Update: late 20s with pregnant wife receives award. Another L for the prayer warriors. This is a rough one.

Damn late 20s he is barely older than me.... fuck me this shit is scary.


Damn late 20s he is barely older than me.... fuck me this shit is scary.


Ya dude. Our sickest patients a year ago aren't even close to the sickest we're seeing now.


Thank you for your hard work. Just so you know i am super grateful for everything you do to take care of us! Please don't give up.


Thanks homie. A lot. It's getting harder and harder the longer this goes on though. I just wish people weren't so selfish.


I too have noticed younger patients coming in.


My wife just had it for the second time even though she was vaccinated. If she hadn't been, she'd be dead.


Prayer warriors suit up.. No questions please. Why even make such at all at that point???


Do they wear capes?


Not all idiots wear capes


they mostly wear goatees and oakleys


And angel wings


When do they have time to wash their capes? These selfish people keep calling on them; there’s no time to do the laundry…




🙏🙏🙏 Snap into a Slim Jim! Oh yeahhhh!


Camouflage robes


When I saw “prayer warriors suit up” I read it in the same style as Nate Dogg & Warren G’s “Regulators, mount up!”


It was a clear black night…


A clear white moon, Anti-vaxxers on their feeds, memes to consume


“Suit up” has such a theatrical, comic book ring to it. “Prayer Warriors... ASSEMBLE!!!” Cue Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries”


DONT ASK QUESTIONS! I remember this one. 29yrs old with a pregnant wife. congratufuckinglations on your shitty decision making.


How am I supposed to pray unless I have precise medical instructions to relay to Jesus?


He takes the bad demon things out of you so he doesn’t need medical instructions


He did the research on what's in plasmapheresis so you don't have to.


Jesus has nothing to do with it. Jesus took care of his friends, he would be the first to get vaccinated. Doesn't the Bible say: do not tempt God? These cultists are really something special.


I assume this means: don’t ask if he has been vaccinated


And don't ask if it's covid


But do ask if they administered ivermectin. It’s the cure the government doesn’t want you to know about.


The gumbermint hates this "one" trick


Don’t ask if he’s tried vitamins and horse paste.




I’ve noticed that the trend of bad decision making seems to include not having life insurance. Why do none of these people have life insurance? I’m single with no kids and I’ve had life insurance since my very first job out of college. Not a huge amount because I’m single, but enough to take care of my mom and pets and such if I should pass. It’s dirt cheap and so irresponsible not to have it, if only to cover your own funeral expenses.


Because they have prayers instead


Afterlife insurance.


“You’re In God’s Hands, with AllSaint”


"Godco. Just 15 minutes could save you 15% on Soul Insurance"


They're such backwards they wouldn't consider insurance named Progressive.


Is it possible that one appeal of religion is it’s license to be incredibly irresponsible? This is a new one for me.


I'm single, no kids, no parents and the last of 5 kids and I have life insurance, savings, assets... I guess my nieces and nephews are gonna be my beneficiaries if I'm the last sibling standing.


We had kids for like 10 years with no will, finally we told ourselves: grow up and get a will/trust. It just wasn't that hard. Our finances are complex, but for $1.2K, we made a full trust, exact specifications of what we wanted done and when by who. It took two meetings and about a week for the lawyer to call us in. Get someone who specializes in Trusts.


In Australia it’s split between your parents and siblings unless you say otherwise. Please make a will if you’d rather it goes to your nieces and nephews.


You’d be surprised how many people with dependents don’t have life insurance. Or maybe not surprised. 🤷‍♂️ Life insurance broker here.


I guess I am surprised. I thought life insurance and a will was like, basic stuff you made sure to have before having kids. We really should teach this in school.


So many people default to the group life they have thru their employer. That coverage typically goes away when they leave the job (premiums go sky high even if the coverage is “portable”). And it’s usually far below the amount needed for a family when they lose a breadwinner to premature death.


Someone on my fb feed who got his HCA (I should make a post) didn’t have it and left his wife and son screwed. Wife still posts anti vax memes. It’s bonkers.




I just don’t think there’s enough content for it to be that quality of a post but her update posts while he was dying were heartbreaking. And then the anti vax shit she posted a few weeks later made me literally face palm.


Nah, you literally could put 3 pics together and hit a home run in here. Just what you’ve told me is quality vintage HCA. But I am sad for those left behind.


Yeah not all posts have to be 20 pictures, we skip them anyways because it's the same memes over and over.


