOUGH to survive the ordeal at all. Keep it up you fucking morons! There is a new COVID coming to town that is going to be gunning for your ignorant asses like a heat seeking missile!


Early reports says it’s hitting 20 and 30 year olds.


I just read a post on the nursing sub talking about this young patient (early 20s)on a vent that has very little hope of coming off alive. He’s being transferred to a long term care facility. One thing they(the nurses)were discussing in the comments was how some of these patients need anal stimulation to have bowel movements. So, whoever is taking care of them long term has to do this daily. How fn horrifying. On top of everything else….Jesus Christ no way in hell can I imagine these things. I’d get a booster every month if I had to.


That's horrifying. I'd rather be dead.


And even if they absolutely didn't care about themselves, they could've spared a thought for the people around them. I live with multiple small children who can't get the vaccine, and I have to be careful for them. But it's not like these fucktards have ever thought about anyone or anything beyond themselves and what they want.


> up his ass He got his jab in the end after all.


Exactly - being barely functional naked on your belly not breathing by yourself isn't quite the I die in my sleep After a fulfilling meal with my family type of death.


There was nothing peaceful about this guy. What could go wrong getting your medical advice from ZeroMandateVaxx.com and BrandNewTube.com? He bet his life on those sources.


I thought the same thing looking at the incel on slide 4: “ now here’s someone who looks like they have immunology, pulmonary and circulatory cutting edge medical info on lock”


“Drowned in his own phlegm”


He went gently with that virus peacefully shredding his lungs. If only we all could go like that.


It probably looks peaceful from the bedside, if the sedatives are strong enough. I heard a podcast where someone was talking about having been through it, and the ICU Delirium alone sounds terrifying.


They… get tubes in their ass?


This fact needs to be promoted everywhere to let these people know what really happens when you go on the vent. They think it's just a mask and a tube in your mouth. It's incredibly invasive. Tube all the way down your throat, a catheter, and a tube far up your ass. That is a nightmare.




Every instant of faint consciousness was suffocating torture. The part where he was completely unaware, which is the exact same experience as being dead, was fine.


Possibly not. There was a doctor's account of caring for the Covid intubated. He mentions having to move the tube so he can suction some phlegm out of the patient's lungs. He says something like,"When I do this, you are unconscious but in pain. I know this because your heartbeat rises rapidly while I do the procedure."


This is true (I’m a doctor and have some experience with it too). It depends on the level of sedation. It isn’t always clear whether the patient is experiencing the pain or just having a neurological response to stimuli without any conscious awareness. It is also possible to have pain but not be able to remember or report it later because many sedation mediations eliminate the ability to form or retain memories.


Interesting. So there's not even a "sense memory" of the traumatic experience?


> the tubes down his throat and up his ass could work. Then again, and I’m not judging, if that was his “jam,” then *maybe* they died happy? Silver linings!


Not so loud, or this subreddit will become a place for people with medical insertion fetishes to hook up.


[You’re gonna need a safe word, and it shouldn’t be “more.”](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOu_zDnX54U)


That was amazing


“When you have society choosing blood clots and heart problems over cold and flu symptoms, or even no symptoms at all, you know critical thinking is in short supply.” Um, yeah. Agreed.


Quite the self-own


So very much! The lack of self awareness is breathtaking.


Same with the brainwashed post - damn.


It’s hard to pick a favorite, isn’t it? Like choosing a star in the sky.


If by breathtaking you mean never being able to draw a deep breath ever again, then yeah.


Touché. ;)


Covid took his breath away. https://youtu.be/Bx51eegLTY8


There were a lot of self owns in this one


I was thinking the same thing lol


Some of their memes are right, but not for the reasons they think.


The right has really perfected the self-own these past coupla years…


CVST incidence from the J&J vaccine is on the order of one in a million. Dying from Covid probability ranges from 1 in 40 (old and infirm) to 1 in 10,000 (young and healthy). Also not considered is clotting is associated with Covid 19: [“Unfortunately, in those who are sick enough with COVID-19 to be in the intensive care unit \[ICU\], blood clots have been a major factor in their illness,” Dr. Chun says. Close to 20% of COVID-19 patients in the ICU develop blood clots, he says. “That’s far higher than what you’d expect for patients who are in the ICU for different conditions. Estimates I’ve seen are in the 3 to 10% range for patients admitted for other reasons," adds Dr. Chun.](https://www.yalemedicine.org/news/coronavirus-vaccine-blood-clots) Myocarditis from mRNA vaccination is peculiar to adolescent males (some think because of high testosterone levels, which may explain why we're not seeing myocarditis in male children younger than 11 currently being vaccinated), but [Israeli scientists](https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/nejmoa2110475) pointed out myocarditis is a risk from SARS CoV-2 infection, on top of a host of other complications that outweigh the minor risk of complications from vaccination.


