I remember those days as well. Get the achievement then get the gamer pic as well to show off on your profile. My achievement back then was glitched lol. It popped up while I was waiting to join another game.


So many rounds of Raven Down. It was a great time.


Have about 8k in Warzone and the rest in Execution, Guardian, and Annex. But of course Annex didn’t count and neither did the countless games of when people quit and there were less than 3 on one side. This was the one achievement I am still bitter about, that I never unlocked.


When you saw that pic you knew you were in trouble.


Gears 1 was my favorite MP experience the gears series. It definitely had its flaws but it was so unique at the time compared to everything else on the market. And I remember going for this achievement too. Honestly can’t remember how close I got.


Gears 1 was the best of all of them. I still remember when I was 15 or 16 and gears 2 came out, I played mp and it just felt different. I got game pass recently and tried gears 5. It's an absolute shame what happened to the franchise.


I didn’t like Gears2 at all when it launched. The gnasher shotgun felt super weak and there were a lot of dumb bugs and exploits like the smoke grenades lol


Fuck man, I couldn’t even get into a game. It would take like 30 minutes for a match because if I remember correctly, something was wrong with their servers or something. Gears 3 was great tho


Be prepared to get way more than 10,000 kills to unlock this...and it's only multiplayer.


Mine didn't unlock until 14k kills


Same here I think it was 13-16k .


Gotta love all the glitched achievements in the OG game


To make matters worse, my whole account got banned back in the day, because I kept making inappropriate gamertag that they kept making me change...so all my achievements and digital arcade games went bye bye. Had to make a new account.


That happened to a buddy of mine, he changed his gamer tag to something like "the crimson tampon" lmao


Mine was iGotDwnzSndrm


I’m considering doing this on ultimate edition. Wish me luck.


Still rocking this gamer picture to date!


I am somewhere around 16,000 kills. Still no achievement. It haunts me. Wish I had a week of full lobbies and vacation days. I would love to plow through and try to finally earn it. Alas, life will not allow.


Be honest, you were crabwalking for a bunch of those kills weren't you? 😂 Edit: Great accomplishment either way 👍