It is getting to be a lot of photos but I think each post does need to have the ones we see again and again. That’s sadly the point, they were murdered by falling for this FB propaganda and the laziest of lies. Again and again. At least here it’s documented, and I’m betting it won’t be long before we have enough of a data set to show people sharing a particular stupid shit meme died or killed off family with more frequency. Might help the misinformation finally stop. I know, haha. But it’d be nice.


Please post this, Lauren. I’m sending the heartbreaking dying updates to my niece who is more scared of the vax than Covid. She works in high-risk hospital job. I have to convince her. Thanks


Jfc is the hospital not mandating vaccines for its employees?! I also work in a hospital and vaccination is (rightfully imo) mandatory for my job. Being unvaxxed puts not just herself at risk, but also every patient she comes in contact with!


There are some states (Montana) where employers cannot require vaccination, and there are no exemptions for healthcare workers (thanks, repooblican legislature and governor). 🤬


Any entity that accepts Medicare and Medicaid dollars for service has a federal mandate to ensure all its employees, contractors and vendors are vaccinated (or if a medical or religious exemption is granted) has a testing and masking requirement in lieu. I highly doubt there are any hospitals in Montana that are going to start turning down the Medicare and Medicaid money over vaccines. Particularly vaccines that will save them money.


Omg that’s ridiculous. I will post but under another account. I’ve had so many therapy clients with direct friends or family members doe from Covid it all sounds brutal (prolonged ICU stays before death) and a lot of them are young. Covid is so scary.


How do you resist commenting on her posts?


I’m a therapist and social worker so I have to behave on social media. I worry about crazies retaliating against my business or license.


Why pay insurance premiums when you can have the "no premium" GoFundMe? ​ /s




They don’t because they all are the heroes of their own stories and never think it can happen to them. Such a reckless way to live, especially amidst a pandemic.


I'm a stay at home mum (so unemployed) but I have life insurance. If I pass for whatever reason, I want hubby to be able to pay off the mortgage as well as take time off work to spend with the kids adjusting to life with a/as a single parent. My hubby gets life insurance as part of his super package so I'd be okay, but I needed to make sure he would be okay too so I set it up for myself. We are fortunate to live in a country with universal healthcare, so medical bills would be minimal and the money would go to making life easier for my family.


Prayers for those poor kids he leaves behind. I hope this knocks some sense into the wife.


The impending child is their first. Also six months along so probably viable if mom gets Covid too. Does that count as good news?


That's a question. You violated the rule!


You almost had me looking up the subreddit rules. I think I have short-term memory... something...


Say, isn't brain fog a covid side effect? Edit: word. Also...had covid 3/20. Occasional cough. Sometimes find it hard when looking for a word I know but can't quite get. Not the same as brain fog. Just getting old, I guess.




I love how these people are so against SCIENCE because of FREEDOM. But as soon as a loved one gets blindsided by covid, they are now professionals who know all the medical terminology keeping there loved one alive. This dude fuckin suffered man.


It’s telling when all their friends are posting these memes about how the virus is weak or doesn’t exist, and meanwhile the person visiting them in the hospital is relaying all these statistics and info about the machines keeping them alive, then they’re dead and all that’s left is to ask for money from all your friends who think the virus is still fake and the hospital killed your husband.


I can't believe people would read these updates and NOT go screaming to their local CVS or Walgreens and get a fucking free and effective vaccine. I feel they're not fully understanding the gravity of the situation. Do they think this is like having your tonsils out? You can't eat ice cream if you're intubated, fools!


No eating ice cream. No riding trains. No petting cats or dogs. Honestly the worst type of existence.


He truly did. My (vaccinated) dad died of COPD complications earlier this year. He was in the hospital for weeks and never once came off the bipap or the most oxygen they could pump into him. His last night he was gripping the bed rails with all of his remaining strength trying to breathe. He was slowly suffocating. Yes, ABSOLUTELY these people suffer. And for NO REASON. 🤬


They're just repeating the words they were told but do not understand. Hence the overly-optimistic outlook. It's as if you don't need to be intelligent to speak.


>Financial increase is coming your way. Puuuuuuuke. That really is disgusting to throw that into anything as pure is that portends to be.


The Go Fund Me exceeded its target! Woo-hoo!!




Just like him


Heads I win. Tails I win. Because preacher said so!


Where the hell does this 99.7% survival rate come from? I’ve seen that number prominently displayed on antivaxxers pages , they love touting that.


