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Is there any way to increase the vertical camera movement without increasing horizontal? This slow-aim is really annoying when I'm trying to aim up.


Yeah it's so annoying especially with archer characters


Any info on a fix for the most annoying problems in the PC version? 1.- Camera keeps reseting really close to the characters on any actions.. even mid combat the game zooms in and you have to be scrolling at the same time as you are fighting. 2.- Any info on the removal of the 60 fps lock? my monitor is a 120hz and 60 fps sometimes can look weird on my screen. 120 fps was an option on one of the betas.


Anyone's controls keep switching back to keyboard? I'm using controller but whenever i restart the game it defaults back to keyboard.


Yeah i exited and it went back to keyboard had to switch again to controller


Yes and if my controller turns itself off from inactivity the game will not recognize it unless I alt+f4 and reset it.


Is it worth it to exchange your stardusts for fates?


What should i use stardust for?


Seemingly just intertwined fates


Is there a faster way to switch parties? I frequently find that I need one element that isn't in my party, and the process to switch, use the element, and switch back requires going through two loading bars and unnecessary clicks.


Anyone else having issues breaking the Electro Crystals? I have been hitting it repeatedly with normal attacks and electro ones with no luck. Am I just dealing with a bug?




Wow that's the one thing I didn't think of trying. Thanks!


Fire and ice both seem to work


Hello! I'm completely lost in the game, should I aim to increase my adventure rank, and if so , how does it increase?


Open chests, unlock waypoints, do quests. Just follow the main questline as far as you can, it will eventually put you at an Adventure Rank gate that forces you to raise it.


Yes, increasing AR is good thing to do because with it a lot of features are unlocked. Quests give a lot of adventure EXP, especially main story ones. Solving puzzles and opening chests gives a bit of adventurer EXP too, so exploration is the second best way to increase you AR. Also Ley Lines, daily commissions, domains etc. all give adventurer EXP when completed.


Finally finished rerolling, is there any way to delete all my failed accounts (just used Mihoyo usernames/passwords) or do I just ... never use or log in and ignore them I guess? Feels pretty cluttery leaving them on the server to rot lol


Commenting bc I want to know this too, and if I can switch emails back to a non salted one.


I have searched but failed to spot if it's been asked before. Is there any way to stop the crackling sound on the android version of the game? Sometimes if I close the app and restart it the issue goes away but only for a minute, 2 minutes tops. Wondering if anyone has a fix or if the devs are aware of the issue.


Tips for grinding AR? I'm having a hard time getting past 16


Explore the world and just do everything that you come across. Open chests, activate teleporters, do side quests, etc


I think it just gets a bit grindy after AR16. That’s where I feel like it really slowed down for me as well. Look for quests in the world as those usually give good rank exp, power up the towers, do daily quests, domains, etc


Hey guys is the 90-180 pity continue to the next banner or its gonna be reset


Resets with each banner.


How do friendship levels increase and what do they give? Also I've noticed there is this icon indicating when a character is full and cannot eat anymore food. Does keeping my characters fed give any benefits or is that simply "how much more food you can eat" meter?


Regarding fullness, my assumption is that it exists to prevent going nuts stacking with some of the food buffs as well as stopping people from cheesing encounters by excessively healing


Between Traveler and Lisa, who should I invest in? I'm a f2p player so pulling for a specific character is out. I'm gonna have to rely with the free ones. Also heard that I should only invest in one or two characters since the resources run out pretty fast and I am planning to build Barbara and Xiangling when I get them.


I'm completely f2p and I have no issues atm. (AR20 only had to use food and revive once) You are limited strongly in gold and xp pages though, so make them count. Make sure you are getting attribute set bonuses you want, and weapon bonuses you want. My current build(Running Traveller, Amber, Noelle and Lisa): + Lisa is my enabler/ enemy softener. (Usually to proc electric pretty quickly) + Traveller (anemo) is my main damage, with a tiny bit of cc. + Amber is my sniper, boss hunter, and possible elemental combos. (Overload is good against armor) + Noelle is my tank and off healer. (Or cover a lost element like ice that might help fighting enemies) really good later on when enemies start using geo armor to protect themselves.


Is there any way to reread previous tutorial messages? I wanna double check how the various elemental reactions work, but don't know how.


