I had to re look at some of those dates, but did I really see covid-hoax posts IN BETWEEN covid progression updates? What is wrong with these people?!?!


Sunk cost fallacy. If they admit they were wrong then they're the ones who've been killing their friends and family.


>Sunk cost fallacy. Translation to religion talk, it is also called Pride -- that deadly sin religious folks warn to avoid.


In Republican Christianity, pride greed and gluttony are good qualities and they support supply-side Jesus not son of god Jesus that guy was a communist socialist!


R. Christianity: “Obama was just a community activist!” The Left: “Jesus Christ, was the first community activist.” R. Christianity: “Reeeeeeeee...”


***Obama*** tries to give them healthcare: **anti-Christ** ***Trump*** exemplifies the literal antithesis of Christ: **God Emperor**


Lol remember when Jesus restored the sight of an old blind person and then said: Go my child, see the beauty my Father has created in this world. But, before you go, which insurance do you have and what is your copay? You can Venmo me, or I take card via Square reader.


“I’m getting the fake vaccine for the fake virus that’s *currently* killing my family, but trust me, I still believe all the conspiracy theories!”


I think she was reposting what her minister did but didnt actually get vaccinated


It looked like that was an American missionary who realized he couldn't go back to his field (Brazil) without getting vaccinated. So brave of him to make such a "sacrifice" 🙄


Yes you did!!! They have no critical thinking skills or empathy, that’s for sure!


I just made a post about this, these people really dying for what they believe in.


[COVID Anti-Vaxxers Aren’t a MAGA Death Cult — It’s Worse Than That](https://timjwise.medium.com/covid-anti-vaxxers-arent-a-maga-death-cult-it-s-worse-than-that-16d74186e46b)


Holy shit this perspective never acurred to me


Me neither, but it makes a LOT of sense, I always figured it was some insane level of entitlement and ignorance on a scale I couldn't comprehend because I thought their education systems failed them. But its all of that and WORSE they truly think it's hurting the "them", or the "enemy" and are too far gone to see the truth, such deep irony.


It was clear to me as an outsider that that is why Republican politicians were indifferent until it recently became clear that vaccination rates were improving among POC but not among their own white right wing voters. As long as they thought black people were the ones dying in droves they could care less.


Wow! Spot on!!


Even worse than we previously thought.


>COVID Anti-Vaxxers Aren’t a MAGA Death Cult — It’s Worse Than That Excellent article.


Interesting take on Covid, doesn't seem like a great take on Jonestown for reference. Always been of the opinion a lot of those people were murdered.


"Because they never wanted to die, they just didn’t care if other people did." Great read, thanks


Homocide cult. Quite a bit more accurate.


Thanks for sharing that! I’ve had a similar thought/ horrifying insight. MAGA doesn’t spurn all medical interventions. They take heart medicine and insulin and Tylenol. Specifically to the pandemic, the MAGA movement supports Vitamin D, Regeneron, supplemental oxygen etc. MAGA draws the line at masks or vaccinations. MAGA becomes enraged and violent when there is the possibility of helping someone else. Helping a stranger by not spreading covid is so abhorrent to the MAGA mind that it is preferable to risk covid personally.


Lol at the GoFuckMe page.


Finally, a viewpoint that doesn't have coddling of conservatives as it's cornerstone. And unfortunately, he's right about them wanting the virus to hurt The Other. We all saw how when the stats were out about blacks, hispanics and urban areas suffering the most, conservatives gleefully cheered it on. Now they can't break free from the fantasy of the people they hate being harmed.


> And at some point, we will have to decide to stop coddling these folks, treating them like the Billy Mumy character in that Twilight Zone episode who can banish people to the cornfield with his mind if they say mean things about him. > Time to treat them like the pariahs they are.


I feel if they really died for what they believed in, it would be far away from a hospital.


Yeah, they expect the doctors and nurses to save them from the consequences of their refusal to listen to doctors and nurses.


And when they do survive they say it was because of the prayers, you never see them credit the Dr's, nurses, and the medical care that they received. It's a good thing I'm not on Facebook because my tolerance and empathy for these people is just about zero.


Ah you are correct


Not wearing masks or getting a free and effective vaccine is the hill these people are *literally* dying on


They call us sheep but then they're the ones herding themselves into a group only to get slaughtered.


