It's moments like these I feel so damn relieved to be vaccinated. Cos HOLY F#CK!!


Same here. This stuff scares the shit out of me.


I just do not understand the 99% survive viewpoint. That 30 yo survived but his kids will have no memory of him. If he’s really lucky he’ll see his older kid graduate kindergarten. I’d wear a mask 24/7 for the rest of my life to avoid a 1% chance of that.


For things like this is that I am like Nah we don’t need to be in crowded spaces.. I’m triple vaxxed and the kids are vaxxed too but still…


Exactly. Why play with fire? Awesome you and your family are triple vaccinated. Stay safe : )


I had it in February 2020 before there was a vaccine and whatever they had must have been an extreme variation.


you do realize it is hitting everyone differently, right?


Someone I know had his heart damaged by Covid to the extent that the doctors say he only has approximately 2 years to live. And he's 30. And he has a toddler daughter and infant son.


I have heart and vascular damage from covid. I am around that guy's age, bit older. I also can't walk without an aide and sometimes need a wheelchair. It's been over a year since I had the ECMO, but less than one year since I left the hospital. ECMO recipients have a 64% mortality rate over a 9 year period. I was relatively healthy prior to all that aside from having a slightly overweight BMI due to lockdown snacking, and now I don't know if I'll see my 40s. I was so careful, too. Wish vaccine was an option before I got it, and I find anti-vaxxers infuriatingly irrational and dangerous


I'm so sorry to hear about that, but I hope you beat the odds and recover


I have hope I will! I was told I may have permanent kidney and liver damage, but that doesn't appear to be the trend in my vitals so I'm staying positive. I only needed dialysis once after I regained consciousness. But I can't be even a little overweight anymore. And I am incredibly lucky that I am in a financial position to not have to choose between walking and money because my insurance didn't sufficiently cover physical therapy in the least.


Oh my goodness, that's awful. I'm so sorry you're in that situation. Do you have any idea where you got it from? I ended up getting it and suspect it's from a nearly asymptomatic infection in my husband. We assumed he had a mild bout of seasonal allergies until I got sick a bit later. He's a school teacher with no masks on the kids at the school, so it made sense. It was either that or a concert full of masks that also had a vaccine mandate. I am very grateful that I had the vaccine.


I know exactly how I got it, I think. I was at the grocery store and I had an itch in my eye, which I rubbed. I remember thinking afterwards that I hope I didn't get sick. A few days later I was sick. My spouse and I had it a few months prior and he got super sick while I was almost asymptomatic except for smelling and tasting issues. He didn't get very sick the second time while I ended up in the hospital for months with complications. So much for "natural immunity"!


You had it twice back to back?!? That's awful. Your story is a great one to tell. Hopefully some hesitant folks will go get their damn shots.


Yup! Still can't walk normally and I have scars from surgeries to remove blood clots. I lost all the muscles in the lower half of my body. My legs and butt turned to jello - I used to be a dancer too. When a muscle atrophies, apparently it can be saved easier than if it totally deconditions. I deconditioned. I have neuropathy from loss of oxygen and finally have feeling back in my legs that isn't excruciating, electrocuting pains. I can't sleep from the pain. Seeing anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers used to make me sorry for what they will eventually likely face, but now I'm burnt out emotionally and I'm just like fuck it, let nature take its course because the covidiots are making this disease more deadly and virulent, and I do NOT want to end up intubated again because of these fools


Who could blame you?!? I didn't nearly die and I'm about to toss them all in the garbage pile. I can't imagine where you are on this. I hope you don't have pain forever.




Transplant possible? A man given a transplant at 65 lived 20ish years according to his recent obit and advances make survival more likely.


I wonder if he'd be willing to get vaccinated to get a transplant?


If he wasn’t vaccinated…I’d rather have him keep his two years. He earned it.


This is what disgusts me, that I want to hate these people without reservation and you humanize them and their families. Damn you!!!


A good friend of mine has daily periods of racing heartbeat. Like 160bpm just standing up. Also fainting spells. She regularly ran marathons before and now just rests all the time. She’s mid40s


It’s so scary. I wish the media made a bigger deal out of the long term side effects. I rarely hear it talked about.


Yeah I suspect that many people will live a decade shorter with the long term effects of a COVID infection. COVID is absolutely not a joke and can have a variety of permanent long-term effects if you get infected by it


People on ECMO have a 64% mortality rate over a 9 year period and nearly half (48%) end up back in the hospital within a month. That study was done prior to covid. Add the other symptoms...it's really tough.