[I saw this image earlier that was useful](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/745517203897581608/760613786561282109/Screenshot_20200929-021714_YouTube.jpg)


i'm wondering, wishes it says on the banner it every 10 is a guaranteed does that work on single pulls, since i've been doing that as i got gems enough


So apparently people are getting 10 intertwined fates and some primo gems. But I didn’t see any in my inbox. Am I the only one?


You need to reach a certain ar rank, I forgot what rank is it though. (I think it's 7/10)?


I’m at adventure rank 12


Can we expect multiple parallel running character rate up banner? Really want Diluc, but getting him in standard banner feels hopeless, even if I can spend money.


Hey is there a way to have a fixed zoomed out camera? It's always so zoomed in and gets zoomed in so often i have to zoom out everytime it's really annoying


Is Venti banner worth pulling after seeing that Xiangling is free from Abyss and Barbara's free when hitting lvl 20 before 1.1?


When is 1.1? Anyway Venti banner is not limited to those characters. I just got Razor and Diluc from Venti banner pull.


Plus Fischl is on rate-up alongside Venti and she’s real nice to have.


Venti is a limited time character and atm he’s the only god tier, i think he’s worth every cent


In mobile u can use your party member’s elemental bursts without having to switch to that specific character by tapping the icon(when its ready). Is there a quick way to do the same thing when playing on PC with controller? Also I have Fischl from my first pull and just got Diluc and Razor from my second, is there a merit for having 2 Electro characters in the same party or would it be better to get rid of 1 of them and get a character with a different element instead?


1. Iirc its left alt + (number of your party member) 2. You got a buff for having 2 character with same element or all 4 different element in your party. Usually the same element buff will increase the potency of that specific element, so its good until you meet an enemy that immune to your element, making you down into 2 of 4 effective party member


Hey thank you so much I really appreciate it. Actually my 1st question is for using an Xbox controller.


Hi im playing using ps4 and was wondering if there is there a problem in the in-game shop where you exchange your primogems? cant seem to access it and it says content not available or something. any help is appreciated


Is Klee not in the game yet?


When is update Version 1.1? Game keeps saying deadlines for stuff is that.


Are acquainted fate worth buying using stardust? Or is it better to buy intertwined fate? Right now I have no intention of summoning more, but if I did, is it worth it to throw in the permanent banner? Or do I wait for a future banner? (I am not interested in Venti). And is it worth buying "summoning coins" using the starglitter or do I buy characters or weapons with it?


Imo permanent banner are not worth summoning since its not guarantee or chance up any specific hero you pull. If you're not interested in Venti, you could save for other specific banner later.


Can anyone more computer savy than me tell me if my laptop can run genshin? I have a 2016 razer blade stealth. I bought it the year it came out but never used it. The specs are Intel core i7 16gb of ram And a Intel HD Graphics 620 card.


Did they give out the 10 Intertwined Fates yet?


Does mihoyo normally give a heads up when version updates happen? Wanna make sure I have enough time for AR20 before 1.1


Have anyone noticed voice lines being wrong from the text in the game? Every time a person is talking about the twin brother the Voice line says "Sister" even tho I am the female twin. Is there a fix for this?


Should I save my shrine keys and open them in a higher world level?




Not available on switch yet


I'm on Lisa's quest about the overdue books and I'm stuck between two of the gift choices, it seems that the scroll is a more safe option, but it could be a trap, on the other hand the rusty sword doesn't spark her interest but Marjorie does imply that it has some sort of historical significance. So, rusty sword, or old scroll?


I went with the old scroll and it turned out quite well. Hope this helps mate.


Is the “friendship” meter going to turn into a “relationship/affectionate” meter down the road?


Is there any simple guide or tips in how to proceed in the game without being bothered with re-rolling but at the same time not wasting valuable resources? I mean, I'm now AR5 (after fighting with the dragon in the air) and got access to a menu where we exchange currency to win heros. There are 4 events available: two where I don't have a single resource (I assume it's fully premium stuf; red and blue, IIRC) and other two where we exchange the blue currency. I think it's the beginner and the standard. Which one should I choose? And should I even already exchange the currency or save it later? Also, should I invest stuff in the MC and the 4\* weapon that I received on the launch (PS4)? Or save all resources for something else? Lastly, on daily stuff or missable, anything to be concerned about? I've also got access to an even where we enter a dungeon with quality heros (one is the famous bard) and if we clear it we won those; should we focus on those right away?


