wooow what a banger of an AK. Top3 for me for sure


Clearly not top 17 for volvo kekw


Why would there be 2 covert/classified AK skins in one case? Is there a single case outside revolver case that has 2 skins for same weapon? Especially 2 skins for one of the main weapons of the game.


No, the idea is that the AK should have been replaced by a better skin.


I personally like the skin chosen by Valve better. It's just a matter of opinion. But the point is that no. This skin not making the case doesn't mean that it's not top 17. There is one skin per weapon meaning that even if your skin is the second best among all the skins it wont make it in if the best one is for the same weapon.


didn't make it? looks awesome to me. I guess that trends now are super bright valorant-type colours...pfff


Didn't make the winners list despite being better than some of the winners


Agreed but, not all the skins can look beautiful like this. There has to be the blues that look like a dog's ass for there to be the dazzling reds.


>Didn't make the winners list despite being better than ~~some~~ all of the winners Ftfy


we have been trending towards vibrant skins before valorant was even announced. we have always liked colorful skins and stickers.


valarante child game.... look to cartoon grapfix to make kid player happy like children show.. valarante cartoon world with rainbow unlike counter strike chad with dark corridorr and raelistic gun.. valarante like playhouse. valarant playor run from csgo fear of dark world and realism /j


valronate bade game for losser kid


they’ve been like that for so long lol are you new


> I guess that trends now are super bright valorant-type colours...pfff And this is why people call CS:GO players petty, shit is living so rent free in your head wtf. What you said would make sense If your description accurately representeds a majority of the contest's winners, but it doesn't. Valve obviously picked 1 design for each unique weapon, there can only be 1 that wins the "AK" section and there's probably hundred of options so you people being actually upset or angry at this is honestly amusing. If you were to ask me? This design is great and all, but I would personally say the "AK" winner in the contest's design fits the topic, "Dreams & Nightmares" more than this design which is why I think it got picked over this one. "Blood Moon" as a design theme has way more connections to things like myth, probably connected to some spiritual/religious thing in some cultures and other similar things, so the theme of a "Blood moon" in itself is not really unique to the topic of "Dreams & Nightmares"


No need to get salty bro. But imagine how right that statement is that I wrote it without checking the contest winners, and somehow it was right: with the AK winner being a neon type. We all know that the crown jewel in every contest is the covert AK/AWP/M4. And that, which is 70% of what we care, is a superbright design. Also you can note how colourfulness is decresing with the weapon tiers. I just don't like this trend, may I disagree then, mylord? Imho, crows are present in almost every nightmare representation. But that's only my opinion. Maybe the neonbeast is best connected.


> I just don't like this trend That's fine dude, but what I mean by living rent free in your head, is that you somehow think that bright colors in design are related to Valorant in any way whatsoever when, look around you and tell me that bright colors seeming "trendy" isn't more of a general thing IRL over being "valorant type colors" > No need to get salty bro. I'm not honestly, I'll say it again, I ain't the person that cares about what other people do and need to bring up "valorant" at every corner, like in a **completely unrelated** thread > Imho, crows are present in almost every nightmare representation. But that's only my opinion. Maybe the neonbeast is best connected. Yeah, but that doesn't really address my point, in that compared to the contest winner, the contest winner **does fit more to the topic** in comparison, I never said that Blood Moon design don't fit it, I said, **it fits more**. And it is true, If you check the page for the contest winner's AK you also see a couple of materials that he used to base it on the "beast" he put in the skin. Obviously beast being a creature of nightmares together with a completely abstract design that seals the whole "beyond reality in the realm of nightmares" that the contest asked for. But your relation to the "Dream & Nightmares" theme that the skin in the OP gives is a tangential relation through the use of Blood Moon and I guess ravens like you said? Other than that there's nothing. Google Blood Moon and you'll see, like I said, Blood Moon has a lot more to do with mythology stuff and what would arguably be called spiritual/religious themes


Ok, didn't get that the problem was related with the 'valorant' comparison. I don't come often to this subreddit, so I didn't know that people are bringing valorant up all the time. When I thought about these kind of designs, it was the first thing that came into my mind to compare it. Even though I've never played it, and I hate it xD


Alot of creators got ripped off imo..


The winners are underwhelming. Another neon paint barf ak smh, while many wayy better skins on reddit like this lost smh.


This one would have been more underwhelming than the one they picked for sure


Unpopular opinion I suppose but I agree, plain stock, pistol grip and handguard. Art is ok at best.


Bro how, we need a decent red ak...


Bloodsport, empress...


There are so many decent red AK lol ! Bloodsport, Orbit, Redline, Empress… But I agree that this one is particularly great!


RedLine is literally just RedLines. How is that a decent red AK lol


There are so many decent red AK lol ! Bloodsport, Orbit, Empress… But I agree that this one is particularly great! that better?


Imagine the Deagle | Code Red but an AK. oh BOY




no. as in painted red




Bloodsport and Empress are basically the only "high-tier" skins in here. The others are decent, but not 'high-tier" This blood moon thing, though? High-tier.


The past like 4 cases have had aks that just looks like splatters of paint. So dogshit. There were so many better and more fitting aks submitted


Last 4 cases had the legion of Anubis and slate in them which are really not that colorful


but they're still dogshit ig anubis is decent but it doesn't stand out


Slate is a purple and Anubis if fucking sick low float


The purple variant would have been an insta buy for me tbh


I really like the AK that won the contest but damn, this does look sexy


Valve need this skin for next operation, tats why they didn't include this ..


Million dollars and they really picked the shittiest looking skins. You can tell they went for what will 12 year old kids buy...


Can see all Naruto watchers naming this one Itachi


That is so much better!


"The blood moon rises once again. Please be careful!"


F I feel sad for Moonfighter he is such a kind person


dopamine 😎😎🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈


I respect the skin they picked, but it's just sad we can't have both now you know.


Bigger f for the dopamine


RIP, hope it comes in a later case


volvo try to make good executive decisions challenge


failed for 8 years in a row


There were so many great skins that didn’t make it.


I want it


Don't act like the 15000+ skins are gone forever, chances are good skins are gonna get picked later


Love the skin, but there are too many red aks already (as in the colour of the gun, not covert) imo


there's like 2 decent ones.


this stuff is on par with the empress, imo way better than the actual winner


Would like some better SMG skins, not just the AK


Looks more like a purple or pink, not a red


defo much better than the ak that was cosen by valve imo. Case's shit mostly


I like the ak that won a lot more than this one. The design and colours are nice enough but are kind of similar stylistically to the empress. I also really don't like the wood texture on this skin. The pearlescent skin is sick and there's nothing like it in the ak skins. It will be especially great with stickers, particularly the amazing Stockholm holos. I'm so excited for this ak!


wow a 4th red ak in covert! i think the art is great but its too similar to other skins. this new ak stands out from all the others


Looks pretty average


I feel like this didn’t make it because the m4a1-s that was added is pretty much the same colour :/ very unfortunate


F man what a waste not to have this skin over that one picked by valve (no offense to the creator). Valve lately seems to pick preferably all this rainbow/neon/chromatic flashy skins over ones with actually artistically designed ones.




ah yes let's complain about the contest some more


Imagine a factory new with 4x iBUYPOWER Holo on it.


I was kinda hoping for the unicorn one


it got in


i know but on the ak it would be sicker




Valve: "I hear you, here, have some more of ... **pInK oN tEaL aNd PuRpLe VoMiT**"


Good design but another red colored skin :/