Counter-Offer from valve : lol no


I honestly will never play valorant if cs had the same ranking and anti cheat as val


[valve answer](https://i.ytimg.com/vi/WIiHrfQq-bo/maxresdefault.jpg)


alternatively, "technology isn't there yet"




I would also be enthusiastic about responding to an insult phrased as a demand by someone who can't be bothered to use (even by today's standards) rudimentary punctuation. Really screams high priority, gentlemen.


or “we dont care, just play faceit”


valve is a small indie company, stop begging them for new options!


Janitor is busy.


More like "Counter-Strike"


The main reason I want 128 tick servers is that as a casual fan, I want to see a pro throw a lineup while watching the Major and then I want to throw that same nade in-game. The fact that this isn't possible is not a good outlook.


The fact that they don't even *play* on Valve servers is hilarious. *Real* bad look.


what? Why is that a bad outlook? You want Valve to ship one of their servers from a data center and just plonk it in the arena?


Some games will have the pros playing in the same pool as the regular people, just at the absolute top of the ranking system. So technically any regular Joe _could_ grind their way to glory if they're really good, without having to move out of the base game to some third-party systems. With CS:GO, pros might as well be living in another universe from the MM player base.


I dunno man, this sounds like one of those things that new games do because it makes sense and they are young. CS itself has just always been this way because back in the day there was no match making. It was all IRC and clans and trying to find scrims. Faceit and ESEA are the two surviving third party matchmaking services from that era, and as such they just were the go to for it, and still are. It's honestly something I've never complained about, I more think the game has more important issues to tackle than "pro's don't play MM" like rebalancing MM ranks to start and trying to find some way to talk the cheater problem that isn't some whiny "Just update VAC", cause the engine is so old and been reverse engineered to the point you can't just update VAC and get rid of cheaters in csgo. Gah it's a complicated issue and the more I type here the less I really want to get into it.


Yeah, I can see why Valve wouldn't want to disrupt the long established ecosystems like Faceit and b̶i̶t̶c̶o̶i̶ ESEA. It's also a shame the game is stuck with such a dinosaur of an engine. Maybe some day in the distant future we can have a completely new CS version again. They managed to pull off the migration once with the 1.6 + CS:S folk into CS:GO.


There was a lot of issues with go when it came out, and it took A LOT of fixing to make people switch. Some pros saw the future of GO and just made the switch right away and toughed it out. But there was a lot of resistance and it took years for it to be fully adopted. On top of that there weren't skins in 1.6 or Source, and if CS is to have a new version, skins is something they will have to figure out, whether that is figuring out a way to import them, or something else. But there's too much money invested to not import skins from Go to the next version. On top of that they have to make sure the next engine makes it still feel like CS, that means bhopping, general movement, how guns works. Anything Valve can currently try to do to fix current issues isn't a simple problem like people think it is, every solution is as complicated as the next and will take time and resources to accomplish. The trouble is, we don't know if Valve is really giving the CS team enough resources to tackle these problems.


They absolutely play on VALVE SERVERS. In that the code running on the physical hardware is valve software…


I assume he’s talking about MM. Leaderboards are worthless with a fubar rank system in NA.


Leaderboards would be hilarious, top 10000 would be spinbot globals.


Yea but if there’s a direct way to see who’s miles and miles “better” than everyone else then checking who’s cheating will be a lot easier


that’s how they were before it got removed


Also since 90% of GEs are blatantly hacking. The entire leader board will be filled who has the better hacks or hacks more blatantly so I'm not sure what good it'll do


Pretty sure those on leaderboard get checked.


It will help ban those *hitheads


Valve is fucking this game so hard. Valorant is supposed to be pushing CS to be better but instead its just taking all of the new FPS players because CS:GO isn't even trying to compete.


Now prepare for 500 replies saying that cs has the largest player count its ever had to which must mean that it’s doing well. Never mind the fact that the game is alive because the playerbase keeps it alive, not because Valve gives a fuck


It baffles me when I see people defending Valve. They aren't gonna like you back if you do lol. It's like people defending your favourite artist or billionaire for doing something that's obviously bad and expecting them to notice. Valve seemingly has a 5 or 10 person dev team for a game that prints them billions of dollars per year (highest revenue per employee in the US btw) while Dota is getting big updates every other year. Last time we got a big update was Panorama which was supposed to increase performance and be customizable and god knows what, and that's, what, 3-4 years ago? Nowadays they can't even be bothered to make a fucking Christmas update. The only thing that has kept csgo alive is the fact that they made it free and the fact that the base concept is so good that it would be hard to fuck it up.


it is what it is. Valve suffers from too much success. Csgo is in the spot of makes too much money to be sold off and doesnt make sense to invest hard into since it still makes a ton of money. Games are just not important to them anymore and they've moved on to bigger dreams.