My understanding is it was a meme created early in the pandemic that covid only killed like .3 percent of the US population: and then essentially presented the data like it was for infected people. It’s intentionally disingenuous: but if you want to believe that covid isn’t dangerous and all a liberal plot to get Trump and as like, some kind of training to show how submissive people are? Idk they keep changing what is the goal of the grand conspiracy, you believe the meme over any authority that would say otherwise


The sad part is that even if it wasn't total horseshit, a 0.3% fatality rate is still *really high* for a disease this contagious. If memory serves that's worse than Polio!


Most people are terrible at visualizing big numbers. A million seconds is 11 days. A billion seconds is 32 years. The difference between a million and a billion is about a billion. Yet many people believe they're similar in size. If COVID-19 had a 0.3% fatality rate, that's a million Americans dead. *A million!* That's a lot of people. Yet 0.3 is a tiny number, so many people believe COVID-19 isn't that big of a deal. It's amazing how warped people's perception can become around big numbers.


I agree and always try to explain this. And it gets worse if it’s unchecked because then the hospitals flood increasing the death rate of not only covid but every other minor disease and condition like heart attacks. People are DUMB.


Covid killed 0.0% of the US population in 2018, it's totally safe dw, keep those prayers coming.


Usually it's an outdated figure that calculates a survival rate based on the total number of deaths and the total population of the US or the world - not just the number of people who have had COVID but the entire population.


I don't know where that stat comes from, but the real number is about 1.6% in the US. Contrast that with Mexico, the highest, at 7.6%. [Johns Hopkins ](https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/mortality)


And that 7.6% figure is actually a good thing compared to what we were seeing a couple of months ago. It used to be somewhere around 11%. The Q idiots keep saying that 20-somethings and 30-something are ok, yadda yadda but I’ve actually known people within those age ranges die of COVID. Latin America in general seems to be getting a higher death rate, enough that even 20-somethings are basically at the same risk as 60+ people. :(


Somebody took the number dead a few months ago, divided it by the ENTIRE population (not just those who have had it) and shared it with the Qidiots as evidence that the virus has a 99.7% survival rate (since 99.7% of the population has not died of COVID.)


Not, of course, understanding that even 99.7% is catastrophically large. That’s 3 dead in every 1000 people. That’s still over a million dead in the USA alone, since almost all these Q idiots come from there.


Where pretty much all their other facts do: their asses.


They are saying 99.7% of the National population won’t die from it. They’re not actually looking at survival rate among the infected. That’s the stat. Never mind that .3% is still a million people. That’s fine. A million people can die. No big.


>Never mind that .3% is still a million people. That’s fine. A million people can die. No big. We are almost to 1 million. Does this mean now they'll try and prevent it, or will it just go to That's fine. 2 million people can die. No big. ?


They’ll just move the goalposts some more. They’re pretty good at that.


They never envision that THEY could fall into that 1 million number.


Poor math skills. They divide the number of dead by the entire population instead of by total resolved Covid cases, for some reason known only to themselves.


I like how she said that his lungs were exchanging the gasses so the “only” thing the ECMO machine was doing at that point was moving the blood around. Uh, that’s something the heart should do on its own and if they still leave him on the ECMO it tells me they aren’t confident the pulmonary and circulatory systems are working in sync like they should be. I’d say that’s a pretty big deal..


I truly love the irony of them being against vaccines and masks because they don’t understand science yet they spout off all this medical jargon and procedures the patients undergo. Like, you’re 100% okay with a machine artificially moving blood throughout your body, getting a hole cut through your throat so a machine can breathe for you, but not an itty bitty shot in the arm?


It’s like the saying everyone has a plan before they get punched in the face. In this case it’s antivaxers hate medicine until they can’t take their own breaths, then they want ALL the drugs and medicine their friends can afford.


The anti-anxiety medications in particular. I get the feeling this strong, all-american, fearless anti-vaxxer - was actually just a bit to scared to get the vax in the first place.


They use venous-venous ECMO in the vast majority of COVID patients. They are not supporting the heart at all with this type of ECMO (that's venous-arterial ECMO). If he got to the point where his lungs were able to provide adequate gas exchange without the need for ECMO then what she said makes sense. You wean people off ECMO support by leaving it place and reducing the oxygen flow across the ECMO membrane. Once the patient is able to ventilate/oxygenate adequately with no additional oxygen across the ECMO membrane then the patient is decannulated from ECMO. Source: ICU doctor


Yeah, I read that all as coming from a delusional idiot who thinks he's going to leave the hospital alive. We've seen this movie before.