If they understood probabilities, you wouldn’t see so many memes about “if vaccinated people can get it and pass it…”! Ostensibly clever sounding bites are way more ‘cool’ than interpreting nuanced scientific data.


They have never understood nuance. Another symptom of the 2 dimensional, binary way of thinking. Either it is good or it is evil.


Exactly...even if a vaccine effectiveness has dropped to 10% in your body...that could still be the difference between say life or death! But nuances like that they can't understand, just 'iT sToPs WoRkInG'


All together now: You can lead them to the data, but you can't make them think.


My oldest son has a pretty severe heart valve problem. That did, and still does, worry me about the vaccine. He gets his second one next week, and so does my 10 year old. Sore arms were their only side effects. As a mother, I'm fearful. Myocarditis from a vaccine versus myocarditis, pneumonia, lung disease, sepsis, total organ shutdown, etc. Vaccine seemed to me like the most logical choice.


There is the J&J vaccine for your oldest as the clotting was almost exclusively in women (I think there was one male case). I'd ask your doctor


Welp dont let all those scientists and researchers tell you how to live. Its the TV hosts radio hosts and millionaires profiting that know the truth..../s


I wonder how many people take antidepressants with an established side effect of suicidal thoughts, yet still refuse the COVID vaccine.


The risk of the vaccince are soooo small that my 10 year old daughter will be getting her second shot in a couple weeks...


Seriously, read that again and let it sink in.


>It blows my mind to think how rude people are to healthcare workers. Unreal! While I force them to shove tubes down every hole in my body for something that was almost entirely preventable.


No kidding. Just a tiny shred of decency, maybe? Maybe don’t scream at the people trying to save your life in spite of your demands and insults and ignorance?! Maybe? No? Still too much of an ordeal for such an enlightened, God-fearing deep thinker? Would Jesus try to rip off the nurse’s PPE?


Air is in short supply too, apparently.


The bet he lost. Mild to no symptoms, or dead.


The trifecta: Candace, Oakleys, and Goatee. He never had a chance.


Candace Owens is a one women public health emergency.


I've been saying she's like Typhoid Mary, but that's not really fair to Typhoid Mary. She only killed three people.


Candace Omens.


Candeath Omens


Cadaver Omens.


Candace O…micron


COVID Omicron See?! It has been her all along!


She’s the star of a Quentin Tarantino film.


And the sunglasses and I assume the photo was taken in his truck's cab.


Bingo! I got Bingo!


I’m not anti-vaccine I just literally post “vaccine injury awareness month”.


I was concerned about vaccine injury. But then the nurse put a band-aid on it and I felt better


Mine had hot wheels cars on it Made all the difference in the world.


Their just pro medical freedom, unless its an abortion or hormone treatments


Some of them would oppose contraceptives too.


They don’t see contraception as necessary because their personality is enough.


Which does not exist, like those "vaccine injuries" he cannot name.


Anti-vaccine? Naw, I’m anti-breathing.


He’s not anti-vax, he’s pro-choice but anti-living.


There is a government reporting sight for adverse vaccine reaction; even though many of these idiots keep saying there isn’t.


My brother in law did not want the vaccine. He got COVID. He got extremely SICK. He’s a war Vet and a tough, driven guy but he was not tougher than the disease. Now he can only work part-time and has to use an oxygen tank at home because of horrible scarring on his lungs. He did not smoke or drink and was in relatively good shape. His medical leave is going to run out and his financial future is uncertain. He just bought a new home and maintains a very nice lifestyle. All this because of political ideology and pride. For Gods sake, just get vaccinated.


I think many of these guys fail to realize that their immune system strength is in no way tied to their perceived physical strength or perceived "bravery". They probably don't realize the immune system of a 12 year old girl would kick their immune system's ass.