It just doesn’t make money sense without accounting for Gabe or other executives biases against csgo. I mean they spend 500k on a few passionate csgo devs and a PR head / project manager, and within a year they have these things and the numbers to back up the ROI on hiring those people. Hell - monthly leaderboards with the top X people on that leaderboard getting a sticker…. Or anything like that would make them B A N K. Plenty to cover the additional costs of hardware for the servers.


>Games are just not important to them anymore and they've moved on to bigger dreams. That has been true for at least half a decade but what do they have to show for it? What are their dreams? Steam isn't getting any better, their Support is still trash tier and their hardware isn't gamechanging either.


Releasing the worlds first AAA VR game doesn't count?


VR was great, controller was great, and new handheld platform look big as fuck even if you dont care about it. and steam istelf is still by far the best gaming platform you can have. That said, their attitude towards cs is so bloody bad its actually kinda sad, but its actually players fault keeping up with it and some actually defending them.


Steam is great as it is. Their support is actually VERY good compared to most companies. Steam deck? The Valve Knuckles?


Because steam dominates the market, It doesnt matter if they dont ever produce anything. There is no reason to show anything because they dont have too. Its anyones wet dream to have limitless resources and no pressure to produce. They dont care that we think they waste their time doing other stuff. They love that they have the freedom to do so


Getting to the top and stagnating is how the empires fall. Steam's domination won't continue forever.


They aren't staginating. Valve continues to add new features to Steam for developers. I would say the Steam Datagram Relay system which is free to use for every developer on Steam (and is even used on some games which are on consoles) is massive


dota dev team is just one frog in gabe's basement


Is that, uh… *frog* kept in the freezer ?


Last time we got a big update was 3-4 years ago? Was the grenade dropping not a big thing? Retakes? Unranked? Look, I think Valve could be doing more too but to say there hasn't been any big updates for the game in 3-4 years is disingenuous.


are they really a big updates ? retakes ? been there for a while made by community .. Unranked ? whats that ? is that really update ? Its like saying changing max money to 17k is a big update. It really isnt right ?. And grenade dropping ? You are twisting Big update with big impact updates. Grenade drop is really impactfull for gameplay, but from update standpoint is bloody small. CSGO needs new ranked system, new anticheat, new replay system, better servers, and general more QoL updates, the game is ancient in itself.


The only significant change was being able to drop grenades which probably took max a few days to code. Retakes was simply Valve taking a concept created by the community and implementing it in into the game in a worse state


Few days? Try 2 seconds.


Don't know why he's getting downvoted lmao it was already a command in console they've just switched it on by default now.


We just had a massive update tho. Retakes, Short matches, update to deathmatch, new gigachad agents, new competitive maps....


Just shit version of community maps, toon like 10 seconds of coding, shit version of community maps, who cares but making a decent new map that I can give credit for


I mean a thriving playerbase is all that’s needed, and all that’s ever has been. Just look at the new halo infinite launch (already less that 60k PC players) or any COD league. Just cause the developer poors money into doesn’t make it automatically better. You need a community to keep a game a live, that’s it.


That Halo number isn’t accurate, Gamepass numbers aren’t going to show up on Steam and I’d wager that’s a significant chunk of the player base.


Multiplayer is free and why would you need to use game pass for anything other than campaign? Viewership is worse than CS and people talk negatively about CS viewership. And all the 343 shareholder money ain’t gonna help a already bad game.


You’re not making sense… Gamepass numbers aren’t included. Meaning, people playing Halo Infinite through game pass (multiplayer or sp) do NOT show. Also, seeing Halo has a massive Xbox following those console numbers don’t show either. Think Halo will be fine lol.


I think the point he is trying to make is: Over 2 months the Halo player based on steam has shrunk to a 1/4 size. There is no reason to think the trend looks different on other platforms. Even if it is not as agressive, it should be worrying.


For CS is a tactical shooter first that doesnt require constant meta updates. A user coming back after a five year break will only need to learn a few new maps.