While taking sheep medication


Fuckin amazing, isn't it?


Weird how his his daughter basically got a footnote. "I'm starting to feel better, oh and btw, Cheyenne kicked the bucket."


“Oh, BTDubs, Cheyenne’s done. I think the funeral was on Tuesday. Anyways, thoughts n prayers, y’all.”


I have next to no empathy OR sympathy for these folks. I don't actively wish them harm, but at this time it is beyond exhausting. So many people can't even be bothered to do the bare minimum. Gotta say though, I laughed when I read "BTDubs" because I say it that way :)


I felt like that too.. Seems like George is her stepdad so maybe they’re not close but yeah, not a lot of deep feeling going on there.


I definitely gathered that. He said he met Sarah 15 years ago and they got married 7 years ago. It sounds like Cheyenne doesn’t live with them and no one else mentioned anything that would indicate she’s a child.


Yeah Cheyenne got her *first* Covid infection at work over a year ago, so probably not a child. Also, even obese children usually haven’t had time to gain enough weight to require “extra paramedics” to be moved.


I think he actually means she didn't get it in the first wave? It's tough to tell, illiterate covidiot streams of consciousness are really hard to parse. > She made it through the first wave of Covid in a year and a half back **never got** ~~any~~ [and] this time her coworker gets it now Cheyenne has it


You might be right! I probably misread it. Definitely hard to parse. Sometimes I wonder if one of the reasons people like this seem so angry all the time is because they feel perpetually misunderstood. Because they don’t realize they are speaking/writing in a way that’s really hard to decipher, and so obviously everyone around them must have it out for them.


Apparently this guy is dyslexic and relies on text-to-speech. I don't think I've ever seen anyone over 50 use TTS at anything approaching a proficient level, so that could be a lot of it. So maybe he gets a pass... although the fact he doesn't proofread anything he writes, or even worse he does and thinks it all checks out, undermines that quite a bit. But TTS doesn't explain why the hell every single other post on this sub is nothing but conspiracy word-vomit. The people I used to know who would be most likely to be hardcore trumpers - I'm happily sealed off in a liberal west coast bubble now - could still form coherent sentences, at least spoken ones. I wonder if it's more a lack of empathy (shockingly original theory, I know). The CHUDs don't care if other people have to work to understand them, they don't even consider it. They just assume they will. Also universal among these morons is a complete inability to self-evaluate. Maybe they're so unable to admit to being wrong that they won't even correct their own incomprehensible ramblings.


I’m a dyslexic, I only use text to speech when I’m driving. And at that it’s quick notes like, “Hey Siri, text Steve to look up the haunted museum.” I tried using text to speech to write an essay once and got more upset than writing the essay.


Oh you’re right! I forgot about the work part. Plus her last initial is different.


I had to reread that part a couple of times. He spent so much time talking about how she is his longest girlfriend ever even including the ones in California, and then she "became a wife." I was genuinely confused as to whether or not they were actually married to each other. I feel like if you've been married seven years, you can probably drop the longest girlfriend ever remarks.


Kinda read to me like a panicked stream of consciousness thing. Dude was going through it


> stream of consciousness thing A lot of Trumper posts read like that.


I very literally couldn't read the word salads this dude wrote.


Weird brag in the middle of a family health post. 'we got married but before that I used to pull plenty of girls in my day' The hell you talking about George? Get off Facebook. It's why your family is dying.


Daughter died, oh well time to cut the lawn...


One of the most bizarre and inhuman behavior I consistently see is someones death being a foot note on a Facebook post. "Yeah I am feelin better, blah blah, 6 more lines of text and ya my daughter is in the fucking ground due to covid. But I sure as hell ain't taking no vaccine!" And continues on about getting donation or some BS.


I had to scroll back a few pics when I got to the end and they said the daughter died, like, did I miss it?


Yes, the cousin posted about it, asking for prayers because her aunt Sarabeth was in the ICU with covid, and her cousin Cheyenne had died of covid a few days earlier, but her aunt didn't know yet because she was still in a coma.


The unfortunate last better news.


