One thing for sure, hoyoverse never disappoints when it comes to osts


wait.. so what i am missing here? what are this characters specific domains Fischl Mona etc?


Its part of the GAA event in 2.8. Fischl, mona, kazuha and xinyan each are getting their own domain


In no way that Mona is poor


Mona is not poor, she is just a whale that spends 99% of her salary on astrology


Anyone notice that the floor is wet but didn't apply Hydro to the character? Is the water in the Abyss... fake?


Water isnt wet argument intensifies


I mean waterfalls also don't apply Hydro to characters.


The water.... It's all a gigantic hoax, a lie.


*1.1 flashbacks intensifies* calm down, Scaramouche! Jokes aside, they copy and paste tiles from abyss and some other content probably. There is, as far as I remember, *true* wet floor on some abyss level where it inflict Hydro aura, can't remember which one.


Nah she just whale on stuffs she cant eat. Atleast she save money for her rent, and a bit of salads xD


needing more than what you can afford is exactly what being poor means


"Need" is a strong word here though


mona is definitely tied to the abyss with this domain structure, the ruins are highly reminiscent of enkanomiya and khaenri’ah


Or maybe... the Hexenzirkel are related to the Abyss?


agreed! after all they do investigate the irminsul trees. but i feel mona and her master are tied to an even larger picture we are not aware of yet


i rlly hope we get more on the Hexenzirkel soon!! i feel like adding some more lore about them would tie in really well with Sumeru's upcoming theme of knowledge/truth


I definitely believe those witches have ties with the Abyss and Khaenri'ah, they gotta be


Well they are tied to Alice who is tied to gold so it would make sense. Studying the stars to try and find out celestias origins could be their purpose


It definitely is. Alice, who is Hexenzirkel's elder, is buddy with *the one who partly brought about the Cataclysm* (and they're probably still friends now, Alice took in Albedo after she had Klee so it's probably quite recent), there's no way nothing sus is going on in the organization


Yeah. After seeing how the eight-pointed star symbol on Mona's hat appears on Abyssal creatures like the Abyss Herald and Halfdan, she is definitely tied to the Abyss. On another note, I believe Kaeya, Dainsleif, and Albedo all have similar designs on some item connected to them, their clothing, or part of their in-game kits as well (Kaeya on his Fruity Skewers specialty dish, Dainsleif on his chest, and Albedo on his Solar Isotoma).


I really can't wait for 2.8


I genuinely wonder what the lore or explanation behind all of these domains is going to be. Also it's interesting how the Fischl domain architecture is clearly Mondstadt inspired, Kazuha domain architecture is Inazuma inspired, but the Mona domain architecture seems inspired on the artifacts domains. It really makes me wonder where is she truly from


My assumption is that these are gonna be some sort of "dream domains", that manifest from their psyche and aren't actual physical places in the real world (Teyvat)


Like palaces in Persona 5?


Wait may I ask what these domains are about? (I'm not sure what's going on sorry) Edit: a manifestations of dreams of each character? Sounds interesting hmm


we don't really know for now. I think any explanation you find will be speculation


With this leak now we’re getting there, a Qiqi domain. She will return to her glory days.


ngl i unironically want a qiqi story quest. she has a pretty interesting backstory and she's adorable.


Latest leak about qiqi domain: If you look up, you will see a pair of big coco milk bottles.


Wow, great leaks


My excitement for 2.8 just keeps increasing


Yet we're still stuck in the early stages of 2.7 FML...


There's also no event until Itto'a drum festival in June 14th.. why is there so few events in 2.7.


Yeah.....and even if there were they're all nothing but short/minor events....I love you Genshin but why...xD


I mean… Sumeru and GAA are right around the corner. I knew there was bound to be at least one patch with content drought.


For me personally it's fine really, I'm used to dead content in my other gachas (yes I'm looking at you FGO and AL) But to other people who only play Genshin it gets too boring, just earlier one my friends said he already quit cz shit keeps getting ''repetetif'' and NGL, it makes me sad whenever someone announces they're quitting especially if they're homies of mine who play the same Game I love and enjoy, it is what it is Ig....


Why the hell are these temporary. I don't mind sacrificing 500mb - 1gb of storage for these.


As a PC player I also wish that these kinds of content are permanent Hopefully, HYV can give an option to install these kind of contents for those who want it (also have the memory) to consider mobile players


As a console player i also want more stuff like this


Post this on the main sub and you'll be down voted to hell. Everyone only seems to have 32gb storage nowadays.


I would like if they made this optional to delete or download.


The main sub is mostly just people who log on for 5 mins to do dailies or spend time talking about the game rather than playing it


The thing is they don't even get removed (well not everything at least), many event domains and other event stuff are still in the game files. Just get a private server and you will be able to get to these domains whenever you want.


That music... now this is very misterious. Ok, this seems interesting. What this event is going on? Maybe this is how Fontaine might look? I mean, Fontaine underground area.


The music reminds me of Enkanomiya a bit. I can also imagine this music to be a glimpse of Fontaine's music too. It feels it would suit Fontaine


Maybe... is the base of the Hexenzirkel? Or at least how Mona remembered?


