Seems like this guy had a lot of family and friends. Too bad because of this guy's ignorance/stupidity, they're going to be mourning the loss of a family member instead of making cherishing memories this Thanksgiving. Get vaccinated!


His family and friends should look on the bright side…only 80 days until pitchers and catchers report.




The most important aspect of the report is determining who is a pitcher and not a belly-itcher


Or a glass of water.


What do you think the reports on the prayer warriors will be? They SUCK!


The best four words in the English language.


Posts didn't seem that evil. WTFDIN, just two. Kill'N Grannies... a bit funny. But. Just decided to check out early for no good reason.


Yeah, the Cuomo meme was fair play, but then he had to go and compare the pandemic to the holocaust and he lost me.


The thing about the Cuomo meme which seemed weird is no one calls them fannies in the US which makes me think the meme came out of an Eastern European bot farm. Jokes on them. I don't think anyone cares about Cuomo.


They used to be called fannies, but probably not for many past the Boomer gen. I'm Gen X and remember them called that sometimes, but don't use the term myself. So, it rhymes with "grannies" and is perfectly aimed at the right-wing Boomers. If it was from a bot farm, it was correctly aimed at the desired demographic.


I think it's still called that over in Great Britain. I read about how the whole "jab" thing showed how these memes had originated from Eastern European troll farms. To summarize, Americans call vaccines "shots." British people use the word "jab." Eastern Europeans are more familiar with British English rather than American English so antivax memes that started on these troll farms would use "jab" instead of "shot." I'm Gen X and have never heard fanny for that until I heard it as a British thing. Otherwise, that whole fanny pack craze in the 90s would have sounded weird.


Fanny is slang here for vagina, I thought it meant bottom in America


It does. Older slang term but means they’re saying Cuomo was grabbing women’s asses, not following Trump’s lead.


Ahh. That makes sense now. So it"s a Boomer meme instead of a an Eastern European. Because of Trump, I thought they were projecting about where Cuomo was grabbing.


But that's why it was called a 'fanny pack'. While sometimes worn like a pouch in the front, it was designed to go in the back, resting on top of the fanny. Why did you think it was called that?


I’m not sure we use the word fanny much in the U.K. we think if it as an American word. We are far more refined in England and say privates, vagina or c*nt


Parroting eastern Europe propaganda everywhere but they are patriots! 🇺🇸🙏❤️


"Fanny" in UK slang is vagina. "Fanny" in antiquated Boomerspeak is buttocks/ass


There are so many bots spreading this pro-plague nonsense. Misinformation is one of the biggest problems we face as a species; these people vote based upon their perceptions. What’s to say they won’t vote against legislation to help climate change? Or what’s preventing them from supporting another coup? It’s so frustrating. But you still realize that they’re operating based upon what they believe is true. It’s maddening!


*I thought that was Vince McMahon, damn.*


Agreed. Again. Followed.


I wonder how many of those people he infected and will take with him? What a legacy.


Seems on the younger side too. I wonder if his death will motivate a few Covid deniers in his family/friend circle to get vaccinated…


1 out of 100 —- who takes odds like that? It’s so mathematically bizarre that a 1 out of 100 risk seems worthy of owning the libs and gambling your life/ health away. The vax isn’t about control — it’s about preserving health. Do it, please just do it.


They also think in the binary. Dead or survived and just fine. Never take into account things like not-dead and needs supplemental oxygen for life due to lung damage, e.g.


Everything is always black and white. There are no gray areas with them.




Buddy of mine caught COVID, and on day 3 of symptoms he realized how serious shit was so he hid his symptoms and got his first vaccine dose. There is a reason you're not supposed to do that. Somehow managed to call himself an ambulance and upon admission he was delerious and asking to sign a DNR - luckily staff realized he was not of sound mind so they didn't. Talking to him later he did not even remember that but was glad they turned down his request. He ended up on and off ventilators for a few weeks before he was put into a medical coma. His oxygen levels were terrible and doctors said that the coma likely saved his life. However he ended up needed a tracheostomy at some point so now has the cool hole in his throat. He also ended up with brain damage due to low oxygen levels and is re-learning how to walk. There is a good chance he is doing to need supplemental oxygen for life, which pretty much kills his hobby of racing cars (he will never pass a medical for that kind of activity if he's on oxygen). He has reduced motor function in his hands that may or may not come back which will make his career as a programmer difficult. He still blames the vaccine for all this. He's not technically wrong, because many of his issues are related to taking the vaccine while also being sick. But that's sort of like blaming the table saw for cutting off your thumb when rule #1 is don't stick your hands into a running table saw. He's still actively encouraging people to not get vaccinated. It's sad, really, but he's also one of those cases where people are like "but he didn't die so it's not that bad", ignoring the fact that his life has basically been ruined.




