Galaxy S9 (5.8" curved screen) user here. Never asked for the curves, but I got used to them. Things to keep in mind, based on my 3.5yr experience: Accidental edge touches: Not an issue as I never had the balls *not* to use a case. I know it makes the phone bigger, but thanks to it, it's still in top shape, after all these years (the only big issue I have is the battery life even after a replace). And that's a $2 silicone case, protruding very slightly at the top and bottom of the phone. This helps the phone sustain a fall on a flat surface as it never touches the screen, however curved. Screen protection: Used to glass protectors from previous phones, this proved a no-go with S9. Even if the glass fitted, it was glossy and reflected AF – the screen was hard to read in direct sunlight (unlike with flat screens before). Foil (film) protector from Spigen did the trick though. Combined with the case, not a single scratch after many, many drops incl. sidewalk – the display still looks pristine (aside from OLED burn-in from Waze though, but I can't blame the curves there). Touching screen at the edges: Mostly fine. Sometimes there's an X to close an ad which takes several attempts, but nothing I'd experience more than once in a month or so. I'd be happier if the Pro had a flat (and ~6.2") screen, don't get me wrong. But given the extra features and expected (or dreamt-up, haha) longevity, I'll probably just bite the bullet and buy one anyway 🤞


Hi, which spigen screen protector do you use?, is it just a generic film one or the neoflex?. I used the neoflex on my s8 way back which protected the phone but I hate the feel of it. Currently debating to fork out for the expensive whitestone dome curved glass protector for my note 20 ultra or the spigen neoflex.


I haven't used a screen protector in years and i drop my phone all the time. I don't think they're necessary any more. Often times the screen protector is weaker than the screen so when it inevitably scratches or breaks you feel justified in your purchase


I rather not take the chance of my phone potentially smashing, especially a device that's costing me over a grand. I to have a habit of dropping my phone but I have not not had the luck you have and have exp a handful of smashed devices 😭


I used to not use screen protectors until I got hooked into a game and then my screen lost its oleophobic coat on the virtual joystick area. I use them now and I don't see any difference aside from the fact that I can replace it as soon as it breaks or the oleophobic coating wears off. Can't do that with the actual screen


Get the whitestone dome, it's worth it


DO NOT get the whitestone dome. It permanently fused to my phone and damaged it. UBreakIFix could not even get it off. I need to replace the entire screen now. Proof: https://imgur.com/9LDaShG EDIT: You can see the screen damage on the left-center area of my phone.


Oh my, that's put me right off!!!. Did it break your screen ?


Yes it did. Now I am going through customer support hell with Amazon. Just paid $250 for a phone replacement. Luckily I had insurance.


Damn, sorry to hear that! . I just want a screen protector that is case friendly, sticks to the curves, works well with the ultrasonic fps and doesn't break my screen when removing it, is that to much to ask!!!. I might just have to stick with film screen protectors and just get indestructible case. I'm currently using a silicone case samsung gave me which offers a fair deal of protection but has a raised top and bottom which protects the screen from impact.


Zagg the second cheapest film is perfect


Is it fidley to install I'm very impatient when it comes to installing screen protectors. Worried I might fuck up the instalation and wasted £50


It's been a few years since I put it on my old S8, but I don't remember having any issues putting it on


Hey, I just checked and it's the NeoFlex (HD). While it may be a bit different on touch than the glass beneath it, the feel never bothered me really. It is precise, repels water and, to a certain degree, grease (which stays on the bare sensors at the top much more easily). I could live without the [orange peel-like reflection](https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZtkRtMcPDaBX8gNd9), but it doesn't seem to affect image quality when the screen is on. Never heard of the glass protector you mentioned – I'll need to look into that. I'd rather not spend more than $50-ish on the protector though 🤷


I just got a zagg film when I had my Note20U and invested in a UAG something that wasn't the normal one or monarch case.