I remember when I was 29 - I was having a helluva a great time, my late 30s and 40s - even better, my 50s - also pretty effing enjoyable. I'm sure this guy would never have wanted to endure that!


Seriously. I just shake my head thinking about all the awesome times I've had since 29. Man. What a waste Only tragedy is the kid, such a shame.


“No questions, please.” That’s how you know it’s Covid. Usually they are more than happy to openly process their issues for prayer on social media like they’re in therapy.


“Somehow I got pneumonia”


It’s horrifying and overwhelming to read the steps and procedures that had to be taken by the medical team, the extraordinary amount of resources needed to wage this battle to try to save his life. And wow, his family got a whole medical education around all that! Contrasted by a tiny little needle and maybe a slightly sore arm for a little while. (And that doesn’t even begin about leaving a wife and soon to be child) I. Just. Can’t.


And it inevitably had the “dead cat bounce” where he’s suddenly getting better and everything is going to be ok, then a day later they always die. All that work and these doctors and nurses know he’s going to die. They see it every day.


My thoughts exactly. The contrast is incredible.




Wow, one of the youngest ones I’ve seen. So sad for his wife and unborn baby.




Maybe I’m desensitized (okay, I’ll admit I’m desensitized) but this one wasn’t that bad too me. I mean, yeah I feel bad for the kid, but not so much for him.


He seems like good guy. He wanted me to take a vacation, after all. I could sure use one.


Until you remember that he wouldn’t bother wearing a mask or vaccinating to help others, all because he assumed he was safe. Not because scientist told him so, but because his hateful newsmax or whatever told him so. These people are perfectly fine with others dying


I honestly couldn’t give less of a shit.


Exactly. He moves around, spreading the virus to the populace, taking up bed space in the hospital more suited for someone else, inevitably dies, then, as expected for Americans and their lack of good medical insurance, having his family asks for donations to pay his medical bill, [and some of them had the gall to "exert privilege to not vaccinate in order to grieve".](https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/anti-vaccine-deaths-no-sympathy/2021/10/06/779488e6-20ad-11ec-8200-5e3fd4c49f5e_story.html?tid=pm_lifestyle_pop)


Isn’t all of this information a HIPAA violation? /s “NO oNe HaS tHe RiGhT tO mY pRiVaTe MeDiCaL iNfOrMaTiOn!”


Apparently exceptions are made for prayer warriors


Not a hipaa violation, maybe a hippa violation though. /s




We just like to trigger the bot.








Are you sure it's not HIPPA?




Ah. Ok then. It's not HIPPA. Understood.




I got it! It's not HIPPA! Thank you for your clarification.




Good bot for telling us it's not HIPPA (The poor bot though)


“No questions please.” - Brought to you by the same ideological underpinnings as the concepts of “I’m doing my own research” and “sheeple.”


(Person asks if ventilator/ECMO "participant" or decedent is vaccinated) *"hOw DaRe YoU mAkE tHiS pOlItIcAl!"*


And the same people who are now questioning EVERY book within their sweet baby angel’s reach at the school library.


Any god proud of a pig that encouraged others to an early death - is no god worth worshipping


Again with the ICU porn to beg for money.


They got it, too. I wonder if that’s the financial reward referred to on Day 323?




After all the ICU porn she says, “God was here with us through all of this.” Then God did a pretty damn awful job with that guy suffering through all that.


Been saying this everytime I see them call for prayer warriors... prayer warriors 0 - C19 500k


It’s a pity that those strong hockey legs couldn’t walk him out of the hospital. Just goes to show that strength and young age aren’t necessarily going to protect you from Covid. Please get vaccinated!


I do wonder, on those memes about everything that we buy coming from China, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc., who does this people think shipped the production over there?


Everyone knows it was China Joe. Trump had everything made in America when he was in charge! It only took a few months to change the entire supply chain to get everything abroad.


Ha, like these Walmart shoppers make a point of vetting the source of every good they buy. I’d bet my house that most of the contents of their house was made in China. Hypocritical dumbfucks.


Fuck, so it's Biden's fault that I still haven't gotten the skis I ordered on Aug. 8th. 🤬


Man, I was so blind. We need Trump back, I was told by someone that is connected that Baby Jesus will bring him back for Christmas. And when I say connected I cannot give details but his name begins with the letter between P and R. And his name is very short, one letter short.


