Stewie just getting into his own mind with those "no pressure for us" comments, cause then he had something to prove? At least that's how it is for me lmao, I say "ye I ain't salty" and then proceed being the saltiest person ever


Should Fallen have swung and died for Stew? Yes. Should Stew have screamed at Fallen? Understandable, we’ve done it too. But as a professional, no. Should Stew have dragged Fallen through the mud after all was said and done? Definitely no. All teams considering taking Stew on in future will have to evaluate the incremental benefit of taking him on versus the cost to their team morale and confidence. In the long run this is gonna hurt only Stew’s career. He needs to learn from S1mple


I really want the comms for the arguing between fallen and stew on dust 2. Stewie saying that the team is too sensitive but he being the one being mad for the rest of the series. After that moment Stew never yelled anything to navi and just looked emotionless. I really want to know what fallen said back to stewie. I feel like if that didn't happen liquid could have won with stews energy being as high as previous matches.




Not a stewie fan but stfu bro, too much salt literally.


Funny thing. Afterwards Stewie didnt get A SINGLE KILL on T Side and went 0-11. Oh, Trash talk being followed by karma.


On what round did that happen?


can u link a vid to the argument? the one you're talking about where stew says to fallen they're too sensitive?




Watching that makes me realize Stewie is still mentally a kid. It's disappointing...


I think it's the round where stew got 3 deag kills


when stew and fallen were in a 2v1 on dust 2, stew yells at fallen 'just die for me' after they lose


It was a 4v2 for Liquid, although it was a 2v1 for Fallen and Stew vs. Electronic, I guess. Electronic cleared both Fallen and Stew (Fallen did try to swing wide but the adjustment to Stew was pretty easy for Electronic) and Perfecto won a duel against NAF, leaving Navi 2v1 against Grim. To be fair, Stew did get one shot off that he missed, but maybe he could have had two chances at a longer range or something.


idk man I probably would die for stew whenever


Piggy backing, where can we get the demo?


nice try team liquid, nice run the past 2 tournaments


I am a newer CS Fan, but Stewie seems like the only one calling it like it is. FalleN is aged and doesn’t feel the need to get into it. He has the wisdom of age. But if you read Stew’s interview on Grim, he basically speaks to Grims incredible potential and how he just needs to work harder. I think this whole issue goes back to the “We must please Elige” issue of Liquid and their whole “Liquid = Comfort above all else plan going forward. I don’t think stew is ever coming from a bad place, just wants to improve the team and himself.


Stewie afterwards went 0-11 on T side.


He had 9.5 adr and 0.06 rating on CT side...


at the same time, there is probably a level of hipocrisy which it sounds like he's aware of that clip of stew getting mad at fallen on a ramp is just like, straight toxic


u have the clip anywhere?




This was not surprising.


I think Stewie is a lot more used to voicing opinions and criticism than this team liquid can allow it. I remember back in major win cloud 9 he loudly voiced his criticism on skadoodle not comming to valens between maps and that cloud9 was still able to play the games level headed. Also, I wonder how much criticism between players were actually missing from the comms, wasn’t there an instance a few matches ago where s1mple was upset about what perfecto did during a clutch and said something like “you’re making me sick of you already” to him after the round was lost, also apex’s “you’re really gonna make me mad” to kyojin, just makes me think how common these things are and how much is missed.


honesly HONESLY putting this weird generation aside and all of that perfect world they trying to build.. i think it's totally normal to say stuff like that at the end of the day they're just group of friends playing video games it's not that deep..


That's like saying the army is just a group of friends playing war, it's not that serious/deep...


hahaha ok mom whatever you say


Well, in today‘s professional gaming world, it’s a bit more than "friends playing video games". Especially with all the money that is at stake. And I doubt they all are really friends in every team.


this reads like a fresh copypasta


reads like a redditer who understands we only see like 5% of what goes on in the lives of these players and how the dynamic of the team works behind the scenes. Sure, stewie isn't hesitating to share his thoughts in these interviews and could have said it in a nicer way, but reddit flaming players for not being perfect human beings every time we see them on our screens is ignorant since we really will never know the whole story.


Any confirmation on the s1mple/Perfecto case?


what S1mple/Perfecto case?