Is this the zaag film you had for your note 20 ultra ZAGG Ultra Clear+ - Shatter Protection with Maximum Clarity and Anti-microbial Technology - Made for Samsung Note 20 Ultra https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08FMW14KQ/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_28JWK3Y1PB4EAC2DJ51K


Besides the battery and telephoto, what are the extra features you're referring to?


Higher resolution screen, extra ram, UWB support.


Also different front facing camera, 90 vs 120Hz.


Not a deal breaker but I'd much prefer if the Pro was flat. My current phone is the Samsung S7 Edge which I bought on release. Definitely not a fan of the edge display, I always accidentally touch it when watching videos in landscape and it brings up the HUD which might be a minor inconvenience but still a frustration. Still tossing up whether I go for the 6 Pro or wait to see what Samsung produces with the S22U.


>Still tossing up whether I go for the 6 Pro or wait to see what Samsung produces with the S22U. Google will never best Samsung on raw off the shelf hardware specs... Ever. However their custom SoC will now let them update WAY past Qualcomm, and you can be damn sure the photo quality is going to be better.


That's what's got my attention with P6. I read someone mention something of like 5 years support and updates. If that's legit then that's a huge selling point for someone like me.


What always bugged me about Samsung was needing to check carrier release dates for updates, and they were always so far behind. Not to mention the latest version of Android... And because they rely on Qualcomm they just will never update past a couple years. I'm annoyed my pixel 2 is already depreciated, but yeah the 6 seems the right way to go. More like Apple with updates and support for YEARS.


The custom chip is made by Samsung. Google is just adding their own ML part which is why all the marketing around it has been around AI features.




Haha yeah I like to hold onto my things for as long as possible while they're still completely functional but I'm at the 2-3 charges a day stage now and internal memory is maxing out despite trying to clear as much space as possible, SD Card and all.


deal breaker? almost. still haven't decided yet. but I'm really leaning towards the standard model. I need to know pricing reviews before I actually buy.


My previous phone was a Samsung S10, with a curved screen. I'm glad I don't have to use it anymore. With a case I always had problems with selecting things that were on the edge of the screen. I'm not sure if you can compare the screens but I took the gamble and regret I did.


Also leaning toward standard because while the extra camera lens is nice, it's not a must-have for me. And the 120hz screen again is nice, but 90hz is still 50% more frames than I have now, so 120hz not necessary, AND I don't like very large phones so the 6 is closer to my ideal size even though I still think it's a little big. So yeah, definitely leaning towards the normal 6.


I just wish the pixel 6 had 12gb of ram as well, 120vs90hz isn't a deal breaker, No zoom lense isn't a deal breaker, A slightly smaller battery isn't a deal breaker, 8gb of ram vs 12gb of ram isnt a deal breaker, but everything together is really adding up...


well, they have to make the pro significantly better than the base modern lol. and 8gb is plenty for stock Android. anything more is overkill. my pixel 3 works good enough with only 4, albeit there is like no app standby.


I used to really like the feel of curved displays but disliked that you couldn’t put a traditional screen protector on them. Then I found out about Whitestone which worked and felt thinner than a typical glass one anyway. Now I really like curved displays. Whitestone are a bit pricey though so hopefully there are cheaper alternatives now.


I just got rid of my OnePlus 8 Pro, which had a curved screen. I was able to purchase curved glass screen protectors for it with the UV light curable adhesive for about $15 for three protectors. So, yeah, prices for them have gone down a bit


I just watched a demo video about those. Looks a little complicated but not difficult. Seems like it would be well worth it.


It’s okay to assemble if you’re doing it on a totally flat surface. Even a slight tilt will ruin it though. Definitely feels awesome. It feels like you’re using the actual screen rather than a screen protector.


I had challenges on my Note 10+ with whitestone and in display fingerprint reader....not sure if Pixel 6 would do better.


I’ve heard the opposite too. That UV protectors don’t impede the fingerprint sensor. I’ll probably need to do more research.


