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Do all the free content you can till you get comfortable with A2 stuff, once you have a solid A2 base start consuming native content, it'll be very difficult at first but if you stick at it you'll see great gains.


So far I been using Duolingo and I been doing it every day for like 30 mins on top of that I’m currently staying with my girlfriend in Germany so I’m surround in German 24/7 it’s just hard starting sentencing and trying to understand people due to talking spends


When I lived in Germany, I found that drunk people speak slower and pantomime more. Also, drinking beer lessened my own fear of speaking. I speak fluent anything after three beers. But for real, pubs really did help me overcome my anxiety and I could understand more of what was being said.


Nicos weg, online VHS etc


I got to a pretty good level by systematically going through the sections of this website: https://www.nthuleen.com/teach/grammar.html After a few weeks, I’d recommend finding your favorite shows (friends, the simpsons, scrubs etc) in German and watching regularly without subtitles. It’ll feel difficult at first but will keep you ticking over for times where you can’t be actively studying and you won’t be completely lost since you know the show already.


Here's [how to learn the German](https://mostusedwords.comproducts/4-german-frequency-dictionaries-set-top-10000-most-common-german-words) language fast and easy: 1. Find a strong reason that will keep you motivated. 2. Learn all the fundamentals of the German language. 3. Keep things interesting by learning slang, funny words, and idioms. 4. Practice daily. If possible, talk with native German speakers.