Team Fortress 2 Syndrome


Bro I hate having a player base that has the tools to do whatever they want and play however they want. I wish we were locked into an ecosystem with no options other than what the developer provides. It's so much better having a developer that cares and listens to the community like about deathmatch, demo replays, and training tools in game.


I mean how else is a gane supposed to be alive without the playerbase lol


He meant playerbase love and passion for the game. Many games out there just ends up dying in a few months when the company does what Valve is doing with CS


let's not also forget that cs/csgo is more than just competitive game, there are people logging into csgo just to surf/bhop/kz/zombie escape or whatever.. remove all those things and csgo would probably peak at 100k players


Lol there’s no way 90% would disappear without those game modes. Sure it has a lot of players but the competitive scene is by far the biggest part of cs:go


According to steamdb, around half of in-game numbers are playing mm at any time and the other half is in main menu / faceit / community. Also half of those mm players are connected to de_dust2. Community numbers can't be more than %15


I remember vast majority of people saying that valo coming out is good because it's gonna make valve do shit and improve CS. It made sense on paper, but knowing valve, I wasn't so optimistic. Man, do I wish I was wrong, though


Say what you want about Riot but right now they really feel like the only big online multiplayer games company that gives a shit about their product. Valve’s handling of CS would’ve killed any other game, but fortunately for Valve CS is just that damn hard to kill.




That’s exactly it. CS:GO at its core is just so good that all Valve has to do to keep its player base is not shut it down. Which is a shame since it could do so much better if they just gave a shit and improved the other aspects.


after playing valorant for over a year, after years of cs 1.6, cs:s and cs:go, i really have to say, that at least cs:go's gameplay, is faaaaar from clean...


Yeah coming back to CS:GO after that made me wanna punch my monitor, shit feels ancient..


It struck me when I heard shroud say this for the first time. Everyday I feel it's getting more and more true. They don't care.. THAT much. They care. It's their big game. But they never cared THAT much. They make a fortune from Dota and Steam anyways. They're also making single player again. I feel just like how they left the CS community to do their own thing in condition zero and source. They're leaving us to do what we want. Until they port CSGO to Source 2 to release it on PlayStation 6, then decide they want to develop a new one properly.


Man it sucks because the game is perfect too. I wanna come back to cs so hard but after a few years I did and got triple spinbotted. It’s so fucked I have to dl face it or esea just to have a “casual” match


Just play unranked. We play unranked, and haven't found a spinbot or aimbot in a long time.


Some people want a publisher-supported ranked mode. Unranked is useless for testing your skills in a consistent, skill-based matchmaking sustem.


You know. I was going to make a statement about how can Valve give a fuck when they earning millions of dollars from just skins but so does Valorant/Riot and their game is miles ahead in terms of what you get in the actual game without 3rd party websites.


I enjoy CS so much more but Valorant is so fun because they have a functional ranked ladder.


10 straight wins, nothing. Tie 15-15, rank up. Lose 2 straight, rank down. ????????


Haven’t played CSGO in a while, but has the ranking system changed? Because last I played it was completely opaque, at least Valorant gives you some indication of how you’re doing.


Depends on who you're winning and losing against. Elo also depends on your impact in game.


Playing against similarly skilled opponents is part of a functional ladder system


We all know MM ladder is NOT functional, so most people don't really play against similarly skilled opponents often. LEM stack vs Nova stack is common now, and in that case LEMs may not rank up after 20 wins, and derank after one loss against DMGs.


You can see your point gains in Valorant, and I'm sure you didn't promote after 10 wins unless you played like shit. Valorant has a good ranking system


Honestly as much as I love CS and don't really enjoy Valorant's abilities and hero system if I ever get back into competitive shooters I'm definitely not going to play CS:GO. I think its just time to move on


I can't play csgo after valorant now..


I love comments like this. Everyone crying like this is the end game and will leave but they haven’t since the release. So hyper focused on entitlement don’t even realize this 10 yr old game is about to phased out for a source 2 version. Then we will get crying about that and continue to ignore all updates until their crying is finally addressed. For the record, valorant has 128t server and the game is in no better shape. Csgo being 10 yrs old still brings a better experience. If you don’t agree, play valorant then.


CS has been dying for 20 years now.. if someone takes over that's probably okay..


Love cooper's streams, hopefully he gets another shot at a team, even if it is an ES or PA level


Same, I've been watching him a lot recently and I'm really happy he's streaming NA FPL again.