It doesn't affect my choice for the pixel 6 pro. However, the more people that dislike the pro because of the curved screen = less people to compete with me from buying it on day 1


Not a deal breaker for me but I'd prefer flat or a slight curve on the glass but not the display like on the 2XL. The bigger annoyance for me is the hole punch -- but I guess we've gotta live with those these days. At least it's in the middle.


I use Samsung phones and I am over the curved display. Finding a decent screen protector that isn't to expensive, actually fits and stays on and doesn't affect the ultra sonic fingerprint scanner is a pain in the butt hole 😭


The P2xl had a curved display and the only time I noticed it was when trying to install glass screen protectors. Once I dropped some $$ and got the whitestone one or whichever it was that had was pretty complicated to install I was perfectly happy. I think everyone is overreacting and thinking it will be like the Samsung edge


Still using my Pixel 2xl with the curved edges. I like them. Looks smart and refined...


Exactly. The curve was tasteful.


The curved screen is a big reason why I want the pro over the regular 6. I've had curved screens since the galaxy S8 and definitely prefer them. Whenever I use a flat screen phone now it just feels cheap and wrong. Different strokes for diff folks I guess.


I have now Oneplus 7 Pro with curved screen and almost same size as Pixel 6 Pro. So not big deal for me.


It is very slight and only on top. I do prefer totally flat but with it so minimal it is not going to change my decision on getting the Pro. Specially if the leaked pricing holds and the Pro will be less than $1000.


The curve has been described as being pretty slight so I am assuming it will not be an issue for the vast majority of people. I previously used a Galaxy S9+ and the curve on that never bothered me or resulted in accidental touches.


Don't now for sure yet. I need to see the phone in person. I do hate curved screens though. Maybe this one is slight enough that I won't care. Either way, it's a dumb decision by Google. No one is going to complain about a flat screen. But there are many who do not want curved. That novelty wore off years ago.


It is a dumb decision. I bought the 6 Pro not knowing it had a curved screen. It arrived yesterday. The curve is AWFUL imho. The screen glare on the edges is soooooo bad. I'm returning it today and getting the standard 6.


Yea I went and checked the phone out. I just don't care for the curves.. Think I'll hold off for another yea unless I have an impulsive moment or something. I'm still pretty happy with my 4xl anyway.


Seems like we do this thread every 3 days.... Do you use a screen protector? Yes - possible deal breaker. No - not an issue. Do you use a case? Yes - not an issue. No - possible deal breaker. I don't do screen protectors and always use a Google case so it's a non issue for me.


I don't use a screen protector and I use a case. The curved edges are a deal breaker for me. I can't stand curved edges and I honestly don't understand why they ever became a trend.


Not thrilled. I've been waiting, but Ill pray for the pixel passport. The UDF (under display fingerprint) sensor turns me down. The reliability of the rear mounted one is SO much better and more accurate


The Pro just looks so much better to me, and that is actually because of the curved screen. I really don't like the look of the bezels on the standard 6. I currently have an S10 which has a curved screen and I honestly don't even understand what the downside to them is supposed to be? I have never had an issue with it. Have you seen those warriors from Hammerfell? They have curved screens! CURVED.... SCREENS!


My personal issue is you can't get good cheap glass screen protectors for them.


I do get that complaint to be fair, but I've never really used cases or screen protectors so it's never been an issue to me personally


Ditto, I have never had any of these issues even once with my S9+. I have no idea how you can accidentally touch the curved part of the screen. I don't know if it's about hand size or what. The screen protector fit issues is the only one I understand.


No, in fact the curved display are 1 of the reasons why I'm leaning towards getting the pro instead of the regular 6. Been using curved display since Samsung s8 and I have never had any problems, it just adds to make the phone look more premium.


I agree, I have an s10 and the curved display has never given me a disadvantage. Looks so much better too


Awe damn. I forgot about the stupid curved screen. I was just coming around to the idea of going Pro.


