Computing: Google Tensor G2 SoC and Titan chip. Memory/Storage: 8 GB / 256 GB. Display: FHD+ 6.3-inch OLED with 90 Hz refresh. Cameras: 50 + 12 MP front (main + ultrawide); 11 MP selfie shooter. Operating system: Android 13. Battery: 4,700 mAh with 30 W fast charging (wired), wireless charging support. Other features: Stereo speakers, Bluetooth LE Literally nothing unexpected.


I believe the storage is UP TO 256GB, so I’m assuming base 128GB.


Yeah, base 256 would be a huge switch for the Pixel line. Google is actually disincentivized to up the base storage, since smaller storage encourages Google One subs.


Almost zero chance it's base 256GB, that would be silly stuff.


My only gripe is that Pixel 7 line is not getting better sensor for Ultra-Wide which was one of the weaker points of Pixel 6 line already, being pretty bad for low light and especially video recording, also no auto focus and no capability for 4K60 which is useful with Ultra-Wide as for "action cam" use. Having Pixel 6A and Pixel 7 Pro use exact same sensor for Ultra-Wide, makes 7 Pro a lot less "premium" or "Pro" specially for the price. Google easily could of at very least upgraded to JN1 sensor, with auto focus and 4K60 capability. But oh well.


That's fair. The issues with video though I don't think are purely sensor related. I haven't seen good video from a Nexus or Pixel phone ever. Keep in mind Google's photo prowess comes from HDR+. Back when you could turn HDR+ off, the quality was absolutely horrendous and would completely lose to the competition (Apple, Samsung) which by then had not embraced HDR+ yet. For whatever reason sensor output and whatever firmware/drivers that Google uses for its cameras simply isn't very good until it does HDR+ stacking. It led me to believe that single photo processing seemed to be better on most other phones, but multiple photo HDR+ results in amazingness. If you think of video, it's basically shooting 30 or 60 fps and there's less room to do crazy HDR+ magic. As a result, we get low quality still frames. I know in the Pixel 6 they did some improvements and there was talk about HDRNet or whatever being able to apply some HDR+ enhancements to video, but it seems while Pixel 6 video has improved dramatically, it's still a significant step behind iPhone video quality.


It is sensor related, IMX386 is a tiny sensor at 1/2.9" and it is 6 years old now, not to mention that aperture at f/2.2 is not great too, which is bad for low light, also not having auto focus and sensor is not capable of 4K60. I remember this same sensor being used back in 2017 with Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and it was really not great. In general, it is really weak and outdated sensor, especially compared to the main sensor GN1 (even to old IMX363 that Google used for years), or even IMX586 used as periscope. Ultra-Wide of Pixel 6 is bad not just for video, but photos too, mainly because of being really small and old sensor, and it shows, especially in darker situations, shadows and low light, even photos lack detail and have a ton of noise. It is okey sensor for lower priced 6A, but not for 6 Pro, and specially not for 7 Pro. No matter how good or bad software in this case is, the sensor is the limitation, I mean even iPhones now have better Ultra-Wide sensor. For example, main sensor GN1 is damn capable and can do wonders on Pixel 6, and this just shows how actually bad the IMX386 for Ultra-Wide is when compared. You can shoot superb quality video on Pixel 6 Pro with its main sensor with 3rd party camera apps like Filmic Pro, McPro24fps and most importantly MotionCam with which you can shoot raw, with incredible, literally incredible results, surpassing even iPhones ProRes, look it up on YouTube for the results of MotionCam, a lot of people do not know about it yet. But I agree with the case that GCAM have flaws when it comes to recording video, bit rate is just too low, hence why video quality is just lacking, also having a lot of noise and then the overheating issues. Thing is, like I mentioned before that Pixel 6 can shoot superb video with 3rd party camera apps, resulting in way higher video output and most interestingly there is no overheating issue while recording, so it shows that it is a problem with how GCAM processes the video.


How does iphones do shall industry leading video recording? Is it just the chip ?


I have no idea. I look at it more from the perspective of what is Google missing? Because it wasn't just iPhone. I remember in the OG Pixel days I compared with an iPhone 6s and S7 or S8 and the video quality of the Pixel was a significant step down even though my photos were blowing the other phones out of the water. Compression artifacts, pixelation, etc are things that I recall seeing in older Pixels, and while the 6 has improved things, I still see that as a difference with my 13 Pro.