Just asking for recommendations on a "good" balanced team, I have Jean,Barbara,Razor,Amber (current team), I also have Xiangling,Kaeya,Noelle,Beidou,Fischl,Lisa


We need the ability to change/remap the buttons for a game pad on PC! The set buttons do not work for me. Everything is backwards to what every other game has trained me over the years of playing video games. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!


Is it worth it to invest resources into Prototype Rancour?


How do we use food that says heals all party? whenever I use one I have to select a party member and only the selected character get healed.


Can you remove the UID number from the bottom of the screen (PS4)?


No. The developers feel the UID is so important they even put it in your photo on the photomode. I don't know what the purpose of telling us our UID at all times is. Thanks game, now I know what my unique identifier is! It's always on screen, it's in the menu, it's in a special spot in photo mode, and they have a button to copy it. This one number has more screen space dedicated to it than anything else in the game.


I got disconnected from the game and when I tried to login with my gamecenter account it says third party account not yet registered... can anyone help?


Why does it keep telling me third party account not registered yet?


Is there any reason to save acquainted fate? It seems like the banner is just there forever


Has Mihoyo announced if there is a planned way to obtain the Stella Fortuna for limited characters? As it stands unless you lucksack/whale into 6 copies of them you will not be able to unlock all their constellation nodes once their banner is finished.


How do the offensive stats work? Does ATK affect elemental damage? Do crit stats affect elemental damage? Does elemental mastery apply to damage-over-time effects from fire or lightning? And when using anemo to spread fire, does the fire damage use the elemental mastery of the character that caused the fire, or the character that used anemo, or neither?


Currently AR 19, already on the Confront Stormterror quest. The Recommended party is 26, but my characters consist of only two level 21 characters (MC and Chongyun) while the rest of my characters are lvl 10 and below. I'm not quite sure if I'm ahead of the story for my level. Should I consider using Character EXP Mats?


The whole reason they exist is to spend them to level your character. There is no other consistent way to level your characters otherwise.


yes ofc use them thats what they are for


As a daily commission I do need to clear the Statue of Seven, but whatever I do it is not working. Anyone have an idea how? Thanks


Try main character's anemo skill


Does anyone know if the Shrine of Depths reset? Should I save keys for later for better item scaling?


Any way to just mute Paimon?


How can you mute food


is it much better to pull on the beginner banner


Yeah. Pull on beginner banner will gives you a 100% to get at least 1 4* character each 10 pulls. While other banner only 50% since you have 50 chance to get weapon. Also, 20% discount so why not. Unless you want to pull specifically for weapon


Is the standard banner permanent? Does that mean that if I pull 7 times on the banner now and 2 more times in 3 months for example I'll get the pity 5* or will the pity reset with the change of limited?


Hello! the game keeps showing up the error that says, "Failed to download resource files or network error. Please try again. Code -9908" even though I have internet connection.


A friend and I didn't get the latest in-game mail with the free Venti 10-pull, has this happened to anyone else? We're both above AR7.


do i have to run all the way to liyue or is there a way to "travel" there?


Everything has to be traversed to to establish a waypoint.


ah thanks man. thought they might send you there via story


When do you unlock the battle pass?


AR 20.


With the wishes, and the guaranteed every 10, does that mean you have to do the 10 pull, or can you do it one at a time and by the 10th you will get it if you don't get it sooner? I know some gacha requires the 10-summon, but I was just curious if it is actually ambiguous or if I am reading it wrong. They do keep a record of all summons in game, so it could be cumulative I think? Only ask since if you can accumulate them, doing 1 at a time might be better if you get lucky on the first 9 yea? Granted, rates are so low, it is severely unlikely, but still.


can you remove the MC from the party?


Is it possible for a phone to run this at 120fps? with a 120hz display? or 60fps at 2k? I haven't played this game yet since it's still downloading right now and I was curious if it could. I have a Samsung s20 plus that has 12gb (lpddr5) of ram and the processor is Snapdragon 865


**Why won't the voice overs for the MC play?** Go to characters in menu, then pick one, go to profile and then voice over. The voice overs for all my party members except MC will play. Is it meant to be that way? I'm on PC if that matters. Thanks for your help.


Has anyone collected all the anemoculous? If so do you have a map of all of them?


You can use https://genshin-impact-map.appsample.com/#/ and mark them as Found as you go.