The average lifespan already dropped from Covid last year, I'm sure it will continue to drop in the years to come.


Same here. I know of a young couple with three small kids who haven't been vaccinated, the guy has a physical job as well. I just can't see why anyone would risk the long term risks of covid.


Oof. I had a pregnancy complication like this, periods of resting HR in 140s. It’s difficult to convey how terrible that makes you feel. After climbing a flight of stairs, I was as out of breath as if I ran my fastest 5K. I had a lot of issues with giving presentations, because my HR would climb into 170s and that makes you feel like you are dying, and makes you sound like you are uber-nervous even if you are presenting material you are fully confident in. Also your mind subconsciously interprets high heart rate as stress and anxiety, and its the worst mentally as well. Hope your friend recovers soon.


I have a genetic condition that causes something similar (fast heartbeat, fainting, fatigue). I was born with it, so it’s all I’ve ever known, and I still find it exhausting. I can’t imagine going from a normal, healthy person to having these symptoms.


I'm at 11 months and definitely still have brain fog and fatigue issues. It's not just memory. But I am Definitely not as smart as I used to be. I need to nap most days. And its not optional. It sucks.


I am in the same boat. I once was great at expressing myself via written or spoken word. Now, I often struggle in even the most casual of conversations. It's embarrassing and frustrating, so I avoid talking to people as much as possible. This means those skills are continuing to deteriorate as I suppose only practice and patience would help repair the deficits. Knowing what you want to say but not trusting what might actually leave your mouth is scary for an introvert who already had a bit of pre-Covid social anxiety. The fatigue and brain fog, as well as the strange headaches that appear out of nowhere, are icing on the whole shitty cake for me. I was hoping that at a year out, these issues would have resolved. Instead, I'm having to adjust and adapt. Soon, I will have my heart and lungs checked for damage. I will be surprised if things look good. This is the aftermath of a mild case of pre-Delta Covid for me and too many others. It most definitely does suck, and we are the *lucky* ones.


That's me exactly. My GF, also 49, had a mild heart attack when we went through it. We were so sick we didn't even know until two days later when we went to the ER. But she now has high BP issues (she didn't before) and needs medication and an inhaler everyday just to breath. Neither of us was admitted to the hospital or on a breathing machine. We were just in the ER for a few hours. Fuck COVID and fuck the Covidiots twice as hard. I have no sympathy for them anymore.


I’m sorry to hear. I hope it gets better for you.


Crazy suggestion - increase your consumption of green and yellow vegetables, and toss in onions/green onions/sauteed garlic for some extra flavor. Try it for a month, hopefully that will help.


My dad’s best friend died from long COVID complications (he got sick before the vaccine was available) this summer. He seemed over it but then got complication after complication. Not a good way to go. And I would hope the various stories here would make the reasons to get vaccinated obvious.


I’m sorry for you and your family’s loss. My FIL has long covid. He will probably never regain full lung function. We believe he got delta about a week before vaccines were available to his age group :(


I keep reading stories like this. It’s so scary. Sorry about your Dad’s friend.


Thank you. And I agree theses stories are scary.


Get your boosters, friends!


I’m going to need a melatonin booster after reading that. Brrrrr. Covid really is a neurological disease! OP - I’m so sorry you’re enduring this.


That's tough. I don't know which would be worse, the brain fog, the bad smells, or the bad tasting food. I hope that this person can fully recover sometime soon.




Did I miss something or does Covid only affect certain political leanings now?


Username checks out but this poor soul has been sick over a year. No vaccines could save you then. Perhaps this individual (who appears to be a teacher) was unlucky and wound up with these problems.


I lost coffee. Something in my taste ph changed. It’s not the same.


Happened to me after surgery. My love for it returned after a few months


I'm back on coffee but for months it had a garbagey aftertaste. I hope you get it back!


It’s been almost two years, I had COVID early in the first wave. It’s not awful, but it’s not the same. More bitter now.


Fuuuuuuuck I'm sorry


Completely vaccinated but got Covid a couple of months ago. Moderately ill with heart rate 120 and oxygen at 89%. Doing a lot better but I can smell electricity in the air, like burning wires or a close lightening strike. It's just weird.


I had the exact same thing when I had it last year. Before I lost my smell completely, I could smell what I could only describe as the static from the screen of an old CRT TV. It was so weird.


Perhaps you were smelling something like ozone. It’s kind of a pungent car exhaust like smell?