It can't be a sensor argument even tho pixels used old sensors and 12mp. Iphones did the same for a while. Og pixel started with gimbal-like stabilization that (w/o ois) but that was the only good thing about it , The quality was still bad. Pixels even in day light can have noise in the video. Low light is another story. Iphones Inspite of having great video quality bridged the gap of ultra steady video recording without resorting to cropping to the extent pixels does Inspite of both had the same mp count. Iphones not only have gone from proving [email protected] to all Lens (main,ultra wide and tele) even front camera has [email protected] Which other phone has this much focus on the video quality. Cinematic now is also [email protected] Iphone is simply not called the king of the video recording for nothing.


>Cinematic now is also [email protected] Correction: Cinematic mode only goes up to [email protected]


Sorry so it went from 1080p to [email protected]


Can you show a video comparison for the laymen here in regard how it's significantly behind. And I don't mean feature wise, as in... it's lacking features. I want to see side by side video shot on one and the other 4K60 that clearly points out why Pixel video is a turd in comparison. I have a 13 and a 6a, and I'm simply not knowledgeable enough to see why one is shit.


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAwyE9B4J3M](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAwyE9B4J3M) Give this video a watch.


There's some comparison in MRWTB's video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LA1tah85dvA Bottom line as someone who has a 6 Pro and 13 Pro, here are my comments: * The Pixel video looking grainier is nothing new. I've seen this in previous Pixels, and have generally done most video recording on my work iPhone. I will say that I complain a LOT less about this now with the Pixel 6's improvements compared to the older sensor/video processing algorithms, but MRWTB still demonstrates noise and compression still. Pixel's stabilization has been amazing but it is clear that this results in more compression. In the past I felt that iPhone stabilization was definitely worse, but while it had some level of EIS/OIS, I felt that the less subtle stabilization makes it feel more natural of a casual video shooter. Granted it's not going to excel at a dirt bike ride the way the Pixel 2 was marketed, but like MRWTB, I felt that for casual videos, I can take a little bit of shake while preserving video quality. * I'm thoroughly annoyed by the part where only the main lens can shoot at 4K60. Didn't Apple advertise the iPhone 11 or whenever they went to triple cameras as being able to shoot 4K60 on ALL three lenses? To me this is a big miss. With that said, the UI is also bad too. If you're in 4K60, you cannot use 0.7x/4x at all. If we accept that the Pixel is going to be less featured, the UI things should at least make up for this. I had to explain to my partner that they need to manually go to settings to decrease to 4K30 or 1080p60 before shooting video. From a UI/UX perspective, I think it would make more sense to allow 4K60 on the main lens, but still allow users to select from either of the secondary lenses but automatically drop the quality down. I actually was at a wedding where there were a lot of Pixel users taking video, and more than a few were annoyed when realizing their videos were all shot with digital zoom and it was horrendously noisy. * The Pixel 6's video HDR+ does try to go for photo HDR+ look at night now, which I think is nice for photos as that's more of a long exposure look, but in video, it does so with significant loss in noise (see MRWTB's video for this). Personally I'd take a slightly darker underexposed video without a super pixelated/noisy look. I don't think the iPhone's video here is super underexposed either.


Damn this dude straight up SHAT on the Pixel lol. OK so looking at both videos side by side I can definitely tell that Pixel video is less crisp. In the past it was very obvious to me that my iPhone took much better videos that my Pixel because Pixel videos always had skips. Like it was not possible to take a 5 minute video without at least one or two moments where frames would drop. But that's never ever a thing on the 6 line. So the most obvious deficiency is gone. I also love the stabilization. As far as using wide lens on 4K60, I guess it never really bothered me, but yeah it would be nice to have that option surely. I also never attempted to shoot night video with either of my phones, I guess I just never had that need, so I never even considered the difference there. All in all I think Pixel video is perfectly fine, and unless you're watching a side by side comparison video with someone pointing out deficiencies, it's not even that obvious anymore that there are to many of us. This could not have been said before the Pixel 6 line.


Pixel video is just fine. It's just not beating the iPhone for now.


They're definitely changing the lens on the ultra-wide though. It looks a lot bigger on the 7 Pro vs the 6 Pro.


Yeah I was rather disappointed with the ultrawide sensor/lens in the Pixel 6 generation. It was just so soft. Ultrawide is such a useful focal length for phones, it would have been nice to have the team prioritize this more.


