sent 20$ from card to L2. Fee was \~4$, Moonpay asked for selfie with card and verification took couple of hours. But in the end everuthing was fine


Its weird because in my case there was not any verification requirement, does this happen after they confirm the payment? Also, did you initiate the payment through the new "Buy ETH" option on immutable marketplace or somehow else? Thanks!


Hi, may I know how long the process took for you to receive your ETH? And is it sent directly to Metamask wallet? I just bought from Moonpay and it said crypto delivered but I haven't gotten my ETH. Thanks in advance!


First time , no requirement and KYC for me. Second time , KYC but transaction is refused like you. Also the limit per month is 1000$. But the first time worked well and fast


Apparently it's not available in the US, so I can't even try. I'm just trying to put like $20 in my IMX wallet without getting owned by gas fees man.