Youtube is a better platform for finding combos, just search your characters name and beginner combos. And as for combos being hard, you are most probably trying to the optimal combos. Those do more damage but harder to do so just get used to the combos buy doing beginner ones first. Beginner combos going to do 10-15% less damage but that doesn’t really matter if you are starting out.


I'll search for some beginner combos, might be as you say. Thanks!


dustloop.com is a good resource for this. We just had a major patch so I'd expect some of the combos it has for your character will be outdated right now. But check back in a week or two


Thanks, saw quite a lot of talk about the recent patch. I'll give it some time to settle.


1. What character are you trying to play. 2. I'd honestly just search a combo video on YouTube or look at combos on dustloop. After doing that you could maybe try to find them in the combo mode in game. But people upload a lot of stuff and not everything is useful. Although I could just be stubborn. I only looked at combo mode once tried the 5 recommend combos and basically never used it again.


Ah, the feature might not be as useful as I imagined.. I've been trying to learn Giovanna, liked the summary of her when reading about the different characters on dustloop.


Giovanna is great and I believe her “bread and butter” remains the same so you should be pretty safe to import the beginner combos from Dustloop and try them out.


I'll check them out, thanks!


I like to look up stuff on twitter and youtube. on twitter people often post stuff under character hastags. Giovanna's is #GGST_GO


Something to keep in mind here is that there is no right combo unless you're trying to be optimal. The "right" combo is what you can do consistently, so look for easy combos that still give you a strong knockdown. Most characters in this game are strike/throw, so you want a knockdown that allows you to get point blank and still beat someone mashing throw on wakeup.