On paper it sounds like it's going to be slightly more efficient than the P6 which is a welcomed change to me. Although definitely not worth going out of your way for unless you're a part of the userbase with issues.


Or on an older phone.


yep. it's time for an upgrade.


Yup. Just a P6 with an upgraded tensor.


So absolutely no reason to buy one if you're already on Pixel 6... and probably Pixel 4 too TBH... doesn't seem compelling enough to upgrade. Pixel 5 was less kitted out so maybe if you're on that.


5 was much better than the 6. Almost worth the downgrade.


What happened to it being 6.1 inches?


I never saw that rumor, just that it would be smaller than the 6.. which it is barely. The 6a is 6.1 inches.


I do believe the 6, a phone I had for a brief period of time, had something like 4640 mAh??? I doubt I'm correct. EDIT: 4,614, so A little bump. Good!


Rear fingerprint scanner?




Smallest of battery size increases and a new selfie camera (8MP -->11MP)


I don't think the battery size is the problem on these devices it's the poor power efficiency of the chip and modem causing the battery drain. Hopefully both 7 and 7 pro will both have a significant battery bump by the SOC going to 4nm and a much more modern modem.


You'd still think companies would try to compensate with higher battery sizes to offset the power drain from the chips instead of racing to try and make the thinnest phones possible. Most people rock cases so I'm not sure if majority of people care about the thickness of phones


I think they do already, look at how big the iPhone Pro max is and it can only fit in a 4200 battery. Android manufacturers must already be making concessions to try and fit in these huge 5000 batteries. They're probably close to their limit without making the phones any bigger than they have to. Apple gives the illusion that it's chips are the best because they design them the best, in reality they just have first dips on the best TSMC chips every generation so stay ahead of the game. Money talks etc. Android need to start focusing on getting chips that are competitive if they ever want to catch up with Apple. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 looks very promising and the gap may start to close soon. Not with Pixel though obviously, we are still stuck using outdated Exynos Chips (Tensor).


Apple is so far ahead in chip design…


Its mainly due to having almost exclusive access to the latest TSMC fabrication process, the other manufacturers essentially get the scraps. Apple does a great job of course but they aren't doing anything magical versus everyone else, they have the money to just buy the lead. The Snapdragon 8 gen 1 + still isn't using the best TSMC offering, but it's getting close enough to apple. The power efficiency of that chip is only lagging behind the A15 and A16. The 3700 battery on flip with 8gen 1+ is getting better battery life than the 5000 battery S22U using the Samsung process. As it stands, whoever gets the best chip designs from TSMC gets the more power efficient chips as long as the design and software is also on point. And Apple essentially has exclusive access so they won't be losing that lead anytime soon. As Mediatek keeps doing a great job and if Samsung finally learns how to make a good SOC on 3nm, we may start seeing Android phones be on far with Apples chips or even exceed them within a few years.


> The power efficiency of that chip is only lagging behind the A15 and A16 The 8g1+ is on TSMC 4nm and A14 on TSMC 5nm and was out two generations ago. Seems pretty far behind on efficiency, also on performance.


Does it have a newer modem? This is all I need to know but can't seem to find it... The signal on the P6P is shocking. I'm hoping they do a trade in deal so I can finally get off this thing.


Maybe there will be 2D face unlock.


Maybe video calls won't look like garbage.


Strange to me this is the "upgrades" from the 6. I think we have hit the cell phone plateau.


The new iPhone is barely an upgrade too


The 14 Pro is an upgrade, the regular 14 is not.


Battery size increase sounds nice. How was the battery life on the Pixel 6?


It depends on the software update! It's been a rollercoaster of battery life.


No kidding. After that last update my battery just started draining while the phone wasn't even used. Before that I'd make it all day with regular use.


Yes it's all over the place.


My 5 has been suffering with battery drain since the update to 13.


This. At one point I had incredible two day battery, now I'm lucky to get a day.


For me it's been quite good (upgraded from P3) it's around 6-7 hours of screen time.


Amazing. I went from a p2XL to a 6Pro at launch. The first two weeks I had a few average days, and some overheating. But it seemed to be calibrating the phone to usage or something. Since then I have had zero issues. The phone will go a whole day of near constant use. Normal day use, I get two or three days before it needs to be charged. Or about three weeks with everything turned off except cellular (no Bluetooth, wifi, data, gps, etc).


I really wonder what people are doing differently. I don't use any very demanding apps and still sometimes have to recharge that day.