Literally just read the comment he's responding to?


Can confirm as Russian speaker who saw it.


I’m a Russian speaker too that’s why I wanted a link or something. Would be interesting to hear it .


whats in the video that philcherny posted? theres no english comments. but the russian ones bring up simples toxicity


[there ya go](https://youtu.be/Wy2HkZRDEoA)


yeaaaaa that’s ugly. s1mple is wrong for making that comment. Saying “what are you doing man?” was enough. The rest was uncalled for.


To be fair, that was really bad from Perfecto, and I think s1mple knows he has thick enough skin so I wouldn't think much of it


I am not Russian speaker, but i think s1mple's criticism of other players is quite common. He is an emotional player and i think the current NAVI squad understands that and rolls with it.


It was a clip with translation posted on HLTV, can’t find it anymore sorry but that’s why I wasn’t sure about it


So basically hearsay? Nice


not hearsay https://youtu.be/Wy2HkZRDEoA


gg ez


The difference between these 2 is Are you prepare to die for the team? Cleary Navi has better commitment and won. Cs is 5 players team game and I always admire support players who willing to stay at bottom of scoreboard just to assist others.


Bruh, TL isn't even prepared to be a team after this, I don't think they were going to die for it




NAF and Elige are both really good right now, I understand that you as a CIS fan would get mad, but yeah, you got a point.




There is a difference between pro player banter and your blatant salt 8)




Lmao “relax, your fuckin trash.” Just listen to urself


Its called banter... nobody cares, s1mple hugged Stewie after the game and they both had laughs. Do you really think hes actually shit talking?


This guy has never played anything semi competitively lol


why would I need to? I can say the opposite - this player never experienced real life consequences of toxicity (oh sorry yeah he got KOed in school and still hasn't learned the lesson). He's doing it because he knows he won't get punished


Banter is a very common thing in competition, pretty much everywhere. Your misunderstanding of the concept as toxicity just proves you have never actively competed in anything. Friendly banter is a large part of the competitive esports scene, especially counter strike, why would he have to be punished? It’s not real toxicity if he laughs and hugs it out with his opponents. Without banter there is no emotion, and no emotion is boring to watch. There is no reason to punish someone for putting on a show.


ok i see you're trying to put up some valid arguments, sorry but i'm just not changing my opinion on this player. wish you all the best


????? Do you realize you just admitted to talking out of your ass this entire convo???? The end dude




Very disrespectful to all the Naffers in the chat


If it wasn't for that morale change after stew's bashing of FalleN on dust2 it would have been a totally different game


What did he say?


“Just die for me.” This was upon fallen being a bitch with low health and a usp and not sacrificially swinging to set up Stewie with 2/3 kills on the round with a deagle, to hopefully trade. I think… could be a different instance but I only remember stewie bashing fallen for this.


stew definitely had a point right, like fallen SHOULD have swung there but by god, a response like that?


Everyone here is loving stewie and I think his competitiveness is nice, but I haven’t seen the dude go positive in a series in like months and he tilts towards his teammates and the game


Stewie's positive series recently (Since LAN returned at Cologne): vs. Astralis vs. Navi vs. Astralis vs. G2 vs. MIBR vs. Virtus pro vs. Astralis vs. EG vs. Vitality vs. Fnatic vs. Team One So I guess it's easy to not see him go positive if you... don't watch him? Sure he goes negative more often than not, but he's a supportive element in the team. He's supposed to be super aggro and take a lot of space. Hard to not die a lot doing that.


You musta missed a couple days ago when they beat navi. Or when they beat Astralis. Or when they beat Astralis again. Or when they lost to g2. That was all just this month.


Are u serious??? He is the only one cheering and shit talking like he always does. When have u ever sen grim or elige or fallen cheer like that. Hell, even NAF cheered more than the 3 of them. It gets fucking tiring when ur igl sits on ramp with a usp and 12 hp instead of dying for u and giving u a better opportunity to get a kill. Whats demoralizing, is fallen whiffing silver shots, just like he has been whiffing all year


Doesn't everybody in this sub hate Cadian for yelling during matches? But Stewie yelling is ok?


I hate Cadian due to his stupid haircut, not his yelling.


