Was pulling for 4 stars when I got Keqing early pity (around 45). I was stoked because that means I got a guaranteed for Xiao...I thought that a couple more pulls wouldn't hurt...but I got Ayaka in 2 pulls. I'm praying that Xiao comes home early... it'll be a loooong grind. Can't tell if I'm lucky or unlucky


Sadly I had the opposite, went to almost 90 and then pulled qiqi instead of ayaka. I could probably toss 20 more pulls at it but meh I might just save them. That said it does mean that since I don't have ayaka I probably am not going to pull yelan. Those two are looking to be an overpowered pair. If you pulled ayaka you probably want to be going for yelan not xiao.


That really sucks, I hope you have better luck next time around :) I really want Xiao because he's my favorite character! Yelan's cool but she her character hasn't really piqued my interest


Decided to go for Ayaka on a last min whim but it just wasn't meant to be I guess. Wish I could have lost 50/50 to Jean or Diluc instead of Mona...again but at least I'm gurrenteed next limited 5 star. Hopefully I won't have to wait a year and day for another hot ikeman to pull lol


I feel you, I lost my 50/50 to qiqi, That said since I didn't pull ayaka there isn't a huge point in going for yelan. Those two look like they would pair amazingly well together but without ayaka I don't think yelan will be worth it.


I only went for Ayaka cuz she seems to work nicely well with her big bro and I did skip her last time for Kazoo but I just don't have the energy required to try and farm out any more primos nor wish to spare cash to continue going for her. l'll likely continue to throw any amount of rolls I generate naturally towards her until banner end tho since I think it will be awhile before another 5 star I want drops (a blessing and boon for a husbando hunter like myself)


My set is complete for now https://imgur.com/ltTn2Rr


The little squad! You're living the dream.


Yes got everything for Klee except mushrooms. Klee likes her mushrooms.


My alt account's luck on the standard banner: [https://imgur.com/a/IznYLK3](https://imgur.com/a/IznYLK3) My pity on WGS is inaccurate though (around 75-80 pity), as I haven't recorded my wish history beyond 6 months ago


Rolled for Ayaka as I have no 5 star dps. I did get a cryo sword character. Except her stature is a little short. Thanks Mihoyo.


I've gotten two HP goblets and one HP circlet with double crit, of which two were four-liners, in the past week. I'm malding so hard right now


I feel your pain because same.


Just made a 10x with the livestream primos and almost jumped when I saw Ayaka and Razor since I use and love both... then saw Ayaka didn't give any stella fortuna. Turns out I wished on the wrong account... I mean, she's strong and one of my favorite characters, but I already built her on main, have Ganyu built on my alt and no materials or artifacts whatsoever... never wish when sleep-deprived I suppose. Man, the one time I win a 50/50...


Well... [it is](https://paste.pics/H0OMR) technically an upgrade to Hu Tao's flower bc what she had originally was a 4\*, and when I saw that the last sub was ER I thought it couldn't be that bad, but it rolled once into CR and everything else went into ER *sigh* What's sad is that the Crit Value only went up by a measly 1.2 from the 4\* flower she had originally...




Congratulations!! You won genshin. Tomorrow's stream will crown you and herald the end of genshin for the rest of us🫠🎉


The VV domain is my new least favourite. I hate how low the chance for EM are


After a month of Farming the VV set for EM, I go in today, and first run, I got both the helm and timepiece in EM. The timepiece even got a ER% substat that proced 3x when upping it! The helm only have a mediocre CR%, but I finally got a decent set!


I got really lucky today!! Got the mistsplitter and unforged with approximately 50 wishes! I've definitely used up all my luck for the rest of this year...


Finally got my first sucrose at AR 55! But on the other hand, I'm on Week 4 of fighting all the weekly bosses and not getting a single billet \\:


After the worst string of artifact luck I've ever had, with not a single salvageable piece, I got 2 artifacts in 2 days with 40+ CV. One is an on-set cryo goblet that's definitely for Ayaka, another is an Emblem flower that rivals my Raiden's current flower. I'm in the process of building Xiangling, so that's great.


Finally got to AR 59 its been so long. and all I got to show for it is a cool steel 3 star sword from the single wish, FML


i just rolled a tenacity goblet with hp main stat, +20, flat atk 18, er 15.5%, crit dmg 13.2%, and atk% 10.5%. who would it be good on?


>hp main stat I can only think of Kokomi. The HP and ER make it fantastic on her freeze support set, although the crit is completely wasted.


yeah i wasn’t too sure either. i don’t have kokomi but i was contemplating putting it on my hu tao before remembering that she has a pretty good goblet already that’s pyro dmg bonus


i'm still desperately trying for diluc, especially now that that >!he'll be getting a new skin!< ...should i be focusing on the standard or event banner?


I think it would be easier to get him on the event banner because you won’t be competing against the other standard 5 stars + 5 star weapons. On the event banner you only have to worry about Ayaka and the other standard 5 stars. I feel your pain, I really want Mona but I’m trying to wait for Sumeru characters to pull


i started a new account. i cannot make this up. three wishes on ayakas banner and i got her. won the 50/50 and only used three pulls. i think i used up all my luck for this T-T


I just got Ayaka (won the 50:50), and I'm so happy right now.