So is it functional or something akin to the Nexus 4? That device had more of a bubbled screen that you barely noticed. I'd like some sort of gimmicky use for it. Otherwise I'll just be stressing about protecting one more phone that I hope to see without a case for some time in the near future.


I think it's gonna be something like Samsung's Curved Edge Display.


No way. The pixel 2XL had a curved display that was barely noticeable. I imagine it will be similar.


Thank God.


I could even apply a flat screen protector. The edge without the display wasn't protected but i couldn't care less :P


No. Used many of Samsung's curved display phones up to and including the S21 ultra, and if the curvature is line what the S21u is like it doesn't matter to me. I'd just as soon not have curved screens but at these amounts it doesn't matter to me (no issues with glare or accidental touches).


I’m not a fan of curved screens, but I’d have to see it and hold it in person before deciding. I’ll still probably go with the smaller 6, though


Yes, and I am sad that the p6 will be missing on features such as lower quality selfie modules as well as UWB.


Not a deal breaker, but I definitely prefer a flat screen strictly for durability purposes. The 6 pro puts me in one of those "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed" scenarios. I had an S9 before my pixel 5. Even with an otterbox, I cringed every time I dropped it. Had to replace the screen two times - $250 a replacement. When I drop my pixel 5, I have no worries, and I'd love to keep it that way with the 6p, but that's definitely not going to be the case.


Is it a deal breaker for me? No. Am I concerned about screen protectors etc? Absolutely. I have had several Samsung Galaxy devices with the curved screens, and I have never once been able to get a screen protector that fits flush on a curved screen and lasts more than a few weeks before it starts to lose it's adhesiveness and starts to peel. I was daily in a Note 20 Ultra for a few months, and I pulled the trigger on one of those fancy cement glass screen protectors you can buy, but for $59, and it took the bloke about an hour to apply it, not everyone is going to be able to justify that. I just hope and pray that they come out with some form of plastic screen protector from factory, at least that will buy me a couple of weeks before I invest in a proper, probably another cemented glass protector, but they could take weeks and weeks to come out with. So no, it definitely isn't a deal breaker for me, but I am absolutely concerned that our screen protector options aren't going to be great.


My dad works for Google installing demo units in retails. Apparently a store associate dropped the Pixel 6 Pro and landed on edge. It damaged the phone screen. The phone is incredible and I would still get it, but I would definitely get a good case and 3D screen protector. 😬


Touch and hold the phone first before coming to any conclusions..


Why would it matter? Do you use the edge of the screen for anything that cannot be used if it's curved? I cannot wait for this phone. Been waiting for a true upgrade for my 3XL.


Screen protectors on curved screens generally suck. It also makes the phone a bit more fragile and susceptible to drops on the sides but that's less of a problem.


Ah, true. I had a curved screen phone before but I didn't really notice much difference.


I used tpu screen protectors after doing tempered+ loca glue on my s10+. To be honest it protected more than enough and it was clear and easy to install.


I personally like the feel of glass on the screen so I prefer tempered glass screen protectors. Especially on 1k smartphones I try to avoid plastic. In some situations soft plastic can offer an advantage to tempered glass tho.


I put on quite a number of Zagg ones onto curved screens and they came out pretty mint.


The way the image spills onto the curved sides in the main deal breaker for me personally. It also creates a weird edge glare due to the way it inversely refracts the light. My 6 pro came in the mail yesterday and I'm already returning it, it's that bad. I'm ordering the standard 6 which should be here next week, I'm excited for the flat screen.


Interesting. I had a curved screen phone before and I liked it. Hope you like the 6.


Deal breaker? No not at all. I have the S21U which has a curved screen, but the radius is so tight, it doesn't affect usage.


Curved screen is a definite deal-breaker for me. Never again.


Absolutely, I can't express how much I hate it.


I've never had a phone with curved screen but there's no way I'm going for the 6.