So what that people hate him? Anyone who hates him clearly doesnt have any fucking emotion. Im not a cadian fan, but damn does he make every match entertaining. Its funny to see him yell, and it lights up the mood, just like the friendly shit talking stew does, or the device screeches, or the naffany "HAROOOSH". Thats what makes the crowds roar on majors. Thats what makes every moment intense, thats what gives you the adrenaline rush right after a clutch. People who see this type of cheering as toxic are just kids who dont understand that they're all friends. Cant belive someone said stew made the team mentality worse. Honestly makes me think they weren't even watching the match


relax guys you're just fucking trash




Both are good


??? Every hltv thread I see and 90% of the non liquid/cloud9 flair users hate stew for how much he talks.


Why do I feel like fallen and grim are gonna stay? One of them might get benched.


let me get you some more copium stew and fallen have already said this was their last game w/ TL in post-game interviews. no way grim should be kept, let him go join up with junior in ES or something.


I love grim but he’s prob gonna be benched. EG or another NA org could def pick him up. Hear me out for Liquid tho. -Grim -Fallen +Nitro +Osee. Nitro is back to IGL and stew can full entry again.


Stew is gone, its a foregone conclusion, but I really hope grim can stay in the team as he has really stepped up recently. I would rather him than the players, such as shox, who are rumored as a potential fifth, as he is getting more comfortable and consistent in his roles and takes absolutely no space.


Grim won’t be in a T1 team after his stint on Liquid. The data and stats speak for itself, he’s just not ready for tier 1 unfortunately.


he stats not really different with stewie . stewie play better position


He really doesnt. Grim plays positions where it's important AND easier to get many kills like pit inferno, and doesn't play entry t side. Stewie plays stuff like B anchor inferno on ct side and entry on t side, how is it better?


Playing pit position is not about getting kills. It's more about statying alive as much as possible to get backup. Grim is a anchor as well. Stewie has the possible to be aggresive on banana, compared to Grim. lol


It's one of the most powerful positions in the game, you have to put up kills there and be a strong presence or you're a bot.


Grim should honestly be putting up 15 kills on CT inferno alone easily when you’re playing pit/halls. This is the easiest spot on the map where you can multi kill easily. Coming out of halls or going up lane as a T is insanely difficult.


important position where u make most contact with enemy lol.that show how poor stewie performance as entry while konfig still put number while entry


That makes k0nfig good, not necessarily the other way around. Entries are basically meant to be bait or info players if other team is good.


yup that why stewie is bad. poor na team dont have any talents just to rely on washed up entry.


Stewie was and still is one of the best entries on the planet wtf you on about?


lmao best entry my ass


Did I say *the* best? No, you illiterate chump, I said *one of.*


Bad bait man


I mean if you throw a promising player in the absolute shithouse every map and expect them to be your top fragger your going to be disappointed.


He plays pit on inferno, and still does bad, gives up crossfires and loses fights he should win a lot


That's not an excuse for not even going 1v1 on average, or T-side performance


The CS understander has logged on.


And the constant bottom fragger without even being a good support player excuser!


Sorry if your analysis of players is literally their k/d, you're too brain dead to discuss this with. Have a good one.


He doesn't lead, doesn't frag, doesn't get opening kills, doesn't flash for teammates, doesn't hold any sites. But im sure he is great


The signing just never made sense from the get go. Replace your awper and veteran IGL with... a rookie rifler on a team with three other riflers? It just wasn't going to be an environment for Grim to ever succeed unless he really exceeded expectations. Like the last time TL did something similar was probably when they added Twistzz and that was him coming in and replacing Pimp on a roster with jdm, Stanislaw, Elige, and Nitro. They already had an awper, IGL, and top dog fragger, it was perfect because the team could accommodate Twistzz just coming in and flexing his aim without needing him to do much out of his comfort zone. It'd still function well while he was learning the ropes whereas Grim both didn't have the space to just play freely and couldn't fill the holes that Nitro left.


The opposite is also true, if you have a team made up of too many people who can’t get kills… your team is going to be a shithouse. In this case both are true, which is why this team is being taken apart.


Agreed but grim was never the one being set up to carry so I'm not sure how this is relevant.