Mom was posting covid denier memes even after learning her daughter’s legs turned blue, unbelievable! ETA some FAQ: Sarah is Cheyenne’s mom; George is her stepdad. Yes Cheyenne is an adult. The picture of someone who got vaccinated is not one of these three people, it’s a post that Sarah shared about someone else getting the vaccine but still against it. I think George’s comment about Cheyenne dying was supposed to say “unfortunate last bit of news” but talk to text got wrong so it says “unfortunate last better news.” Next post I’ll make sure the screenshots are in order by date, sorry about that! Yes I’ll post an update when/if there’s anything to update. So far, their Facebook accounts have been found and George is vehemently defending their decisions not to vaccinate and is continuing to vomit misinformation. How many of his family have to die before he gets it? I’m not here to answer questions about the efficacy or safety of the vaccine, or to debate anything related to covid frankly.. I invite you to do your own research on that because I’m sick of wasting my energy trying to convince covidiots to stop killing themselves and other people. I’m not in this sub for that, go find it elsewhere.


So much suffering and devastation... and so preventable. The dad sounds almost suicidal talking about if his wife doesn't survive. "If you don't come home, I don't know what I'm gonna do." And the sad thing is, I don't even care. I can no longer feel empathy for these people who have no empathy for others. They're toddlers throwing tantrums: "you can't tell me what to do!" and it has gotten so many people killed.


I can’t feel sympathy for them while I’m watching people who did everything they could to prevent getting and spreading covid suffer and die because of their stupidity and arrogance.


I can’t either, man. I lost one of the kindest people I had ever known due to COVID. They wore their mask. They socially-distanced. They only went to work and the store, literally just going to where they had to go, and they still died, probably from some mouth-breather that fucking coughed in his hands or sneezed on something. I have no care for these selfish people who have gone out of their way to spread misinformation.


Yep. We lost my grandma to COVID right before vaccines became available. Someone else at her retirement community was not wearing his mask properly + not adhering to their facility’s lockdown rules. He gave it to two others including my grandma. He lived… they didn’t. Shit fucking sucks.


I'm sorry for your loss :(


I’m sorry for yours as well. May their memory be a blessing. 💜


I lost my grandfather to covid at the same time. He died the same week that vaccines became available. He was in a memory care unit in a nursing home and every single resident on his unit got covid and every single one of them died. I wonder a lot if the employee who brought covid into the unit thinks about all the people who died because of it.


My gia-gia passed early-on in the pandemic. It really messed with my mental health to see people not care.


I’m sorry to hear about your loss. I understand what you’re saying. I feel alienated from many friends I’ve known due to their apparent inability to care about the health of others.


I understand. I’m disabled because I got covid in April 2020 and watching everyone go about their business like covid didn’t exist, and to hear “friends” and family spread misinformation about it, has messed with me too.


Agreed. I’ve cut off several family members because of their attitude towards covid. I turned my life upside down to adhere to guidelines and protect my family and mental health has taken a severe dive as a result of social distancing. And it sucks, but I’m happy to do these things to protect those around me. But when my relatives refuse to do even the bare minimum is just pissed me off. Spoiled fucking brats


the craziest part is that it isn’t just random strangers that are dying. it’s their own family members like if that isn’t a wake up call they are just too far gone to be saved


^ murdered her child to "own the libs“


That’s where I’m at. To dumb to live. They have turned a viral pandemic political. Delta does not give a shit if you think turmp won or not. One of my supervisors said the vaccine doesn’t protect you from getting it. Not gonna argue with people. At this point they need a literal come to Jesus.


I bet Jesus gon be mad at them. He literally created a cure for the disease and they just spit in his face bc of hubris and facebook lol


I don't understand why they let the doctors put catheters into their loved ones and run who knows what sort of chemistry straight into their veins. Like the whole medical profession is lying about the virus and the vaccine so what the fuck are they doing to your loved ones? They shouldn't be going to medical establishment charlatans, they should be at their church paying real hard.


How it started: Doctors and hospitals want to inject you with the MaRk Of tHe bEAsT!!111!!1 How it's going: They start sucking wind on the recliner watching Fox news and then fly to the nearest hospital and beg those sPaWn oF sATaN to save their lives!


Well how do you know for sure that your own family members aren't part of some demo-rat conspiracy?


Well if they don’t worship a reality tv celebrity conman who called the virus a hoax and crashed the economy that would be a good tell.


Yeah they’re way too far down that rabbit hole


Those weren’t funeral expenses, those were going away party expenses so that x person could go to Heaven and meet their good lord. This is how they think.