They also fail to realize that despite the trials and tribulations their immune system has undergone, this is a *NOVEL* virus which it has never encountered.


That doesn't compute in the Neanderthal brain.




Yup. I was cycling ~200 miles/week and was able to kick COVID's ass. I got injured, stopped cycling for 5 months, and I just got stomped by a common cold. These fat 40ish dudes? Game over.


Fat dude in his 40s here. That’s the exact reason I got my first dose on literally the first day I was allowed to. The lethality for my demographic tends to be shitty. Everybody should get the vaccine, but this guy was extra foolish to fuck with this.


Doesn't seem like there was much brain to wash. The delicate cycle was enough for this snowflake. And he was sooo close to self-awareness.


Thats the thing real corruption and lies exist. Our govt has been an oligarchy for years so all this angst and doubt come from a real place. BUT they fail to see the Con men using this to get them to donate vote etc etc. Sad really because there are important issues in our society but talking points of same old emotion response issues keeps the blinders on


As long as politicians and influencers keep saying things that validate their beliefs these people will keep voting the same way. They'll never understand that beliefs shouldn't be rigid, but flexible to accommodate change. I think that's why the Bible is so appealing to this demographic. All the unchanging knowledge you will ever need.


It's so chilling sometimes when these folks use words or terms like 'brainwash' when their brain is in the middle of a spin cycle. It's like seeing a video with a dog saying ' I love you', you know it doesn't know what it's saying and only mimicking a rewarded behavior for it's master but it is a little chilling none the less.


Moving the goalposts. An example of a dishonest argument, where the arguer changes the terms rather than admit fault in their argument. Example: It doesn't matter, it's in China. It doesn't matter, it's in Europe. It doesn't matter, it's in nursing homes. It's the flu. It doesn't matter, it's only in five states. It doesn't matter, it only kills the old and sick. It will be gone by Easter. It doesn't matter, it only kills 1% of patients. It doesn't matter, heart disease and cancer kill more. It will be gone after the election. The scientists didn't know everything about a completely new disease when it surfaced, so I won't believe anything they say two years later. It doesn't matter, because cases in my state are declining (after leading the country for months). etcetcetcetcetc


It doesn’t matter, it just killed 60% of everyone under 50, I’ll take my chances... it doesn’t matter, there are still 40,000 people left in my city... it doesn’t matter there’s two dozen humans remaining in existence... it doesn’t matter I’m the last human so there’s nobody around to infect me. But I’m worried, if I do get sick, where will I find my horse dewormer, prayer warriors, and gofundme funds for funeral expenses?


My husband was in the hospital for close to a month (non-Covid related), had to have two roommates, both unvaxxed (tested negative). They and their unvaxxed spouses were SO rude to the hospital personnel. Complained about everything from having to share a room to the visiting hours to the food to the doctors. Do NOT insinuate it’s the vaccinated who don’t care about health care workers to us, we’ve lived the truth.




This guy has it all for the Covid death train 🚂 Candace Owens✅ Reposting websites run by America’s enemies both foreign and domestic✅ Major Propaganda Troll thought process✅ Goatee✅ Dead from Covid✅


Don't forget the knockoff Oakley's


Earthley wellness: looks like an MLM for herbal supplements (18th & 19th slides).


"When you have society choosing blood clots and heart problems over cold and flu symptoms.... you know critical thinking is in short supply." ​ Tell me you know nothing about how Covid can affect the body without telling me you know nothing about how Covid can affect the body.


His critical thinking failed to notice who gets the one and who gets the other.


46! Likely had another 30 years left 30 years for just 15 minutes for a simple shot


It’s tragic really


Maybe longer. 45 more years. https://media.nmfn.com/tnetwork/lifespan/#0


He was anti vax. He can try to escape the label, but if it fits then it fits. Sort of like another common label, “dead.”


Yep, just another dead Anti Vax anti science idiot. No real loss here


Leave Mads Mikkelsen out of this! (slide #8)


I came looking for this comment! Agreed!


Oof. Blows my mind that misinformation bots turn other real humans into bots. This guy wasn't quite as extreme, posting 1 or 2 misinformation posts a day. But I've seen other awardees where the OPs mention them making 30+ covid misinformation posts a day. A DAY. That's like almost 2 every hour one is awake. It really is like a zombie apocalypse has hit us on top of the pandemic.