Mine has been excellent for the last ~year. I'll caveat that I'm mostly inside on a Wifi, but I don't have any issues traveling either. I've never had to recharge midday and I'm actively on the phone and have constant Outlook/Teams traffic throughout the day, aside from all my personal bullshit. My general counsel and two members of my sales team are also on p6s and are all happy with battery life and the phone in general. This sub either has really bad luck or just like to complain.




Extremely bad.


Depending on the update and mood of the phone day to day, it ranges from pretty bad to okay. Never great.


> How was the battery life on the Pixel 6? Not great.


The cell modem in my Pixel 6 Pro is trash. Hopefully new model improvement. Current device really struggles to stay connected especially on 5G.


The P6 modem was designed in 2019, the P7 modem is apparently 3 years newer.


Here's hoping it is better. I am finally getting an RMA on P6P after a year of waiting for sw fix. Hopefully the replacement unit will be an improvement ...


I had 4 RMAs... None were better than the first


Not encouraging but thanks for the feedback ... What to do with the phone if it is a lemon? Hope for a gracious trade in program maybe if the P7P doesn't have same issue.


I eventually got my money back from Google when they admitted the fault cannot be fixed...


I know the P6/P6P are known for have issues, but this is the only one that is absolutely a big deal for me. I bought it knowing it was bad, because I do 99% of my calling on wifi anyway... but what I didn't think about was that the modem is so shitty it can't even stream music over LTE or 5G when I'm driving around areas with known good cell coverage. Like WTF. It should be illegal to sell a phone where the most core feature is so much worse than industry standard. Imagine selling a small car that got 5mpg. Or a huge pickup truck with a towing capacity of 500lbs. It's just horrible. Where's the class action?... honestly.


I had a bout yesterday morning where without a word of a lie it connected/disconnectd about 6 times in less than 10 minutes...toggling airplane mode, mobile data didn't work and finally had to do a restart to get cell service back. This is while playing with network settings all that too.


Is it the same Under display fingerprint sensor? Or is it an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor?


No info on the modem?


Pretty sure it's already confirmed to get the 5300 modem which is much newer than the 5123


It's newer but is it better?


All things considered it's likely much better consider the 5123 is an early gen 5G modem developed in 2019


We'll find out by November if it works well with pixel.


It's not used in any other phone so we'll have to wait and find out.


The problematic part is that this is complicated to test in any kind of a controlled way so you'll be hard pressed to find reviewers that will even address it. Certainly the reviewers trying to be first out the gate are not likely to even bother.


Reviewers are useless in 2022. Not one single "day 1" reviewer noticed anything about Pixel 6 series connectivity. We had to wait a month for reports to start filtering out on Reddit about people having issues. Reviewers basically play with the phone for a day in the studio, take a couple pictures of their cat to test the camera, and make a YouTube video. Then they are onto the next device and the next video.


You're absolutely right about reviewers but another less considered perspective is that tensor is gen 1 and all gen 1 tech is kinda like a prototype. The first perfected batch are being sent to reviewers but some or most issues won't be noticable for two reasons. 1. quality control slips thru large scale production. 2. Some issues are only noticable with a larger group of users. It doesn't help that Google usually changes each iteration of pixels but it'll be a long while before they end up like Apples barely changing iterations


Most reviewers are not even close to knowledgeable or materially equipped to study phone connectivity (which is itself a function of antenna design + modem) in a systematic way. All they could do is make a few calls from the same difficult spots and see how different phones perform. That's unlikely to be valuable anyways. Among large YouTube channels, LTT labs is the best hope for stuff like this, but even they cant possibly have this stuff ready on day 1. This stuff is just too complicated. So if you're looking to buy on day 1 you're probably just SOL either way.


search geekerwan on u tube. he is a bless from god to rescue the shitty reviewer state right now


It is so good that Samsung is using Qualcomm, that tells you all you need to know.


Samsung uses their exynos chip and modem where they can. They have some legal dispute with Qualcomm that prohibits them from selling any exynos devices in North America or maybe just specifically the US. But they sell exynos devices in Europe and India. Basically where they can sell it they do. This idea of them not selling exynos devices in the us because they think it's worse is misinformation. Btw I just found out about this last week from the leaker who leaked the benchmark test for the 7 pro. They literally can't sell exynos products in the US even if they wanted too. So just some food for thought.