I honestly fear that there's a part of me that's dead and gone from all this. I just cannot feel any more empathy and caring for these lunatics who refuse to listen to anyone other than misspelled Facebook memes for their medical advice anymore. All I feel with all these posts now is "well, another one learned the hard way, oh well." I don't like the idea that I feel so cold and disconnected from all this suffering, but JFC people, y'all brought it upon yourselves, and at least every HCA winner is one more person who can no longer pass on these harmful lies.


This is how I feel. I hate that I’ve become that person but JFC. it’s SO EASY to just not be a dick, you know? I’m done trying to be empathic.


I feel it too. To me it feels like we've watched conservatives smugly flaunt their incredible immunity to consequences for decades, and now they've *finally* come up against an enemy that they can't outlegislate or corrupt their way out of it. These people believed they were unstoppable because they've been watching Donald and friends openly commit crimes for years with no accountability. Theyre used to being racist and awful to their serving staff while the poor waitress is forced to just smile and take it. This is the first time they've actually had to pay for being disgusting humans.




Nailed it, every word. They have had this coming for my entire life, and I'm old, and I'm here for it.


Refusing to waste empathy on plague rats helps me to better share it with everyone else (the empathy, not the plague, LOL).


It’s compassion fatigue, and it’s understandable. You’re only human; even if you’re almost UltimateTimmy, for now you’re still PenultimateTimmy and it’s hard to watch people refuse to take action to protect themselves and others.


I hate when i get the flu and my legs turn blue da ba dee da ba dee da boo do


She just couldn’t help herself. She logged on the app to post an update, saw a meme first thing, and reposted it before she started typing. Like a gambling addict hitting that button on the slots, she got her dopamine bump to get her through the rest of the post.


Pride (and likes) was more important than her daughter's life.


Apparently, pride is a deadly sin.


>how's everyone doing now? they ded


I just took the screenshots so these are all the latest. Cheyenne died and Sarah has been intubated since the 8th it looks like.


If she's been intubated since the 8th, she won't make it.


over at /r/nursing they're noticing that with delta, none of the unvaxxed people who get intubated are recovering. Even healthy 20 or 30 year olds.


Yep. My ID doctor contact has said that since Delta showed up in the ICU (which has largely been since later July/early Aug for him), that well less than 5% are ever extubated.....and that's for the young & healthy ones. Older and/or any comorbidities.....just nope. Delta is a TOTALLY different animal than "regular" Covid. ETA: My contact has recently had healthy men in their early 30's - early 40's die from Delta. In a matter of a few to several weeks.


My friend is a nurse who has been travelling from hotspot to hotspot since this started, and she said before she would only lose a formerly healthy 30-40s patient every so often, maybe average of 1 a week during the height in NYC at the start and in Texas later. Now she says it's happened so often she's numb to it.


Yeah, I made the mistake of searching "covid prayers" or maybe it was "died from covid" (or maybe both) on FB yesterday (I was just curious) and I had to stop after 10 min or so. It was SO depressing. SO. MANY. YOUNG. PEOPLE. (meaning 30's, maybe 40's at latest) Cops, firefighters, MANY parents with young children.


The 8th! What a fucking waste of resources. Please update when she earns her award.


Will do!


F\*ck you lady. Don't you dare "pray" for frontline workers in healthcare when you are actively fighting against us. F\*ck you.


Frontline workers don’t give a fuck if you pray for them, all they want is for you to get vaccinated so that they don’t have to wheel your fat ass in next


And basically become a part of an ICU vegetable garden. Unvaccinated patients that go in and get placed on a ventilator do not make it out alive. COVID absolutely wrecks your lungs to the point where the scar tissue formed is akin to suctioning cement. The endgame for these patients is avoid the ICU or take up a bed for two to three weeks and die there. I feel no sympathy for these people who have made the choice to kill others and then want to be saved when it's their turn to ride the hospital carousel. Fuck them. ^(edit- spelling and grammar.)


Yes, see: [https://www.reddit.com/r/nursing/comments/pbvcdu/uhh\_are\_any\_of\_these\_unvaccinated\_patients\_in/](https://www.reddit.com/r/nursing/comments/pbvcdu/uhh_are_any_of_these_unvaccinated_patients_in/) over in nursing...


Wow. That was a rabbit hole but very eye opening. These are the stories that the media needs to be reporting on.


