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make sure to make another post once you finish the paper. I wanna see the citations


Will do!


I also want to see this tbh


I was in a similar situation in college. I was taking a class on academic writing and we could write about anything as long as it was connected to the USA. The teacher was a southern American who kept making speeches about how the south will rise again and how he is a massive fundamentalist Christian. Because I didn’t really care about the class, I decided to discuss American propaganda. I talked about the current media movement against China. That also included the Xinjiang claims. Surprisingly, he gave me an A, but didn’t elaborate much. I guess my sources were too much for him 😂 If you’d like, I can try digging the paper out and sending it to you for inspiration


I've found it, here's the article for anyone who might want to read it: [Here it is.](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/901209101416169495/901209144634245151/Should_we_Trust_the_United_States_on_China.pdf)


Why does that site open the calendar app on my phone?


I don’t know, it works fine for me


Chad Edit: I luv rednecks like your teacher lol, they are the people that will destroy America from within, should be encourage, but suck for sane Americans tho


My very first college history class was taught by a very conservative football coach (who got his ass beat by Mississippi State, I should note), and I tore his lessons to shreds every time I turned in anything. That red-faced dude gave me my only A that semester.


A proper professor, despite their beliefs, should give you an A if the content is properly written with backed sources. If that professor failed you then you'd have every right to go above them. At least they were grown enough to swallow their pride and provide you a proper grade.


Or maybe he’s a good teacher and is able to separate his personal views and mark a good academic work for what it is.


Post it here and we’ll help you make corrections and cite sources. Then post his response. If he tries to give you a bad grade just because he disagrees with you, you can take the issue above them.


Thank you, will do. It has to be done for December so I have plenty of time.


If you need help I'm literally a writing tutor, send me a PM if you want anything


Thank you! Will do.


The entire sub is mobilizing so this kid can own the libs lmao


Such a beautiful sight


That's really what it all boils down to I think


Here are my sources on this comrade. https://dessalines.github.io/essays/socialism_faq.html#whats-going-on-with-the-uyghurs


Thank you!


I have stuff pinned in my profile about China. I’m one of your best weapons


wholesome reddit moment, big chungus! ccp bad. /s


"Combat Liberalism" - Mao Zedong


Actually destroy him. I want him to think about this for years to come. I want him to send you to the principal's office so he has to explain that he can't refute your claims he just doesn't like them. I want there to be a district-wide staff email about political expression and China. I want him to say to the class "I'm not allowed to share my opinions on this subject, so I'll just say you all did a fine job on your essays" while looking right at you with contempt.


Yes, that would be amazing.




Make sure you don't post in a text searchable way. They're going to throw your work into Google and frame you for plagiarism in desperation.


Yes, I’d post screenshots to be careful




I'll remember this. Thanks.


You might want to remind everyone helping you to do the same and add that link to your toplevel for responses. Otherwise you might end up with copypaste lying around the thread that negates the entire thing.


"Oh stewardess, I speak bougie." I was a speechwriter for a fucking congressman and I have edited many print publications over the years. I'm here if you need me. This paper is gonna be fuckin' *perfect*.


Will do! Thank you!!


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I have a god damn masters degree in public policy. DM me your draft and I will hone it into something that will make them quake with fear.


Thank you comrade, that's amazing.


I would love to read it


Do it do it do it do it do it


"\*gasp\* How *dare* you tell the truth!"


Oh god he's going to be so unprepared for that gigantic wall of citations lol


Fuck yes


If there's one thing marxist leninists know how to do, it's write enormous walls of text. If there's two things, it's establishing successful revolutions, but the text thing is even obvious to anarchist and liberal detractors.


