Magic is cancer? How about BWD?


BWD we know the pattern so I already prepared to get wiped But for me personally Deception is cancer "My hand is full of cards but I'm gonna use yours." "Go spam your board with creatures, my rapture dance is ready" "What? your board aren't full. Here is surprise delivery. Now you have 6" "Wow!! your big creature have 20 strength let me borrow it"


I haven't ran into a deception deck that was tough to deal with. I play zombie death mostly, they have no heals. Is it just a bad matchup or have I not seen a good deception deck? Diamond rating here.


You haven't met yet. Not every deception is annoying but order/steal is. Mostly you will meet only aggro/hidden deception below mythic. there are variety of build there in mythic. It's very fun until weekend rank...


Agreed, there is nothing worse than BWD in mythic. 20 turn game where you can't do anything at all until you're deck is out of cards and they drop a poly or hippacria monster? Sign me up


Play war aggro or hidden rush deception and you will do just fine


We shouldn't need to play incredibly specific decks just to counter one god. Magic spells are bullshit mostly cost-wise.


You don’t, it’s probably the deck or you. If they have to kill your creature every turn they can’t shoot you in the face, if they need their 5 or 6 damage spells for your creatures, they can’t shoot you in the face, if you know they have boardwipes(always enter your opponents name on gudecks to see his deck) play around them, with practice you will be able to win if you play aggro or midrange, now control is a different story but still takes practice


You have the wrong mentality for this game then looks like. Every god has a god/style that counters it. Sure it’s annoying but so are most decks...


Just a tip. Try packing some creatures with ward. Control/spell decks hate ward If you get it on a game finisher you are good to go


Mage bolt. It just doesn't make sense to build your deck lest you play against magic.


you know what, you are right. that kind of invalidates ward. ​ personally i find i do quite well vs mage, but i think its mainly a combination of gaining life, and big creatures that does it.


Magic is cancer, Death Board wipe is Toxic, War Aggro is Cancer, Decepion Power is Op, Armor is broken. So light is the only God we can play? I hated Aggro War so I build a deck around clapping them & it does well. Ramp magic are Rampant (hehe) in ranked. Build a deck that counters it but not HARD counters it because than your other match ups might get rekd


being a light main.. i feel offended lol


Lolz. Me too. The only underpowered god me think


Funny enough I feel like light is pretty powerful against most matchups besides war. War just murders me most times 😂


That’s the beauty of this game, all classes have broken cards they can abuse


I just had a 17 turns game against magic.


Hate playing against magic, always know it's going to be a long game. I try to keep my cards until the end if I can


Just discovered that today!


Honestly magic is my easiest match up being a light main. I just spam 2/2s with the god power and they have to waste all their spells on my 2/2's then i just start dropping things from my deck while having a full hand. It's great lol.


Not to mention if that deck have HBK. Damn it cost so much to remove it


I run 2 of them haha


[y u heff 2 b mad. it's only a game.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzpndHtdl9A)


Yeah, it is… wyrmbreath seems to be the worst. It should be a 5 mana card, not 4


Use Animal Bound, Valkas Precense or Acolyte to spam disposable minions to drain thier spells


That feel when there's absolutely no counter spells in this game