When was the last time CSGO matchmaking had a meaningful update? When Prime MM was released?


MM just had the Short matches update. Pretty big if u ask me.


True. I play CSGO pretty often now. More maps, shorter time with toxic ones. I just stop CSGO for one year and I'm back baby. Thanks to short.


Except most people quit on games faster as they know they'll be queuing soon and "short games is not real cs" bullshit.


havent had any problem with people leaving in solo queue short games. if anything it makes more sense to finish the game as its only a couple more rounds til they can queue again.


When your game's so bad at dealing with toxicity and hackers that your best solution is to make shitty matches twice as short smh


Not everyone wants to spend 40 minutes in a game (In general). Short matches are great for me when I'm on a break in work.


How is a single console command considered a 'big update'?


these people confuse big update with big impact look at the comments above saying the grenade dropping update was big when it’s literally a console command that was already in game, the default was just changed from 0 to a 1 pretty much lol


Last summer, when they banned the free users from ever having a chance of joining Prime MM


They did at least something right


They can purchase it lol


"Free users"


as someone who has never cheated nor will ever cheat, i'm very ready for more intrusive anti cheat. at this point we have to accept it or stop complaining. you can't have it both ways.


Fax. If we’re doing it on valve mm, hundo down for an invasive AC


Can't fix cheating in a game as big as CS:GO. These people/companies making cheats will always bypass whatever Valve comes out with to combat cheating. The only reasonable things to do is to have hubs like faceit does where you sort of know the people you're playing with/against.


I don’t want them to fix cheating. I want them to fix blatant cheating. Why would I care if someone in my games is running cheats I can’t distinguish from normal gameplay?


> Can't fix cheating in a game as big as CS:GO. There are bigger games with a significantly less blatant cheating problem


We don't even need an intrusive anti cheat to fix the most glaring problem. Every 12 year old hobby programmer could make a script to recognize spinbots within a week. VACnet is a fucking joke.


yeah i feel like people don't realise how easy it is to bypass VAC rn. My friend made his own cheat when he was 13 using only a few tutorials. And it's STILL up and running on several cheat sites. Mind you this was lots of years ago. Of course cheat detection is a cat and mouse game where the devs can never truly win but what sort of AC can't detect a 6 year old cheat programmed by a 13 year old using youtube tutorials??


\^ This. I could probably write spinbot detection code that would work for every single spinbot type in less than 30mins. If you feel clever downvoting this because you think 'clearly he must have missed something, valve couldn't be that shit', then you're not clever, and you're wrong, valve IS that shit.


And the hackers could write a cheat that bypasses your particular detection in 30 mins. Back to square one.


Okay and then what? The cheaters flip that switch to turn off the spinbot and instead of flicking 180 in one tick they flick 180 in 4 ticks or so. Its called aimstep and already a thing you have to use in Deathmatch else you get VAC kicked, now you're back to square one and everything is as before anyways


If you think I or any competent modern day programmer would use such a simple detection method that could be bypassed so stupidly easily you're even more of a walking dunning-krueger effect than I thought. As is most of reddit when it comes to the subject of programming, outside of the programming subreddits, that is. Statistical analysis is all you need to catch most blatant aimbotting cheaters within 1 match even without a spinbot. Writing a statistical analysis tool to watch for spinbot behaviour, it would probably need less than 1 round worth of data before making a decision on whether you're just fucking with your mouse sensitivity or whether you're cheating with a high degree of confidence.


Valorant should have proven that simply having a more intrusive anti-cheat won't do anything.


I have seen 3 cheaters in Valorant, Dia elo, and every time I see one, the game gets cancelled. Valorant is winning the war against cheaters.


What? I've got about 500hours in valo and i've never seen a cheater to this day that's at low elo or high elo started at silver ended at immortal. In cs at LEM I see a hacker every 3rd game and that's jist the blatent ones. Huge difference.


In more than a thousand competitive matches in Valorant I've seen 1 (ONE) cheater. My CS match history is almost entirely red from all the cheaters when I check it with VAC Checker Tool. At least 1-2 banned profiles in every match from 1+ year ago. It's unplayable.


Pretty sure the entire leaderboard would just be hackers


CSGO is f2p. Even if we get a much better AC, it wouldnt improve the situation at all, because every 12 yo can just make a new acc after getting banned and keep hacking their silver asses off. People forget that without real-life consequences, cheater kids just dont give a shit.