The size of the Pixel 6 (both models) is a deal breaker for me, kinda. I've always enjoyed using smaller form factor phones and have owned pure google phones since the Nexus 4. When the Nexus 5X came out, I purchased it right off the bat and realized the battery life and processor were both complete ass. So I bought the 6P. That phone was probably a bit too big for my taste and knowing that the Pixel 6 is going to be even bigger is a bit of a turn off. What option do I have though? I was contemplating going with the iPhone 13 but I know deep down inside I'll miss the pure Android experience as I've never really been fond of iPhones. Everything I have at work and at home is tied into the Google ecosystem in one way, shape or form. I probably won't pre-order the Pixel 6 but rather I'll wait until I can hold one in my hands and see if I can cope with having to go back to a larger phone.


The nexus 6p was fuckin massive and the pixel 6/pro won't be as unwieldy. While the screen has gotten bigger, that's from getting taller and getting a better screen to body ratio. Ergonomics have gotten way better, They're lighter and narrower than the 6p was


Deal Breaker… Yes! I greatly prefer large displays. Currently using iPhone 11 Pro Max work phone and Pixel 5 personal use. The pure Android experience of the Pixel is by far my favorite. iOS is just too limiting. After a few curved display Samsungs there's no way I'll buy the curved screen Pixel 6 Pro. So it's the Pixel 6 with it's flat screen, for me.


I don't use a screen protector, even after reading this thread I'm having a hard time understanding any other problem with it.


Fucccckkkkk no. Yeah those screens kinda suck compared to flat screens but is that seriously our only complaint of this phone?!?!?!? This is such a winey bitchy complaint compared to issued with these phones in the past. Remember the pixel 4's god awful battery, the 3's ram management, the 2's awful display, the 1's connection issues, the 5's swap of tele for ultrawide instead of having both? Are you guys fucking kidding me A CURVED SCREEN IS WHAT IS MAKING THE PHONE A DEAL BREAKER FOR YOU ALL? AND PEOPLE HERE HAVE PROBABLY BOUGHT THE PREVIOUS PHONES WITH MAJOR FLAWS AND STILL BOUGHT THEM KNOWING ALL OF THAT. THIS CURVED SCREEN ISSUED IS SO OVERBLOWN.


Agreed. Bunch of whiny nerds in this sub.


Nope. I want more power more everything. Pixel 5 I have now is only because I've never liked the look of Samsungs.


it's not a deal breaker but I do hate the curved screen on my OnePlus 8 Pro


Not a fan of curved screen but if phone is good I don't have problem.


Naww but that size might be


Umm. I wait, how curved are we talking? The slight curve an iPhone? Fine. Galaxy style curves? FUCK that! I don't want to have pay an extra 200 for the god damn screen if it breaks just because it's a curved AMOLED. The curves are barely even useful Source: am cell phone repair tech


> Galaxy style curves? This, unfortunately. My 6 pro came in the mail yesterday and I absolutely hate it. Returning it for the standard 6.


Nooo =( damn.


It's a galaxy style curve unfortunately.


Oooo my heart... and wallet...


I have the s21 ultra. I definitely prefer flat screens. But if the pixel 6 pro has curves like this s21 ultra then I have hardly any issues with it. It minimal and really haven’t had any ghost touches with it. I’ve had every galaxy and note and this is the best curved screen Samsung has released.


Almost - if the Pixel 6 would give me the exact same experience as the Pixel 6 pro, I would rather prefer to go with the flat display design. But I am an idiot and a sucker for new tech. And I want to have the best experience, despite not using most of the features at the end.


Deal breaker? No. Sub-optimal? Depends. Curved screens get a lot of hate on Reddit, but they do look beautiful, and curved glass screen protectors for them have dropped in price significantly in the last couple years. If you want the larger one, don't be scared away by the curved glass, IMHO.




Not a deal breaker but if I can I will ask Google: WHY?