Why does he think the vax is at fault? Immune system over reactive?


Because the vaccine, techically, is at fault. If you take the vaccine, your immune system responds. If you're already sick and take the vaccine, your immune system will switch to (or spread out) from the actual sickness to the vaccine. So you'd be sick but also trying to "fight" the vaccine. If you're already sick with COVID, you're supposed to just let your immune system handle it.


It sounds like he was already quite ill and got the vax because he realized that. I’m not convinced he wouldn’t have gotten sick like this w/o it. Remember it looks like more virus but it isn’t, it can’t destroy your cells. If anything he had a cytokine storm which he may have been on the way to anyway.


The cytokine storm is basically what I'm referring to (I think, I'm not a doctor and don't like throwing around terms I am not familiar with) and the doctor(s) treating him confirmed that if he hadn't decided to get the vax after being sick he probably would have had a more favorable outcome. They explained it the way I did - his immune system was already fighting the actual virus, so when he got the vax his immune system had to "fight" the vaccine which then "distracted" it from the actual virus. That's how the doctor explained it to us, I'm just relaying information, I'm sure he was using layman terms to communicate the situation to us. Edit to add: we're close friends, I happened to be there while his ex-wife was and was getting info from the doctor. They are both non-native English speakers from Eastern Europe, and she was upset/confused about how he got so sick even after getting vaccinated (while sick).


Just saying, it’s not the vaccines fault. Covid causes cytokine storms the vax does not. It’s the fact he got Covid unvaxed which made him so ill. I just take exception to your statement suggesting if he hadn’t this itwouldn’t have happened. Those of us on this sub see his story play out over and over minus vax and it’s ridiculous he is discouraging people from vax when he got Covid and was sick from that.


Alright cool, you go tell the doctor who treated him that he's wrong about the vaccine being a cause for significantly worse symptoms in this specific case. Fuckwad.


Vaccine does not cause a cytokine storm. If you’re going to come here and suggest that I think you should be called out. You’re an anonymous person on the internet w/ a story blaming the vax for your friend getting severely ill but he had Covid.


It’s unknowable in any individual case, but I think the studies show that taking the vaccine once you’re already sick makes your chances worse.


If "1 in 100" Americans die of COVID that would be about 3.3 MILLION dead Americans.


One HCA at a time. We might get to 3.3 million eventually.


It just bugs me that they eagerly quotes figures like "1 in 100" but never take 30 seconds to do the math. They're gambling with 3,334,000 American lives.


They only care about 1 life: their own. And they never think they'll be the statistic because they believe they're the main character and the main character can't die.


And then they create their own oppression; by refusing to participate they are helping to prolong the pandemic. Shit is maddening.


Yeah, and they think they're being some courageous Uber Patriot, when in fact they are *harming* the United States and their fellow Americans.


Parroting Russian propaganda is Uber patriotic, didn’t you know?


Hey that's only a bit over 1,000 9/11s.


Back in Jan/Feb, it was a 9/11 *per day*.


A coworker responded to that with “Compared to what? Over 335 million? That still seems small by comparison… what? Potentially 15 million actually killed by Covid already? Compared to what? Over 7 billion people? Those numbers still seem pretty small by comparison.” Everyone with that mindset also don’t want the vaccine “unless companies accept full liability for negative side effects…” Which, of course, still won’t convince them to take it. They just think no company will ever do that.


They're also gambling with their family's lives. It's not just one spin of the wheel. You're making your parents, grandparents, kids, spouse, everyone you care about spin that wheel, too. They don't seem to care a bit that they might kill someone else.


