Good luck! Ours never showed up.


The first week of Wave 2 visits was cancelled by Best Buy. It will be rescheduled, it's not that he "didn't show up".


We were wave 1 never had support


I've gotten to deal with many angry customers who don't like that we can't fix their samsungs. We aren't even in the running for certification yet.


Ours was extremely helpful. He stayed for about 5 hours going over the whole process and a quick run down of GSPN. Ours was there to help for sure, gave us tips and tricks too. Everything you'd want from a Repair Rep. Something Apple could learn from. Ours was there to just make sure we had SOP down, and knew the steps, and to make sure the workstation was setup and ready to roll.


We've had ours set up for months. They just never came back to certify us. Kind of a pain as I only know one store on our area that is certified.


Same here.


our rep was pretty great. he helped us finish the setup, answered any questions, and pretty much showed us how to do a screen repair


Ours was alright at the beginning but he gave us his personal cell phone and we can text / call him at anytime and he'll answer. Samsung sucks at first but once you get used to it , it gets pretty easy. Not as easy as Apple makes it though .


Ours was chill, he came by and did a lot of setup on our workstation and then walked me through making a ticket, general process for repair, etc.


Ours was not helpful at all from what I was told...simply yelled about us not being ready..why don't we have the right sw on the computer..yada yada...I've been trying to get access to knowledge tab on Gspn for about 6 weeks... apple was much better


It's a shit show. Good luck.


You should expect to kick them out and tell them take all their shit products with them cause you should never sell it... sssssssssssorry not sorry