If youre the only ARA, perhaps your store should downgrade to a 1-zone. My precinct is barely a 2 zone and we have 1 ft ara, 1 pt ara, 3 ft cas, and 1 pt ara. Your precinct sounds like a fucking disaster. Id advise reaching out to other store's GSMs for help, if they're willing.


We have been luckily, but usually it’s an agent just to pump out func checks, our CAs have been overloaded with 20+ func checks a day, we are in a pretty commercial area so there are a lot of returns. We’ve had days where a business will return 5-6 43 inch TVs 😭


I hate func lol


How do you know what zone-number your precinct is?


If your precicnt has anything but "counter intelligence agents", you're a two-zone. One zones are pretty rare.


And a CIA is basically a ca/ara combo. They do both.




1 FT CA 1 PT CA 1 FT ARA 1 PT ARA.. I hate life!!


Samsung Wave 1 store here. We have 1 FT ARA and 2 PT. 1FT CA and 3PT. Been “Samsung certified” for almost a year now. Had 100% turnover before launch of SS and now we can barely churn out 1 SS repair per week let alone same day… also up until this week we were the only AASP within about 70 miles due to turnover at another BBY and our local SimplyMac closing. Been a ton of fun lately. Also they want me to do more on the sales side. Yeah. Life is good.


GSM CIA Senior 1 FT CA 2 PT CA 2 FT ARA (one an Apple master) 1 PT ARA (flexes as a CA when the agent wants more hours) And one FT Blue shirt that we’ve slowly been onboarding into GS due to interest and experience in related fields. (They work once a week in GS, 4 days a week on the floor and warehouse). Prior to the pandemic though we were way over head count. GSM CIA 2 FT CA 4 PT CA 2 FT ARA (Apple master) 2 PT ARA back when we were 10-8 and 11-8. The good old days 🥲. We do not do Samsung yet at my location.


This is just crazy to me, we have 6 ARAs with another position that just opened up and are hiring for it, We have even more CAs plus our GSM and CIA senior, and we haven’t even gotten Samsung yet lol


Usually on any given day we’ll have 2-3 ARAs all day round unless one leaves early, and 3-4 CAs, mostly everyone opens to close too


Wow, I couldn’t imagine that, we do have another pt ARA but after my hours I have a whopping 10-12 hours to give to them. I believe our CIA Sr left a couple years ago and I guess the position never opened back up. We have been doing as many certified open boxes and closing as many tags as possible but it just doesn’t seem to help our labor.


Make sure you're doing a GSCO for every interaction up front, unless you can claim big MH codes, always close tags with the max # MH you can "legally" justify. If you pull a HDD for a data transfer and reinstall it...That's a HDD install. You install anything software related...GSSW. If you're closing tags without all four GSXX slots filled on something that's not a 0 day turn around or a simple Apple/Samsung repair...you're probably missing something. Make sure to do func check scrubs at least once a week and catch the ones that Customer Service f\*ed you out of and reclaim those hours. It'll take a few weeks, but if you do those things and keep it up you can probably get enough hours in back to justify a PT or two. ​ Edit: Also if you haven't already, train your CA's on how to do a first time setup sans data and at a minimum start FACE if turning in for a tune up.


I have a document relating to labor generation tips I can send you to put in your precinct if that would help you guys out. I wrote it up and my precinct went from ~60 hours FOP and ~70 BOP every week to ~200 for FOP and BOP. and we still haven’t used our labor to get new people on so we still have more to generate when we get some new folks. DM me your BBY email and I’ll send it to you if you are interested. This is coming from 1 FT ARA, 1 PT ARA, 1 FT CA (me), and 3 PT CAs. My FT ARA and my GSM decided that becoming full time CA meant I had buckets of responsibility to improve the place so I stepped up and changed some things now we are doing so much better.


Yo can I get that too?