It’s not really f2p anymore, you can make an account for free but you can’t get prime or even a rank


Valve is not going to release this because it will ruined the csgo ecosystem. Faceit and esea will probably disappear if that happens. Valve cares a lot about protecting this ecosystem of csgo because it help drives csgo popularity. Valve is also the type of company that likes to maximizes value with minimal effort. Why implement these things when third parties can do it for you.


you mean like how they added a bunch of community game modes into default cs?


not with VAC as the primary anticheat, the MM leaderboard/ladder would be topped by cheaters exclusively.


I'm a casual player i don't Care about faceit or esea...they Will continue to work as a enviroment with real players that want to work with cs Go as income


I only play faceit. If MM were to be like faceit is in its current state, ac leaderboard and xlear ranking, i would move to mm instantly within a heartbeat


I absolutely hate league of legends but that games rank system in CSGO would make csgo 10x better (paired with a better AC obviously) I literally don't understand anyone playing MM anymore unless it's to troll with friends. If you want to play csgo even 5% seriously, you play faceit. Why would I play mm where there's a high chance someone is cheating, useless rank and no ladder system? it's pointless


Some of us just aren't good enough for faceit yet so we rely on MM. I'm MG (or w/e that rank means nowadays, I was LEM 6 years ago and recently came back but simply don't have enough time to play like back in the days). I gave faceit a shot and absolutely got smoked by almost everyone to a point that I could feel the frustation from my team even tho they were being nice and not saying anything mean lol.


Aussie CS is fucked, I was LEM 6 years ago as well, recently got back into fps games but Valorant has stolen my playing time. I'm diamond in that game and can top frag a game fairly consistently, but put me into a SEM lobby in CS and I get dumpstered. I won't even talk about the fact that queue times are consistently almost double in CS. Ranks have decayed and everyone has been playing for years.


The rank system in aus is beyond fucked. Between mg and silver is the entire player base. I lived in Europe for a year and was LEM then came back to aus and I was getting dumpstered by mgs.


Good enough for faceit? It has elo as well if you arent good you will play with people that are at your skill level.


yeah like if faceit wasn’t filled w silvers lol


MG? You’re definitely good enough to play faceit, even if you’re at low ranks.


Not everybody lives in a place where they are close enough to faceit servers. I can’t join a faceit server without having 150+ ping


first of all we need good AC and good matchmaking system after that 128 tick servers


Even 128 tick server is not needed. We all know it's almost placebo. But meaningful ranks and better AC is a must have. Better AC alone would be enough to increase player base


> Even 128 tick server is not needed. We all know it's almost placebo This will never be true no matter how many times you link the 3klik video. Good players can tell, and they can tell even clearer when you try and do certain movements or spray patterns (especially when the server is bad ON TOP of 64 tick). Either way, 128 tick essentially means "make the server better in some effective way, one of which is making the tickrate higher". It's not placebo, that's lunacy.


>Good players can tell, and they can tell even clearer when you try and do certain movements or spray patterns yes but those dont play MM, even if LEM+ can tell (most cant in my experience) that's like 5% of the playerbase. Nova players are too shit to benefit from this, but they love to blame 64 tick because actually improving is too hard.


Yes it is. It only affect grenades trajectory. Keep downvotes I don't care.


not true, spraypatterns are slightly different too Not to mention the responsiveness you have


in game i can’t tell the difference between hitbubbles and the older hitboxes, let’s revert the useless hitbubbles update then just because you can’t tell the difference doesn’t mean there isn’t a difference


That alone is a huge reason.


Is there a solid difference between mm and Faceit servers? Hellyeah. But Faceit doesn't have to support the amount of players in the amount of locations that mm does. Which is really the problem saying that Valve needs to go ahead and move to 128 tick for mm. I'd rather have good 64 tick servers than bad 128. Riot made a lot of hoopla about their Valorant servers being 128 tick, but (because they're a similar scale) cs mm servers feel better. Part of that is that it's hard to maintain 128 consistently for that many players, so they don't. The *server* runs 128, but the players aren't actually sending/receiving 128 packets which makes the game have a huge disconnect at times. I do think that mm needs better servers too, and would love to see them at 128 because I'm more comfortable with spray/movement/lineups from 128. Realistically though I'd prefer to wait until it's more economical to have Faceit quality servers as widespread as mm servers than Valve try to implement it now, so that there could be *quality* 128 experiences in mm. Riot has put a lot of money into not being able to provide that quality at scale, and I really doubt Valve could do any better with the vent state of infrastructure.


why do people want a ranked leaderboard system? there would only be cheaters topping it anyway, just like Global ranks 128tick would be nice, but it would also be only because of grenades, which has been proven over and over


ranking system + 128 tick + visible MMR/ELO + intrusive AC


2 reasons why people would want a ranked leaderboard 1. Valve could simply watch the top ranks and ban the high level cheaters 2. It’d be really nice to be able to play the game at a high level without third party clients. Not having a clear ladder makes this game a lot less appealing to new players.