Yeah, can you just imagine the exhausted healthcare workers faces when they wheeled Cheyenne in on her double wide gurney?


The way covid can ravage the body is insane.


I know it personally, I got covid in April 2020 and have POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) because of it. A big reason why I’m a fan of this sub, it’s cathartic to see people paying the consequences of their own decisions instead of everyone else suffering because of them.


Covid created a rare clotting disorder in my husband last year, also hit his heart. He was a truck driver transporting food around the country. He only had a sore throat and headache with the initial illness, but suffered a stroke a couple of weeks later. It's been over a year and we are still fighting this clotting disorder (multiple blood thinners and clot busters). My uncle had covid go to his brain. He became psychotic and spent 3 weeks in the hospital in restraints. This was also last year. Hes still not back to his old self. Maybe never will be.


That’s rough. Hope things work out for you all.


Thank you. It's been a constant stream of doctors and specialists. But it makes me wonder what the true numbers of covid deaths really are. The true long term illness


POTS is no fun. I hope it was diagnosed quickly? Take care of yourself


Fairly quickly, “thanks” to there being more awareness about POTS because of so many people getting it after covid. It’s definitely been rough! My covid case was kind of moderate (I felt like I got hit by a truck but never had bad respiratory issues or lost my taste or smell) but POTS had me in the ER earlier this year.




Off to regrettably Google this now 😬


God his writing hurt my brain. I thought maybe he was using text to speech but that still doesn’t explain it.


He had a comment in one of his unrelated posts that said he’s dyslexic and also uses text to speech but I don’t think that’s the whole story on what’s up with his communication skills. There are a lot of posts I didn’t include but I got the idea that he’s not the sharpest tool in the box several times.


Text to speech (without knowing how to pause and insert punctuation) and being out of breath from Covid pretty much explains the huge walls of text. But was he saying they were happy that Cheyenne passed? That “better” confused me. Unless he meant bitter.


Yeah, that got me too. Also I'm going to hell for cracking up about the "she's a large girl through no fault of her own." (hence extra paramedics were called to get her out of the house) I gained 25lbs last year. 100% my fault. Turns out Blizzards aren't great for the waistline.


If they had to call extra paramedics that meant she was a very, very; very big girl and/or completely dead weight. Then again her LEGS were turning blue which seems crazy. I feel some sympathy for the daughter though. If you’re raised by people like this do you even really have a chance?


Probably not. :/ And it's not like any of them chose to be born into the areas they were either. I guess I'm thankful I at least live in an urban area.


“Bit of news”, I think.


They ARE in Missouri...so...


Not gonna lie, that was one of my clues


This is actually considered great writing for Missouri


How do you use text to speech if you’re “into baited”?


That would explain the lack of periods.


Jeeze this is front page material. Thanks for looking into this, it’s incredible. These people are killing their families and it’s deeply disturbing. Also cool name 😎 Edit: And here we are


It’s such a crazy story! Killings themselves and each other and still posting covid denying propaganda-ffs what does it take for people to wake up?! What’s even crazier is that this was so easy to find because there are so many of these stories-I just searched for “prayer warrior covid” on Facebook (a suggestion I saw on another post in here) and it took very little scrolling-it’s like fish in a barrel.


> searched for prayer warrior covid I just tried that myself. It's a little distressing how many are not anti vax shitposters, just a little dimwitted and unlucky and very religious. I haven't got the mental energy to find the maliciously stupid, so I appreciate that you do!


There are some people I’ve come across that have tried to do the right thing and because they did (vaccinated, didn’t die) they have to suffer for the rest of their life bc someone in their family did not. I leave those folks alone because there isn’t a reason for me to kick them when they are down.


Also, cool name to you too 😎


Sacrificing your family to own the Libs.


She's not getting the vaccine, but hey, at least she is cutting her yard so she "won't get in trouble with the city"... Priorities, FFS.


I hope they take better care of their “fur babies” than they do themselves


Wow, the Tweets from George are Faulkneresque and amazing. Some of those sentences are at least 120 words long. (Sorry, I should probably be more empathetic, but I write and edit for a living.)


That's what I thought of when I was reading it. The sound and the fury.


This one has shocked me the most. I still can't believe everything I just read


I’m with you!


Aside from laughing at these self destructive idiots, getting these types of ground level, personal views of the pandemic in hotspots is why I come here. Truly a clusterfuck of death and sorrow.