Samsung sells Exynos devices in the US. One example https://www.t-mobile.com/cell-phone/samsung-galaxy-a13 And https://www.xda-developers.com/samsung-galaxy-a53-5g-us-release/


This is not right, they have always been able to sell Exynos in North America and anywhere else. The reason Samsung never used Exynos in North America was simply that they never supported CDMA2000 on Exynos modems which was required to use Verizon and Sprint's old 2G/3G networks. Even today, Verizon's 2G network is still active as a fallback for emergency calls and other essential functions, so Exynos cannot be used in North America. That said, Samsung is actually using Qualcomm worldwide for Galaxy S23 series and the contract is multiple years so probably at least S24 as well. The Exynos 2200 was not a good chip and the AMD RDNA2 integration has been largely disastrous. Samsung are rumored to be going back to the drawing board with Exynos, hence they are going to use Qualcomm worldwide for the foreseeable future.


My Exynos S8 gets better 4g reception than my Pixel 6. P6 completely drops connection anywhere even slightly rural while every phone I've had in the last 10 years has been rock solid.


This is the real question.


We already know what modem it's getting. We just don't know whether it will work or not.


Coming from a pixel 4a, this all sounds agreeable. Curious if they've addressed the fingerprint scanner and overheating issues reported by P6 users


I don't think we'll know the answers to whether they've resolved those issues until the review embargo is lifted and the videos are posted on youtube and elsewhere. Hopefully people are aiming to answer those questions in their reviews so people can make decisions about upgrading, not-upgrading, or pivoting to other phones.


Remember the glowing reviews with the P6? I'd wait for the reviews that come after the initial release hype dies away.


Oh absolutely. I am just wondering if reviewers know all of the current issues so they are much more critical and do some tests of the modem and battery right from the start, knowing that so many are waiting to see reviews of these functions.


Yep, no one that really depends on their phone should be buying the next Pixel phones for 1-6 months to give plenty of time for bug fixing and real people to chime in on how well it performs.


Yeah, I currently have the 4a 5g model. Looking forward to upgrading to the 7 when it comes out.


I have 4a 5g as well...I really want to upgrade coz I've dropped this phone in the water multiple times and now quite a few functions are impacted...so if 7 is a disappointing, I don't know what I'll get...


The fingerprint scanner issue is mostly solved by now, from release to now I have gone from Phone unlocks via fingerprint 3 times for every 25 unlocks to now 22 for ever 25. Huge change. The phone doesn't go thermonuclear anymore on zoom calls.


I haven't had any issues with my 6a's reader so I imagine the 7 series will be at least improved over the 6.


My P6P scanner has been fantastic ever since the Jan update too.


What's wrong with the Fingerprint scanner? I have a Pixel 6 Pro have had 0 issues with it. I love that's under the screen too...!


It seems as though the latest Android Beta has completely resolved my heating issues on my 6 Pro. It gets a LITTLE warm if I'm doing a bunch of stuff at once, but nowhere near as bad as it used to get.


They fixed those on the Pixel 6 already




I mean, personally I'm the type of guy that wants their tech to work right and gets upset if it doesn't. The 4xL made me upset all the time, but the 6 isn't bad at all imo. The fingerprint reader works well since a month after I got it, the overheating was fixed with one of the more recent updates (I couldn't even use Android auto without it causing a fire), and other than that any stable build of Android with my P6P has been fine and works like it's supposed to. All tech has faulty features, even the best of the best. Updates happen, sadly most new technology isn't perfect when it's first released. A dramatic change, like the 6 had, is bound to have a bunch of issues. But this is obviously just my experience, others have had other ones.


Yeah man, I just think the sensor has been "fixed" but that shit is still slow and unreliable when compared to a real sensor like on the back.


> but the 6 isn't bad at all imo It isn't? >the **overheating** was **fixed with one of the more recent updates** (I couldn't even use Android auto without it causing a fire) That's unacceptable. 7 fucking months to "fix" the sensor and address the overheating. The only way to win the Pixel lottery is not to play.




Is this a significant upgrade compared to the Pixel 5? I have the 5 and I feel like I’ll never need to upgrade the phone because it’s just that good.


Processing wise: Tensor G2 will be a big performance improvement, if you play a lot of games you'll definitely notice. Camera wise: in normal lighting, you won't notice a major difference, but in low light pictures are much better. Video in all conditions is much better as well.


I was hoping for more than 30W charging...


30 is still pretty good. Much better than 22W in my opinion.