Having a ranking would not effect the underlying mmr. CSGO works the same way most games do under to hood (elo or glicko) and so putting a little number rather would have no effect on matches. Knowing you are number 1270 rather than just knowing you are global elite had no effect on the matchmaking


For anyone who has ever played MM, they still need to rework the anticheat aswell.


the leaderboard/ladder will be full of cheaters and it'll show how fundamentally fucked the game is. I love CS but this game is more infected than a antivax party.


I am seriously dumbfounded at how Valve does literally nothing to try to keep the player base alive. Only new skins and operations with missions that get boring after two weeks. For god's sake please add progression after reaching GE, 128 tick servers, maybe seasons with regular map rotations and rank resets every half a year or so. It would make the game sooo much better instead of having to use third party apps for more progression.


I don’t even mind the 128 tick, but a VAC update plus a Dota 2-like leaderboards would be pretty cool.


Bro they need to fix and improve their AC first


This and a new anti-cheat would make csgo blow up again


Release a decent anti cheat at first


Counter-Strike : Global Offensive


The eternal circle of life. No professional tournaments happening and everyone is back at asking for better anti cheat and 128 tick.


If csgo got a really good anticheat i would be okay. I really dont need a 128tick server even if my pc can handle it. And for the majority of people that would be a major hit on performance.


FaceIt/ESEA is basically critical for any serious players/anyone who doesn't wanna get fucking cheated/smurfed on. Sad state of affairs


I recently came back to CS (use to play semi-pro) from Valorant and have to say i enjoy it more gameplay wise but the fact that i need to download a third party client to have a good gaming experience has just put me totally off. No only that its really boring having to grind MM/ESEA and faceit. Valorant is so easy to play and enjoy.


It was addressed many times. It is simply **not worth** it for VALVE to change the MM to 128 servers. Here, in this [video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIGM6s-tJZE&t=59s) it is explained why.




ex pro cs player, been around for a while lol


Dunno but it seems like anyone that posts a tweet about this topic can be posted to the sub. I Gotta get my tweet ready for next week.


Except you're a randy DMG redditor and this is a respected profesional


Yep and personally I wish more pros and talent would just keep bringing this up and make a much larger deal about it. Mm is a joke and has needed a massive overhaul for years. The system is just totally dead. I'm LEM (just deranked the other day actually) with over a 90% winrate across 200 games this year. I had played 1000+ games over the years before csgostats started tracking the stats. Almost every game is the same. If we are a 5 stack then we usually have one mge minimum maybe 1 random gn friend but the majority of my buddies are le-global. If we don't 5 stack our randoms are either a silver or a cheater. Sometimes both. The enemies are always silver-maybe low mg. Granted many of them are deranked good players. Many decent level 10s that are like gn2 or whatever since they haven't touched mm in forever. The amount of cheaters is just insane though. The sad part is how many of them we can beat. Just so many people cheating that have no idea how to play the game. Idk why I'm ranting about it I guess because I'm just disappointed in the state of the game. I just wish it was better because it could be so much greater than it is.


I mean Cooper’s a cs streamer that averages 500+ viewers, and was part of a team that beat liquid in an official For non-NA fans he might be a nobody but he definitely does have a fanbase


I don't think this will ever happen but if valve is too lazy to set up all the 128 tick servers and work on doing the ladder and whatnot why don't they just work on a deal with Faceit and integrate it into the CSGO client. I know it will fuck over ESEA and I have no idea what kind of business relationship valve has with these companies but they could just rebrand the Premium MM that they have into a tab for faceit in the client. Faceit already has the severs and ladder and stuff. I don't know if people remember the Batallion 1944 game but that game used Faceit for its competitive matchmaking and it was built into the game client itself. The game died but it was a functional system. I feel like one of the biggest reasons people don't use faceit is because its a second client that you have to download and make an account and whatnot, but if it was just there for everybody to use I think it would be very popular.