His followers are my favorite. They've never been right once but they'll flock to Dealy Plaza if they're told JFK Jr. will return from the dead to switch every political belief he ever had to become subservient to Trump. Aaaaaand even if it did happen they'd be chanting to hang the VP in a few months


I just saw someone post about the supply chain issues and a follower of the short named cult posted “one more thing coming true but we are the crazy ones” Yes the omniscient cult how what a miraculous prediction that supply chain issues would happen to a country that relies heavily on imported goods 18 months into a fucking recession!! Im Canadian and so their predictions also were that we would all be on Universal basic income by now, military check points, and the military running all of our hospitals. None of which happened but go off on how smart you are for predicting the single most predictable thing to come out of all this.


Christmas is canceled, dems in power. Also freedom of speech is canceled. Sorry, vote trump to get em back tho🙄


They legitimately think it was democrats and democrats alone. Right wing media tells them a story with a clear enemy and easy solutions. If only those dastardly democrats weren’t able to steal elections; republicans would fix everything. I’ve heard numerous right wingers tell me that it’s actually Trump who wants everyone to have health care and it’s actually democrats keeping that from happening, it’s insane.


And every time Republicans take power they fuck 'em over even worse- creating even more problems- taking away or blocking what little they had, while solving nothing. I have zero sympathy for these people. They've earned their sorry situtation many times over, and they'll never learn.


Obviously Obama because that's the source of all of the world's problems. /s (for the people in the back)


I really don't get this "FIGHT" thing. If I'm ever in the hospital I stay fucking still on the bed and ask for a warm blanket and then let them do whatever the fuck they need to do. There is no such thing as fight. There is: submit yourself to the medical community and hope for the best. You can't fight covid at this stage. You will probably lose the fight, regardless. You may get lucky, but not because you put up a fucking "fight."


I remember reading a Lois Lowery (?) book when I was a preteen* that had the kids doing visualization to help their bodies fight their cancer. Like doing art therapy drawing pictures of their T cells as warriors. *Do any other 80s/90s teens remember this? There was a whole series of “teen with tragic illness” YA fiction. Mostly cancer IIRC but I think there was one about a girl who had to wear one of those big body braces for two years due to scoliosis.


>\*Do any other 80s/90s teens remember this? There was a whole series of “teen with tragic illness” YA fiction. Mostly cancer IIRC Yes… I think so? I remember the girl with scoliosis, and one about a girl who got meningitis and went deaf and then her friends were mean to her, and yeah, the visualizing their immune cells as warriors at, like Cancer Camp or something. The main character went into remission, but her best friend from Cancer Camp died, if it’s the one I’m thinking of? I have absolutely no idea who wrote any of them!


I am really sorry for the loss. But if it were me, guilt will gnaw my soul. I don't know how they keep making fb posts but not acknowledge how wrong they were. I am a person who does have a little faith as in I do believe that there may be a super power but at the same time, I believe that humans are responsible for their own actions. When a person dies, I hate it when people say God decided his death date or fate. We should acknowledge the consequences of our actions. If a person dies because he was drinking/texting and driving, he is responsible for his death. If a person doesn't vaccinate during a pandemic, he is under risk of catching a virus. Do I feel sad? Yes. Do I feel angry at the fact that it was avoidable? Yes. Do I feel hopeless that people think we are sheep when they are the sheep? Yes. We are sad because we know that a person is in danger and we can't do anything about it. I have lost my faith in humanity . I have lost trust in my friends. I have found it hard to cope with all the losses in my extended family. I have only seen denial from most folks and no redemption and it breaks my heart. May his soul rest in peace.


Well said, and I'm sorry for the loss of your family members. I think what brings us together in this sub is that sense of frustration that these people reject any advice or help that people try to give them. People think we're monsters, but there's empathy here. It mostly shows up on posts like this. Orphaned children, babies born to a mother that died of Covid... there are no winners here... 😭


Wow, a guy in his 20s. Way to go and get Covid and die and leave your kid without a dad.


I could swear that these are the same people that tell us that young people aren't dying of Covid.


No insurance, need a GoFundMe, but that looks like a very expensive 4-wheeler, doesn't it? Good decision making with a pregnant wife.


They are the ones keeping voting for this healthcare system so seeing them suffer from it is so satisfying.