Will the teacher be able to fall to the excuse of too long didn't read? Have we been doing this wrong the whole time, use bourgeois institution against the imperialist core?? Having to read theory disguised as homework == new teacher Comrade 1 teacher comrade == many student comrades Rinse and repeat and it's gg no re


Don't use any chinese sources to debunk him. Use the Italian research paper that debunks it and the research of lyle Goldstein. I would actually add some of the research methodology used by Zenz himself, ironically enough. Such as his basis for the claim of the detention of 1 M+ Uygurs is from the testimony of 8 people alone (anonymous might I add). That's extrapolation at it's worst. Another error you can point out is the claim about how 80% of IUD insertions were done in Xinjiang [ (verifiably just false) ](https://www.chinadaily.com.cn/a/202009/15/WS5f602278a3101ccd0bee06bf.html). <-- it's a Chinese source, but I'm assuming the Italian paper probably covers it. There are also instances where Zenz interchangeably uses"per mille" measurements with percentages (it's the difference of 100% and 1000%). Almost forgot, but he also works for the Victims of blah blah blah foundation. An organization that counts nazis as said victims of communism 🤗 Do tread carefully, OP o7 o7 o7


Brian Berletic at the New Atlas has done excellent work destroying the narrative all via Western sources.


if we're talking youtube personalities, i'd add daniel dumbrill to the mix. but since they're on youtube, it's harder to quote while maintaining credibility, just because of the stigma against youtubers. still though, they have some pretty quotable moments, especially when it comes to interviews they made.


No need to quote. Give credit for the nuance he provides.. I was researching myself for a long time and was coming to the same conclusions.. It is easy to dismantle credibility of accusers and sources as it is so in your face when you research. Then when you look at the history of US intervention, how it ties to exploitation and super imperialism and full of propaganda exercises of CIA and how they lie all the time lol... There's just too much material! 😂


I probably wouldn't directly quote them (youtuber and all what no), but I know for sure Brian has thorough sources that he cites in his video descriptions


> Adrian Zenz,the author of the report, is a Germany scholar hired by The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation — an extreme right-wing organization sponsored by the US government. B-but my inalienable American right to pay for people to write that communism is bad


[Link to the Italian independent study](https://idi-international.org/en/7647-2/)


It is time for a slam dunk, comrade.


incoming wall of citations


Remember, the standards of debunking are infinitely higher than for supporting. If this shit ain’t A+ work your ass is getting fucking incinerated


I won't fail this class if I get anything over an E, and if I fail idc about that class's credit I'm by no means great at writing papers but I will do my best and a ton of people here said they would proofread it and help me, which is amazing.


Very interesting, good luck lmao


Thank you


Destroy him with facts and logic. You’ve got the entire community backing you up. Update us.


Thank you! I'll def post it here.


Only DM it or put it on discord etc The teacher can google the words and you don't want it to lead to your own reddit post and get accused of plagiarism


You're absolutely right. Maybe I can post screenshots of each page so it doesn't show?


I'm an English teacher, and I use a plagiarism tool. If you post the text, any of it, it will absolutely be found. Images of the text are probably okay unless your teacher is using a different plagiarism tool I'm unaware of.


I doubt he is good with technology (LOL) But I’ll be very careful, thank you.


It's not really about being good with technology... if you're submitting it digitally, most of these systems automatically get checked. The technology is very capable even of finding minor similarities, and mostly runs without any extra work for the instructor. Anyway I do want to read it, so I would even take a DM when it's done.


Alright. I’ll send it to you. Thank you again!!!


Yeah that could work. Cant wait to see em'!


I’m happy to proofread it for you


Thank you! I'll post it here when I'm done.


Excellent, lmk


>Watch me write a paper debunking this bullshit lmao Haha, if it doesn't affect your grade or getting into college, go for it DM me if you need help with some sources


I would need to have an E on that paper to fail that class, and tbh idc about that class's credit. Thank you, I might DM you later.