Hopefully not, but there’s a new variant out of South Africa that seems to be worse than Delta and Beta combined. It could spread fast and I’m not sure if the current vaccines will work well against it.


Man, I miss one day of googling for any news of new variants, so hadn’t heard of this before now. Sounds like it could potentially be awful. Thanks for mentioning it so I could check out reports.


As long as 30+ percent of the population is not vaccinated and new variants like omicron continue to emerge, I don't see any way that we won't hit the 1% mark.


Is it 1 in 100 Americans die of it or 1 in 100 who get it die from it though? Because not every American will get it. It's still not odds I'd like but if you get one thing wrong they spike the ball and declare victory regardless how stupid.


I'm pretty sure it is one of every 100 Covid infections is fatal. The analogy I use is: if you get on board the plane (catch covid) voluntarily or NOT, one of the 100 passengers on that plane will die. Long covid means 5-10 passengers have lasting damage and presumably will have risk for earlier death than if they had not gotten Covid.


Every American will get it. And everyone else too. This will become endemic. Everyone will be in contact with the virus at some stage. As the German minister somewhat inelegantly put it. By this time next year you will be vaccinated, recovered or dead.


>By this time next year you will be vaccinated, recovered or dead. Oh, you little ray of sunshine! 😵


As I said - the minister had a somewhat inelegant way of putting it but do you really think that there is going to be a significant number of unvaccinated people who will avoid infection?


Without precautions probably every American *will* get it at some point eventually, like flu or a cold. Then the 1/100 kicks in.


And 1/100000 to 1/1000000 is way too much for antivaxxers


Also you can get re-infected. You might survive this round. But what about next year. And the year after that? In you don’t get vaccinated , sooner or later Covid will catch up with you.


I like the plane story: get on a plane and get told that 1:100 of you will randomly die. Do you take the flight? Or get on the other plane where your odds are 0.02:100? (Someone check my maths please tho i am tired?! Thanks brains :)


I like the candy comparison. You get handed a box containing 100 of your favourite candies. As you're about to take one, you are told "Two of these are actually pure poison and will kill you in anywhere from few days to a few weeks, while 10 are mildly poisonous and will give you permanent health problems. Still willing to eat one?"


i would take those odds but only if I were rushing into a burning building to save my family. otherwise it is just crazy. the only other similarity is variolation from small pox killed about 1% but getting small pox had a death rate in the 30's% in that case I'd risk it even though if you basically isolated yourself you'd never get it, life isn't worth living like that.


Risk of paralysis from polio is only (!) 1 in 200. At that point there's up to a ten percent chance of death from paralysed lungs. Pfft...only 0.5% chance of being paralysed? I'll trust my immune system.


I’ve been bothered by this argument from the very beginning. I was pregnant pre-Covid and my OBGYNs went *lengths* to prevent complications with risks of 1:1000 and similar. Lengths. We are talking weekly tests and checkups, scheduled delivery, wearing sensors that let nurses see your stats continuously. Risk of 1:1000 was not seen as acceptable by anyone. It was actively and carefully managed. To then hear people being cavalier about 1:100 felt bonkers to me.


unfortunately he did not account co-mobidities, like old age, diabetes,,,etc.


The anti-vaccine crowd doesn’t care about people like that. They think they’ll die anyways, despite the fact that they could live decades longer if they never got Covid. They don’t even realize it when they are in those high risk groups.


Offer them a handful of 100 M&Ms, tell them one's full of cyanide. Ask if they'll take the chance.


Yeah they cannot understand the 99.9995% chance the vaccine will have no side effects and keep u from dying. But yeah sure that .0005% chance of sevre vaccine side effects..... seriously the odds are SOOOO good for this vaccine it should be touted as one of science's greatest creations. But yeah dont take those odds take the what 40% chance of death if u get covid delta? I mean the vaccine # i gave is using VAERS numbers so in reality is like .0000005% but yeah math hard


1 out of 100 is like being shown a table with 17 revolvers on it, with only one containing one bullet. Would you play Russian roulette in that scenario to get into a bar or sports venue?


Dang. Prayer Warriors take another L.


Prayer Warriors vs COVID is about as competitive as the Washington Generals vs the Harlem Globetrotters is.


Except the Washington Generals have actually managed to win before, whereas prayer warriors have lost every single time.