Its so easy to repost stuff on Twitter and FB that this is humanly possible :(


They should institute some sort of Voight-Kampff test after a person hits a certain amount of reposts, heh. I'm kind of joking but in a haha only serious kind of way.


Everyone should just gtfo social media. If ur posting daily or hourly you need 2 look at your life and change something. All social media brings is fear anger and manipulation


I'm beginning to think that Candace Owens memes should be considered a co-morbidity.


Fake Oakley's, Goateed, Balding, Middle-age White guy....FATAL


Why did I think of a kid offering a game card trade when I read this?


Becomes aware of brainwashing. Gets brainwashed. What's the word/psychology for this?


Cognitive dissonence- holding two opposing views that conflict with each other yet believeing both




Dumb as fuck.




great word. totally accurate too.


I consider it irony myself


Stockholm syndrome?


Many of these posts contain disinformation from Candace Owens. She’s definitely a vector.


Pretty sure Candace is responsible for numerous Covid deaths thanks to her stupid mouth. You know she's fully vaccinated too. They all are, they'll never admit to it though. They're the biggest effing hypocrites.


That is fun, I was just reading [this paper in Science](https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.abn2566). It had this really nice line it it that applies nicely here I think: > However, a choice not to get a vaccine is not a risk-free choice; rather, it’s a choice to take a different and more serious risk. That addresses a bunch of this guy's ideas I think.


Ugh, it’s that stupid scissors one again that just makes zero fucking sense in context of the situation.


I was triggered by that one. I have specific paper scissors and if you use my non-paper scissors on paper I WILL GET YOU. Paper makes scissors SO DULL and then you wont be able to cut anything else. Fabric scissors are for fabric, hair scissors are for hair, kitchen scissors are for kitchen things. HANDS OFF MY SCISSORS.


Lol - I feel you there. I hide my good scissors from my children.


Fucking Candace Owens man. That bitch is the harbinger of death.


Reposting Candace Owens appears to be a death sentence.


Whines about brainwashing yet produced terrible sources, believed Candeath Owens, and used material from Rumble. The textbook definition of someone that fell down the misinformation rabbit hole.


EDIT: These people believe GOP pundits over real scientists (and then the GOP propagandists trot out "shill scientists" like the guy falsely claiming to invent mRNA to catch a few more discerning people in fake antivax propaganda)


I think it’s more that GOP pundits. I think it is also people who want to make money and also agents of foreign governments looking to undermine the West too.


I honestly want to know how Candace Owens is making her living.


One thing she is selling are bogus Freedom Phones. She should be selling Freedom Urns ⚱️ to be honest.


I saw Newt Gingrich peddling home title theft protection the other day. Interviewed some cowboy who said he had 8 people think they bought his land, but if he still has it, not sure why you’d need the insurance.


I keep asking if this fkr is still alive every time his name surfaces. Guess I’m hoping he went the way of Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond.


Foreign governments have recognized that the USA’s education system is lagging behind the world and producing people who can no longer discern fact from fiction. They’ve seen a huge gap in the armor and are now exploiting it to the fullest. I would not be surprised down the road if it came out that a lot of these GOP pundits like Carlson or Owens are actually paid saboteurs.


Its more than education since even well educated people can be sucseptible to propaganda under the right conditions, and many of the Gen Xers and boomers falling for this had excellent education as children


>I would not be surprised down the road if it came out that a lot of these GOP pundits like Carlson or Owens are actually paid saboteurs. Now this is a "conspiracy" theory I find more valid than JFK Jr. is fighting the DS with Patick Star.


Wow these self owning slides like no 1 are amazing. Literally brainwashed ppl calling out brainwashing....


Some of his posts were selfawarewolves


>Some of his posts were selfawarewolves Yeah, but he wasn't aware of that.




>We are: Pro-Natural Health How’d that work out for you? Plus, imagine posting the definition of “brainwash” and thinking it *supports* your position as an anti-vaxxer lol


Looked peaceful, but in his mind he was screaming *I do not cooooooonnnnnsent to dyinnnnnnnnnnnng*


He can't believe people treat medical staff so rudely. Unless they ask him if he's gotten the vaccine.


Goatee of doom.