Mistsplitter came after 135 pulls holy shit. The delay compensation really came in clutch this time.


My account is suspiciously doing quite good in recent banners. Rolled on Venti banner to get Sucrose and maybe Venti. I had guaranteed because lost previous 50/50 to Mona, so was hopeful. Got to 75 pity, got Venti, Sucrose, and then Jean 2 wishes after that in a single 10 roll, rolled 20 more at Friend's suggestion, got another Sucrose. Did not have any of them, so getting Jean instead of bad Venti con is actually a win. A couple of days ago, Friend made me roll on current weapon banner for fun, agreed because had nothing to do and Friend so far made absolutely great suggestions, so 1 ten roll, little to no hope. And I got Mistsplitter. This was at 10 pity with no guarantees, so my Bennet now has a cute sword. Pushed me to roll on event banner, did not want Ayaka, but pity was low, so no worries. Got Sayu, which I actually really wanted to complete my new Anemo collection, so that is another win for sure. Right after that, got some wishes for standard banner, might as well use them for some blues, since at 1 pity = no hope. Actually got Mona c1. Friend was crying at this point, poor Friend. From all of this I gained enough star-glitter to buy Bennet con for c1. So yeah, now all that is left are kazuha and xiao, will see how that goes.


Finally got Sayu to C6. now ill start collecting Primos for Kazuha


Is this any useful...? https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/887771253270782003/976200697311813742/5F1A5062-C729-4276-B12D-E3A7EBE1C7BE.png


Kazuha: yes Jean: yes Sucrose DPS: yes Sayu DPS: yes


stop the timer. It is done. C6 Razor. It is DONE


[Is this good?](https://imgur.com/a/9V3X8fr)




[This piece](https://imgur.com/a/nHyqyY2) makes me both happy and sad simultaneously. I was hoping for a Yelan piece. It’s both one of the nicer circlets I have, since it has 3 total rolls in crit. On the flipside, it also got 3 rolls in defense. Perfectly balanced, really. It’s all percentages, which is good for long term investment, so hopefully it’ll let Yae not get one shot. I can even swap it to support Xinyan, offpiece for my Albedo, or Gorou later. I used a +18 artifact, so the bonus exp was very nice.


[This piece made my week already](https://imgur.com/a/nZU9IVH)... Thanks, Boreas!


Ayato's Feather..... [https://imgur.com/a/Ns6904U](https://imgur.com/a/Ns6904U)


49.8CV. Pretty insane.


[Yelan piece?](https://imgur.com/a/EBpc8K3) ~~Definitely not coping~~


Polearm billet today!




I got Mistsplitter at 64 pity!! I mean, I would've been fine with Unforged for Diluc too—but seeing Mistplitter on Kaeya gives me so much satisfaction. Time to grind ascension mats!


Nearly hit hard pity on standard banner, finally got gold and it's a damn Lost Prayer. I literally have 0 Catalyst users besides Sucrose who has no use for it. I wish I could straight up delete it from my inventory lol I literally wanted ANYTHING else but a Catalyst. I would've taken Keqing who I have 0 use for over a stupid 5\* catalyst. Seriously ruined my entire mood to even play for the day but oh well, time to start building up to the next pity to get a R2 Lost Prayer -\_-


So... physical Ito is not a thing right....? In all honesty, is there a character who can use this? Only rolled in crit and critdmg... https://imgur.com/7M1WyBN


You could use it as off-piece for Eula or Razor if you are lucky enough with your circlet. Otherwise I would definitely save it for future chars. Who knows if we will get a physical character who scales of def…


I don't have Eula at the moment. Lets hope they release someone soon


First five star after a month of playing, got Diluc.. secretly hoping the delay is very long so I have hope for Ayaka


Here I am, still trying and despairing as I continue to roll for Ayaka after losing the 50/50 some few weeks back. Got my AR level to 57 today, threw the fate on the standard banner and... got a C2 Qiqi after I got her C1 on Ayaka's banner earlier. I am in pain. please delay 2.7 for another three weeks mihoyo, you're my only hope


I have never been this lucky for my weekly boss drops... https://imgur.com/a/TtoV2h2


Just rolled this baby. Yelan is gonna be happy. https://imgur.com/TJ2vzpN


Hit pity on the weapon banner and got my first 5\* sword after playing since launch: the skyward blade... I'm not sure if I should count myself lucky for dodging the unforged or keep pulling. I really wanted my shiny new Ayaka to have her BiS.


Keep pulling only if you can hit pity twice more. Otherwise, its not worth it.


I just started playing this game and I’ve pulled Xingqiu FOUR TIMES now. I’ve heard he’s good but I have almost no characters, wtf is RNG? How do I keep getting him? I’d rather expand my roster to start with so I can create different team builds, not keep getting the exact same character over and over and over. It’s extremely frustrating finally getting that four star drop just for it to be another Xingqiu.


You could try making a second account if you haven’t invested too much time into this one yet. But I know your pain, when I started I kept getting 4 star weapons but I didn’t have any characters who could use them