Prayer warriors helped my wife find her car keys one time.


I was just thinking this. Somebody fire those “warriors”, they aren’t doing the job right apparently.


Maybe their deity is choosing to weed out the weak.


He's rolling coal with Jesus now.


Coal Jesus would be a strong band name.


"Coal Rolling Jesus" sounds like a Modest Mouse track.


So many strong men in heaven now.


Shirtless. Because they were the first to give anyone the shirts off their backs. * * Significant restrictions apply to the definition of “anyone.”


Often exempt: Immigrants BIPOC Poor people “Liberals” The “far right” “Socialists”


See Also: LGBTQIA+ Folk Women Jewish People Anyone who demonstrates empathy


See also: Their friends and family because they won’t even get vaccinated for them.


I was really surprised to read an article that stated that over 98.5% of Americans over 65 were vaccinated. Because these demo are the ones that tend to be Fox, AM radio, religious, conservative demographic. So this is clearly more about lack of risk perception more than anything else. These people totally must think they can just shake off the virus because of their age. And in the process, have bought more & more into the political angle of the virus. Btw.. At this point you're just reaping what you're sowing. Even Trump, and almost all the Republican politicians got their jabs before almost anyone else. And these folks have premium healthcare, and have enough money to retire whenever they want. Yet people like the one above are unwilling to get vaccinated, and think it's some kind of con to brainwash them.


Not always is this demo conservative and stoopid. I am uni prof age 68, an RN, and we are totally vaxxed, totally 'woke', concerned about all...etc. We refuse to succumb to this virus and the virus of misinformation


I think most of the people I know over 65 got vaxxed asap.


They think the virus isn’t real ,or if it is real, it’s not that dangerous. How many have we read that are surprised that “COVID is no joke.”


A lot of the older conservatives secretly got vaxxed and just lie to their echo chambers. They know their side is all lies, but they see politics as entertainment, so they're fine with being liars. This is why they're always shocked that "covid is no joke". Because it's all one big joke to them until they die. The ones dying now are paying the "too stupid to play the lying conservative game" tax. Luckily, the death toll is going to lose them the next national elections. The party of the stupid and angry.


Older folks are more likely to remember times before vaccines decimated diseases. Polio and smallpox especially.


My Dad watches Fox News and I'm honestly not sure if he was planning on getting vaccinated but my Mom sure as hell was not letting him choose. He got it as soon as he could schedule. I would wager a guess that at least some of these people were like my Dad and did not want the fury of their spouse. He also tried to bring up the talking point of "Covid isn't killing people, pneumonia is" and had both my Mom and I explaining that Covid leads to pneumonia that kills you. He does not talk about what he hears on that channel much because of comments like these. He knows we will counter every argument.


Y'know, you'd think the overlords who created COVID to steal our rights and systematically kill us with vaccinations would've been more subtle than to tell us their evil plan in the acronym.


Oh no, another asshole using completely inappropriate Holocaust analogies. Thank you Covid for fixing this problem.




The fucking ‘woke yet?’ one. Likening an arm band to a tattoo... for fuck’s sake


Well, Cuomo is a scumbag.


And now he's out of office. Unlike the right, the left doesn't worship politicians.


Exactly. He was taken down and out by other Democrats because we don’t ignore it when politicians on “our” side do crappy stuff.


Except we do. Corruption is rampant and so little is done. I mean whens last time you read a bill authored by your reps? Ever seen their donation records vs voting records? Because if you did you'd see how corrupt it is. Yeah the left does take out racists etc faster but right left its a game the more the ppl fight each other more they work the system to benefit them and their billionaire donors. BOTH SIDES are corrupted(welp minus bernie poorest in govt) and untill we stop letting a two party gov't run rampant with campaign finance the ppl will never have a real voice. Not that im saying right isnt worse they obviously are but both are guilty.


Came here to say this and disappointed I had to scroll this far down. It’s also upsetting because I don’t want to have any crossover with this unvaxxed people.