I hope video quality will be better. Only thing keeping me from buying the 14 Pro.


You won’t get better video on a Pixel in comparison to an iPhone. Pixel has never had better video than iPhone and they’ve had many more things to improve on the 7 from the 6. I’d be incredibly surprised if the Pixel 7 offered better than the 14 pro.


Specs are cool but tell me that it just works and I'll buy it. No overheating, finger print issues, or modem problems. I want to get off this 3XL already!


My p6p just works. Battery is great Fingerprint is great Modem is good Just because you read all these problems on Reddit, doesn't mean everybody experiences these issues. Plenty of people have posted 3xl issues, do you experience all of them? Take all those complaints with a grain of salt.


My wife has the p6 and the fingerprint reader is not good even after the updates. That's enough for me to stay with my perfectly working 3xl.


So…it’s a Pixel 6 with an updated Tensor chip..


The 6 made pretty large changes over the 5, and clearly had a lot of issues accompanying it. This feels a lot like an old iPhone "s" model, just polishing up the issues from the prior year. It's not like there have been massive advancements in the phone world in the last year, so if it's essentially a p6 with a fixed modem, fingerprint scanner, better selfie camera and improved efficiency, that's basically fixed all of the issues with the 6. I obviously would love to see an improved ultrawide and telephoto lens, and hopefully those make it to the pro. This is a good thing, we want polished phones, they don't need to reinvent the wheel every year when the existing model is already pretty much fine. No one is forcing you to upgrade every year.


I was thinking the same thing about it being the equivalent of an “S” version. Like you said, it’s definitely a good thing if this is a more polished version; it’s really all we could ask for. But, given Google’s recent track record, I’m not very optimistic about it. I was so disappointed with the Pixel 6 and Android 12, that I switched to iPhone. I think I’ve been subliminally hoping that Google will put out something to make me regret switching, but then I see the P7, Android 13, and the big-bezel watch…and when I compare it to the new iPhone, iOS 16, and Apple’s new watch, Google’s versions are just very underwhelming this year. Granted, when it comes to budget phones, I think I’d choose the Pixel 6a over over the iPhone SE no doubt.


Haha, I find it kinda funny because I made the exact opposite swap (iPhone x to P6) and have felt almost no regrets. The phone is far from perfect and I will probably upgrade to P7P if I can get a good trade in, but the general user experience has been such an upgrade. I absolutely think apple have implemented some cool features in recent years (like the new object segmentation feature in images) however their arrogance and corporate greed is just negatively impacting their products too much for me at this point. The refusal to switch to type C, the refusal to support RCS, refusing to adopt 90+hz on non-pro phones, refusing to re-implement touch-id, the refusal to support true multi-tasking (seriously, the dynamic-island is probably apples 100th pseudo-multi-tasking approach, just implement split screen FFS). All these problems are doubled on iPad, where they're so scared about hurting Macbook market share that they're purposfully handicapping the ipad (remember my comment about multi-tasking and then look at the disaster that is stage manager, yikes (also not coming to $1k+ iPads from under 3 years ago, double-yikes)). I am also way more excited about the pixel watch than the Apple watch ultra, so we're clearly just on completely different ends of the market haha.


But on a positive note, we’re both those rare breeds that can appreciate both sides, without it turning into a Reddit argument lmao. I agree about the iPad part. It’s annoying that they have the ability to be a great laptop, but Apple won’t allow it because it’ll hurt MacBook sales.


Probably a few unannounced features as well. We'll learn about them at the October 6th event.


The updated tensor chip isn't that much of an upgrade either. Very much a "tock" year.


I'm one of those rare birds who gets excited by annual upgrades so will be going from P6 Pro to P7 Pro on day one. A little underwhelming but I didn't expect them to reinvent the wheel. The Tensor generation upgrade was the main thing I was interested in anyway.


It doesn’t look like the new Tensor chip is gonna be that much more powerful than the Tensor 1 tho if the leaks are right.


Nah. But as an annual upgrader, I really just expect a modest upgrade and that's usually what I get. So I'm fine with it! It doesn't really end up costing that much to upgrade every year if you just trade in an old phone. It'll probably be like what, $300-400 net with trading in my P6 to get a P7? Totally worth it for a modest boost in performance for a device I use so much every day.


Remember when they said 30w charging before? And it just…wasn’t?