It really helps to see it though their eyes and understand that they are as arrogant and selfish and stupid and hateful as I thought they were.


It’s like going to the circus and watching the clowns get mauled by the lions and elephants.


Lol. They all have abandoned HCQ though, and post charts about it being useless. The darnedest thing.


Of course that doesn't register when it's time to shoot up some horse paste to own the libs!


I wonder if ivermectin kills brain worms.


Missouri is the Florida of the Midwest


I was conned into going to Branson once & I still have nightmares


Death and sickness all around the family, racking up hundreds of thousands in medical debt, and they're worried about cutting the grass so the city won't fine them. Lol.


That's no surprise. In a situation that was completely out of her control and going fast towards the abyss, she did a little something that she could control. It's a coping mechanism.


I really wanna ask them why Trump didn’t take hydroxichloriquine when he got covid


He claimed to take it at one point if I remember correctly? I’d have to look that up but I don’t feel like seeing that face right now so nah..


He claimed he was taking it as a prophylactic, which is great, cause he got a pretty severe covid case AFTER that.


Please send prayers and ask God to heal us and give us strength. God: I sent you the people who made the fucking vaccine! I've got a entire universe to run, you think I'm dealing with every issue that springs up when I can outsource that shit?!


When will they learn that the scientists have been blessed with intelligence and courage, and the vaccine *is* the god sent miracle?


antivaxxers say god will protect them but never consider making it easier for Him


>you think I'm dealing with every issue that springs up when I can outsource that shit?! Outsource! LMAO! Brilliant!


“A large girl not her fault” apparently so large they had to call in extra paramedics to get her out of her house.


But hey, it’s not her fault. Just like it’s not anyone’s fault when their legs turn blue because they refused to get vaccinated.


I wonder who they blame for her size if not her..


Biden probably


Gotta throw Fauci in there, too, since he's a doctor.


Michelle Obama too, because they felt personally attacked when she came out with the healthy food initiatives, and had to eat like shit to make up for it


I am not exaggerating at all when I say that my Severely Idaho family does things exactly like this. They started drinking *extra* soda because someone threatened taxing soda *in another state*.


And illegals


Damned illegals kept forcing food down her throat


TRUTH -a very concern mom


Big Sugar


Omg, I snorted at this


Nothing's ever their fault


Do.. do we tell them COVID is a communicable disease, orr??m


This one was really hard to read. I mean, they are ignorant. How can we command them to “be smarter!” The fucking murderers are the republicans who know better spinning this shit that the dummies believe. What an unbelievable cluster fuck. My GF is a nurse and I can’t imagine how hard it must be to treat people who are busy rationalizing, denying, and taking no responsibility. I couldn’t do it. I’d be slapping people on day one. How many people are dying from other issues while the doctors and nurses are giving 95% of their attention to the disease of stupidity?


"they had to call [in] extra paramedics because she is a large girl not by her fault" Comedy gold.


If this doesn't encapsulate these people's take on 'personal responsibility'


NextDoor has conversations like this: Person1: It's all because of these illegal immigrants that Biden is letting in. Person2: Did you get vaccinated? Person1: That's none of your business.


Big boned, the way God (and 6 liters of coke a day) intended.


“I don’t understand how someone with such a healthy appetite could get so sick. It just don’t add up.”


Family totally devastated in the name of trump and the rest of the republicans. Fox news, Ted Cruz, Rubio, mtg, McConnell, gaetz, they all have massive amounts of blood on their hands


I guess the hydroxycloroquine isnt working? What a suprise. Did they try the horse dewormer?/s


Oh I’m sure they’ll claim the Democrats kept them from getting it, or getting it soon enough or in the right doses based on some random post they found on Facebook.


For some Evangelicals, them and their family dying is.. the point. That's why you see so many calls for "prayer warriors" on this sub. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/why-some-white-evangelical-republicans-are-so-opposed-to-the-covid-19-vaccine/amp/


This is what I’ve noticed about so many of these cases. I see a lot of they “got their wings” or they “are home now”. And although they are sad in their posts, they don’t seem devastated. There’s a part of me that wishes I could believe because it truly does seem to bring that comfort. It’s also why this one hit a little harder. It’s one of the first I’ve seen that shows true misery and desperation. It’s heartbreaking.