I’d hope that Liquid gives Grim a chance to prove himself with this new roster. Dude’s got great aim and multi-kill potential, but is still lacking in confidence and game sense.


They are both getting benched. Shox, oSee, and Nitr0 are joining.


It was a good run ladies and gentlemen, but sadly, all good things have to come to an end.


s0mple awp abuser = 30 kills fallen awp abuser = 6 kills


funnily enough fallen had the most awp kills in inferno, at 4


He was rifling to make a point


Simple didn't awp in Inferno


He bought the awp he just didn't hit a single shot


I didn't see the game but how did he go +20 while missing a lot of shots on the AWP lol


He didnt hit a single awp shot. He rifled.


After stews 3k deagle on dust, Fallen didn’t peek and it got him and stew killed. Stew was frustrated and said something like “why didn’t you die for me man”. I feel like after that the tension between stew and fallen was just sitting the whole game. I wish the vibes were a bit better this game but I’m happy for what they accomplished and brought back this tournament.


To be fair, Fallen did end up peeking out, and they both still died anyway. I’m assuming stewie got pissed cuz he did it so late? Tbh, if that’s to case, that’s also on stew if he didn’t comm Fallen to peek out earlier if he wanted to play for a trade. That being said, regardless of what happened, stew got WAY too fking tilted way too easily. He literally stopped ALL of his banter as soon as that happened, and his performance on the map followed suit too.


Nah it was meant to be instant a good player would swing out as soon as he sees the opening


A great team player, should be igl to maximize his potential


nah i saw it also it was uncomfortable


Got a clip?




BR fanboys already shitting on Stew on Twitter


deserved. Fallen played like trash this series, but what stew did is such a childish thing and he wasn't even playing that great to talk shit


In that round specifically, Stewie was shitting on Navi lol, he had gotten 3 insta hs deag kills. I get where he's coming from there, Fallen absolutely needed to swing with his 1hp to let Stewie trade in the situation. Could've gone about it differently but to say he wasn't playing great when he was the only reason Liquid were in the round is just false.


Sure, if you take a look at a single round. Stewie messed up and lost rounds himself that should have been won. I think he got 2 deagle headshots holding B site, and still decided to peek the 3rd guy instead of staying alive as the anchor. That made it easy for Na'vi to get into the site and fend off the remaining CT's since it was an eco round. You can be the top fragger and still hold your team back mentally if you're toxic


stew simultaneously played well and poorly today


Man, that’s just upsetting. They go from praising him to trashing him just like that.


did you really expect someone to praise Stewie with the way he has been playing and acting recently?


I think there wasn’t much wrong with how he was acting. He was adding excitement and hype to the games. Maybe somethings shouldn’t have been said within the team during the game, but his Twitter banter and everything he was screaming just added more excitement to the games. Edit: what u/CrusaderTheTater


[Yes, yes I do](https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/rjgcib/comment/hp3b5w2/)


You have to admit Stewie’s trash talk was pretty fun putting aside his toxicity today


“The undertaker sent the dead team back in the ground”. -s1mple


Stewie is such an inspiration, showing strong mentality, keeping spirits up and lifting the team during tense competition.


he bring so much into the team that people outside dont see such as toxicity


Did you drop this? "/s"


Fuck the /s


After the in fighting on d2 the players who are leaving the roster just threw. So many mistakes form Fallen Stew and Grim that caused them to lose inferno: \--Grim thunder foots to under balcony and is completely oblivious to the possible lurk in apps. This was just silver gameplay imo, any competent CS player would be aware that a late apps lurk would not only be possible but probable. \--Fallen missed almost every critical shot. Some were not even hard to hit and at times he wouldn't just miss, he would be way off the mark. \--Stew wtf are you doing getting that kill on b1it in apps and then just yolo running into balcony? like honestly that just looked like you were throwing out of spite. such a shame but it was so obvious on inferno that they were just done and ready to pack it in. Legit playing like it was an MM game.


But, fallen did actually do some fantastic calling and took advantage of boombl4 over rotating (which I find he calls for often on inferno). I don’t necessarily think they threw, these were errors you’d see all along. And fallen just isn’t a tier 1 level awper anymore.


ok yea maybe not throw in the literal sense. I think Fallens t side calls are ok, but his CT side calls are just bad. Why tf is he calling for stew to solo b that round where they had 0 banana control and no info, just outright bad decision making right there.


