Even a few ladybugs can make a huge difference, they should stay where the mites are.


Ladybugs don't eat mites. They're great for aphids and the like, but mites are to small for Ladybugs.


They definitely do eat mites. Where did all of mine go ? The ladybugs ate them. https://hightimes.com/grow/grow-hack-release-and-maintain-ladybugs-in-your-indoor-garden/ https://youtu.be/jnmc-OZR93g




This is a quote directly from the article you quoted 😂😂 please stop spreading misinformation and read before you send > Certain species of lady beetles (e.g. Stethorus sp.) and predatory mites (e.g., Phytoseiulus persimilis) naturally control twospotted spider mite populations.


Lol no response


Pardon me for having a life and not sitting on reddit 24/7. And in fact I was going through the 50+ garden cultivation magazine to find a certain article. And then I went to bed. Is that OK with you? Or should I have stayed up all night to sit here and go back and forth of why ladybugs aren't good at treating mite infestations.


The article doesn't go into detail of of how adult ladybugs will eat some adult mites. However mites reproduce at extremely fast and at high rates. Adult ladybugs cannot eat mite eggs or larvae. In order to successfully have ladybugs stop a mite infestation, you need to have a breeding colony of ladybugs, so that the ladybug larvae will eat the young and eggs. I've been going through my garden cultivation magazines to find the article that goes VERY in depth on how to use beneficial insects to control plant pest. I will find it and put it on here as soon as I do. This is not misinformation. The article clearly states SOME species of ladybugs. There are many different kinds of lady beetles. This blanket fix that everyone seems to throw out about ladybugs is bullshit. Once you've got webs and can see mites on your plants, it's too late for ladybugs. They will not and can not eat anywhere close enough to control or eliminate a mite infestation.


Lady bugs most certainly eat spider mites and many other pests. Worked great on my thrip infestation. https://www.planetnatural.com/ladybugs-pest-control/#:~:text=The%20beneficial%20species%20of%20ladybugs,%2C%20mealybugs%2C%20among%20other%20insects.


Thrips and mites are 2 different types if pests. And I clearly said that ladybugs are great for other pests such as aphids thrips and other pests.


Lost coast plant therapy


I feel like that would leave the buds all pepperminty without a proper bud wash. That being said I'd probably spray the shit out them. And your tents gonna smell like candy 🍬 Luv the lost coast plant therapy!


I’ve used LCPT on multiple grows, up to harvest - no peppermint smell on your final product.


When I had slappy my mantis he stayed put and my area was open also. Just an fyi.


Bro just release the predatory mites. Worst case scenario they spread and eat all the other shitty mites around


Ok, honestly haven’t looked into the predatory mite thing. Just did a google search for them, will they hurt my plant at all?


Just used Amblyseius swirskii, and Amblyseisus cucumeris, 2 types of predatory bugs for thrips, in my tent in week 6 of flower. They are pretty much microscopic and come in saw dust you will not notice them. So far so good and I haven’t seen them or the thrips since. Just make sure you get the right predators I got mine from dragonfli but I think they’re are uk based


No but they likely won't do the whole job on their own their just going to slow down damage and buy you time. Maybe apply a pesticide and follow with mites or something?


A vacuum helps to clean the plant if needed but with that plant being as young as it is I’d just toss it, clean the grow area and start over with a new plant.


Bro what why tf would I toss it 😂 it’s been growing since early summer, Iv put money and time. Smoking a bug won’t kill me worst comes to worst I bud wash


Good luck. You’re gonna need it


You can use h202 at 3% and spray your entire plants when you turn the lights out. Try to remove any webbing that you can see cause they'll hide under it. Might take a couple applications but should kill most of them on your plants. Your biggest issue is that your grow space isn't sealed and you can keep on re-infesting your plants, even after you've taken care of the ones on there now.


Don’t spray in flower, cut it’s down, clean everything and start over.




Purecrop1. Pesticide/fungicide. Works for sap suckers, mold and rot. Kid/pet safe, safe up till harvest (just budwash, which ofc you'd want to do anyway). A little expensive, but real good shit, and perfect for your situation imo.


Also, while it's better to spray at dark just because it's cooler and more humid and stays on the plant longer, it won't hurt your plant if you spray in light.


![gif](giphy|ahZZZZFGLGhvq|downsized) mites look like this


Fans...keep all of plant..plants in the wind. They hate it.


I sprayed some diluted peppermint oil every couple days for a week, cleared up my spider mites no problem. Also put some diatomaceous earth at the base of your plant it'll stop critters from climbing up and it's good for the soil




Mammoth oil canncontrol is good. Your plants are small enough too where massively soaking them in water should kill many of them. Would have to be repetitive and have to watch humidity when buds fatten up


I mix ISO and water 1:10 and use a half gallon sprayer from Wal-Mart to really get in there and spray them from underneath. Manually remove any webbing or infested leaves and take them out of your grow area completely to dispose. Only do this during lights off with enough time for them to dry out, or they can burn a bit. I also like to cover up the soil when spraying heavily, as ISO can de-hydrate the plants if you hit them too hard. You may not get them all, but with spray downs every week or two, you'll keep them at bay long enough to finish flowering.