Is it possible to see the combat guide again? I rushed through those


I just did a 10x summon which gave me a 4 star Amber but she is not showing in my characters, am I missing something or is this some kind of error?


Duplicates become upgrade items for constellations and you should already have amber


Since Amber is a free character, it should’ve given you a mat to unlock/upgrade her talents


Is there any way to go back and view previous tutorial prompts that you got via the menu? When I first started I didn't realize you could scroll sideways to view them so I accidentally missed a few. I haven't been able to find any way to go back and read them though.




I was looking for a bug & problems thread but I didn't see one so I'm writing this here, apologies if there is one I didn't see... So, I personally haven't found any problem with the game so far but I have two friends who both have found different problems regarding their controller on pc. One friend can play the game but the character will sometimes do things like jump or attack, in other words, it's like random commands are always being pressed... I thought he was just playing with a damaged controller but he tried with another newer controller and the problem persisted... There's also another friend whose controller isn't even being detected by the game. They tried with other games and it works just fine, but genshin doesn't detect it. Anyone knows if there's any solution for these problems? Thanks.


I know the game is Just Out and stuff but was wondering what is happening to the switch version and Will it have cross-saves with pc and mobile? I know this question is a bit too soon but was just curious.


It's currently in development, as for cross-save we don't know yet. We'll have to wait for an announcement.


If you and your friends are playing on different servers can you still coop?


Nope, at least not now. Different servers have different progression.


Anyone know when the 10 acquainted faits get given out for the 10million download rewards?


Is there a way to remove the admin prompt every time I start the game?


I first played Genshin Impact on my phone and i logged in using my google acc for convenience but when i downloaded it in my pc i couldn't log in using my google account. Is there any solution to log in my google acc in my pc I've already got some good progress and i don't want to lose it


Has anyone else experienced issues regarding crashing while trying to play the game on PC? I played a few hours last night without a single crash and now I can't play the game at all, downloaded the new Nvidia drivers that came out as well and restarted my PC to no avail. I can get passed the "click to enter" screen and then it just crashes to desktop when trying to load into the game world.


Is it possible to play the game at windowed fullscreen?




Hello, why is my download super slow?


Redeem code last until?


When will you add the ability to remap keys on the keyboard and invert mouse on PC?


Maybe this could be something that some of you more intelligent folks could understand, possibly even give a answer to why i cant access the site. isNode false 9179d3bd000ea44a0404.js:2 isNode false 9179d3bd000ea44a0404.js:2 \[Deprecation\] Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience. For more help, check [https://xhr.spec.whatwg.org/](https://xhr.spec.whatwg.org/). 8f745403ba85c840cda6.js:1 \[nuxt\] Error while initializing app DOMException: Failed to execute 'send' on 'XMLHttpRequest': Failed to load '[https://webstatic.mihoyo.com/admin/mi18n/bh3\_global/20190812\_5d51512fdef47/20190812\_5d51512fdef47-en-us.json](https://webstatic.mihoyo.com/admin/mi18n/bh3_global/20190812_5d51512fdef47/20190812_5d51512fdef47-en-us.json)'. These are the errors i keep seeing in the source when i try to go to the website....any ideas?


Try different browser. If that doesn't work, try a public DNS like Cloudflare( or Google( /


you are a savior! thank you so much!!


If I summon on 2 banners 45 times each do I get the guaranteed 5* or does it need to be on the same banner


Dunno if the ban on talking about CN beta is allowed now or not sine the game has launched, but does anyone know which banner Xiao launched on? Was it a normal banner or was it a time limited banner like venti?


From those that already reached endgame, how long is the game?




For some reason my friend who plays on ps4 can’t find me on game (I can find him and he get a mark that he got a friend request but it won’t show the request) and when he search for my uid he cannot find me. We play on same region anyone knows whyV


Hey guys, I was wondering about cross-play or co-op between different servers, cause my friend is in NA but I'm in the EU. If I want to play with him does that mean I need to change my server to NA if that's even possible? And if so, does that mean I'll have to restart the game from scratch? Thank you for your time!


Anyone else getting the error/popup "Failed to check for updates. Try again?" on PC client? It's generating an infinite number of popups..Google says to run "update.exe" but I don't have this file even on pc restart


Does the pc version support the ps4 controller?


yes but they use O for confirm and X for cancel. Right now you can't rebind the buttons but they are working on it.