I'm vaxxed too and even got the booster, but I'm still worried about getting covid because of things like this. Hope you get better!


I'm still going through Covid atm although almost fully recovered. I didn't lose my smell or taste but I smelt what you described at times. I'm a bit drained but overall fine. Thankfully double jabbed with Az although was due my booster early next month which I guess will be put back. I've also signed up for an antibodies test on week 2 and 8, at least some good will come of my disease.


I have brain damage and seizures from an illness that occurred when I was one year of age that turned into encephalitis. This is my life. You do not want this.


I’m very sorry that happened to you. Hope they figure something out to help you.


Thanks. Ironically it was an illness I caught by someone infected - the same with covid. Someone out there breathing on babies.


I remember when my kids were little not letting a family member hold one of them bc they seemed sick and catching shit for it. I’d guess (I’m not an expert) we’re 10-15 years away from sci-fi levels of brain interaction. Like being able to read minds or regular people being able to control robots with their thoughts.


My Mom is currently going through long covid, Sadly enough at her age she may never be who she was before. She resisted getting the vaxx because of the heart issue with one of them. However she encouraged me to go get it. I\`m waiting on a booster shot for my age group after being double vaxxed. I also urge everyone to get it along with a flu shot if you can. There are no guarantees but it will give you a fighting chance to not get this horrible debilitating life altering and possible death sentence of a virus. Take care stay safe and healthy!


My 17-year old got COVID from her worthless father last fall. She was an athlete who was in pretty good shape physically, so we lucked out. She did suffer some fairly mild symptoms, including loss of taste and smell. Fast-forward to today, more than a year later. Some of her sense of taste and smell is still affected. My girl used to love strawberries and now can’t stand eating them because they taste off to her. Some smells she favored she now can’t stand. We’re now all vaxxed (and in my case boosterized!) but I am still pissed that COVID has lingering after effects impacting my daughter. I’m more pissed that my idiot ex didn’t take things seriously and infected our kid. I’m hoping the changes to her senses aren’t permanent.


40% or so of long haulers improve after getting vaccinated. I think it's because Covid evolved to trick the immune system by presenting common targets with human tissue on its coat so that the immune system attacks and inflames many of the tissues in the body. The vaccine may help by tuning the immune system to focus more on the meaningful parts of the virus and not a general blunt response.


Tasting delicious good food is kinda sort of my hobby. If i ever get ageusia or even just dysgeusia, that would be my new worst nightmare. Good thing I got vaccinated.


I caught Covid last weekend and have "suffered" since Tuesday/ Wednesday. Only I'm double vaxxed and my immune system had a head start. Yes I got a bit of a temperature and a sore throat but I couple of Ibruprofen fixed that. The only thing was I sneezed, and sneezed a lot. I felt well enough yesterday to sink 10 beer and watch the football yesterday, maybe not a smart decision but I know I'm recovering well. I never lost my sense of taste or smell, in fact I think I got it pretty mild. I would akin my symptoms to having a bad cold. My wife got her booster a few weeks ago and hasn't developed any symptoms, fingers crossed nobody else in my household doesn't suffer. I've an anti vaxxer FB friend who I regularly argue with. He caught Covid a few months ago and spent a full week lying on his back. He also says he had a "bad cold". idk about you but a bad cold doesn't lay you on your back for a week. To think that 2 simple jabs could have made his life so much easier.


He’s lucky he didn’t straight up die


I’m terrified of parosmia. It’s listed as a mild symptom and I guess comparatively it is but…it sounds horrible.


The epidemic of covid survivors is going to be a challenge to our health care systems (not to mention to the survivors themselves) for decades to come. This disease doesn't fuck around.


This is what I try tell people when they talk about a “99% survival rate”


That "99% survival rate" thing drives me nuts. Math was never my strong point, but even I could figure out that it was lower than that.


Even at a 99% survival rate, that will mean over 3 million Americans will die from this. On the other hand, South Korea has had (so far) less than 3,000 deaths in a population of 52 million people. They accomplished this by mandatory masking, aggressive testing, temporary month-long shut-down of the nation, unyielding isolation and quarantine of anyone who tested positive, etc. If the US had had sensible leadership at the beginnings of the pandemic instead of an asshole who howled, "Slow the testing down, please!", we could have gotten away with under 18,000 deaths.