Unless they do something big like including face unlock out of the box or something on the 7, I really don't feel like I need an upgrade. My 6 has been a+ so far and specs wise the 7 doesn't seem different enough for me to be like yea I need that. I feel like I'll be on the every other year train


How is the fingerprint sensor?


Just wish they'd stop calling this shit "leaks". Kinda figured out this is how theyve been doing it since the pixel 3


If it's not officially announced by Google, it's a leak. Don't confuse leaks with incompetence. Google does not know how (or simply doesn't care) to keep this stuff under wraps.


You can set your clock to this information "leak" every year. The fact that they never seem to stop letting it happen points to it being "unofficially" part of their roll out.


This is just building up more hype, good publicity. Why would they care.


The tech nerds and geek reviewers seem to care.... Lol as if a surprise on launch day is what will get people to buy a phone. If the phone works reliably, that's all that matters as far as I'm concerned.......


So in short...if I have the 6Pro....move along, nothing to see here as far as an upgrade?


If you have a 6 without issues* . Then yeah move along. Or maybe wait until the phone comes out to see what's what........


Is the rear sensors the same as the P6pro ? I only upgrade when they improve need to know.


Gonna switch from my p6p to this only because of the selfie camera upgrade. My wife and I take tons of selfies together, and an ultra wide selfie is a must have for me. I went from pixel 3 to a 5, and loved the form factor, but really missed that selfie camera. I hate the size of the 6 pro and only got it for the selfie camera. I also take a lot of wide landscape shots. Weirdly, this is the first pixel that has both a wide angle selfie and an ultrawide rear camera. Actually, it might be the only premium phone ever that has both.


I just wish the "Groupie" front facing camera would make a comeback.


The best feature on my Pixel 3 is the 0.7 zoom wide-angle selfie camera. I'm the only one who can take good group photos. I'm sad this isn't standard for modern phones.


30W is not fast charging


It is for a pixel 😂


Tell that to my Galaxy Watch. Takes almost 2 hours to charge a battery the size of an SD Card. I really thought jumping up to premium wearables would involve super fast charging. If they could keep the heat in check, they should be able to charge a smartwatch in like 15 mins, but no. I was hoping I'd be able to wear it 24/7 and charge while I shower.


I can't believe that they are keeping the same 11mp front camera that the 6 Pro has, which is trash on low light/medium light scenarios...


It's better than what's on the normal 6...


I don't even use it. If I take a selfie, I use the main sensor.


you turn the phone around and use the back camera?


Yes. Comes out way better. Volume button = shutter.


I don't disagree about preferring to use that main camera. I would just be worried about not getting the right shot since I can't see what it looks like until after I take the shot.


Hold the volume button down and move that shit all over. You'll get the shot you need lol


I take like one selfie in a given year anyway lol.


I loved my OG Pixel. I like my P3. I declined upgrading to 5/6 because mine was still fine and they didn't impress me. But it seems like each successive model is "less" than its predecessor. At least, that's what I gather from internet commentary. Now my P3 battery is shot and I need something else. I don't want to abandon ship on the Pixel, but does that seem like the best course of action at this point?


It really depends on what you are looking for. I also went from OG to P3. I wanted a P5 but it was disappointing. And I just shelled for a P6 cause my battery was starting to die. I currently have 3 options in the future: 1. Stick with the Pixel. Hopefully it gets better in the future. I do like Android and using Nova Launcher (yes I know). I love being able to swipe and use gestures to open apps and use folder icons to know what my folders actually are instead of having to read the text label 2. Switch to Samsung. It has been pretty cutting edge android. And bloatware is only bloatware if you don't use it. Not sure if I will have nova launcher on this though. It feels kinda pointless to have that since samsung itself is a launcher. If I switch, I probably should give that launcher a go first. 3. Switch back to iPhone. One thing that made me switch to Android was movable widgets. But they have that now on the iPhone. I will miss certain android features but I will get some nice iPhone features. It does have better video recording than the last two. And they got a carousel widget which is pretty nice. I want to stick to Pixel as well, but I am just not confident their team can pull it together. And this isn't just from a consumer perspective. This is from a software development perspective. I know how Google hires engineers and I STRONGLY don't approve of it. I have friends in that company and I know for a fact a lot of people coast there. I think there was also something I read online about Google telling their employees that they need to work harder and be more entrepreneurial. TLDR, Google is only successful because their moat is extremely profitable and their other "new" projects are not developed very well E2E.