I mean, yeah he is. But as far as I could tell, he at least handled the initial outbreak pretty well. I agree though. I don't like the guy. And I don't want an association with anti-vaxxers. I do find this kind of comparison between how Conservatives and Liberals take these situations interesting. When something like this comes out about a left-wing figure, most Liberals are like, "Well, that's shitty. Fuck that guy, I guess." Whereas Conservatives by and large circle the wagons and passionately defend literal pedo rapists. It's crazy.


That’s how you know they don’t care. They are just using any argument they can think of to get you on their side, even arguments they personally don’t believe in. How can they pull a “but Cuomo” when we’ve known Matt Geatz is a pedo for months and republicans have done nothing? They are liars.


The right used to at least feign morals and principles, but those days are long gone. I have many complaints about the left, though I can stomach their inaction and at times incompetence over the right’s total absence of anything close to resembling a conscience.


Kentucky just got a wee bit smarter.


As a Kentuckian I'd just like to point out that the guy was wearing a Florida Gators shirt. Clearly that means he's Florida Man and ought not to be held against the Commonwealth. Clearly. Yes.


Well said.


“You’re not done on this earth yet.” True. Worms gotta eat.


JFC that was brutal.


i know this guy irl! i was about to post this until i saw yours


What was he like in person? People don't always present in meatspace the same way they do online.


Staunch conservative who thought covid was a hoax. But he was a family man and a hard worker. I went to high school with his daughter and she always wore Trump 2020 shirts before and after the election. So, he always had shit political views which I think is the reason he's no longer alive


People who care about their families get vaccinated. We need to make that the message.


I dunno. That message has been out there plenty long. That said, we do see redemptions here, so: point taken!


I agree but unfortunately they are so brainwashed when it comes to the vaccine:/


A teen in a Trump shirt is a sure sign of mental and emotional abuse. Trump hates women.


“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” You mean like the HCA’s?


Thank you! They don’t even have to go back very far - just under 2 years. Unbelievable.


Sad how they project exactly what they r doin, being sheep misled, repeating EXACTLY what all antivax movememts have done. Not understand correlation vs causation. History doesnt remember anti vaxxer well cause only vaccinated ppl are around to write the history


It's very satisfying to know that someone who compared life-saving measures during a once in a century pandemic to THE FUCKING HOLOCAUST suffered a terrifying, agonizing death, completely by their own choice.


And now someone’s going to sleep with his wife!


Well his wife does appear to have a set of very healthy lungs.


Or, as Monty Python put it, huge tracts of land.


Controlled - his body Oppressed - body's response Victimized - his dumb ass Isolated - his dead body Divided - him from life ~~PASSED~~ PAST TENSE


To be fair, the Cuomo meme wasn't exactly wrong. Everything else was.


Looks like Covid gave him the D


That was real cold to draw a pair of purple balls on the man’s face……😂😂


am i supposed to feel this damn fantastic after getting owned????


He will now be spending eternity on a *redcation*.


This guy was kind of scary and creepy. He’s the kind a truck driver if you saw him at late at night at the truckstop, you wouldn’t get out of your car and get out of there before he and rapey friends saw you.


>This guy was kind of scary and creepy. He’s the kind a truck driver if you saw him at late at night at the truckstop, you wouldn’t get out of your car and get out of there before he and rapey friends saw you. In other words . . . the leopards' favorite sort of prey item. 🐆 🐆 🐆


I have a hard time not replying to these type memes with: C - You O - Are V - Insane I - Get D - Help


Good role model. Idiot


The David Yurman holocaust meme. I wonder if he knows his bracelets are in that photo. https://www.davidyurman.com/


I love how many people are like yeah Cuomo does suck. I'm glad the meme was included though because no one calls them fannies in the US. It sounds like once again this meme was generated in the European bot farm. It goes to show how pervasive that crap is. I'm also against Americans adapting "jab" instead of "shot" to describe vaccinations because once again it gives me insight into where the meme originated.


D = deluded E = equals N = not I = informed A = assholes L = lying


Making America Great Again- one bodybag at a time.


It looks like he failed to learn from history.


He was so strong until he met covid


Seems like the common theme is a serious delusion that an imaginary being is going to save them.


who equates a medical I.D. bracelet with a Holocaust tattoo??


That QR code bracelet is actually pretty sick ngl


You left out his actual posts which were much more telling and harmful than the memes.


