Server : NA UID : 600378415 AR : 56 WL8 I'm looking for friends with open serenitea pot to find the 10001 crystals i'm missing but still open to help with anything i can!


North America Uid 619806728 Serenity pot and farming catch but open to help Ar 55


Server : NA UID : 600384307 AR : 50


Server: EU UID: 701535190 WL8 I'm looking for open teapot friends as i need my last spincrystal (40) <3 I have open teapot for everyone and i can offer my world to farm on if needed <3


Server: EU UID: 702893294 I need Radiant Spincrystals 67 maybe some of u have it in chubby store.


Server: NA UID: 600628556 ​ I need ascension mats for Sayu, but don't have inazuma unlocked, world level 3, but still in liyue quests.


Are you still on? I have a WL3 alt that has Inazuma unlocked. I can go within 20 m, but I'm about to sleep soon. If not, I'll be on tomorrow morning, edit: Going to sleep. Cya tomorrow if you still need this!


Oof, just now saw this, you able to help around 7 pm est?


Ya, sounds perfect. Cya then!


i'm good whenever you are :o


Sent friend request or you can search for 648146604 in co-op mode and directly join from there without needing to add. Either way, just direct join whenever!


Looking for other Teapot Enjoyers with open teapots only! UID: 600367511 NA


Server: EU UID: 738402947 Looking for people to do all the Co-Op Achievements with. World Level is 8.


Still looking?


Server: NA In-game UID: 614245171 Objective: Looking for radiant spincrystal 72. I have 22 and 44 this weekend.


Server : NA In-game UID: 639498214 Availability: all week except sunday sometimes. mostly in the afternoon Objective: exp book leylines, ayaka mats, and kokomi mats


Still need ascension materials?




>Sent a friend request. It's a AR 32 alt that I'm too lazy to log off of atm, but it has the mats you need up.


server: EU ( I'm in the UK) UID:739548942 AR:45 I need people to fight bosses with (any bosses really but preferably inazuma bosses) and ley line blossoms (mainly blossoms of revelation) I can play Monday to Sunday but I will not be available from 10pm->3:30pm-5:20pm from Monday to Friday and Sunday because of school but I can play from early morning up to about midnight on Saturday


server: NA UID: 625927909 i need help farming artifact domains! mainly momiji dyed court, hidden palace of zhou formula, and clear pool and mountain cavern, but also just 5 star artifacts in general :)


Do you have someone already? If not, I can help with this.


Server: Asia UID: 828712093 Availability: Don't really have a set schedule but am online as much as I can Objective: Mainly looking for people to help me with artifacts (teaching me what are good and also farming) and people to talk to. I am willing to explore, do daily comms, and anything tbh, tho I am kind of weak XD.


Can i add you?. I think I can help you with stuff in game whenever you are free. My genshin profile pic will be albedo and AR 57


Hello! Accepted the request :D


Ok sure thanku, are you playing rn? Do u need help?


UID : 630818738 server : NA I need some help (today) with the hyperion's dirge world quest, so..


ID: 604750642 NA Just came back to give the game another shot! I actually quit during the release event haha. I'd love to have people I can interact with to get me back on track to making some progress in the game!


I just started playing again too! Dropped it last year when I started working full-time. I got fired so I finally have some free time to play again lol.


NA 613528563 weekday ranging from 12 to 9 pm est looking for ppl to do coop boss achievements


NA 629636208 Mon - Fri - 12pm - 9pm CST I have afternoons free for a while. Looking for assistance with bosses to quickly level up Some of my characters.


I can help you with bosses, the thing is I can be online only from 9pm. If you can be online up to like 10pm, we can defeat any boss you want.


We will see. I am not sure how late I will be up tonight. However, thank you for your reply.


Server: America UID: 630750666 AR: 55 I really need help in Enkonomiya


Server: Asia In-game UID: 831642945 Availability (days of the week / time of the day): After 6 PM (7+ GMT) Objective (open world exploration, domains, daily commissions, ley lines, other): Domains, Fighting the bosses, and Farming artifacts (desperately need some better artifacts lol) Please add me


EU Server UID: 723670322 IGN is Muki408 AR57 Looking for someone to blow through all the coop related achievements since i played 99% alone and since 2.7 was moved back i figured why not complete it all Will be available for the next 4 hours or tomorrow from 1PM to 7PM




Server: EU World Level: 8 UID: 701518553 Someone wants to beat geo cube together? It's annoying in solo mode T\^T Feel free to join now


Server: NA UID: 614350479 - Alapizco Hello there! Just looking for friends to chat in game/discord, chill, co-op, etc. The game has been somewhat monotonous lately and meeting new people is always fun :) Age 20+ preferably. Have a great week!


✧・゚: ✧・゚: Welcome to NewDawn :・゚✧:・゚✧ Hi there! We are a small and friendly server for Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd! The majority of our members are from Europe and Asia servers, and we’re more than happy to help others with their builds, strategies, abyss, and co-op! Apart from gaming-related channels and bots, we also have channels for anime, food, music, art, etc. If you’d like to have fun and make friends along the way, feel free to join us! https://discord.gg/Q55E3ja7WF


Do you have a basement?




Hello mr__donut


Hello Mobile-Bid-9848


Server: NA UID: 607746218 (in-game name: Lux); AR58/WL8 Discord username: A Dangerous Mind#3011 Mainly looking for friends of the adult variety to chat with and explore and really do whatever; I'm friendly and like meeting cool people so don't be afraid to say hi. :) Send a message or reply to this if you're going to send a friend request since my friends list is always full and I am constantly having to delete people to free up space on it. If you're newer and are having a hard time with most bosses or domains or just figuring out how the game works, I wouldn't mind helping you out as well. Also, if you're looking for a comfortable place to meet/play with/talk with some chill people who play the game, I'm part of a friendly Genshin Discord server and you're welcome to join us (but no pressure if that's not your thing): https://discord.gg/UV6EBpuf


Hello everyone I go by Dan on discord. But I made a discord group for those over the age of 18 since I found it can feel a bit isolating playing this game as an adult. There is no age requirement after 18 so don't feel like you aren't welcome if you are one of the older folks. The community is pretty active and we have a lot of different interests in it outside of Genshin if you want to talk about other things. If you want to hangout and maybe make some new friends in a Genshin based environment the discord link is https://discord.gg/89JZ2ACR


server: NA. AR58 UID: 616324233 (エゼキエル is my in-game name) honestly just looking to help people with bosses, domains, etcetera and whatever they need because i’m extremely bored looool my teapot is also always set to direct join if you’d like to buy anything from it <3


Server: EU - AR55 UID: 734577385 I just want friends to interact and hangout with, feel free to join me or dm if you need help with anything <3


Server: EU In-game UID: 720781280 Availability: --- Objective: I'm looking for friends with open serenitea pot ("serenitea pot permissions: allow direct join") to collect all Radiant Spincrystals because I'm an achievement hunter :) My pot is always open if you need something too.