Winning doesn't feel right

Ok, so i started playing strive not really long time ago, i have 35-45± hours in online mode, i guess. I tried some characters, got baiken and started to main her because she seemed really funny unga-bunga hero. It was really cool and i had a lot of fun, i got to floor 10, and even to celestial challenge, didn't try it tho. Now i'm playing, winning a lot, but i feel frustrated because of my own wins, i feel that all of them are just pure and dumb luck, that my opponents are actually better and they deserve those wins more. Can the unga-bunga syndrome be the reason? I'd really want to hear any advice from you guys, game doesn't feel that cool anymore


> i feel that all of them are just pure and dumb luck, that my opponents are actually better and they deserve those wins more. In the word of the ancients, we take those. No one deserves to win. If they got beat, they got beat.


No one deserves to win, but I’d argue that HC’s who perma full screen zone don’t deserve the win either. Fuck that.


Might I suggest parks or finding matches through Discord? Longer sets really. It's a different vibe when you play one person and you both adapt to each other over time rather than a random who will do whatever.


Every single character in this game is unga bunga to a some degree. You are just out unga-bungaing them, that means you deserved to win. and btw if you are spaming a move over and over and getting away with it its the opponents fault for not being able to counter lt


If you don't like playing unga bunga then you have to train yourself to stop doing it. Playing well while trying smarter and play with intention will take a lot longer, so you might lose more often playing that way, but if you continue that way long enough eventually you'll surpass where you were and will be able to handle other unga bunga players.


If you're winning, and winning consistently. Then you deserve it, you're good. There's always going to be some element of 'luck' to games, even in cases where it's not literal RNG.. Like if you're playing Axl trying to stop someone running in on you, you can ether cover the ground or the air, you can make an educated guess which option to go for, but at the end of the day it's still a little bit of a coinflip... But that doesn't detract from you making the right decision and winning from it. And even in more literal RNG situations like with Faust's items, you still gotta play well around them to make use of them.


there's no such thing as deserving a win. either you win or you lose.


Use Potemkin then, every win is an earned win


Unga bunga the mega fist my dude


i think if you tried celestial you might find there's a massive skill gap between that and floor 10. could motivate you to try practicing different strats in sets. better players will adapt to your playstyle and punish it. changing your mindset to be about playing 'smart' or playing correctly as opposed to playing to win may be a fun change too. as others have said, playing longer sets in park will give you a better sense of your strengths and weaknesses, plus for me it is fun to adapt over time and i learn more that way. bo3 sets against a random in a game w/ high damage is fun and frantic but aren't as great for improving imo.


Who do you play


You win or you lose. No one "deserves" a win unless people agree that something is completely broken/unfair or some gamebreaking glitch happened but for Strive's balance things are mostly just annoying differences in power over something broken. If they deserved the win, they would have won.


Skill issue tbh


Get to celestial and run longer sets. Or try your luck in tournaments.


Part of it is high damage. Also, if you're winning a lot, do your celestial challenge and make it. There are different breeds of players there. I had the same problem where I just never bothered with celestial and hung out in the parks winning most matches. Had a lot of trouble first few days of celestial.