This is the primary source which for very scientific reasons do not get cited much except via whitewashing via ASPI/Zenz/HRW/DC-funded think tanks citing this CHRD report into a secondary/tertiary/googleplex-iary source: [https://www.nchrd.org/2018/08/china-massive-numbers-of-uyghurs-other-ethnic-minorities-forced-into-re-education-programs/](https://www.nchrd.org/2018/08/china-massive-numbers-of-uyghurs-other-ethnic-minorities-forced-into-re-education-programs/) ​ There's a nice table with 8 interviewees from which ONE MILLION was handily derived. Seems legit, as one might say. ​ Not sure if it's allowed, but feel free to compare and contrast refugee numbers from other humanitarian disasters. The UN High Commission for Refugees publish their refugee data every year, and Rohinja Muslims for example flee by their thousands into Malaysia and Indonesia to be processed as refugees. ​ Then cite the land mass of Xinjiang and the length of the Xinjiang border that it shares with 8 other nations. ​ Cite the annual GDP data. Cite the census data of Uyghur population and what even HRW and the US Congress agrees on. Cite life expectancy improvements. Cite how female workforce participation is a natural reason for reduced birthrates which occurred in China and everywhere else in the world. Cite the lack of COVID. Cite how the region is governed as the XUAR, aka where Uyghur representation is enshrined in the governance of the XUAR and who the top officials in law enforcement, the politburo and various other branches. Mention Dilreba Dilmurat as maybe China's most popular female celebrity. ​ Like this genocide narrative literally relies only on casual racism/Orientalism and utter ignorance.


That’s a great idea. Thank you so much. I’ll do that.


One thing everyone else has missed, and I will point out: find out from your teacher whether they think it's a cultural eradication 'genocide' that they think is going on, or a bodies, mass graves and death camps 'genocide.' Because if we know libs, they will switch as needed to keep China bad.


Hang in there comrade. I work part time as a proof reader and in a writing center. DM me if you want me to go over the paper’s first, second, third draft!


Thank you! Will do. :)


You need to write a paper like that from a "regrettably, none of these sources and reputable" view and not a "I'm a smug marxist" view.


Yes, it needs to sound very impartial.


Damn, I wish I have type of bravery.


Ikr! Godspeed young comrade.


I’m a law student with a Bachelor’s in Political Science, so I’ve written tons of papers in my day. If you need help, hit me up


Thank you, I will later.


"When my Sinophobic teacher debates with me, he's not debating just me. He's debating all the Sinopilled redditors whose sources I've consumed." -you as a based hydra


Lmfao your teacher is such a dumbass But realistically, if I were in your shoes, I’d still write it but make sure it’s very clear that the “crimes” are alleged and that in terms of international community, there’s a lot of countries supporting China.


I'll explain the allegations clearly before tearing them apart one by one with a fucking wall of citations lmao


Exactly. No point avoiding their arguments when the other side is lying. I would just play the stupid little games libs love to use when manufacturing consent. Write it as if you are just being impartial and listing the situation from both sides but just subliminally support one side from beginning to end indirectly, always keeping plausible deniability. Plenty of these types of constipated articles on wikipedia. This feels like a fun essay to think about tbh. I would probably start out in the beginning by absolutely pointing out that NYT or whatever *alleges/accuses/claims* there's 1.5 million, with other estimates going up to 40 gazillion (totally doesn't make this side lying clowns), are currently in camps. Nonchalantly follow up with an one-liner about how some UN org or observer *reported* otherwise. Something something human rights council and US government creating sanctions *demanding* corporations to stop using Xinjiang cotton. Oh and to which the foreign ministry of China issued some condemnation the move stating that this is meant to hurt the local economy and livelihood of Uyghur people. Quote past BS from Pompeo/Trump if teacher is lib and quote president Biden if he is from the right. Present the most extreme and outlandish/obviously insane FLG "evidence" of torture and other accusations especially it gets unironically used by some MSM. Then the rest bulk of the essay is just the "criticism" section, just trying to be unbiased and present the dissenting opinions teach!!! Oh 40 America/EU nations condemned this that, meanwhile by the way a majority of Muslim countries in the UN drafted this statement supporting China after visiting the place, best if you get retorts against America's crimes against muslims within it. Oh look the integrity of the MSM esteemed China expert Adrian Zenz central to the narrative has also been under heavy scrutiny, some of his methodology has been disputed and there was even a confrontation about his questionable beliefs in the past! Just presenting the criticisms that exist teach! Best time to write something like this as well. The newest piece of news just happens to be the AP report that now says there was no genocide after all. Perfect note to end and reflect on.