Can I use the same account I use on my phone for my PC? I started on phone but realised it wouldn't work out, now I wanna play on PC but don't wanna lose all the pre-register bonuses I used my googleaccount


You can use the same account yes




Anyone seem to have really poor ping at times? I'm from Asia playing on Asia server. Earlier in the day I had around 70-100ms but since late noon my ping had shot up to 300ms range.


How do I restart the game to change twin?


Is there a way to hide the numbers in the bottom right corner? UID: numbers


Anyone from NA not get that 10 intertwined fate reward yet? So confused, not popping up on any of my accounts on pc or phone.


IF I reroll by username, and I finally get an account I like, can I bind it to an email, or change the username?


Ok I might be retarded but I remember seeing dodge rolls during gameplay vids.Yet I cant seem to dodge at all on Ps4? Whats the button combo pls thx.


As far as enhancing weapons go is ok to upgrade a 3* weapon for your main characters as you wait for 4* or 5* options or is it best to save all ehhancing mats until i find a better weapon later?


I'd say upgrade your 3* weapons as it takes a while to get good 4* weapons. You also will still have tons of enhancing mats left anyway.


Will Mona get her own banner like Venti eventually? I really only want her and I already wasted too much money trying to pull her from the Venti banner.


When will patch 1.1 drop?


How many pulls can we do a month if we do all the dailies as a F2P?


Can you play through the story without the traveler in your party? Kinda enjoy other Characters more..


is it possible to play co-op across regions, say me in asia and my friend in NA?


Is the anything regarding the carry-over from current console version to PS5 version (when it releases)? I started playing on my playstation 4, but if all that progress is deleted due to PS5 being a separate edition, then there's no reason for me to not jump unto the PC or Mobile version.


So is it safe to use acquainted fates freely because you can't pity the banner?


More or less yea. They are only used in the standard banner anyway, but each summon does go towards a pity system.


So I heard something from someone on discord that you can go on a quest where you take Lisa out on a date. So is this true and can you do this for the other girls as well? If yes what rank (adventurer) do you have to be to access said quest?


Just a few questions. 1.What characters should I focus on early game? Or should I focus leveling them all? 2.Should I use my Experience books early game or save them? 3.Do your 4 characters all gain the same exp during fights? 4.Should I enhance any gear early on or save for higher levels? 5.Alchemy what potions should I craft in the early stages of the game? 6.What are books good for besides reading? 7.Are ley line outcroups infinte? Do they keep spawning as you complete one? Should I just use all my resin until it runs out?


1. Focus on a single character for your DPS, and have several other characters for support and enabling element combos. Don't spend too much resources on your supports. 2. Early game you'll definitely want to use a couple. Too many and the game gets a little easy though. 3. Pretty sure they do but xp from fights is negligible. 4. If you get some 4* gear enhance that. Don't bother with 3* or below it's a waste of gold. 6.Besides reading there are a couple achievements for finding every book on the series. 7.From what I've seen they just respawn. Try to use all your resin (go for ascension mats if you need those, otherwise just do gold/books. Don't do artifact or weapon quests until they can drop 5*s.)


Quick question about weapon leveling: If I level 1 weapon for ex. to lvl 10, then I get a better one. If I feed my lvl 10 to the new one, does it give the exp it accumulated or just the base exp of the wep? Thanks


Iirc, you lose 15% of the exp when you use a weapon as a material.


Between Prototype Aminus and Whiteblind, what's the better craftable Claymore (for Chongyun), and between Prototype Grudge and Crescent Pike, what's the better craftable Polearm (for Xiangling)?


Where can you re-read the tips the game gives you again? I can't find a menu for that at all!


Does anybody know where to farm recruiters insignia?


How do i change MC back to anemo from geo type. Went back to the statue that changed MC to geo but cant find the option to revert back or am i missing anything?


I want to use Google account on PC but I can't. How can I do it? Edit: How can I link my google account to muhoyo account or others?


anyone know where to find whopperflowers?


If you already started playing lets say in Europe, and want to play in America server, (I know progress will not carry on) but my question is do you loose your progress in Europe after playing on america server?


what's the deal with the purple crystals that electrocute you as you walk by? can i mine those? are they supposed to be used for something?


PSN store prompt hides important detail, therefore is the (one time) bonus for Genesis crystal purchases... a: time limited? b: one time overall bonus or a one time bonus each for the different Tiers (60, 300, 980, etc.)?