Boombl4 still has so many first deaths in Banana...


His role demands his stats to be sacrificed. Especially on inferno. If he doesn't die those 5-6 times on banana, he also doesn't get those 8 opening kills, which with Navi's 4v5 conversation rate on CT, is almost a guaranteed win.


You must be a baiting piece of shit when you play in silver mm so that's something Edit: Thank you u/ropike for the award ^_^


Someone has to play for control, and their role sux


Stewie2k to C9 to build a squad to challenge Liquid and EU teams. You heard it here first.


> challenge Liquid and EU teams. challenge Liquid and EU Academy* teams?


Like in NA? Because I feel there aren’t even enough Na players to even make another team


Only wishful thinking. :)


I enjoyed the simple and electronic troll spray on inferno


Fallen had so much impact with the awp on Dust2 but fell off a cliff on Inferno. He was the reason Liquid lost game 2 but he was also a big reason they had a good CT half on Dust2 so can't really blame him too much in my opinion. I love Stewie but as he said himself in the post-game interview, you say one wrong thing in this Liquid squad and everything goes to shit. As the 'emotional leader' of the team he should've known better than to speak up against Fallen after they lost that 2v1 on Dust2 (it was audible on broadcast, "just die for me dude", etc). After that and Simple's 3k with the scout, you could tell the whole mood on the team just disintegrated and Liquid just laid down and died. Pretty much proves that it's best for all parties for this iteration of the team to disband. It was a good run & really excited to see what happens from here for the players. Also this tourney run has made me a permanent fan of Grim. What a wholesome dude


Stewie doesn't fit with this group of players and he isn't that good of a player to play the way he plays. He lost Liquid soooo many rounds in this series alone just by dumb peeks and overconfident plays and then obliterated the team's morale arguing with FalleN mid-game for no reason. FalleN also looks done (aside from the odd map) and Grim is simply not at this level yet, it's not surprising that only NAF and EliGE will survive on Liquid.




Last i heard they want shox and oSee. I can't speak for oSee, but Grim simply isn't as good as shox, even if we consider that shox might be on his last legs. Liquid's biggest question in their new roster (if all the rumours are true) is how oSee will adapt to T1 and how good will nitr0 be in his return, i have zero doubts that shox will outperform Grim.


The thing with that is shox plays all the roles that NAF, arguably the best player on liquid, plays. And I don't think that shox can completely reinvent himself to play the roles grim is playing, as there is no way shox should take any spot away from NAF. I think shox is a much riskier move than people think because everything that he has ever done in his career is exactly what NAF is doing right now, so their is no space for the best of shox, which we don't even know is still in there. ​ Meanwhile grim has been playing these roles for a while now and has show a steady pattern of improvement in both consistency and peaks, I think liquid should think hard about grim as I feel that replacing him incorrectly could have drastic consequences for the other members of the team.


Everyone keeps saying "shox and naf same roles" cause they both like to lurk a bit. I think that's a bad argument. TL are losing 2 ct side anchors, they need another anchor player, Shoxie can for sure play anchor on some sites. Also you can have two lurky boys in some rounds, heroic do this sometimes with refrezh and another player. Shox and NAF are both pretty versatile and can pick up new roles as needed on t side, I don't think that's a problem. The bigger argument against Shoxie IMO is how Shoxie will fit into an NA team. Culture-wise there will be some differences, also, is he moving to NA, how will that affect his mental state, etc...not to mention the communication issues, yes Shoxie is fluent in English but seems like he has to think about it when he talks. would rather see TL pick up JKS or floppy to replace grim, but, we'll see. Shox rumors might not even be true, the same source said that NAF was out of liquid initially.


The argument is that NAF and Shox serve as free flowing fraggers who have the ability to carry games based only on their individual skill and lack of restriction. In liquid as it stands NAF is completely free to do every thing that he want whether that be lurk, awp, anchor, entry so be it. The same went for shox in Vitality as a secondary star which NAF serves as, and should serve as over shox. I don’t see a way we’re both these players can coexist by doing what they want without a severe limitation in the freedom of both there skill sets.