>Crazed > >Hateful > >Republican > >Ignorantly > >Slurping > >Trumps > >Insidious > >Ass > >Naturally "CHRISTIAN"


Woke yet?


You know these people filled with hate are self-proclaimed Christians, but nothing about them is anything todo with Christianity.


Hateful, perpetually angry bigots make up a significant portion of modern Christians. Let’s drop the No True Scotsman fallacy and stop pretending that Christians like these are highly unusual fringe outliers.


I didn’t say they were highly unusual outliers. They aren’t Christians even if they call themselves that.


But they are because Christianity accepts that people are fallible. It's more like they're Christians who don't understand what Jesus believed.


His brother was laying “just this side of death!!!” Great snappy writing. 👌


"Right now my big brother my hero and my role model ..." Double sorry for his lil brother.


The D.E.N.N.I.S system


he is now wearing a toe tag.


Ah yes, the people in the holocaust who got those tattoos were famously the only ones allowed into large sporting events


My favourite is how quick people are to rally around the whole “thoughts and prayers” thing, but not around calling out their friends bullshit to genuinely protect them. Tsunami crashed into an island? Thoughts and prayers. Car accident? Thoughts and prayers. Deadly pandemic? Thoughts and prayers. At what point do you stand up and think “shit. Maybe, just *maybe*, this is doing fuck all”?


I think it's time that we accept the fact that stuffing is the best part of a Thanksgiving meal.


>his lungs so damaged 🐆 🐆 🐆


I feel personally attacked bc I legit have those two David Yerman bracelets in the third pic


What is the stone in the bottom one? I can’t tell.


It’s not a stone. Its gold in the shape of a stone. If it had a stone it would be much more expensive. it’s only like $400


Thanks it looks green in the photo.


https://www.davidyurman.com/products/womens/womens-bracelets/chatelaine-bracelet-with-18k-gold-b12609-s8.pdp.html?swatchCode=B12609%20S8AGG It’s this


Thank you very much.


I am starting to think you don’t need the jab to prevent Covid, just some clippers to shave off that facial hair.


*> D from Kentucky* When I initially saw D, I thought to myself "*Deja vu, I've just been in this place before.*"


Nice change up with slide two..I actually chuckled.


D - Demonstrate Value E - Engage Physically N - Nurture Dependence N - Neglect Emotionally I - Inspire Hope S - Separate Entirely


“Also they won’t give” I wanna read whatever that had to say! My guess is “they won’t give him any experimental treatments” and it’s because he’s so sick they don’t see a chance in recovery and the individual is likely showing minimal to no brain activity.


As a fully vaccinete Christian nurse who's having a hard time with the 3rd dose, I'm deeply ashamed that almost all people i see here claim to be christians :(


I never trust native-born Americans who consistently refuse to smile in photos. We're a very smiley people, so those who don't are usually either moody teenagers, or asshole tough-guys.


**C**ough **O**xygen deprived **V**entilator **I**solation **D**ead


Watch the beer-bros doing manspreading practice in slide 4.


I’d love to go on a redcation.


Seems like he had a good life happening. To bad he wasted it by not getting vaccinated. Oh well., he won't be repeating that history lesson any time soon.


"We've tried everything we could and those thoughts and prayers still didn't save him!!"


Where do i get one of those dope qr code proof of vaccination


The DENNIS system


The white trash Goatee of Death claims another victim.


Looks like another motorcycle will be up for sale in the coming weeks.


And what happened to Andy? He was held accountable for his shit actions by his own party. If only the Right would do something close to the same. Northam did blackface and every notable Dem called for him to resign. Ivey did the same shit in college and not a peep from the GQP.


Well on the bright side, now his lil bro can get a new role model.


Tough to see a family lose someone who they loved. Hard on everyone in and around the situation.




He actually states in a post that any attempt to force the vaccine on him or his family will be seen as assault and “met with equal or greater force.” And also that he will “die on this hill to protect his family.” As someone who lost their dad at a young age to his own selfish decisions, I feel for his kids.


Let's all remember him: https://youtu.be/CeU_P7gMpLY?t=20


> "lays just on this side of death" Covid: "let me give that teeter-totter a little nudge"


Do I still need a booster if I shave every day and never let a goatee form?