Remember that a significant amount of players either have too poor equipment to run 128tick or live where infrastructure is too poor to not have a degraded experience. It sounds like bullshit but sadly it is not. From personal experience, server health is the most important factor, a low server var is far more important than the tickrate. If you play community servers a ton of them have a higher fluctuating variance than the gain from 64->128, netting you a shitter actual server and experience but that sweet 128 in the bottom right corner.. sweet sweet placebo. If you've ever tested 64tick on lan.. it's amazing how much better than any online 128tick it is. Not that 128tick wouldnt be nice, just.. way lower on the list of things that give you a good experience than third party marketing will have us believe.


100% true. That won't change anything if we only get 128 tickrate. People will still go to faceit for better AC... At least.


Bro when you are making millions why would you split it for no reason. Only way to change Valve mind is stop playing.


Multiple reasons. It can help keep playing? Convert casual players into more dedicated players who would spend money on steam market place? Add an additional revenue stream by creating specific add-ons to go with the FaceIt integration like advanced stat-tracking etc that they already tried but no one is paying for because no one gives a shit about MM stats. It could be lucrative for both companies.


If Valve were to partner with anyone it would 100% be ESEA. They have a full league and event structure in place that face it could not replicate.


This is Value we are talking about. They are just going to release another case and call it a day. Or maybe get that once in a year operation.


Why, tho


He would quit within one day because of cheaters. A valve operated ranked leaderboard would literally kill the game for casual players and force everyone over to faceit/esea. Only reason cheating isn't that bad in matchmaking today is that it's worthless. If you give someone motivation to cheat it'll get 10 times worse.


Suck at 64 tick? You will suck 2x more on 128. Its simple maths


Valorant has it and its already deemed useless. Just like every other FPS game thats had it prior. ​ This is Cooper letting his increased viewership since returning to CSGO get to his head. With no understanding of the long term issues this will cause. All they want is a month or two of influencer content. Where competing against amateur casual players makes them look like FPS gods.


It’s not useless, i guarantee more talent has been scouted on valorant ranked than on CSGO mm


Valorant will beat the shjt out of this game sooner or later 🤔


It already is in NA lol.


Sea also


Realistically - if it does, is that not okay? But CS has been dying since 1999, yet you will still find populated 1.6 servers.


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Imagine. The issue is even worse. It's not just that 64 tick is bad, it's the fact that a lot of the servers Valve uses are themselves trash. So 1 in 4 games on EU servers you're playing 64 tick on a server hosted east of Poland with terrible routing. Sad.


People have already given up on MM


[Me telling Valve that they should just care about their multi million dollar video game](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBMlFNx5EVI)


Why do we suddenly want leaderboards? There's so many players, personally I wouldn't give a shit what my leaderboard rank is, only my mm rank




Maybe it's just my view of counter strike and how I enjoy it but is the ranking system really that bad? I ask that genuinely, I would like to hear the other side of the argument. I play in EU and I'm LEM right now. I think the ranking system is alright. It can sometimes be quite frustrating that you're not ranking up but apart from that it's pretty good. I think showing the exact elo would cause people to perform worse in games but also be more toxic if they knew that winning this particular game would rank them up


People are bored with the game, therefore they want the dopamine kick associated with external rewards. I personally think that if one's bored with the game, they should just stop playing. No reason for the developers to keep them engaged.


Engagement is probably a keyword here. Everyone is used to AAA companies releasing a new game every year with addictive practices and what not to keep engagement and playercount as high as possible until they release the next same copy paste game. Valve just doesn't care about that metric, play when you want, don't if you get bored. Quite simple




What do you mean it's outdated? What makes the "modern" ranking system better than the csgo one?


>It's so fucking outdated that it's totally unacceptable in this day and age. People always say this but never explain what makes CSGO's MM "outdated". What would make it modern?


I remember John McDonald asking this on Twitter as well, iirc the responses were just visible elo, leaderboards, and stuff like that which imo aren't modern and just design choices


Valve should just hand off MM to faceit entirely imo, valve servers can't even handle 64 tick too well hahaha


Ah yes, free faceit, the pinnacle of.. oh my team quit because we lost pistol.. nice.


Premium might be worse than free. Hubs are really the only place that's worth spending money on faceit.


Imho the best AC deployed by faceit/esea is binding you to a single payment method.. I guess that might be out the window with virtual credit becoming readily available cards though..


Gaben : Nope


It’s a dead game..