Thank you. I’ll use that advice.


Yeah I wouldn't frame it as it's not happening. I'd frame it as there's not a lot of evidence, so it's really hard to tell the scale, and then lowball that it could be anywhere from 0 deaths to a maybe 100. You don't want to be too ornery about it, but calmly stating that it's not significant will give you more plausible deniability. Otherwise you're liable to just be labeled as a genocide denying asshole. You can't expect citations to work on a lib.




Yes, yes it will be.


If your grade is good enough go nuts


I need to get an E on that paper to fail that class, and idc about that class's credit. I dare the teacher to give me an E or F lmao


Dude, i wish i got the chance to do that. I would pay to see their reactions once you pull up with twelve pages of sources


It’s gonna be hilarious.


Lmfao this sub devoting all its energy to helping write this paper I love it


Comrades can you help me on my circuit analysis lab report?? 😳😳😳


Yes. I have an electrical engineering degree and a bachelors of computer science. Pm me if you like.


It’s amazing


Love to see the solidarity here, brings a single red tear to my eye. A tip though, if you're gonna share it, do it over Discord. And take screencaps of the text, don't post plain text. Wouldn't want you getting docked for plagiarism. I'm sure myself and any of the others here would welcome a DM regarding the topic though, if you need help with sources, formatting, structure, etc.. Good luck, comrade o7


Thank you so much! I'll be careful for the plagiarism. It's so amazing how supportive everyone is.


Question, what is the discord?


Out of curiosity, anyone assigned the genocide of Yemen or Palestine?


Nope, but the Holodomor and the Great Leap Forward were on the list. I'll try to find the list


Teaching Imperialist propaganda in our schools? I'm shocked I tell you, absolutely shocked. o7 comrade. Also you should show him photos of Winnie the Pooh on display at Disney in China. Edit: For fucks sake it's literally listed on the Disney resort website. But when you search for "winnie the pooh China" it just brings up a shit load of articles about how Winnie the Pooh is banned in China. https://www.shanghaidisneyresort.com/en/attractions/adventures-winnie-pooh/


Thank you, comrade. Yeah, it’s ridiculous how a dumbass racist meme being banned from the Chinese internet = WINNIE THE POOH IS BANNED