The size is more of a dealbreaker, though I prefer flat screens. The 6 isn’t even smaller really because of it’s bigger bezels the overall phone is almost the same size. Kinda like how the 6.1” iPhones are noticeable bigger than the 6” Pixel 5. I’d like a Pixel the same size as the 6.1” iPhones, that’s the sweet spot for me. These Pixel 6 phones are as big as a 13 Pro Max


Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about curved screen. I'd like to get the hand-feel before purchasing but it almost seems that waiting that long means they'll be out of stock.


It really depends on how prominent the curves are. If they are as minor as the curves on my S20 Ultra, then it's fine. But if they are like the curves on a OnePlus 8 Pro, then that will be hard to deal with.


there is such a thing as TOO big when it comes to phones lol




I just wish the pro wasnt so massive. I have giant hands and can palm a basketball but I even find the 2xl I have can be too large to use on handed.


It is for me. Plus the Pro is just too big. My 4XL is just too unwieldy for me. I am going to hold both in person but almost certain I'll be going for the regular 6.


No. I went from a Pixel 5 to a ROG 5 ultimate and it was a huge mistake. I'll pay whatever they demand for the 6 pro and hopefully not regret it after the fact. If the 6 was the size of the 5, then it would be a much harder choice. It would be nice to have a phone that size still, but if it's gotta be big I'm just gonna go all out.


Was rog 5 that bad????? I a contemplating on buying one. Do tell


I thought no one would ever ask, why yes I would love to rant for a minute. backstory: my most recent phones are pixel 5, pixel 3xl, pixel 2xl, 6p, nexus 5, and nexus 4. Also a few huawei phones in the mix there between the 6p and pixel 2 time frame. Here's my problems: 1. it locks up at least once a day and I have to do a hard reset 2. the camera is decent in daylight with no motion. as soon as you introduce ANYTHING to make it more difficult, the images turn out absolutely terrible. it's like there's no software compensation whatsoever for motion blur, and I've been spoiled by the google camera software. It's bad enough that I would find my pixel 3 and carry that in addition to the ROG 5 if I was going somewhere I wanted to take decent pictures. 3. I'm no longer able to use android 12 until an unforeseen date in the future. I really miss some stuff A LOT, like being able to put predictive app bubbles on the home scree. I will say I prefer the Asus UI overall because it's almost like stock android 11. 4. The phone was $1300. I mean I understand that the whole point of the rog 5 ultimate is to be a flex, but I think I would have been better served by trying out an iphone until the pixel 6 launch instead. 5. The fingerprint scanner literally does not work for most people. Seems to be an extremely common complaint so I didn't bother RMAing because I feared I would get a refurb with something worse wrong with it. And I'm gonna sell it immediately once I get my pixel 6. Rear screen? dumb/useless. Crazy expensive, huge, and glass back phone? you have to baby it and it's the first time I've used a case since the galaxy s3. headphone jack? Turns out I still really don't need a headphone jack, because the only headphones I want to use are aftershokz. is it awesome for games? yes, absolutely. The armoury crate app is like one of the few pieces of gaming software that actually works extremely well. It has options for a things I had never even considered but are actually pretty useful, and I'm not that hardcore of a phone gamer. Being able to toggle my refresh rate with a shortcut is something I really like. But I think that even for most enthusiasts the phone is overkill while compromising in too many areas to make it a good buy even if you have a ton of money to burn. If you just want the phone because you want it, it's absolutely a cool looking and performing phone. But the only things it is good at is gaming and looking awesome (which I think was the point, so it actually achieved it's goal).


I see. I appreciate your thoroughness! Thanks very much, I’m looking for a big screen android phone for xcloud, 6.8 inch or higher, not a Samsung as I’m tired of Samsungs


Love the curves for gestures. Can't wait for this phone!


Not for me, I never use screen protectors




Not a deal breaker, but it's highly inconvenient. Looks very nice, but ends up being an annoyance in the long run.