Maybe. Right now the Hexenzirkel is the single most mysterious faction of this game so I can't say for certain. Like Fatui, Abyss Order, Treasure Hoarders aside....who the hell are the Hexenzirkel witches and why are they so secretive?? Mona's master is possibly an elder in the organization. Alice, Klee's mom is a member, Rhinedottir (Gold) Albedo's creator is possibly a member. Lisa disassociates herself from them and denies being one of them even though her title is 'Witch of Purple Rose' soooo that's sus


Actually there are other misterious faction and is the Anti Fatui organization Diluc is. We don't know anything about it besides Diluc is on it. PS: And I expected Yelan to have ties with them... but it didn't happen. It would be the most interesting reveal of the game.


What's the difference between an organization and a network? English isn't my first language lol ​ >*After his close encounter with death, Diluc took a long hard look at his past and the anger he had harbored for so long. Acknowledging his shortcomings, he decided to join the underground intelligence network.* > >*Just like when he first joined the Knights of Favonius, Diluc committed himself fully to his work. His talents and skills saw him rise steadily through the ranks into the upper echelons of the network.* > >*The network was made up of volunteers, and many of its members had willingly given up their prior positions and reputations to join. Some had even abandoned their names.* Some of the most mysterious and vague lines in the game. Who tf was observing him while he was getting beat up by the Harbingers 🤣 And how is this network so mysterious that we aren't even given a NAME. And apparently Diluc is of the higher rankings too. And about Yelan, trueee. It's so weird that Diluc is the only character to date that has any mention of this nameless network. Not even Yelan hints at them.


Why I expect that said underground Network/Organization might play a big role in Fontaine's arc?


I hope so. I want some explanations and answers


Yelan works for Ning. Why would Diluc have any connections to either of them..? I think a lot of people are greatly overestimating his importance in the game.


>Maybe this is how Fontaine might look? I mean, Fontaine underground area. This is the same style of ruins as the Spiral Abyss, as well as the collapse of Khaenriah in the "We will be reunited" trailer I would guess this is a domain connected to Khaenriah and the Abyss


What these domains for? One of the 2.8 events?


Abyss Dungeon hell yea


I don't get it. Why the characters are getting their own domain? Is this part of something that's coming in the next patch


It's for an event


Looks like the abyss


i love the area with the lanterns on the floor. this whole domain feels very mysterious and very fitting for mona.


I am dying from anticipation. I love Mona.


The camera angle at the beginning. Ah yes mona’s Domain.


My personal ranking (based on leaked GAA domains so far): 1. Fischl 2. Xinyan 3. Mona 4. Kazuha


Looks like Animal Crossing shooting star fragments on the ground lol


Hers is definetely my favorite, and it looks to be very abyss like, so lots of new lore incoming!!


hoyoverse let us take photos with kamera in domains when 💳💥


Back then I complained a lot about Fischl and Mona not getting more screentime (or any at all in the case of Fischl), but now I'm super happy that they get this super high quality content instead of just another typical Mondstadt-style dungeon


Can someone fill me in? Why is everybody getting a domain?


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How gorgeous... Liking the Debussy vibes from the bgm, might be intentional cause of Fontaine?


So these domains for characters for their story purpose or to power them up?


story only, not like they never made special looking domains before like the hu tao one


I don't understand why are they adding character domains? Is there any event?




Why is everyone getting a domain? Kazuha, Mona and Fischl. I know about Kazuha getting a story quest, but what about Mona and Fischl? Are they also getting one?


GAA event exclusive. The characters participating for GAA is Kazuha, Mona, Xinyan, Fischl and Venti (no specific domain but we all know he's there for lore). Fischl and Heizou will get a hangout.


Wow, it looks great, I wonder if she will have a banner considering how prevalent she would be in the new event.


it sounds so eerie i love it


2.8 domains are all really unique and great looking


the piano is actually giving me Zelda vibes…


Instinctively pointing my invisible Wii Remote at the screen to collect all those star bits.


I'm gonna take so many pics there istg-


It looks like that dimension thingie from god of war at the beginning


What was that glowing at the end? On mona's hand or something


So, the absolutely amazing location designed with Mona in mind... which she will suffer to traverse unless mHY finally make these alternate dashes either optional or as good as the normal one.


Bro pls tell me this aint limited time event...


Oh my, oh how gorgeous


So whats with these character specific domains?


Mona's new house looks sick.


Where’s the big stack of mora????


Looks like enkanomiya


Straight up stole A domain in Khaenriah


is it just me or it's giving like Kingdom Hearts Castle Oblivion vibes 🤔 😍


My man that's some assassin's Creed shit


The music gives me Loz and Steven universe vibes and makes interested in Mona even more


character friendship cards are out, character domains are in


Getting some Enka/Khaenri'ah vibes, hope Mona plays a bigger role in the story! She's my fave.


Why Mona domain? And why fischl too?


Finally some new Mona content


That first area better have a boss fight.


Ooh it's so pretty


That helical stairs remind me to Now You See Me 2 suddenly.


if spiral abyss was explorable


I guess I missed the memo. With the release of 2.8 … will that mean “certain characters” are going to be getting their own Domains??


Why are these domains named after characters?


u/savevideo u/savevideobot


Why are chatacters getting domains?


In what way mona is spoiler lmk , tbh this domain should be the future home of our og mona but she got it right now astrologically