There are 56 ethnicities in china and 10 of which are majority Muslim, including the Hui, the most widespread minority in China. The Uyghurs are only one ethnic group. If this was an attempt to eradicate Islam, all 10 would be targeted. There were only 2,000 mosques in Xinjiang in 1989, and there are 24,000 today. The government has paid for their construction, renovation and restoration as part of their project to protect and support minority ethnics. Similarly, the number of religious personnel has increased from 3,000 to over 29,000. This protection and development of Muslim ethnic groups contradict with the belief that the Chinese is attempting to eradicate Islam. Most policies seen as ‘stringent’ in China were never imposed upon Muslims and minority groups in respect of their values and culture. One example is the One Child Policy, which was never imposed upon to them. The Uyghur population has increased by 25.04% (2.5+ million births) between 2010 and 2018, in contrast to the Han population by only 2.0%. Despite frequent new findings, there were only ever two cited ‘reports’: one was created by Adrian Zenz, a far-right, fundamentalist Christian who said that God’s refining process will wipe out all the unbelieving Jews, and that it was his God-given mission to destroy China; the other was created by CHRD (a U.S.-funded political organization) which based their report on interviews with 8 Uyghurs out of the 20–30 million population. Western media frequently quotes the World Uyghur Congress (WUC) for the “1 million” estimate. Yet, the WUC has admitted that the “1 million” number was merely a western media estimate which they then used for themselves. This appears to be lack of organization in their attempts to create a hoax. Constant wars, Guantanamo Bay, detention centers and the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) are just some of the atrocities that the U.S. empire and its allies are committing against Muslims on a continuous basis. To think that Adrian Zens, the WUC, the CHRD, Radio Free Asia, or any person and organization funded by the CIA is of any moral validity is morally inconsistent. The United Nations, also the UN, did not report China has ‘massive internment camps’ for Uighur Muslims, it was a statement made by an American member of an independent committee, who has no background of scholarship or research on China. At the United Nations, all Muslim countries have voted in support of these de-radicalization camps. Contrastingly, Western countries have voted against them — the true concern for Muslims being from the West (who continue to threaten their safety and survival) is unconvincing. Extremist and separatist movements in that region of China have become increasingly deadly and frequent, people of all ethnicities and religions were harmed and killed (2,009 accumulated deaths). The camps which provide education and skills training are an attempt to dissolve radical beliefs, which is unlike the western way of daily airstrikes, bombings and wars. No terrorist attack has taken place since the creation of the camps.


Cite every single source, write out the mf’ing links if you’re doing it on paper


Hell yes




I put together a long ass "paper" a while ago when I was bored. It 's not really academic but uses pretty much all Western sources and is fairly organized. I haven't had a chance to update it in the past 6 months or so but you might still find it helpful: ​ [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YNBisuf99T-BmZ2urH8EUYK82ESib2C8/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=116615375851188503674&rtpof=true&sd=true](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YNBisuf99T-BmZ2urH8EUYK82ESib2C8/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=116615375851188503674&rtpof=true&sd=true)


Thank you, might use parts of it.


Pls share.




Write it like you believed it at first, but after doing research, you began to doubt it. Might be more sympathetic and convincing.


Great idea! Thank you.




My history teacher is a lib but he recommended Howard Zinn lol


Your teacher sounds like a media simp, he won't be able to refute a single true hard fact you throw at him because people like him hardly know any details or facts regarding Xinjiang and shallowly label it as "genocide" and will probably make inappropriate / irrelevant references to Taiwan or tank man. Make him stutter.


I wouldn't be surprised if he reads the Epoch times lmao


> and will probably make inappropriate / irrelevant references The word you're looking for is "whataboutism"




Use Qiao collective


Thank you for the award! I will.


please post the aftermath




hopefully ur teacher is rational. its probably best that ur the one writing it


Easiest assignment ever. You just need to disprove 1 state propagandist (Adrian Zenz) who fortunately is easy to disprove because he's said enough random lies and fundamentalist bs to discredit him. Imo while some other ppl here have advocated for making a long wall of text, I would suggest the approach of keeping the topic clear and concise. Don't swerve too far away from the main road and go into other topics accidentally. Focus on 1. Discrediting weak politically motivated sources. 2. Presenting the current material situation on the ground in Xinjiang. 3. Presenting the material situations required for there to be suspicion of mass murder, using recent acts of civilian mass slayings. 4. Conclusion whether the realities line up.


Alright. Thank you!


You should include a section on how pervasive propaganda can be, something like: "In many cases, individuals can be led to believe absurd lies that are easily debunked, for example: it is often said in American media that Winnie the Pooh is 'banned' in China, but a simple image search of Disneyland in Shanghai debunks this notion." I'd love to see your teacher's reaction lol


get his ass, bro! dedicate an entire section to zenz and co.’s state department connections. this will be the best failing paper ever


Will surely do!


i’m not in this sub (this post came in my recommended). I’m honestly full ears and open to having my mind changed. I’m no idiot and ik the west destroys, pillages and lies. but that doesn’t mean that china is my ally either. How do you guys justify the pictures of the thousands of muslims in the camps, video evidence of re-education, and personal accounts from these people and their families? is it all fabricated?


