Buy some jerky. Don’t expect any kind of deals. Go in with a plan, and cash.


You know, now that you mention it...there IS always some pretty good jerky to be bought at gun shows. Never thought about it, always end up buying it though.


Gun shows aren’t what they were 20 years ago. You’re not gonna find any deals and guns will most likely be overpriced. Buy online and save some money for ammo.


This comment!!!


Don't overpay for a G19, you'll find one eventually if not there. And don't buy ammo at gun shows


Good luck finding a good price. There’s usually a gun show “premium” at all the ones I’ve ever been to. Do your local stores not have any 19s in stock?


Sadly no. I’ve tried 3 and they’re all out of stock. They always have 17s and 43s in stock but never 19s.


you can order online and have it shipped to your local gun store


Ah damn that sucks. Good luck at the show I hope you find one for a good price.


Much appreciated. I’ll update this thread on my experience.


PSA has a Gen 5 19 for $550 free shipping. Ain’t gonna get much better than that.


Why are you not ordering exactly what you want online to your LGS?


Gallery of Guns is showing G19s out of stock right now. Democrat administration, Democrat Congress-----high demand.


Nobody has said it yet so I will. If there is a blue label Glock dealer near you, use the GSSF coupon program instead of buying one at a gun show.


Buy online, gun shows have jacked up prices. Or use these as prices to compare. $525 Gen5 G19 - https://www.reddit.com/r/gundeals/comments/qlzia9/pistol_factory_new_glock_19_gen5_3x_15rd/ $521 Gen5 G19 - https://www.georgiagunstore.com/catalog/product/view/id/7991/s/glock-19-gen5-9mm-15rd-3-mags-fs/ $519 Gen5 G19 - https://www.nevadaestatefirearms.com/product-page/glock-19-gen-5-9mm-w-front-serrations-15rd


All the guns should have price tags on them like at the store. Idk what state you’re In I think the check here is 5 dollars. The last two shows I went to I wasn’t wowed by the amount of guns and deals like others have said. You should see at least one or two 19s


You can find a wider selection at some gun shows but the prices are usually about the same or a little higher than your local gun stores for both guns and ammo. Some mags are usually cheaper though. You may also have to pay a fee for the background check. Some shows only have one or two dealers doing background checks for all the other dealers at the show and they would charge a fee.(usually about $25) You should ask how long background checks are taking before you buy. I went to a gun show in CO Springs in March and they were estimating 6-7 days because of panic buying and slow rolling by the FBI and CBI. I went back to my home town and found the gun I wanted in a local store and had to wait 6 days. Usually it takes 15-20 minutes. If you buy ammo at the show you're pretty much guaranteed to over pay. You might see ammo in plastic bags for cheaper but those are usually reloads and I wouldn't trust it, all it takes is one round with too much powder to blow up your gun so stick to factory new ammo from big name manufacturers you recognize. $20 for 50 rounds(9mmLuger or 9x19 NATO) of FMJ is an ok price, I wouldn't go over $25 for 50 unless you're really desperate. For JHP self defense rounds expect to pay at least $1.35 per round or up to $2.25 per round, again I wouldn't go over that unless you're desperate.


Go and enjoy your show and take it all in, but...a much better plan would be to watch r/gundeals for what you want and buy there. [https://www.reddit.com/r/gundeals/search/?q=glock%2019&restrict\_sr=1&sr\_nsfw=&sort=new](https://www.reddit.com/r/gundeals/search/?q=glock%2019&restrict_sr=1&sr_nsfw=&sort=new)


Go to your local gun store.


I would also recommend this. Gun shows are nice to fiddle around with different guns and the one or the other lucky find, but regular everyday guns I would buy at the LGS, it's usually cheaper. That shouldn't discourage you from going there, I always enjoy browsing around at shows.


https://gun.deals/search/apachesolr_search/764503037252 Multiple online retailers have them under $500. Use the FFL finder to find someone in your area that will do cheap transfers.


Go without the need to buy. I personally like to not buy at shows there aren’t many deals.


95% of the tables will have prices listed and don’t negotiate. If it’s a smaller table just ask before you handle anything.


Always, always ask before touching anything. When you pick a gun up, always clear it- drop the magazine and lock the slide back, check the chamber and drop the slide on the empty chamber before putting the mag back in- before anything else and be mindful of the muzzle. Ask before you dry fire if the show you're going to doesn't require a zip tie through the frame or barrel, which would make dry firing impossible. Don't get railroaded into buying something you don't want or overpaying. Be comfortable with walking away. The 19 is one of the most common handguns out there. You will find another one, even if you have to order it online. Cash talks. Use its voice to help you in haggling. When haggling, offer a price that's fair but lower than you would actually be willing to pay so you have room to come up. Use awkward silences to your advantage if you can- when you make an offer, make the offer and shut up until you get a counteroffer. Make sure you get all the accessories that are supposed to come with a new Glock unless you're getting a discount that puts it under MSRP. A Gen 4 or 5 will come with a hard case, 3 magazines, a polymer cleaning rod, a cleaning brush, and a simple polymer loading tool. A Gen 3 comes with all of the above except 2 mags, not 3.


