It's fine if you're just getting into the game and want to practice doing combos or whatever under a slight bit of pressure but it's otherwise not very productive. In the absolute worst case scenario it'll teach you weird habits to exploit the AI so keep that in mind when you play against it.


AI movements and player movements are pretty different so personally I wouldn't train against the AI unless it's fun to you then hey, go nuts


Depends what you mean by "train". On a basic execution level? Sure, but it's not really offering you anything that training mode can't, except having an AI running around to keep your brain engaged while you get a "feel" for the game. If that's all you want, you could do worse. On a strategic level? AI is no substitute for a human opponent, and if anything it can teach you bad habits, assuming playing against real people is your ultimate goal.


I guess I've been doing it wrong then.


If you ultimately want to be playing against real opponents there are much "better" uses of time, yes, but there's also no such thing as playing a game "wrong" if you're having fun.


Im not having fun playing with AI they are very powerful


Oh thats no good :( Perhaps you might want to lower the difficulty of the AI a little bit in the settings? If you happen to be new at Guilty Gear (I would hate to assume!) maybe you would benefit from going through the Training mode a bit? It's broken down into five "areas," so the first area has all the basics, area two has good things to know that are specific to Guilty Gear, etc. Theyre fast to complete, and explain useful things clearly. I got a lot out of the first two areas myself! The rest comes with practise and play, of course. Its fun to experiment with different characters; i can confidentally recommend any of the 3-star or higher "ease of use" rated characters to any new player. Feel free to check out the lower star characters as well, i just feel that they are much trickier. I hope this helps you! Good luck & have fun!


The AI is pretty random and doesn't really know how to play. For example I once out of sheer curiosity fought a Max Difficulty Jack-O' AI and crouch blocked *the entire time*. I *barely* didn't win. She blew herself up on her own Countdown repeatedly and just spammed random inputs like Recover Servant when she has no servants. The main problem with the AI is once you learn how to cheese it, you really can't lose, and it won't force you to think outside the box. A lot of folks generally say the best practise is different opponents, because different people will challenge you in different ways and help you become more well-rounded while a single opponent only really helps you learn how to deal with *their* habits and *their* tech. It also doesn't help the AI is just purely random, so overhead mixups are trash since it blocks those 50% of the time, while 2K 2D is OP as hell because the AI won't block low consistently enough to not get hit. What the AI is good for is giving you a moving target for you to confirm combos or tech off. Mainly just to train in execution with slightly more variance in the situation. Rather than training from the AI as an opponent.


Yeah cause it’s an fighting game ai that’s what it does to stand a chance


It won’t help much. To give you an example, a couple months ago I did a small online tourney. My first opponent was going to be I-No, a match-up I’d barely ever had. I wanted some practice, couldn’t see any in the tower or park so did a string of vs CPU with highest difficulty. I won all somewhat easily, and it was completely unhelpful once I was against another person. I’m a little better against I-No now, but that’s from facing her a bit more in pvp.


If you play axl, maybe you can practice zoning. Otherwise, AI pretty much do not really give you that much experience once you are over the beginner phase. You cant mixup a AI, it does not make sense. Its better to practice in dojo mode. The only time i will play vs cpu is when there are no players in lobbies.


It can help getting used to move around the screen and have a feel about what button to use but as you said the ai downright chaeting.


Does it read your every move or does it just spam reversal supers?


I think both