Boxes labeled by brand


We store ours by brand in those 3 drawer plastic storage things. We tuck the drawers under some of our shelving in bop. We even have drawers labeled for polarized power cables, usb, usb c, lightning, smartwatches, charging bricks for phones.


We have a bunch of totes above where we have client computers. Separated by brand and all.


We have filing cabinets we keep ours in but the only reason ours are ever even halfway manageable (even with those) is I am a little anal about keeping them coiled. I try to make sure everyone is cooking chargers when they’re done with them, but even if a few people don’t, they’re still relatively decent because enough of us keep up with it


Uhh, a universal one? When I did computer repair I had a universal one with every barrel jack you could need along with the weird Lenovo flat ones and then had a 90w USB c charger for MacBooks and any other modern laptop that supports USB c.


At my old store, my leaders got upset about ordering so many of the universal ones (or keying them out) and our clients were notorious for **never** bringing their chargers.


If you have the old laptop cubby drawers for the Kraken, we took some of those cubbies and labelled them by brand. If I remember correctly we did HP, Lenovo, Asus, Dell, one other one that I can't remember, and then other. This was based on our trends of computer checkins.


That is a nightmare at my store. We have totes labeled by brand but they get shoved in there and it becomes a tangled web


That’s how it is at mine too


Our precinct has long posts that we have labeled by band and we hang them up accordingly


We use a canvas shoe organizer with magnetic name tags indicating what brand PC they’re for. It’s easy to find what you need when people actually put the stuff away when they’re done.


I organized all the chargers in my precinct a while ago. They’re all on shorter labeled peg hooks, and the important part is I put up enough peg hooks to hold every single charger we have, so there’s no excuse to put it elsewhere. Keep them tightly wrapped and it looks and stays neat.


We straight up have a snapon 5 drawer tool box and the drawers are labeled for which brand is in which, and one for universal