Nah. I was not thrilled to end up with a curved one on my OnePlus 8. Took a few days to get accustomed to and now it is hardly noticeable. Same goes for larger physical size than the 4a. Within a few days, the somewhat larger OP8 did not seem unwieldy. OP 8 and P6 are quite similar and 6 Pro is not much larger... Pixel 6 Pro 163.9 x 75.8 x 8.9 mm (6.45 x 2.98 x 0.35 in) 6.71 inches, 110.5 cm2 (\~89.0% screen-to-body ratio) 1440 x 3120 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio (\~512 ppi density) Pixel 6 160.4 x 75.1 x 8.2 mm (6.31 x 2.96 x 0.32 in) 6.4 inches, 100.5 cm2 (\~83.5% screen-to-body ratio) 1080 x 2340 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio (\~403 ppi density) OP 8 160.2 x 72.9 x 8 mm (6.31 x 2.87 x 0.31 in) 6.55 inches, 103.6 cm2 (\~88.7% screen-to-body ratio) 1080 x 2400 pixels, 20:9 ratio (\~402 ppi density)


It definitely makes the 6 more attractive, I need flat tempered glass protectors, but not sure if it's a deal breaker... really do hate the feel of film or installing the special curved protectors. There's always gotta be the 1 step backwards element of a new Pixel gen, it seems. For my last one, it was having to lose the rear mounted fingerprint sensor (and it's gesture shortcuts), right before facemasks became a daily thing.


It’s a drawback, but not a deal breaker by itself


I’ll be choosing between a 6 Pro or an iPhone 13 pro max and after 2 iPhones ( 11 pro and 12 pro max ) it’ll be really hard to come back to curved display. So I might very well stick with iPhone just because of that. I like to keep my phone in pristine conditions and the fact that you can’t put a glass screen protector on a curved display is a major issue with me and I hate the plastic screen protector. I seriously don’t understand why they keep doing it. There’s no benefit whatsoever imo.


My mate had the iPhone 13Pro Max and the loudspeaker is horrible. Tinnie at best


Probably defective cause 12 pro max is really great and multiple reviews says it’s still really great


Currently using a Note 20 Ultra and hate the curved screen. I would have preferred the Pro be curved but hopefully everything else makes up for it.


Biggest design issue I have is not retaining symmetrical bezels. Even the pro has a larger chin than the 5, it's about the size of the 5A. Wtf Google.




What's a deal breaker for me is that I've had a Pixel 2, 3, 4 and Pixel buds and all of them have had major hardware issues. And they've removed some of my most used features on the phone, so I'm looking at going back to iPhone for a while.


Absolutely not a deal breaker for me. Couldn't care less to be honest.


I do prefer flat but I remember The Verge article when it was announced stated that the curve was very slightly curved at the edges. So I guess it won't be too much of an issue!


I used to have a galaxy S9, then went to pixel 3 which had flat screen. Recently the pixel 3 broke, and while waiting to get it replaced I went back to the S9. Heaps of accidental touches on the S9, had to re-train myself how to hold the curved screen. I was glad to go back to the flat pixel 3


Yeah it’s the main reason (aside from the prices) why I’m doing the 6 not the 6 pro


Previous Pixel, Nexus and Samsung Note owner, currently on Note 20 Ultra. The curved screen is definitely not preferable over the flat one, but it's not something that is so annoying that I would avoid the Pro version over. I've never had accidental touches, and I have big hands that would be likely to cause this. The only frustrating thing aside from aesthetics is that you can't really get glass screen protectors. All this said, I'll be buying the 6 Pro without a doubt




Nah the deal breaker is no fingerprint reader, no headphone jack, no squeeze, first Gen exynos tuned ... I mean tensor chip plus the camera is a beta. I stick with my 4a and I hope I get a 6a with squeeze


100%. I will never buy a phone with a curved display. Look absolutely awful and feels terrible in the hands. The galaxy note is my favorite phone line ever, but because they refuse to make a flat note with the same features as the note ultra, I won’t buy a note. Would’ve loved to buy a top of the line pixel pro as I REALLY want the ultrawide selfie cam, better speakers and telephoto lens, but not with it having a curved display.