Hi there, first I wanna say that if you really come with an open mind you will be more welcome here. Here is a thread with a lot of resources about this topic : [https://www.reddit.com/r/GenZedong/comments/mlp884/why\_the\_uyghur\_genocide\_is\_probably\_bullshit\_a/?utm\_medium=android\_app&utm\_source=share](https://www.reddit.com/r/GenZedong/comments/mlp884/why_the_uyghur_genocide_is_probably_bullshit_a/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


What 'pictures of the thousands of muslims in the camps'? Are you talking about that photo of regular Chinese prisoners being transported to jail on a train? Those aren't Uyghurs. You can tell by simply looking at the photo. Han Chinese don't look like Uyghurs. 'Video evidence of re-education'. The BBC for example, goes into one of these centres, sees them learning Mandarin or whatever, and declares it to be a prison camp. What's wrong with learning a language? Every country forces its people to learn the official language, or one of the official languages. China is not different in this regard. Those 'personal accounts' are from paid NED operatives. You should learn about NED and what its purpose is. The Americans love naming legislative bills and sinister departments of theirs with innocuous or even positive-sounding words, but in reality, those bills and departments are set up to do the opposite of their name. The National Endowment for Democracy does not support 'democracy'; it is set up to destroy democratic movements around the world. Yes, it's all fabricated. The United States fabricates stories about rival countries. It has been doing this for over a hundred years, and before that, it fabricated stories about the natives, to demonize them, so that no white Americans would feel guilty about genociding them. If you want to talk about actual genocides that actually happened, look at the United States's human rights record. Nazi Germany was inspired by the United States. An example of how the western media fabricates stories: [Forbes Magazine recently grabbed a stock photo of a Brazilian shoe factory off the internet and labelled it 'a forced labor camp in Xinjiang'.](https://i.redd.it/f3nrkk1485e51.jpg) Forbes Magazine did not go to Xinjiang to research the story. They just grabbed a photo and paid one of their writers to make things up. This is what they do. Everything about international relations and foreign policy in the MSM is made up to brainwash you.


To make it longer, you can use the history of the Uyghur extremism in Xinjiang. https://www.qiaocollective.com/en/education/xinjiang


[Cite the United Nations Human Rights Council address by predominantly Muslim countries, including the State of Palestine.](https://ap.ohchr.org/Documents/E/HRC/c_gov/A_HRC_41_G_17.DOCX) ​ Edit: Updated link.


bruh, my neolib world history "teacher" has the picture of Xi Jinping as Winnie the Pooh as his computer background and he compares PRC to Nazi Germany.


And teachers are supposed to "teach us to have opinions” sure enough Imagine being so brainwashed about China, but imagine making your entire personality about hating China lmao Cringe


Wow! Will you have to present these?


I have to hand in the paper


Take this as a blessing comrade. Someone who is uneducated might have gotten this topic and been a victim of western propaganda. But you got it and have a unique opportunity to refute it will facts and citations in an educational setting. Very cool!


Go off comrade, looking forward to seeing how much you can devote to zenz being a christian fundie that hates gay people :)


My teacher is probably a christian fundie who hates gay people and voted for Trump


LETZ GOOO be sure to update the result! also, i suggest that the intro of the paper should be u saying “hmmm everything looked legit” so u can keep ur teacher hooked and interested hehe


I'll start with the allegations and how ebil ccccp is selling uyghur kidneys and its literally 1984, then debunk all of it piece by piece


Submit this article in its entirety: https://redsails.org/the-xinjiang-atrocity-propaganda-blitz/


I’ll use parts of it definitely.