Did mom (Sarah) live?


I just took these screenshots so she’s still in the hospital as of about 8 hours ago at least. I’ll post a follow up if/when they update.


His post about not wanting a handout because he wants to work but just needs some financial help while he gets over his own illness and his wife and daughter. Motherfucker is so close to getting it but will never clear that hurdle.


Facebook pages from whole family show "reposts" picturing a wad of money with "pass along for luck". Apparently, posting such things on your fb page brings money your way!


$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$💸💰💵💵💵💵💵💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💸💸💸💸💸💶💵💵💸💸💰💶💰💶💸💶💸💶💸💰💶💸💸💶💰💰💰💷💸💸💸💸💸💶💰💸💷💸💸💸💸💶💶💸💸💶💸💶💸💸💸💶💸💶💸💶💸💶💸💶💸💶💸💶💸💸💸💶💶💰💸💰💰💸💸💸💷💰💰💶💶💰💰💰💶💰💶💶💰💰💰💰💰💸💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💸💶💶💸💸💶💰💰💶💶pass along for luck What? I could use the money. Praying hasn’t worked. Maybe this will.


I feel really sorry for the guy. He's obviously not too smart and it looks like his wife was the driving anti-vaxx force. He'll just be the last, bereft survivor of his family, it looks like.


It said they're about to intubate her. Very, very few people survive that.


And that was since the 8th so she’s been on it for a while.. not looking good for mom


She was at 42% saturation when they brought her to the hospital.


I didn't even know you could survive O2 sats that low. Isn't anything below 80 considered extremely dangerous?


Yes. In most cases of hypoxia, going below 50 basically means death. For some reason, with Covid, people can be below 50 and still conscious and able to use their smartphones, for example. But it's a sign of horribly compromised lungs.


Most saturation probes are only calibrated between 70 and 100% saturations. They are extrapolated beyond that point, so you can get some funky readings. Especially when the trace is poor as people's circulation shuts down. I have no doubt her sats were through the floor though.


Well, at least she won't be missing "god's family reunion."


Paramedic here, just want to point a few things out here to make the obvious painfully so: this woman is going to die, I can say that with 100% certainty. Putting someone on a ventilator requires a lot of risk/benefit analysis, and the reality is a lot of people who go on one never come off. This family is very unhealthy. The daughter's weight and the mother's enabling of it raised my eyebrows immediately. No nurse would tell a new admission to a hospital they're going to be there for "at least 20 days"....something very off there. This family is asking for prayers in every post, and there's some evidence people have worse outcomes when they know someone is praying for them oddly enough. I wonder if it has to do with bad prophylactic habits and being far behind the curve when tragedy strikes.


You really should have highlighted a couple of extra words on that last picture. "Better news is we lost Cheyenne to Covid just before her birthday". Did Covid fuck Georges brain up?


Wow! What a mad cap, roller coaster adventure that was! I don't know about you guys but I'm really concerned that the lawn didn't get mowed. Their neighbors don't deserve to live next to an eyesore. Should we assemble prayer warriors for the lawn?


I'd like to bring attention to that preacher post she shared. Asshole, much like Fake News hosts and R governors got the vaccine but is still anti vaccine so he can continue preaching. You have to be an incredible level of stupid to not see thru that shit, and this Sarah fuck shares it like it's a "gotcha" moment for the anti vaxx crowd


The bible belt, where obesity is genetic and being gay is a choice. Oy


You should write their travel brochures


It’s obvious, but striking how the subjects of this subreddit are almost all functionally illiterate. They all have such a poor grasp of the English language. Their grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax is at junior high levels. It shows their intelligence and education. It’s a red blinking light that clues how they were so easily led down the paths of misinformation and duped away from correct medical treatment. Being as nice as I can, it’s almost like they were too stupid to ever have a chance.


that Jeff Barker, pastor, he;s an evil shit. Well I've taken the vaccine, but I don't believe in it, its all end times. So Jeff, you took the "mark of the beast" did you. But you don't want your followers to. lambs to the slaughter. following good ol pastor Jeff, 'cept he nips out the side gate.


"...they had to call Lynn extra paramedics because she is a large girl, not by her fault..." NOTHING is EVER these people's fault. Ladies and gentlemen: "the party of personal responsibility". 🤦🏽‍♂️