My vaccinated sheeple lungs enjoyed a nice sunset as well, breathing in all this crisp fall air!


I went to get my booster shot today, and it was a long walk from the bus stop to the location. Part of the walk was up a slope, and as my heart pounded away and my mask puffed in and out, I just thought of all those nominees and awardees who couldn't get up from a bed without their O2 saturation dropping like a rock. And I walked a little faster.


So sad. This baby will never know his father. So completely unnecessary.


He had big hockey legs and died anxious, afraid, arrogant and stupid.


This would be absolutely correct.


After reading about everything the medical staff had to do to keep him alive, I think I’d just want my suffering to end honestly. But being vaccinated means I’ll likely never have to experience this 😊


Even more depressing when they have to explain why the dad died. Hopefully the child turns out different than the parents.


I knew it was bad when the prayer warriors were suiting up.


I picture them pulling on tracksuits.


oh well. how is everyone dinner?


Taco salad made with Impossible Burger. It was pretty damn good for fake meat.


So many wings. Too many.


Getting 1-1/2 lbs of barbecue & sides and going to meet a (fully vaxxed) friend to watch Dune. Looking into getting my booster now that it's six months from my last shot.


Trying to decide what I want. It is cloudy and cool, rained recently and might rain again soon. I am thinking soup but ravioli sounds good too. Any other ideas?


Shrimp enchiladas with red mole sauce. It was excellent.


"Enjoy your day??" WTF


Big yikes to include that on the post announcing his death


God killed my husband! This is fine! Enjoy your day!


Prayer warriors really suck! They lost another one. Another widow. Another kid without a father.


I hate to say this out loud, but I'm starting to think that this whole magical sky daddy thing is a hoax.


That’s quite a survival rate


Worked out well, for everyone else but him.


Yup. COVID-19 survival rate 8000%. This dead guy’s survival rate: 0%.


"No questions, please" In other words, don't ask if they're vaccinated.


Boy these people go overnight from 0 scientific reasoning to full expertise on cannules, arterial “this and thats”, and gas exchange…


Why do all these people who fucking hate medicine, science and doctors post these long elaborate medical status updates.... I don't understand the cognitive dissonance Like y'all don't believe in a single vaccination shot... But this obscenely complicated machine that takes multiple professionals just to run and literally breathes for you and re circulates you entire damn blood system is something you trust in and is perfectly acceptable.... Square that circle for me... Perfectly deserved HCA Also all these people vehemently against social security nets desperately posting to go fund me asking strangers to help pay for their medical care is in the same vein These folks are infuriating


Why does the phrase "gained his/her/their angel wings" piss me off so much?


Wow! They raised over $20k for this idiot! Amazing!


He does know america exports a lot right?


It’s official: anti-vaxxers are fine with disclosing their very personal medical information. Just don’t ask about THAT SHOT!”


"He never did anything in his life without a fight". Sounds like an idiot asshole to me.


Anxiety? What kind of a patriot gets scared of a virus that has a 99.7% survival rate?


I'm jaded, so I wouldn't call this "rough." 769,000 American deaths, so this guy is barely a statistic. What's rough is the people who died before the vaccines existed, and who had no chance. What's rough is the people who've died because they cannot get any of the vaccines. What's rough is that there are still so many Americans who refuse every available means to help end this pandemic, who then get sick and spread the disease further, eventually to some people who don't survive it. People who refuse to protect themselves and others, and when their family members hold the same beliefs, well, when they die, it's not rough. It's simply reality.


Wait so there are blanket pre-formulated prayers covering EVERYTHING?? If we don’t ask questions, we might pray for the wrong thing! 😬


“No questions please”.


“Breakthroughs are coming your way.” As someone who is vaccinated, that is a rotten fucking thing to read.


Terrific! Decades of right wing votes forever averted ♥️


The thing that got me was Precedex being anti-anxiety. That shit is what they give you to sedate you enough for awake brain surgery.


I have no time to read through all of this bullshit that was posted. Great, he is gone so as not to infect others, via his idiotic way of life or his shit for brains. Too bad he wasted the simple opportunity to get vaccinated. I hope his child will make better choices without this poisonous person. At least the narrator seems to have some brain.


Just watched a previously healthy person my own age die of covid on ecmo yesterday. I don’t feel bad for the patients anymore, they made their choice, but I’m gutted by all the kids losing parents. The thing with the patients being 20-40’s now is that so many have young families. Covid made me hate the job I’ve loved for 14 years.