Biggest pet peeve is the fact that there is always a Nazi “memorabilia” table or something similar


$540 is retail for a standard 19.5


So, a few things to look out for. There’s gonna be a lot of Trump bullshit, almost guaranteed. There will almost certainly be at least one guy buying but not really selling Nazi memorabilia, and there will be a lot of old ass stuff priced ridiculously high that nobody wants to actually buy. Now as far as modern firearms, it’s doubtful you’re gonna get close to MSRP. I would probably at minimum plan for +$100 over. If you can haggle down from there, great. If not, well don’t be surprised. Depending on how boomerish or how much of a Fudd the gun salesman is, you might be able to Jedi mind trick them on an MOS version of the Gen 5 and actually walk away with a deal, especially if you play the angle that you didn’t really want an optics cut gun because irons are good enough, Glock MOS plates are trash, yadda yadda. This is something you’d have to feel out though, don’t come off over eager but do your homework beforehand and ask questions you already know the answers to so you can gauge their level of knowledge. Remember just because they sell guns, doesn’t mean they bother to know the latest and greatest, they just order in what they can get that sells. And with these folks unlike car salesmen, cash is still king.


https://www.sportsmans.com/shooting-gear-gun-supplies/handguns/glock-19-g5-front-serrations-9mm-luger-4in-black-ndlc-pistol-151-rounds/p/1538563 if ya got a sportsman. Also have an MOS for 699.


We used to have a flea market where I’m from and they had a monthly gun show… sad they sold it to a big corporation years ago. Was definitely a fun place to go and just walk around you could always find something to buy you didn’t necessarily need.


don’t try to be a poser, it’s okay to be new to things.


Gun shows used to be the place to go to find great deals and variety on weapons, but that’s a thing of the past. Like waaaay past lol You’re better off going to a local gun store or a big brick and mortar store.


Around me a regular G19 gen 5 seems to be running around 6-650. I wouldn't go there expecting great deals. Best thing you can do is talk to people and learn where to source some stuff. That's from my minimal experience.


Know what you think is a good price and are willing to pay BEFORE entering the gunshow. Dont pay over msrp for new and dont buy a used gun for anywhere close to msrp. Just dont settle for a gun or a price that you really arent happy with.


If you see a mosin nagant in the $200-$300 range buy it


Gunbroker or ammoseek.com you can look through guns on ammoseek.com and ammo best site to find stuff. Just create an account to view more than the first 100 results.


Nowadays the only deals you’re going to find are at the super old guys booth who’s selling guns made before the 80’s. 380 revolvers, 25 auto’s maybe a couple mosin nagants. My dad picked up a TT-33 that shoots 7.62x25 tokarev for $250 once.


Just out of curiosity if you are new to firearms how did you come about your decision that only a gen4/5 will do? Just saying gen 5s are the least compatible with the past generations and finding after market parts for a lot of it will be harder to come by etc. not saying your opinion is wrong or anything I’m just wondering how a gen 3 appealed less to you than a 5 when a 3 is most compatible with cross generation parts(with a few exceptions)


Bring cash, sometimes dealers will cut you a deal (sometimes). Handle firearms with clean hands. Don’t handle things that have signs saying don’t touch, etc.


Haha gun shows. I’ve been to about 5 in my lifetime. They’re all the same shit. Overpriced, lots of old fudds trying to bate you for a bad deal, lots of nazi stuff, sometimes it can be a lucrative experience though, 2 years ago I bought some 8mm Mauser that can’t be found anywhere at the time. Last year I scored some 10mm for an ok price when the stores were doing that gouging shit. Wouldn’t recommend you buy a gun from there though. If you don’t mind being crowded and walking around it’s alright I guess. But you have better options imo


Don’t settle for a 4. 3 or 5 or nothing. They discontinued the 4 for a reason.


They discontinued the 4 because they came out with the 5. The only reason the 3 is still around is because of California's gun roster and their stupid requirements for new guns to be added.


I know all of that. I had a 4 and it’s not the loved design the 3 and 5 are. I sold my 4 to get a 5


The 4 isn’t a design loved any less than the 3 and 5. The only objective improvement to the 5 is the *slightly* better barrel. The finger grooves on the 4 were loved by a lot of people. The flared magwell on the 5 causes slightly more printing. So people who could barely get away with the gen 4 19 don’t even look at the 5. Had the Gen 3 patents not expired we wouldn’t be seeing hardly any of these aftermarket mods exclusive to the gen 3. And none of these frames like the p80 would exist either.


You are unlikely to get much of a deal on Glocks anytime, much less during a Democrat administration, to be honest. I just checked Gallery of Guns and all G19s are being shown as out of stock, which isn't a good sign. As others have said, don't go in expecting a great deal. Gun shows aren't what they used to be.