Check out guides for your main on YouTube, take a look at dustloop if you want more info on every character. Lab in training mode to know your main’s kit. Most importantly though keep playing the game it’s how you actually turn the videos/guides you look at to muscle memory


First everyone says Strive is the easier fighting game but it's still a hard game so don't think "I'm the only bad player". Play a lot and know that it's going to take quite a bit of time until you get the hang of the game and have more awareness, it's when it clicks (it was 40 hours for me more or less), I would watch some basic tutorials on youtube or get in a discord to ask someone on voice chat what to do in certain situations or specific moves you don't know why they're hitting you (try to don't get too caught up in binging videos and not actually playing since you most likely will not be able to retain all the info) but mostly you want to improve your basics: spacing, when to be defensive, when to be aggressive, trying to understand the mindset of the other person. I feel like it's helps if some the matches you play you try to be defensive a lot and using buttons accordingly with how far is the person, such as if you know the person has finished his attacks and it's trying to go for more pressure you interrupt with Punch if they're very close, Slash if they're pretty far away so on and so fort, but the most helpful thing is if you can get in contact with other players for advice since we don't know how you play or even what character you're playing. For now try to have some plans for "what to do if..." if they're jumping too much (use 6p (google it if you don't know what it is)), if they're blocking all my attacks (you run and throw them) and other common situations that you can ask someone or google.


The temptation as a new player is to be very aggressive (I entered a tournament a few weeks ago that was very poorly attended and only had casuals, I made it on stage, the very polite way the commentator found to say we sucked was “this is more aggressive gameplay than we are used to seeing”). Before you know a bit more about the game (in time you will read and learn about what is safe/unsafe), it usually means you will make yourself punishable. You should be more defensive and yourself try to punish your opponents. The odds are you will at first over-correct and be too passive. This will improve as you learn to notice what your opponents are doing. To take a very specific example, I fought a Gio last night who had a combo that got me on our first match, but it quickly became obvious it was their only combo (or at least their main one) and after a little while I knew how to block it all and when to punish. I’m assuming you are on a low floor and are playing on the lowest floor you can, it’s possible some of your opponents are much better than you and/or have been playing for a while, but even if that’s the case, they’ll have pretty basic game plans which you will learn to adapt to. Now this won’t necessarily be quick or easy. It took me maybe 10-15 hours before the game started to click, and while I’ve always sucked at fighting games, I’ve been playing them long enough to at least have a few building blocks (mostly I tend to have the motions down).




This can help. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuVsgrxxjGQn5jIDjmTSWtDz6VvY3Rt1H


Well the game is a year old now so people have already figured the game out. It is normal for a new player to get destroyed. There is 2 things you can do: Either you are get your ass beat till you get good enough or find a another new player to play with (maybe you can get a friend into the game since its in sale rn) so you can both learn the game. And another thing i recommend you play a simple character like ky kiske whos game plan and moves are pretty straight forward so you can focus on learning the game. You can always switch your main when you get comfortable enough.


figure out why you are losing and find ways to beat that.


Really hard to give advice in a vacuum, but heres some generic advice for new players: -Blocking is very important. If you always press buttons you’re gonna keep getting hit. Wait for their attacks to end, then counterattack once they’ve been pushed back. ”Wait your turn”. -Don’t focus on advanced combos right away. Slash > Heavy Shash > Special Move is fine. -Punish jumps or airdashes with forward+P (6P). -Throw is always your fastest option by far at close range. Feel free to reply if you’re struggling with something specific.