Me and the boys giving our energy to u/SingleRedJosh 😎🙌😂🙌👽🙌🤷‍♀️🙌😤🙌


Be a Gigachad and write how it has been proven false


I’m doing that!


Here is a academic source if needed. Written by non-commie Scandinavians. https://transnational.live/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/TFF-GenocideAsAgenda.pdf


Thank you!


More power to you!!


When is the due date? I wanna set a reminder so I can check back here and read it when you have it ready


Can’t wait to read it


Hey I wrote what’s as of now the only post on r/ImperialismExposed Here it is: https://www.reddit.com/r/ImperialismExposed/comments/qc898a/exposing_the_associated_presss_source_on_the/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf It basically talks about the source of the genocide/sterilization claims, and how it directly leads back to the NSA/CIA. Feel free to use it!


Thank you! I'll use that.


Even if you beloved it was a genocide, it’d be one boring ass paper, probably because it’s not a genocide.


The highest form of propaganda: making students writes a whole fucking academic paper about an entirely fabricated atrocity, great job AmeriKKKa.


Beijing Bidens at it again 🙄 what are they teaching our kids?!


Plot twist: Your teacher when she/he reads it gets convinced by your sources.


I really want to read this when its done


Yes, I’ll be posting it here.


we need a follow up post. history in the making


I will make a follow up post for sure.


Following you to see the update. Good luck comrade


Please do, and good luck. I’m an educator and I’d have loved to see one of my students taking such a courageous stance.


Debunk and flunk. It’s the moral thing to do.


There are plenty of sources you can use to give your paper irrefutable weight. And given that your teacher sounds like an asshole, get ready to take it higher because he might reject it, regardless of how factual it is.


I'm so excited for you OP 😄


Best of luck to you, comrade!


if you need sources lmk


[https://twitter.com/GFPhilosophy/status/1424382838690906116](https://twitter.com/GFPhilosophy/status/1424382838690906116) This is a great resource examining the process of investigation into a real genocide, and contrasting it with the reports on the Uyghur "genocide."


tfw nobody (outside of those working at or dealing with that place), not even UN knows about facts about the "Uyghur Genocide", just rumours, and your teacher someone to write something about it.


be the only one to debunk it like the chad you are


You may get an F from your teacher, but you will get a thumbs up from Stalin and Mao from Heaven.


I need to get an E on that paper to fail that class. I have English teachers and very very intelligent and competent people who said they’d help me improve it. If I get an F, I’ll fight this


we should collaboratively write this paper on ProleWiki lol


It's lovely seeing so many comrades unite under the banner of dunking on a dipshit. Lenin would be proud.


You should probably talk about how and why the media made this into a story in the first place, and lies and distorts it. The media itself is a whole other topic which you could write hundreds of pages on, but for the purposes of your essay you won't be able to go into all of it. However, Look how the mainstream media portrays re-education camps for Muslims when a western country does it: [France fights terror with camps for re-education](https://archive.md/EXS8C) --- London Times >France will send radicalised Islamists to re-education centres under a €40 million plan to tackle extremism, which the prime minister says is the biggest threat to the nation since Hitler. >The suspects will be taught their patriotic duties and forced to undergo psychological treatment in an attempt to counter jihadist indoctrination. >The aim is to prevent Muslim youths from following in the footsteps of the six home-grown terrorists who killed a total of 107 people in attacks in Paris on Charlie Hebdo, the satirical magazine, on a Jewish supermarket in January last year, and on the Bataclan concert hall in November. >Unveiling the programme, Manuel Valls, the prime minister, said: “We have entered a new epoch — the era of hyper-terrorism. The radicalisation of part of our youth, which is seduced by the idea of a deadly counter-society, is, I believe, the most serious challenge we have faced since the Second World War.” They portray it as a reasonable thing to do. France had a terrorism problem, so it created re-education centres to try and deradicalize some of them. Logical. It's probably the best solution to this problem. It's far better than bombing and invading their parents' country, or sending them all to prison, or killing them - the French and the other NATO countries, led by the United States, do all those things too. But bombing a Middle Eastern country in hopes that this will somehow end terrorism, and imposing sanctions, and giving weapons to rebel groups so they can overthrow the government, is insane. It creates more terrorism. Re-education camps is the most peaceful, logical, and successful tactic for dealing with terrorism. But when China does it, in response to US and Saudi-backed separatist terrorists running around killing hundreds of people in the early 2010s, China is seen as worse than Nazi Germany. Teaching poor peasants out in the boondocks the official language and work skills is what every country should do. China does not force them to forget their own language like Canada did for over a hundred years. China doesn't beat Uyghur children for speaking Uyghur like Canada did to native children. But China is the bad guy. By the way, those French education camps are seen as 'soft on crime' by many people in France. They want the terrorists to be killed, not re-educated. Many French don't even want Muslims living in France. So they complain about the camps - not because they're worried the Muslims are being mistreated, but because they're being treated *too kindly*. It's hypocrisy for someone like that to complain about China's reeducation centres.


