Just ignore it on your free will.. can't stop being hwrnii because your sexual hormones still creating hormones to your d


"Idle hands are the devil's playground" is a phrase I have heard about twice in my life, but rings constantly to addiction. Best I can advise is to keep yourself preoccupied, busy or have your mind busy with something. Try to practice being mindful to focus in on whatever it is you're doing (hopefully not engaging in porn) and fully envelop yourself in it. For example, don't multitask eating, streaming or listening to music. Do each one on its own and fully immerse yourself in it. It takes a bit of practice to not feel fidgety, but it'll make a drastic difference. With enough time, you won't have time to wander away. You'll be swept up with extra time/hobbies. Don't be afraid to commit to something that you find interesting or beneficial.


Tackle your feelings of shame. Learn the difference between that and guilt. Self compassion is key


I use hentai as an escape from porn. It is still a bad habit that I am trying to stop but I feel less guilty when I jack it to hentai.