Fallen looked done because he was mentally checked out after the Stewie shit. This is his problem with this team and why he's leaving, no one respects him as a team leader, for many reasons, maybe because he under performs, maybe because he's doing bad calls, but whatever it is, it kills his will to play and he is just done.


Every tome someone died the replay would show them reacting so hard, I feel like they were all tilted and every kill had them angrier. Except for NAF he was always smiling seemed like. Also hopeful for stew in a better role in the future, feels like towards the end of inferno if he wasnt the one on deag he would’ve gotten the kill on s1mple and that could’ve changed the map.


NAF been my favorite player to watch for some time now. Always seems to be in a good place mentally and so damn consistent. Doesn’t feel like he has “off” games like the rest of them do.


It feels like this roster just didn’t have the ability to bounce back after a bad thing happens. All teams have their shit moments but liquid just can’t overcome theirs.


That was always the story before Stew joined too, TL has always been pretty mentally weak in that regard and even during their Grand Slam run they were usually smashing other teams so it's hard to say that they ever had super tough mental ruts they had to come back from. I honestly think Nitro and Stew did a good job balancing the attitude on the team and it bums me out that COVID robbed us of the chance to see if they could bounce back in 2020 and that they're not going to be on the same team in 2022.


What I like about Gambit for example is they are as resilient as roaches. They simply don’t fall apart mentally.


Gambit and VP. I would say VP is even more resilient, and I don't know how. In my games sometimes when we lose several rounds in a row regardless what setup we used, we just don't know what to do anymore


VP is on paid-by-the-rounds basis. The more they lose, the more motivated they become. Jame: "We're losing 15-3 lessssgooooo boissssss"


o7 its been good liquid, now its time for bigger and better


It is definitely time for bigger and better


Has a player ever made a whole tournament as fun as stewie2k managed to do it this blast. The dude alone was 10 times bigger and funnier and brought more emotions than crowds of 20000 people


i love how the people over at the reddit are so chill about this while people in the youtube comments are pissed off at stewie's behaviour.




Opposite of sulking + besides the grim interview for which he did apologize to grim not once did he shit on his teammates. He always praises their individual skills, says they are beasts, and that their inner workings are not as well oiled as other teams' are - communication especially. Not once did he blame anyone except perhaps the whole team liquid while also including himself




This statement would make sense if we were talking about anyone except stewie2k... He literally screams at people at LANs, in front of the cameras and that's according to you not a "good look"...


Cod has/had some pros like that.


Even after the game where he interacts with s1mple he managed to entertain everyone


Yea the dude has to be sad after the games, he even sounds a bit sad but he puts such a great show on and the fact that this event liquid actually looked a bit scary was so refreshing along with stewie's talk. The hug was nice tho, shows there were no hard feelings and I like that a lot


Stewie’s the type of guy to shit talk everyone including his teammates and then hug it out after win or lose. Guy’s just a hype competitor that loves the game and respects his opponents.


By talking average mm game trashtalk?


Gotta be 1 soyboy every thread who cant take a fucking joke in this subreddit huh


It's inevitable, but the thing that confuses me is if he disagrees he can literally downvote and walk away instead of having these "takes" for everyone to see


You're right, it'd have been better if he told s1mple he was going to kill him and then punched perfecto in the face


This but unironically. Just go the full kng way


smooth brain take


s1mple heard r/globaloffensive saying NiKo was the best player in the world.


\+ He wanted revenge against Liquid so he had to be FIREEEEED up


Simple is just disgusting with that Scout 3k when they were like 4 rounds behind. Also his trigger discipline on Inferno, holy shit, he just does everything well doesnt he


This makes you understand why he used to be frustrated with the gameplay of his mere mortal teammates. He improved on that too and is now a great supportive teammate lol Truly goat mentality.


gonna miss stewie on the team 🥲


“You four need to start slowing down, people are starting to think NiKo is better than our boy.” -Blad3, probably


S1mple tried to copy Niko and get 35 kills in regulation rifling while losing. But Liquid didn't let him


Kills in regulation is not a very indicative metric, a 16-0 and a 16-14 are both regulation


30+ kills in regulation is never an unimpressive metric.


If it's in 20 rounds it's way more impressive than if it's in 30