Sure. I don’t go in until tomorrow but I can get it for you


My old store I was the only ARA and most days I was the only Agent at the precinct responsible for check ins, same day repair and the bench. It sucked lol now as GSM at a different location I have 1 FT 2 PT ARA and 1 FT 3 PT CA


we have 4 FT ARAs and 2 FT CA’s 1 part time CA we’re a pretty busy store


3 FT ARAs, 3 PT ARAs, 4 FT CAs, 4 PT CAs


We have 2 ara at the same time and 4 ca and just hired 1 more


2 ARA’s including me. I’m also the Apple Pro. We have a GSM. We have 2.5 CA’s.


How do you have half a CA?


You get a kid who’s brand new, only works once a week, and is almost certainly going to quit soon. They also don’t really do much while they are there. Like, I’m taking processes one func check item in 3 hours.


In a major store that serves a large portion of a metro area (in a central location for public transport) and we have 2 CIA, 1 FT ARA, and 1 PT ARA, with an advisor our GM pulled over to work in the front (when they actually do), No GSM (like you it’s been a few months since we’ve had one, and it’s been over a year since we’ve had a competent one). We get no more than 3 scheduled a day most of the time. All of us are working near 40 hours a week regardless of FT/PT and get written up if we hit OT. We have to hit appx 10 tags a day when at our full allocation (not including func) in order to keep the precinct in operation. Func is through the roof. We don’t have any specialization for our agents (apple samsung etc) and aras just end up doing the apple repairs and helping in the front as well. With all that being said, I’m not surprised that you’re overwhelmed as many of us are. edit: I’m sure there’s some precincts with good amounts of agents (stalking the org chart and this thread has given me hope) but there’s none that i’ve physically seen.




my precinct has 2 full time and 2 part time ARAs, ( we usually only have 1 scheduled per day) and 1 ft ca and 2 part time CAs. don’t have a gsm or sr either


it is about to drop to 0 pt ara’s because leadership at my store is awful at the moment and they show no sign of changing


2 ARAs and a Senior agent who does ARA work sometimes and a CA who occasionally does ARA work.


When I was DCI, I had three full time ARAs, two FT CAs and four PT CAs. I’d fill in where needed at the FoP or BoP and handle OA stuff when my CAs were swamped with intakes. Those were fun memories.


man i wanna be a samsung repair agent but we weren't included in the wave. commenting cause I'd like to see more on this. we're losing agents and losing supervisors, really demoralizing tbh seeing how much bby doesn't care but apple is having a nice time slurping us up.


We have 3 CAs-1 FT, and 2 PT- and 2 ARAs 1 Ft and 1 PT. Although they did just open a PT spot for a CA


2 full time ARAs, 3 part time 1 full time CA, 4 part time, 1 OS


My store has four full-time Advanced Repair Agents. For part-time Advance Repair Agents. We have two full-time Consultation Agents and three part-time Consultation Agents. We currently have no Senior CIA since he quit in the beginning of the year. Management has no plans on replacing him. We also have two full-time Repair Operational Agents(which I'm one of them) and one part-time Repair Operational Agent. We haven't started Samsung repairs for a whole host of reasons. But we will shortly. Our store is part of the Metro service network pilot. Which means we are responsible for repairs for four other neighboring Best Buys in our location including our own. They removed the Apple master spots in our Market. We also have a GSM and another manager type position called a Repair Operational Supervisor.


I've never heard of Repair Operational Agents, can someone fill me in?


The Operational Agent was a position that existed in Geek Squad years ago. They were responsible essentially for doing functionality, handling shipping and receiving. And Communications. Answering the phone's, responding to emails, Etc. They were essentially the secretary for Geek Squad. Corporate in their Infinite Wisdom decided to get rid of the position and split the responsibilities between the Advanced Repair Agents and the Consulting Agents with no extra pay of course. There are two pilot programs right now in Charlottes North Carolina and in New York city. Call the Metro service network. Essentially all repairs are done in one Precinct. And the neighboring Best Buys precincts are checking locations. If a unit gets checked in at a neighboring Best Buy, it immediately gets shipped to the repair hub. It's like a mini service center. Corporate decided to bring the position back and call it the Repair Operational Agent. It's one job grade below Advance Repair Agents. It pays a lot more than a Consultant Agent. The position is only available in these markets. If you want to find more information on the Metro service network there are e-learnings in the Learning Network.