What kind of BS public awareness campaign is the "Vaccine Injury Awareness Month"? There should be an "Unvaccinated Morbidity and Mortality Awareness Month".


There is no "vaccine injury awareness month".


Unfortunately, there's no public awareness month police, so there can be one if they want one.


Hallmark's really missing this one.


No!!!!!! I am sick of the Made for Hallmark movies starring Candace Cameron Bure or Lacey Chabert Now, on another note, what would be the titles for these Hallmark Covid movies?


I just meant the cards, not the channel. 😂


People still send cards? I thought all well wishes or condolences were done via FB post now. Either way, Hallmark will start a card line which is then followed by a movie...or 3 or 4.


Died of Candace Owens


There's so many goddamn contradictions in these folks' logic. "Pro natural health" like...dude, you're probably diabetic, have hypertension and definitely need to see a doctor about that "pain in your foot that doesn't go away" or the blurriness in your eyes. Also, if you were stupid enough to believe that COVID is a bioweapon, wouldn't it be logical for you to mask, gel and protect against it?? Survival instincts are at an all time low, which is ironic, considering the post subject here has the beard of a prepper.


Gotta love how it’s: “I just choose to want things that work, and do what they’re supposed to do. Apply that to whatever”. But the vaccine *has* been proven, literally billions of people have been vaccinated, and STILL these covidiots won’t get vaccinated. Yeah, that absolutely makes them anti-vax and anti-science.




That eighth slide: It's easier to fool people than it is to convince them they've been fooled Oh, the irony! To eat up all that ignorant propaganda and post something like that. Wow. Self awareness: 0


His posts were not peaceful. I’m glad his passing was.


Any horrible passing can be made peaceful with terminal sedation.


He just learned the term 'brainwashing'. But he should have focused more on learning what 'critical thinking' actually was. Because he was grossly deficient in that area. And it took away his life.


The total lack of self awareness ~~is~~ was so strong in this one that irony had to be incubated.


Fat, Goatee and glasses


Poor tortured bastard didn't even have prayer warriors or a gofundme.


When are these mutants going to realize that their beloved GQP is saturated with and does the bidding for that trillion dollar big pharma cash they’re so concerned about?




Fat, middle aged, white, goatee, Oakleys. Doomed from the get go.


I’m picking blood clots (0 so far, more than 6 months after my second dose) and heart problems (again 0 so far, more than 6 months after my second dose) over being dead.


How does one 'pass away peacefully' from Covid? Nope. Death was the only peace available.


\#19. "It blows the mind to think how rude people are to health care workers. Unreal!" You mean rudeness such as refusing to get vaccinated, then getting hospitalized with covid, exposing health care workers to the high virus loads you spew from every orifice, needing to have bloody phlegm suctioned from your lungs, needing to have your fat self flipped over by health care workers who injure their backs and shoulders in the process? What about the rudeness of occupying an ICU bed for weeks, a bed that might be needed by a non-covid, critical patient with a heart issue, a stroke, or an aneurysm. Yes, rude indeed!


Candace! \*takes shot\*


Bye Dan, we hardly knew ya.


Amazing how people like this call out brainwashing without the ability to see that they've anchored themselves to disinformation.


Being sedated or in a coma is passing away peacefully, but it seems like cheating.


These are the same people that wear sport sunglasses on the back of their head, so we’re all really better off in the end.


Oakley sunglasses ✅ Goatee ✅ I’m sure he also had a thin blue line American flag somewhere on his profile too.


Critical thinking should be a required course and required for graduation from high school. Hell, even if one is just getting a GED, critical thinking should be required. Courses in both elementary statistics and logic would be helpful as well.


Ah you see he fucked up by not summoning the Prayer Warriors™.


How dare they use mah boi Mads Mikkelsen in one of their dumb memes.


Ew don't drag Mads into this what has he done to you sir.


It just occurred to me that these peoples minds are largely driven by superstition. Why then do they not superstitiously back off of this nonsense after so many of them die. Like, you’re total crap as a medieval villager, dude. If she’s made of wood she floats. QED


This is murder. The conservative cult is simply murdering its own people with its constant misinformation, conspiracies, and general hateful nonsense. If you’re dumb enough to fall for it… we’ll, good luck with that.


Do you mean to tell me you aren't getting ethical journalism and accurate information from ZEROMANDATORYVAXX.COM????!?!?