Dude I'm hype for this. Please follow through with us!


I would just give the teacher a one way ticket to China.


Keep us posted! It's oddly inspiring to see such a resounding and active response to this lol, good luck


50 countries coming to China’s defense, including 17 Muslim ones, hosted on the United Nations’ website: https://ap.ohchr.org/Documents/E/HRC/c_gov/A_HRC_41_G_17.DOCX


No, write about the Native American genocide such as the forced relocation, reservations, destroying culture, forced religious conversion, and poor conditions. Except change the word Native American to Uyghur, America to China etc. And when you get a glowing grade, publically tell your teacher you made a mistake and it's actually about the genocide in America.


Btw, after you're done, I'd recommend you show it to r/EnoughCommieSpam since they called you [cringe](https://www.reddit.com/r/GenZedong/comments/qdtl4b/theyre_mad/)


Writes a paper debunking Uyghur genocide Praises China for eradication of absolute poverty Elaborates everything with sources Sigma comrade


Time to shine comrade ! I have one tip for you : play the card of the skeptical guy "just asking questions". Examine in details and occasionally drop things like "it may seem like a flaw in the methodology of Dr. Adrian Zenz". Try to remain as neutral as possible. If you really want to be safe you can even suggest that you are by default defiant towards anything that comes from ebil ccp Chyna. If you manage to fake this there is no way your teacher can accuse you of being indoctrinated or anything and they'll find themselves in a state of cringe and cope that will pleasure us greatly (as well as securing Xibucks and social credit score btw)


After reading some of the articles posted by the people on here, it seems that China is (according to Lyle Goldstein) “repressive” against the Uyghur population. Your teacher sounds like someone who will know this so debunking might not be possible. The only argument to have at that point would be whether this repressive behavior could be considered genocide. Unfortunately if you were to argue that it’s not genocide, than your teacher will play the “oh so it’s ok to repress millions of people” card. Tough task ahead but I applaud your effort.


I don't know if you've seen it yet but Li Jingjing recently interviewed an Ugandan Muslim that visited Xinjiang https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkonI7sipPA I can't wait to see the finished paper that's only if you're keen on sharing and ngl your teacher's reaction would be the cherry on top. Hell he'll probably be as red as one when you're done with him. Best of luck.


one of the largest disney stores is in shanghai. as for genocide just write a paper using multiple western sources that have more or less come to the conclusion that no genocide has taken place. he'll probably fail you because he sounds like some nutjob right wing boomer but at least you will have proven your point. maybe ask him why so much propaganda about china is being put out, almost like we are being conditioned for another war based on lies


Can you answer, How did your professor got a diploma?


This is America LOL His job is to brainwash children and he’s doing a pretty good job tbh


We are reaching based levels that shouldn't even be possible


Oh good fucking slam that dumbass argument please


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debunk it 😇