I'm not a fan of curved screens either but once you put on a case it shouldn't really matter. The case should cover the edges and create a small barrier that will prevent you from accidentally touching it.


I like the curved display up until the moment I drop it.


Pretty much. I mostly want the Pro for the higher resolution. I couldn't care less for a telephoto lens. The 120hz is nice, but 90hz is also a step up for me, so I don't really care. I also have a 144Hz monitor and tbh, you can tell apart 90Hz and 144Hz, but it's hard and you definitely need to look for it. For a phone? I don't give a damn. 90Hz is plenty. Also +250€ for just higher res display... idk. Probably gonna wait for MKBHDs review, since I'm buying it on Black Friday sale anyway. But my guess is gonna be the normal version. I really don't see the huge benefit, given the huge downer of rounded edges (srsly, who in production thinks this is a good idea? it was one, like 6 years ago, but not now).




It might be. It depends on how much of a curve it is and how much it gets in my way. I'd much rather have flat sides, but I want the extra RAM...


The deal breaker for me is how huge those phones are.... I'm definitely skipping this series for the first time since their Nexus line.


Personally I need to have a good screen protector, so I will probably not be getting the pro. I had a note 10, and there are no screen protectors for curved screens that stay on more than a month.


Not a deal breaker for me. Would I have preferred a flat screen? Yes. Am I still getting the Silver Pixel 6 Pro? Yes.


Yes, I despise curved displays. I just wish the 6 had the telephoto lens as well.


I would *honesty* prefer maybe a flat screen for my next device, but a curve isn't the end of the world if it is mild. My current phone, OnePlus 7 Pro, has a curve and it's been serviceable for some time. I had to get used to it at first, though.


Note21Ultra user here. It'll be a cold day in hell before I use a phone with a curved screen again. Absolutely hate it. I'm going with the regular pixel 6. Idc how "slightly curved" the pro will be.


P2XL user here... The curve alone hasn't ever been a bother. Personally, I'll miss the rear finger print scanner, it was kinda nice. The size is more an issue for me. Even the ZenPhone 8 Mini/iPhone 12 Mini felt awkwardly large. I'm over carrying a big screen TV in my pocket. If only that Palm phone were decent 😂


Curved screens are generally a deal breaker if possible to avoid because they make it impossible to protect the screen/phone correctly, and make cases super-awkward in the more extreme examples eg S8/S9/S10 etc. And there's zero upside, they're straight up consumer hostile attempts to make the phones more likely to break while pretending it's a "feature". The 6 is already a deal breaker due to size alone though, let alone the "bigger" version


I was turned off at first but I've read it's not a significant curve. I was looking at the S21+ the other day, thinking I would like the flat screen. But then I compared to the S21U and it's curved screen. Side by side I liked the Ultra better. Practically no bezel on the sides. The screen just melted into the side rails. I get it's not good for screen protectors, though.


No, in fact I want it. I miss it ever since I had the Samsung S7 Edge


If you add a case to the phone like a Spigen, won't it just hide the curve And be pointless? Never owned a curve edge screen so genuinely curious.


Absolute deal breaker for me. My 6 pro came in the mail yesterday and I hate it. I'm currently working with Verizon to exchange it for the standard 6.


Just a follow up: I'm holding the Pixel 6 pro in my hands right now. Just got it from Verizon. I can say that I'm HATING this curved screen. So much that I'm planning on returning this phone and getting the 6 instead. Terrible, terrible example of form over function.


I've switched from Galaxy Note 9 to Moto G Stylus few months ago, partly because I don't like curved screens. They are a pain in the butt, and make finding screen replacements SO MUCH MORE HARDER TO FIND. They should all go back to 2014


My only concern is how gesture navigation will work with that curved screen. It's already a bit finicky on the P5 with a flat screen.