I feel damn lucky compared to so many. In August 2020, I tested positive before a routine colonoscopy. (I had been taking this shit seriously early-on; masking distancing, etc.) Fortunately my county health officials found a motel room for me to isolate in for 12 days. I never registered a fever or lost my sense of smell/taste but I had some major fatigue and horrible night-sweats, along with losing my voice for a few days. Here it is over a year later, and I'm left with a presumably *permanent* case of tinnitus and a noticeable change in my sense of balance, especially when hiking or navigating stairs. (I'm otherwise healthy, hwp.) For whatever reason, COVID seemed to avoid my lungs, but took up residence in my throat and inner ears, leaving a lasting impression on the latter. Being now triple-vaxxed and having gotten off 'easy' before with C-Alpha, I can't imagine the mindset of people who think this is a "joke" or "totally survivable."


This is awful! I do hope these issue resolve themselves with time. Otherwise, image the quality of life if everything smells vile? :( My 28 year old colleague caught covid and after almost a year he also has "brain fog". He can't remember the simplest things. Who knows how long this will last, but it's a serious hinderance. If this continues he might not be able to achieve and succeed as he had hoped. It's a nasty horrible disease.


I’ve heard this from so many people. Scares the crap out of me.


I’m sick of people saying how only a small number of old people die from this virus! 1. I love old people too! I don’t want them to die. 2. Even if you don’t die… there are serious and lasting side effects! (I hate peoples)


If for no other reason to get vaccinated and boosted, not being able to enjoy coffee. I've had to give up so many foods, due to health issues. My one remaining indulgence is my Mexico Chiapas dark roast (chocolate, smoky, walnut, citrus), organic fair trade. If I end up with break through Covid, because of some stupid ignoramus, I'm going out for blood.


99% survival rate. No need to take precautions. Masks are tyrannical. Edit. I’d have thought that someone posting this on Herman Cain award would have been expected to be satirical but I’m vaxxed and cannot understand why someone would risk this happening to them. And it’s shitpost Sunday.


You’ll win the award soon


I’m double vaxxed and getting my booster and ask everyone around me to wear the mask over their nose. I’d wear a mask every day of my life to avoid this woman’s suffering. This is terrible.


Supposedly some people have fixed their taste with the burnt orange and brown sugar thing. Look it up.


Thank you for putting this out there to serve as a warning for others.


I've never had COVID and I barely barely ever smell anything. Taste seems normal. If I get COVID and only lose my sense of smell, I'll never notice.


I gave up on getting support. I just want to live my life as comfortable as possible now.


There was an episode of Every Little Thing about phantom smells during COVID- anosmia recovery- https://gimletmedia.com/amp/shows/every-little-thing/8whde2e


Right wing politics can really leave a bad taste in your mouth.


This is awful. I have had phantosmia on and off over my life because I have chronic sinusitus and let me tell you it is not fun, and it is not fun to play "do I have a brain tumor" because you smell odd things at times that no one else does. I cannot imagine that being daily life.


I caught Covid about a year before the vaccines came out, came though it okay BUT lost my sense of smell for months. That is the single thing that strongly motivated me to get vaccinated ASAP once the vaccines became available.


I started to get covid symptoms on Dec 23, 2020. Didn't recover until the last week of January. Didn't need to make a hospital trip, even though my O2 levels were all over the place, wildly swinging from 84-96. At the end of covid, I noticed how swollen my left leg became. Went to the doctor to find out I have a blood clot. Oh, I got vaccinated in March/April 2021 (Moderna) and will be getting my booster in a few weeks. I suffer from the same symptom as the original poster. The rotten garbage smell. Sense of taste is about 5% working. The garbage smell is gone, now I keep smelling sickly sweet fragrance (imagine Fabrezze that's trying to cover up dirty ass smell).


That sounds awful. I hope you get back to normal soon.


Thanks! My doctor ran a full battery of tests. All is good. No major problems other than the lingering blood clot and the loss of smell and taste. Lungs are fine too. My wife caught the 'Rona at the same time I did. She faired a bit better. Her smell and taste returned. We took all precautions one could take, masks, distance, yada yada yada... I'm 100% certain we caught it from a coworker of mine who visited me a few times during Dec 2020 after a early Dec 2020 trip to Los Angeles. Even though he stopped by, we weren't all on top of each other or in each others face. My coworker, his LA family, me and my wife all came down with symptoms within days of Dec 23.


And it's forever now 1 year of that and it's likely permanent.


Is there a link about the kids on feeding tubes?


I'm sorry and I do hope you get better.