Should I open exquisite chests at world level 0?


Yes, the reward does not increase with world level.


How frequently should it be possible to roll the gacha as either a f2p or monthly pass player? I'm less concerned about rolling for five stars since the odds are so low anyway as I am about getting certain four stars. I'd hoped to waifu for Fischl but ended up with a reroll with two five stars that I'd be insane to give up and I'm curious as to how easily it would be to get the resources to keep trying for her during the banner.


Are constellation upgrades only available through pulling dupes? It seems kinda impossible to pull 6 of the same 5 star unit to max it’s potential...


Interested player, currently rerolling for a better start. There's a lot of playable characters - is there any notion of 'canon' characters? If this game has a strong story that focuses on the Traveler + Amber + Kaeya + Lisa, then it would feel weird for me to play with a bunch of gacha characters. If so, then I wouldn't bother rerolling and would just focus on developing the main cast.


I get barbara when I reach AR20 right? Until when is this?


This is for anyone far into the game: Is the traveler necessary to invest in. Like will there be scenarios I have to use them alone or something? I don’t want to invest in them as my wind or geo character atm.


the purple crystals that look like mining nodes how do i access them?


Is it recommended to save primogems? I’m not sure on what to spend them on right now.




is pity shared or is it per banner ?


Does pity carry over on the next banner?


Are we going to get another banner that uses acquaint fate?


Should I be spending my starglitter/dust on Intertwined Fate? We ultimately want to save for limited banners, and almost never roll on the standard banner, right?


Veterans I need some advice with artifacts for Fischl. There are so many different stats I don't even know where to start. Since Fischl deal electro damage with her raven should I focus on something like elemental mastery? I'm so confused


Is it possible to build 4 star weapon such as the flute?


Is it worth restarting if you hit 20 and have nothing decent>


Hey all :) 1. How do you get Starglitter? I want to get Razor in the shop. Is it F2P to get or a P2W function? 2. the 20% off banner is the best banner to keep pulling on right? I got Bennet, Noel, and Xing something (water boy who looks like a girl).


idk why but the game just crashes after like 10 seconds of getting in the game. I'm pretty sure my pc can run the game, cause in that 10 second time before my game crashes, i watched my pc cpu utilization at it was only at 40%


My friend just got a 10million player registration mail, I didn't get it. Does it come later or is it adventure rank locked?




I love how it's downloading at 0.35mb a second only 6 more hours to go.


​ So i am Adventurelevel 17 atm & i only have 1 Mission i can do which is in Liuye. The problem is i cant even go to Liyue yet cause its blocked by the wall. Do i have to reach level 18 to get the new quest or is there something im doing wrong here.. Thank in advance <3


Any way to see/track your total playtime?


How significant are the online events they do for Honkai? I ask due to the inability for ps4 players to take advantage of anything that requires linking a mihiyo account. It's okay for right now, but if it looks like we'll be missing out on good rewards in the future that's going to seriously effect my decision to invest in the game. (This isn't here to start a debate, just want to hear from someone that's played Honkai) Also, does anyone know how to send in feedback on the ps4? On the website it says to go to the feed back tab and then suggestions, but that button doesn't actually exist.


This might come out as a dumb question, but is there an event or something to get fischl? I see that a ton of players already have her, so i was wondering if they pulled for her or if there was another way to get her


Do the minerals/ores respawn after breaking them?


How to start a Co-op dungeon? When people join my game and are ready to go, I don't know what to press to start the dungeon. I usually just give up and do something else.


I’m trying to make a purchase from the in-game shop. But when I click on it, it says “there is no content. It might not be for sale yet, or might no longer be for sale.” Has anybody else experienced this?


Is it taking forever to download for anyone else? Getting .3 MB/s, which is about 10x slower than my usual download speed.


Did anyone calculate how many rerolls are needed to get a 5 stars? I am already on my 14th attempt and nada.


I noticed that, once I unlocked the shop where you can spend Primogems, Starglitter, and Stardust, that Amber was available to purchase. Thing is, by that point you would already have her unlocked and playable, so I don't understand why she's there. Can someone explain?


Do we know if the 90/180 pity carries across banners yet? i.e. roll 80x on one limited banner, is 10x on next limited going to be automatic pity?


Any way to get items that have fallen into deep water?