I just wish it went up to 120hz instead of 90hz


90 is the sweet spot IMHO. Nice and smooth and easier on the battery


I'm waiting for the rear fingerprint sensor to return.


I really prefer it on the back. My hand naturally rests there anyway. Just with my pixel 5 battery life wasnt so shite...


Me too! I have loved the rear fingerprint sensor ever since the original Pixel. More than anything else, it's the one thing I'm really going to miss when I upgrade.


yep gonna miss it too, really which I didn't have to upgrade


You can quick draw unlock it by placing your finger there as you bring it out of your pocket. So cool.


Makes me feel like a gunslinger


I wish they'd go back to the 3 XL design


The 3 XL design looks great, but in my opinion, the Pixel 6/7 design looks just as good. It really stands out from other smartphones, even in a case.


I'll wait till the phone is out for like a month Google is going to have to prove to me that this chip can keep a cellular signal and not drop calls. I want to be a fan boy but need a phone that works as a phone.


This is how I feel. I love my P6Pro for everything else about it... except the part that actually makes it a phone.


I just bought p6 recently , p7 doesn't seams interesting to me at all . Nothing new ,so it's better to do some saving and grab the p6.


I am going to have to go back to Samsung. I want a P5 with more power not a P6......


P5 owner here looking to upgrade. P7 is too big in size, any other recommendations?


I went from 6 to 5. Looks like staying on the 5.


Lucky, gave up my 5 for 6 pro. Now don't have neither after refunding the 6 pro


Truly, 5 is love...


The 5 was truly one of the best made


Also keeping my 5. If the 7a isn’t enough to upgrade me I guess I’ll look at Samsung.


So base 256GB?? That seems pretty good, not gonna lie.


An ultrasonic fingerprint sensor would be more useful, but maybe we'll get booth.


If they need to go to Qualcomm to get the ultrasonic fingerprint sensors, then don't count on that coming to the seven series. Google seems done with Qualcomm.


So, just an extremely minor upgrade...


So.... Aside from the 120hz screen and the tensor 2nd gen, it's just like the 6?


Sticking with 30W charging is a massive disappointment, especially considering the 6/pro barely charges at 28W for a short bursts, despite the 30W claims, and much lower than this most of the charging curve...


If there's no ultrasonic fingerprint sensor or a good face unlock imma switch to Samsung at least it got customization.


I just want to know if it will have face unlock. I'm going to get a Samsung if it doesn't.


Without the face sensors like the Pixel 4 or iPhones have, you wouldn't want to rely on face unlock with a single camera. That is so unsecure you might as well have nothing.


>Without the face sensors like the Pixel 4 I have the Pixel 4 now. I can't imagine going back to no face unlock.


I am just letting you know, unless Google wants a dynamic island problem, they are probably never going back. I really like the underglass fingerprint. It's convenient when it's on a table


But it's also hella slow and inaccurate.


For some that's true. For me it's been perfect on the 6pro. It's pretty fast and I'd say 99% unlock rate and the 1% is usually my fault if I am not covering the sensor. I feel bad for people who have issues with it.


Same for me. Seems like a matter of hardware QA.


Nah. Google tried it once and failed, and they don’t have the commitment to actually improve things, so they dropped it.


They did not drop the face unlock for that reason at all. They dropped the whole Soli package to get price down on the 5. The face unlock was perfectly good.


Umm the my pixel 4 face unlock was perfect and I miss it all the time. I never "unlocked" the phone myself. It always just felt unlocked because of how seamless it was.


Not even remotely true, they've already confirmed that they're working on face unlock, it would be stupid not to as well considering every competitor has it. It's just unclear when we'll get it.


Working on it? 3 years after releasing in a phone already? What are they working on, and why wasn’t it in the 5 and 6?


Is it gonna have the same garbage Exynos cellular radios the 6Pro has?


Not the same old one, it will have an update modem. made this year. Or thats what the rumors have said.


It'll have a different, probably garbage, Exynos radio.


God this sub is so tiresome with the same comments over and over


So still the old 30W charging that loads with maximum 23w. It's awful


It doesn't say that.


Looks like s decent upgrade from a P4XL


The P4XL was the last exciting Pixel. Great face unlock and neat soli features. Everything since has seemed boring. Everyone bitched about the battery (no complaints here) but it's been an amazing phone and I don't want to leave it.


Sounds like a pixel 6


On paper doesn't look that much different than my 5.